EFFORTPOST (Actually made an effort) (Not really 😂) Meet the 'Salty Army'

As any dramatard not living under a rock knows, When John McAfee (An actual Yogi) got Y'alled and the final post on his Instagram (posted barely minutes after reports of his death started coming out) was Q. Then the IG account got shut down and this led to a lot of colourful conspiracies. A post on arr drama was made linking to his IG here:

Searching for drama, I opened the Other discussions tab and discovered a subreddit: r/SaltyArmy

The subreddit logo is a picture of DDR with the text "Orange man good" and the content is basically just Trumpcel stuff posted by just one overinvested guy. What caught my eye was the sidebar and sub description.

Common Question

Q: Why is this Sub/Post NSFW?

A: This Sub is a Sample of a Balanced Societal Rhetoric. This Rhetoric comes in many forms & echos the formation of Societies best & worst. Not all Post, Comments, & Rules achieve a counterbalance mindset so they are not suited for all viewers. Discretion is advised.

When they ask you to explain what the r/SaltyArmy is:

Liberal Independent Conservative Knowledgeable (L.I.C.K)

Methodical Yearning (M.Y)

Based Analytical Logistics Loyal Strategic (B.A.L.L.S)

About Community

The BeachHead of Reality! We will call open the dogs of war and stand on the Salt Mound of JUSTICE. We will rise above the fray. We will decode, deconstruct, and report our findings. We never asked for WAR BUT WE SURE AS HECK GONNA GIVE IT TO THEM. Many eye's make great bedfellows. Many Steeled Hearts make great companions. And many Friends make small enemy's. Now ask yourself "WHO ARE YOU?" Join the SaltyArmy so the Salt won't over take you.

The guy that runs the sub has this banger comment:

It's recommended that the blue pill be inserted anally to comply with W.H.O standards now.,

Here he is welcoming people to his sub:

r/SaltyArmy Home, FRICK REDDIT we will use their cowtools against them.

"This is My Station There are Many Like it But This One is Mine."

We will call open the dogs of war and stand on the Salt Mound of JUSTICE. We will rise above the fray.

We will decode, deconstruct, and report our findings.


Many eye's make great bedfellows.

Many Steeled Hearts make great companions.

And many Friends make small enemy's.

Now ask yourself "WHO ARE YOU?"

Join the SaltyArmy so the Salt won't over take you.

All snappy worthy.

While the sub is restricted and the owner just posts stuff that you'd expect from a Daddy fan, I'm surprised that it still hasn't been noticed by the admins or AHS. Taking bets: What do you think will happen to the sub in the near future?

A. Gets Banned B. Will continue getting more and more shizoid, reflecting the owner's slowly spiralling down mental state

Invest in dramacoin and pray for the latter to happen!

EFFORTPOST Recap of the 2021 Battle of Portland

So yesterday was Portland's annual large street battle. There are a bunch of smaller brawls going on in Portland every month or so, but once a year a few hundred rightoids and leftoids from Oregon, Seattle, and California get together to beat the shit out of each other.

Here's the flyer for the "summer of love" event (which is a joke about the CHAZ)

Rightoids initially planned to get a permit for the event in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, but at the last minute moved it to a k-mart parking lot several miles away.

Leftoids got to the park around 1PM and played around there for a while before realizing that rightoids were somewhere else.

Then there was the usual threatening and attacking street preachers downtown as leftoids were waiting for the rightoids to show up:

There were some verbal arguments at KMart (which you can see on the streams) but nothing too crazy happened before this.

Then the leftoids figured out where the rightoids were and marched to the KMart, and that's where the streamers pick up the rest of what happened. First, the leftoids gathered around the entrances to the lot, blocking them off, and then the van leading the black bloc (leftoids) drove into the parking lot, which is what kicked off the battle:

The rest is caught on stream. Rightoids BLM the van, there's some fighting for 7 minutes, leftoids retreat as rightoids advance, then rightoids regroup at the parking lot. Leftoids attack journ*lists for 9 minutes, then rightoids come around the edge of the gas station. Rightoids push leftoids back for 8 minutes until they get to the lot where the leftoids parked. Rightoids BLM some supply and getaway cars for a few minutes before giving a statement to the media.

Oh and sometime after that there was a fun little shootout which no one knows anything about right now other than what we can see in these videos:

EFFORTPOST (moderate effort) Fat and whiny nerd streamer is actually a male feminist - his community implodes

This was already posted but it was just a Twitter link and didn't explain much of the story or point out any of the funnier events and details.

Meet our protagonist: Arcadum. Overweight, 31 year old twitch streamer who runs DND games with 5000 concurrent viewers (which is a lot) and a decent following on other platforms. His games are noteworthy because he invites famous streamers to play and gains clout and viewership from their audiences.

Also, he's been married. Or he says he is. In reality, he's just been engaged for 9 years. He copes by calling his girlfriend his wife.

Recently, several women have come out with allegations towards him. And by several I mean more than a dozen plus a 🚂. Apparently they had to set up a groomercord server to organize this because a group chat wouldn't fit everyone (lol.)

There are a lot and they're long, mostly foid nonsense, so here are some highlights:

I remained motionless and did not touch Arcadum back in any way, shape or form.This weird, dry-humpy embrace lasted several minutes as he cried into my neck. I could feel him gripping at my shirt and pants and holding me violently and just crying into my neck.

According to the writer of this post, this was after a single (1) night of him staying over. This is the most r*pey allegation, but definitely not the most entertaining.

Arcadum is so rich and successful but he just wants friendship from someone he barely knows:

"Jadez, I need to know something." Sure, what's up. "I just dropped my merch line and today I made $300,000. I'm blowing up. I need to know if you're going to be treating me differently now because of this."

Arcadum ERPs with his personal 🚂 prostitute:

The next few months, I was essentially booty called by Arcadum on Groomercord on and off. He would phrase his invites as innocently as possible, telling me he'd like to talk in VR Chat. In full-body. At 11PM.

Pity party into sexual solicitation animation cancel:

he just continued talking about his sexual frustration and how he would need a sexual relief, to not feel ugly and like a pig and that he needs to release all the stress that he had accumulating from being so popular.

I remember him going on a tangent talking about something and then at the end just saying "I just want to c*m".

The most entertaining part of all of this is probably Naomi's twitlonger, because she had the guile to record some of their calls.

If you want to hate Arcadum, just listen to the calls. He sounds like he's roleplaying 24/7 and speaks in the most insufferable way imaginable. And that's ignoring how he permanently doing the "woe is me, my life is so hard" act.

Here are some clips of them: excuse the react streamer in the background.

"I'm such a psychopath that's why I don't play amogos:".

My personal favorite is how devastated his fans are that their parasocial daddy was actually a weirdo freak. Even better is that there's so much evidence that nobody can deny it. This cope is literally everywhere Arcadum related. Here are some links: (His groomercord:)

Here are some of his friends reacting to the news:

By the way, his wife left him and locked him out of the house. Presumably he's homeless right now. And, if it wasn't clear, his career is fricked. Nobody is gonna want to work with him after this.



Note: Since this already had KiwiFarms and Reddit posts, only the highlights will be posted here, with brief explanations provided (this is a terrible write-up, I know)

TL;DR: Two neurodivergent developers get into a spergout over some ukrainians Windows XP fork, states that it violates Mozilla Public License 5.1, shuts the entire thing down.

Bird Farms Post

Reddit Post 1

Reddit Post 2

Reddit Post 3

In case anyone is wondering what Pale Moon is, it originally was a Firefox fork developed by Moonchild Productions, which is now based off Firefox before version 29, in which there was some past drama with the developers in the past

Now, enter Matt A. Torbin. He is the guy having a spergout over the Pale Moon Fork. He literally has at least twice called them terrorists, and criminals in the past. As you can tell, he really doesn't like them

Let's start with the first issue:

At the time, the developer of the Pale Moon fork (Mypal), Fedor2, in 2019, allegedly did not have the source code form set up right in the repo.. The problem was, since he grew in a post-Soviet shithole, specifically Ukraine, he did not fully understand how FOSS licenses work, due to how intellectual property is handled in that region. He also cannot speak proper English. Eventually, all was said and done, and Torbin seemed satisfied.

Ohhh, but it doesn't stop there. He is where Matt REALLY SPERGS OUT over him

Not only does Pale Moon exist, so does Baslisk, which is, you guessed it, yet another Firefox fork done by MoonChild Productions, this time, Firefox 52. Fedor2 also forks it, calling it Centuary, and this really gets the fatass riled up, this time proclaiming that he is in violation of MPL Section 5.1.

Not only does the drama continue, but now not only Fedor2 and Matt get into an argument over the license,, but now MoonChild gets involved.

Even more WORDS WORDS WORDS from Matt

Oh, and Fedor2 gives instructions, which really send Matt into a masssive spergout

Fedor2 then runs to the MSFN forums to get validation, and support over whether it violates Section 5.1 or not

Please help to understand what this is about

Here is another Pale Moon developer bringing the issue up

Anyway, in the very end, Fedor2 proceeds to close the repo up, stating someone else will need to take over the project

MSFN user mourns over its death

windowsxp sub seething

MoonChild tries to clarify, but people are still confused

Oh and supposedly, Moonchild and Torbin not only want the repo deleted, but everything destroyed, although Moonchild denies the case, accusing others of pulling an agenda to attack them.

Edit: LOL

Reported by:
EFFORTPOST The dark knight rises introduction, edition

= bane, = CIA agent, = masked men, = CIA soldiers, = Bane's 2nd in command, = Dr.Pavel, = bane's plane mercenaries

duh duh duh duh da duh duh duh da duh duh duh duh

"Dr Pavel Im CIA Bill Wilson"

"he wasn't alone"

"Uhh, you dont get to bring friends"

"They're not my friends"

"No worry, no charge for them"

"And why would I want them?"

"They work for the mercenary, the masked man"



"Alright get em on board ill call it in"

wheeeeeeeeeeeehm (plane noises)

"The flight plan I just labeled with the agency lists me my men and dr pavel here"

"but only one of you!"

cocks gun and gestures for guard to open plane door

"First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft!"

CIA agent grabs masked man and forces his body halfway outta the plane door with a gun pointed towards his head "who paid you to grab dr pavel!?"

BANG, the gun goes off NEAR the masked mans head

"he didn't fly so well, who wants to try next?"

grabs a 2nd man and does the same thing "Tell me about bane! Why does he wear the mask?! Lotta loyalty for a hired gun!"

3rd masked man speaks up "well perhaps hes wondering why someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of an airplane"

"at least you can talk"

"who are you?"

"it doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan"

CIA agent slowly unmasks the 3rd man, who is revealed to be BANE

"no one cared who I was until I put on the mask"

"If I pull that off will you die?"

"it would be extremely painful"

"youre a big guy"

"for you"

"was getting caught part of your plan?"

"of course!"

bhwyuuuuuuum a big white plane soon appears over the CIA plane

"Dr.Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours, we are to find out what he told you"

"nothing, I said nothing!"

the big white plane's cargo ramp begins to open, and causes the CIA plane below it to start rumbling

"well congratulations, you got yourself caught"

"uh sir"

"now whats the next step of your master plan?!"

"crashing this plane"

mercenaries, all connected to the white plane via a cable, jump out of the ramp and towards the CIA plane

duh duh duh duh duh (epic hans zimmer music)

"with no survivors!"

bane's hencmen land on the CIA plane and starts shooting thru the windows, and bane breaks out of his ziptie and punches the agent

] >


] >

] >

pew pew brrr pow pow


pilots yell "mayday mayday"

cool shooting and action plus hans zimmer music

2nd masked man (now unmasked) prepares to fasten his cable, bane stops him

"no brother, they expect one of us in the wreckage"

"have we started the fire?"

"yes, the fire rises"

bane grabs and secures dr pavel, who is screaming in fear

"Now is not the time for fear doctor, that comes later"

bane detaches the now destroyed CIA plane, dropping it to the ground, while he dr pavel and the mercenaries fly in the air attached to the big white plane

The end


In case you are wondering what I'm talking about

TL;DR: Moonchild is DMCAing numerous Pale Moon forks for alledged copyright violations, due to him getting bussyblasted over the Male Poon name and logo.

Part 1

Not long after Mypal shut down, in case you don't know, a new fork named Male Poon came out from a based individual named ManchildProductions, which led to this sneedfest from tobin.. Unfortunately, Moonchild and his furstrag self couldn't handle the project being up, files a bullshit DMCA against Male Poon, and gets it taken down :marseycry: :marseycry: :marseycry:. (archive of the github repo :marseythumbsup:)

Mourning on /g/

the palemoon sub discusses

The good news? There are mirrors off Github, so the browser stays for now

Mirror #1

Mirror #2

Mirror #3

/g/ thread where ManchildProductions discusses where to move his beloved project (archive here)

Part 2

Numerous people forked the Male Poon project, and you know what Moonchild and his pathetic manchild army did? You guessed it, HE FILED DMCAS AGAINST EVERYONE WHO FORKED MALE POON ON GITHUB

Twitter thread

The same individual (the one in the twitter link) forked Male Poon and renamed it Orbit Navigator with the specified purpose of making Tobin sneed. No sneed post from Tobin that I could find yet, but will update if there is one.

/g/entoomen discussing the DMCAs

Pastebin version of the DMCA


Unrelated to the Male Poon Drama, Tobin also filed a DMCA against roytam1's Binary Outcast fork (fork is still up as of today) due to commits that were allegedly stolen according to this thread.

Correction: looks like the commits were taken down but the browser remains (all commits liked in the dmca 404)


KiwiFarms thread where I obtained most of the info provided

In case anyone wants to try out Male Poon, you can download binaries here

LMFAO this is an extremely long effortpost.

EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] [Longpost] Irish football fans get dunked on by Portuguese fans

So a football match happened yesterday between Ireland and Portugal which ended on a draw, unlike the match which was boring, the r/soccer match thread was quite entertaining. I will post some of the best comments.

Because of this match Portugal managed to qualify to the world cup while the Irish didn't, this caused some expected seethe by the Irish crowd.

u/lboms1 · 20 h

Teams like Ireland are so pathetic, don't have a slight amount of talent so they recur to constant fouling and physical game play, so annoying to watch

u/eipic · 20 h

Teams like Portugal expect teams to bow down to them as if the land they walk on is holy, they cry victim when they don’t get their way and resort to holding their face like they got boxed by Canelo.´

comment here

u/Jjordynne · 19 h

Portugal needing the ref to scrape a draw against us, small nation mentality

u/RuameisterFTW · 19 h

Ireland is such a massive nation that you had to go to England to find a team to support

Irish Liverpool fans btfo

u/ivysforyou . 19 h

Says the the discount UK.

u/JapaneseJohnnyVegas · 19 h

Discount UK vs discount Spain

Good comeback (comment here)

u/xHypermega · 20 h

Irish fans are so delusional. Getting reality checks every time their NT play, according to their match threads

u/Team-Name · 20 h

Nah, most of our fans know we're shit. You shouldn't have to resort to shithousery to beat us. Portuguese fans ignoring all of the diving and favourable referee decisions are the most delusional.

comment here

u/SadgeKEK · 19 h

Are these Irish fans that dumb they don’t know the rules of football? lol

comment here

u/keithohara · 19 h

So we've played Portugal twice and the ref was Portuguese both times

comment here

u/ivysforyou · 20 h

These irish think this is UFC.

u/SouthBankWWFC · 20 h

These Portuguese are diving cheats

comment here

u/eipic · 20 h

I’m not exactly a fan of Serbia…

But I can only pray they beat the portuguese lot next week.

u/PumpedUpMatic · 20 h

Salty much hum

Should have tried to beat them as well and maybe qualify

comment here

u/ElKaddouriCSC · 20 h

The refs having a laugh there again haha. Gave a foul for absolutely frick all, Danilo is all over Ogbene. What a diving bastard

u/xHypermega · 20 h

What the heck dude, he got elbowed. He even has blood on his face

comment here

u/Jjordynne · 20 h

Teams like Portugal are so pathetic, don't have a slight amount of talent so they recur to constant whining and physical diving , so annoying to watch

u/ivysforyou · 20 h

Nice copy pasta dude... Portugal's front three are worth more than all Irish team including reserves.

Irish poorcels owned (comment here)

u/Red_Brummy · 20 h

Jeezo Portugal are whining, diving plums. Every chance they get they moan to the Ref after falling over. Still, good that Fernandes has not started.

u/FenrirXXVIII · 20 h

Most of the whining I see is from Irish fans.

both sides are whining but the portuguese have better banter. comment here

And for the grand finale... Here is my favourite comment chain of this whole thread...

u/LtSpaceDucK · 19 h

Fricking christ some Irish fans are the biggest whiners

u/EJAG1991 · 19 h

Irish fans abroad are wonderful, Irish fans in reddit completely deluded with small team mentality.

u/08TangoDown08 · 19 h

We literally are a small team lol, how petty are you?

u/PumpedUpMatic · 19 h

We only have 10 million people on this country and we still manage to be one of the teams with most talent in Europe

true tbh...

u/ef123455 · 18 h

I know right?! Premier league flairs will never shut up

u/LtSpaceDucK · 19 h

I had a completely different view on Irish people

Based... Basing your whole view of a nation on reddit comments.

And now for the most epic ownage of an irishcel by a portuguesechad on this whole thread...

u/iiEviNii · 19 h

Says you, miserable c*nts. Lucky to even be leaving with a point. Your team are actually fricking wank mate.

u/ef123455 · 19 h

Yeah, we will enjoy playing in the world cup haha

u/iiEviNii · 19 h

Will you? You just got dominated by a rebuilding Ireland team.

u/ef123455 · 19 h

“Dominated” we played our B team and drew

u/iiEviNii · 19 h

And you didn't deserve to draw. Are you telling me that Portuguese fans aren't constantly moaning about how bad the manager and team are, and about how much they're not enjoying watch them?

Because one look at the post match thread says no Portugal fans are enjoying their games.

u/ef123455 · 18 h

Yeah we are not happy but that is because we dont have a small team mentality like the irish and we actually demand results from our team…

Maybe that why your country is so shit at football, you Irish sure are happy with little… Imagine being happy about drawing lmao

u/TechM635 · 19 h

Your fans spent most the match complaining about the manager.

If ye even qualify for the World Cup and he’s still in charge.. ye won’t enjoy it

u/ef123455 · 19 h

Do Ireland fans even know the feeling of having your team win a trophy?? Truly sad to see…

u/TechM635 · 19 h

Not our soccer team, we expect them to be like this due to the fact other sports in our country like rugby get priority.

And we win trophies in the sports we give priority

u/ef123455 · 19 h

Ok enjoy your rugby trophies lol

Rugbycels cant stop losing!

Comment chain here

There is a lot more drama but the post is getting to big, if you want to see the rest feel free to sort by controversial on the linked thread!


Donna Peepeeens was a pop culture writer covering mostly Star Wars. Her Twitter was until banned in 2018. Basically your typical goober-gate era online feminist.



Donna's not writing much, instead spending her time spreading conspiracy theories on TikTok under, with 95k followers. She's talking about how the Roman empire is an invention of the Spanish Inquisition, Alexandar the Great was a womxn, Pompeii never erupted, blacklights were ancient technology, etc. The conspiracies are often centered around white supremacy, fasciscm, or other leftist concepts. She uses a lot of stupid TikTok filters, is very condescending, and overemphasizes her movements like an anime girl. I also have a feeling her glasses, hair color, and messy hairstyle are an attempt to appear older or more scholarly.

TikTokers have confirmed she never graduated with any degree, despite her TikTok profile.

Examples of the Roman history conspiracy

Rome didn't exist

Source materials to prove existence of ancient Rome can be dismissed because of eugenics and fascism

"Ancient Roman architecture" was built by Nazis

Actual historians (Roman history and otherwise) aren't happy

Proxmaxwell's response

Stakuyi's response

Meredithancret's response

Batdoeshistory's response

Matta_of_fact's response regarding a piece of art <-- great example of how Donna makes stuff up & responds to people

Maklelan's response regarding Torah

Batdoeshistory's response regarding Pompeii

theaidanmattis's response

The main event (Aidan Mattis) has spent more time responding to Donna's videos than anyone. This led to her making a video calling Aidan a white supremacist based on this college article. She also said followers of Aidan tried to dox her, so she called the state police.


In context: Aidan, as a founding member of the campuses's TPUSA chapter, was quoted in response to a student's (from a different college) request to rent space at the uni to have Richard Spencer give a talk. Aidan appeared to be uninvolved in the event but stood for freeze peach.

In response to the defamation Aidan is going to file a cease and desist on Donna.


Lastly, Miniminuteman is pressed enough by Donna's behavior that he's going to consolidate all the TikTokers into a single Youtube video to take her down.



The OG user momllenial (no underscore) is also pissed at Donna



Noted air conditioner thief, unironic brony, former r/Drama mod, reformed libertarian and future CEO of google u/Darqwolff is back after around 3 years of inactivity. u/PlsDontNuke is Darqwolff, writing style and post history matches with Darqwolff.

Comment where he confirms that he is Darq{%22author%22:%22Plsdontnuke%22,%22resultSize%22:100,%22query%22:%22Darqwolff%22}


It should be noted that I've upvoted every single person who's disagreed with me here, as far as I know. That said. In 7th grade, I took an SAT test without preparing for it at all, it was spur-of-the-moment, I knew about it about an hour ahead of time and didn't do any research or anything. I scored higher on it than the average person using it to apply for college in my area. An IQ test has shown me to be in the 99.9th percentile for IQ. This is the highest result the test I was given reaches; anything further and they'd consider it to be within the margin of error for that test. My mother's boyfriend of 8 years is an aerospace engineer who graduated Virginia Tech. At the age of 15, I understand physics better than him, and I owe very little of it to him, as he would rarely give me a decent explanation of anything, just tell me that my ideas were wrong and become aggravated with me for not quite understanding thermodynamics. He's not particularly successful as an engineer, but I've met lots of other engineers who aren't as good as me at physics, so I'm guessing that's not just a result of him being bad at it. I'm also pretty good at engineering. I don't have a degree, and other than physics I don't have a better understanding of any aspect of engineering than any actual engineer, but I have lots of ingenuity for inventing new things. For example, I independently invented regenerative brakes before finding out what they were, and I was only seven or eight years old when I started inventing wireless electricity solutions (my first idea being to use a powerful infrared laser to transmit energy; admittedly not the best plan). I have independently thought of basically every branch of philosophy I've come across. Every question of existentialism which I've seen discussed in SMBC or xkcd or Reddit or anywhere else, the thoughts haven't been new to me. Philosophy has pretty much gotten trivial for me; I've considered taking a philosophy course just to see how easy it is. Psychology, I actually understand better than people with degrees. Unlike engineering, there's no aspect of psychology which I don't have a very good understanding of. I can debunk many of even Sigmund Freud's theories. It seems to me that, given my skill set and interests, the best way for me to do this is by entrepreneuring or perhaps just business-managing in the tech industry. So, as a huge fan of Google, I decided about six months ago that being the CEO of Google is my primary objective in life; I'm smart enough to have a pretty good chance at pulling it off, and there's much less competition to become the CEO of Google than there is to grow your own start-up into a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Everybody wants to start their own company; not many want to take over an existing favorite. Plus, if I fail to become the CEO of Google or decide I don't want to be, I could always try for one of the many other companies I like, or I could still decide to start my own company after all.... [This goes on for like 3000 more words]

He might be the most documented person on the internet, second only to CWC herself. He first rose to fame in 2012 when at 15 he posted his now infamous copypasta on r/gaming. Over the years he gained notoriety in the reddit metasphere for his long, deranged comments and outbursts, his often wacky and misplaced ideas about nearly everything, his ability to enter into arguments that would often last for days, his belief that he was smarter than everyone else, and his libertarianism (the cheese pizza kind, although he was also a tax is theft kind of guy). He'd argue in law and science related subs on a daily basis, entirely convinced that he was right and everyone else was wrong. His story has been extensively documented on r/SubredditDrama, r/Iamverysmart, and of course r/Drama. In fact, he was made a Drama mod in recognition of his productivity as a lolcow.

There was also a point where he became a Qultist, another time when he threatened a shooting spree if Andrew Yang didn't deliver on his UBI promise, a time when he claimed to have invented an alternative to the internal combustion engine, and this is merely the stuff I recall. He did all of this on a nearly daily basis.


Around 3 years ago, he had a couple of run-ins with the law I can't remember exactly, but apparently he stole a car, smoked weed and smashed his step-father's air-conditioner. Something like that. Anyway so all his alts got y'alled and we lost our most dramatic member. Until June 2021, when u/Doc_Optiplex discovered a review posted by Darq on his google maps account.

From there I discovered his twitter account and youtube channel, and actively kept an eye on his activity.

Recently while browsing WSB, I saw a comment with WORDS WORDS WORDS from plsdontnuke, and it just reminded me of him. I knew from his twitter that he was following crypto and WSB(he posted about the Gamestop thing). So I looked his acc. up on camas, and yup it was him. (*^▽^*)

What would you guys suggest? Should we invite him here?


I know I'm a day late on this, but sometimes life takes some unexpected turns and you have to prioritize the people you love most dearly in life. In any case, I finally tracked down and picked up my Renamon body pillow that got lost in the mail so lets get this show on the road.

Without further ado, here are your winners for the 2021 Drammy awards! :marseyjam:



One fine day, the innermost circle of Reddit janitors decided that it's been a whole 2 weeks since they last flexed their collective e-peens and coordinated in a secret Groomercord group to shut down /r/NoNewNormal - an anti-gigavax subreddit that offended the vast majority of the powerjanny clique's delicate sensibilities. Their plan was to "blackout" Reddit, suddenly and simultaneously setting all their major subreddits private in hopes of riling up their users and attracting media attention; it's worth noting that this tactic is the go-to method when the powermods are having a slapfight with the admin jannies, having been employed multiple times in the past over equally inconsequential bullshit.

However, their surprise attack was ruined the day before they were ready to strike when a certain unnamed Dramatard :marseysmug: somehow snuck into their janissary ranks on Groomercord, and leaks of their pathetic behavior were passed along to our very own beloved @carpathianflorist and uploaded straight to our mega awesome website where we got to see for ourselves their secret discussions of how best to "psychologically manipulate" their sub's users into being their personal army. How scandalous!

News of a sussy imposter :marseysus: among their ranks swiftly reached the jannycord once these leaks started to be shared on Reddit itself, causing the ringleaders to fly into a sheer panic and start locking down all the server's channels. From there, they employed the most state-of-the-art verification system ever devised by mankind to keep us naughty dramatards out:

Surprisingly, this wasn't super effective at preventing the continued flood of leaks that kept coming out. :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh: :marseylaugh:

In the end the leaks, and subsequent onslaught of astroturfing of said leaks resulted in multiple Reddit moderator breakdowns, in-fighting, multiple moderators leaving, and the entire protest in general falling apart for a period of time. While /r/NoNewNormal did eventually fall to the eternal y'all, this bout of mischief was a testament to the kind of tomfoolery we have the capacity to pull now that we're living off-site and free from the watchful eye of the Reddit chadmins, beating out Christine Chandler's acts of matriphilia, the Kylie Rittenhouse saga and the short but sweet /r/superstraight movement to be voted your favorite dramatic moment of 2021. The whole event was notable enough that it was made a featured happening over on some New Zealand agricultural forum. :marseykiwi:

Notable rDrama threads regarding this dramatic happening, compiled by generous Kiwis so I don't have to:

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Update - It's getting really good

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:marseylolcow: BEST LOLCOW (59 UPVOTES) - THE USERS OF RDRAMA :marseylolcow:

Oh dear! In a shocking twist, the collective autism of this site's many beloved neurodivergents and schizos has managed to beat out Chris Chan's zany antics to be your favorite lolcow of the year! :marseyschizo:

Sorry Cristine, I'm afraid you're going to have to do better than frick your own mother if you want a shot at the prize next year. :marseycwc:

Special shoutouts to @pizzashill, @Impassionata and @mermaid for really putting the work into this group effort and winning all of us this prestigious award!

:marseyking: BEST MARSEY (57 UPVOTES) - MARSEY TWERKING BY @John :marseyking:

:marseytwerking: :marseytwerking: :marseytwerking: :marseytwerking:

This one was a close race between @John's fabulous animation of Marsey showing off her cussy in glorious silky smooth 1080p 60fps, and @Berzel's hilarious Marseyfied take :marseytroublemaker: on the classic troublemaker cat meme. John however narrowly takes the top spot, and has been awarded 1000 dramacoin for his efforts! Not to worry though, because this isn't the last you'll be hearing of Berzel's great contributions to our site this year. :marseyclapping:

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:marseyoctopus2: BEST RDRAMA BAIT (74 UPVOTES) - @Lv58_Skeleton's JOURN*LIST JANNY JAPES :marseyoctopus2:

Unexpectedly beating out the big favorites of /r/TXBountyHunters, /r/transparenttranskid and /r/friendsofbrian, the best voted rdrama bait of 2021 is actually coming from inside the house! :marseyohno:

By impersonating a Wired journ*list looking to interview some dramatards in the wake of the /r/friendsofbrian shitshow, @Lv58_Skeleton successfully strung along the entire mod team as well as a significant chunk of the userbase into thinking we were due for our big breakout into internet stardom, only to out us as gullible fricking r-slurs thirsty for any sort of attention or validation from some D-list journaloid. His motive? He just wanted to prove to the jannies that he could make an alt that nobody would figure out was actually him in disguise. Fantastic work all around, and 1000 dramacoin has been delivered to our favorite spooky calcium comrade's crypt.


An effortpost so long that it had to be posted in two parts. @Berzel's exposé is a fantastic write-up of the seedy underbelly of the popular zoomer vidya Roblox and the child prostitution rings operating on the site's official forums, and I think it's best to let the posts themselves do the talking here. I don't care if you're an illiterate mong with no attention span that gets scared by posts longer than two sentences, they're well worth the read if you're hungry for some amazing drama that occurred in a relatively obscure part of the interwebs. :marseyreading:

Part 1

Part 2

:marseygivecrown: DRAMATARD OF THE YEAR (101 UPVOTES) - @chiobu_ :marseygivecrown:

Having contributed at least a whopping 112 marsey emotes and making consistently great high-effort posts, it's no surprise that @chiobu_ was by far your favorite candidate to be Dramatard of 2021. A huge congratulations, and thanks a ton for all the great drama and artwork you've provided throughout the year to make this little corner of the web a delight to keep coming back to! :marseylove:

In honor of being the first to win this amazeballs title, Chiobu will also receive a special exclusive Dramatard of the Year profile badge as soon as I bother to figure out how to actually add one of those.


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Posting this ancient classic because the recent Antiwork shitshow gave me sudden déjà vu of this old dramatic happening. EncyclopediaDramatica also seems to be dead again so I figured it'd be nice to re-archive all this somewhere.


Way back in 2009 when the culture of the "old internet" was on its last legs with the advent of social media, a Washington furry couple known as Tomcat :marseyblops2cel: and Chewfox :marseychonker2: decided that it was a great idea to accept an offer to appear on the Tyra Banks show, which for the uninformed non-burgers here was pretty much a televised lolcow viewing session. Their segment only lasted about three minutes long, but in that time managed to completely spill the beans regarding the truth about depraved furry degeneracy to a massive audience of normies - causing previously untold levels of sheer seething within the furry fandom. Highlights include the host asking if they get turned on at Disneyland, an explanation of "strategically placed holes" (SPHs) in their fursuits that allow them to do the dirty, and awkward denials of bestiality.

This is the only clip on the internet I can still find of the interview, so forgive the 90's VHS tape levels of quality and the hilarious asshurt furry commentary dubbed over the clip:

The comments are also full of angry furries to this day lmao.



Similarly to the Antiwork initial reaction, the wider furry community was out for blood when this brutally honest interview was broadcast on national daytime television. Furries tended to close ranks and at least make an attempt to pretend it wasn't a "sexual thing" back then to avoid being bullied (or "fursecuted") by those darn normies, so it was seen as a complete stab in the back that Tomcat and Chewfox would expose them like this to such a massive audience.

Chewfox took to FurAffinity to write a blogpost in the immediate aftermath of the segment being aired - which seems to be totally wiped from the internet now, but it was pretty much just an attempt at trying to explain to the angry mob why she did the interview and why she thought it would bring more people into the fandom. It didn't do a great job of placating the crowd however, since the post got so many angry replies and views that it crashed the whole site for an hour. Incensed by both the interview and the subsequent DDoSing of his website, FurAffinity's p-dophile owner Dragoneer AKA Neer decided to personally step in and janny Chewfox off the site completely. :marseyban: The following message is what would be displayed when trying to view her profile:

This account has been closed due to the following reason: User has brought shame to the entire fandom for their own personal self gain. Trolling shouts or otherwise harassing comments against this user will result in action being taken against your account. What happened has happened, but further trolling and attacks against the user will not be accepted. Please refrain from shouting on her shoutbox at this time. She is not able to defend at this time and it's considered spam. :marseylaugh:

This was later rescinded however once the drama had temporarily lulled, with Dragoneer putting up the following apology post.


It was claimed that her appearance on the show supposedly cost a few furries their jobs to due being outspoken furries in the workplace (and assumedly who's bosses weren't aware of what that really implied until then), but this was never verified. Outside of that though, it seemed like the drama was pretty much over.


Moving into 2010, Chew Fox was suddenly banned yet again from FurAffinity a few months later, with the following reason provided:

Banned Mar 27, 2010 - threatening legal action against Fur Affinity, harassment, intentionally causing drama. -Neer

The reason for this? Chewfox was spotted wearing a shirt at an Atlanta furry convention bragging about their involvement in the previous year's drama, pictured below.


Her account has remained permabanned to this day after this incident (which unfortunately has very little information still available outside of the photo itself), but the contents of the account has remained open to the public view, leaving it nothing but an ancient relic of internet drama to gawk upon. If you really like looking at furry diaper porn, I guess.


It wasn't until 2016 that Chewfox and Tomcat would resurface yet again, this time in the award winning documentary (no, I'm serious) Fursonas, which I pirated and suffered through just for the sake of finding interesting drama to post about here. :marseydepressed: They don't really add much to the story, except that A. they now have a kid together who they're already trying to groom into being a furry and B. she still has zero remorse for what she did. One interesting thing that was talked about here though was this ventpost from Dragoneer where he literally calls Tomcat and Chewfox worse than p-dophiles because of how much they damaged furries' reputations - this warped line of thinking isn't really a surprising position for Neer to take though, given that he himself enjoys and has commissioned furry child porn art involving his own digimon fursona. :marseypedo:

Chewfox and Tyragate

I really don't know what to say about chewfox that hasn't been said already. Suffice to say, she sold out the fandom for her personal gain. She got her 15 minutes on national TV by showing herself to be the very kind of person we all like to pretend doesn't exist, and she did it by taking a collective shit on the rest of us for a few dollars, and her moment in the limelight. I was less embarassed over the Allan Panda p-dophile issue than I am this shit. [Editor's note: Allan Panda was found to be sexually assaulting children]

I hope it was worth it.

I thought about posting my thoughts about this to FA, but the grim reality is anything I'd have to say regarding Chewfox as "Dragoneer" would be laden with four letter words accompanied by my screaming. "GET THE FRICK OUT OF THIS FANDOM YOU RAGING !%#!%$!%$!%$!%$#!!" But there are reasons I do not resort to such things. There are only two people who could ever enrage me to even saying such things in public, and Chewfox doesn't (and won't) get the credit of being one of them.

There are many things I'd like to say to her, but none that I really could say without an overwhelming feeling of disgust.

Chewfox fricked over the entire fandom, and the sad part? She's proud to have done so.

There's nothing sadder than that, at all.

To inject my own personal take here, as embarrassing as what Chewfox and Tomcat did, it's amusing to see the zoophile and p-dophile top dogs of the fandom come out of the woodwork to try and pin this couple as the reason the community has such a negative reputation, and not - y'know, all the zoophiles and p-dophiles.


Furry couple go onto a talk show, proceed to furpill everyone on national television, get exiled from the fandom forever for being too brutally honest about what furries are actually into. If nothing else, just watch the interview for yourself.


the real drama was in the making. it's been kinda a weird piece to write tbh

this isn't typical rdrama fare, but I figured I'd share it here since you guys kindly helped with a bunch of the background research.

oh and as thanks for providing me lots of pointers to links, here's a dump of every relevant link I dug up, including histories of jannies (shockingly: all anarchists) and a bunch of old archives of the sub, a tangent about violence that didn't end up going anywhere, and a heap of other nonsense.



18 August 2014: - sub origin - in praise of laziness - atlantic - a world without work the right to be lazy

3 July 2015: - Doreen Ford was second-ever mod of antiwork, becoming a moderator when it had some 1300 users

22 February 2017: - slow growth. 2300 readers{"author":"phoenix--insurgent","resultSize":100} - main visible user besides AbolishWork, another anarchist who talks a lot about sabotaging bosses etc

31 October 2017: - discussion starting to pick up a tiny bit

3 September 2018: - i hate newreddit, but anyway, 4.8k subscribers and a new moderator. really starting to pick up steam within its niche - randomly selected self-post from that time. note: AbolishWork there in the trenches, doing her thing - currently active in /r/anarchism and /r/destroywork CrimethInc - run by that mod. rebel-left does its thing

19 October 2018: - 7.2k subscribers, helped by a boost from AskReddit and NoStupidQuestions{"author":"onedayitwillbedaisy","subreddit":"antiwork","searchFor":1,"resultSize":100,"query":"[META] frequently"}

13 February 2019: - 16.4k subscribers, well and truly taking off. New moderators:





(all anarchists)

21 November 2019: - 67.9k subscribers

New moderators:

/u/Whitepirate15 - mostly apolitical.{"author":"whitepirate15","resultSize":100}

/u/Sehtriom - anarchist

/u/Sasha_Unicorn - NEET, NeurodivergentPride, GenZedong communist,,,

29 June 2020: - 131.9k subscribers

New mods:

elektrybaut_trurla - generic socialist -{"author":"elektrybaut_trurla","resultSize":100,"query":"socialist"}

CremationLily - egoist anarchist -{"author":"cremationlily","resultSize":100,"query":"anarchism"}

(others beyond the "...more")

19 November 2020: - 194.8k subscribers, more and more memes

Early-ish media coverage:

22 October 2021:

10 November 2021: - Vice on Black Friday Blackout

16 December 2021: - Kelloggs strike - wow they made fake job apps - viral tweet

16 December 2021: - bloomberg interviews Doreen

"Sub culture" threads: - easy jobs - everyone is brainwashed into being happy working - tips for being a slacker - - immature to approve of daily work or capitalism - anger at hard workers, in post history user mostly talks about drugs, anarchism - on twitter but the Hard Antiwork Stance - I straight up don't want to work

"No, that doesn't actually mean antiwork" - we just want better conditions


AbolishWork was pretty strict about nonviolence on the sub, partially for optics but perhaps partially as principle:{"author":"abolishwork","resultSize":100,"query":"violence"}

onedayitwillbedaisy is eagerly violent and pro-chaos, but avoids it on antiwork to avoid getting shut down:{"author":"onedayitwillbedaisy","resultSize":100,"query":"violence"}

DnLocky recommends How Nonviolence Protects the State:{"author":"dnlocky","resultSize":100,"query":"nonviolence"}

“Peaceful protests don’t work. Change will come with blood.”

IAmThe11, by contrast, opposes violence and seems chill:{"author":"IAmThe11","resultSize":100,"query":"violence"}{"author":"IAmThe11","resultSize":100,"query":"socialist"}

“compassionate socialist c*m anarchist”

WinterTrabax - roommate of Doreen/AbolishWork( : - shoutouts for this and similar “knock it off with the violentposting” stuff

Sehtriom: - Appropriate response on violence sme violent posts

The sub evolves: The faultline between anti- and reform- exposed and explored, with gigachad meme dude stepping in: people begin calling the originals plants poor lost soul on what it "used to be" - wojaks wojaks wojaks

Anarchists complain about the shift:

Viral tweets about text exchanges with bad bosses:

The Interview: - mods how dare you, you're not our bosses - Petition: shut down antiwork - direct conversation with Doreen - ALT??? (no, people just fell for a troll: ![](


Doreen confesses to masturbating next to someone who didn't want it and putting their hand on her boxers:

Kimezukae - NYT + other interviews. - post-left anarchist "long-term unemployed" NEET doing NYTimes interview{"author":"kimezukae","searchFor":1,"resultSize":100} - stepping down

whitepirate15 - briefly head mod, all sorts of weird s*x stuff

EphraelStern - reddit powermod brought in to clean up and represent the will of its new userbase


WORKREFORM PLOTLINE: - 150k members in a day (470k now)

(commies mad) - anarchists notice its mods work at a bank - so do other commies - commies mad that it's reform - commies mad that some there don't hate right wing - commies mad that mod is cryptobro

(commies mad) - uh yeah i'm a low-level bank employee. spooky right? - peaceing out ( - SandersForPresident mod takeover timeline

(moderates /r/SandersForPresident, /r/NewDealAmerica, /r/OregonForSanders, /r/ReadyForAOC, and /r/VoteAOC)

DestroyWork: - simple summary destroywork chronicling antiwork’s original story

Communist lesson from collapse:

Related concepts: - tangping or lying flat in china’s-hikikomori-population-could-top-10-million.html - hikikomori in japan - NEET

Fun: - COAL MINING ENJOYER - whats your job on the leftist commune

RELEVANT GENERAL INFO: - Social gentrification - Most of what you read on the internet is written by insane people

EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] Short track speed skating causes a supernova of seethe

(If :marseylongpost: aren't your style, I've helpfully marked the chimpout section below.)

Short track speed skating is no stranger to controversy. Everyone is moving so fast in such a small area that skaters routinely collide with or impede each other. Interpreting the rules can be more of an art than a science, and someone inevitably ends up butthurt and accuses other players of cheating and the judges of colluding with them.

It helps that short track skaters come from a culture as dramatic and neurodivergent as our own. The sport used to be dominated by South Korea. The coaches there, no doubt influenced by the hazing they underwent in the army, had a style of leadership that involved constant verbal and physical abuse, and sometimes sexual too. Eventually this led to infighting and many coaches and players defected to other countries and taught their skaters how to be better athletes, better cheaters, and more insane.

The Events in Question

The 2022 Winter Olympics are barely underway and we've gotten our first major scandal/international incident, the disastrous men's 1000 meter race. I'm going to focus on this from the Korean and Hungarian perspectives because they were the ones who really got screwed.

Things are especially chaotic on this day because the figure skaters had used the rink earlier so the ice was optimized for them. That means lots of random crashes. But things are still looking pretty fair in the quarterfinals. The Chinese have gotten their three guys advanced, one because the guys in front of him wiped out and two because they were doing well but someone bumped them. One Korean has been injured and one Hungarian has been rightly disqualified for a penalty. Then we get into the semis and things go off the rails.

In the first semifinal the world record holder Hwang Daeheon blows past two Chinese skaters even after one of them reaches out and physically grabs him twice. But the judges rule that in fact he was the one who deserved a penalty because... I dunno, I guess his butt was too sexy to resist? :marseyshrug: Two Chinese advance, one Korean is eliminated.


In the second semifinal a Korean comes in second, but he gets penalized for allegedly impeding a Hungarian. This is not as clearcut as the case of Hwang Daeheon but it certainly could have been decided in his favor. As a happy coincidence this means the Chinese skater in third place gets to advance along with the two Hungarians.

So now we're going into the finals. The competition started with 24 skaters and all three Chinese remain. Such a happy coincidence. :marseythinkorino: They're up against the half-Hungarian/half-Chinese hapa chad brothers of the Liu family. Will the commies be humiliated once again on their home turf by foreigners of Chinese descent? Of course not. All three Chinese fail to keep up with Shaolin Liu but at the very end one gets close enough to engage in a split-second slapfight with him. The judges penalize Liu for this, and give him another bullshit penalty for something else just to add insult to injury. China gets gold and silver but is gracious enough not to take bronze too.


As the American commentator said: "What a hectic and unexpected result." :marseysad:

The Chimpouts

The fun part is when this scandal reminds ordinary Koreans of how they feel about China:

In an online community of university students on Facebook, one user ranted about the disqualifications, adding, “I wish China would go extinct.” The post received hundreds of likes. :marseythumbsup:

A 27-year-old office worker surnamed Hwang in Seoul said her ill feelings towards China go further back than this Olympic season. “They [China] carry this image of people who steal from others rather than creating through honest efforts,” said Hwang. “If you look at Chinese movies and dramas, many look like copy-and-pastes of Korean movies and dramas.”

“I’ve seen Chinese students free-ride in group projects and still get the same grades as the rest of the group,”

Videos of Chinese skaters coming into contact with other skaters have since gone viral online. Korean broadcaster SBS even aired a special segment titled Top 10 Worst Moments Of Cheating By China, which has fueled the anger online even further.

Chinese netizens have fought back against the accusations, calling Koreans “sore losers” who should “go home and cry to their mothers instead”.

Chinese lolcows respond in a completely rational :marseyschizo: way:

they flocked to BTS's official Instagram and left malicious comments that included emoticons such as the 'throw up' emoticon, or the middle finger emoticon

Reddit has sure become tame. I found a y'alled thread with but nothing very spicy in it. At least it's nice to see the jannies got some exercise.

Twitter is much better:

I was wondering why "South Korea" was trending and it was a mistake to find out. There is a lot of geopolitical tension between China and Korea with the #ShortTrack #OlympicGames . I don't even want to get into it. But it has definitely brought out ugly racist hate speech :marseypearlclutch: - This Chinese guy's whole account is a gold mine. He's trying to get in a million slapfights in broken English and Korean. - Still seething about THAAD. - Still seething about the 2002 Olympics.

Let's see how good Google Translate is these days...

You have no history at all in South Korea. You have been thinking about stealing things from your suzerain country all day long, and you stole the murals of Goguryeo and still haven't returned it, shameless. Even if you don't have culture, your eyes are not good. You can't even see the explanation in front of you. If you really can't do it, donate your eyes. It's a shameful thing.

Reported by:
  • ShitTornadoToOz : Actually made an effort
  • Wizdumb1776 : That's cause redactor is top tier. Having him here now is a major thing
  • uwu : Why hasn't this been pinned yet
  • dirigismo : WARNING: actually contains drama
  • OLDMAN : not meta jannie drama
EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] Olympic Figure Skating Scandal Roundup: Abuse, Anorexia, and Performance-Enhancing Girlpills

Sadly I haven't got a collection of social media chimpouts this time, but it's a good story.

The Scandal

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva wowed crowds with her performances in the team event. At only age 15, she became the first woman to ever land a quad jump in the Olympics. The Russian team beat all competitors to take the gold.


The drama begins a few days later when the medal ceremony is delayed for undisclosed "legal" reasons. Pretty soon it's revealed that she tested positive for the doping drug trimetazidine in a urine sample she provided 6 weeks earlier. The Russians went through different forms of denial, cope, and seething:

  • She's a little girl. Why are you picking on this poor little girl? :marseypearlclutch:
  • She can piss clean now, so who cares about the past? Training doesn't matter. :marseyshrug:
  • There must have been a conspiracy to delay the test result to humiliate Russia. It's the fault of the CIA, not that we have to send our piss to get tested in Stockholm because nobody trusts us. :marseytinfoil2:
  • She's Russian so it's okay. That's all that matters. (This is the line Putin is going with.) :marseycomrade:
  • Okay, sure, talk about it all you want, but we might put polonium in your tea. :marseyspy:


Her status is still not determined yet. The Court for Arbitration of Sport is expected to rule on whether to ban her on Sunday or Monday. If she's banned then presumably the Russians lose their gold medal in the team event and she's barred from the upcoming individual women's competition.

The Eteri Expiration Date

The Valieva case is drawing attention to an open secret in figure skating: Her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, is a fricking nutcase running a factory that churns out a constant stream of drugged up disposable robot girls.


Women's figure skating has always been pretty fricked-up. In order to jump well, it's important to be strong, light, and not have a lot of injuries. A girl who is thin, hasn't gone through puberty, and hasn't been active long enough to get injured tends to be the optimal body type. Puberty also is a problem because a skater can't perform consistently while they're growing too fast. So you end up with a lot of girls around 15-16 being stars, and they have to go through very harsh training. And sadly many of them end up with lifelong injuries.

Team Tutberidze turns that up quite a few notches. Girls who train under her have repeatedly let slip in front of the media that they're fed only shakes, not allowed drink water on the day of competition, and routinely given all kinds of drugs. The PEDs help them practice far more than their competitors. And the results speak for themselves, both in success on the rink and the curse of the "Eteri Expiration Date".

The "Eteri Expiration Date" is a term coined by figure skating drama enthusiasts who have noticed all of Tutberidze's skaters fall apart by age 17. They fall victim to injuries or defect due to the constant abuse they suffer at her hands. Why do so many get injured? When Evgenia Medvedeva broke her foot, Tutberidze explained that it was her own fault for being too fat. More serious observers note that since her girls practice a lot more, they're taking more impacts to their joints. But why so many broken bones?


Alleged fat girl Evgenia Medvedeva

This is where girlpills enter the equation, or at least one specific kind of girlpill. If Team Tutberidze is taking the puberty-blocker lupron then they can be frozen as little girls for a couple extra years, long enough to get them through the Olympics once. Of course there are side effects, like osteoporosis, hence the broken bones. It would also explain why a lot of the graduates of Tutberidze's horror show end up having to take HRT because their endocrine system is permanently fricked up. And needless to say lots of them have anorexia too.

If your almonds aren't activated enough yet, consider that all the Tutberidze skaters have the same doctor, Filipp Shvetsky. Why an anesthesiologist would be doing sports medicine might seem mysterious until you find out that he does have qualifications. He was caught shooting up 6 members of the national rowing with drugs several years ago.


I've only begun to scratch the surface of the Tutberidze drama mine myself, but it's worth more investigation. She has repeatedly made catty social media posts bitching about skaters who have gone over to the other important Russian coach Yevgeny Plushenko, Plushenko himself, and Plushenko's wife. When a spokesman for the Putin administration was asked if he had any comment on these catfights, he reportedly replied, "No, I'm a fricking politician." Another reason to hate the regime.

I tried finding social media chimpouts but it was difficult because pretty much everyone agrees that they hate this b-word. The only thing really spicy I came across was Johnny Weir being called out for his fawning praise of Tutberidze and her skaters. Weir is a retired American figure skater best known for co-hosting Olympic coverage in the USA. He is a lifelong Russiaboo and trained there for a while, but everyone is sick of hearing him year after year talking up how wonderful and superhuman Russian skaters are and keeping his mouth shut when we see what makes them superhuman. Of course the irony is not lost on anyone that Weir is extremely over-the-top hyper-gay to the point where it's annoying and he'd likely be literally murdered if he went to Russia and acted that way.



If you'd like to learn about this vast untapped reserve of drama, I'd start with youtuber Paola La. She has done some very engaging and drama-centric videos that were my main source here.

Other sources:

EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] Figure Skating Scandal Part II: A big win for the drug legalization movement

This is a followup to my previous effortpost on the same subject to give an update on new developments and fill in some gaps pointed out by readers. There's so many :marseylongpost: this time that I have a glossary below if you're getting confused.

The Verdict

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled that despite testing positive for the banned doping drug trimetazidine, 15-year old girlboss Kamila Valieva will be allowed to keep skating in the individual women's event as if nothing happened. After a full formal investigation, she may be stripped of whatever she won at the Olympics but that could take months. The IOC is refusing to hand out any medals to her until that is resolved, so we won't see anyone on the podium for the team and women's events.


It's a drug used to treat chest pain in certain people with heart problems. Apparently it's prescribed sometimes in Europe but it's not approved for use in the USA. Where you do find it commonly used is in doping. I don't pretend to understand the details of how it works, but what's important here is that it helps athletes recover from exercise faster, so it's believed to be one of the reasons why Team Tutberidze are able to practice so much more in a day than other skaters.

It was banned by WADA in 2014 and athletes from a variety of countries and sports, especially swimming, have been caught since then. Some drugs are allowed if you get a Therapeutic Use Exemption ahead of time for a legitimate medical need, but trimetazidine is completely banned.



A number of copes have been deployed to excuse or mitigate Valieva's drug use:

The CAS's reasoning is that we have to wait for a full investigation because in theory she could turn out to be innocent. The rules are clear that this is absolutely not the case, if you fail a drug test you're automatically suspended. But the three sleazy lawyers making the decision said she's a child and it would do "irreparable harm" to her, so the rules don't apply to her.

The CAS's other excuse is that Valieva hasn't had time to prepare a defense because this failed test just appeared so suddenly. Again, this is against the rules but CAS says she gets special protections for being a child. It feeds into the narrative that there was a conspiracy to hold on to the dirty piss and drop it at just the right moment to humiliate the Russians. We've had a very interesting development on that front. WADA now says the reason why it was tested so late is because the Russians failed to mark it for expedited processing like they're supposed to with the best skater in the world just before the Olympics. Apparently they were hoping that if she pissed dirty, it wouldn't be discovered until after the Olympics were over. RUSADA claims that they marked it properly and WADA is lying.


Actual footage of Russian anti-doping officials.

Inside Russia there has been an attempt to claim Valieva is innocent, because even Russians aren't quite shameless enough to hold her up as a national heroine while admitting that she cheated. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to come up with any scenario other than doping. The best they've done is to say that her grandfather takes trimetazidine and maybe they both drank water out of the same glass and somehow that was enough to make alarm bells go off on the piss testing machine.

There's been some cope about how maybe trimetazidine doesn't work. Some dumbass interviewed by the New York Times had this opinion. Sure, you know more about doping than the doctors running the Russian doping program. It also is completely irrelevant. They knowingly gave the kid a drug on the blacklist. And even if this one drug didn't work, we know they do all kinds of stuff that's untraceable that does work, like inhaling air mixed with xenon.

"But bro, like, it's a sport, everyone is juicing." This is an attitude I've seen a lot from normies who don't follow figure skating. It really doesn't apply here. The three Russian girls are so far ahead of all the others that there's no competition. It's like if in the Tour de France there was the nard cancer guy and two other Americans out miles ahead of everyone else year after year. And you can also tell nobody else is doing what the Russians do, because their skaters can keep going well into their 20s, long past the Eteri expiration date.


This 19-year old retired Russian figure skater suffers from anorexia now and refuses to eat anything except salt. Many such cases!


Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir, hosts for figure skating on American coverage of the Olympics, came out firmly against the CAS's decision. Given that Weir has long and deep ties to Russian skating, it's remarkable that he didn't do anything to downplay how severe the issue is. He'll probably lose friends and career opportunities over this, so good for him not trying to weasel his way out of choosing a side.


The international reaction has been what you might expect. Everyone in the Free World is against the CAS decision, most notably Kim Yuna, the last to win gold under conditions that weren't extremely sus. Fans are in an uproar and debating whether the other female skaters should boycott in protest. The only exception is China, where apparently they support the principle of nobody having to face consequences for cheating.


Kim Yuna, not just the "nation's little sister" but beloved around the world.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, some runner who got busted for weed came up with a :marseybigbrain::marseybigbrain::marseybigbrain: way of looking at this: "The only difference I see is I’m a black young lady." Half of the news coverage in Burgerstan was actually about this.


Most of the good stuff is probably on Instagram but I don't have an account and it's getting late. So let's check Twitter: - Vendor of crappy Madonna merchandise goes to war with "jealous" Tara Lipinsky's army of followers. :taytantrum: - Evan Lysacek still living rent free in this Russian's head 12 years after his controversial win over Plushenko. There's about 10 more of these. :marseyrentfree: - Not drama, just Yevgeny Plushenko (one of the top male skaters 2006-2014) is selling an NFT. :marseylaugh:

Reddit hot takes: - Putin put drugs in her piss as a 4D chess move. :marseytinfoil2: - Big if true. :taymindblown: - Is Kamila being too smug? :marseysmug3:


  • IOC - International Olympic Committee - In charge of the Olympics as a whole.
  • ISU - International Skating Union - Runs international skating competition. Chosen by the IOC to run skating at the Olympics.
  • WADA - World Anti-Doping Agency - Coordinates international anti-doping efforts.
  • RUSADA - Russian Anti-Doping Agency - In theory enforces anti-doping regulations inside Russia. In practice, it researches and advises Russian athletes on how to dope and not get caught.
  • ITA - International Testing Authority - Chosen by the IOC to run anti-doping operations at the Olympics.
  • CAS - Court of Arbitration for Sport - A body independent of the IOC that serves as arbitrator in disputes like this.


Youtube channel TheSkatingLesson's series As the Blade Turns - My most important source, goes into a lot of depth.

Sports Illustrated Explains why this is such a big deal.

IOC has effectively cleared the way for Russia to cheat forever - Explains just how blatant the cheating is.

Russia pointing fingers at Sweden

Adam Rippon on Therapeutic Use Exemptions

I'm really not making up the sharing a glass with grandpa thing

EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] Olympic Figure Skating Part III: Conclusion - Meltdowns on Ice

This is the third part of my effortposting series on 2022 Olympic figure skating drama. Please try to keep up by making sure you've read parts one and two.

We left off the story with the announcement that Kamila Valieva would be allowed to compete in the individual women's event despite failing a drug test. Everything is building up to the marquee event of figure skating and the Winter Olympics as a whole, the women's free skate. There are three Russian girls expected to sweep the podium, all students of the wicked witch Eteri Tutberidze. It's time to introduce them.

Dramatis Personae

Anna Shcherbakova



Anna can do quadruple jumps, including the relatively difficult quad lutz. At the last Olympics no woman had ever landed a quad, but this year all three Russians have quads in their arsenal. One of her greatest strengths is consistency. And all of the Russian skaters have a big advantage from the special favor they get from judges, who ignore minor mistakes, give bonus points to every jump, and give ridiculously high scores for the artistic composition of their programs. If Anna can just skate clean and not make any big mistakes, she has a very good chance of getting a bronze medal at least.

Alexandra Trusova



Alexandra has a very simple plan. Forget prancing around to the music and all the emotional bullshit. She's just going to go out there and do 5 quads. Heck, she doesn't even have to do them well. She can fall on her butt a couple times and she'll still rack up so many points it won't matter. And since she's Russian, she could spend half the program just standing there shooting up krokodil and most of the judges would still give her 9.75 points for program composition and interpretation. Barring something unusual happening, she won't be able to beat Valieva, but she seems to be almost assured of getting the silver.

Kamila Valieva



When doing a google image search, I typed in her name and the top suggestion was "Kamila Valieva bikini". Congratulations, pedos.

We all know Kamila by now. There's not much to say except that she's the best in the world. She can do it all. She can do those difficult jumps, she can put together a moving performance, and she can do it consistently. This girl just doesn't make mistakes. She is a national heroine and huge banners of her are flying all over Russia.




First let's go over what we expect will happen. At this point we can be pretty sure of the outcome. Valieva will win and Trusova and Shcherbakova will get silver and bronze, probably in that order. The IOC has already said that it won't do a medal ceremony with Valieva in it, so there won't be one. When the doping investigation concludes some time long into the future, Valieva will be stripped of her title. The other two Russians will get gold and silver medals and bronze will go to someone else, probably Japan's Kaori Sakamoto.

In the short program, everything happens exactly as expected. The next night, it's time for the free skate. Everything still goes smoothly. The Russians pull off lots of incredible jumps and the judges inflate their scores. We have Shcherbakova in first place ahead of Trusova with only Valieva left to skate. This is the moment we've all been waiting for, where the doped up, abused child skater who shouldn't even be allowed to compete will awe everyone with a flawless reminder that she is the best in the world. And that's when things start melting down faster than a reddit moderator in an argument.

Valieva goes out on to the ice with a horrified look on her face. She starts skating and manages to land her first jump, but only just barely. Second jump she has to use her hands to keep from falling over. Third jump she falls on her butt. Fifth jump she falls hard. It's just really sad. She gets off the ice and the first thing she hears is Eteri telling her that she should have tried harder. She comes in 4th place and is just as devastated as you would expect, with nobody but Eteri and her minions to comfort her.



As she's being shuffled away, we see Trusova a few feet away screaming and crying. Shcherbakova, the gold medal winner, is left alone with a teddy bear looking confused and sad. Trusova, the silver medal winner, is yelling that she won't go to the podium. Eteri finally goes to Shcherbakova and uses this opportunity to neg her, saying that she should have done a triple axel. I guess winning a gold medal wasn't good enough. Kaori Sakamoto, the bronze medal winner, is bawling her eyes out in happiness. Trusova is absolutely livid about something and having it out with Eteri on camera.

Trusova is saying things like "I hate this sport, "I will never step on the ice again", "This is impossible", "leave me alone" while a bunch of coaches try to calm her down. One of them mentions that "she's been like this for 20 minutes" meaning it started when she finished her skate, before Valieva skated. She yells "You knew everything!" at Eteri. Finally she goes out to the podium to collect her panda and we get this image to remember the games by.




So wtf just happened? Apparently Valieva just completely cracked under all of the pressure she was under and gave her worst performance ever. And Trusova was mad that she hadn't gotten the gold. In interviews later, she made it clear that her coaches had promised she'd get gold if she landed all five quads in her program. So it's just a couple of overwrought teenagers breaking down under all the pressure they've been put under. It's sad, but understandable.

But is that the whole story? It's time for us to put on our tin foil hats, smash the nearest 5G tower, and do a little thinking.



If Valieva just couldn't take the pressure of the media attention on her, why did she do just fine in the short program the night before? We expected that Valieva would win, there would be no medal ceremony, and she would never actually get the medal because she'd be disqualified for doping. Instead Valieva had a disastrous performance that was so bad she couldn't even take bronze. So there was a medal ceremony and gold and silver were given to Russians. Really convenient, isn't it? Did Valieva literally take a dive so that her teammates could win? I haven't found anyone mentioning this possibilty except for one article mentioning that this is what everyone in Russia believes happened.

It would also explain why Trusova was so upset. Remember, we went into this expecting that Valieva would get gold and Trusova would get silver. So why did she have a public breakdown over getting silver? And why did that breakdown begin before Valieva even skated? It makes a lot more sense if she knew ahead of time that Valieva was out of the picture.


It's been a wild ride, but apparently it's over now, unless something hectic and unexpected happens with the pairs skaters. As much as I love drama, I have to say this just left me feeling bad in the end. There can be plenty of scandals, catfights, and meltdowns in figure skating without destroying the lives of these little girls. So I hope some major reforms take place in the ISU, like dismantling the network of Russian-controlled judges, actually punishing Russian doping, and at the very least raising the minimum age of skaters.



Bronze medalist and 1st among skaters who aren't known to be doping, Kaori Sakamoto.


Reddit actually had some good content about this:



So for some reason, it's taken Google until current year to figure out that maybe furry inflation porn isn't something they would want to showcase to their advertisers or shareholders - and have thus started demonetizing videos and striking channels that post furry fetish content such as vore and inflation that aren't appropriately tagged as adult content. Of course, furry Youtubers being the neurodivergents they are, see this as a personal attack on their community which is totally undeserved since the videos are "technically SFW", in that no genitals are ever shown despite that the content is unambiguously intended to arouse weirdos. They're also generally happy to let minors stumble upon this sort of content and watch their weird kink videos by hiding behind this excuse. :marseygroomer:


Leading the charge is Zaros, a self-described furry balloon :marseyyikes: with over 20,000 Youtube subscribers where most of his videos have a focus on... fursuit inflation. After finally getting a well-deserved termination from Youtube (later repealed) for posting this degeneracy without properly tagging it as "not for kids", he posted the following sob-story screed on Twatter.


Note that he paints this as an "attack on furry content creators" whilst omitting the key part that the actual reason for termination wasn't for the videos themselves (unfortunately), but because he kept stubbornly marking them as "for all ages" despite being warned and striked about it repeatedly. He also uploaded a video where he brought up pretty much the same shit, but I doubt most people here want to suffer ten minutes of a fursuiter whining on camera. The comments from his butthurt furry fans about the whole incident are pretty funny though so I'll link it anyways.

Also, here's a developing post on the furry lolcow ranch /r/RealFurryHours regarding this drama.

Interestingly though, after digging a little deeper on this Zaros guy, it also surprisingly turns out that this fetish Youtuber who thinks his content should be exposed to children... has also had recent allegations of libertarianism thrown at him for acting inappropriately around kids online. What a twist! :marseypedo:


He also supposedly attempts to dox and sends his personal army of inflation kinksters to spam/flood anyone that points out his creepy groomer behavior in the comments of his videos - which he considers to be cancel culture gone mad if you dare do this to him.







To conclude, this was supposed to be a quick funny write-up about YouTube bullying furries but I ended up falling down a rabbit hole with this guy and I guess it turned into a semi-effortpost documenting Zaros's mayo groomer nonsense. This drama still seems to be developing since he intends to take up arms against YouTube and he's currently filming more videos about the horrible fursecution he's facing, so stay tuned for those.

As special bonus content, check out this guy's account and have a scroll through his posts - they're really something.


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EFFORTPOST The Day of the Cope: How I trolled the entirety of ConsumeProduct.Win

tldr: I pinged all 2600 active users of at once and told them that they had been added to a database, and it really, really busted their balls



ie, before the troll. feel free to skip this part if you are illiterate or have adhd or some other gay disease lmao

This story actually begins with the name that I assigned to this trolling operation. I was cleaning my room a few days back, thinking about memes and then the name sprang into my head. If you didn't know (ie, you are not a racist) there is a "meme" in the far-right about something called "The Day of the Rope", which is the point in the future where the good guys win and kill all of the degenerate blacks, gays, communists, users of, etc. (That's the difference between communists and fascists - while they would both realistically make everything way worse for everyone, the communist at least thinks that things will generally be better). Thus, the name "The Day of the Cope" was born. Now, all I had to do was create a trolling operation befitting it.

I knew I wanted to troll, because they are redditors at heart and, being redditors, :marseyoctopus2:. I had also trolled them once before and it was really fun. Now, for the rest of this to make sense, you need to have a general idea of how works. You see, is a "community" on a larger site called "" (recently renamed to "", but no one calls it that), despite having it's own url and look. So, you can subscribe to consumeproduct from like you would any other community.

When the site started, the point of C.W was to provide a place where subreddits can move if they get booted off of reddit. So, any time a (right-wing) sub got jannied, the admins would create a new board for them. Over time, the people who moved there wanted the place to have more generic content, so a few default subs were created, like /c/animals and /c/funny, but that was pretty much it.

However, the head gigajanny, a guy named /u/C (who I think is pmmeyourdoggos from reddit, but don't quote me on that, and if anyone has better info lmk), realized that the site had literally zero growth potential, so he decided to set about fixing that. :marseygrilling2: Basically, he made the site have a useable front page that was secluded from the wingcuckery of the rest of the site, and, importantly, opened subcommunity creation. I wrote a summary of that drama here.

This was exactly the news I had been hoping for. Previously, my plan was to create a subreddit, get it banned for rightoid agendaposting, and use it as a trojan horse to create a new community. Now, I could do it without the admins getting involved at all! :marseydevil:

Or so I thought. New users cannot create communities, and the requirements for what makes someone a """new""" user are not documented anywhere on the site. I thought you just needed to be a non-handshake user (which requires something like 50 comment karma and post karma), but that turned out to be incorrect. Then I thought there was a karma threshhold you needed to pass, so I created an account, /u/justwaittilnextyear, and started grinding karma (mostly just posting memes I found on groomercord to /c/Funny). After surpassing 2500 karma doing this :marseyautism: and still not having enough karma, I finally asked what the threshhold was on /c/Meta. Guess what? I had been wasting my time :marseyraging: because it was based on account age, not karma. (Don't worry, that account came in handy later) Luckily, a few months prior, I made an alt to do a little trolling. Thus, /u/bennington was born.

I created /c/rdrama right away, posted some dumb memes, and made a thread about it here. Then, I went to, and, using my karma grinding account, made a post concern trolling about it, and sat back as the drama unfolded mostly organically. Looking back, the drama from this is quaint in comparison to what happened later, but it was still funny to watch them get so peeved about something so trivial. Some funny incidents include:

I made a CLEAR BACKGROUND PNG flag for them (they have actual :!marseytrain:s on rdrama dot net) :

cat CLEAR BACKGROUND PNG by itself of rdrama marsey cat :

BEWARE! they are more dangerous than you think because they have many liberal tech workers at companies to DOXX YOU!!!!

They doxx people who are right of center!

rdrama is so dangerous to us here, that typing the domain is INSTANT COMMENT BAN!!

"rdrama and .net" without the and, spelled properly is AUTO INSTANT SHADOWBAN of comment on this site!

THAT is how dangerous they are to innocent unwary people.

They hold grudges for about 72 hours.

be careful fricking with them Insurgent they read this conpro and they LIVE for drama brigading.

just visting their site and not logging in , but reading, as a lurker creates an ip address they try to cross correlate using leftist :marseytrain: workers of theirs at FACEBOOK, APPLE, TWITTER, GOOGLE, AMAZON

keep your IP away from those :marseytrain: militant rdrama homos

The Day of the Cope


Despite all of the seethe /c/rdrama had created, it was still not enough for me. Yeah, we got some lolcows, but nothing spectacular. Business was continuing as usual, and only a few posts were made across the site. Trolls were getting bored, lolcows were realizing that they were getting baited, and, in short, /c/rdrama was dying. 😢

Then I had an idea. As /u/bennington, one of my gimmicks was saying that people had been added to "the database". This had spawned some funny reactions on already. Now, obviously, "the database" was just a comment that I editted to include the usernames of various lolcows. But what if it was real? What if I compiled an actual hate database?

WARNING: NERDSHIT FOLLOWS. It turns out that every community on has a "hidden" comment feed of all comments made. This is made, I think, for moderators to make sure that people are behaving (I, of course, used it as an alert that new friends had joined /c/rdrama). As I did some digging, I discovered that this feed is populated by calling an API endpoint that returns neatly formatted json, and that each comment entry contains the username of the commentor. :marseybrainlet: I whipped up a python script, and in like 20 minutes (my script was really poorly written lmaooo) I had scraped the usernames of everyone who had commented in the last 5000 pages of comments in CP.W.

Holy shit, there were a lot of usernames. There was, by some twist of luck (or bug) exactly 2600 names, not including /u/bennington. (I took this as a sign from snappy that I had his blessing :marseypharaoh2:) I was expecting 100, tops. And most of them were semi-active, judging from a random sample that I tested. This is one of the few times that, when trolling, I stopped and asked myself - "Is this really a good idea?". The answer, of course, is no, but I did it anyways :gigachad2:

So, after 13 comments, I had pinged every single user. And oh lordy, things really popped off. The thread is sitting at 900 comments, with 168 downvotes. The page noticably lags when loading the thread due to the number of comments in it. However, the metric I am most proud of is:


Here is a small, small slice of the seethe from that thread. Yes, each of these are separate comments.

This is a leftists idea of a troll. Putting you on a list, and then acting high and mighty because they're the moderator of that list. You're a piece of shit. Who cares. Report me to the fricking SPLC you fricking scumbag.

The first paragraph states I can have my info. Yet when I go to your website, it prevents new registration. Hypocrites as finest I see.

Put me in the screencap, you disgusting bunch of cute twinks. Hitler did nothing wrong. ok if you insist

Do me a favor and dox me to your SSRI addicted, soy fed comrades. Give me a legal reason to make this world a better place. :marseyglow:

u/bennington, I want you to frick off. I want you to frick off to the farthest reaches of the Earth, where upon you find a giant gate before a giant cliff with a sign that reads, "Thou cannot frick off any further." And I want you to climb that gate and live the impossible dream, baby, and frick right off over that cliff. N*ggercute twinkjewish chad.

I hope that one day, someone close to you gets cancer and you get to watch powerless while they wither and die.

You are the biggest cute twink i've ever seen. Please keep yourself safe immediately.

u/bennington you are a dumb n*gger, you're the blackest r-slur gorillia n*gger ive seen online

The creative power of human imagination. Observing lizards that do exist and then imagining a large one, similar to the way u/Bennington observes his own micropeen and imagines a much larger one

Imagine actually thinking that any of us actually gives a single solitary shit what some moronic simpering cute twink says. Fellate a grenade queermo.

Anyone up to write a three paragraph essay on the lingering effects of all the lead and semen in u/bennington 's stomach?

Lol I remember that cute twink from ruqqus. Hey carp.

Scary fat white knight who plays games at his computer wants to protect his internet space. Sad as fk

Why is this cute twink here? Can't we get rid of this shit?

Ultimately it depends on what makes Bennington cry more though. It's his list, his challenge, his competition - a race to racism, if you will.

You are in the cute twink database by default

If your name appears on this list, it means that you have been spotted trying to be a smartass. For this reason, you have been added to the Gay Bottoms With Small Peepee Database. Reason: SUCKING_THE_SUPERIOR_UNCUT_PEEPEE

How about you get a live and focus on your important stuff, instead of spamming all of our usernames 3 times because we're against your diversity bullshit. And also, how is this neurodivergent method gonna make the world a better place? It sounds more like you're trying to make yourself feel better.

You just pulled names without even looking at content of a person’s post - what an idiotic post this is. I’m not a racist but I won’t waste my time defending myself to someone too lazy to even bother looking at context

Some strags are trying to turn this place into Reddit part 2.

I hope someone beats you to death with a sock full of shit

You sound like Edward the Longshanks... A villain... Holy shit, you do realize you are a villain right?

Be careful who you threaten, coward.

Per GDPR laws I require my data and then request the removal of said data from being collected and/or stored from here and further future. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is called libel. Again if you can’t say then remove it all. Because at least one of us on that list a practicing lawyer.

if you ever mention my nick again i will really make my mission to fricking find and ****** you frickng jew rat bastard. understood?

That's not all! I also got some lovely messages 😘




Holy shit, I am already at 15000/20000 characters on this post, and we're only just getting started...

Beyond the thread

In my book, the best type of spergout is one in which the lolcow in question is so jebaited that they create another thread. It's essentially handing the troll a :marseyw: on a golden platter. Well folks, I've taken so many Ws this fine day that I literally don't even know any I have. The main seethe hub, is, of course, Before going to bed last night, I counted about twenty separate posts about it, seething that the rat bastard jew bennington made their little bell icon red. A lot of them were the exact same joke :marseyseethe: "glad I got on the leaderboard". Here's my choicest cuts:

The seethe wasn't contained to Many took to /c/Meta, the helpdesk of to seethe and beg the gigajannies to step in. This is where you find the real gold.

Beyond the site

The seethe spilled out from and into a few other sites. Several people saw this as the end of, so they fled to their even shittier version of reddit, Here is a post explaining why is over. There was also a post on some website called (that's a really good thread lol)



This is the best thing that has ever happened in my entire life. - @Redactor0

Literally as I was writing this longpost, some fricking madman straight up hacked we dont know who did this - see the legendary post. One thing I am sure of, though, is that /c/Meta went fricking nuclear.

Whoever you are, frick you for taking my spotlight, and incredible job.


I am reaching the 20000 (!) character limit on this post, and I still haven't covered everything. I haven't covered how this literally occurred at the right time to allow a cabal of powermoderators to emperor palpatine their way into total control of the site. I haven't talked about the several people who tried (and failed) to spam me back. Heck, I haven't even talked about the hilarious thread where @carpathianflorist and I baited all of them. Maybe someday, but I think I desperately need to touch some grass.

Reported by:
EFFORTPOST [Effort Post] The official rdrama guide to WARDAWG

Preface: sorry if it's a bit scatter brained in places. I had to cobble this together from a KF thread and a Mad at the Internet stream so I jumped around a lot while writing. This guy is someone you really do need to see/hear for the full effect, but most of the videos have been deleted.

What is a WARDAWG, you ask? Allow me to enlighten you on a fun schizo, I learned about today. Wardawg is a father, rapper, eccentric Twitch streamer, meth enthusiast/salesman, and sometimes homeless man. He was thrust into a relative spotlight when he sent Null at the Kiwi Farms a baffling e-mail entitled WARDAWG: "LEGAL!! READ OR YOU ARE IN LEGAL DANGER" in 2018 in which he even doxes himself.














NATHAN CRANE (WARDAWG HACKER GOD) 1407 W NORTH ST BELLINGHAM, WA 98225-2746 (360) 218-5543 [email protected] ( (


Null then proceeded to learn about WARDAWG on a livestream (about the first hour or so), and as you may have guessed, he discovers the person might be a little unhinged. This is going to be the source for a lot of my claims, I'll include timestamps to the good bits at the bottom. He desperately tries to get WARDAWG on the stream, but it's eventually found that WARDAWG was in jail for selling meth.


In this stream he professes his love for me and raps. He announces he's an alien God, the Muhammad of the West, and has a plan to put everyone in a supercomputer.


I told you he was a rapper. Here's a sampling of his work, this is the official thread theme, btw. Anotha one. From the things I've listened to, there are some common themes that frequently come up when he's freestyling including, being gay, being straight, sucking peepees, being a hacker, DDoSing and masturbating with other dudes. The fact that he was ever married and is a bit of an enigma. He more often than not is streaming without a shirt if he's at home. He also does that weird schizo thing where he has tons of different channels. When not rapping he frequently talks about having millions of subscribes, despite this never having been the case. Despite this headcannon, he has frequently made videos begging larger channels to platform him and his particular brand of content, which also includes short videos dedicated to every one of his subscribers. Making Null just another one in line.

His antics got quite crazy. He would stream on twitch, sometimes naked (he did naked jumping jacks), and every time he got banned he would just set up a new account and would be back in minutes. He set his couch on fire for the sake of views, he claims he gets swatted and involuntarily commited for this; he also claims "I got my peepee sucked in the mental ward). He carved women's names into his arm with a kitchen knife during a skype or groomercord call. He stomped through his actual trash pile of a house breaking shit. He also promised to write the names of users who lure new people to groomercord on his head in sharpie. He would spam pictures of his face/peepee in his groomercord. He would also write and record poems for e-girls he simped for. In addition to all of that he would title his rap songs stuff like this- "WARDAWG THE CHILD HYMEN BREAKER PT. 2" on his channel "Wardawg The Pedafile Lord".

He eventually tries to transition to IRL streaming (this is the p-do clip, btw) during the homeless arc and also begs Ice Posideon let him live and stream with him. He begins to talk about KMS, some sort of godly entitity that he is or co-inhabits his body with him. It gets to the point where he'll reference it in conversations with others and expect them to know what the frick that means.


He's accused of having a history of Simping/Groomercord grooming girls. There's apparently a video out there where he admits to being a p-dophile, but the video was lost to live leak. [Here's a video with his kid] in which he sends his kid to ask his mom if she's done rolling a joint, he then beats his wife. He has of course OD'ed. Weed and meth pipes can sometimes be spotted in his videos. When he's not homeless, his living conditions are typically... sqular, which completes the depressing ethos around the man. There's a picture of him pre-meth which confirms that he somehow managed to get fat while sustaining his meth addiction. Like many cows, he naturally found his thread and managed to get jannied to the point where I could only see people pinging or replying to his posts.

Legally speaking he's got convictions for Theft 3rd degree, Possession of stolen mail, and Forgery; as well as arrests for 4th degree assault and first degree malicious mischief. He of course managed to break his probation. It was later revealed that one of the terms of his probation was to stay off the internet, which he ignored like an r-slur. Even later it's revealed that his parents turned him in for it!


6:34- Guy talking about him carving names into his arm; also contains the story of him getting naked on stream, losing a sharpie in his butt, and doing jumping jacks.

16:40- showing one of his channels with his various poems/raps

17:36- Sampling of a poem "Tessa the Queen", this is the one he says he's not gay in

20:56 His website is revealed

21:30 Him tearing his shirt off and smashing shit as "destructo", if you only watch one clip of him, this is the one. Look at how fricking messy his house is.

24:45 more of his site that seems to be trying to give you a seizure

27:17 Another rap with the visible weed and meth pipe, he is gay in this rap

31:18 Him begging Ice Poisedon, reveals he's homeless. barely blinks. Claims to be a hacker, threatens ice poisedon

35:00 begging his followers to get him more followers

38:14 He shaved his eyebrows off. This has something to do with reddit, more rapping.

44:26 Him interacting with police during an IRL stream

49:09 continuation of that video from 6:34, more talk about cutting initials into his arm.

71:51 Him interacting with another homless junkie

If this is of any interest to you, definitely check out some chunks of that livestream. This man is an absolute treasure.


A new Pokemon game got announced today, so I decided to do something that I haven't done since the last time a new Pokemon game was announced- go browse /vp/. Somehow, people were surprised that the game series that hasn't had a good entry since 2014 looks like dogshit.

Let's talk about what's in the name first- the Pokemon! Right now, the only ones that have been revealed are the starters.

Personally, I feel very neutral. They look soulless and corporate, just like the Pokemon franchise itself.

Now, what does /vp/ have to say about them?

>literal blue helmet

>Let's be honest, if these were posted here everyone would call them garbage fakemons. How many fricking cat pokemon do we need?

>Let's be honest, I've started sticking toothpicks down my urethrae

Personally, I got into sounding with the stylus of my DSi back in 2011.

>This can't be real, these starters look absolutely shit.

>This is so weird, these designs are so simple in some places and so over the top in others, kinda looks like something out of a blender.


Most of the other discussion surrounding the starters is either "DUCKBROS WHERE YOU AT?" or schizos trying to prove/debunk various theories involving the starters. "ALLIGATORS ARE RELATED TO SNAKES AND IT'S THE SWAHILI YEAR OF THE SNAKE SO THIS PROVES ZODIAC THEORY!" and shit like that. I would have posted interesting examples if there were any.

The intellectual discussion surrounding this trailer has to do with the new region. We don't know its name yet, but we do know this- it's not!Spain.

Just realized that I haven't brought up the games' names yet, wow.

First reply:

>Violet, Franco only brought misery to Spain.

Wow, 4chan not immediately rushing to support fascism? Never thought I would see the day.

>Scarlet, Franco brought a golden age to spain

>Preordering 14 copies of Scarlet right now

>Viva Franco

>If you pick Violet, you're a communist


>they gonna ignore Portugal and make the game 90% Spain. meu Deus vou ficar triste....

>it will be a blend of portuagl and spain. And thats fine as long as it isn't south america

>Why are Portustrags and LATAM trying so hard? Its obvious the region is based in fricking Spain, do you guys really need the representation that much?

Ooh, is this mutual hatred between Spaniards and Portuguese I sense? Is it time for /r/2Iberian4You?

If you've read this far, you're probably thinking, "Pokemon fans are surprised that a children's game is shitty, and I'm surprised that they have internet connections in Iberia. What made this worthy?"

My dear reader, this is because the whole time, I have been skirting around the most important part of any Pokemon games: the female character designs.

And boy, are they something.

>coomers we lost

>You wouldn't even be able to tell who is the boy and who is the girl if it weren't for the hair.

>are these the youngest looking protags they ever made?

Are they dumbing down the games even more to seek an even younger audience or they are marketing it to pedos now?

>why do they look so generic?

>Yo kai watch ruined pokemon

Yo-Kai Watch is the better series.

>It's like they're actively trying to make them as unfappable as possible

>Girl would look good if her shorts were tighter.

>Worst protagonists by far, they look like Route 1/2 NPCs.

As someone who always self-inserted as Youngster Ben, I'm not complaining.

>Normal fellas win this round but we'll be back. This is Pokemon. Coomers always come out on top.

>Alright, so Pokemon is fricking dead.

It was a nice ride, you guys.

shorts on the girl

>frick off





>Those are the worst protagonist design ever. The shota is kinda cute but so goddam uninspired.

>this is horrible

>Wokestrags won. Trainers are now basically unisex.

There are some dissenters.

>Am I r-slurred or did they make her stupidly sexy?

>I think she's pretty cute

They're wrong.

Japanese fans have also had some things to say about these designs.

I'm surprised with how few are pedophilic in nature.

Now, some of you might be wondering, "Is how attractive the 10 year old player characters are really that big of a deal to Pokemon fans? There's no way that they're all p-dophiles." Allow me to show two average threads from /vp/.

/vp/ should not be a blue board.

Now currently, due the games only being announced today, there's not much material for drama creation. If Gen 9 is going to be anything like Gen 8, Nintendo will make a big announcement in June that causes flame wars hotter than the :marseytrain: debate.


Nibbas in Paris for your listening pleasure



The second month of 2022, or should I say 2020 2 :soyjakanimeglasses: , has come and gone. It’s time to look back and see what events got absolutely drowned out the most by our maxed out recency bias!


Celebrating Black History Month

With every year comes the annual tradition of paying homage to our Criminal American Community by dedicating the shortest month of the year to celebrating their rich, and inspiring history.

:marseyhotep: :marseyyeezus: :marseymilesdavis: :marseykween: :marseyetika: :marseyblack: :marseydynamite: :marseykente:

Our Esteemed and fairly compensated Jannies have done a Marvelous Job redesigning the site and paying tribute(not reparations) to all our brave bipoc melanincels out there!

[Announcment] Black History Month at rdrama! :marseygoose:

BHM Moderation Changes :marseycarp3:

But rDrama wasn’t the only one celebrating Buck History Month…

Whoopi Goldberg Names the Jew!

:marseysurprised: :wolfsfear:

Whoopi Goldberg took a stand infront of the whole world to tell the Big Nose Crakkka that he too should kneel in the presence of his black kings as per the anti defamation league’s definition of color™️.

Drama erupts on The View as Whoopi Goldberg says that the Holocaust wasn't about race because it was crakkkas killing other crakkkas, rightoids proceed to gloat on twitter and call for her to be fired :marseyhorseshoe:

Breaking news: Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from the view for 2 weeks for her holocaust comments, proving once and for all that Jews> Blacks on the oppression scale even during Black history month

Whoopi’s Return to the View

Whoopi vs Kylie Sequel: Rittenhouse goes for gold!

:!marseykyle: :!marseykween:

I’m sure we’ll get a rousing finale soon as Kylie takes on the Kween!

That pretty much wraps up the Kang drama this month, but what Black History Month is complete without the most important tradition of them all… Crakkkas completely overshadowing them the entire month with mayo tomfoolery!

:marseycracka: :marseymayo:

Jim Crow Joe Rogan!

Back when covid was still a thing twitter was gunning for Joe “Horse Paste” Rogan. To absolutely no one’s surprise Twitter made its final gambit, the race card! :marseyracist:

:soycry: :monke:

r/entertainment hooked on copium after spotify announces they’re not going to axe joe rogan

Joe Rogan forgot to buy his n-word pass

Andrew Yang jumps in for some reason :soymad: :chadasian: :monke:

Joe Rogan’s use of the n-word was another jan 6 moment.

White House urges Spotify to take action against sentient chimp

As of me writing this rn Joe Rogan is still on spotify despite everything thus proving cancel culture isn’t real, once and for all.


Return of the Big 3

The absolute batshit insane events that transpired this month can most certainly be attributed to the return of 3 important Figures in the Dramasphere…

@MasterLawlz Returned to us and blessed us with 7 Enthralling Lawlzposts! The most bountiful month of Lawlzposts history!


@pizzashill had exiled himself to Alaska to continue his training. But after a week or so of drowning in Eskimo bussy he answered our cries for mercy to save is from the encroaching rightoid Menace!


And Finally at TrappySaruh, now @tappy, signifying once and for all is beyond a shadow of a doubt the TRUE successor to /r/drama. Suck it groomercord straggots!

:wolftrans: :platytrans: :marseytrans2:

Trappy is back :marseycapyexcited: :marseytwerking: :marseytwerking:

Unbeknownst to us, the renuion of these 3 legends was the omen of a great happening…


But first we have to talk about Canadians :wolfrainbow: :marseypuke:

Leaves Lose the Plot!

When we first left off from the developing event christened The Honkocaust Trudeau regalled them as a “fringe” minority. The following weeks saw Canada brought to its knees by the power of honking and bouncy Castles.

Cucknadians requesting police assistance :marseyfbi: to end the honkocaust

Like clockwork supporting the protest in Canada is considered hate speech according to AHS

What about a silent protest

What no adrenochrome does to a mf :marseyangel2:

Go Fund Me Chooses Death

After 2 weeks of pretending to have the most convenient case of “Covid” in his cuck cabin he returned to Ottawa to Enact the war measures act, freezing bank accounts, running over old grandma chuds with horses, and giving himself permanent emergency powers all to combat that insignificant group of honkers. Daddy Castro would have been proud! The day of the rake came from within.

:marseytruck: :marseyrake: :marseyeh:

:marseyhappening: Leaf Daddy (He/Them) kicks off the day of the rake at last! :marseyhappening:

Reddit is torn on whether freezing individual’s bank accounts is a good thing or a terrifying

Trudeau says jew likes Swastika, and other insane frick ups!

Bank run is now trending in Canada

Congratulations Canada on actually being interesting for the first time in your miserable existence.

:!wolflove: :!marseylove:

Super bowl and the Olympics

I straight up forgot this happened this month. Aside from the few controversies and China being it, It hardly registered, but Return0 made some high quality Ice Skating posts and pushed them to the top of the page. Well done! :marseyclapping: :tayclap:


[Effortpost] Olympic Figure Skating Scandal Roundup: Abuse, Anorexia, and Performance-Enhancing Girlpills

[Effortpost] short track speed skating causes a supernova of seethe


Eminem wants to kneel at the superbowl, but the NFL won’t let him.

The rDrama Wars :marsey300:

May we never forget those who challenged the Chadmins, and those who did not return.

:wolfvictory: :wolfcry: :wolfdead: :marseydead: :marseydeadinside: :marseytombstone: :marseyskeleton:

Who else is still reportmaxxing?

Reset the timer etc etc(not bardy this time)

(country club) Pour one out for our fallen homie redacted

(Country Club) Forever is a mighty long time


(CC) Consume Product dossier

The day of the Cope: How I trolled the entirety of

The day of the Cope 2: Who asked?

Of course our main antagonist Bardfinn was hit. :platyfuckyou: :marseylaugh: :wolflaugh:

Bardfinn was just temporarily banned from reddit.

:marseywitch2: :marseywitchtriggered:

And last but most certainly not least We have perhaps the happening of the year?

Actual Fricking War.

War in Europe! It’s finally here! After all these years of nothing ever happening something happens for once. Honestly the only correct response to this situation is any statement whatsoever followed by the words “Not my Problem.”

Ukranians shortly before imminent death told russian warship “Go Frick Yourselves” :marseychad: :marseygigachad: :marseypizzashill:

The Drama is young, but honestly it’s anyone’s guess how long it drags on, or how long the war dramacoin profiteers stay profitable. :marseydragon: :platyrich: :wolfnoir:

rDrama One Offs

To wrap things up here’s some of the singular notable posts that happened this Month.

Uncle Ted has Terminal Cancer

@Boo’s Apology Song

We passed 1000 Marseys


Ruqqus gets revived

Kanye West says Pete Davidson is gay and has aids

The End of February!

What a wild fricking month. WW3 is closer than ever and it’s only February. My only regret is that we couldn’t milk that sweet Canadian Drama even more. But that’s enough out of me, what did you think about February 2022? Do you have a favorite bit of Drama? Do you think there was an MVP Dramneurodivergent of the month? Say so in the comments!

This is ZombieWolf signing off!


Your Faves.

Of Course I’m not perfect, but then again who is? (Definitely not Marsey) After such a eventful Month I missed a couple of things and you pointed them out.

One was the death pool of our very own cute twink @stan that led to a pay pig leaving. Good thing he’s alive to add to our best of February Recap!

Effort regarding the stan death pool

Stan Death pool epilogue


It's full of gems and fulfils basically every stereotype of terminal online trans people.

For starters, she abandoned her kids in Iowa with her ex-wife who she bragged about how she slept with just before she left even though her ex-wife had a new boyfriend. She also bragged a lot about her she pimped out her wife -- which is public record, but still, that's fricko. She liked to talk massive shit about her kids and how they drove her nuts and couldn't stand them, then subsequently get pesudo-angry when anyone called her out on it. Yeah.

abandoning children, check. Abusive past relationship, check

Something Laurelai markets as a point of pride is the fact she is a massive social engineer... Since her cigarette addiction, well, costs a lot of money (she will tell you she smokes a pack a day -- a more realistic number is around 4), she had to get smokes from somewhere. She used to take them from the people who had the least: my family (a very low income family, which houses 5 of my siblings), random bums on the street (yes, she took cigarettes from bums), and random people in parking lots who were people I wouldn't want to interact wth normally.

Huge ego, check. Addictive personality, check. Self-centered, check.

Here's the even more despicable part: she used to engineer food from people by claiming we didn't feed her. This is all bullshit.

False claims of abusive living situations, check.

She was VERY insistent on privacy, which is cool and all, but apparently even peeking my mouth into a doorway to tell someone food is ready because they aren't listening is an egregious privacy violation... She would then storm out of the room naked (picture a short, ugly 30 year old transwoman who is quite overweight and has a really tiny peepee) screaming at me to knock or "else." Yes, in my own house, she had the gaul to get in my face because I told her friend she had food.

Short tempered, check. Rages when lies are exposed, check. also just lmao at that mental image

She also tried to break up me and my boyfriend on numerous occasions by starting really bad fights and setting us by the ears.

always fricking with others' relationships, check

She also liked to claim she was deeply involved in OWS and claimed she was in NYC several times. She tried to claim Occupy Tulsa was not run by hipsters or hijacked by out of towners -- both of which I witnessed first hand.

Poser, check.

She especially likes to use the trans thing as a bargaining chip in arguments. If I ever hear the words "cisgender piece of shit" again in my life I will blow a fuse or two.

you already knew this was coming.

Also, her drama from Reddit kept spreading to my IRL social circles. I know a Reddit administrator who warned me in fact that people were witch-hunting us and threatening to burn our house down (which isn't surprising given our part of Oklahoma has a large gay community that felt marginalised in /r/lgbt and a LOT of them are seriously fricking scary).

Cannot separate the Internet & relality, check. knows reddit admins, check. Hated by LBG, check.

She also has a serious internet addiction problem. We got her a company laptop

Terminally online, check.

One thing Laurelai did once was bring her friend (who was a hooker -- not even kidding) from Colorado here to our house and smoke PCP-laced weed... Her friend brought a giant German Shepherd. Now, we have this old Savannah cat named Notch... Cujo as I affectionately referred to him as was attacked several times by this unauthorised dog who just thought it was ok to do that.

Complete degen, check. Associates with others with 0 social skills, check.

Laurelai stayed with us for 24 hours before running off to Arkansas. What triggered the running? Well, her phone started working out of the blue -- not even kidding. It just started working again for no apparent reason, being able to make calls and everything. She told us that she was apparently wanted for testimony by the US Marshalls.

Various legal troubles, check.

All I can say is, if Laurelai ever says anything, take it with a grain of salt, and good riddance to the b-word.

Hated by past associates, check.

Reported by:

Good morning, rdrama!

I'm told @MarKong has a fun writeup of drama in the works, and I'm as eager as anyone here to see what he has to say. It does end up connected to me, though, so I figure I should lay the important details out in case he forgets any of them. This is all going to be tedious metadrama, I'm afraid; I'm sorry, but it was going to come out one way or another.

The tl;dr if you find this sort of thing dull: I ran a blatant furry alt here for the past 6 months, started the furry megathreads, and helped launch a Groomercord server to hang out with the local furries; Marco declined an invitation so he could infiltrate instead; now he has a fun spy story to tell everyone :marseyhacker:

tl;dr of tl;dr: neurodivergence

August 2021: I come to rdrama as @Jackal because the point of this space is drama and leaning into furry nonsense while sharing horrifying furry drama on a site that hates furries seems like a fun bit.

September 2021: I write my first article about you guys; you're all kind enough about it that I feel I ought to create a proper account here and say hi :marseyblowkiss:

October 2021-January 2022: @Jackal goes mostly dormant; I notice a few furries popping up around rdrama; I keep poking around here mostly on main.

December 2021: I publicly out myself as a disgusting furtwink for professional reasons, news to those who chose not to hang onto every word of my self-indulgent 30-minute self-introduction essay elsewhere.

~January 2022: After weighing my options, I elect to increase my participation here on @Jackal so that I can keep @TracingWoodgrains around for substantive articles or other meaningful commentary and participate in a less obtrusive way overall.

29 January 2022: I decide it would be fun to formalize the furry infestation of rdrama and start a megathread. It's a roaring success in terms of both effort-to-drama ratio and chatting with random furries on rdrama.

11 February 2022: @AltAccountOkapi creates s/furry so we can properly dance on the corpse of Ruqqus; I join in the dancing. We quickly become the most-successful and most-blocked hole on newruqqus. Good work, lads!

21 February 2022: I misinterpret ambiguous messages from @geese_suck and @MarKong to @Jackal as indications that they know it's an alt of mine, so I confirm that the two accounts are connected. I don't care much for secrecy and anyone who expects alts to stay unknown on a site with Alt-Seeing Eye as an explicit feature is a fool, so I expected this to happen at some point. Once I increased activity on @Jackal, I figured "local fake journo has furry rubbishposting alt" would be a fun easter egg for regulars to discover; I didn't mind telling them and am grateful they didn't make a big deal of it.

28 February 2022: I work with a couple of friends here to set up an experimental Groomercord server for some of the rdrama furries, starting with personal friends and expanding slowly to encompass a wider group. On my part, this was for purely self-interested reasons: I've never liked the furry fandom writ large but I like a lot of the local furries and wanted to assemble a solid circle of friends based on the peculiar intersection between furries and rdrama (more on that below).

3 March 2022: Since he is, after all, one of rdrama's most prominent furries, we elect to send Marco an invitation to join our Groomercord. He rudely declines :marseypearlclutch2:

4 March 2022: I accidentally furpost from main; because of the way rdrama deletion works my followers can still see it. Sorry about that :marseyblush:

7 March 2022: Marco positively ruins our weekly thread by ghost-awarding it and announces plans to keep doing so; I whinge to the chadmins as @Jackal and Carp takes vengeance for House Furry by ghosting the whole front page.

Also 7 March 2022: Marco reveals that he's been secretly infiltrating the server from an unknown alt after declining our invitation to join; shell account @SneedCityUSA starts spamming "concerned user" messages and grass awards while quoting lines from server chat; drama ensues. It's all very exciting and I'm sure you'll hear all about it in Marco's roundup, so I'll just provide the lovely gift messages @SneedCityUSA wrote up for our shiny new grass badges:











(Presumably) 8 March 2022: Marco writes an epic about his infiltration.

A few thoughts on the matter:

I like hanging out with the local furries b/c a lot of the things I dislike about the furry fandom are mostly cancelled out by rdrama's effect. In particular, the site neatly avoids overly woke, tiptoeing-around-landmines environments while not leaning all the way into .win-style rightoid silliness and has a strict no-tolerance policy for libertarian or zoo rubbish, all of which combine to chase off most of the worst furries. More broadly, it's important, when you have an absurd hobby, to be able to make fun of yourself and not take things too seriously, so the relentless mockery of furries on rdrama is a public service that makes those who stick around here a pretty fun lot. I've been spending more time posting on @Jackal because I've been having a better time than I anticipated with it all.

I also hold that a furry infestation is healthy for rdrama as part of the initiative to blow everything out of proportion and make things as dramatic as possible, and to help spook .win-tier rightoids who freak out about funny stuff, but to be honest that's mostly just an excuse b/c infesting rdrama is fun.

I have no intention of shutting down either @Jackal or the Dramafur groomercord, or of furposting further on @TracingWoodgrains. I joke about it, but I do get that most of you guys are (understandably) weirded out by furry rubbish at best and I don't want it to distract too much from my writing or other projects here for those of you who are uneasy about furries but enjoy what I have to say on other topics. Sorry to those (particularly @Yall) who follow me in spite of furry rubbish and now get a whole bloviating metapost on it because of all this; all I can say is that I'd rather tell my own story than have others tell it. I'm a bit disappointed to be so visibly connecting the two accounts because I really do think it's more fun as an easter egg where most don't recognize me as me, but I stand by my words and actions on both and intend to carry on in much the same vein until I get bored.

Marco's good at what he does and he did indeed manage to cause havoc and panic some of our members early on in the life of our server. It's a clever work of drama and about what I expected from this space, successfully turning a comfortable conversation into a game of Among Us. Ah, well, that's what we get for setting up shop next to rdrama. Sorry to those of you who shared semi-personal info and are/were stressed about leaks; that's on me. I knew drama was a predictable risk, but I wanted at least a bit longer of comfortable, open conversation before something like this let all of rdrama find out about the space.

It's a good server tho :marseyexcited:

If you feel like you ought to have gotten an invitation to the Groomercord but didn't—you're probably right and I'm sorry to have missed you :marseylove: I tried to limit things at first to mostly the people I've had substantive conversations with, but feel free to shoot me a message either here or on @Jackal if you're interested in the server. No promises on timing or definite entrance—we're, uh, trying to tighten security up a bit, for some reason—but I'm always happy to chat. As a general reminder, keep in mind both that Groomercord servers are inherently public spaces and that we have no interest in allowing anything close to any ethical gray areas in the server. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Anyway, nice work, Marco. You win this round, even if you're still a furtwink just like the rest of us in the eyes of most people here :marseyclapping: Next round's on me.

p.s. you should be sure to share the MTG cards story if you noticed it in the server. it's a fun one

Reported by:



OP image graciously provided by @Gandalf-the-Whey.

This is a followup post to @TracingWoodgrains' story of the events here, except with the juicy leaks included and not just a wall of :marseylongpost: :marseylongpost: :marseylongpost:

Since Trace pretty much detailed the whole thing for me already, I'll mainly be focusing on the behind-the-scenes stuff and the juicy inside leaks that he unfortunately failed to deliver.


A few days ago I was DM'd a Groomercord server invite from @Jackal AKA @TracingWoodgrains, who supposedly set up a safe space for all the drama-adjacent furry degenerates that currently plague the site. I declined of course, since I'm not a furry and I assumed this was some sort of doxing or grooming attempt by our local journo friend using the CNN playbook. :marseyjourno: :marseyhacker:


Skipping to yesterday, I had the dastardly plan of ghost awarding Jackal's weekly furry thread in hopes of disrupting the meta furry circlejerking and co-opting of the site. They didn't exactly respond well to this, and responded by bitching to Carp to get ghost awards nerfed and/or removed entirely so they could continue to namestrag and attention-whore while posting their weird fetish porn. Unfortunately Carp being the closet furry he is, kowtowed to the pressure and offered up a sitewide poll to determine the fate of ghost awards. When the voting didn't go his way however, Carp decided to then print off a frickton of ghost awards and plaster the whole site with them in hopes of causing a large annoyance, before opening up a second poll in hopes that his tomfoolery would be able to swing the vote in the furries' favor this time around - which in the end still ended with a plurality of users wanting to leave ghost awards unchanged. I'm sure the majority of you were around to see all this for yourself though. :marseythumbsup:


Whilst this big shitshow was going down however, I recalled the Groomercord invite that Jackal had sent me prior and realized they must have been coordinating their plans in there. Out of curiosity, I shot Jackal a reply asking for a new invite since the old one had expired - unsurprisingly, I was told that I was suddenly no longer welcome to see what secrets were waiting within, and he used two rather strange and flimsy excuses to why: one that I'm apparently a dangerous potential dox-sperg now because I happen to have a Kiwifarms account like the majority of dramatards, and two because I had previously banned one of their members from rdrama for a week for posting porn of an "aged up" version of the child-coded furry videogame character Ralsei. :marseyconfused:


This is the character in question for reference - I've been asked to keep a neutral stance on this topic, so it's up to the denizens of rdrama if you think this act constitutes as libertarianism or not.


Not to be dissuaded however, I was easily able to bribe one of the more impressionable furtwinks in their ranks to provide me screenshots of the hot gossip going on in their secret grooming circle, with a promise of disgusting erotic furry roleplay in return which was left unfulfilled. :marseysmug3: What I discovered will (not) shock you!



So it turns out I truly live rent-free in the minds of every furry dramatard that somehow found their way here. They had been talking about me non-stop for hours and were devising different gay-ops in hopes of getting me demopped/evicted from the site, all because I ghosted awarded their gay little circlejerk thread. Little did they know I tend to have a talent for getting into private groomercord cliques and proceeding to leak all their r-slurred nonsense. :marseyglow:

Note: I've decided to omit a bunch of typical furry coomer garbage, as while it's disgusting, it's the same shit you'll find in any run-of-the-mill gay furry groomercord.

Conspiring about the mass ghosting which occurred yesterday:





There was also plenty of gossip about yours truly, and their paranoia slowly began to bounce off each other until they started to convince themselves that I'm a deranged serial killing doxer that was ready to swat them all at a moment's notice. Rude!












Eventually this schizo paranoia culminated in our mildly neurodivergent friend @Suicidal_Tendies attempting to coordinate a gay-op where tried to convince a bunch of furries to paypig, in hopes of then pressuring Carp/Aevann to revoke my mop and get me removed from rdrama. It's a shame this plan fell through, because it would've been funny to let them all hand over their neetbux to the site first before getting told to kick rocks and having all their shit leaked afterward. :marseysmug2:






After compiling screenshots for a couple of hours, my lurking PoC acquaintance @SneedCityUSA - whom I had been watching this unfold with - decided he wanted in on the action. He used the 67000 dramacoin generously gifted to him through reparations to start grass awarding the main culprits of the furcel conspiracy, including messages about the server's intimate happenings in the process which gave away the game that there was an imposter among them. :marseyimposter: :marseytwerking:

Predictably, the whole server rapidly descended into seething, paranoia and infighting. :marseysmug3:





Eventually they decided @of_blood_and_salt was the most sussy and kicked him from the server, which unfortunately meant I could no longer collect any more screenshots to show here. :marseycry:


At this point though I was already getting bored of this pathetic groomercordcel nonsense and just sent the server invite to Carp, where he found out all his furry-friends were shit-talking him behind his back whilst at the same time begging for his help against the ghost awardings. :marseylaugh:



@Jackal REKT

@TracingWoodgrains DOUBLY REKT

@Soren REKT

@Jaukea REKT

@SparkBrave REKT

@of_blood_and_salt REKT

@Corvus REKT

@AshiahTheEgyptianCat REKT

@Suicidal_Tendies REKT

@Lycanroc REKT

@ThreeLetterAgent REKT

@adiosamigo REKT


:marseyjam: Thanks for playing! :marseyjam:

EFFORTPOST [Effortpost] Korea's presidential election: Who would make the most dramatic first lady?

It’s the day of the Korean presidential election. The nation is at a crossroads, choosing who will lead it for the next 5 years. Korean voters must weigh important issues of policy, ideology, and personal character when make their decision. But we don’t, so instead of talking about Korea-USA-Japan relations or the Daejang-dong scandal, let’s take a look at the drama queens who the candidates married.

Kim Hyekung



We start out with the 55-year old wife of the left-wing candidate. There’s really not much to say here. She’s just your typical corrupt politician’s wife. When her husband was mayor of a major city she had a few members of his staff assigned to her as full-time personal servants. Among other favors, they took a government credit card and did all of her shopping for her, allegedly spending as much as $100,000. And when she wanted some kind of girlpills but didn’t want the prescription to be in her name, she had one of these servants get a prescription for it.

Kim Keonhee



There’s nothing typical about this 49-year old girlboss who married the candidate for the right-wing party. She’s been stirring up a typhoon of drama and seething.

The first big scandal to hit was over her slightly embellishing her resume. In Korea that generates an incredible amount of seething compared to just straight-up stealing money, so it became a huge campaign issue. She publically apologized, but this only raised more questions. Was she really being sincere, or was she wearing too much makeup to truly feel remorse?



What do you think? Is this bow sincere enough?


As the bitterly-fought campaign continues, rumors swirl that our second Ms. Kim is quite fond of shamans. What is a shaman in the Korean context? There are fortune tellers who follow traditions dating back many centuries to before the arrival of foreign religions. Think of it kind of like if European pagans actually still existed. Kim seems to be surrounded by a lot of people who follow those ancient traditions mixed in with Daoism, Buddhism, and just plain old nonsense.



If you don’t dress like this, you ain’t reading my fortune.

The rumors really blow up when her husband is seen at a debate with the Chinese character for king (王) written on his palm. He insists that one of his fans just wrote it on him because he was doing some real king shit. It’s unclear if he also handed him a crown and said “you dropped this”. The public was skeptical of this explanation and assumed it was some kind of good luck charm.



Seems perfectly normal.

Attention was drawn to various figures hanging around the campaign, like some guy known as Jeon who was caught on video acting like he was part of the staff. The excuse this time was that he’s a Buddhist monk so there’s nothing strange going on, but the Buddhists disavowed any knowledge of him. Some weirdo youtube guru also claims to be mentoring the candidate.



Master Cheongong looks like a level-headed guy.

Phone Conversations


The drama that had been building up for months explodes when the phone conversations come out. Our heroine Kim had spent several hours on the phone discussing the most sensitive details or her life and her husband’s campaign with a left-wing youtuber, who of course recorded all of it and dumped it all online when it would be most damaging. Why would someone willingly reveal so much to the opposition during a presidential campaign? I guess that’s just how much women like to talk about themselves?

It’s clear from these recordings that the rumors about shamans are well-founded. Kim insists that she doesn’t actually like shamans, she prefers pondering the meaning of life with Daoist and Buddhist cranks and getting her fortune telling from them. For example, she is already planning to move the guest room at the presidential residence because a Daoist master told her it has bad feng shui. More disturbingly, she reveals that she and her husband have made many crucial decisions in their lives and careers based on hocus pocus. It’s even what brought the two together. They both share a gift for clairvoyance. More than just a power couple, they’re a supernatural power couple!



Artist’s rendition of what Kim may look like after she has leveled up her power a bit more.

The phone call provides a lot of other bonus drama, most notably her explaining that the right-wing party isn’t getting metooed nearly as hard as the left because they do a better job of paying off their accusers.

The Pettiest Issues

Despite all this, my favorite drama about her is the pettiest kind. The Korean left can be quite socially conservative, especially when they’re trying to tear down a woman they hate. There’s been a number of accusations about her being too uppity and failing her responsibilities as a good housewife.

A top politician in the opposing party Mr. Song claimed that if her husband was elected, she would be secretly in control of him. The evidence? She speaks to him using an informal mode of speech. This generated some controversy when her defenders pointed out that women now don’t speak to their husbands in a formal tone because they’re not living in medieval times, and maybe Song was being really weird and MGTOWy. Song then backpedaled and claimed that he wasn’t being sexist, and in fact he speaks formally to his wife because she’s a couple years older than him, which just sounds even weirder.

They throw out everything they always say about women. She might have worked at a hostess bar when she was young. She admits to having had plastic surgery, an utterly shocking thing for a Korean woman to do. And finally we get to her greatest sin of all. When she moves into the presidential residence there will only be the pitter patter of 4 cats’ paws because Kim is childless.

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