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![](/images/16524716259512854.webp) :#marseydicklet:


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Pinning in case someone doesn't want to visit reddit but wants to see the meme


GOOD meme


Starterpacks makes so many redditors mad with so little effort. It's lovely. But also, keep them the fuck away from this site.

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Everyone wants to believe that they're a unique person, seeing unique things, having unique thoughts. When they see that they aren't, the wall is broken.

Wouldn't be us though eh?

rdrama starterpack:

  • Laughs at redditors for being terminally online, spends all day switching between site and gr00mcord

  • Same /r/loveforfriendsoftrainrapists "bait" subs suggested every day

  • Less than 3 braincells

  • Makes fun of furries, 1000s of fan art drawings of a cartoon cat



Less than 3 braincells


Imagine beeing a groomcord regular

Couldn't be me :marseycringe2: I only show up on janniecord when I'm pinged, which is still too often tbh


The only reason to use groomcord is talk with friends in group chats

No, the only reason to use it is to neurodivergentally collect information on your corkboard for possible future blackmail




How many dramanaut dick pics have you collected lmfao

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Factcheck: None of this is real.

switching between site and groomcord

Only pay pigs and name cute twinks are on the groom cord. Both are disgusting degenerates.


But you made many of those drawings. Are you a furry??




You sure?



Idk methinks the lady doth protest too much

What drawings?

She’s basically the best Marsey artist!


@um-iblis is this true?

No, I'm like 10th best, if anything




The only thing unique about you should be your DSM diagnosis and Comorbidities --even then you're still like 1% of the populace

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you have zero personality.


Uh fuck off, I think I’ll stay here laughing at petty drama and die with zero trace left behind.

In 2018 or 2019 some dramanaut in our birthplace said "if /r/drama gets banned, /r/starterpacks is our Israel"


Is there a thing more disgusting and outrageous to a redditor than a mirror?


Artists depiction of the typical social media user being forced to do some self examination

Lol the "superficially knowledgeable of world events" one caused so much seethe

Aaaaaand it's been jannied

/u/WorseThanHipster is a janny there. It was obvious that this would happen

WTH is against the anti-CP rules I made wherever I could

WTH is at the bottom of my powerjanny tier list along the likes of drewiepoodle or bardy. Unlike jannies like merari or n8 hes not even funny or entertaining just a massive cunt that takes himself too serously.

He is also part of the Anti-anti-ahs brigade force coz he gets pinged everytime you mention keywords like bardfinn or ahs and always shows up to sperg

he even does it on jannycord. I should look at my posting history to see if he's actually botting the place

Why would you even be a member of jannycord. When i jannied a some meme subs i refused to touch that place with a 100 meter pole

Because information.

Many of those jannies are so thirsty to accumulate, you need to keep constant tabs on them and their suck-ups so that you can protect fun subreddits.

There are several tactics that powerjannies use to manipulate higher mods on a subreddit list and other tactics for lower mods on the list.

I wanted to keep my little shitholes isolated from their intrigues, and it took effort for a period.

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Well I hope you've not googled "worsethanhipster kiwifarms" to find out if he actually looks like an obese libertarian IRL :#!marseypedo:


Oh I've seen that pic before. He's not exactly tactful about it.

I have not.

Unrelated, I'm going to go away for a few minutes to go do something else entirely.

Must be a recent thing then. I got banned by him from there like a year ago or so




Hes an

for being a repost apparently, jannies seem to selectively enforce that :marseythinkorino:

here's the original post -

not much seethe unfortunately, everyone in the comments agrees with it... well, mostly

lol some alt righter got butthurt by /r/science's post yesterday

*he claims to be a socialist but is pro trump/anti AOC.Guessing the science article hurt his community now he's here to trash r/science