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Why haven't you downloaded brave yet?

FOSS project

IPFS & dApp Support

Optional Tor tabs (leak fixed)

Extremely fast

Regularly incorporates patches from UG Chromium

Built-in Ad-blocker partly based on uBO, frequently updated

Regarded as a top tier, secure, privacy browser by credentialed academic researchers

Optional lightweight torrent client for inspecting a torrent before passing it off to your actual client

Best in class protection against fingerprinting via contextually driven randomization algorithms

All the extension and DRM'd media playback support of Chromium

Sync works independently of Google and utilizes blockchain technology

No telemetry by default (even with Rewards on)

Completely optional (opt-in) Rewards program for people who want to get thrown some change for receiving unobtrusive plaintext notification ads via an anonymized recommendation ledger, which is far better than the dominant web-advertising model

The rewards come in the form of BAT, a desirable utility token which can be traded on every major crypto exchange

TLDR: If you need a Chromium/Blink-based browser, Brave is far and away the best option. Hands down.



Read the comments for more privacy copium

SafeMoon Bagholder Cope

Removeddit since the kitty deleted their own post

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Turns out ProtonMail/VPN isn’t as private as you think

They also gave out info to Europol recently regarding Paris climate protests

r/privacy thread of the tweet above

ProtonMail thread

ProtonMail response


Note: Since this already had KiwiFarms and Reddit posts, only the highlights will be posted here, with brief explanations provided (this is a terrible write-up, I know)

TL;DR: Two neurodivergent developers get into a spergout over some ukrainians Windows XP fork, states that it violates Mozilla Public License 5.1, shuts the entire thing down.

Bird Farms Post

Reddit Post 1

Reddit Post 2

Reddit Post 3

In case anyone is wondering what Pale Moon is, it originally was a Firefox fork developed by Moonchild Productions, which is now based off Firefox before version 29, in which there was some past drama with the developers in the past

Now, enter Matt A. Torbin. He is the guy having a spergout over the Pale Moon Fork. He literally has at least twice called them terrorists, and criminals in the past. As you can tell, he really doesn't like them

Let's start with the first issue:

At the time, the developer of the Pale Moon fork (Mypal), Fedor2, in 2019, allegedly did not have the source code form set up right in the repo.. The problem was, since he grew in a post-Soviet shithole, specifically Ukraine, he did not fully understand how FOSS licenses work, due to how intellectual property is handled in that region. He also cannot speak proper English. Eventually, all was said and done, and Torbin seemed satisfied.

Ohhh, but it doesn't stop there. He is where Matt REALLY SPERGS OUT over him

Not only does Pale Moon exist, so does Baslisk, which is, you guessed it, yet another Firefox fork done by MoonChild Productions, this time, Firefox 52. Fedor2 also forks it, calling it Centuary, and this really gets the fatass riled up, this time proclaiming that he is in violation of MPL Section 5.1.

Not only does the drama continue, but now not only Fedor2 and Matt get into an argument over the license,, but now MoonChild gets involved.

Even more WORDS WORDS WORDS from Matt

Oh, and Fedor2 gives instructions, which really send Matt into a masssive spergout

Fedor2 then runs to the MSFN forums to get validation, and support over whether it violates Section 5.1 or not

Please help to understand what this is about

Here is another Pale Moon developer bringing the issue up

Anyway, in the very end, Fedor2 proceeds to close the repo up, stating someone else will need to take over the project

MSFN user mourns over its death

windowsxp sub seething

MoonChild tries to clarify, but people are still confused

Oh and supposedly, Moonchild and Torbin not only want the repo deleted, but everything destroyed, although Moonchild denies the case, accusing others of pulling an agenda to attack them.

Edit: LOL


Rightoids take another L


Prior coverage

As the drama continues, and a based new fork was made, which really makes the Pale Moon developers seethe,, Moonchild writes a new manifesto, proclaiming he would make developing forks harder for everyone, due to "mob rule".

After Moonchild’s message, coincidentally, it turns out the latest version is placed into a login wall,, which eventually takes the Drama all the way to Reddit. Moonchild denies that he violated the MPL

However, it turns out to only be a temporary glitch, but one of the instigators, JustOff, is still not satisfied, leading to a mild, boring slapfight between another developer.

Bird Farms

More Bird Farms

I know, boring continuation of prior drama, but entertaining rants are to still be found.


Tweet exposing the case

No longer employed according to his bio

Cryptocurrency thread



To srspost for a second, this is bad for the future internet, and if it happens, I’m going to blame both Big Tech and cancel culture for this. Not much Drama, just me :marseyschizo:posting and :marseyseethe:posting.



The Verge Tweet

G*merGhazi thread

This is why you should download Brave


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