Look at me. I am the cute girl natureposting now :marseyupvote2:

!animalposters there are bugs

!grillers !boozers I had some 6.8% beers

!thin git fit or get hit

!besties I wanted to share this with you! :marseygossip:

!tops I topped a giant peepee rock


two poops

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I'm all in now. The fricker better win. :marseymagahat:

The Land of Saints and Scholars :marseyembrace: Howth coastal hike.

!chuds RETVRN :marseycry:


They helped me with a place to stay until my low income housing came through. The staff and the people there were so nice and helpful :/

Idk if you got money to throw around please help them :marseypraying:

I live two hours away now so I can't help them clean up I wish I could do something :(

Might be dying :marseycoldtwinge: not sure yet

As soon as I came back I got hit by demon :marseysatanworship2: flu. This must be real covid :marseymask: or else I got valley fever....

I will tell you my evil plan.. :marseydevil:

Ok besides this hilarious shit,, I'm gonna be a good and consistent poster and add a lot to the site. Then ebeg like that frickin sword 2 liter smashig guy??

I've had people here tell me like wtf why dont you find a simp?? My ego prevents me idk even if it fricks me over.

I've been meaning to try to contribute more (as a like...this is a dumb time wasting thing that is not drinking so GOOD!

Anyways I hate pity. I got a MISDEMEANOR DUI. I didn't hit anyone. I didn't hit any thing or car or bike. They puller me over for swerving (I tried to find a booze cruiser meme but couldn't find one?? MODS.

Frick anyways.

$600 for moving in

$Paid $400 like an r-slur cuz the phone line LIED about being unlimited

$2,500 lawyer charge

liscense suspended minimum two years.

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!! I was blacked out drunk and I was still wary and smart. I refused to blow because I subconsciously knew it would be better to not blow than blow like a felony chrage like 3x the legal limit and my lawyer gave me props for it lol


He sounds like a whiny cute twink :marseyhomofascist: and reminds me of a redditor. That is all.



Bottom Text.

Have a good weekend chuds

[IMPORTANT NEWS] I think my boss is out of money.

My boss, an Italian guy I met at a gas station six months ago is a week behind in paying me and has been talking about "wanting" to sell his Ferrari and Porsche. A lot of little things have been tingling my "oh no" instincts that he might not be in the best financial shape.

We went out to eat and he went up to pay and said the restaurant's card reader wasn't working. Then after about fifteen minutes of him texting and making phone calls the card reader miraculously started working again.

His wife opened up a financial statement that came in the mail and seemed rather pissed off about it. He claimed they sent him a 30 year old one instead, even though the current date was right there on it.

He had me do a basic service on his father in-law's Mercedes and instead of charging him just for the oil, filter, and my meager hourly rate, he decided to charge him nearly what the dealer would charge ($800) so he could take a chunk for himself.

He told one neighbor he'd help him tune up his old Porsche and had me clean out the carbs. Then he went and told the neighbor that he replaced the carbs with new ones and charged him accordingly.

For the past few days I've been working on another neighbor's car in a similar fashion. He's paying me $35/hour to work on it while billing the neighbor $150. Should an apparent millionaire need to hustle close family and friends like this? The neighbor is a senile old man with a 2010 Corvette ZR1 ($110k new) that's been sitting outside for at least the past ten years because his garage is too far gone in a hoarders mess to store it inside. It's only got 8k miles on it but looks as thought it's been through multiple hurricanes and desert sun exposure.

The carbon fiber roof has been delaminating and the wiring harness has been devoured by mice. No dealership would touch it without replacing the complete wiring harness - but my boss said that "he", meaning I, could do it. I've made 85 splices so far and that b-word is still throwing codes. Now instead of having me drop the tank and replace the fuel sending unit he wants me to drive this poor old guy's car for 300 miles while feeding it Techron in hopes that this miracle juice will suddenly cure a very physical problem.

Why is he bothering having me fix a neighbor's rat trap? Probably because he needs the money.

Also, you know, he hasn't paid me for a week even though each day he's told me he's gonna get me paid.

If this is what having a job is like, I'm just going to go back to being a NEET.

It's Lens Christmas Tomorrow.

I ordered two lenses for myself that are coming in the mail tomorrow.

The first is the Canon 16-35/4L IS. It's to replace my 17-40/4L. I'm trying to get into doing architectural video and the addition of optical image stabilization will be a big help. I was trying to do dolly shots with a tripod dolly and my DJI Ronin RS4 mounted on the tripod head, but it still transferred all of the imperfections of the hardwood floor. Hopefully the addition of optical IS solves this or at least tones it down a bit.

The second is the Canon TS-E 90/2.8. I have the TS-E 17, 24, and 45 but haven't had a chance to even use the 90 yet and it will be really nice for exterior detail shots with the shift feature.

So in the first month of having a real job I've managed to buy a new camera, a drone, new tripod head, ronin, and now the lenses I needed and at this point all I need is a new computer and I can quit my job and work on doing photography full time again until I run out of money and need a real job again.

That is all.

Lmao lol.

Bottom text


Im doing good, not so great but not so bad

Thats my wife. I am glad i moved up fron the one on king of queens.

You ever see that show?

Im in it.


Hold on. Yeah, ive never been in that show for after all im @DefinitelyNotKevinJames

Do not worry :marseyveryworried: for me. I will be fine.

Seriously :marseybruh2: do not worry :marseyveryworriedfed: I will be fine.


So I was just walking with my dogs.

Some random alcoho/junkie roastie who looked like 40 something came to me and asked if I want to frick her. I told what ???? She then told you don't want to frick me ? I told heck no.

The numbers of insane mayo roasties is rising hard, that's what feminism doing to foids.


Brakes went out while approaching a red light. Managed to swing a hard right turn into the intersection to avoid an accident.

Marsey The Orange Cat (song i found on yt for rDrama)

kill me already :marseydeadinside2:

I finally became a jedi apprentice

Substances and insanyity and gay furry shit

I did it! Went thwough 20 years of papers and purged almwost ewerything


FWINYE I deleted my cwimes cuz Im twoo dwunk two erase ewery tiny bit of infwo that was a bad idea

Insanye ramblings while I was twipping or on uppers idk

Art 4 mwe of a gwore pinyata thing

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Why are teachers such festering piles of human garbage?

Seriously, what the frick is wrong with teachers? How did they get it in their heads that they're owed so much? Especially from their students? Where do they get the idea that they're automatically better than their students and people "because they're teachers"? I unironically want TOTAL TEACHER DEATH and hope they all get gang r*ped by a pack of wild, AIDS ridden BIPOCs


It's a wonderful country I live in, no? I mean, I do have more than a few greviances towards the way this nation operates thee days…but in the end, how much does that really matter? After all, I've been privileged to a comfortable life, in a nation of grand natural beauty, diverse selections of fantastic cuisine and beverage, endless opportunities to do whatever you want…and basically, a unique and special sort of freedom that so many across the globe are jealous of - then, now, and forever!

But hey, I'm not here to be sappy. All I just want to say is…Happy Birthday, USA!


(I hope you appreciate the Half All-American sexy leg :marseythestrippa: 😘)

I'm gonna be rich :marseycapitalistmanlet:

That's all #4 copper besides the grounds that are probably 8s or 10s.

I'm gonna cash all this in and find pizzashills Kroger and buy all the meat that's on sale. This neighbor gonna be starving fr.


3 years on this webshite

The need for sneed never stops


Brothers in christ, could you unironically help me?

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