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r/Seattlites threaten hunger strike by uninstalling doordash

Never understand why people use these delivery services if you are capable of getting it yourself. You are paying way extra for the food and also the restaurants have to pay the fee for those services on top of merchant fee.

If you are rich, this comment does not apply to you :))

Maybe because in some situations - WE CANT.

Like nearest place to eat to my work is a 20 minute WALK and I DONT own a car - but I'm relegated to a 30 minute lunch.

Just easier to order it before said lunch so it arrives on time in those situations. Though super expensive to do because those folks gotta eat too.

Why didn’t they pack their lunch? They simply thought that way because they can afford those expensive meal.

Maybe due to lack of time because of working multiple jobs?

Yes everyone is so busy and productive they can't handle the 10 minutes it takes to pack a sandwich or salad


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A piece of advice about doordash and uber eats: If you go to fast food places and yell "Uber eats," sometimes the lazy wagies will just give you the food without even checking anything.

:marseykneel: i will try this at some point

It works if you:

  • Are in a not so busy city, far away from city center

  • Are not stupid enough to do this on a daily basis

  • Are able to fake an "uhhh I left my phone in my car" when questioned and dash

  • Have worked for a service like these before and are wearing your gear

Reported by:

  • Aren't black

Why is this reported as rightoid? I read it as a profound commentary on the discrimination plack people have to suffer from daily (unironically though)

Probably want to make sure to not look directly at any cameras. Both to not look suspicious and so they dont have a clear shot.

Wear a mask

They would put more effort into it if they got a proper 18$ an hour :marseywagie:

This but without irony




Even the dumbest laziest redditoids can make ramen. Everyone who uses doordash should be summarily executed.

I know someone who has slurpies from the 7-11 door dashed to them.


If your bloated ham legs can't even waddle over a block to the local seven eleven then a full scale invasion of the United States might be in order.

Poorcel seethe

Fatass cope

noooo you have to walk to get yourself a treat or you're fat

Go fetch me a coke wagie

How on earth are they not profitable if the only costs they have to pay are for the app and the drivers?

Ramen might be their only hope. It's pretty clear they're not smart enough to understand business costs that's for sure

just bring a sandwich to work?

You expect them to eat food that doesn't have corporate logos and costs 2% of their yearly paycheck?


Work an extra 4 hours at the cuck tent store for $10 an hour

Spend $40 plus tip on DoorDash every day because I don’t have time to make my own lunch

I will continue doing this; I see nothing wrong with it.

Getting a pre-made sandwich at the supermarket is oppression

they are rarely good in the USA

unless you live near a Publix

Not having a 4 hour lunch break like based Mediterraneans do :marseyflagspain::marseyflagitaly::marseyflaggreece::marseyflagfrance:

None of these people work full-time.

The easiest thing to (not) do is just skip your lunch and save some money while losing weight. But Americans are so pathetic and weak they think they will literally die if they skip 1 meal. Countless excuses while they conveniently overlook their meme soylent which was designed exactly for helplessly r-slurred wagecucks like them.

I lost a lot of weight eating only one or two meals a day. and because it's only one meal a day, i can eat out more often and still not spend too much. just like, eat until you're not hungry lol

edit: also remember restaurant portion sizes are designed for :marseyscooter: so never eat more than half. one order becomes 1-2 days of food. so now you're eating like a king, not being a lardass, and not spending too much money. fatties really have no excuse

Let's see this cute twink body of yours.

Probs a smol foid, thems healthy intake is 1500 calories - can be fed literally 1 yogurt bottle a day.

I mean seriously if you really have to, just get a 1$ protein shake to substitute a meal.

Jerk off in it for extra sustenance

I’ve done the crazy thing and just pick up my food now like a well-adjusted person. PNWcels are certainly a different breed.


why would you eat at a restaurant if you lived in seattle

all of the restaurants there are shit


Bizarros, Ephesus, Sinbad's, and proletariat pizza are all amazing. There's also a really good gas station sandwich in West Seattle and a Cuban sandwich place I can't remember the name of.

i should mention i've never actually been there

but i've had two different people tell me that the food scene is sad, or at least not commensurate with the hassle of living in such an expensive city

i should mention i've never actually been there

A true drama Chad.

There's a lot wrong in Seattle but I don't think the food scene is. If you just hang in Capitol Hill or by Amazon it's disappointing, but some of the other areas have baller food.

well that's nice to hear because i'd like to eventually see the pacific north west

Seriously, have you ever lived outside of Seattle? Their food scene sucks, that cuban place was ok but no where near as good as the reviews make it out to be.

I've lived all over the country at this point and traveled to the majority of it. Seattle has a good food scene. The Cuban place changed owners about 7 years ago and was better before that switch. Maybe you had it afterwards.

the food scene is sad

Too many whites.

I assume the azn food is good at least?



Make that three. Worst restaurant scene out of any major city I’ve visited. Allende prob has never lived outside of Seattle minus whatver bumfuck town they’re from.

Mimic disagrees :marseylaugh: