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Hello social medias, this is a heavy post so please keep scrolling if needed.

I experienced sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial, and technological abuse from my biological siblings, mostly Sam Altman and some from Jack Altman.

I feel strongly that others have also been abused by these perpetrators. I'm seeking people to join me in pursuing legal justice, safety for others in the future, and group healing. Please message me with any information, you can remain however anonymous you feel safe.


Sam and Jack,

I know you remember my Torah portion was about Moses forgiving his brothers.

“Forgive them father for they know not what they've done”

Sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial, and technological abuse. Never forgotten


Hurt people cause more hurt, and forms of abuse go together. I have endured physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, financial, and technological abuse at the hands of a human I once called my brother. I know he can hear our dad in his head reminding him that “love wins”


I'm not four years old with a 13 year old “brother” climbing into my bed non-consensually anymore.

(You're welcome for helping you figure out your sexuality.)

I've finally accepted that you've always been and always will be more scared of me than I've been of you.


Must be strange to stalk your younger sibling's social media after she went no contact from your abuse.

Must be stranger to see her kitty and butthole that you touched non-consensually, now posted publicly.


Thank you for the love and for calling I spade a spade. I experienced every single form of abuse with him - sexual, physical, verbal, psychology, pharmacological (forced Zoloft, also later told I'd receive money only if I went back on it), and technological (shadowbanning)


Already flagged to death on Hacker News but getting some traction on Twitter:

This is Sam Altman's sister. Her tweets about sexual, physical, emotional, etc. abuse are incredibly hard to read. Seems that no one in the media is that interested in covering this story because they're afraid of losing access to OpenAI if they write something critical of Sam.👇

Thank you for reading and for sharing 🙏🏼❤️



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kek first comment I see


Background: Dalle2 "improved" the diversity of their prompts by silently adding diversity keywords

tldr: it's the diversity stuff. Switch "cowboy" to "cowgirl", which would disable the diversity stuff because it's now explicitly asking for a 'girl', and OP's prompt works perfectly.

And turns out that, like here, if we mess around with trying to trigger or disable the diversity stuff, we can get out fine samples; the trigger word appears to be... 'basketball'! If 'basketball' is in the prompt and no identity-related keywords like 'black' are, then the full diversity filter will be applied and will destroy the results. I have no idea why 'basketball' would be a key term here, but perhaps basketball's just so strongly associated with African-Americans that it got included somehow, such as a CLIP embedding distance?

Elon's about to lay off all the DEI staff, project managers, bootcamp codecels, and spreadsheet monkeys

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Is this new?

This is how to turn off Eric Andre startup jumpscare

Go to Opera installation folder, by default it should be at %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera GX, then go to folder 104.0.4944.74 and find opera_gx_splash.exe

Delete the executable file.

I'll be honest. I don't know the purpose of a browser having a starting splash is. On all my M1 Apple products opening any browser is basically instant. Is this what life is like on Microsoft products? Needing fancy graphics to hide loading inefficient software? :marseysmug:

A single day has destroyed the entire community work

Just one day brah. Lol.

r/operagx is in shambles

r/firefox is hoping people will trade one shitty browser for the furfricker equivalent

This is apparently apart of a marketing campaign that started around a month ago.

In short for why everyone is mad

Please use a real browser like Brave or Vivaldi. Arc if you like doing things in weirdly specific ways and have an Apple. Safari if you're a homosexual (good king). None of this "I play games so I need a gaming browser!" soy trough eating bullshit.

DALL-E 2 vs Stable Diffusion: A Comparison :!marppyenraged:

Haha I posted this on Dalle2 group and got banned 😂😂😂


Just got banned from Dalle.

Stable Diffusion for the win.



Comments: (EDIT: removed/jannied, archive:

HN users are noticing :marseynoooticer: something:

« I’m on the board overseeing Linux graphics. Half of us are trans »

From a purely statistical POV, this is absurdly bizarre.

Not really.

Statistically there will be weird coincidences completely naturally. It's also quite arbitrary which we see as meaningful. If say, Linux networking has unusually many people called "John" that probably will be unnoticed because nobody pays that much attention to common, unremarkable names. If they all randomly turn out to have green eyes, then that's more visible. It's completely subjective which of those is more remarkable.

There are also likely social effects -- people stick together, and some side interests align with some fields. Eg, I think it's reasonable to guess there's going to be more furries than average in VR development. Part because VR allow you to look like whatever you want a lot of the time, part because people will invite their friends in.

It is not just a random coincidence. It's a phenomenon more broadly across programming, especially very low-level/hardware stuff.

There does seem to be a correlation between autism spectrum and gender confusion, with the former often present in individuals who are into highly technical pursuits.

The logic seems to be not conforming to masculine stereotypes ==> must be a woman.

It's not "gender confusion". They know very well who they are. You are confused about the topic.

Meanwhile on /g/:

HRT destroys programmer communities the same way as crack was destroying black communities in the 1980s

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It was well understood that this is what was happening when Kiwis were continually banished off host after host, but :marseynull: didn't have any way he could prove it until now. He's pondered legal action against :lizfongjones: in the past so here's hoping for a court case sneed.

"Katherine L. and I invited Nitasha Tiku to see the work that our multi-disciplinary, all-volunteer team has been doing over the past year as Kiwi Farms was de-platformed from over 32 providers located in 22 countries that found it in violation of their Acceptable Use Policies. By our count, we set in motion more than 24 of those terminations with our abuse reports and our professional follow-ups to ensure that they were actioned. Because of needing to repeatedly find and change to new providers, the site achieved approximately 50-60% reliability as observed from US consumer ISPs over the past year, as opposed to the 99.5% or higher reliability a typical law-abiding website with competent administration will offer.

Thousands of hours of thankless work went into taking this single site offline; even then, hopping to a new "shithost" provider takes merely hours of work, and then following up to show the new provider is in cahoots with the abuse and unresponsive to complaints can take dozens or hundreds of hours and weeks to months of wall time. This is not repeatable, nor should it _have_ to ever be repeated. There is no slippery slope here, least of all because the vast majority of sites on the Internet comply with their upstream AUPs.

Even when there is blatant breaking of both private contracts and the law, if it takes hundreds to thousands of hours of volunteer to time to get it actioned, there is no real enforcement accessible to the average victim. And governments _already_ can skip all of this and raid or order sites offline if they so choose. While I hope that one day there will be criminal consequences for those who perpetuate harassment online, I'm not holding my breath waiting for the government. Not to mention, which government? Companies in 22 countries were involved in this international takedown effort.

I'm protecting myself, and future generations of transgender and neurodivergent people. Don't just be a bystander, take action if you see injustice (and clear breaches of contract!). A huge huge huge thank you to everyone on our volunteer team, and everyone in the tech community who listened to us.

Katherine L. and I are going to be taking a break from this work for a while, as it's extremely burnout inducing. "Clay" is well positioned to continue this work, and further blackmail or intimidation against me is not going to deter Kat, me, Clay, or the rest of our teams from finishing the job." (:lizfongjones: LinkedIn Post)

He announced this his Telegram as well:

118 Defaced and Hacked :marseyhacker2:


E-H discussion




/r/instantkarma /r/mademesmile :marseywholesome:

Edit: lw discussion

Edit 2: Initial announcement. They were hacked again after it

Edit 3: GitHub discussion of the XSS attack

Edit 4: Final announcement about the hack

Nigel Farage has his bank account closed without explanation

Remember this guy?

This is the guy who was photoed with Trump and mostly responsible for Brexit, much to the dismay of some europhiles:

Anyway, Nigel reeing here:

Some key quotes include

'This is serious political persecution at the very highest level of our system. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you too.'

Speaking of the importance of having a bank account, he added: 'You effectively become a non-person, you don't actually exist.

'It's like the worse regimes of the mid-20th century, be they in Russia or Germany, you literally become a non-person.

'I won't be able to have a debit card linked directly to my account. I won't really be able to exist or function in a modern 21st century Britain.'

Story here

He suspects he was cancelled as revenge for spearheading Brexit and has tried to open up 7 other bank accounts in the UK, but they all refuse. Being cancelled online is one thing. Not being able to open a bank account to exchange money is quite the next level. He's saying how stressful it's been and that he might have to move from the UK. He even claims his closest family members have had their bank accounts closed too.

Maybe commie China has come sooner than I anticipated.


There is a tiny ray of hope. No. 10 (the government) are looking into the matter and have given a warning to the banks over being too trigger happy when shutting accounts down.

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Techfoid malds when evil men invade her safe space

Angry :marseychonkerfoid: malds all over tech subs about GHC conference having a few men in attendance. She is _really_ mad - 6 posts in the last day across /r/GirlsGoneWired and /r/csmajors.

GHC, the "Grace Hopper Celebration" (maybe don't call it a celebration if you want to be taken seriously) is "is the world's largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists." Our heroine finds it ridiculous that evil men are allowed to attend.


First post

Second post

Third post

Fourth post

Fifth post

Sixth post

:marseychonkerfoid: I'm seeing entire groups of just men, at a conference that's sole purpose is to give opportunities to WOMEN and non-binary individuals in a male dominated field. I attended last year and did not say any male identitying student attendees. This is genuinely infuriating.

Continues sperging out in the comments -

Men are minorities there aren't they? U gotta be more accepting :marseyxd:

:marseychonkerfoid: Are you stupid ??? The biggest appeal of grace hopper for the actual women / nb there is to be surrounded by other women. Last year, before men fricked that up for us, it was an extremely empowering and wholesome conference. It was the ONLY place we could celebrate women. It was a safe place for us. Men are the reason we needed it. And now you've come there too.

Lmao u have ten other ppl in here trolling why u comin after me? Is it because uk I'm a man and ur discriminating against me based on gender? Considering I work around women that have as much of an impact on me as I them, I'd consider ur scales before pooping all over men. This isn't a woman vs man thing, it's about working in cohesion

:marseychonkerfoid: I'm mad at all of you. Seriously frick all of you. None of you guys that think this shit is funny know what it's like being the only woman in a class of 50 men. None of you know what it's like being talked down to because you are the only women on your engineering team. None of you understand why we have this conference and why this is upsetting.

The tables are turned as :marseychonkerfoid: can identify valid enbys on sight

It says women and non-binary

:marseychonkerfoid: The men I'm complaining about are not non-binary, they have “he/him” as their pronouns. I don't know a single non-binary person that goes by “he/him”. There are some that go by they/them and he/him but never just “he/him.” And for people who are actually part of the 🏳️‍🌈 community, its not very hard to tell. It's of course possible there are non-binary people that happen to look like cis males, however hundreds of people there being nb and coincidentally looking like cis men is statistically extremely unlikely… it's very clear that is not the case.

You just openly admitted you assume peoples sexually by just looking at them... wow

Lots of pooping on OP in this thread, she wants you to know she is very angry

OP is an absolute bigot for assuming that the people posting about it are not non-binary or identifying as women.

Go back to Alabama OP these days everyone can be a women.

:marseychonkerfoid: Lol they put “he/him” as their only pronouns on their name tags and it's definitely possible that there are some non-binary attendees but not 1/3 of the attendees.

There are plenty of nb people that have he/him as their pronouns rather than making their life even harder than it already is maybe try to lift them up.

:marseychonkerfoid: That is true but that is not what is happening here and it is very obvious

Educate yourself, sweaty

Follow up question, do you think that men who attend Grace Hopper are more or less likely to agree with the statement "Women are unfairly given extra employment opportunities in tech," when compared to all men in tech?

Kinda seems like voting with their feet to me.

:marseychonkerfoid: I think they would think that, yes. Because they don't understand the history and personal experience of women in this industry. They don't understand the reason we have this conference / who create it / who it was created for.

You didn't start the conference, you don't run it. Who are you to say who it's for? Seems like they belong there more than you.

:marseychonkerfoid: Try doing some research about the conference and educate yourself.

More bonus :marseytransattentionseeker: drama

I don't go to this, I don't even live on the same continent, but I do wonder how you are telling which people are non-binary and which are men? because I am a masc-presenting non-binary person and worry you might class me as a man if you saw me there.

edit: Really not sure why I am being downvoted. this sub "welcomes contributions from everyone".

Because it seems you're trying to muddy things for who knows why, possibly a distinctly masculine desire to make every conversation about yourself. Non-binary people are rare, rarer than either of the binary sexes. You see a conference "for women" which is populated distinctly by non-women, it does not make any sense to think "ah, non-binary representation!"

why invite non-binary people then?

That is not the issue here, is it? When there's a room full of people of whom 50% are masc presenting, 98% of those will be men not enbies. Whether any one of them specifically could be misgendered as either male or nonbinary is... well, personally unpleasant, statistically unimportant. It's just not likely to be successful enough to invite enough of the masc enbies but bad enough at inviting women to visibly get the ratio of male seeming people to be very high.

Plenty more drama in those threads, and I wouldn't put it past :marseychonkerfoid: to continue madposting about it until the "celebration" is over.


Google and Chinese AI companies watching this unfold like :marseyoperasmug: :marseygossipsmug: :marseymeangirls:

:marseyhappening: UPDATES :marseyhappening:

:marseyautism: I think this means something

The Chief Strategy Officer told employees they are confident about bringing everyone back and will have an update tomorrow

Ilya about to be stebbed?

Nice to know that even rich tech dorks tweet like high schoolers :marseyzoomerimplosion:


Lots of drama in this thread. With blackmailing over email and threats. Here is some highlights.

Ends with a jannie y'alling the thread

Edit: Since this post is doing so well, have some bonus peepeesword drama of some other AI ethicist also whining:


Hi, I knew Aella IRL:

(I am in the center. Huge Last Supper energy here.)


I am, past this post, probably not going to use this forum as a way to reveal information. If you want information, you can DM me on Facebook: — I am extremely transparent about who I am and have no desire to conceal my identity. My ethos is best described by the quote "anything that can be destroyed by the truth should be" and I try my best to live that. (note: I will not use Twitter.)

She got me cancelled from the local Austin LW community. We had beefed previously over two things:

  1. A post where she thought the field of philosophy was a waste of time because it was "namedropping." (This is citation.)
  1. A post where she disparaged the field of philosophy because she was working at a library, and so was her coworker who had completed a major in philosophy, which led her to do the "haha no economic value --> useless" reasoning; nevermind that MIRI relies entirely on donations and is not profitable outside of that, or that much of theoretical math is... you get the idea.

2.a. She described the library job as "a physically intensive job shelving books." I had ratio'd her here, because I said it was "the most bourgeois job description I've heard lately, perhaps ever." A man spent the course of several days arguing with me that I was wrong because library work requires you to occasionally squat, and the squat is an intense exercise, and therefore it was indeed an intense job. (I wouldn't know!) After asking why he spent so much effort doing this, it was because he "liked her for her mind." As I've found, this is a very common euphemism.

This happened a while ago so I already have a pre-written summary:

She moved here in May 2021; I helped her move, both to sincerely try to make amends and selfishly because she paid for the food of whoever did. (The restaurant we went to had a plate of 30 chicken wings and she makes more than four of my parents. Come on.)

One point of note is that I also used to be a s*x worker — gay escorting, specifically. (And guys, "escorting" just means you arrange a place to meet up in advance. "Prostitute" is just the general term. It's not a fancy version of the other. You can call me either.)

An ex of mine also had brief experience with the porn industry, and Aella had never been to a strip club while one of my exes was a stripper. This meant that whenever we discussed s*x work, she was never truly the center of attention because she had no experience with Homoworld or Real Porn or strip clubs and consulting my opinion was necesssary to have a complete view on s*x work. I enjoyed doing this considerably.

I figured I had until October until she had found some way to remove me — I exceeded my expectations and lasted until December.

There are two traits about Aella stand out that persist in real life that I think more people should be aware of:

  1. She is one of the most self-centered people I have ever met, and the closest thing I have known to a lizard (i.e. person who seems to lack some basic humanity). I don't mean she is selfish or that she hogs things or that she is narcissistic; my wording is precise here. She is self-centered; there is a Copernicaellan view where she is much more at the center of her own universe than most people are at the center of their own universe. (We all are, of course, but it's a matter of degrees.) Specifically, she will not talk about anything unless it is related to her or she started the conversation. Once on the local Groomercord she got drunk and didn't do this — the reactions among many of us were like "dude, Aella is being cool. This is weird."

One of her most lizard moments was describing love as a "status transaction", which is just absurd — is it a "status transaction" if a mother holds her baby with unconditional love?


Finally, and this is more my subjective call, but: Aella does not laugh at jokes. You can tell bangers and she will either be blank or kind of chuckle, unless she's aware she's "supposed" to. I do not trust people who have a horrible sense of humor.

  1. She will deliberately center the conversation around herself at the expense of the conversation or others. (The card game "AskHole" is ulteriorly designed to do this; there are a disproportionate amount of questions about s*x work.) During the 2021 Astral Codex Ten Megameetup, she advertised it on her page and it was derided as "the Aella meetup" because she occupied a central table and this was described by one guest as "holding court." One person who showed up to see Aella asked a pregnant wife holding her baby if she was a s*x worker. She was described as "a goddess." To test my hypothesis that she will be unable to handle a conversation sufficiently not about her, I sat next to her for about ten minutes and talked with some friends about nothing related to her. At some point she petulantly said "I'm moving" and relocated to a spot where she would get more attention. During the dinner, she spent about a third of the time looking at the ceiling — like a child would do to over-advertise to their parents that they were bored. Once, when she felt a concept was socially important (this is key; she does not care about its real importance) she petulantly said "I DON'T UNDERSTAND" and either turned her head away or outright walked away, my memory fails me here. But the expectation was that we were supposed to care, and go out of our way to make it friendly to her.
  1. I need you to really burn this one into your brain, because this is something you will forget, and you will need to constantly remind yourself about: a great majority of what Aella writes or creates is produced by someone else. Many of her edgy tweets are grabbed from parties, and the person who said it is too paranoid about losing their job to be tagged, so she reposts it as if it was hers. She does not seem to have a good sense of what plagiarism is, or when you should cite someone or give proper credit. So, as I said, a great deal of Aella's stuff is not actually Aella. For example, I doubt she produced any of the graphics or charts on her data work. She is, in my view, shameless about taking credit for what other people have done, which goes back to why she thinks philosophy is a lot of "namedropping."

Seriously: write that last one down, or somehow create a reminder that appears everytime you read her stuff. It cannot be said enough.

As it is, I feel like this is more than enough to occupy your headspace for now.

If you want to go deeper, there are countlesss things that annoy me about Aella that we can discuss over Facebook DM or Instagram. It is an infinite well.

Gays are immunized to e-thot nonsense


No one noticed?



  • "All Frank was doing was making it simpler to fill out standard federal financial aid paperwork" but she pretended it provided $28k in student loans 2x the national average

  • she filled their user database with 4 million fake emails/names

  • it took JPMorgan a year to noootice

  • "Despite a public record that raised questions about Javice and Frank — including warnings from the Department of Education and Federal Trade Commission, and a wage theft lawsuit from Frank's cofounder — news outlets and investors kept buying into the narrative that Javice spun."

  • arrested & facing up to 30yrs in prison

  • "Over and over, Javice earned plaudits in the media for projects whose impact she overstated. Glowing profiles missed inaccuracies that could have been caught with a basic fact-check, focusing instead on her youth and status as one of a small number of women startup founders. One journ*list even introduced Javice, then 19, to a key Frank investor."

Her background

^ Her with her brother @ 19

  • ambitious af: originally made a microfinance startup called PoverUp (yuck) in high school with her brother

  • told the media she raised $300k for the startup, but there's no proof

  • CNBC ran a bit about Peter Thiel's "paid to not go to college" grant, she appeared on the show claiming she turned the offer down, Peter Thiel emailed CNBC saying she was not even selected

  • still got her tons of press

  • "Fast Company's 2011 list of 100 Most Creative People and a complimentary writeup in Forbes. PoverUp was ranked as one of the "11 coolest college startups" by Inc. Magazine, while Wharton called Javice "the voice of a microfinance generation" in a video it has since removed from YouTube."

Startup number two

  • since PoverUp wasn't a real company and naturally died, she created another company with an :marseymerchant: Isreali called "tapd: a company that connected young workers with job opportunities via text message"

  • completely bombed, lost a few hundred k and ended up in a lawsuit w/ Isreali :marseysaluteisrael: courts

  • she pivoted Tapd to an entirely new market that (surprise) turned out to be heavily regulated and she didn't do the research. Sold it as a "learning moment"

  • despite this :marseymerchant: Isreali dude joined her at Frank, before she jewed him out of 10% equity and failed to pay him salary, so he sued her

That doesn't stop a girlboss though:

While the story of Tapd seemed to be one of failure and contentious mismanagement, Javice would spin that turmoil into a story of triumph. The young founder made the crisis part of her personal success story, omitting the lawsuit and framing the layoffs as a teaching moment

Media sucking her (girl) peepee

In 2018 NYTimes let her do an Op-ed:

and was forced to follow it up with a long correction because apparently she didnt know shit about student aid

She got lots of local news:

The death blow:

Frank's public statements about its user base were all over the map.

In April 2017, Frank's website said "thousands" of families using its service had received "$75 million in free aid." (That same website had stock images of people, including of "smiling mature woman" and "good looking cheerful manager," labeled as actual users.)

In November 2018, Frank's website said it had helped 300,000 families unlock over $7 billion in aid.

Frank stuck with the "over 300,000" figure for more than two years. But suddenly, in January 2021, the company began claiming that it served "over 4.25 million students," according to archived versions of its website and tweets from Frank's account referenced in JP Morgan's lawsuit.

In reality, Frank only ever had about 250,000 users, according to JPMorgan's legal complaint.

Orange site discusses:

(PDF) The JPMorgan complaint:

Reported by:
  • CREAMY_DOG_ORGASM : my account is unusable while I'm banned. Could you buy me an unban award pwease
The major search engines are literally unusable

Back in the day I used to do Mechanical Turk like :marseytunaktunak: work assessing search engine quality. There were very detailed guidelines about what made a search engine good, compiled into a like 250 page document Google had been curating and updating over the course of years.

One of the key concepts was the idea of a "vital" result for a user request. If a user had a specific request, the search engine had to deliver that content first. For example, at the time was a malicious website. With this in mind, if the user searched for "", the first result had to be, even if the search engine is returning a malicious page. It's specifically what the user requested. We aren't supposed to question what the user wants. The results that followed after could provide suggestions of what else the user may be looking for, like the official Simpsons website.

I would love to see whatever shreds of this document is left at this point, and I'd love to know at what point the entire thing was thrown into the trash and rewritten. I assume somewhere around the year 2016 or 2020. I know this is nothing shocking to a lot of people, but it really does amaze me just how bad things have gotten. I've stuck to the major search engines because despite peoples bitching, for a long time they consistently outperformed the smaller competitors, but they are genuinely without hyperbole almost unusable now.

Example: I wanted to find the recent Tucker Carlson - Vladimir Putin interview. It's a newsworthy interview with a world leader and a current event. There is a very specific video I'm looking for, the published, official video of :marseytucker: sitting down and asking :angryvatnik: questions.

Here is what google returns in a private window:

The very first piece of content - the "vital result" - is clickbait youtube cute twinkry from Time :marseysoyswitch: What are the keeraZIEST moments from the interview?!? :marseysoypoint:

The rest of the results are a cascade of editorialized garbage, opinionated news articles reporting on the requested content. God forbid a careless user actually be exposed to a primary source.

The closest result to what I'm looking for is about over 10 pieces of content deep - the transcript of the interview from Russia's state website. Likely this is an oversight.

Here is Bing:

There's been some meme going around that "no really guys, Bing is actually kinda good now believe it or not".

This is even more nonsense than Google. The most prominently featured content is, of course, more editorialized bullshit with the interview itself nowhere to be found. But also half of the content is just completely irrelevant crap I didn't ask for. Why is the entire right half of the page a massive infobox about Tucker and his books and quotes? Why am I seeing something about Game of Thrones?


You get the point. More useless crap. It gets half a point for its AI accidentally revealing that is where the interview is located, but this doesn't count. The actual search results are all garbage. Thanks Brave for showing me all the latest reddit discussions :soysnoo2:


Was that really so fricking hard? Result #1 - the interview from Tucker Carlson. Past the interview are news articles and images - things of waning utility that other users may be interested in. But the vital result is at the top of the page. That's fricking it. This would have been the required order for the page on Google ten years ago.

Reported by:
  • rDramaHistorian : I really want to care about this but I am a straggot moid who gets laid so....
  • JimJones : Moralstragging on rdrama? Lol, lmao even.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince stated an imminent threat to human life was why he revoked our service.

He elaborates in his post, and claims violent rhetoric had ramped up.

This seems to be based off one of two things:

1. A post made on 4chan's /pol/ with a picture taken outside an apartment in Ireland which references the forum.

2. A series of posts made by one user, @Washizu Iwao (formerly @Serotonin).

This means that a community with 16,000 daily sign-ins is being punished for the behavior of a single user, or a person not even on our website.

The post by @Washizu Iwao was posted at 9:42pm EU time. It was reported seven times. After 32 minutes it was deleted by @Ride, one of our admins. The user was also banned.

Our website makes no money. All of our moderators are volunteers. It took Facebook (with a 24/7 staff of paid moderators) 29 minutes to remove the Christchurch shooting from Facebook Live.

This user joined in 2020, but the account remained inactive until July, 2022.

He made a single, low-effort post in an on-topic board before going dormant again until August 21st. Every subsequent post was in the Keffals thread.

This person is not an active member of the community. This appears to be a sleeper account someone had gotten access to in July, and kept on hand to use like this.

On August 31st, Matthew Prince released a strong statement defending his role as a service provider and not a regulatory body. 3 days later, something scared him. I don't know what it was, but it achieved the desired result. In his explanation post, which reads as rushed and irrational, he tries to mitigate the whiplash between the two opposing statements by saying we are the worst site he has ever seen - because one post (which was already deleted by the time he pulled the plug) made a violent threat.

The precedent has been set. At Cloudflare, with enough pressure, a single post by a strange account can be made to threaten a 9-year-old community and the tens of thousands of people who have used it every day for years. There has never been a violent incident in our history, which cannot be said for many other sites still on Cloudflare. This narrative feels like a lie spun up to save face.

Even now, I have received zero communication from Cloudflare, U.S. Law Enforcement, the Irish Garda, or the Royal Ulster Constabulary regarding anything related to #DropKiwiFarms or its members.

This concerns me and should deeply concern everyone about the state of the Internet.

I'll have more to say later. I've not yet moved my domains from Cloudflare, because a part of me thinks that Matthew will recognize this as an err in judgement. The decision is simply too asinine for me to accept as reality.

please remove my name from this project

See also:

Please remove the allegation about Nazi symbolism from the README

Please remove the swastika from the web site


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There was some pushback, so Drew addressed the haters on HN:

Many people in this thread take offense at the calls to (1) remove RMS because of his problematic behavior and (2) promote diverse people to leadership positions.

I will reply to all of these comments at once: get a fricking grip.

No one, including myself, is calling for RMS to be removed because he has the wrong skin color or s*x. He needs to go because he acts as if his demographics are the right demographics, and those who don't have those traits feel unwelcome and uncomfortable under his leadership. That's a problem with RMS, not with his demographic identity, and someone possessing his demographic traits (which, I presume, are probably shared with most of the commenters upset about this), but lacking his problematic behaviors, would be a welcome change.

As for the inclusion of more diverse leaders:

1. There is more than one leadership position at the FSF.

2. I am not calling for non-proportional representation, or for forcing proportional representation either.

If you feel threatened because someone called for a jerk who looks similar to you to be kicked out of a project, that's a personal problem. If you feel threatened by the prospect of being led by people who look dissimilar to you, that's a personal problem.

Again, to sum it up: get a grip. Jesus.

That's right, do better, chuds! :marseyhesright:


Selected comments:

They will enslave their population. You'll see. You can look in some of my recent comments to see a thread where people in Amsterdam were celebrating the installation of "noise cameras" along public roads because they bought into the claims that it was to fine "loud cars." They don't realize that they are frogs in a pot that is coming to a gradual boil. If the people of the Netherlands won't take back their freedom from tyrants, they will soon realize that the tyrants don't actually have their best interests at heart. But it will be too late for them to do anything about it because they won't be able to flee their city prisons anymore. This is effectively a ban on cash.

They will soon freeze assets for people who are ideologically opposed to them. And from there it's a descent directly into heck when the majority of people realize that they are not essential to what the regime, I mean The Cabinet, thinks and wants.


They can't control the black market in drugs, what makes them think controlling a black market in cash, which is a million times more desirable, will be any more successful? There's the small matter of millions of undocumented migrants entering Europe who will be trapped in this now-illegal-cash underclass, and these financial oppression laws just incentivise and create criminal networks to facilitate basic economy. This is financial oppression that totally demoralizes their society as a means to dissolve it.

It's not a lot of money, and given inflation, diminishingly so. This is targeted at law abiding smallholding farmers where roadside transactions are often done in cash and farmers everywhere have a lot of tax relief precisely because they provide food security for nations - and it's to the benefit of criminal networks to top it off. The architects of this policy are disgusting.

Tell me you voted (twice) for Trump without telling me you voted (twice) for Trump.

What? Clearly this issue is too nuanced for your American mind.


What are some good reasons to allow cash payments above 3000 EUR?

Jesus Christ Europeans are absolutely insufferable. How will you ever survive without making rules about other people's money?


Reported by:


Github announces $20k investments in open source projects, orangesite notices a certain... discrepancy with one of the selected projects

Most of them were cool projects like Nuxt, dioxus, and mockoon. But one project stood out:

JessicaTegner/pypandoc Pypandoc provides a thin wrapper for pandoc, a universal document converter.

To be frank, that doesn’t seem like a project worthy of $20k to me. Not very many commits recently [0], it has 918 source lines of code in the main package, and 547 lines of test code — it even describes itself as a “thin” wrapper, and the only thing it does is converting some arguments to Pandoc flags and calling the Pandoc executable. How many more features could be added to this project? What is it missing now?


Why would this thin wrapper of another popular OSS project be selected when all the other projects are serious OSS projects with giant repos and thousands of stars?


Then someone noticed a commit:

Jessica's Github profile:

Various :chudjaktalking: chuddery


Edit: forgive the repost, forgot to post it to /h/slackernews

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