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Wired Magazine Presents : J Slurs posting Ls, and a suspiciously high level skeleton.

I've seen a lot of people showing our resident journ*list @ZacJason some love recently, so now is a great time to talk about his lack of journalistic credentials (and skin).

All of this started because @Lv20_Skeleton decided to apply my first ever ban award to a really great post I wrote about never saying the N word. Not only did he ban my excellent post, he had the audacity to ban me TWICE. In response, I did what any self respecting Jslur would do when staring down a 48hr ban, and sperged out immediately - banning every post and comment I could find from this vile skeletoid. Eventually this totaled 12 bans. As many of our resident rightoids know, I am a FAIR and JUST janitor - so obviously I would never apply 12 days of ban without providing an alternative to freedom. My offer to boneman was a challenge to play manhunt.

Nobody ever takes me up on my offers to play this game, so I expected lazy attempts at sneaking through the new user list at best. @Lv20_Skeleton is not the average poster though so it should be obvious where this is going...

We were reading this JOslurs articles. Disgusting!

This went on for days, because we wanted to believe.

My Bussy [BLASTED]

Carp Bussy [BLASTED]

Zac Jason Bussy [BLASTED]

Respaaaj Bussy [BLASTED]

Idio3 Bussy [BLASTED]

FrozenChosen Gussy [BLASTED]

JimieWhales Xussy [NOT BLASTED]

Dahl_Fook Bussy [VERY BLASTED]


Quintuple Jslur bussy blasting simultaneously, right under our noses.

Let this @Lv20_Skeleton serve as an example for everyone that being banned is an opportunity to wear someone else's skin, an opportunity for greatness. I love the boneman and you should too.

We have one opening in our 12 person PPR league because @basad hasn't updated shit in 2 weeks. We are looking for a strong man to fill the role before Thursday Night Football at 7pm CDT today. Leave a comment if you want in. You get to mingle with power users, admins, and call LLM short. I will be in talks with @carpathianflorist to make some badges and reward for the league soon. Since @basad has a bunch of IR and OUT, I'll you can have free rein over over free agents until Sunday games start.

Edit: thanks for showing interest @KoreanDragKing took the spot. If more spots open up from people being lazy, i’ll dm people who commented here.

Edit edit: due to the amount of attention both fantasy football related posts got, next year I'll see if I can arrange a 16/32 team league.

:marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball: :marcusfootball:

:!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball: :!marcusfootball:

[updated x5 - it's getting really good now] “It’s posted on and they certainly love that place”

edit: small fun update here, big ones down below the original text

— — —

Very abridged highlights reel, more to follow. Powerlessjannies went predictably berserk and have continued throughout the night. These were some of my favorites.

If you’re just tuning in to this horrifically depressing saga, I’d recommend starting with their initial plans to “play to users’ psychology” and close half the site until Reddit does what they want and the next-day admin response to their cries.

Key takeaways:

  • Belle’s “I’m leaving forever and I really mean it this time” meant exactly as much as it did the first 747382828 times she said it. She is still hideously ugly, for anyone keeping score.

  • Mr. Davis: no, was not down. You’re just bad with computers.

  • Mr. Mega: there were no new screenshots because we were building dramatic tension and letting the admin response simmer for the evening before posting this one. You weren't hidden. I'm sorry.

  • They considered going against the chadmins and closing everything immediately because “lives are at stake,” but handwringing from BelleAriel & Co. about losing their incredibly important internet moderator positions made them come to their senses.

  • They intend to cry to more dead media outlets and get them to screech that Reddit is LITERALLY KILLING PEOPLE if their impotent demands aren’t met.

  • They’re actively watching us 🤗 I know you guys run in different - and yet equally embarrassing - circles, but I’d recommend reading this thread and this one too, if you’d like some things to be mad at Reddit for that actually matter. Please stop enabling child abuse and womanbeating. It’s not cute.

Anyway thanks for all the content, I’ll continue scrolling later. Stop banning innocent people to stop the “leaks” - it’s not doing anything lol

— — —

Update 1: They‘re planning to mass tweet at Reddit advertisers on Monday lmao

Update 2: New plan is to - oh my god - write to their congressmen. Using a Reddit bot.

Update 3: Not a development, but definitely my favorite quote of this whole affair so far.

Update 4: This update is a few pieces long. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

First we have the beginnings of a very long discussion about unionizing. An unpaid internet janitor union with negative value whose replacements can be easily automated or done by literally any shut-in.

Our boy conalfisher is once again the voice of reason though. Join us here conal!

Merari (lmao) has unironically declared j-slur to be a transphobic slur. You cannot make this shit up.

Seb (I think he's meant to be the leader of this shitshow?) has directly linked the main image of this thread He's not happy!

He's demanded that everyone in that screenshot change their Discord display name so as not to reflect their Reddit identity which they think will allow them to operate anoynmously, since they have realized the futility of trying to stop the "leaks". Let's see how that goes for them.

Update 5: Seb thinks he figured out the leak issue! I will refrain from updating for a few hours. Is this because you got me Seb? Or am I playing along?

✨updated✨ [BREAKING] Big haps tomorrow, leaks from powerjannie cabalcord
Reported by:

  • Transgender_spez: Newfags beware. The age of men is over. The time of the dramanaut has come!
  • Rap_God: If you're from pleddit and clicked the report button to see what would happen follow my account rn
  • carpathianflorist: follow me or i will unironically ban you
  • SubredditDrama: I'm in the server but I'm not in any of the leaked screenshots.
  • HumboldtLumberjacks: ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
  • Dad: 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀
  • Need4Sneed: I'm already following you. Where's my perma ban?
  • rippimpc: unpin this yakubian nonsense right NOW
  • Dramamine: I WANT EVERYTHING ABout my house OFF THE INTERNET

About halfway down through the screenshots, you get to the meat of what they're doing:

They're upset about the r/NoNewNormal quarantine and they're going to shutter half the default subs tomorrow in protest! Isn't that cool? Powerjannies are doing unpaid labor in favor of bringing Reddit back to its roots of letting people disc... Oh wait lol no, they're mad that NNN was only quarantined and not banned outright, so they're shuttering everything to protest to get it banned so people can't discuss the downsides of compulsory experimental gene therapy on children.

Note how the unpaid internet janitor with the liberal arts AA from xir local community college talks about "playing to their psychology." These are the people dictating the direction of what words a multibillion dollar corporation allows people to use on a faggy orange messageboard. Undersocialized, uneducated retards who think they're smarter than you but they can't even keep their shitty Discord server secure.

Isn't that funny?
I think it's pretty funny!

And hey, if you're visiting here from another site (our URL is blocked by Reddit, so good job whoever got you here!), maybe stick around and visit some of our other fun threads. We have lots of great features, wholly unique to this platform, and we'd love to have you with us

I love you.

xoxo Carp

Update: Here’s the message they intend to send to the (paid) janitors:

(click to expand if you’re new)

edit D-DAY T-5:30: they’ve now restricted heaps of channels in their cord and are going a bit nuts trying to find out who the “leaker” is. Will this delay today’s scheduled imaginary powertrip? I don’t think so, personally. They’d need to find something else to do midday Wednesday if they did.

Well we've really bungled it now!

Gigajannies mad

Reported by:

  • luke: post was made while I was working, I would like to be reimbursed for my lost dramacoins.
:marseybug: bug reporting megathread :!marseybug2:

pls report all bugs u find (now and in the future) here

i pinned the post on my profile and linked it to in the dropdown menu so u can find it easily :marseywalking:

Reported by:


hey sweaties, i just added 75 marseys (my friend @idio3 was kind enough to give me a zip of them), but he must have missed some

so pls post in the comments of this thread all marseys u want added to make it easier for us (this includes all marseys u make in the future too)

I'll keep this post pinned in my profile so its easy to find in the future, luv u all :marseylove:

(also if u made a marsey and dont have the marsey badge tell me pls)

pls do me a favor and post like this:

EMOJI NAME ("marsey" + "name")




EDIT: plz post the marseys as parent comments, not as replies, thannks

Not drama, but does anyone else get legitimately upset when you see children that has been grasped by redditist-tumblrism?
Reported by:

Not a very good way of describing it, but you get the point. Sometimes I see something and I just have to try to reason with them and I know it’s pointless but still. Poor saps who are literally children - 13, 14, 15 - and their minds are addled mush. I don’t mean they are ones getting baited by lovefor subs, but the ones that seem deranged. The ones that are (usually) tankies that hide under the anarcho-communists aesthetic because they don’t know what either are. Who are obsessed with gay and trans and femboys too the point where it’s legitimately disturbing. The ones who spend all day, every day, looking for shit to seethe about on reddit. Especially depressing are the ones who 🚂🚃🚃 out as it’s clear they all are acting out for attention (let’s be honest, none of them have social connections but the 🚂🚃🚃s also have no family connections).

Like holy fuck it becomes painful to see. Haven’t even made it to highschool yet for half of them and their fucked. Their lives are fucked. I know I could call them all worthless subhumans and they basically are, but it’s not their fault. Everyone failed them. Their parents, their teachers, and the way social media sites function it was bound to happen.

I have no idea if I’ve ever convinced someone to at least reflect, but I still got to try, you know? The way their going they’ll have 2 options, suicide before 20 or a lifetime of misery and nobody deserves that. If some moron is 25 and then they start fucking up their life that’s one thing, but someone who’s not out of puberty left never even got a fair shot.

The gigajannies bow to the powerjannies and ban NNN
Reported by:

cope posts from around reddit:

Actually just go to r/conspiracy/rising there's like 50

Not much here yet but might pick up

AHS 🤮🤮🤮 celebration thread

SRDine 🤮🤮🤮 thread

Reported by:

  • King_of_the_Retards: Is brave not supported by kiwifarms because I just get the "checking your browser" thing for infini
  • Dramamine: Josh recommends brave to people and it works for me. Are you a sussy baka?
  • FirecatShill: What VPN are you on?
  • carpathianflorist: sussy baka detected
  • my_wifes_penis: if you're a coward brave doesn't work properly, man up and kill a tiger idiot
  • luke: Brave is spyware, use tor
  • Aevann: ^take ur meds schizo
  • Joan_Wayne_Gacy: Hey guys what's going on?
  • of_blood_and_salt: I just masturbated and coomed so hard some of it shot into my mouth and nostrils...
  • Wizdumb337: This will be the 1st time anyone has ever said this about BF but it's getting too big.

I have news. Someone went to the courthouse in Dallas and got all of the divorce papers and I received them in the post. Someone spent a lot of money to do that. I am figuring out how best to get the paper copies online. I don't know whether it's cheaper to buy a scanner or take them to be scanned. It might be more cost effective to just buy a scanner.

Yes...I've read them. His wife alleges years of abuse of her and the kids. She wanted sole custody and for him to agree to not take drugs or drink for sufficient hours before visitation and wanted that visitation supervised by others. She did not get that. There seems to be many attempts to get him to pay child maintenance. There are even arrest warrants, because Steven could not be arsed to come to court at all...but they seem to get canceled. One of the appearances has a note on the bottom that Steven is to present evidence of progress in getting Social Security Disability. I'm not sure if the papers say that Texas is entirely going to fail to pursue child maintenance from Steven, in the end or if it is simply a continuance of events.

My professional opinion: lol

lmao I know this is one of you, but I want this to be his wife so badly

EDIT: link to bardfinn's divorce docs

FinTwit's going nuts:


Good video clip on it:

$305 billion AUM. China is staring down their own 2008 Great Recession event. If the commies don't bail this bank out (lol), the Eastern world's economy is FUBAR.

Remember Michael Burry, the neurodivergent guy from The Big Short who made boatloads of cash from predicting the housing CDO bubble? Here's what he's saying

Bad news for the global economy, good for Dramacoin

AKA exactly how you would expect. A few more examples gathered with minimal effort

Just thought it was funny idk. Anyways, I'll just be educating them on their privelege. Wish me luck! #hopenothate

Personal drama thread

Hello, it has come to my attention that pplz here have tons of interesting stories to tell from their experiences. So you can share these cool stories here and take the opportunity to show everyone that you aren't an obese neurodivergent NEET but actually just a very cool dude with some other mental illness. Go ahead, have fun, everything is allowed, just don't doxx yourself please (unless you want to).

Remember people, the best way to fight vaccine conspiracists is to prove them right

Just put in my resignation at work AMA

Don’t actually AMA. Post here and I’ll ask you an invasive personal question.

Oh my picture upload failed :( it was meant to be this silly guy

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Good morning! A lot of you talk like you're very cool. But talking is one thing, actually being cool is quite another. And that's where this fancy new badge comes in. No longer will we be left guessing as to whether someone is really one of us, or just some gay poser who read a lot about skating online.

This badge is available for 24 hours. To claim it, simply post a picture (timestamped, write today's date on a piece of paper or something in the photo) of your skateboard. Or of one of the following items:

  • any Tony Hawk game (not Skate Jam) or OlliOlli or Skate 3 or Skate 1 + 2 (must be both 1 and 2)
  • an Avril Lavigne CD (not Goodbye Lullaby)
  • an Avril Lavigne vinyl (Goodbye Lullably is acceptable)
  • 3 or more Tech Decks
  • a physical copy of SLC Punk! (sequel does not qualify)

NOTE: Aggressive Inline does NOT qualify. Posting it will result in a ban.

Hurry. This ends at 0830 EST tomorrow and it will never return, badges will also be distributed then. The absence of this badge on your profile will be forever noted by all who view it.


Good morning friends! Vetting is complete. Or complete enough. In the thumbnail image for this thread, you can see some of the Enhanced Vetting measures being taken by these generously compensated arbiters of truth. They also made a bot to verify you're not a damned dirty leaker. Was this human-robot alliance just what the gang needed to get the edge over
Seb sure thinks so.

They're in a tizzy and they've been treading water after like 24 hours of screeching about how to keep me out, and our ridiculing their plan to contact advertisers made them see sense. Which is surprising, because Reddit has some really moralistic advertisers who would surely care a lot about all of this.

Anyway, nothing of substance to report today since they've become literally paralyzed with fear. Have some excerpts though -

Mr. Budy: one character is one byte. My "RAM" doesn't even notice you. It's like high school all over again except now you're being ignored by computers instead of women.

Thanks Seb! It's really not difficult though. Like you're super bad at this. It's more a testament to your incompetence than any skill on my end.

How's that working out bud? I bet the second tier, inner circle verification has me stymied though.

I literally spend maybe 10-15 minutes at most getting these. It's done at work, too, so I'm actually getting paid more for it than you do for moderating. Neat!

Therapy is for girls and gays. Yes.

Epstein did kill himself and this has been confirmed by the state and multiple medical examiners. Stop spreading dangerous misinformation.

Ok more to follow if and when they actually decide to do something again.

I love you

Reported by:

Wew. A whole mess of screens to share today. They've devolved from trying to literally save lives by temporarily shutting down orange messageboards to 100% just fighting amongst each other about how-dare-you-delete-my-message-I'm-a-moderator-too and reeeee leakers leakers leakers and it's a disjointed shitshow. I don't even know how to format this post. It was impossible to parse even close to everything. It's all so bad and I'm tempted just to export the whole chat to our db again so I don't have to keep making these posts. I almost feel bad for them at this point.

Recent highlights:

Belle actually left!

The first bit of mop-on-mop action

Janitors discuss whether or not closing messageboards until administrators ban people is the same thing as marching for civil rights. Consensus is not reached.

Assorted seethe (of thousands of messages) about damned dirty leakers, in no particular order -

Spaceshit nerd speaks sense -

They are considering throwing in the towel. Allegedly.

Everyone's favorite SRDine conalfisher continues to be the lone voice of reason -

But then immediately signs his own fatwa

Seb is still planning to re-close subs on Monday. Will anyone go along with it? Does anyone still care?

I DMed this to Seb last night

along with proven access to his private super-verified channels

and he asked me at length to please at least censor usernames. I tried to, but it looks like I censored the timestamps instead. Sorry!

90% of Netflix Staff to Walk off the Job

I hope you get deported. We don't need more anti-vax idiots.

I'm getting whiplash from these guys lmao

It’s over for us
Reported by:

  • TedKaczynski: That is my post. Bardfinn has been slacking lately.
  • Dramamine: I remember you was conflicted Misusing your influence Sometimes I did the same Abusing my power, ful
  • ed_butteredghost: I blocked this shitter so why I am forced to see his sticky poo posts??
  • Deleted_User: Only faggots would block the most famous user here
  • bardfinn_fan: fuck off llm

I thought these losers said if we don’t like the rules to make our own website so perhaps they can start by not trying to call everything a hate sub and get them banned for stupid shit like misgendering

apparently he was a youtuber, ive got better things to do than dig up this losers posts and theres nothing about it on KF yet but I'm sure it will all come out soon

detectives insist was not terrorism related.

im sure the tweets have already started flooding in about this angle

edit: apparently his youtube channel was called 'Professor Waffle' (lol) and its already gone. the media have archives, of which there are clips here and there