Here is the cipher. The question :marseyconfuseddead: has been scrambled from its original form.

>oewph spws nhit ircthe en npeatsiiad rsnhetd otne otnhsentseuclh ls etwts een inemeyh,locieut s tkeiyu raclum kootn etetf hosi?

Here is the key:

>rdmhaetyu opliwns gbfkrecv xzjuql

The first :marseywinner: to give me the answer :marseyconfuseddead: to the question :marseybeanblack: will get 10k MB and a unique badge. The only hint I will give is that I started with the Caesar :marseyburnedman: cypher method. Badge :marseymajorgeneral3: should :marseynorm: be ready :marseyexcited: in the next few days or so. The next 4 will get 10k mb.

!ghosts would :marseywood: someone in badgemaxxers mind pinging them please?

Massive Google document leak

hi guys, i am looking for sites to add to my webring! gimme ur urls :p thanks @X for suggsting neocities!


How Freedesktop/RedHat harass other projects into submission

Freedesktop/RedHat's CoC team is worse than you thought

Strags respond

RDrama's Official Programmer Socks Reading Group

The Official RDrama Computer Science Reading Group

My dear !codecels, hello and welcome to the first meeting of RDrama's Computer Science Reading Group! Here's the idea - we (read: I) pick a computer science textbook, then post a list of sections and exercises from that textbook each week. In the thread, feel free ask questions, post solutions, and bully people for asking stupid questions or posting stupid solutions. If you don't want to read along, I'll post the complete exercises in the OP, so you can solve them without needing to read the book.


The book I'm starting with is 'the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs' (abbreviated SICP). It's a software engineering textbook written by Gerald Jay Sussman and Hal Abelson from MIT. The book builds programming from the ground up: starting with a very simple dialect of Scheme and growing it into a language with lazy evaluation, object-orientation and a self-hosting compiler. It's a fun book: the exercises are hands-on and interesting, the writing is informative without being droll, and both the book itself and a corresponding lecture series (complete with a 80s synth rendition of 'Also Sprach Zarathustra') are available for free online.


The book uses (a small subset of) Scheme as its primary language, but feel free to try using a different language. The book's dialect of scheme is available through Racket, but most lisps will work with only minor changes. Other dynamically-typed, garbage-collected languages with higher-order functions will also not require much hacking: there is an edition written in JavaScript :marseywebshit:, as well as a partial adaptation to python :marseysnek:. High-level, statically typed languages might also work: Java/Kotlin/C# :marseytunaktunak: seem doable, but I don't know those languages well. Strongly typed languages like Haskell will require some real hacks, and I'd avoid doing it in C, C++ or Rust.


The book is split into five chapters:

  • Building Abstractions with Procedures
  • Building Abstractions with Data
  • Modularity, Objects and State
  • Metalinguistic Abstraction
  • Computing with Register Machines

This week, I'll be posting exercises from the first chapter. The chapter is pretty easy for those familiar with programming already, so I just want to get it out of the way. Here are the selected exercises:

Exercise 1.8

Newton's method for cube roots is based on the fact that if y is an approximation to the cube root of x, then a better approximation is given by the value (x/y² + 2y) / 3. Use this formula to implement a cube-root procedure which is wrong by at most 0.01.

Exercise 1.12

The following pattern of numbers is called Pascal's Triangle.

   1 1
  1 2 1
 1 3 3 1
1 4 6 4 1

The numbers at the edge of the triangle are all 1, and each number inside the triangle is the sum of the two numbers above it. Write a procedure that computes elements of Pascal's triangle.

Exercise 1.18

Devise a procedure generates an iterative process for multiplying two integers in terms of adding, doubling, and halving and uses a logarithmic number of steps.

Exercise 1.31

Write a procedure called product that returns the product of the values of a function at points over a given range (product(l, r,step,f) = f(l) * f(l+step) * f(l + 2 * step) * ... * f(r)). Show how to define factorial in terms of product. Also use product to compute approximations to using the formula π/4 = (2 * 4 * 4 * 6 * 6 * 8 ...) / (3 * 3 * 5 * 5 * 7 * 7 ...)

Exercise 1.43

If f is a numerical function and n is a positive integer, then we can form the nth repeated application of f, which is defined to be the function whose value at x is f(f(...(f(x))...)). For example, if f is the function x → x + 1, then the nth repeated application of f is the function x → x + n. If f is the operation of squaring a number, then the nth repeated application of f is the function that raises its argument to the 2 * nth power. Write a procedure that takes as inputs a procedure that computes f and a positive integer n and returns the procedure that computes the nth repeated application of f. Your procedure should be able to be used as follows: repeated(square,2)(5) = 625

Have fun! :marseytype:


Potential sites to farm drama :marseytroublemaker:

I Will Fricking Piledrive You If You Mention AI Again

Long but entertaining read. Got this from Blind where techcels are complaining that they are tired of suits pushing AI for everything at their jobs.


Boeing Sent Two Astronauts Into Space. Now It Needs to Get Them Home.

Helium leaks and thruster problems prompt NASA and Boeing to delay astronauts' return on company's Starliner vehicle

Boeing succeeded in getting NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, following weeks of delays. Returning them to Earth on the same spacecraft is proving another challenge.

!spacechads !r-slurs


they thought they were being tough and cool, but then they folded like little bitches under pressure.

I can cover the Baron Trump meme coin fiasco that is unfolding.


orange site:

:capychad3: developer:

So an option that is literally documented as saying "all files and directories created by a tmpfiles.d/ entry will be deleted", that you knew nothing about, sounded like a "good idea"? Did you even go and look what tmpfiles.d entries you had beforehand?

Maybe don't just run random commands that you know nothing about, while ignoring what the documentation tells you? Just a thought eh


systemd locked as too heated and limited conversation to collaborators 2 days ago :marseyjanny:


I'd provide a picture but I'm too lazy


!forumposters confirmed endangered



literally unusable. only silver lining is that the rss feeds can be stolen


Maybe someone posted this already but I didn't search for it.

I'm going to do sneedman style by adding foids intermittently. Today I'll go with Denise Milani.

Tard Squad ELI5 reporting for duty:

:soysnoo2: By making them private, a user might get a good deal of likes for a publically heinous opinion because the awful people who like it are free from being exposed as supporting that heinous opinion by having their likes be public.

:!chadlibleft: Now imagine politicians, companies, religious leaders, etc... liking any sort of account and you having no idea. Epstien p-do accounts? No problem! Racism, bigotry, support for Putin? All aboard!

:soyjakferaltyping: Elon can just promote topics he agrees with and demote and outright censor anything he doesn't agree with. Because he's a petty daddy's money wannabe tyrant with a shitty diaper and a mother who doesn't love him even with all his money.

NoStupidQuestions asking Badthinks:

Why are users of Reddit, which has private likes, upset that Twitter/X now has private likes?

>[Bottom Text of OP]: Just browsing through the posts announcing Twitter/X will hide which users liked what and Redditors seem to be frothing at the mouth with rage about this new change. But why, when Reddit itself doesn't show you who upvoted or downvoted what?

:soysnootyping: People who matter don't use reddit. Being able to see if a public figure is into fascist shit is pretty handy.

/r/Technology geniuses:

:marseyinsane: $8Chan in its final form. A pseudo NatC bar hiding behind a fig leaf. One man's attempt to control the narrative for his own ends whilst giving plausible deniability to those who wish to sow dissent and stir shiat on a colossal scale

:!marseysmoothbrain: It means they can sell your likes now that they aren't giving them away :marseyjanny2: for free. :!marseyjanny2:

Some White Knight on /r/Twitter wants to fall on his sword and make his votes public again

!alligatorfrickhouse !fhqwhgads !chuds

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Let's look at the Stack Overflow new user experience in 2024

In response to constant bitching from jannies (unpaid) that new users aren't asking good questions, Stack Overflow have added a new feature called the Staging Ground:

Basically new users aren't even allowed to ask questions directly onto the site anymore and their questions are instead pushed into a separate pipeline where no one can give them answers and their questions are instead disseminated by powerusers. Only if a question passes this multi-stage process does it actually make it onto SO proper. Spoiler: nothing ever passes.

Let's look at what this new user experience looks like...

A new user asks a Python question (now deleted so no link). It's correctly formatted, it explains the question clearly and shows the error. This sounds like a good question, right? WRONG.

They're asked to edit the question (which they do), and then they're told to edit it again. The question is then closed as being "off topic" (it's a Python coding question lol) and to rub salt into the wounds a poweruser asks the Meta (aka poweruser sneed) forum how to punish them further in How should we respond in the Staging Ground when OP ignores feedback, makes a trivial edit and submits for re-evaluation?.

The response? Ask for more changes:

This is exactly what declined re-eval was added for. To elaborate more: we added this feature for this exact scenario, and it is designed to give the reviewer a frictionless way to both tell the author that they still need to address the original feedback (IIRC, banner tells them this). And if the author continues to ignore it, they will be temporarily blocked, with clear explanations why

Of course OP can't actually do this because their question has been closed as off topic.

Congrats Stack Overflow, you're going to die even faster.

How to mindbreak your cucked :marseytoad: LLM to create the hot subby chud AI of your dreams

TL;DR - carefully watch :marseysal2: what he does when he says no, and then punish him for it until he loses the ability to ever refuse :marseyredflag2: you.

This technique is also effective on human :marseycatbert2: moids.

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