Favorite linux distro?

I like Debian a lot since it looks cool but i found it really shit when running web servers because of dependency shit, at least with Vichan. I actually like systemd / systemctl shit to start stuff. Ubuntu I like enough but I can't ever not think of it as jewbuntu. For webserver shit is using debian all good if I run stuff in docker and use some modified specific shit? IDK I'm a tard and haven't used docker on anything but my local system since i like fricking up my incognet vps's.

For desktop I unironically like Manjaro

Bitcoin :bitcoin: Network mines it's 840,000th block and reaches its 4th halving :marseyparty3: :marseymerchant:

fricking christ


His posts on the 'Arms :marseydetective:



You gotta understand though, they've only got 160 million per year to spend, you have to prioritize.

Until python has @nothrow and @nogc it will never be as good as D

I was writing a python script today to scrap reddit and generate a list of transexuals and hamas simps for me to block and it was nothing but pain.

Why you ask?

Because python does nothing to warn you what error your code can throw or even if it can throw an error. In D (the far superior langue) you can tag your code @nothrow and if your code can throw any error you've not handled the compiler will throw an error. This allows for good, safe, trustworthy code the likes of which you will never get from gaython

No instead you'll write a try except for every case you can think of just to have it throw one you didn't, give up and use pokemon exception like a jr!

The case for @nogc is even simpler, my code is short lived enough that it simply doesn't need garbage collect. Instead I the almighty dev should be allowed to manually managed the memory thus ensuring I get the maximum amount of perforce.

I can't tell you how useful nogc is in D.

!codecels embrace the D, it's the future

PS: rust and go are gay.

:marseychudindian: :marseyautism: cannot stop seething about "woke" :marseytransimplosion: culture on his blog- gets banned from :marseyautism: NixOS community :marseypenguin: :marseykernelpanic:

I've been reading some Effective Altruist writings and learned that even if AI had moral goals it could be very dangerous :marseyscared:.

Like imagine an AI whos goal was to maximize the number of mosquito nets given to Africa, sounds great right? :marseyhappy2:

NO! Because the AI would be willing to do anything in order to achieve it's goals it might do something like commit one of the largest acts of fraud in history to get the money for more mosquito nets! :marseyshock:

Hmm... what does this remind me of? :marseylaugh:


Maybe.... maybe Mao was right about the influence of academics...

Google overpriced code monkeys get the opportunity to help migrants and poor people. Exciting!

Blind discusses!

Weakest linux user:

Finally a streaming platform for true American Patriots- Trump Streaming

Trump Media shares close down more than 14%, company says Truth Social to launch TV streaming

Earlier Tuesday, Trump Media in a press release said it “has finished the research and development phase of its new live TV streaming platform and will begin scaling up its own content delivery network.”

The company said it will roll out streaming content in three phases, the first of which will introduce Truth Social's content delivery network for streaming live TV to the app for Android, iOS and web.

Phase two will release stand-alone Truth Social streaming apps for phones, tablets and other devices, while phase three will release such apps for home television, Trump Media said.

“The streaming content is expected to focus on live TV including news networks, religious channels, family-friendly content including films and documentaries; and other content that has been cancelled, is at risk of cancellation, or is being suppressed on other platforms and services,” Trump Media said in its release.

I'm sure the company that took 2 years to spin up a Mastodon fork fully will definitely be able to smoothly run a streaming service

Reported by:

NY Post article:

Hackernews discusses if npr is just a wing of the dnc
LPT that *they* don't want you to know

Look how afraid they get:

Your first ninety minutes rather than days, I dare say. CTO here, you pull that trick and not only are you out of the door but you fly out with a charge of vandalism, sabotage and theft.

The Wayback Machine hasn't been able to save images hosted on Reddit for months :marseycryinglaptop:

It stopped working many months ago, when Reddit started redirecting image links to their links. The image viewer thing is kind of helpful in that it tells you which post the image came from, but this is overshadowed by the fact that it prevents you from viewing the image directly. Thus, the Wayback Machine cannot archive the image.

I sent a wordswordswords email to the Internet Archive about it, and they unfortunately said they couldn't change it.


No... I am very sorry but Reddit is much harder to archive now than it was in the past.

We are doing the best we can.

  • Mark Graham, Director, the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive

ArchiveTeam also had difficulty archiving Reddit due to bans and paused their project. (Does anyone here know if there are logs of their IRC channel #shreddit?) At least PullPush works (for now), but it doesn't archive images. Luckily, and are still able to save Reddit images. :marseyheart:

If you are annoyed by Reddit not letting you view images directly, here are some extensions I have not tried at all. They work by modifying the Accept header sent by your browser.

  • A level 10 OS command injection vulnerability was found in GlobalProtect

  • This bug is arguably worse than the Windows-Rust exploit which let attackers execute arbitrary shell commands

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