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we didn't have marsey in a tracksuit yet so I had to make one. yes, this is (partially) AI generated. I generated 100 first candidates and narrowed it down to the top 10, and then chose this one. I then did a number of touch-ups on the version that SD outputted...

  • made his shoes red so that he was subtly color coordinated with the russian flag :russia:

  • made his tracksuit explicitly an adidas tracksuit

  • remove weird label from the bottle of alcohol he is holding

  • fix the eyes slightly

here is what the original looked like btw


i say this so that yall know that this isn't going to completely erase marsey artists, it still requires some touch ups. probably a marsey artist with actual art skillz could have done this is less time but I have no art skillz lol. anyways, lmk if you have any suggestions, I do intend to submit this bad boy.

other primo russian marseys




Reported by:

  • 2DBussy: mandalore is a BIPOC who accused vinny of rape because "someone I trust told me to share"


Jack Monahan (Gausswerks) and his brother Hugh Monahan are the co-founders of Stellar Jockeys, an indie studio known for the isometric mech game Brigador and its currently in-development sequel Brigador Killers. Gausswerks was a long time Something Awful user, most active on the YCS forum where much of Brigador's development prior to the game's release in 2016 was documented. For reasons I won't get into (genre nerdshit) Brigador was a flop at release before a re-release in 2017 called Brigador: Up-Armored edition allowed it to become a cult hit thanks in part to this video by MandaloreGaming (relevant later).

And then out of nowhere...

The YCS forum had become defunct, and its longtime users had moved to a separate off-site :marseysmug2: that was only visible to logged-in members, and became invite-only after this event. From when YCS has been shut down to mid-2020 Gausswerks was active on this off-site posting horrible transphobic, anti-semitic, homophobic, etc etc content (you get the idea) under the same username and profile picture he had always used. In June of 2020 (when terminally onlines were stuck inside for months) someone from the offsite leaked a selection of some of the things he had said, some of which were only a few days old relative to the leak. It's believed that he had some sort of feud with another forum member who then leaked this as he was a public figure, and none of this is visible without an account.


The reaction

Knowing that he had to save face, Gausswerks posted an apology to the Stellar Jockeys twitter :marseybluecheck:.

For years, I've posted to a private forum where I've made many transphobic, racist, and anti-semitic remarks. I'm deeply sorry for that, but know that apologizing will not change what I have done. Over the last decade, I fooled myself into thinking that my words had no consequence, but over the past few days, I've discovered the opposite to be true. It matters what you say, even in private. I've hurt many people. Effective immediately I am suspending my involvement with Stellar Jockeys & Brigador Killers. I love the game, I love how excited our fans and community have been, but I have jeopardized the trust we've worked so hard to build with everyone. I made this happen, and that means I need to step away. I can't undo what I did, but I can work forward from here. I have deleted my account for the forum in question. I've been talking to people whose values and perspectives I've been critical of. I now need to spend time listening, learning and growing as a person. I am truly sorry for what I have done.

In short, he was leaving the company and had deleted both his SA and YCS offsite accounts, leaving his brother and a couple others as the sole developers for the sequel, Brigador Killers. An important thing to note is that Brigador is inspired by 90s isometric games like Star Control 2 and Syndicate, along with plenty of Battletech influence; therefore it has a niche and neurodivergent fanbase, which means there's a lot of :marseytrain:s. As a result drama was abound during this time until three days later when the aforementioned Mandalore video was released, with its creator choosing to upload it despite recent events, explaining his position in the SJ discord :marseygroomer:.


Much to the displeasure of those who had their lives shattered by the dev of their favorite mechshit game being a :chudsey:, this video was well received as most normal people didn't know or care, or otherwise can separate the art from the artist.

The return :marseyjesus:

About a year later, in mid-2021, Gausswerks returned to the SJ team and work on the sequel was resumed, because come on, killing a game in development because one of the devs said some :marseytransgenocide: things is a r-slurred business decision. This is something that those who were greatly impacted by the events will never let go of. His brother Hugh stated:

My brother took an extended leave of absence but has now returned, and while this significantly delayed progress on Brigador Killers it is still in the works. We will have more news for you over the next month following the 5-year anniversary update this Monday. We appreciate everyone's patience on this, 2020 was a very difficult year.

Brigador is fondly remembered by many, and work on Brigador Killers is ramping up with Gausswerks recently streaming game dev stuff and uploading his work to twitter.


You might be wondering, where's the drama :marseyconfused:? Well, dear dramatard, I saved it for last because despite being such a niche game with a niche audience, this is something people will never get over.

The initial reaction on r/brigador. An equal mix of people outraged and those who know its stupid drama, probably the only rational discussion about it.

Here's a r/hobbydrama post with literally every piece of information about the situation available. :marseypearlclutch: abound in the comments. (also thanks to the OP for doing my work for me)

Ah shit. I'm one of the people who bought Brigador after Mandalore's review because it looked good and was on sale for a dirt cheap price. It really hurts that what is a genuinely fun mech game is now tainted by that prick and his company quietly readding him. I'm definitely gonna avoid the sequel out of spite now. :soyjakfront:

Yep, it really sucks when a creatore being a douche kills enjoyment of a thing. I'm on the same boat.

I already own it so if I ever reinstall it I can just do the "Brigador was co-developed by Hatsune Miku" thing at least. :marseysoyrope:


(-22) I mean in my opinion we shouldn’t just stop playing his games because of his opinions.

(32) We shouldn’t stop giving him money because of his bigotry?

(0) Because I don't think he made the game entirely by himself and there's surely a lot of other relatively innocent people that'd be damned because of someone they have no control over.

(17) But they’re standing with him.


This was a wonderful write up, thank you. As a trans women, I have to keep my eyes trained on companies to make sure I’m not inadvertently supporting open transphobes. Transphobia is one of those things that has no true consequences except for trans people’s pain.

I've started using the Shinigami Eyes add-on lately and it's honestly super useful for things like this - it's definitely made me more conscious of my really self-destructive habit of clicking on things that I know full well are going to make me miserable

These people really look for every opportunity to shill that keylogger.


:marseypearlclutch:: he FUCKING WHAT I had no idea he was back with the studio for the sequel, they can consider my support for brigador killers gone lmfao, thanks for this post


(-10) absolutely nothing in the game would hint at that, so I'm just gonna not give a flying fuck about this and continue loving it thank you very much

(32) The game actually includes a bunch of winking in-jokes to the people from his private hate forum, including at least one of the pilots being an actual guy from there, so the universe and lore and art design of Brigador is inextricably built on and linked to his hate. Also the plot about hyper-capitalists massacring unarmed civilians and causing as much collateral damage to destabilize an independent socialist nation was taken by many to be satirical and knowing the guy was secretly a chud casts the entire game in a completely different and unfavorable light.

The game is explicitly based off of US foreign policy in south america and it's clear from the :marseylongpost: lore entries that the "independent socialist nation" is an authoritarian shithole that you're working to seize for even worse corporate interests. These people thinking that everything is actually face-value just because he's a heckin transphobe is hilarious.


:gigachad2:: canceling people is bad

There is literally nothing wrong with people letting other people know (with evidence) that someone has volatile/inflammatory beliefs.

Accountability :soyjak: is bad? Since when?

Is it really cancelling if you pretend to voluntarily step down, lay low, then reappear like nothing happened?

A twitter :marseyfurry: and apparent oldstrag SA user makes a thread writing :marseylongpost2: about how their love for the game was destroyed by these events. Heckin valid enby (male) btw.


I love this stupid mech game because I'm :marseyautism: and it has a ton of stuff I like, and drama surrounding trains and an off-site made me think of this place. The moral of the story here? If you're gonna post :marseytransgenocide: stuff on a forum :marseywink: make sure you do it under a name you didn't form your company around. :marseythumbsup:

My first effortpost since the subreddit days so if it's shit don't be too hard on me.

The only way to make /r/transpassing pretty safe would be to close it up, make it private, and only allow in people whom we've manually checked and personally vetted.

But when we do that, it also becomes an echo chamber and then people complain that the whole sub is a 'useless hugbox' that 'doesn't help anybody.'


the :marseyairquotes:girl:marseyairquotes: in question:


/r/starbucks and /r/starbucksbaristas are two of my favourite subreddits, full of mostly young female antiworkers who hate their jobs and post long rants with terrible grammar. Past rdrama posts:

This particular post is titled "Should i call HR" and reads:

my store manager looks to be flirting with a barista they hired a few months ago.. Everyone in the store can tell they obviously flirt with one another and we recently noticed they share the same schedules for the next three weeks( same days off and same shifts). Our manager has a history of being unprofessional in the workplace and this is just their first year as a Manager…

OP elaborates in the comments:

there's a bit of an age gap and our manager was seen dating a 19 yr old before this started (they are 30 and their now ex would come into the cafe so we would see them frequently), I'm a bit concerned about the power dynamic the barista sometimes complains about them.. but continues to be seen flirting so it's hard to gauge if it's something consensual

I was surprised to see that most comments were telling OP that it's none of their business, but others disagree.

Let's see what commenters say:

Shocked to hear it's a pattern. Report the perv.


Sounds like if she’s annoyed with him but still flirts, it could be grooming.


Call ethics


Does the barista seem uncomfortable? Have you asked her? If not just mind your business especially if it’s not affecting YOU.

Hey, that's not how hostile work environments go. Other people can be impacted by the behavior of people around them. It's gross for someone in a position of power to then date someone who reports to them. Additionally, it's not fair to the rest of the staff. There's a reason for these rules and policies. Report.

As is always the case:

Redditors on 19 year old sex workers:

You go girl, you're a strong independent woman and no one can tell you what to do with your body!

Redditors on 19 year olds flirting with 30 year olds:

You are being GROOMED by a PAEDOPHILE. Call the police NOW.

:marseykeffalsdance: asks her fans to play her boring ass videos with the volume off to inflate metrics :marseylaugh:




post thumnail
Reported by:

link to stream, if you want to watch from the beginning go back an hour from when this was posted. edit 2: stream is over and vod is privated. highlight might come out later, might not. for now, enjoy the fallout.

final destiny v keffals preamble: keffals got destiny banned off twitch, also called him a male feminist. destiny's community is probably one of the most parasocial streamer communities out there (that i've seen). they cannot handle it when their favorite streamer man disagrees with them. they just HAVE to complain about it. which is really fucking strange, as their favorite streamer man disagrees with them a fucking lot. one of the reasons i like reading /r/destiny so much is because whenever this happens, seeing the mass cognitive dissonance occur in real time is extremely entertaining.

destiny's community would normally be very much supportive of revealing this persons true colors, as they were with hasan and vaush, but because keffals is trans they are shaking in their boots. i cannot link all the posts they've made telling destiny to "just stop talking about keffals". one i am lazy two i am watching the stream. as liberals, most of these people respect the trans shield immensely. they will not admit this, to themselves or to /r/destiny. they are either too delusional to realize they give trans people a pass or realize that admitting this in /r/destiny would get them banned. so they're coy. "destiny just giving her attention fuels her" "destiny she's not worth it" "destiny nobody cares about her" (by far the most fucking r-slurred of their arguments. multiple big news agencies gave her story coverage. i'm not sure who they fuck they're fooling with this argument). these people just lost, hard. and they're not gonna take their loss with dignity, they're gonna be crying in /r/destiny for the next week.

i will also note destiny pulled this trick not just to fool his community, but to fool keffals as well. if he had gave any advance warning on a keffals manifesto stream, keffals would have been ready for it. with both explanations and mass reporting of his stream. right now they're probably scrambling hard to try and stop destiny. pretty smart by destiny.

edit: other threads: (lmao cancelled plans for a streamer)

Major Rightoid Sneed causes Major Leftioid Sneed

We're not just pro-choice.

We are proudly, unapologetically pro-abortion.

RT if you agree.

Lots of mad rightoids but then then Michael Malice shows up :#marseylibleft:

Repeal the 19th amendment.

A classic one to be sure but how will women make this about themselves? :#marseywall:

Oooh, aren't you the edge lord.

Yes because sexual assault on a man isn't edgy. :#marseydeterminedgun:

Thanks for proving the end goal is total control over women and our bodies

Yes well, you didn't really do anything after RvW despite knowing months in advance on what we were going to do. Are you going to sit on you ass again? We could take a women's right to vote away tomorrow and they would do NOTHING. Your fat ass is still flipping burgers tomorrow. :!#marseychonkerfoid:

Thanks for stopping by :#marseywave::#marseybye:

Artcels and women screech over big ai booba

Unddit link

Related Bussy Singal tweet

Reminder that the religious right is ontologically evil and their political influence must be completely eradicated.


Jesse Singal

:marseyjanny: This dude's entire schtick is that trans kids don't exist, and if they do exist, they shouldn't be provided medical care because maybe they're secretly cis actually.

Verifiably untrue.

The Neoliberal Podcast once did an episode with Blocked and Reported. Singal's views have not changed since. Have /r/neoliberal's?

I didn't realize this sub was this transphobic. Maybe this isn't the group of people I want to associate with after all.

All the most upvoted posts are pro-trans. All comments not pro-trans enough have been mass downvoted or jannied. These people can't accept that someone might have some, even the slightest disagreement. about drugging/castrating children. Ignore the science. Everyone that disagrees is a bigot. Words are violence and must be dealt with as if they are a threat.

Do trains want the rest of the society to hate them? Because that seems like what they are trying to do.

/r/neoliberal has utterly gone downhill. My god that sub sucks now. :marseyraging:

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  • 2DBussy: !sd ((marsey)) fitness trainer (midriff), (trendy pose), tracksuit, [Alphonse Mucha], (Frank Cho)
  • Dramagon: When AI can generate your very own website, we should be concerned.
:marseypainter: @Marseygen stops in for the weekend :marseypainter:

I'm running a Stable Diffusion bot with the new model @chiobu was using the other day (download.) It's finetuned on 120 Marseys following this guide. It's not quite as good as the Dreambooth model at composing a scene, but it does make very cute Marseys.

Just start your line with "!sd prompt_here":

!sd marsey made of ice

!sd marsey harry potter

!sd marsey singing at a concert, cartoon

Works up to five prompts per comment

GitHub here for any interested codecels. I rent my GPUs, so this'll just be on for the next couple days or so. I'll bring it back up if there's a significant bump in model quality

edit: some coding hiccups :marseyspecial: if your prompt didn't run, post it again

:marseybyeceps: trying to run from the past?

Reported by:

  • MarseyIsMyWaifu: /h/cowtown
  • Yowza: Lol imagine trying to kepp belials hole alive. Couldn't be me.
  • Dramagon: Tupperware brings the worst in people. Also it's spelled Tupper like Tulip, not Tupper like tap.
Chechen leader Kadyrov calls for use of "low-power nuclear weapons" :marseyhappening::marseyhappening:

It's a private company sweaty :marseynails:

YouTube cracked down on a video compilation of Democrats and media pundits questioning the legitimacy of former President Donald Trump's 2016 election victory -- then overturned the move amid backlash on Thursday.

The TK News video --- put together to highlight the partisan double standard over election denialism -- had been tagged to run with limited or no ads, depriving the creators of vital revenue, TK's Matt Taibbi said in a Substack post.

The video includes clips of prominent liberals repeatedly calling Trump's presidency "illegitimate" and using the word "hacked" to describe the 2016 election.

"After manually reviewing your video, we've confirmed that it isn't suitable for all advertisers," the Google-owned video giant wrote to producer Matt Orfalea, according to the post. "As a result, it will continue to run limited or no ads ... Your video remains playable and is still eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Premium."

The message was sent by YouTube before the video was posted as part of an article that called election denialism "a sequel story."

"The material in this video does not promote the idea that any election was stolen or illegitimate," Taibbi wrote. "On the contrary, it shows a great mass of comments from Democratic Partisans and pundits who themselves make that claim about the 2016 election."

The comments were not censored when they were "made the first time around," Taibbi added and he noted there were no sanctions against, for example, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann for claiming "it will not be a peaceful transfer of power" when Trump took office.

A YouTube spokesperson said the decision was overturned after a review, following publication of the Substack article.

"This video was demonetized due to an error in our automated systems," the spokesperson told The Post. Our systems are not perfect, and we encourage creators to appeal enforcement actions directly in YouTube Studio when they feel we got something wrong. Every appeal helps improve the accuracy of our enforcement over time."

One clip in the video shows Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016, telling a crowd the election was “stolen” from her. The compilation also shows actors like Rosie O’Donnell and cable news commentators making similar claims, and also highlights an online petition asking state electors to go against the will of the voters and select Clinton as president.

Screenshots of article headlines and tweets mixed with narration are spliced with the video and clips echoing the idea that Russia “hacked” the election as part of an elaborate intelligence operation or even engaged in “actual interference with the elections themselves,” as Clinton says in another clip.

The video was to run as part of a story by Taibbi and Orfalea that discussed the postponement of a scheduled meeting of the House Select Committee investigating last year's Capitol riot, where a pro-Trump crowd stormed Congress and disrupted certification of the 2020 election. Trump lost that election to now-President Joe Biden, but he and his supporters have pushed the idea the result was illegitimate.

The article points out that similar claims were made against Trump in 2016, when he won the Electoral College vote but lost the nationwide popular vote, but are only being scrutinized or policed when Republicans put them forward.

“This is exactly the kind of behavior we’re now being told is so dangerous that it requires both censorship and official investigation,” the authors wrote. “The chief difference is Trump’s efforts ended in an ‘Airheads’-style temporary occupation of the Capitol by MAGA dolts, while Democratic efforts ended in multiple, sophisticated efforts to remove Trump from the White House, either by impeachment or indictment.”

“It can’t be held against Trump that his brand of election denial was dumber and less likely to succeed than that of his opponents. Orfalea’s video shows the double-standard,” the article concludes. “We either censor and condemn election denial, or we don’t. You can’t have it both ways, but they sure are trying.”

US Army falls 25% short of recruiting goal

Man is brutal if you look at old picture 16-21 years or recruits looked like normal human beings. In this new picture they all looks at least overweight and most are straight obese. That tallstrag at first glance looks human but look at his legs, that are legs of landwhale. I am legit excited to look how alpha gen will look like when they 18-21.

But it’s easy to fix that problem for US, they just need to make COD great again and first order should be disable censorship in chats and etc… 9 year olds need to scream the N word and bang every mom.

Hep find fren
:marseypig: Bak kut teh - 肉骨茶 - Meat Bone Tea :!marseychingchong:

This is the quintessential Singaporean dish I crave for when I'm in a cold and foreign land :marseyeskimo:

The soup is laden with herbs and spices, and tinges strongly of pepper and garlic to warm your cold, cold heart. :marseyembrace:

Admittedly I fucked it up and doused a bit too much of dark soy sauce since it's not supposed to be this dark :!marseyblackface:

It's supposed to look something like this on the left in the picture below, but right now mine looks like the Malaysian (:marseysick:) variation of the dish which is darker coloured and more herbal tasting and much less peppery. And I feel like a r-slur for peeling 20-30 pieces of garlic after seeing in the picture that it wasn't necessary :!marseybrainlet: I was trying to recall if the garlic was peeled or not and I remembered wrongly, I guess it's one of those ingredients you don't really notice since they're not the star of the dish, but yet they're an essential ingredient in making that dish.


It's usually served with dough fritters (top in the picture) and rice, and braised pig trotters (right in the picture) if you're feeling fancy but I didn't want to overeat and also since this was my virgin attempt at the soup which I wanted to focus on. Jk I was lazy :marseyantiwork2:

Unlike our Hainanese Chicken Rice or Chilli Crab dishes I'm not too sure if it can be found served in the West, but I've definitely seen outlets that specialise in serving this particular dish around Asia.

Also for some reason celebrities love to have this dish at one of the famous local spots for it and you can see photographs of the celebs with the chef plastered all over the walls lol :!marseyneat:


Here's a video on how to make the dish:

@MrPenny @tempest1247

Clean it into smithereens, jannies

Commissioned by @garlicdoors (animating in gimp is annoying, you've been scammed!)

Hey carp can I have le commish badge

OP asks why ugly parents don't feel bad for their children, r/antinatalism copes

OP is a NAZI and adores HITLER. Check his comment history.

I think you should be institutionalized and kept away from society.

OP instead of being angry with society treating ugly people bad and having high standards, you are angry with ugly people.

You are fighting discrimination with actual discrimination

Bud, there's no such thing as 'bad genes'. There's just genes dictating what people look like, and then there's assholes who decide some of those looks are ugly, apparently.

Arguably, the people who continue the idea that some looks are superior over others are the people that should be ashamed to pass on that mindset by fostering children.

Maybe the ugly parents believe that looks dont matter. And therefore they dont have second thoughts

If i would be a natalist i know i would not think about my child's looks. That is cruel. I would rather think if i can give it mental disorders or health diseases.

🤣🤣. Literally no. This is basic biology and heritability. You look like a blend of your mothers looks and your fathers looks. And if they’re both ugly/ look alright or attractive but a combination of their looks on you would look ugly, then you are gonna end up ugly too. Sorry but that’s just basic shit lol.

Not everybody is consumed with how they look. And if you're not worried about it – it's not a concern!

If you! Not your children. They can be

Ugly people don't deserve to live ???? Well gonna die soon then...

Maybe they should not have kids to be discriminated

Please leave incel

Sir, looks are not part of antinatalism.

This sounds Extremely incel like.

How come dumb OP not feel bad making their post so bad?

Bonus from OP:

Sorry. Would you forgive me please ?

Twitter steals an rDrama feature :marseyrage::marseyannoyed:
Reported by:

>Serial paedophile Sally Anne Dixon, 58, identifies as a woman but is legally male

>Despite controversy Dixon was sentenced as a woman and sent to female prison

>Shortly after arriving she had to be transferred to a different wing, after starting a relationship with a ‘vulnerable’ inmate with 'learning disabilities'

So he raped her, it's rape. Stop sugarcoating it.

The prisoner was vulnerable so we managed to get Dixon moved,’ said the source.

Um ALL OF THE FUCKING PRISONERS ARE VULNERABLE, what about their right to not be sexually harassed by a fucking sexual deviant?

Staff do not like it. The ones that come [trans prisoners] have a history of sexually abusing others, or they come with male genitalia. We just don’t have the capacity to ensure the safety of the women.’

Putting violent, mentall-unstable men in the same place as women. who would've fucking known?

This ought to be a non-issue. He is the worst kind of sex offender—the kind that preys on the most vulnerable among us—and I can't believe this is even up for discussion. What the FUCK did they expect when they let him unrestricted access to so many vulnerable women? Women who are incarcerated already have to cope with violent prison guards and other staff members who frequently rape them. Since male guards are still fucking permitted to work in women's jails, nobody ever did anything about the issue. This nonsense is now?


Wow everyone, what a real woman!