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There's a lot going on in this headline. You really couldn't write this stuff. Nicola Sturgeon probably just wanted a couple of quiet weeks on the intercourse crimes front while she was pushing through her new gender laws.

Police say a transgender butcher charged in Scotland over an 11-year-old schoolgirl's disappearance is a man - in a move at odds with Nicola Sturgeon's gender ID drive.

Police Scotland said this morning Andrew George Miller, 53, had now been charged after the teenager was found safe at a house near Galashiels on Monday night.

The suspect now identifies as a woman called Amy George, but has two Facebook profiles and posts under both male and female identities.

Miller's now closed butcher - Millers of Melrose - had been featured in one of JK Rowling's Strike novels and at one point the passage was displayed in the shop window.

The police declaration that Miller is a man seems at odds with the Scottish First Minister's gender self-ID crusade.

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>we believe this to be the first report of fertility in a woman with a predominantly 46,XY karyotype in the ovary

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>significant family history of ambiguous genitalia and intercourse reversal across several generations

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Chuds broke ChatGPT
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