!incels bros pls feel welcome to shitpost to your hearts :marseyloveyou: extent.

Just be confident bro, said the amorphous spike creature
You will never have this


I want two wwap my littwal bwother's car awound a lamp pwost

My brother is a year younger than I and two academic years behind me. He has no idea what he wants to do in life, has no appreciable talents or skills, and has likely not read a book he wasn't forced to read since he was 12. He likes Seinfeld, the Office, and pop music. He literally cannot carry a meaningful conversation for more than 10 minutes, because he has no real interests.

That said, my brother has a car, a girlfriend, a large group of friends and an active social life. He talks (never to me, only to our parents, who tell it to me) about all the times he's gone on a luxury vacation with his friends and some girl basically threw herself at him (but he definitely didn't cheat on his girlfriend :surejan:), or how he had such a great time at a concert in this cool nightclub. He has a management job opportunity at a large corporate gig that lets him basically work 6 hour days where he makes more than I do.

I just got back from having to pick up his car for him after he got too dunk to drive it. When I was driving it home, looking at all the people coming in and out of nightclubs, I had some really bad thoughts. I'm on medication that normally keeps me from having them, and I have to talk to someone regularly who makes sure I don't have them, but I had them on that ride home.


Edit: this post was incredibly cringe. I was being a whiney cute twink who just wanted attention. I'm actually in a pretty good place in life all things considered. :marseypeaceout:


Interesting video.

Tl;dr: lack of a strong father figure + being an only child is a recipe for being a neurotic pessimistic social disaster.

!incels I'm curious now, how many of the following apply to you?

tell me if there's an factor you think I missed


!incels tip for neurodivergents, just abuse :marseyfrozenchosenchokespal: drugs :marseytrippydance: to turn yourself :marseykys2: r-slurred. Adapt to modern :marseywarhol: clown :marseyblahblah: world :marseymars: or die.


That is all :#marseycheers:

Living out of town and riding the bus home in highschool ruined my life.

I could have lost my virginity in HS but I didn't because I didn't want to walk ten miles home and have my mom scream at me and now I'm too old of a virgin (24) that it actively prevents me from losing it.

Uh oh r-slur you missed your opportunity in highschool because you were to high inhibition and didn't want your mom to be mad now you will die alone. Teehee.

"HER prefrontal cortex isnt even DEVELOPED chud!"
why did he do this?

Like ask your self why are they so confident and sure about them self ? Are they the smartest women around ? Are they the hardest working women around ? Are they in best shape ?

It literally doesn't matter what they do, they can be astronauts or only fans model, they all are similarly confident. And that's why we love em.

Baseless confidence is always sign of very educated and smart person and western women are. Because only as smart women as western could tame a bear.

Just look how they tame all those wild bears.

So where do their confidence comes from ? It primarily comes because they live in the west. You maybe ask but this event wasn't under their control and to this I have good answer to you: frick you.

Western women are proud about all the western civilisation their dads build for them and they take it as their personal achievements and are sure their possibilities have no limits and they will lead us to great future. You have to just believe in them, just like their dad's do, because history has shown us that matriarchal civilisation are the most successful and western men have lead their civilisation to such dead end that giving the lead to western women would have only one direction: to the prosperity.

Perhaps you thinking I am crazy, and you are correct but

Western women are basically a gillet "best a man can get" so if a real woman average western woman ask me out, I will tell her no, because she deserves the best.


Why are pirates so violent and promiscuous?

'cause they're arrrrrrrr selected! :marseypirate: :marseyfluffy:

Incels want enforced monogamy

They are all narcissistic yet lack the drive or desire to stand out that male narcissists have they take a perverse pride in there soulless conformity.

They keep sneek insulting me and the other foids and simps laugh at me in the background.

I also hate the sound of a females voice it makes me way to commit a murder suicide every time I hear it.


Reminder that unless youre a male feminist :marseyspalrentfree: ITS OVER
Reported by:
are cute trans femcels welcome here?

Step 1: just be white

Step 2: be 7 foot tall

JFC look how tall this dude is :marseyxd:

Step 3: say literally anything

Thanks for coming to my ted talk on improving your social skills.

JFL it actually makes me seethe that normies unironically believe this shit.


good morning i hate women

Started whacking to pictures of money to escape the foid menace

I've began to only jerk it to photos of cash, specifically $20 dollar bills as they're of value although hundreds work as well but not as much. Photos of a stack of “clean” and uncirculated money next to a circulated stack are also very nice.

I'm not even looking at anime girls either now my sole focus is money and the occasional gold bar when engaging in such acts. I even fill my head with thoughts of money.

It takes quite a while though but I assume times will speed up.

This could be detrimental as I'm a !wagies but I think it'd also feel like what Chad feels like 24/7 just walking outside and hot sexual objects being handed to him.

I believe the pros far outweigh the cons, being I will never be able to fall for any siren calls of women to betabuxx in the future or care for them in the first place.


Something everyone who actually wants to understand human nature and stop living in bluepill fantasy world should accept is that "love" does not exist only a combination of sexual desire and social economics.

A woman doesn't "love" a man she's attracted to him and then confirms her attraction if he has socially desired traits like a high income or high social status. Men are even lower because they only look for what they're sexually attracted to and just check for a select few extreme warning signs.

Love is not real.

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