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Why are foreign rightoids that post about American politics so dumb on average?

Don't get me wrong, American rightoids are dumb too, but there's like a special kind of r-sluration with foreign rightoids.

Why is a bong here trying to argue to me the civil war wasn't over slavery?

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As compared to foreign leftoids that post about American politics?

Literally all foreigners are just incredibly stupid. This is just another example of American supremacy.

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Foreign leftoids are not even 5% as r-slurred as foreign rightoids.

All foreigners are completely and utterly r-slurred (and not in the funny way)

Lmao you're clearly not looking in the right places.

Check r/GreenAndPleasant, r/the_leforium, r/Enough_Vaush_Spam or any other member of tronaldodumpo's tankie empire for r-slurred leftoids that perhaps even eclipse r-slurred rightoids

Bruh r/politics is loaded with foreign bots and Bongs going "wow holy shit I cannot believe my eyes about these posts Americans are truly oppressed you all need to revolt vote for the Democrats next time.

You dont even have to dig into the creases to find the openly seething r-slurs.

If the Republicans sweep the midterms, the bots and shills will be easier to out. If Trump wins 2024, more frothing at the mouth from them.

Republicans are going to rape the midterms at this rate. Red tsunami. It'll make 2010 look like the FDR years.

:marseyvibing: The Democratic Party will collapse by 2030. :marseyvibing:

I want to see some really crazy "George Soros is Hitler" types become Congressmen and Senators getting elected. Even better if some latinx Republicans get elected just to call Dems racist.

First it was average Republicans, then it was Tea Partiers, then it was Trumpists.

I'm eager to see what's next. Hopefully a giant sentient Q wins the 2024 election. Gonna be lit.

:marseyvibing: The Democratic Party will collapse by 2030. :marseyvibing:

One of my friends succumbed to the Vaush meme and he's gone full rslur with his politics. Like, somehow even more rslurred than rpolitics posters. Was kinda sad... He was a left-leaning centrist for a while, but now he gets virulently upset when I mention that I went to church. :marseydepressed:

Ask if he supports Vaush's apparent pedophilia

Hey here's not a pedo, he just wants to talk about how age of consent laws are unjust and that really we shouldn't be too hard on kid touchers.

Foreign leftoids are indistinguishable from burger leftoids (unless they are Han master race).

In behaviour, I agree. They're both smug insufferable bores unhappy with life and throwing their heart and soul into politics as if it's a religion, but there's a difference in politics and labelling.

Foreign leftoids are in reality far more leftoid than their Burger counterparts. If you go to any subreddit in the tronaldosphere, you'll see them railing against "liberals" for being centrist capitalism-enabling cowards who haven't got the courage of their convictions, whereas in Burger politics you'll see those same liberals proudly shrieking about their leftists credentials for voting for Biden.

Most foreign leftoids think America is some kid of post-collapse hellhole despite the fact that we are the 4th richest nation by median income. Plus they think hate speech laws are cool and guns are bad.

Check out my dox/stories from the most dangerous industry in America! Guaranteed laughs! I worked hard on this

I know a group of South American leftoids who are kind of hilarious about this.

They act like the US is a "post-collapse hellhole" and we should emulate some idealized notion whatever shithole country they're from, mainly in the form of paying more tax. Meanwhile, every time they go back home, they stuff their suitcases full clothes or duty-free items to avoid the taxes they'd like to impose on the rest of us.

They are also crazy pro-BLM and pretend that they are POCs when it's obvious that they are all mostly of Spanish/Portuguese/Nazi descent and occupy the upper echelons of their home country's societies.

Even if they aren't as dumb, which I think they are, they are way bigger pussies, which is worse than just being stupid.

God no. Arguing about my country's politics with first-world leftists nearly game me an aneurysm.

I'd argue that American r-slurs are dumber than foreign r-slurs, but foreign wingcucks are by-and-large dumber than American wingcucks. Nice effortpost, I enjoyed it. What do you like most about where you live? !slots25

I disagree entirely. I really, really hate euros. They are so unbelievably smug.

Also thank you! I'm pretty happy with it.

I actually don't live up in Alaska but where I do live I see deer, elk, and turkey every day on my land, and I'm less than a mile from a beautiful lake with excellent fishing. I've also got four of my friends living in RVs on my property and I enjoy their company, and never needing to cook.

I hate euros too, but access to firearms, explosives, fast food, and recreational motorized vehicles has made burgers spectacularly r-slurred. Like maybe euros say dumber shit or have lower cognitive function, but no Eurangutan has ever caused a 100,000 acre wildfire by shooting a box of blue tannerite to announce that his baby has a wiener.


no Eurangutan has ever caused a 100,000 acre wildfire by shooting a box of blue tannerite to announce that his baby has a wiener.

Yeah I know they are giant pussys

There arent 100,000 acres of forest to burn in europe

It is even worse with commiefornia yearly forest fires the mother fuckers are doing nothing of worth about it

Don't get too angry. You might punch a hole in your cardboard wall and your entire house will come down :marseytroublemaker:

At least I own a house. Lol @ euros with their tiny apartments

Hey we dont all live like the Bongs :marseyseethe:

At least they deserve it.


American exceptionalism. We are exceptional, I don't get why everyone is so jealous.