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  • LunchtimeHowdy : misgendering Dr. Cass
  • whyareyou : just means autism was increasing in the population since 97.5% of these were neurodivergents
  • bussysundae : The increasing suicide rate means there's less neurodivergents :marseyakshually:

What's interesting is how this adressess the copes from the previous thread

>this is all made up

Apparently not, we are presented with NHS internal minutes, and Cass tried to get ahead of things with a vaguely worded acknowledgement that stripped any mention of an increase in the rate of deaths and blames 'cormorbidities' in her report

>the number of patients was increasing so it's natural suicides would increase too

The data now shows the number of patients was decreasing since the NHS wasn't actually providing a meaningful service any more

>I love seeing trans teenagers die, anything to help me stay in the closet a little longer

You got me there :marseyshrug:

The twitter thread:

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  • whyareyou : promoting transphobia dont amplify the cheeto message
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them: "why are you voting for a corpse over donald trump" me:

I almost feel bad for them
Dear Straight People....

Thank you for existing!

A world without the heterosexual community is a world

without lesbians, gays, bisexuals or trans people!




Bio-moid peepee-mogged by his :transchad: girlfriend

Total :marseytrans2: Victory

female head space
hola!!! tranr of rdrama!!!! :shmleep:

i eepy, so i go slee!p!!!! :sleepy:

goobnite!!!! tranr of dramra!!!!11! :yay:

Wordington says Trans Rights
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Hottest transsexuals?

Feminine transsexuals are obviously the hottest (both mtf and ftm) IMO.

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i new her!!! :yay:

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despit al pain end sufering plz keeep gonig!!! :marseyaaatranslaser:

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ok tat al!!!! :happy:

hugz :P :glomp:

just cooked a stake for myself

is anyone else's hunger meter broken? i dont really get hungry i just start shaking and remember i havent eaten in a few days. today i cooked a nice sirloin, got it on sale for $8/lb. i didnt eat that much but strangely i feel so full, i blame hrt for shrinking my stomach or something. like it was 1 plate of a very normal amount of food, but my stomach literally feels like its bulging out, its such an odd sensation i dont understand


!cuteandinvalid !chasers darn !transphobes are killing our crops!!!


Someone ping the goomblers. This is foolproof


A transgender woman has been found guilty of r*pe following a night out.

Lexi Secker, 35, of Lowbourne, near Melksham, was living as a man when she attacked a woman in Blunsdon, Wiltshire, on 23 April 2023.

Swindon Crown Court was told Secker would be tried as a woman and she was found guilty of one count of r*pe on Friday, following a four day trial.

She was remanded in custody and is due to be sentenced on 27 September.

Det Con Corrina Wiltshire, from Wiltshire Police, said: "I would firstly like to thank our victim in this case who has been inspirational in the way they have handled things."

She said the case had taken a long time to come before a judge and commended the victim for their commitment to getting justice, "despite the hurdles".

"They have such incredible strength and I hope it shows others that they can do this too," she added.

The thing that never happens happened again... for the millionth time. :marsey41:

Also, apparently, r*pe is something that only men can be convicted of under English law. So, if this man is being tried "as a woman", then he's not being tried for r*pe.

The BBC is a disgrace.

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  • X : based Sir Starmer

The letter claimed they had broken a clause of the party constitution which prohibits members from campaigning for someone who is standing against a Green Party candidate.

Seven of the eight members expelled had supported the campaign of Alison Teal, who was suspended from the Green Party in 2022.

You might ask, what has Alison Teal done to get suspended?

'sex is a biological characteristic that doesn't change over time'



also the new Labour leader who is about to be the new PM doesn't think trans lives matter:

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were gonna fricking lose

hope ur ready for another 4 years of trump destruction. we're still reaping the previous 4 years of his with this conservative SCOTUS. update your name/gender with social security and on your passport (those are federal).

i would rather vote for a dead corpse than for donald trump. read project 2025, his goons literally consider trans ppl to be the result of porn. they're going to stiffen up penalties for child s*x offenders then label all forms of "crossdressing" as a child s*x offense if there is a child nearby. trans ppl wont be able to leave their houses, we'll be round up and put in prisons


On June 28th two trans teens scaled the NHS waterloo building and have been there ever since

You know they're trans because they're wearing hoodies in the middle of summer

Additional kids have since joined

Word on the street is that riot police showed up :marseybongcop: but then declared it a civil matter and left. It's being reported that NHS bailiffs may take them down overnight (waiting until nightfall because they care about kids :marseyeyeroll:) but we'll have to wait to see if there's any truth to that.

Go kids go! :marseytransflag2:

I am so sick of gender ideology

I am so sick of gender ideology. It's not only extremely sexist and reinforces gender roles and stereotypes, it's also very harmful to transsexuals such as myself. In the first place, it took me probably ages longer than it should have to realize what's wrong with me, precisely because all the people supposedly changing genders make it a social and identity thing based on sexist notions about men and women, and shoot down anyone who calls it a disorder or illness. So it never occured to me that I could have a disorder where I am wired to function in the body of the opposite s*x. I am not stereotypically girly, nor would I have anything against merely being a feminine man; what I am dealing with isn't even remotely the same thing.

But of course, we have to be erased, because our very existence completely disproves gender theory. Which by the way was invented by a p-dophile named John Money who decided to transition a baby boy after a botched circumcision, and claimed it had been a complete success even though in reality he was sexually abusing the poor kid, who had the same s*x dysphoria symptoms as me and grew up to detransition.

Speaking of detransition, that's what happens when you try to cure gender nonconformity with treatments meant for transsexuals. LOADS of kids especially are transitioning because it's the cool thing to do right now, if they show even the slightest deviation from stereotypes they are immediately told they are trans even if they are completely comfortable with their bodies. Even if they do experience discomfort, that's completely normal for kids who are about to start or just starting puberty, and there are a myriad of other potential causes too. I could literally see myself, if I had been born female like I should have, getting sucked into this and thinking I'm actually a boy or some made up gender, and then detransitioning after realizing I'm just not stereotypical and that's okay. In fact, you could say I DID fall into this by dismissing my body dysphoria on the basis of stereotypes.

Finally, the trans movement really truly is insane. And that hurts me because, since it is very difficult for most people to distinguish gender from stereotypes, they can't tell the difference between me and them. And that makes me look really bad. I will likely never be able to transition or even mention my struggles to anyone irl largely because of this. That someone could have a tragic disorder like me is forgotten in the minds of most, gender identity insanity is all that's left in most people's minds.

Not to mention how offensive and dismissive it is for people to celebrate something that's ruined my life and takes too many lives, and think it's the most amazing thing ever. And if that wasn't bad enough, I'm expected to join them myself, or be called a TERF and canceled!

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!cuteandinvalid !chasers :wow:


A popular transgender TikToker in Australia who previously had gained thousands of followers as a "proud trans woman" has pleaded guilty to aggravated counts of producing and possessing child exploitation material, gross indecency and indecent assault. The South Australia District Court heard that Rachel Queen Burton repeatedly abused two children, and then stalked them and their family into homelessness, before he began claiming to be a "woman."

Burton was first arrested in October of 2022 by the elite Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team and charged with child abuse and exploitation offenses. In December that year, Burton had denied the allegations, but he has now pleaded guilty. Though Burton is from Coolalinga in the Northern Territory, the crimes were committed in the Southern state.

During recent court proceedings, both the children and their mother strongly condemned Burton in their victim impact statements.

"You are a gross, phony, self-indulgent thing who has cheated my children out of so much, and took it away from them without care," the victims' mother said.

"In your online rants, you showed no remorse for your bad behavior, all while knowing what you had done … getting an audience for your false life was far more important. You can wear any mask you like, but the truth is out and everybody knows who you really are, finally."

The victims' mother described how, after she discovered Burton's abuse, she fled the area with her children, only to be followed by the sexual predator. She told the court that at one point, she and her children were residing in a police-issued safe house until Burton "showed up at the window, peering in," causing them to flee again.

"No food, scared children, too scared to go anywhere, never knowing if you could find us … when the children did sleep, nightmares haunted them," she said. "Being homeless was extremely grueling, the worrying was relentless, but you were online having the time of your life… We were all betrayed, tricked and lied to. You are the monster, you make me feel sick to my stomach."

The youngest victim, whose age has not been disclosed, told the court that Burton's abused had made her feel "like a bird trapped in a cage."

"I was happy before you broke the rules, I didn't know what was going on at the time, I feel angry at you for doing the wrong thing to me," she said. "I felt like a bird trapped in a cage, all I wanted was to be free … I still worry that you will find me."

The second victim, a boy, said he was constantly "terrified" and that he had difficulty sleeping due to chronic nightmares. "I'm always worried you are going to turn up somewhere, and this makes me feel terrified," he said.

Burton's case was first reported by The Advertiser, which referred to Burton as a "woman" and utilized feminine pronouns for him.

Burton was best known for his popular TikTok account, which had over 36,000 followers and boasted 418,000 'likes.' On his profile, he describes himself as a "proud trans woman" who is "living my best life with no regrets."

In January 2022, Burton posted a video announcing he had been on hormone replacement therapy for 1 month and providing his viewers an update on his physical health.

"I [thought] I was supposed to get moody. But I haven't been moody since starting the testosterone blockers … I got a little bitchy β€” just a little bitchy, that was when I was straight on the estrogen," Burton explains, "I still cry. I still cry heaps. I'm still an emotional wreck. But it's a nice emotion."

Burton, who is currently being held in a correctional facility for men, has been remanded in custody awaiting further sentencing submissions in April.


A transgender p-dophile in Australia is attempting to avoid a lengthy prison sentence after being found guilty of repeatedly sexually abusing two young children and stalking their family into homelessness.

Rachel Queen Burton is claiming he has been "mistreated" while in custody awaiting sentencing, and has reportedly asked the court to consider the "harassment" and "harsh conditions" he's faced in the prison system so far.

In February, Burton pleaded guilty to producing and possessing child exploitation material, gross indecency, and indecent assault.

The offenses occurred at various locations across South Australia in 2019.

Burton faces a maximum possible sentence of 14 years in prison.

Prior to his arrest, Burton was a well-known trans voice on TikTok, boasting over 36,000 followers and 416,000 'likes.'

[Some details credit The Advertiser]

This man combines almost all of the things that I hate the most: pedophilia, :marseytrain2:ery, Ausfailia, and TikTok. It is really hard for me to imagine anything much worse than an Ausfailian :marseytrain2: p-dophile TikToker. :marseyyikes:

As a side note, my personal favorite :marseytrain: stat:

When it comes to raping kids, :marseytrain2:s put even Catholic priests to shame. The :marseytrain: s*x offense rate is even higher than the :marseytrain: suicide rate. They commit more s*x offenses, per capita, than any other population. Yet we're supposed to believe that it's safe for them to be in women's private spaces. :surejan:


What drives a person to act like this in public? The Sacramento Bee gives us some backstory on Beth:

Lily is Beth's 18-year-old child, her eldest of two, who came out as trans five years ago, and now identifies as nonbinary.

Lily moved out at the end of their junior year of high school, after years of clashing with their mom about their gender identity.

In the years since, Beth has become one of the most vocal and adamant anti-trans activists in the state, as chair of the local chapter of Moms for Liberty, and a regular fixture at the California Capitol, school board meetings and protests for parents' rights.

The tense relationship between mother and child represents a deepening tension not just in American households, but in its classrooms, legislatures and courtrooms, where conversations about gender, and the rights of trans youth, have fractured communities like Davis.

The name "Lily" comes out of Beth's mouth slightly strained β€” it's not a name Beth has ever called her child to their face. It's not the name Beth gave them when they were born, nor is it Ian, the name Beth called her child when they identified as a boy in adolescence. By the time Ian transitioned to Jude, and began to identify as nonbinary, using they/them pronouns, they had moved out of Beth's home and in with their dad and stepmom. They adopted the name Lily after high school.

Conflict between parents and their adolescent children is normal, if not expected. But for Lily, the constant fighting and denial of their person-hood went deeper than everyday bickering – they were sharing a roof with a mother who actively, publicly, opposed the person they were becoming.

"I was ready to come out to everybody because I had been holding it in for a really long time," Lily said. "From my coming out to my moving out, her views that she expressed to me started to get more aggressive and more extreme."

Lily stopped communicating with Beth at the end of their junior year of high school; in the years since, Beth, encouraged by a therapist, has sent gifts on holidays or birthdays, and the occasional email.

"I don't know if she opens them," Beth said. "But they don't bounce back."

Flourishing now at a small university in the Pacific Northwest, Lily owns their identity and said they feel like they have a fuller version of self than they ever have.

"Going off to college has allowed me to just be a person," Lily said. "Just be a musician, just be a student. And not have to have everything be about my identity. Because that's just such a small part of me.

"I only think about my gender when I have to," they added.

After Lily moved out, Beth's politics became more extreme, her presence in the public eye more common.

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Made a video to commemorate my transition :marseyeggirl:

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"Transgender" is a cognitohazard

seriously, once i pierced that veil i could never look at myself the same way again. i believe that i was trans since birth. but I didnt REALIZE it until two decades later. sometimes i wish that I never realized. that that truth remained buried. that i could continue living my life as a mole person, unaware of my own gender identity

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