they should make a nativity set featuring the actual birth of Jesus

maybe like shoulders deep

had a good day today

i coughed a bit, but it was pretty good. Debated having a grilled cheese but I had a lot of dairy the day before, and I'm trying to remain carbon mootral (get it?)

Life's doing nice.

i keep thinking about getting intentionally sent to prison.

i live in WA, but my home country is bong, i have no real intention to go back - the wages are shit for devs, and i cant really do anything else

i just want to go to uk prison for life. i've got a tonne of books i need to read, the time it'd take possibly exceeds my life expecancy

ill have my cell, and my books, on good behavior i could even get a piano

it honestly sounds like bliss to me

no internet, which is annoying, but i'll make friends, offer my butt if i need to, and i think people will write to me

i know its stupid. can you guys tell me why it won't live up to my expectations?

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since /h/polls is deleted and i posted this in /h/personal: ttt budget lore dump. some of you already know i get neetbux for having diagnosed autism/adhd. It's 914 a month+76 in food stamps. $990 total. i pay my dad $300 a month for rent and spent about $200 on groceries this month. 300+300+200=800, leaving me with $190. But I said I only have $100 left in the title, where did the $90 go? Well long story short I have a really bad emotional binge eating problem and already spent it on fast food delivery. This is also where the vast majority of last months budget went as well.

However, a problem has arisen. I really wanna spend the little money i have remaining on gacha (fgo) rolls. there's a unit i really fricking want and i can't grind summoning currency because of the christmas event going on, it's much more prudent for me to grind that because of the sheer amount of gains i can get, it will help finally get my account out of the starter stages. this leaves me in a bit of a bind. i'm a little bit worried to spend it on gacha because leaving myself without the emotional crutch of fast food could backfire tremendously. but i've also started tracking calories again, and maybe taking away the option of fast food will help me avoid binge eating too much. so ive decided to leave it up to you, rdrama! you will dictate what i waste my money on this month!! go ahead, pick my poison!!! the last option is a joke, though if it overwhelmingly wins i may reconsider and try to make better choices. may


on my calmjak shit

i've been meditating for 5 minutes in the morning :marseycoffee: and 5 minutes before :marseyskellington: bed. total life changer. im calmer, more alert, i can levitate, etc


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you cant talk to people anymore

you think you're someone's e-friend, right, and you drop a line in, something like "shut up cute twink" or "frick off BIPOC lmao" and they go apeshit, block you, and it's very upsetting.

im over thirty. i grew up on chans and ircs

i just dont know how to talk to people any more.

SO MANY people are like this.

you cant have a sneaky jab at someones insecurities and have a laugh about it, get a jab at yours straight back, and laugh about it.

i feel a massive disconnect between online and real life. all of the people i hang out with dont give a shit about this kind of jibbing. but i cant break out of my social circle because

1. i cant modulate my speech, which is practically done on impulse

2. everyone is a kitty.

3. frick off BIPOC

im darn frickin sick of it.

real life isnt supposed to be a larp.

the fact that i've started to think of real life as a larp is crazy.

social disconnect.

Life advice: Learn leadership skills.

Why? Because being a leader is a 24/7 skill and quality in a human being.

It helps you with your work life by being good at managing people and negotiating.

It makes you good at crowd control and managing groups of people by being able to take the lead in decision making processes.

It makes you good at home by being able to help your friends and family by giving them the correct pep talk at the right time.

It makes you good to yourself by being able to lead yourself towards a better life and being able to use your motivation skills on yourself to carry on doing the harder parts of life without breaking down.

Leadership is a great quality of life trait to have and develop to improve your quality of life in multiple spheres of life.

Think of yourself as a leader, start by leading yourself, and tell yourself what you need to do next, and then figure out the best way to make you do that thing.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Man my luck with foid is bottom tier

So meet a 21 year old Jewish med student though friends. Talked a bit with her we didn't go out “yet” because we booth kinda busy right meow but I wrote her “what's up ?” she immediately posted a public story saying “girls doing tarot cards fortune telling but I know he is in love with me because I have pimple on my nouse” and it seems to be some legit foids fortune reading shit



Then I asked her who fell in love with her she wrote “you”


That was to much cringe for me, I just want a normal girl without strange hobbies

Then another girl wrote me to flex told she won an art prize I asked to show her work… it was all basically selfies :marseywoozy:

A third girl forced me to listen to her thesis of how great Victor Hugo is :marseycringe2: and I was supposed to be impressed by her like who do she thinks I was. I barely have read any books and if I was interested in a book I would read its summary and explanation.

So gg I am surrounded by wired girls

Volvoposting for Wednesday, December 6.

Finishing up work on the interior. Got the door card upholstery done and a few more interior bulbs replaced.

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019126890188117.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019126921085148.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019126948949583.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019126982040913.webp

Leather work - before/after:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1701912699557999.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1701912702055037.webp

Also the clear corner lights I ordered from Czechia finally arrived after a month


Moving onto the exterior. Did a quick two-stage cut and polish and heating the trim to bring some depth back into it.

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019127072748024.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17019127105009172.webp

Some social skills tips I recently learned

Note: I am not responsible if some of these statements turn out to be incorrect, but as far as I am aware in my limited experience they are correct.

1. Improve eye contact. Remember to blink.

2. If male try to be fit

3. Stand straight and don't slouch your shoulders inwards

4. Keep your head up at all times unless you are watching out your steps on the road or checking your phone.

5. Practice your resting poker face. It helps you be in better control of what emotions you are displaying when with your face.

6. When speaking with someone, do so as an exercise in learning more about them without seeming like you are intruding upon them. Ask them things like how did something make them feel, or what they think about something they mentioned, or more follow up details on something they said.

7. Look for common ground. You don't need to agree to enjoy things that you don't enjoy, although being aware of generic things helps, like the newest movie that everybody cares about, or the newest famous song, or tv show, or tourist spot, or sport, etc. Sometimes common ground can be as simple as relating the ability to feel similar emotions even if its for different things. For example - if somebody mentions they like some specific song, you ask them how it makes them feel, then whatever feeling they mention, you mention back the closest thing you know of that makes you feel the same thing.

8. Zoom in/ zoom out perspective - Basically this is about where the other person is on the spectrum in terms of whether they care more about details/ specifics of an event, or about the more general idea. For example - somebody asks you how was your day? If you are details oriented you tell them all the things that you did in your day, woke up, had an argument, played some games, etc etc. If you are an ideas guy you might answer it was good and satisfying. Figure out where the other person is on the spectrum and try to align your own descriptions closer to a similar level of detail. You can still have your own interests.

I hope this list helps you out if your social skills are not up to par, and if you think you are low on social skills I recommend practicing and looking out for more information on social skills online and applying it and learning from the experience.

Think of it like any other skill that can be leveled up with experience and a focused mind until its like second nature.

Note: First work on not looking uncomfortable/ untrustworthy/ creepy/ extremely dirty, then work your way up to being interesting.

Hope this helps. Take care. Good luck.

[closed] It's St. Nicholas Day! Anyone in need of a benefactor award, comment a shoe in this thread! I have 22 to give away!

We didn't have Santa growing up bc my parents are fricking weird but we always celebrated St Nicholas Day. You put your shoes out by the fireplace and when you wake up, they're filled with candy and other little presents! Comment a shoe emoji and I will give you a benefactor award!

Meme me motherlovers!

I want to see the memes you send to your friends, family, and side bitches.

Post them here

What do dramatards do to say warm in Winter :marseyfrozen:

I'm a cheapo and gas bills are still very expensive so I've been following the mantra of heating myself and not spaces. :marseyantiwork:

Been wearing multiple layers of thermals including thermal long underwear and winter socks. Light exercise also increases the body temperature and reduces the need for so many layers for while. It's actually been far so far :carplazy: You barely notice the cold after a while and the only expense really is the hot water from the dishwasher and my shower. Been looking go renovate it be completely enclosed also to reduce moisture buildup and heat loss for less wasteful showers in future.

Going to bed with 4 big fluffy blankets also helps and the added weight strangely makes me feel very relaxed:marseyautism: :marseycomfy:

Anyone here rich enough to burn a tanker of gas a week for home heating? !besties I've probably saved a few grand when the weather warms back up in February. :marseymerchantelf: :!marseyhibernian:

The sparrowcide worked (I think)

On Sunday I saw two britbong sparrows come to the feeder, killed :marseydead: one. Yesterday there :marseycheerup: was only one (I just injured :marseyinjured: it). Today :marseyclueless: there :marseycheerup: were none. The native :marseyjaguarwarrior: birds :marseytedsimp: have gotten much bolder and have started coming to the feeder, something that only the woodpeckers and nuthatches did before.

There's even a second :marseygunnut: pair of downy woodpeckers now! You can see the foids :marseyblops2chadcel2: fighting :marseypunching: in this video. The moids :marseyfeminist: were fighting :marseypunching: a minute before :marseyskellington: this.

The moral of the story :marseyslime: is that violence :marseyww1russian1: is always the answer :marseyconfuseddead: and solves everything.

!birdposters !animalposters

My dumbbells cannot support more than 14KG weight? :marseycrying:

That's about 30.8 pounds.

I tried adding more weight but turns out the bar just isn't long enough to hold a heavier weight.

This makes me sad because I was hoping to shift to 16kg ( 35 pounds ) tomorrow.

On the bright side I have read up on all the notes for social skills, am getting better at maintaining eye contact, keeping my head up, and my arms by my side, and sitting with an open posture. I am about to master social practices this month.

What are you all up to?

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I just found out I have a very strong fear of heights. How do I overcome this fear?

I was going to check the water tank on the roof, I have never done this before.

There is a little ladder stair thing stuck by the corner of the roof that goes up to the roof, the roof has no walls to stop from falling.

Even being near the corner like that gives me a sense of vertigo.

How do I overcome this fear of heights? As I have to go up there for water tank cleaning tomorrow.

Some butthole narc'd on me to the medical board.

Sure I did something that was borderline malpractice but it was clearly covered under Good Samaritan law under introspection. I'm now stuck with a meeting next week that I don't want to go to. I've dealt with boards in the past and I'll show up, deny everything and be home by 3.


Sunday Night Volvo Appreciation Thread

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1701660484397641.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016604849318492.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016604872557757.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016604894356387.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016604915814178.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/1701660494141888.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016604981037958.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016605003184144.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016605027430491.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17016605062578418.webp

It gets cleaner, garage gets messier.

Just cleaned out some AGP schizoboomer's gooncave (seriouspost)

My pastor asked me to help this rentoid get his apartment ready for fire inspection since his landchad was threatening to kick him out for fire code violations. Being a good boy, I went over there to help him out.

First thing I saw were a bunch of mannequins dressed in women's clothing, with tripods and cameras next to them. His apartment was 96 degrees (I measured it with a thermometer), smelled like old people and cigarettes (he smoked in his room) and was covered in dust, porn (his screensaver, magazines, etc), and fraud. Also a few women's clothing magazines. Apparently he sits around all day writing consumer fraud lawsuits and trying to get banks which are run by the mob or sth. I can't get the smell out of my head (it's literally stuck in my sinuses and I don't have any peppermint oil or smelling salts).


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I killed :marseyklennyrip: 3 mice with two mousetraps

Idk how that happened but it's pretty :marseyglam: neat


I just felt like sharing

I need help on my incel poem

My incel poem goes as this:

The clouds gently lay as blush on her face
Heavenly blessed, warmly dressed by sunrise
A thousand men rally to hold her in place
United they fight to push her to the skies

But heaven is jealous, and heavy clouds weep
Tears smear the veil that was laid by the dawn
Mountains so fair could have roots buried deep
Pride proves impotent when mens' strength is gone

So the sea ebbs with no signs of that peak
As twilight gives castles new roles to play
Lost, a queen seeks for her king of the meek
Will Christ return at the end of her day?

"The clouds you see once kissed my cheeks,"
Boasts the beautiful barren beach.

I don't really like the second stanza, and overall feel like it's missing "something". Namely, I don't think the foid in this poem has done anything wrong. I think I could make it better by just adding more, but then it would no longer be a sonnet. Any suggestions?

I got shadowmogged by Chad the other day

I was waiting in line at target and was looking at my shadow when all the sudden a much larger shadow approached from behind me. I turned around and saw a 6'4” Gigachad behind me waiting But what was crazy was his shadow. In addition to dwarfing mine it was incredibly dark. Like seriously the darkest shadow I've ever seen. Black as the void of space, it made my shadow barely look like it was there. I was terrified, “how can shadows even get that dark” I thought to myself. I could see Chad was not even focused on anything, apparently it takes him no concentration to make his shadow that dark. Meanwhile shadowcels like me spend their life's trying to make our shadows better.

To make matters worse there was a qt pie who was checking me out but the second Chad's shadow walked by I could see how much interest she lost. She took one look at his shadow and it was game over for me. I could hear a few people in the other line talking about it too, saying how much better his shadow was than mine… it was humiliating.

I ran to my car after purchasing and was crying. I've been shadowmaxxing for two years and now that I know I'm a shadowlet I think I'm gonna LDAR

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