I just took 2g of shrooms

What am I in for?

brodont hi the k2 blunt

i thin im comin donw bit so fricke up

Daily drunk thread

Pin. Alcohol best drug

Update: I posted lots of comment encouraging you to keep yourself safe

Bartard Stories

Come on, I'm sure we all have them. I have too many to count.

I first entered the world of benzos with Clonazalam. I wasn't benzo naive or anything, I had a xanax prescription for panic disorder that I barely ever used, because my health anxiety was so shitty I was scared of taking it and dying or some shit. Then I met my fiance, and tried all the things. He was a STEMcel and a chemist and had 0 regard whatsoever to mixing shit and dosing shit. He'd order a shit ton of different RCs and mix it with those little vodka bottles you get in the gas station? So that.

First really r-slurred one: It was December 2015 or January 2016, it was snowing a lot, he had just lost his job from sleeping on the clock, and some basketball had stolen a huge molly rock he had acquired to sell, so we were depressed and broke, and doing a shit ton of clam sounded like an amazing idea. This is actually a 3 for 1 bartard story, because 3/4 people in that apartment fricked up that month.

That Friday, one of our best drug buddies got a DUI coming back from our place after doing a shit ton of clam. He was waiting for trial on an LSD felony, too, so that was :marseychefkiss: He legit fell asleep in the middle of the road, almost to the highway, at like 3am after having a fight with his foid in our apartment.

Then on Saturday, my fiance hid all his drugs in an adderall+ xanax induced state that the glowies/feds/his mom/idk were after him. We never found that shit, and he had to sell two of his guitars to compensate for the loss.

Finally, about two weeks later, we're doing it alone, it was fluop and we had never done it before. We had the habit of hiding most of it so we wouldn't redose and redose and end up doing bartarded shit (once he was arrested because he was naked, pissing from his mom's art studio roof). Apparently, we found the stash, because we ended up doing the entire thing. He had the genius idea of going outside to fight the landlord (we lived in an upstairs "apartment" in this dude's house) over rent or some shit. According to him and the doctors, while he was gone, I downed two entire bottles of my anticoagulant medication in an attempt to rope. When he came back I was bawling telling him I wanted to rope and see my family. Who's...very much alive. EMS was called, we got evicted because the apartment was illegal and had no fire exit.

He was so fricking faded he only woke up 40hrs+ later, and came into the hospital still kinda faded with a bottle of gatorade laced with powdered clam. I was losing it already from withdrawals, and the docs were being super nasty, as they tend to be with junkies. So I took it and immediately OD'd again, guaranteeing another week in the hospital + a grippy sock vacation. He was trespassed.

Then there's DUIs, he got one once for ramming his car in a dumpster inside a parking lot over and over and over while passed out. I got one after he passed away, still not sure if it was a rope attempt or not, but I remember teleporting to a jail cell and being like ???????? It was 4am on an empty highway (thank frick) when I collided with the median. I don't know how I survived, it was a great car.

I got clean 3 years ago, and haven't had a xanny since. So I guess there's :marseyhope:

Anyone else want to share?

4 days until the hole is deleted?

I really thought there would be more drug fiends on this site.

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  • DickButtKiss: I sent this to the police in whatever British shithole you live in. "Fancied me" btw
its 7am and im the only one awakedoong coke

im in the kitchen and a girl kept asking if i was ok

it was my friends birthday

her friend really fancied me which was nice

listening to Pretty Sick, Deep Divine is a great album

ran out of coke

whole gram done


want more drugs

fr... ong?
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Phenibut - advice

just got 10mg of Phenibut; how should I take it?

first instinct is to snort, but idk if that'll dilute the effects x

Don't forget guys, do your drugs before realizing the consequences
Noticed that I can see my thoughts better while I'm high.

Not sure why I didn't notice this sooner after using THC on and off for years. But a thing I noticed was that I can see how my thoughts work. Decided to refrain from masturbating while high to see if I can figure out what willpower is.

I have no problem with willpower, but for me it is an unconscious act. It would be interesting to see it how it works so that I may better understand the mind of the commoner.

Up marsey to be blessed by drug cat

Death ray coming to a warzone near you.


This is the journ*lism they took from you:

had to leave, gather my wits, and rally. let me tell you what, once you own the fact that you're tripping balls around a bunch of people with security clearances who have absolutely no idea what the frick that means, you realize that you're not in the danger, you are the danger.


Were any others connoisseurs of pc duster as teens or just me?

I can quite literally track my mental ability (or lack thereof) to my duster abuse. Only stopped because I had a seizure off it at 2am by myself at home and was like man I really don't wanna die for such a gay drug and stopped.


Trans lives matter


glowies get a mans reddit account taken down for abusing bennies
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  • The_Batsui: Bitterly regret giving dramacoin to fund this hole
teenage girlfriend miscarried; 3 pills of mdma and 28 tablets of codeine (15mg) to celebrate: im going to jordan peterson this b-wordes room

Pray for me :#prayge:

:marseystims: r/neoliberal: Joe Biden is too timid. It is time to legalise cocaine :!marseydarkbrandon:

600+ comment thread: https://old.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/y2kmv1/it_is_time_to_legalise_cocaine_the_costs_of/


"It makes no sense," said Joe Biden on October 6th, as he pardoned the 6,000 or so ameriKKKans convicted of possessing a small amount of marijuana. Although cannabis is fully legal in 19 ameriKKKan states, at the federal level it is still deemed to be as dangerous as heroin and more so than fentanyl, two drugs that contributed to more than 100,000 ameriKKKans dying of opioid overdoses last year. But the president's admission applies to drug policy more broadly. Prohibition is not working---and that can be seen most strikingly with cocaine, not cannabis.

Since Richard Nixon launched the "war on drugs" half a century ago, the flow of cocaine into the United States has surged. Global production hit a record of 1,982 tonnes in 2020, according to the latest data, though that is likely to be an underestimate. That record high is despite decades of strenuous and costly efforts to cut off the supply. Between 2000 and 2020 the United States ploughed $10bn into Colombia to suppress production, paying the local armed forces to spray coca plantations with herbicide from the air or to yank up bushes by hand. To no avail: when coca is eradicated on one hillside, it shifts to another.

The worst harm falls on producing and trafficking countries, where drug profits fuel violence. Murder in Colombia is three times more common than in the United States; in Mexico, four times. In some areas, drug gangs are so wealthy and well-armed that they rival the state, giving cops and officials the choice of plata o plomo (silver or lead): be corrupted or be killed. Prohibition also sucks children out of school, as drug gangs favour recruits who are too young to be prosecuted.

Two presidents, Gustavo Petro of Colombia and Pedro Castillo of Peru, are clamouring for change. Mr Petro has suggested steering the police away from coca farmers by decriminalising coca leaf production and allowing Colombians to consume cocaine safely. These are all good ideas, but the cocaine gangs will remain powerful so long as their product is illegal in the rich countries that consume most of it, such as the United States.

Half-measures, such as not prosecuting cocaine users, are not enough. If producing the stuff is still illegal, it will be criminals who produce it, and decriminalisation of consumption will probably increase demand and boost their profits. The real answer is full legalisation, allowing non-criminals to produce a strictly regulated, highly taxed product, just as whisky- and cigarette-makers do. (Advertising it should be banned.)

Legal cocaine would be less dangerous, since legitimate producers would not adulterate it with other white powders and dosage would be clearly labelled, as it is on whisky bottles. Cocaine-related deaths have risen fivefold in ameriKKKa since 2010, mostly because gangs are cutting it with fentanyl, a cheaper and more lethal drug.

Legalisation would thereby defang the gangs. Obviously, some would find other revenues but the loss of cocaine profits would help curb their power to recruit, buy top-end weapons and corrupt officials. This would reduce drug-related violence everywhere, but most of all in the worst-affected region, Latin ameriKKKa.

If cocaine were legal, more people would take it. For some, this will be a choice: snorting a substance they know is unhealthy because it gives them pleasure. But cocaine is addictive. A paucity of research makes it hard to know how it compares with alcohol or tobacco on this score. More study is needed, as are greater efforts to treat addiction. This could be funded (and then some) by the money saved if the "war" were wound down.

In private, many officials understand that prohibition is not working any better than it did in Al Capone's day. Just now full legalisation seems politically impossible: few politicians want to be called "soft on drugs". But proponents must keep pressing their case. The benefits---safer cocaine, safer streets and greater political stability in the ameriKKKas---far outweigh the costs.


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Someone help what is this : cocaine
Got some freebase DXM.

Haven't done DXM in over 5 years and I never tried freebase. Will take it either tomorrow or the next day and provide a very thorough trip report. Will probably only go up to the first plateau for my first trip since I saw some people mention it's stronger than the regular stuff.


Salvia at work? : Salvia
Know everyone here fricks with stims, any of yall do sleeping pills like ambien lunesta etc

on lunesta and it’s working i’ll say that idk im sleepy. this isnt recreation, like taking it for actual normal sleep