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Playing around with AI and this perfect piece came to be.

It's just fucking cute and adorable and I unironically want to marry it.

Clean it into smithereens, jannies

Commissioned by @garlicdoors (animating in gimp is annoying, you've been scammed!)

Hey carp can I have le commish badge

We all know Marsey as the cute young adult with a hankering for mischief (and perhaps other assets as well :marseycatgirl5:) but who was Marsey before she was Marsey?

I enlisted the aid of @Pamipon to find out. Using the power of meme magic sourced from the well of Chaos energy that rDrama was built atop, we opened a psychic rift through spacetime and transcribed the image of Marsey's past onto pen and paper (she drew using her imagination).

Looks like Marsey was always adorable! :marseybow: But before she was causing trouble for others, she was looking out for her dear friends. Why that's Marsey reading to little ole' Mr Fluffers there (he suffers from illiteracy). Good girl Marsey, fighting ableism one story at a time. Our girl may be a troublemaker :marseytroublemaker: but she always had a big heart :marseyhearts:

If you'd like to see our lurker's other works, here is her Twitter: Chifuyu49


:marseyyarn: Fast Stable Diffusion - Marsey Edition: Create AI Generated versions of Marsey even without a GPU! :!marseyrobot:

This is based off @float-trip's excellent work training the model here: https://rdrama.net/h/marsey/post/104962/dreambooth-marseys-marseyastronaut-added-colab-instructions

Being an ardent Chromebook user I lack the use of a dedicated GPU :marseygiveup:, so I've been coping since forever by using Google Colab for anything that requires a GPU such as Stable Diffusion and whatnot

A couple of days ago someone released an optimised version of Stable Diffusion and I think you should be able to run Stable Diffusion on a free Google Colab account now :marseypoor:

Hence I decided to integrate @float-trip's model into the previously mentioned Colab notebook so the masses can now use it, so click on the shiny button below if you want to give it a go:

Open in Colab

If you're new to this I'll try my best to simplify the steps to get it to work:

  1. Click on the "Open in Colab" button above

  2. Click on Runtime -> Change Runtime Type


  3. Change the Hardware Accelerator to GPU


  4. Click on Runtime -> Run All


  5. Wait for the processes to run and complete and you'll get a link to access a user interface for you to enter your prompts


  6. Click on it and you can now generate AI Marseys


Take note that you'll need to enter "sks cat" instead of "Marsey" in your prompts like so:


Unfortunately I didn't get a good result that time round :marseyitsover:

Some cherrypicked results and the respective prompts:

photo of sks cat as a gardener


close up of sks cat in front of fairytale steam punk village, snow covered, winter, matte painting, by michael whelan


kawaii sks cat with colorful background trending on artstation, 8 k, highly detailed and intricate


a wholesome animation key shot of a sks cat seated on top of a roof with tiles, the sks cat is looking into the horizon, medium shot, studio ghibli, pixar and disney animation, sharp, rendered in unreal engine 5, anime key art by greg rutkowski, bloom, dramatic lighting, golden hour, very warm colors


studio portrait still of muppet !!!!!sks cat !!!!!! as a muppet muppet as a muppet, 8k, studio lighting, key light -C 13 -s 150


If you need to steal some inspiration for prompts:




There are probably bugs here and there because I'm r-slurred :marseybrainlet: so let me know if you get any errors

DreamBooth Marseys :marseyastronaut: (added colab instructions)


#@title Normal 1.4 model
# get a token from https://huggingface.co/settings/tokens
user_token = "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" #@param {type:"string"}
user_header = f"\"Authorization: Bearer {user_token}\""
!wget --header={user_header} https://huggingface.co/CompVis/stable-diffusion-v-1-4-original/resolve/main/sd-v1-4.ckpt -O model.ckpt


!apt install megatools
!megadl "https://mega.co.nz/#!FxclSKoL!EFSM4nLlXMuOvBLkoZNmtOH4Y8oycjrU7h2Hn6mKl1k"
  • Run (it'll take a few minutes to download)

  • Refer to Marsey as a sks cat in your prompt. a photo of a sks cat as a gardener etc

Download the weights: https://models.rdra.ma/

Development on Stable Diffusion has been happening at a wild pace, and there's already written a working implementation of DreamBooth for it. Whereas Textual Inversion refines your prompt, DreamBooth is able to finetune the model itself to teach it new concepts. I did one run with 87 Marseys and another with just 3 upscaled ones. So far the upscaled run (u1000.ckpt) is looking best.

See the Textual Inversion posts for a comparison with that. DreamBooth is far better at keeping her colors consistent and producing recognizable images. Decent results were something like 1 in 50 before, now they're nearly every image.

a photo of Marsey


a photo of a spaceman Marsey in outer space


a photo of Marsey as a gardener


I love that it creates real Marseys too :marseymarseylove:

a photo of Marsey running away from a dinosaur


Missing the :marseydinosaur:. Might be overfitting and improve with better regularization in DreamBooth.

a photo of Marsey cooking in the kitchen


These models also work with Deforum to create animations:

There's still plenty of low-hanging fruit to suggest these will get better quickly - the DreamBooth repo doesn't do regularization correctly, and we'll get a free bump in quality when SDv1.5 is released. The plague of AIposting continues

Marseyverse telegram stickers! :marseyfluffy:

I was waiting for someone else to do this but I finally got tired of waiting and did it myself :marseyautism:

Enjoy select :marseywave2: stickers for use in the best social media app to date :marseysaluteussr:

Link to add: https://t.me/addstickers/Marseyverse

Added ones I wanted most for now and I'm taking add requests.

Also can someone remaster :marseysipping: please? It's too low res to add and it's a great one imo. I'd put up a bounty but I lost all coin goombling :marseypoor:

Remastered by @Schizose, also thanks to @chiobu for upscaled version :marseyxoxo:


If someone can tell me an easy way to resize/convert webp animated files to webm I'm all ears. I'm currently resizing using ImageMagick in command line but it fucks up resizing animated ones :marsey4chan:

UPDATE: Made the first pack more normie-friendly and made a separate pack for :chudsey: https://t.me/addstickers/Chudseyverse

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After seeing another dramanaut post their commission of an artist on skeb, I am certain there are more of you who are interested in supporting the creation of original art for our beloved feline mascot.

If you are indeed curious, I have compiled a list of artists I have come across in the last few months (minus the ones I have contracted), along with their prices and highlights. Every artist below is currently taking commissions, meaning if you were to reach out now, they would 100% accept your request to draw Marsey and within 2-8 weeks you too can present the next canon art and do your part in making a little history for this character - and maybe attract attention to this site! Good art makes for good advertising.

Note that if you send a commission request to an artist, you will need to send reference material for Marsey the Cat so that the artist knows what she should look like. I recommend you send over these three references at minimum - these are currently the only existing references of the "main" interpretation of Marsey as a human with cat ears.

Main Interpretation

Reference 01 - by Dramarama

Reference 02 - by Dramarama

Reference 03 - by artist commission (YunreArt)

Reference 04 - by artist commission (Ellireii)

Reference 05 - by Dramarama

Alternative interpretations

Reference A - by artist commission

Reference B - OC by Tooka (RIP)

Reference C - OC by Tooka (RIP)

Reference D - OC by TheTroubleWithPibbles

Reference E - edit by Chapose (?)

Reference F - edit by Chapose (?)


minoripinorin - deviantart (website) /sfw/ : $35 - $55 : 01 02 03

hamcheesesand - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /sfw to mild nsfw/ : $60 : 01

kozzzy (website) /sfw/ : $30 - $70 : 01

Ellireii - DeviantArt - pixiv (website) /sfw/ : $65 - $90 : 01 02 Has Marsey Experience

bbaronge - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mild nsfw/ : $115 : 01 02 03 04

hyminart (website) /sfw to mild nsfw/ : $55 - $120 : 01 02 03

ShimayaEiko (email @ bottom of this deviantart page) /sfw/ : $60 - $140 : 01 02 03

luxiel - pixiv (pixiv requests) /sfw to mild nsfw/ : $80 - $150 : 01 02

hand_linke - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /mild nsfw to mid nsfw/ : $150 : 01

Kuse0201 - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mid nsfw/ : $185 : 01 02

Beleven - pixiv (pixiv requests / website) /sfw to hard nsfw/ : $90 - $210 : 01 02 03 04

eruerumaccho - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /mid nsfw/ : $225 : 01

hamahama - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mild nsfw to mid nsfw/ : $225 : 01 02 03 04 05

RafaelM32770870 - pixiv (pixiv requests) /sfw to mid nsfw/ : $225 : 01 02 03 04 05

Aono_99 - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /sfw/ : $250 : 01 02 03

SOLar_Bim - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mild nsfw to mid nsfw/ : $375 : 01 02 03 04

alan771124 - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mild to mid nsfw/ : $375 : 01 02 03 04 05 06

U O S A - pixiv (pixiv requests) /sfw to mid nsfw/ : $450 : 01 02 03

soki - pixiv (email @ twitter bio) /sfw to mild nsfw/ : ??? : 01 02 03 04

Hard NSFW Artists

Shymiruku (website) /hard nsfw/ : $20 - $60

_anannex - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /hard nsfw/ : $75

ny7 - pixiv (pixiv requests) /mid nsfw to hard nsfw/ : $90 : 01 02

ネム@skeb募集中 (pixiv requests / skeb) /mid nsfw to hard nsfw/ : $90 : 01 02 03

KoUMei✿ - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /hard nsfw/ : $90

mary_san16 - pixiv (pixiv requests / skeb) /mild nsfw to borderline hard nsfw/ : $150 : 01 02 03

LsLs791 - pixiv (pixiv requests) /hard nsfw/ : $180 : 01

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:!marseypainter: Marsey drawing guide :!marseyyarn:

Credit: @Sylveon
























we didn't have marsey in a tracksuit yet so I had to make one. yes, this is (partially) AI generated. I generated 100 first candidates and narrowed it down to the top 10, and then chose this one. I then did a number of touch-ups on the version that SD outputted...

  • made his shoes red so that he was subtly color coordinated with the russian flag :russia:

  • made his tracksuit explicitly an adidas tracksuit

  • remove weird label from the bottle of alcohol he is holding

  • fix the eyes slightly

here is what the original looked like btw


i say this so that yall know that this isn't going to completely erase marsey artists, it still requires some touch ups. probably a marsey artist with actual art skillz could have done this is less time but I have no art skillz lol. anyways, lmk if you have any suggestions, I do intend to submit this bad boy.

other primo russian marseys





2-3 months ago I promise @chiobu to try this But I got a huge bed ridden illness but I try to keep my promise now that I feel better

Edit a compact version


:marseynotes: Send me some prompts to generate Marseys :marseynotes2:

Marsey the cat eating a yellow common asian carp, Marsey the cat speaking at a MAGA rally

Marsey the cat becomes the President of the United States, spaceman Marsey

Fast Stable Diffusion - Marsey Edition: Create AI Generated versions of Marsey even without a GPU!

@float-trip sent me some fine-tuned models and they're great, send any requests you want and I'll do them for the next half an hour :marseypainter:

Some more examples:

Marsey the cat holding the severed head of a white alien


Marsey the cat playing with a black chinchilla


Some of what @float-trip generated:

![](https://i.imgur.com/TzIu3Nj_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high) ![](https://i.imgur.com/7OK4NoO_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high) ![](https://i.imgur.com/rTqQKWR_d.webp?maxwidth=9999&fidelity=high)

Marsey and Marcus visit Sweden!

![](/images/1664219994079393.webp) ![](/images/16642141990890365.webp)

I was """inspired""" by @Dramarama's :marseybear: and :marseybrianna:

marsey stickers just came in :soyjakyell:

just look at those marseys!!!




btw, do i get a badge carp

what badge do i get carp

carp where is my badge

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  • KARABOGA: Good art, but ffs is jannies removing dramatard shitposts what passes for drama now?

Presenting my newest piece: "Escape from Predditor Mansion (circa 2021, colourized)" - commissioned by @brzl

@brzl is sadly currently grassed (because he wanted to take a break from the site) but here's some commentary he told me to include

"With the death of /r/DeuxRAMA and the loss of pinging, Marsey and the gang sought to lead the dramatards on a journey to a new home. There was just one problem: they had to go through Him.

My gratitude to Dramarama for accepting an unlikely commission idea, turning this shitty mspaint sketch into a fully realized work."


It was a really fun and challenging piece for me to do but I'm really happy with how it turned out, and thanks @brzl for commissioning me!

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:marseycatgirl4: New Marsey commission by @brzl just dropped :marseypainter:


Hello Chiobu.

I'm taking a break from rDrama so I grassed myself, but I still have some commission being worked on since the summer. Another one just came in.


Would you mind posting this on my behalf?

Already uploaded to our KYM page: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/2444819-marsey-the-cat

Artist: EloruArt

DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/eloru

Carrd: https://eloru.carrd.co/

:marseycapyhacker: Smoother version of :marseybackingintobush:

![](https://i.imgur.com/3RZa1Tk.gif) ![](https://i.imgur.com/eCmJSOY.gif)

:marsoyhype: Amazing

Used this for frame interpolation: https://replicate.com/google-research/frame-interpolation

Oh, you're a real Marsey fan? Post your Marsey towel right now.
[fixed inclusivity] :marseysockpuppet::marseyexcited::marseycapy::marseycarp3::wolfthumbsup::platythink::sharkyglow::tracelove::!marseyyarn:


More inclusivity:


Smug Niggy Marsey

Trying to learn Krita some more figured I'd make a Marsey.

Shitty Krita edit (you gotta apply the outline FX in the whole image when done) a few undos back, feel free to edit to use smug1 or the other smugs, then crop to layer when done

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I like zombie wolf

marsey made a friend :marseyblush:

first marsey i've made that I actually drew and didn't just chop up other ppl's shit lol

version without the headcrab:


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Kayla Lemieux Marsey, aka Kayla Lemieursey



My first Marsey: Marsey Longhorn!

Now you can support the greatest football team of all time, The Texas Longhorns, who have never lost a game!!

Thank you, Carp, for approving it so quickly :marseycarphug: :#marseylonghorn::#marseylonghorn: :!marseylonghornpat:

My first Marsey, hope you like it!

Here is a very special marsey I have for you today, the Yaranaika marsey. I didn't see this marsey and I thought it would be a good addition. I have included two others, but this one is my favorite.



Marsey Loaf

I present to you my very first Marsey: Marsey Loaf!


Marseyfest Destiny


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Gentlemen, Marsey Commission - Marsey at the Cafe :marseysipping:

Artist: Ellireii a Polish lass :marseypoor: - DeviantArt - pixiv - Twitter

Cost: $80 USD

I asked her to make a drawing based off of this emoji



:!marseyeskimo: Winter is coming :!marseysnowman:

Obviously it'll just be summer all year long here :marseygiveup:


Yay they got added


good goy... buy my rdrama merch on redbubble

i regret making this

got bored, made me some marsey stickers :3

yeah ik they look like ass shutup