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We have one opening in our 12 person PPR league because @basad hasn't updated shit in 2 weeks. We are looking for a strong man to fill the role before Thursday Night Football at 7pm CDT today. Leave a comment if you want in. You get to mingle with power users, admins, and call LLM short. I will be in talks with @carpathianflorist to make some badges and reward for the league soon. Since @basad has a bunch of IR and OUT, I'll you can have free rein over over free agents until Sunday games start.

Edit: thanks for showing interest @KoreanDragKing took the spot. If more spots open up from people being lazy, i’ll dm people who commented here.

Edit edit: due to the amount of attention both fantasy football related posts got, next year I'll see if I can arrange a 16/32 team league.

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Wired Magazine Presents : J Slurs posting Ls, and a suspiciously high level skeleton.

I've seen a lot of people showing our resident journ*list @ZacJason some love recently, so now is a great time to talk about his lack of journalistic credentials (and skin).

All of this started because @Lv20_Skeleton decided to apply my first ever ban award to a really great post I wrote about never saying the N word. Not only did he ban my excellent post, he had the audacity to ban me TWICE. In response, I did what any self respecting Jslur would do when staring down a 48hr ban, and sperged out immediately - banning every post and comment I could find from this vile skeletoid. Eventually this totaled 12 bans. As many of our resident rightoids know, I am a FAIR and JUST janitor - so obviously I would never apply 12 days of ban without providing an alternative to freedom. My offer to boneman was a challenge to play manhunt.

Nobody ever takes me up on my offers to play this game, so I expected lazy attempts at sneaking through the new user list at best. @Lv20_Skeleton is not the average poster though so it should be obvious where this is going...

We were reading this JOslurs articles. Disgusting!

This went on for days, because we wanted to believe.

My Bussy [BLASTED]

Carp Bussy [BLASTED]

Zac Jason Bussy [BLASTED]

Respaaaj Bussy [BLASTED]

Idio3 Bussy [BLASTED]

FrozenChosen Gussy [BLASTED]

JimieWhales Xussy [NOT BLASTED]

Dahl_Fook Bussy [VERY BLASTED]


Quintuple Jslur bussy blasting simultaneously, right under our noses.

Let this @Lv20_Skeleton serve as an example for everyone that being banned is an opportunity to wear someone else's skin, an opportunity for greatness. I love the boneman and you should too.

Military would be much more effective foid free.


it costs 2000 and applies the agendaposter theme on the recipient for 24 hours (stacks if the recipient already has the theme)

Thinking about mining some drama coin with fake quitting my cop job because Biden is making us take mandatory diversity classes

Bardfinn farts and sniffs.

They don’t get that we don’t see this as forced compliance. We’re not afraid of the government like they are.

I swear to god if I cared enough I could find this moron crying about Trump and Facism within the last 6 months ago

It’s always “make your own decisions” until you make one they don’t like lmao

Irony? Never heard of it.

I’d hate it if Erroll Webber received the Herman Cain Award 🥇🤞

This is literal violence against black bodies smdh

The medical establishment isn't the machine they're raging against

Yeah, why would this anti-capitalist band be against the biggest capitalist enterprise of all time??? Fuckin Conservitards!!

The rest, I leave to you my babies 😘

[Developing] Gabby is a SERIAL KILLER CONFIRMED

It seems that Brian was her latest victim. Look at the other victims, different races, genders, ages... Gabby is literally a Hannibal Lecter type of killer, she doesnt fit any known pattern.


The ghost of Frozen’s future has visited upon me

Posted this as a comment but I think it deserves its own post.

Fat woman is gussy blasted when a currycel has the audacity to send her a thoughtful message on a dating site:

Turns out she has a pathetic post-wall origin story:

ITT: we post words of encouragement for Carp on his big boy magazine interview

Good luck on your interview with Wired @carpathianflorist :marseycarp3:, I'm excited so see you try to explain Bussy with a straight face.


Anyone else have any words/slurs of encouragement for our resident egomaniacal fish overlord?

Edit: for you Zoomers in the audience, a magazine is a website you print out and read at the dentist's office.


Edit #2: our words of encouragement worked great, see the post by @Dad

The article is in Portuguese but I will translate the highlights, if you want to read the whole thing use google translate.

Everything happened at the beginning of October, when the teacher – who is also a priest – was asked to watch a test of that class. He showed the questions on the screen but, shortly after, began to use the computer normally, forgetting that everything he accessed was seen in real time by the students.

A naked woman then appeared on screen and the moment was filmed by the students, who then transmitted to the parents what happened. They put pressure on the school, getting a meeting with the board, and an inquiry was opened. However, the teacher resigned.

Over for priestcels.

Also according to the same source, the teacher will have justified the incident by assigning the blame to "a fake profile", which sent him a link by message, that he opened in class, not knowing what it would be. However, according to some students, the teacher responded to messages on that same site, telling a profile: "I'll fuck you silly."


Because he is a priest, obliged to celibacy, we contacted the maximum figure of the Archdiocese of Braga, Archbishop Jorge Ortiga, who confirmed the conduct of an inquiry to try to understand what really happened, but referred any other statements to the administration of the school.

There's nothing crazy here, just noting how unpleasant-looking this moid (male?) and foids (male) are. Under Allah (SWT) these beasts would all be covered by the niqab. One day it will be so, inshallah.

Why are polycels always like this?

Most subtle rightoid

Fucking brilliant

Its honestly kind of funny how its equally plausible its either an unironic rightoid or a glownigger

[POLL] Should r ​etard be part of the filter, to rslur/r-slur?

This is exhibit 394,102 that the lefty retards are lying when they say “health care is a universal human right.” They just want free shit like they always do

Does anyone know who the user "JohnnyAppleSneed" is?
Reported by:

So basically there was this REALLY dumb rightoid that would hang out in the discords before the election, easily the dumbest rightoid to ever exist in any drama community. He went by "eva" most of the time.

He made a bunch of bets with me and other discord users in which he claimed Trump would win Cali/NY etc and become president via a "major landslide." Months in advance I pinned my prediction he'd be back on election night declaring voter fraud and refusing to honor his bets, he then vanished as we mocked him and nobody has seen him again.

I recently encountered this "Johnnyapplesneed" user here that is a rightoid of such incredible retardation I seriously think it might be eva, he has a unique retardation you won't really find in other rightoids.

Can anyone confirm this?

Portland Causes Seethe

Man oh man I have never been so downvoted on this site (thanks for the coin chums) than when I defend Portland,

city of shitty angels and more demons than you can count

Just a city, but for some reason this city makes rightoids mad.

Addicted to the idea that things suck, just cities sucking everywhere. CALIFORNIA SUX LOL ALL THOSE LIBRULS MAKIN THEIR PLACES SHITTY

Because it has to be somebody's fault that life is hard.


is why the fascist rhetoric works on you people, you rightoids, you mayo moids.

Blame the left. Blame the left. Blame the left.

SJWs are why you didn't get that job, not because you couldn't keep your goddamn mouth shut about politics at work. (Yes there's a double standard, but man up about it fuckers, or at least be the change you want to see)

It's not that hard to color within the lines of polite speech you know. But you gather online in arenas where you can commiserate with the other fuckers who can't learn what's rude and what isn't and you blame it on anything, aaaanything other than your own goddamn selves.

Party of personal responsibility my ass.

And here we are five years after 2016 and that's five years of young adults thinking this is how politics has always been. It wasn't always this way: the boomers are going senile. That is literally what has happened.

They went insane and the bitterness of their years showed us the future and it is grim, motherfuckers. Losing the capacity to reason, a generation of boomers glued to Fox News and huffing ragebait all day, and a familiar face gave them what they wanted and the rest is boomer history.

Where I don't get it is this: why the fuck are millennials falling for this shit?


Let's go back to the French Revolution.

:marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon: :marseyneon:

It's the 1780s and people are pissed. The salons and coffeeshops of Paris are filled with high-minded talk of common people tired of the monarchy. In those days there was a complicated chain of logic to the oligarchy involving God and Jesus and the Divine Right of Kings. (Today the complicated chain of logic around our oligarchy is that God created man which created money which is better than communism so the rich people get to buy all the politicians and we have a fragile pretense to democracy.)

And this kind of place is the underground. It's too soon to start a movement in our time, but the underground is where the truth can be spoken because things are only official after they've already happened... but now's a good time to plant seeds, because we failed with Occupy and zoomers, it will be your turn soon. You need to see the path. You need to see our wrong turns.

Robespierre is well known as one of the main ideological architects of the French Revolution. And when the Revolution succeeded in France, the assembly of citizens was faced with a conundrum.

The divine right of kings had led to inexorable sequences of wars. If you run across someone who claims to be a monarchist, laugh in their face. Monarchies lead to wars of succession. Go ahead and look up how many wars of succession there were, and see if you think it's a good idea.

Now the problem the citizen assembly faced was that they could depose a king, but man by his nature is weak and seeks a ruler. As long as there were royalty and nobility around with this so-called royal blood, there was always the chance of the monarchy re-establishing itself.

So this very real conundrum led to the guillotine.

And once the bloodletting began, it was impossible to stop. This was the Reign of Terror: some thousands of people were given death sentences in the pursuit of a perfect Republic. Ultimately Robespierre himself would fall.

Why am I telling you this?

Because where the fuck is the Communism?

If all you can see in politics is the danger of Communism, your history education has failed you. The danger of revolution isn't Communists. It's revolutionaries themselves.

You morons.

Karl Marx was born in 1818.

:marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol: :marseywarhol:

This is the failure of boomer ideology. This is why our politics is fucked by the boomers who can only understand the history they lived directly: the Cold War, in which revolutionaries installed a small group of people who then had to keep control of their government and executed or exiled or imprisoned the people that got in their way.

You don't have to like SJWs. You don't have to like Critical Race Theory.

But the degree to which Karl Marx succeeded is that Republicans themselves think in terms of class. You think Boomers in their heyday weren't smart enough to read the ideology of their hated enemy? You think they didn't read Marx?

And thus the politics of the 90s revolved around Rush Limbaugh's illustration of the media-university complex as class markers. This is all old politics at this point.

My point with Marx is that if you have ever considered a university degree a class marker, you're a fucking Marxist by philosophy. This is the power of philosophy to change the way you think about the world.

The delusion of those who tear down their government only to construct a new state is in its idealism absent practicality.

Communism is a scary story told to boomers by Fox News to lull them into voting Republican. It's not real. At worst it's a phase leftists go through as they behold the terrible reality of the machine.

But if you can recognize that the forces of mankind are inexorably expansive, consuming all available resources through no single individual's will, that 'capitalism' the nature of the human macro-organism is likely to drive us to extinction? That doesn't make you communist.

It just means you can do the math.

So I just don't want to hear it anymore. I'm tired of this boomer rhetoric being spouted confidently by people my age who should fucking know better.

You want to know my greatest fear, as a millennial? My greatest fear is becoming Gen X. Gen X had punk. Gen X had style.

And Gen X gave up and just lived under the shadow of the boomers for the rest of their lives.

It isn't just communism. It's any time people think that what's needed is a new set of people in charge, to wipe away the old and begin anew, to take power by any means necessary.

Like it or not this rickety system is what we've got. And I will not abide traitors to the constitution, and January 6th showed you what the Rslurs have become. (At least, if you aren't a boomer making excuses for the clear and obvious fascism.)

:marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2: :marseyascii2:

We are on the brink of catastrophe in this country because we can't get the boomers to shut up about the past.

WORDS WORDS WORDS as people whose identity is predicated on promiscuity argue over whether they’re sex positive enough or not
Are you doing your best to make our journ*list friend feel welcome?

His @ is @ZakJason

Be sure to be friendly ECKS DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE