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:marseygigatitty: went skydiving!

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rdrama wishes desperately to be able troll on this level. It's like watching a speedrunner destroy a game when you can't even beat the first boss.

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This guy has found the Super Mario 3 magic whistles fr

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It's like watching men speedrun darkest dungeon and yolo the darkest dungeon with level 4s but somehow never even lose one character

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Max headroom?

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Its like putting all sliders in Saints Row 3 to MAX


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More like Bo Selecta

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The wig flew away :marseyxd::marseyxd::marseyxd:


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Diving tandem, how you think the instructor felt?


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That mustache leads me to believe he was rock hard the whole time.

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Plus canadian? No fricking doubt.

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Didn't even need a parachute


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And if he landed in the ocean, they would make a handy flotation device! :marseysailor:

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I love this woman :marseylove:

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My favourite :marseytrain: for sure.

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  • Pog: Transphobic

Woman? :marseystonetoss:

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  • Pog: Transphobic

That man is committed to the trolling :#marseycheers:

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Man? :marseystonetoss:

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you dropped this -> wo

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>:marseytrain:s don't live rent free in my head, i just keep tabs on them while they are doing normal activities outside of the public sphere

:#marseyfemboy: :#!marseyjourno: :#soyjakmaga:

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:marseyfemboy: is not trans :!marseymad:

Stop femboy erasure!!!

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femboys are transgenders in denial


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No, they're transgenders who have the awareness and mental :marseytedsimp: health to realize they aren't actually :marseyakshually: women.

Femboys are unironically more mentally :marseymeds: sound than the average person :marseychonkerfoid: to separate their self :marseycarp2: image :marseymissing2: and sexual feelings from reality. The average moid :marseymalding: is incapable of that.

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trans women are women. trans men are men. deal with it :marseydealwithit:

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must be trolling right :marseyxd:


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That isn't even the best part.

When both parachutes failed this brave woman and her instructor went hurdling towards transphobic Canadian soil. The land itself tried to kill them.

Fortunately her totally valid breasts cushioned her descent. Her womanhood saved lives. How many biofoids can say the same?

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Lol this makes me feel so happy and grateful that something like this exists.

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if only i could've seen a video of those majestic silicone breasts flying freely in the wind... :sad:

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:marseykneel: Queen

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How tf do you interact with that and maintain a straight face? Like I would just be struggling to keep my snickering from bursting into a full blown crackle.

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:marseydisagree: do better

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Two golden Marseys appeared in this thread. It's been ages since I rolled a golden Marsey! Could I be that lucky? Could this be the comment?


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Maybe next time


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Not to be :#marseysad:

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In the words of Shania twain, man I flew like a woman

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What the heck is his endgame? :marseysquint:

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There's a video too!

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VR will be used against us and become part of the AntiChrist Beast system.

I love my waifu, hate globohomo, but they are going to turn her against me when the time comes where they will offer me to be with her through A.I. manifestation and all I have to do is accept the mark of the beast.

Can this forsaken existence get any worse?


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