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This post here convinced them to give me full access :star:

Stay tuned for excitement! I'll wait until they actually get some stuff together to start dumping content en masse. Might just pull the whole server again. We'll see how hysterical they get.

update: I am not able to see some channels but it's okay I still have access to them and am making this known!!!

update: I have created cognitive dissonance by spreading "FUD"?? which google says means "fear, uncertainty, doubt"

update: I am testing the waters in another channel

update: The Jannie Letters are now being discussed

update: My main has now been banned for posting content it did not have access to, like that is going to do something, somehow? Leaks to follow once they get a game plan going. They're currently considering NSFWing all their subs because ads aren't served on NSFW subs which is actually a really good idea. Though they're afraid to do this because they might get demopped by Reddit.

Last words, as seen from yet another account. Fittingly it was a train who banned me.

https://discord . gg/mKudvApxD5 - invite link.

Get in fast, Wuz is going to link this thread there for the craic.

Remove the spaces around the .
They really did not like this thread and so they've revoked the general purpose invite link. New one to follow if they reissue a new one and don't smarten up. They're in a tizzy now combatting leaks that haven't even happened yet instead of doing their union larp.

I have made this thread public to be sporting. Meeting in a few, updates on hold UFN.

Final preview:

Imagine being a webdev and being reached out to by a volunteer internet janitor of some subforum on a gay orange messageboard lol



Multi-page discussion about the scaaaaary fish in one of their secret channels. I was banned and never had access to this but I can still see! Get it together @femilip! :marseyraging:

"rdrama never changes" indeed @demmian :#marseypipe:

And now we discuss rDrama!

There is a 100% chance it will be leaked, @JayRy27. I told you all this when I first joined the server and was given limited access. Femilip decided to yall me instead of accepting generously given, excellent advice. And now we're doing this again. Are you happy?

Yeah, paywalling the API is super gay, but you know what else is super gay? You, @LunarOlympian :na:

Why are you "ramp[ing] up the verification"? You guys were all just talking about how leaks aren't a problem because this is so popular!

Even when they're trying to be mean it just makes you want to take their lunch money and dunk their heads in the toilet even more. Also! Stop using the default Midnight theme here dummies, we have much more beautiful themes once you're logged in. Dramblr is amazing! So is Coffee! And Tron!

And here are their AI-generated "open letters" which they, somehow, couldn't write themselves and are forming committees to discuss how to improve them? N8 only proposed AI generating the letter as a joke but these tards ran with it lol.

The leaks will continue until my main is unbanned and given full access to all channels so that I may be a charitable voice of reason.

Newest as of 13:27 EST


https://discord . gg/34mHx6RZ

Remove the spaces.

minor update

@sir I tried to send you a message but it says I need to be groomcord e-friends with you before we can talk

and you're not accepting my add, so I guess I'll just respond here:

ONE: rDrama actually has an extremely robust slur and profanity filter, which users can toggle on and off. Both are on by default and on for logged out users. Like see here? BIPOC. That is THE N WORD. I typed the N word. But it will appear for you as "BIPOC" - there's a LOT of these, both for actual abusive language and for just cheeky things, like Discord being changed to groomcord and such.

TWO: We actually have native support for multiple communities! You can see this both here and on Here they're called Holes and function much like subreddits, but with way more features. They're user-created and user-run. For example: /h/toomanyxchromosomes (women ☕) and /h/slackernews (tech stuff). On WPD, they function differently and they're just called Flairs and they're used for categorizing content for easy access and/or filtering. WPD's are admin-created and admin-run.

A mostly-comprehensive list of rDrama's features can be found here:

It's very impressive! And completely free and open source! We're banned from GitHub because of course we are, but you can find it all on Gitea here - Feel free to fork! We'll even build new features and stuff for you if you'd like. Maybe even for free. Our only requirement is that you don't remove Marsey, the cat mascot. You can definitely use different Marseys though; we've got over 2500 already and are always adding more user-created ones. But at least one must be present.


Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.

14:04 small update

Arkontas! I have more accounts verified in there than I even remember now! But I have a helpful textfile with a list of credentials for them so it's not really an issue. Please accept my add so we can chat!

update: He has accepted my chat and we are having a nice discussion though I am in another meeting now. Groomcord handle removed at his request.

I don't even need to be signed into any of these at this point. I am getting inundated with screenshots from other people lol

how do you do fellow hatecircle members?

14:15 EST - rDrama isn't a problem but also we need to keep this hidden from rDrama :mars#eygigathonk:

They keep going on endlessly about how it's not a secret and rDrama isn't a problem but they also keep revoking the invite link so no one can see it.

Will post new update link when available.

I already did that dummy! I'll repost here at the current end:

Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.


Also old but hi again @BuckRowdy!!!

As requested, you are in the screenshot @I_POGCHAMP_INFANTS. I remember you from the NNN leaks! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Super minor

Not even updating the timestamp in the flair over it, but posting the invite link here and showing them this thread functioned exactly as intended and they are now having to deal with constant requests to generate unique invites (for free!) to bring their jannie friends, since the general purpose invitation concept has been removed:

15:05 EST - They got our boy greg @hoodatninja :marseylibations:

They're also BRIGADING. Moderators! Brigading!!!

@SkorpioSound is the only one with a conscience smdh


15:50 EST - @LunarOlympian is going bigbrain mode :marseybigbrain#:

@TheSpookiestUser who has provided several new sidebar images is getting ready to quit over all the leaks :marseydepressed:


Demoralization sets in :marseygiveup:

16:00 EST - rDrama is now a no-no word :nono:

16:06 EST The abyss stares back

Watching @TheSpookiestUser's slow descent into madness has been a real treat:

Annnnd @LunarOlympian who said he was going to infiltrate rDrama but gave up without making an account is assuring the other jannies that the verification is working just fine :marseymisinformation#:

16:57 They've just been wordswordswords :marseysleep:posting for awhile now but /u/nerdshark is extremely unhappy with something that I'm not reading lol

/u/nerdshark's most recent comment on Reddit is...

and then he jannied the very popular thread, locking AND deleting it lest people stop spending all day on the subreddit for an imaginary disorder :star:

Anyway here's the current level of discussion:

Incredibly boring.

Forbes started covering it this morning though, unrelated to Reddit's volunteer janitors:


u/nerdshark just posted this while I was making this update. What's he got in his closet? Is he a pedophile? Crypto nazi? Did he once call something gay? Let's find out!

Hilariously, digging through your post history would be a million times easier if you got your way and pushshift came back. If you do win this, I am excited to see what we find!

17:07 /u/nerdshark has some weirdly specific fears about porn and children :marseyhmmm:


@Xyreo what's going on big guy?

Infant puncher guy why are you defending pedos? AGAIN??

Sharky appears to have jannie clout that infant rapist guy does not. This is getting ACTUALLY DRAMATIC now.

17:14 The pedo saga concludes with "ummm guys we have a confirmed pedo who sends porn to and hits on kids here but that's not really relevant, can we please stay on topic?"

17:16 lol oops sharky confused "xyreon" with "blocks" who he confused with "cocacola"

and it keeps getting better as /u/MotleyBlondie comes out swinging with :marseyakshually#: the boy was 16 so it's not pedophilia

But let's get back on topic :marseyshrug:

It all falls apart... :#marseydisintegrate:

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EFFORTPOST Laughing at a dying company's dying game :marseymeangirls:: The fall of Team Fortress 2 :marseytf2spygenocide:

Hi dramafrens!! :#marseywave2:

Have any of you heard of this obscure little indie game company called Valve? You may have heard of them from niche titles such as:

Half-Life :#marseyfreeman:

Portal :#parrotportalblue::#parrotportalorange:

Only the biggest gaming platform of all time, Steam :steamhappy#:

But today we're talking about a game very close to my heart: Team Fortress 2! :marseytf2heavypat: Valve's hit first person class-based team shooter is an iconic game, earning it a place of glory amongst all vidya and entrenching it in internet and meme culture, and even a somewhat recent meme trend depicting the TF2 characters as buff, totally heterosexual Wagnerite Ziggers has produced some of the shiniest gemeralds of all time :gem:

(video courtesy of @CREAMY_DOG_ORGASM_fan17)

It's really close to my all time favorite game and definitely my most played. Countless hours were sucked from my childhood :marseybib: as baby me learned to use my first slurs whenever I came across a particularly annoying enemy Demoman :marseysnappynraged:

Which is why it's all the sadder that I'm now talking about its spectacular fall from grace.

:marseygrimreaper: The Beginning of the End :marseygrimreaper!:

Meet Your Match :marseybrap:

TF2 had a reputation of being a quite regularly updated game, with a major content release happening around 3-5 times a year. Besides usual gripes from boomers :marseyboomer: these updates were pretty well received, and I certainly have held a positive view of almost all of them although that could just be me yearning for my teenage years.

However, on July 7th of 2016 the most controversial TF2 update to date released: Meet Your Match.

Before this update all TF2 players would play the game through a generic server browser. Valve ran their own public servers right alongside all the community made ones, and filtering for a server you wanted was incredibly easy and streamlined. You could filter by player count, full/empty, whether or not the server used the shitty Valve Anti-Cheat, whether custom decals were allowed, you name it. Everything was hosted on the server browser, it held everything from official Valve servers to servers run by the dregs of society. I fondly remember joining a server when I was about 11 running a map that had furry porn plastered all over the walls :marseybutt2: you never forget your first time, !furries.

So what did Meet Your Match change? Well, it didn't remove the server browser. Not outright. But it did take all official Valve-ran servers off the browser and move them into a shitty matchmaking system :marseybangfast: No longer could you filter for a specific Valve server running your favorite map, you now have to queue up for matchmaking in a party with up to five friends (no more just joining your friends through Steam or the server browser!), have a certain list of maps selected, and pray to god :marseypraying: it lands you in a game within the next 15 minutes. Even worse, since the matchmaking system's job is to get you into a game by any means necessary, it could land you in a game with no players or a game about to end and switch maps to a shitty one you don't like. Additionally those official Valve servers got way shittier, due to the removal of the ability to switch teams, removal of sprays (basically the ability to plaster a custom image onto any surface you want :marseyevilgrin:), and the increasingly outdated Valve Anti-Cheat system being easier to exploit by cheaters. Oh, and those five friends you get to party up with? :marseypolyamory: They will only be on your team, meaning you can only have friendly competition with these friends if somebody gets auto-balanced (which remember is a necessity since you can't change teams manually to even the balance :marseyeyelidpulling:)

That server browser still exists, but it's been relegated to its own separate tab and no longer has any Valve-ran games on it. That would be fine if you don't like Valve servers, (and who would? :marseyno:) but the average TF2 player is just going to hit “find game” and not bother with the server browser, leaving a bunch of half-empty, struggling community servers—not to mention that most of the community servers are shit themselves, but for other reasons; no way in heck am I downloading 13 trillion Touhou reskin mods just to play on a shitty weeb server! :marseysick: :soyno:

The update understandably made a lot of people upset, me included! But we had no idea how much worse it was going to get.

Jungle Inferno, or, Pain of Neglect :marseysleep:

Released on October 20th of 2017, Jungle Inferno was a pretty bog-standard update, as far as things go. A few new weapons, some balances, a few new maps which were mostly shitty, we've all heard it before. The problem? It was the last time Valve would do anything significant with the game. Any updates past Jungle Inferno were repeating seasonal events, and the last Saxxy Awards (the TF2 community's version of the Oscars, where people would create kino animations using Valve's Source Filmmaker) ever to be held to this date :marseycrying:

“But Shelly,” you might ask, “you said there were still seasonal event updates! Surely stuff was being added then, right? :marseynerd2:” Well, yes. But it wasn't Valve. Every Halloween :marseypumpkin: and Christmas :marseyimmaculate: Valve would have some intern scour the top rated maps, cosmetics, weapon skins, and taunts from the community workshop. So surely game's health is in the community's hands, and doing alright, yes? Well…

All of this shit was just bad, frankly. :marseydisagree: Often times the skins had missing textures, the cosmetics were r-slurred and unwanted or even outright broken, the taunts didn't work, all things that could go weeks without being fixed. Besides, hats and skins don't affect the gameplay!

Well maps do affect the gameplay. But they were all shittier even than the skins! A prime example is Wutville, a community made Christmas map. I think I'll let this image of the first attacker spawn and the known bugs list speak for themselves.

So we have a map that is basically a long, sniper-heaven corridor with no flank routes, tons of bugs, and is a visual fricking mess to boot! :marseyitsallsotiresome: And this is just one extreme example of many broken community maps; don't even get me started on Bread Space, which started the defending team out facing the wrong way, so half the team would obliviously walk the entire way back to their last point in the setup phase! :marseylaugh: It was obvious that Valve was not bothering to playtest anything they were putting into the game, let alone make it themselves.

Why was Valve refusing to work on such an influential title? Despite all their decisions the TF2 player counts were continuing to grow, almost suspiciously so… (more on that later :marseywink:) surely if Valve put in the effort they could bring ever more players in and just get that much more money from anyone participating in its famous economy. It has a lot to do with their company work philosophy: on the outside, they claim to avoid “treadmill work” :marseyeyeroll: and prioritize employee freedom :marseyrevolution: by letting them work on any projects they had passion for. Beneath this stupid pseudo-commie work structure however everyone knew Valve operated on the principle of “Do nothing and let Steam make us infinite money.” They didn't need to work on TF2 because it made them zero billions of dollars. :marseyshrug:

Attack of the Machines :marseysnappyenraged2:

The Sniperbots :marseypedosnipe:

In 2020, there was a source code leak, leading many people to fear the worst. A lot of rumors were in the air at this time, everything from exploits in the code being used to hack accounts to even in-game doxxing. While none of these ever really came true, there was certainly an opportunity for cheaters to exploit a vulnerability in the game. And exploit they did!

A bit of background is needed. Basically there are nine classes in TF2, but out of all of them none is more powerful than the Sniper. With two clicks he can instantly kill 5 out of those 9. In a game played by humans, the main barrier to playing Sniper is the human player's skill and ability to quickly land those instakill headshots. A good player can theoretically steamroll the entire enemy team only by playing Sniper, but nobody but the most turbovirgin neurodivergents could ever hope to reach the skill level needed.

A robot though… :marseythinkorino:

With the game's guts on display for the world to see, people naturally quickly made programs that could run an account on TF2 playing sniper, which would proceed to walk straight into combat and land every headshot, wiping the entire enemy team :marseywtf2: but it wouldn't just be one, it would be five, ten, fifteen sniperbots with absolutely zero counterplay pooping up entire game servers. As expected, these bots were also equipped with the latest in slur technology :marseyracist: and would frequently call votekicks on human players :marseyban:

It was a dark time, and still is. These bots are still running around, and the game is absolutely unplayable outside of peak hours. The bots don't stray outside of casual matchmaking so community servers are fine, but the same problems I already highlighted with those servers still exist today :marseysad:

Valve managed to “fix” the slur-spamming problem by removing chat permissions for all free to play players. :marsey1984: I don't think I need to mention why this is a bad idea. In addition to that the bots aren't really fixed, they still flood casual servers and kick every human player out. To this day, it seems Valve has no intention of actually fixing this issue.

#SaveTF2 :soysnoo:

The problem eventually became Reddit's problem. /r/tf2 is the epitome of a modern day vidya subreddit, astroturfed to heck, filled with shitty memes and r-slurred redditors who think they can accomplish anything by making smug comments. Their solution to the bots, the content drought, and the general decline of the game? Be heckin' wholesome 100 about it, and start a hashtag :marseysoylentgrin:

The SaveTF2 movement started with the general goal of getting Valve to fix their darn game. Get rid of the bots was the first priority, and after that people generally thought that Valve would notice TF2 as profitable with the surge of new players coming into a fresh, shiny, bot-free classic game! :marseyglitter: After all, TF2 was still reaching record numbers of concurrent player counts, (:marseywink:) imagine what new heights it could reach from there!

It became fully Redditized incredibly quickly. Constant mentions of Valve and Valve developers on Xwitter, :marseyeyeroll: r-slurred “spread the word” posts all over reddit in unrelated subs, :marseyeyeroll2: and getting the voice actors to go along with their shitty memes :marseyjerkoffsmile: are just a few of the regular Keanu Chungus redditor actions you would expect from such a movement.

The Valve Response :marseylaugh:

In May of 2022, the TF2 Twitter account posted this:

This lead many to rejoice in the triumph of the SaveTF2 movement. Honestly things were looking pretty… hopeful? Maybe the Reddit activism got to them? After years and years of total radio silence it looked like Valve might actually care about this ‘dead game' that continued to grow.

An update was promised and actually… delivered? In July of 2023, TF2 players got the Summer Update! What was in this update, you ask?

  • Community-made cosmetics

  • Community-made skins

  • Community-made maps

Sound familiar? :marseysmug3: But hey, at least the wholesome reddit seal was added into the game! :wholesomeseal: (No, I'm not joking)

This satisfied the redditors though, and the SaveTF2 movement gradually lost momentum, sputtered, and died. All the while, the bots still ran free.


On April 30th of this year, a long time TF2 YouTuber by the name of ZestyJesus woke up and dropped the fattest trvthnvke ever made on the TF2 community:

For those of you who don't want to watch an hour long video, :marseywords: the TL;DR is that after scraping years of data from third party sites and even neurodivergentally collecting his own information, this guy came to a frightening conclusion… You know how I said that despite everything, in spite of the bots, the content drought, the shitty community made updates, in spite of all of it, TF2's player count continued to grow?

In the video, this guy provides pretty darning evidence that over 70% of TF2's reported players… are bots. :marseypearlclutch: But not those sniper bots I've been talking about previously! No, these bots exist specifically to sit in private servers with TF2 running in text-mode (no graphics to reduce RAM usage) and periodically receive item drops, courtesy of Valve's age old gacha system. These bots then sell these items for irl money, inflating both the in-game economy and the reported player counts. The actual player counts? Declining, and had been since Meet Your Match.

ZestyJesus took aim at the Redditors in his closing statements in the video, highlighting how much of a massive failure SaveTF2 was and what an embarrassment it was that the movement lost steam as soon as Valve threw them a bone that looked and tasted exactly like all the other bones they had been thrown for seven years.

So naturally, the redditors crawled out of the woodwork.

#FixTF2: The Redditor Strikes Back :marseysoyhype:

Not taking any hints as to the actual point of the ZestyJesus, some clown by the name of WeezyTF2 releases this video:

Basically he's just saying the movement needs to start again with a different name. TF2 players, still stunned from the TRVTHNVKE fallout, have begun clinging onto this new movement as of late. It basically just involves a lot more whining, which at least does more than the reddit activism they were doing before.

Another YouTuber by the name of shounic, who mostly does explanations of the game's mechanics and code :marseyneko: released this video a mere day ago, highlighting all the barriers to actually fixing the game and all the pitfalls this new movement could fall into:

And at around this time TF2 starts getting massively review bombed!!

At least reviews are an actual form of protest. But what about other Valve games? It appears that Half-Life 2 has also been the target of a few stinkers! :marseyshitlover:

Surely this will go well.


Redditors suck and I hate them all. I hope Valve does something with my favorite childhood game but honestly I'm not holding my breath. I think Valve realizes they're probably going to make more money from their newest Overwatch-clone slop than they could ever make from fixing TF2.

And if they don't? They have the money. Steam will bail them out.

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EFFORTPOST How The Unix Haters Won :marseypenguin: :marseykernelpanic: :!marseyraging:

Chances are if you are using a device in 2024 you have likely touched a Unix systems: your phone, your appliances, and web serves are all using UNIX or UNIX likes. Created in the mid 70s at Bell labs, primarily by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, Unix was a multi user multi tasking operating system built for mainframe computers. It was built on a philosophy of simplicity where a set of small programs which each did one thing well would be able to communicate together to accomplish more complex tasks.

It was originally built just for software development but became more popular as it was licensed out to various universities, governments, and corporations (due to AT&Ts relationship with bell labs they could not sell UNIX directly but had to license it to other parties). Most famously was BSD by Berkley which lives on as the BSD line of OSes. One of these licenses was sold to Microsoft who then created Xenix, which was then sub licensed to other parties making it briefly the most popular UNIX version until it was oudated with UNIX 4 and 5 by AT&T and Sun.

At the same time Microsoft had made a deal to provide a lighter OS for IBM's line of personal computers since they were to under powered for Unix so they hired Tim Paterson who had created 86-DOS for Seattle Computer Products Intel Machines to port the DOS system to IBM PCs, IBM PC DOS, and bought the DOS rights from him creating MS-DOS. An under powered 16 bit single tasking piece of shit. Microsoft positioned DOS as the companion to XENIX with the two being compatible and hoped to eventually make DOS identical to single user XENIX called XEDOS. Until Bell labs broke up and AT&T could just start straight up selling UNIX V which blew XENIX out of the water.

With DOS being so shit MS began working with IBM on a new OS called O/S 2 to replace DOS. Eventually the culture clash got to be too much and the success of the DOS based Windows 3 convinced to continue with DOS while IBM kept OS/2. As powerful multi processing OSs which could multi task effectively became common competitors like Sun UNIX line, OS2, OpenVMS, and Next Step offered better multi processing more power and backwards DOS support.

In this soup is where the Unix Haters mailing list emerged. It ran from around 1988 to 1993 and was a place for people to rant about UNIX. This was collected in the 1994 book The UNIX-HATERS Handbook. I think the motive of the Unix Haters becomes clear when you look at who wrote the intro for the book, Don Norman, a user experience engineer at Apple. The Unix Haters view Unix as a inhuman, inaccessible dinosaur which is used not because it is intuitive or user friendly but because it was first and now its everywhere. The book is mostly a polemic of rants about bad experiences and vivid metaphors:

Ken Thompson has an automobile which he helped design. Unlike most automobiles, it has neither speedometer, nor gas gauge, nor any of the other numerous idiot lights which plague the modern driver. Rather, if the driver makes a mistake, a giant “?” lights up in the center of the dashboard. “The experienced driver,” says Thompson, “will usually know what's wrong.”


In a previous job selling Lisp Machines, I was often asked about Unix. If the audience was not mixed gender, I would sometimes compare Unix to herpes—lots of people have it, nobody wants it, they got screwed when they got it, and if they could, they would get rid of it. There would be smiles, heads would nod, and that would usually end the discussion about Unix.


I have a natural revulsion to any operating system that shows so little planning as to have to named all of its commands after digestive noises (awk, grep, fsck, nroff).


If the designers of X Windows built cars, there would be no fewer than five steering wheels hidden about the cockpit, none of which followed the same principles—but you'd be able to shift gears with your car stereo. Useful feature, that.


Q. Where did the names “C” and “C++” come from?

A. They were grades.

In between these metaphors are the same few points made over and over again: 1. Unix commands do not follow logical names for instance grep searches files, awk is a text replacement as is sed, cat concatenates files and/or displays constants to the command line, fsck checks file systems ect. This is a mostly pedantic argument since any experienced Unix user knows these by heart its also pointless in the internet age and only really applies to first time non programmers. 2. Pipes are too limited and difficult to use as they only go one way and transfer text as is the bash shell since allows for custom programs with unique syntax. The authors compare this to Macintosh which has independent programs with their own discreet files:

When was the last time your Unix workstation was as useful as a Macintosh? When was the last time it ran programs from different companies (or even different divisions of the same company) that could really communicate? If it's done so at all, it's because some Mac software vendor sweated blood porting its programs to Unix, and tried to make Unix look more like the Mac.

The fundamental difference between Unix and the Macintosh operating system is that Unix was designed to please programmers, whereas the Macwas designed to please users.

Unix was literally made for programmers and working Ill say in my own work bash scripting a nice quick and dirty automation tool.

3. RM is a powerful command which does not warn the user of its dangers as using it you can easily destroy a whole system if you make a type while far up the root:

I too have had a similar disaster using rm. Once I was removing a file system from my disk which was something like /usr/foo/bin. I was in /usr/foo and had removed several parts of the system by:

% rm -r ./etc

% rm -r ./adm

…and so on. But when it came time to do ./bin, I missed the period. System didn't like that too much.

Unix wasn't designed to live after the mortal blow of losing its /bin directory. An intelligent operating system would have given the user a chance to recover (or at least confirm whether he really wanted to render the operating system inoperable).

To this I say skill issue plain and simple. Reminds me of a student in another lab whose PI has a strict "no rm" rule for students working on the supercomputer :marseysmug2:.

4. Bad documentation. This mostly came from the At&T commericalization. Pretty much no company wants documentation out there for their commercial OS otherwise you can easily leave the plantation I mean can anyone show me the windows NT 10 kernel documentation?

Beyond that many complaints here are outdated. Whining about usenet speeds? Whining about C++ being as inefficient as COBOL? Whining about x windows being too slow? Whining about Sendmail? Even worse a few years after this book the 1991 Unix like kernal Linux by Linus Torvalds would start to gain massive popularity outliving Unix itself. Eventually Linux would get desktop enviroments which would have options like a trash can for restoring data and Mac like programs while offering a unix like command line system.

The Unix haters hand book is at the end of the day a relic of its time a time when raw At&T commercial UNIX was still a major player and before the GNU/Linux FOSS revolution really took off while some of their complaints remain unaddressed many did and many others just come off as the rantings of fresh faced college noobs or normies who are angry their high end academic programming rig isnt built for r-slurs like 1993 Macintosh (the time when Apple was doing so well they nearly went bankrupt and had to but Next Step in 1996 so Steve Jobs could raid them and replace Mac OS with a good OS like NextStep/OSX).

Still the Unix haters aren't done yet for I haven't mentioned the one true Unix hater. Where we left off in history Microsoft needed a proper 32 bit OS with great multi tasking support so they did what they did best and just stole quality by poaching Dave Cutler from Digital Equipment Corporation who had just made the 32 bit operating system openVMS to make Windows NT.

So Windows NT 3.1 launched a year after DOS 3.1 looking mostly the same but running a heck of a lot nicer since its proper 32 bit with a new NTFS file system and not a 16 bit piece of shit doing programming frickery

When the magic of the windows 9x series happened, remember MS was wringing over 5 years out of a really shitty OS they bought in 1980 when the competition ran so much bettter, NT entered version 4.0 before becoming windows 2000.

After the disaster that was Windows ME on DOS, DOS was fully phased out for the NT kernal with Windows vista and has maintained its status was the Windows kernal up till Windows NT Kernal 10.0 which powers windows 10 and 11.

What does this have to do with Unix Haters? Well Dave Cutler is the ultimate UNIX hater!!

Ballmer reassured him. The bright side was finally --finally-- NT had a large target market. Some portion of Windows owners would adopt NT. This put Cutler in a much better position to define the next generation of PC software, placing him at the apex of technical power in the computer industry. Besides, NT would still meet the goals closest to Cutler's heart: portability, reliability and the ability to provide an alternative to Unix, the splintered high-end operating program.

This last goal was crucial to Cutler. "Unix is like Cutler's lifelong foe," said one team member who'd worked with Cutler for nearly two decades. "It's like his Moriarty [Sherlock Holmes's nemesis]. He thinks Unix is a junk operating program designed by a committee of Ph.D.s. There's never been one mind behind the whole thing, and it shows. So he's always been out to get Unix. But this is the first time he's had the chance."

  • according to the book Show-stopper! : the breakneck race to create Windows NT and the next generation at Microsoft which has never been confirmed by Cutler himself

Still its fun to imagine Cutler slaving away in the Azure and Xbox dungeons content knowing he has stopped the year of the linux Unix desktop ... forever.

Or until Windows 13 ships with the linux kernal running KDE plasma skinned to look like Windows 7 and windows software under compatibility layers.

Or maybe Microsoft, Google, and IBM's funding of GNOME will pay off and once KDE and XFCE are killed linux users will be forced to choose between the ugliest barf tier anti productivity desktop ever or run back into the loving arms of whatever OSX/KDE adware hybrid UI Windows 13 is running. :marseyshrug:

!codecels MAJOR OS DRAMA !cuteandvalid New effort post !zoomers look old OSs all zoomers love neurodivergent old OSs its why we invent slop like haikuOS

!jannies this is an effortpost I just couldnt mark it cause the effortpost tick box doesnt work with drafting and I have so many images I need to draft or furryfox crashes :!marseyfurry: :!marseyfirefox:


Athena, 32

Carter, 25


Personal Life/Career:

  • 3 kids, she had 1 prior to the marriage with another man?

    • 3, 4, and 8

    • 8 year old lives with her father in Florida right now

  • "Tensions are high" pre-filming timestamp

    • Immediate jump into maritial issue kino

    • She sees herself as saving the two of them financially and considering divorce if he doesn't get himself together

    • She's sober 9 years, very into AA, was in military

    • He was sober for a year, met when he was 2 weeks sober :marseyxd:

    • "He's strictly a drug addict" timestamp

      • Is he off drugs?

        • He says "Yeah" she says "No" at the same time :marseyxd:

        • Clarifies that he messes around with psychedelics, she clarifies wit story time about finding him "dead on the floor" four years ago timestamp

        • Mentions missed the birth of his third child because he'd smoked too much weed and had a stomach ache :marseyxd:

          • Hard cut into caleb's grift shilling :marseyemojirofl:
      • Current drug use deets timestamp

        • Mostly Kratom, Weed - "Could be Jamba Juice for a week but nothing's gonna stop him"

        • Some psychedelics too?

      • How he relapsed 4 years ago timestamp

        • She bought a bottle of alcohol to help with an ear infection, someone else suggested this?

          • He chugged it and mixed some opiates
      • She does "hape"

        • "unprocessed tobacco, ash, and different plants from the Amazon Jungle"

        • Both do this but "it's not the same"

        • She works for some Jungle Tribe? She's been there and made it with them? She's "one of their guardians in the world" and distributes it? timestamp

        • Mentions having a stroke where everyone told her she was going to die

          • Brought up again later, says she fixed this "by going into [her] own body" timestamp
    • Had a huge fight two days ago, juicy deets timestamp

      • "I've never smoked crack"

        • "No he smoked Heroin" I think she said heroin the shit getting censored out is annoying. He claims he stopped at 22
      • "I know that if I die tomorrow and there is 500'000 dollars because of my life insurance that I pay I don't trust him with the kids and making the right decisions" timestamp

      • Is it true that he doesn't love her like he used to? timestamp

        • "Doesn't show it like he used to"

        • "Together all the time"

        • He wants to play video games

      • Had a cry a couple weeks ago and took some psychedelics to figure his life out timestmap

        • "2CB" not sure if I heard this right I don't know drugs

        • Decided he needs to not quit his vidya because he will resent her for that?

      • Have they seen a therapist together? timestamp

        • She says - She has tried for years but he doesn't want someone to tell him he's wrong

        • He says - can't afford a babysitter? Too expensive

          • They had 7 cancellations for babysitters but finally got one so they could come on this show?
        • Bickering about money timestamp

          • "oh but we have money for World of Warcraft, we have money for stupid shit like-"

          • "-like massages for my wife"

          • "No okay we're going to go into this because he won't let it go"

          • Combined finances "but he just spends"


  • self-score timestmap

    • Aborted initially to discuss their impending divorce

    • Actual self-score timestamp

      • she says 3 and he says 1

      • he said 7 before but then he watched a couple episodes

      • Mentions that he "adds debt and she doesn't see it" timestamp

        • "I don't even add debt though you can go through and see it"
  • Spent 8'000 to move to Oklahoma timestamp

    • 2 and a half months ago

    • Bickering about who wanted to move

    • He had a 20 hour trip fried his brain and they moved to Oklahoma instead to get a job with his father?

    • She's made $2'000 in May, usually $1'500

      • She "does healing" for the moment - with the magic tobacco?

      • Not setting anything aside for taxes, can't afford to?

    • He makes 2'600 a month (3'000 before taxes)

    • She had a hair license in CA, did not transfer to OK but would have with Florida?

  • She filed for bankruptcy at some point after her stroke? timestamp

    • beginning of 2023?

    • She paid off most of his debt, put things into her name before bankruptcy?

      • had plans to make more money in CA bigger hair salon
    • She had a "successful business"

    • Landlord said he "doesn't work with women" and had serious issues with the building she was in?

    • She usually makes about $100 an hour, 15 hours a week

  • Can their family help out? timestamp

    • His father just had a baby
  • Why not move to Florida? tiemstamp

    • he says moving costs

    • she says relapse

      • she moved out at some point?
  • Combined finances stuff, she took over handling them when she had the stroke, then she took them back after a little but timestamp

    • Total disarray while he was in control

    • Mentions "deferred interest" for paypal, Best Buy

      • "and she says why didn't I pay more than the minimum and I'm like we have no money to pay more than the minimum"

      • "Every time we do have money he thinks it's like okay we can go out and eat we can go get on my red bulls oh not red bulls umm [indescipherable spanish name] every single day"

      • Mentions that she quit her Starbies habit

      • "Like we would have assistance for food and he would spend a lot of that on energy drinks"

  • Credit Card 1 (City Diamond) ($1687) timestamp

    • Minimum payment $56

    • New purchases $43.90

    • $39 interest accrued

    • Lots of Amazon, Apple in-app, Chick-fil-a

      • Apple music?

      • Might be the extra cloud storage for her phone?

      • Some amazon ad-free thing?

    • "We don't go to Chick-fil-a any more"

      • "That's literally the most recent statement!"
  • Credit Card 2 (Discover) (7'000) timestamp

    • Had it paid off but then it wasn't

    • LA apartment was infested with cockroaches deemed unlivable

      • "When we came back from a healing convention-"

      • Some excuses?

    • 2238 new purchases

    • 142 minimum payment

    • 113 interest charged

    • Fair bit of eating out on here, some amazons

    • Salon statements timestamp

      • this is where she buys things and resells them
  • Car 2020 Kai Telluride ($33'400) timestamp

    • Old car got totalled, he got smashed into and pushed into a semi

    • "actually we got a really great deal on it" :marseyxd:

      • She's actually convinced she got a good deal. It's unreal she actually bought hook line and sinker and won't accept she got taken for a ride. Born mark.
    • 72 months, 12% interest?

    • 2021

    • $739 minimum payment

    • good condition but a few scratches in the front, might be small issues inside from kids

    • Something weird where they need checks in paper or they take the interest out of it? Didn't catch this

    • Underwater by $8'000

  • Upped her life insurance? timestamp

  • She mentions that she is a vegan timestamp

  • Jungle Story timestamp

    • Went last year

    • "How'd you afford to go to the jungle?"

      • "Credit cards"
  • $78 on some credit card timestamp

    • World of Warcraft - it auto-renewed without him knowing?

    • pays 6 months

    • He played until 2:30 am yesterday night :marseygamer:

  • "I have a gift" "I am not of this earth I am in human form" timestamp

    • White woman nonsense about restoring the rain forest

    • I see dead people now I don't choose to see it

    • "You don't see them they pass you a message and you give it to the person and they heal I charge $111 for what I do it's not fake"

      • "Trust me I didn't say you couldn't make money off of that" :marseyxd:
    • "Fine, tell me something about my self" timestamp

      • it doesn't work like that :marseyxd:

      • "It's only when I do hape my higher self will talk to your higher self"

    • Producer Noah will be doing hape in the post-show? I refuse to paypig so no idea how this went

  • Credit Card 4 (Priceline) ($91) timestamp

    • A few Amazon purchases

      • She doesn't think they've made any purchases this month?
    • Some movie rent/buying

    • Father of her first child would not let her control the finances timestamp

      • He was breadwinner in that relationship?

      • She shows some sort of organization of her expenses?

      • "Every month I go can we sit down and he hates it" :marseyxd:

      • "He literally became a man when he met me becau-"

  • Credit Card 5 (Best Buy) (1'883) timestamp

    • "Somebody broke his headphones!" :marseyxd:

    • Food, TV, headphones, iPad repair

    • $348 in new purchases

    • $29 in payments

    • $17 interest accrued

    • Based karen moment fighting the employee on the screen protector timestamp

  • She's been applying to jobs timestamp

    • Only applied to 5 so far, can only work evenings and wants specific jobs? May or may not be getting a job with Texas Roadhouse
  • Credit Card 6 (2'442) timestamp

    • $81 minimum payment

    • $72 in new purchases

    • $82 paid

    • $6 interest accrued

    • interest only just started on this

  • Owes money to his grand mother timestamp

    • She will just send money sometimes to bail them out? Separately from that she lent them a lot?

    • already paid back a lot but still owe 4'000 that she wants to

    • Something about taking in some guy from Turkey but booted him "released him with love" timestamp

      • They have a phoneline that he is paying off?
  • She is concerned with the welfare of the plant, she decides "it's dying" timestamp

    • It's not dying.
  • She gets really ill if she drinks starbucks "since the stroke"

  • $1000 on a mattress remaining

    • they partially paid $2000
  • MetaZoo timestamp

    • Spent thousands of dollars on it? irl card game?

    • This what they spent their covid bucks on?

    • They tried to be scalpers during the covid bubble they are so fricking stupid it's unreal

    • they think the kickstarter box is worth $1000?

  • Caleb presses them on whether they've taken responsiblity for anything ever timestamp

Pie chart timestamp

She's getting 20% disabled for VA ($338) timestamp

EFFORTPOST The Fall of RoosterTeeth :soycrychickengenocide: and Fate of RWBY :marseyjwby: — Meta Effortpost Part 3

The RT subreddit jannies have "temporarily" suspended rule 6. Rule 6 says "6. Do not come here to complain about how "RT is dead"."


For the rest of RT's history see my previous effortposts.

Part 1

Part 2

The End of RoosterTeeth :marseygameritsover:

We covered the majority of the reasons why RoosterTeeth eventually went under in the previous post. In this Part 3 I'll wrap up a few points I didn't have room to elaborate on previously before detailing the actual collapse and aftermath. After all there isn't any single climactic scandal or crisis that did them in on its own.

Though the following point did contribute heavily to RWBY's decline.

Animation is Expensive :marseyitsjoever:


— Achievement Hunter

RoosterTeeth didn't have an actual animation department back when they hired Monty Oum for RvB. Monty and some of his "apprentices" handled all of the cgi for RvB seasons 8-10, and the first Volume of RWBY couldn't have had more than fifteen people total behind its animation. The success of RWBY is what created the proper Animation Studio, and going forward it would handle the rest of RWBY and RvB along with a few new IPs RoosterTeeth tried to get off the ground. RT's other animated productions include Camp Camp, Nomad of Nowhere, X-Ray and Vav, S*x Swing, and RoosterTeeth Animated Adventures.

The main show of note however is Gen:LOCK. Out of all the post-RWBY properties, Gen:LOCK was RT's biggest hope of recapturing that lightning in a bottle and was easily the most expensive production. Indeed it's been claimed that Gen:LOCK appropriated funds from other animated productions since its creator also just so happened to be head of the animation department :carpmorshu:

As I mentioned in the first thread, Xoomers were some of the first weebs and American anime is their fault :anticarp: Gen:LOCK creator Gray Haddock had originally only done minor voice work when he started with RT. But that made him a professional compared to everyone else involved with developing RWBY, a very indie show in which RT was turning to their animators, HR employees, and podcasters just to fill out the voice acting roles. Gray voiced :marseyromantorchwick: and was popular enough to have the character stick around for three seasons when he was only meant to be in the first episode. When RoosterTeeth formed their proper animation studio in 2014, Gray was made Head of Animation. He was also a writer and assistant director for RWBY.

Gray grew up watching mecha :marseygundam: and cyberpunk :marseysnappyautism: anime and much like Monty Oum he must have decided at a young age that he'd make his own cool thing if ever he got the chance. As CRWBY (production crew of RWBY) began work on Volume 5 and RT decided on what the best big show would be, Gray pitched his idea for RoosterTeeth's very own robot franchise and used his position over the animation department to give his pitch a few advantages over any others. For one thing he could have the artists draw up concept art on demand :marseycracka:

Gray really wanted Gen:LOCK to be a full blown production comparable less to web shows and more towards network television. Not only would the production costs greatly exceed any previous RT animated endeavor. The show also shilled out for actual talent from SAG-AFTRA. Apparently it really started to come together after a concept artist used Michael B. Jordan as a reference for the main character and Gray sent an email to Jordan's agent.

I should note that at the time Jordan was most well known for the 2015 Fantastic Four movie :ravenstarfirelaughing: so this might explain why RT's random robot pitch was taken seriously. But even though he eventually went and did Black Panther :marseyblackpanther: :marseymoney: he still agreed to work on the project, apparently because he's a huge weeb and liked the idea personally. His company Outlier Society Productions even co-produced the show. Other names attached include Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) Dakota Fanning (Independent movies apparently) Koichi Yamadera (Cowboy Bebop) and David Tennant (Doctor Who)

No, really

Work on Gen:LOCK started in ‘17 at which point Gray left CRWBY to work on Volume 5 without finishing his workload or finding a replacement :marseyderp: He also siphoned both funds and animators from other projects while still demanding every show hit their deadlines. It was at this point that RT started bringing on unpaid interns to finish their animation — more details on this in the "Controversies" section of my second RT effort post.

RWBY Volume 6 and Gen:LOCK were produced together through mandatory crunch time and free labor from interns promised a job at RT after 90 days only to be shown the door as soon their contracts expired :marseytroll: Gen:LOCK's development went well into the red and was pushed back to 2019. It's been estimated that both GL and Volume 6 had about a third of their seasons made entirely for free thanks to not paying overtime. People were working up to 80 hours a week, with management offering empty platitudes about the crunch and how they'd resolve it. The planned number of episodes was cut from 12 to 8. RT had a whole pipeline set up with Full Sail Animation to provide them with yet more interns for the meat grinder.

Finally Gen:LOCK premieres in January as a FIRST exclusive. The show did moderately well in viewership and reviews. A dedicated fandom formed — probably the third largest RT fandom behind RvB and RWBY if that means anything :marseyshrug: — and the show actually made it to syndication on Cartoon Network's Toonami.

But as such an expensive and time consuming production with Hollywood actors attached, Gen:LOCK broke RoosterTeeth's bank and fell into the trap of needing to be a massive, breakout hit in order to make any kind of profit. Since RWBY made a lot of money as an indie success story, RoosterTeeth had hoped something with more budget would make proportionally more profit.

Gen:LOCK was their animation department's biggest misstep and a significant reason why the decline became terminal. Gen:LOCK was simply too expensive and didn't prove to be worth the investment. None of the other shows were runaway successes either. In the grand scheme RT's animation department only served to drain the company's treasury.

In the wake of the show's release RoosterTeeth's ‘19 Glassdoor scandal broke and soured their reputation along with the myth of their being a great company for animators to get their foot in the door. The RT founders had apparently given Gray Haddock a lot of leeway in animation and were unpleasantly surprised to learn how the department had been handled. He resigned soon after and RT never attempted anything this ambitious again.

Gen:LOCK itself wasn't (quite) dead and in October it was announced that Season 2 would initially premiere with HBO Max before becoming available to FIRST members.

But RoosterTeeth simply did not have the capability to make such a show anymore and so HBO was given reins to write and produce while outsourcing the actual animation to the people who did Planet Sheen and Fanboy & Chum Chum. The Ship of Theseus that was season 2 released in November 2021 and, well, I've never heard of anyone who liked it. :marseyreluctant: Modern RWBY may not be great but it at least has an extremely dense fanbase conditioned over years to watch the show uncritically. Gen:LOCK died in its infancy and the few remaining fans mostly just ignore season 2 these days.

People are letting their nostalgia blind them as to what RT was at the time of its death: a corporate entity like any else, with widely documented worker-abuse issues. It's a shame that the studio that once pioneered independent animation on the internet became just another cog in the machine that was thrown out after it became useless, but it did it to itself.


Speaking of RWBY, this show too became more and more expensive with every season and had probably stopped being profitable by the time RT imploded. Volume 9 supposedly cost over 6.6 million to produce and had to be funded with help from Crunchyroll in exchange for an exclusivity deal.

Looking back it's a quiet miracle the show even lasted nine seasons. There was almost never a time something wasn't wrong with RoosterTeeth's animation department. In brief,

V1: No budget lol. The only reason RWBY is a 3D show/got made at all is because Monty was already used to the animation software and wasn't asking RoosterTeeth to go find a studio.

V2: No major problems, but…

V3: Monty dies :marseyrubyrosegenocide:

V4: Switched to another graphics program entirely. Shane's infamous letter also comes out around this time (detailed in the previous post) He and other Monty loyalists are dismissed from the company.

V5: This is when Gray Haddock began taking resources for Gen:LOCK. The volume also had more episodes than usual.

V6: Gen:LOCK problems continued. The Glassdoor scandal happened for RT. Actor Vic Mignogna :marseyqrowbranwen: was also fired from his role on sexual harassment allegations.

V7: No problems, however…

V8: Covid :marseycovidscare: and the Texas power crisis from Greg Abbot's paraplegic witch magic snow storm :marseyabbott: Also a longer season than normal

V9: Continued production issues from Covid. Made at the same time as the Justice League crossover movies. More RT workplace misconduct. Led to a 2 year hiatus.

V10: Isn't even greenlit. I'm bringing it up because CRWBY claimed in early March that preproduction was done and they were waiting for the go-ahead :ayno:

In retrospect cartoons pushed RoosterTeeth to its limit.

Collapsing Influence and Fading Influencers :marseyzoomerimplosion:



In this section we'll discuss the evolution of the podcast half of RoosterTeeth. Many of these changes represented attempts to reverse course on the company's decline or, in the case of some influencers, to get away from the sinking ship.

First I'll bring up the Let's Play family. To clarify, "let's plays" are videos where people would play a video game and, uh... that's it. IIRC they go back to the noughties and predate any real streaming personalities. Let's Play as a proper noun was created by Achievement Hunter as a channel specifically for their relevant let's plays, originally featuring videos from just the main six AH personalities with the videos uploaded to YouTube. As RT grew Let's Play also featured people from Funhaus and other Fullscreen aquired groups like ScrewAttack. Gradually this evolved into a larger network.

On May 31, 2017, it was announced that YouTubers JT Machinima, NoahJ456, LazarBeam, and Steven Suptic (now known as Sugar Pine 7) had joined Let's Play, with JT Machinima being the first of which to have merchandise sold through the RT Store. Others to eventually join include Criken2, James Buckley, BedBananas, Tomato Gaming, ChilledChaos, Retro Replay, Castle Super Beast, GaLm, and Tom Fawkes.

Yeah I haven't heard of most of these people either :marseywoozy: There was also Etika though and I remember him entirely through the rDrama gayop :etika: :marseygossipsmug:

As mentioned previously, the evolution of YouTube and changes made to its policies regarding advertising revenue hurt RoosterTeeth over time. Aside from trying to make up for it by expanding on FIRST and their own website, they noticed the Let's Play "family" had always been a consistent source of income and was relatively less affected by YouTube's evolution. They represented numerous personalities and different kinds of content that still appealed to the ever changing algorithm while having a low overhead that RT wasn't entirely responsible for. RT hoped the Let's Play group would keep them relevant no matter how YouTube continued to evolve.

Unfortunately they never succeeded in cultivating the goal of having this many more Achievement Hunters. The partners that were already hemorrhaging continued to do poorly and others simply declined to renew their contracts as soon as they were up. The successful members must have decided there wasn't much to gain from working with RT. Individual influencers certainly didn't appreciate RT's restrictions on their individual streaming. Ultimately the Let's Play family was pointless.

Funhaus used to be really good before they lost their whole cast and replaced them by the same kind of sanctimonious r-slurs that made the rest of roosterteeth unwatchable.

They removed all the edge that made funhouse great. The new cast would call hr if you tried to make them watch vr gay porn.

-- @OutKongged and @w1n5t0n

This is as good a time as any to bring up how RT podcasts and meta gaming content simply lost SOVL over time. The let's play formula Achievement Hunter pioneered requires entertaining people with chemistry. Parasocialmaxxers want to feel like they're watching friends play a game together. RT started sticking random "influencers" in front of the screen in the hopes of hitting it big on the algorithm, never mind that these were random people who didn't know each other and were always talking over each other. Losing more and more of their originals to scandals and retirement and replacing them with culture warrior/"zoomers like this kind of thing right?" types didn't help either.

The comedy that the original g*mer dudebro demographic liked disappeared and RT never grabbed the limited attention spans of youngins :marseywhirlyhat: to replace them.

I don't think there were any other major RT events and scandals left to cover so we're gonna start skipping ahead. The following developments are recent enough to overlap with the history of :capyblowkiss: and represent some of the final happenings in the history of the company.

In September '23 it was announced that RT's longrunning Achievement Hunter would no longer produce content. The stated reason for this was the entire AH cast moving onto different creative projects throughout Rooster Teeth -- BlackKrystel and Jack getting more involved at Inside Gaming, Ky working behind the scenes, Lindsay doing voice work and Twitch streams for RWBY V-Tubing, :marseypathetic2: and Geoff and Gavin doing the thing mentioned in a following section. Meanwhile Trevor, Michael, Alfredo, and Joe created an entirely new channel called Dogbark, which premiered its first video in October.

Michael and others apparently felt stifled by the AH name but even the RT community wasn't super enthusiastic and the subreddit left comments like the following,

I wish ya'll the best, and I'll give it a fair shot, but this video doesn't instill confidence guys.

Im gonna be honest this trailer just gave me "We're trying to be Smosh" vibes

"The community has consistently told us they dont like scripted shorts or improv bits and want us to just go back to being 4 to 6 friends playing games together and shooting the shit. So we have decided to move to a new channel that is exclusively scripted shorts and improv bits"


great to see them leaning into their weaknesses

Views were never great.

Always Open (aka the finger me podcast)

:marseyitsallsotiresome: DAE vaginas amirite, ladies?

-- @JimieWhales

In December Rt shut down All Good No Worries which was meant to be a network focusing on female fans (And yes :marseytrain:s were involved namely Charlotte from Funhaus) This was also the third and final time the Always Open podcast had been put on pause.

In the wake of Achievement Hunter's dissolution Geoff and Gavin started the FrickFace Podcast with Andrew Panton as well as becoming the new hosts of Let's Play. Some have said this was more akin to old AH because it was back to being a group of RT originals playing the games. This was one of the more active groups in RT's final hours.

The fact that this was announced 30 minutes before the end of rooster teeth

-- /r/frickfacepod

One of the funnier moments of RT's closing :marseymouse: Ratyboy Adventures is a game that Andrew Panton subjected FrickFace to in a Let's Play video. For whatever reason he then decided to buy the rights to the character and so on March 6th, 2024 it was announced that RatyBoy would become the official mascot of Let's Play.

This, erm, news came out just thirty minutes before it was announced RoosterTeeth as a whole would be shutting down :bruh:

Anyway, this is just some noteworthy tidbits from RT's very late history. Remember the true and boring background cause of their collapse was declining ratings and stagnation over time.

The Fall :marseymasterchiefgenocide:

RT's cause of death is via shooting themselves in the foot way too much over the years, or death via a million and one papercuts if you prefer. A studio like theirs surviving twenty-one years should be a success story, but they've been treading water for so long it doesn't feel that way, and despite many fans being upset with WBD, for all we know, they only pulled the plug once RT's brain function fully stopped.

-- /r/RWBYcritics

And now we reach the end. :dumstickdancer:

Since it's not a podcast I'll mention in this section that the last RTX convention was held in ‘23. The majority of the event staff was laid off later that year and in December General Manager Jordan Levin announced the cancellation of RTX 2024. He notably cited that the conventions had never been profitable. This was a major red flag to even the staunchest RoosterTeeth fan since the conventions had always been an important way of promoting projects and making deals with other companies.

Remember Red vs. Blue, the show that started all of this? RT continued making it over the 10's, even after RWBY became the primary IP and even after Bungie's Halo transitioned over to 343 :marseyhelp: After 18 :marseyspitmoji: seasons it was finally announced in July ‘23 that the longrunning web show, the longest in American history besides maybe Homestar Runner :marseytrogdor: would end with the following season. I'm not sure if this was the result of RT's imminent closure or not but the RvB finale ended up being a movie instead of a full season, Red vs. Blue: Restoration. This is set to premiere in May of this year making it one of the last RT productions.

Most people considered RT's announcement to be a long overdue mercy kill to the Halo series people once watched on their CRT monitors :marseyboomer: But it's fitting in the end that Red vs. Blue lasted as long as RoosterTeeth itself.

My favourite quote from the Rooster Teeth subreddit today:

For me personally, Rooster Teeth shutting down feels like the equivalent to an ex-spouse getting killed in an accident.


The decision to shut down RoosterTeeth came from Warner Bros Discovery. As far as I know there isn't a specific reason why it was closed down last month other than a simple case of bean counters taking a hard look at the data. Warner Bros itself has been having money issues lately and under the reign of Daddy Zaslav they've been slashing expenses left and right. 2023 saw RoosterTeeth announce that RTX was unprofitable, the end of Achievement Hunter, the end of Red vs. Blue, and the admission RWBY's last two seasons had gone over budget and that the show itself wouldn't have continued without Crunchyroll's support. It's not hard to see why WB didn't let it go on another year.

Everything RT that still exists; Funhaus, Frickface, The RoosterTeeth Podcast (Formerly The Drunk Tank), CRWBY, and whatever else is currently being looked over by WB execs (picture that for a moment :mjlol:) IPs like RWBY and Gen:LOCK are allegedly being shopped around for potential buyers alongside the podcast and gaming networks.

Worth noting that on April 8th it was announced the Roost Podcast Network (not the same as the regular RoosterTeeth Podcast :marseyconfused2:) had been sold by WB to Night, a digital talent management company. I think this represents the first sale of a former RT property.

I'll also clarify that March 6th was only the shut down announcement date and that RT is going to continue operating until early May. This might be because Texas law requires employers to give at least 60 day notices before layoffs actually start. Funhaus and Frickface at least will continue until then and the RvB movie is supposedly still coming out.

Late Stage RWBY :marseyjwby:

RT died with a whimper, and RWBY died with a teenage girl committing suicide because she gave up hope and nobody cared about her, which was very prophetic if you ask me. Salem's goal was the world's longest suicide note, which is fitting because that's what happened to RWBY and RT as a whole.


You may be wondering how RWBY was doing throughout all this? As evidenced by the thread quotes RWBY fans had gotten a little unhinged by the time the show's last volume rolled around. The fandom divide was thoroughly entrenched and people started acting like very soy echoes of dramanauts. RWBY became less a show and more a vector for online antics where the terminally online would fling :crap: at each other and celebrate if anything happened to the other side :marseyreportmaxxer2: Honestly the evolution of the FNDM's "culture" could be its own effortpost but it's also kind of hard to translate for normie comprehension :marseysphinx:

Regarding the civil war, those hardcore fans rabidly loyal to CRWBY — largely represented by showrunners Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross — are known for having parasocial relationships with crew members not so unlike people who followed specific AH or Funhaus personalities. The writers preferred to interact with them over any unfair and mean spirited critics :marseyindignant: and certain developments like Blake and Yang being together :marseydose: are accused of being bones of appeasement thrown their way for ratings. The most hardcore CRWBY stans outright hate Monty and basically anyone who left the show's development for any reason because they're not seen as part of current RWBY.

The other half are the heckin chud critics — though really it's about one part :chudjakdancing: one part :marseysoylentgrin: and two parts :marseypizzashill: :marseylongpost: but for fantasy waifu slop. These guys haven't liked RWBY in a long time and have been waiting patiently for it to end either out of desire for a reboot or because of pure schadenfreude.

This divide is very serious business :marseyweeb: in places like Reddit i.e. posting regularly in /r/RWBYcritics grants an automatic ban from /r/RWBY :marseyjanny:

For those of you mayo scrotes who watch video essays :marseycringe2: one of more infamous RWBY fandom developments came from a critical video by hbomberguy. Idk who he really is honestly :marseyprojectiongenocide: but his three hour video in which he simply points out how disappointing RWBY is/has become set the FNDM on fire and was otherwise good for dramacoin :marseycoin: I don't consider this sort of thing to be news but I'm bringing it up because to this day you can really make RWBY weirdos :marseycopeseethedilate: just by reminding them it exists. Any criticism of CRWBY's precious little baby is not allowed :marseyflagnorthkorea:

Moistcritikal also apparently made a negative comment about RWBY once though I don't think it was a whole video. He's also on the :marseyseven: list

As mentioned earlier CRWBY went through a difficult production period post Covid, but though it took almost two extra years and outside funding to make it happen, they finally did finish Volume 9 as of last year alongside the two Justice League movies that Kang really loved and recommends you watch. As Volume 9 finally ended its Crunchyroll exclusivity and premiered on RT just these past few months, CRWBY also announced they'd wrapped up preproduction on Volume 10 (though they do tend to exaggerate how much they've done at any time) and were just waiting for the green light on funding. When this didn't immediately happen, the poor bastards even started appealing directly to the fans at places like RTX for support :marseysmug3:

But with the extra content that's come out since Volume 9, there's also evidence CRWBY could see the writing on the walls and that they were preparing Volume 10 as a possible last season though they'd previously claimed to have a 12 Volume roadmap for the entire story.

They were just one Volume short in the end :itsoverjapanese:

The Fate of RWBY :cardinwinchester:

This is the first comment on the first thread I clicked on in rwbycritics:

"It's strange, while my countrymen cheer the beast's fall, I feel a strange melancholy, after all these years, what once was filled with majesty and pride, goes out not with a blaze of glory, but a whimper in the dark."

So that's how they're taking it


Obviously RoosterTeeth's shutdown kills RWBY too since this former passion project now costs seven figures a season to produce. The true fate of the IP is entirely in the air though. The legal rights now belong to Warner Bros or one of the other companies under them in the family tree and it remains to be seen what will happen. Meanwhile a spattering of newish RWBY developments have happened since March 6th.

Volume 9's release on RT FIRST still happened as planned. In a rare moment of RT generosity it was announced that all RWBY content would be free on the RoostrTeeth site until closure. (Though this does track with their treatment of FIRST members :marseyfrygenocide:) As it wrapped up CRWBY actually released a slightly extended version of the season's epilogue, albeit it took the form of an unfinished animatic.

This leads into RWBY: Beyond, a four episode "storybook anthology" that will represent the last official CRWBY content and otherwise wrap up RoosterTeeth's tenure with the show. It actually premieres today :marseyfluffy:

Unfortunately all the post RWBY shutdown content looks like this since the budget's gone.

But at least there's something since otherwise the below image would be true.

Alas the Justice League movies still represent the last properly animated RWBY content ever made by RoosterTeeth.

So what will happen to RWBY now? It entirely depends on whether WB finds a buyer or not and whether or not they can agree on a price. Unless some exec decides there's a lot of potential in the RWBY x DC stuff I doubt they'll want to make use of the IP especially since they'd have to find new producers.

Remember Dillon Gu and Shane Newville from earlier? After being banished from RoosterTeeth for violating the CRWBY Covenant they went on to have their own animation studio and make videos like the one above. A lot of the studio's work is obviously RWBY inspired.

Dillon Gu has expressed interest in acquiring RWBY but I doubt they have the money Warner Bros will ask for. I'm still bringing it up because all the nerds are hoping for this so it could be a good source of seethe if it doesn't happen that way. :marseydevil: :marseynerdgenocide:

The most likely potential buyer is probably Crunchyroll. RWBY has actually been one of their most popular shows over the years and was fairly popular in Japan for a western series. In fact RWBY was the most watched anime in Japan on Crunchyroll for the 2010's.

For the moment RWBY will remain on Crunchyroll even after the RT website disappears and if nothing else WB will talk to Crunchyroll about renewing that deal or not. It's quite possible Crunchyroll will look into buying the IP though it's not confirmed yet.

If no one buys RWBY then it will remain in the hands of Daddy Zaslav :marseysuit: WB is the same company that made a Batgirl and Wile E. Coyote movie and chose not to release them. With the latter WB didn't even negotiate with attempted distributors. They just opened with an unreasonably high offer and refused to respond to counter offers.

So yeah who knows what'll happen to RWBY. I just wanted a fighting game out of it :marseythebloodedgepat:


They are Austin, Texascels who drank California grade wokism but didn't have ANY of the California chuds or safety rails to rein in their bullshit and quickly alienated their fanbase.


They had frickin huge billboard ads up in the heart of Austin overlooking i35 for the lazer team release- probably some of the most expensive in the city. :marseyspecial:, all of them.


I've only tangentially followed the fall of Roosterteeth as a podcast I listen to was on their network, but in general I deeply hate how what ten years ago was framed as “independent creators can make things” has become so many levels of frickery.


It's their 20th anniversary this year, and literal no one gives a frick. It's absolutely :marseydeadinside2: that this company that was pretty well loved on the internet and had a big enough fanbase to support a yearly convention has petered out to a corpse that's being puppeted by media corpos. I remember religious watching up to 2015 and leaving when Ray did. It's telling that Ray even gets brought up anymore going on 8 years since his exit. :marseyitsover:


I've written three effortposts now so I don't have a lot to say here. Really I'm just waiting to see what happens to RWBY.

It is sad yet interesting to me that RoosterTeeth was in decline for as long as they'd been successful if not longer. No one was surprised to hear they'd be shut down. Most people only reminisced about when they'd been better.

If you want more info this hobbydrama post, while a little soy, :soysnoo: is pretty informative especially regarding the podcasts and how YouTube's policy changes harmed RT over time.

And for you ypipo out there here's a YouTube video essay

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ProterozoicBussy wanted me to quote him so I went to his profile on an alt and saw this and anyway I fulfilled my end of the bargain.

Also if any of you dramanauts have RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Xbox then HMU I still need the four person achievements before the servers maybe go offline.

EFFORTPOST Fallout TV show season 1 has dropped, it sucks. Unmarked spoilers inside.

So the show has released, and as expected by anyone with a brain, it sucks. However it seems to have sucked more than anyone could have predicted. This might legitimately darn Bethesda lmao.

First, here is a comment from this thread explaining how they absolutely butchered world building (this show is canon btw):

:marseyannoyed: So, in summary, if I understand correctly, these are the major changes:

- Shady Sands got cratered in 2277

- NCR vertibird downed on the strip

- The Strip barricades are gone

- Vault Tec seemed to have caused the Great War

- The Boneyard is no longer a thing

- Shady Sands is in place of the Boneyard

- NCR Rangers are gone

- Aradesh is no longer the founder of Shady Sands (more speculatory)

- Somehow the Brotherhood seemed to have overran the NCR in 2277

What I can't believe is that they actually retconned the original two Fallout games and that nobody won New Vegas. Even more egregious is the lore change with the BoS-NCR war, which retcons THE ENTIRETY OF F:NV. This has to be a new timeline at this point.

TL:DR is they literally retconned the 3 games they didn't make, and then replaced the factions from those games with very special factions they made from the 2 games they developed themselves. This is like a bad fanfiction lol.

People predicably, are mad. Some seethe:

:marseydeadinside: Jesus. I genuinely can't believe I was actually letting myself be excited for the future of this franchise before this release. Completely retconning the original games is genuinely fricking so sad man.

:marseyconfused: When is it said aradesh is no longer the founder of shady sands?

Also when do we see the ncr vertibird crashed on the strip?

:marseyannoyed: It's never said by Moldaver, but it seems to be implied that she founded Shady Sands in addition to being the remaining NCR leader. This is speculation, and it probably shouldn't be listed as an actual change.


:marseyconfused: So even though it's been established that Shady Sands is in an entirely different state of the new california Republic from the boneyard, they just slapped it right into los angeles, and then they nuked it, why???

:marseysmug2: What even is a Shady Sands? Has anyone else wondered why they named the first game Fallout 3 by the way? Wacky Bethesda xD

:marseysad2: That's not a nuke crater, that's a "Borg scooped up the settlement" crater. This is dumb.

:purerage: I knee it.

I just knew it.

I prayed it wasnt the case but at any opportunity they had, Bethesda tried to retcon New Vegas and now their efforts... went nuclear.

Hate it. HATE IT. HATE IT.

New Vegas is the Canon version of events. Not some Amazon show.

:angry: I fricking knew Todd would frick it over to create their version of Fallout artificially. I fricking hate it. I was fine with a scenario where the NCR loses in Vegas, but to just extensively rewrite the lore of Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas to jerk off the BoS even more? Fricking dead to me.

:marseyseethe: Says you, but Bethesda owns the franchise and this is the direction they took. They entirely retconned the fallout games they did not make, and they've succeeded. Next season they'll go and show New Vegas as a dead husk bereft of anything that made it special. Enjoy!

Also, they do not care anymore. They are owned by Microsoft now and exist to make xbox and live games.

:purerage: Look, I am very good at that. My Canon Star Wars are the old Comic books with sea dragons and Jaxxon the green rabbit. I literally ignored anything that came after that.

So I will need to ignore Bethesda to keep the correct Canon? Boo f#₪#^ hoo. They didnt get even a passable game out in the last 12 years!

I walked the Divide for the NCR, I can ignore Bethesda for them as well.

:!marseysad: Haven't watched the show yet as I sail the high seas but this ending sounds very, very annoying. Seems like the show starts off well though but if what I'm seeing here is the case I'll be pretty fricking ticked that they essentially made the West the same as the East in terms of development and that they made NV mean nothing.

:marseyseethe: NV was entirely retconned. The casinos are literally husks and the city is dead. NCR died when Shady Sands (located in the wrong place) was blown up by one guy.

:!marseysad: Christ alive 🤦🏿‍♂️. They should've atleast had some obsidian writers and lorekeepers there to keep things consistent. This is just laziness. I'm not one of those people who thinks Bethesda despises obsidian but like cmon.

:marseyitsover: It's not laziness. It was a deliberate choice.

:marseysad2: Resetting to a status quo of “muh wasteland” absolutely is laziness

:marseygigaretard: Its funny because there is a meme that Bethesda is spite driven because obsidian made a better fallout game than bethesda and the metacritic score 83, 85 thing FNV being retconned is funny knowing the meme

:marseyseethe: I hate it all.

The NCR was written out as a society entirely. The writers I guess just learned about shady sands and went 'oh its the capital so if we blow it up then the NCR will collapse.'

The NCR was such a good faction, it was the only one that actually grew, that had a familiar functioning postwar society. And what did they do? They nuked them out of existence to show off the brotherhood and a dead, empty New Vegas.

Why, why would they do this.. they could have made it right after the nuking not decades after. They pissed all over the legacy of my favourite game.

:marseysmugretard: I blame Lonesome Road and Chris Avellone.

:marseysad2: I can't hold him responsible for this, he had enough sense to know how big the NCR was and how the game world worked. That's why Ulysses wanted to destroy the Long 15 and block them from reaching the Mojave.

:marseydepressed: To me, Fallout stood apart for being a post-post-apocalyptic story. Just nuking the NCR not only strips away one of the most interesting aspects of the setting but does it, to my eyes, entirely unnecessarily. If you wanted to tell a wasteland story, you could have:

  • Set it between Fallout 1 and 2, or even before Fallout 1
  • Set it in one of the vast regions of America that are untouched by the games thus far

But no. Fricking why?

:marseysmug2: I knew this would happen the moment I've heard the name Todd Howard.

:marseyseethe: It really feels like they asked BETHESDA for the lore, and they said 'oh well you got the Brotherhood of Steel who have this big airship and vertibirds and huge machine guns that can only be wielded in power armor.'

then went 'oh there's this group called the NCR, I think they're from shady sands or something, you can blow them up for shock value it'll be fine. There's also this big place called New Vegas you can turn into a dump too who cares lmao.'

:marseydevil: "heh heh heh that'll teach 'em to like obsidian's game more than ours*

:marseysad2: Honestly I am becoming one of those people more and more by the minute, especially if their plans for New Vegas next season are what they seem to be.

:marseypalpatine: somehow palpatine returned

:marseynerd2: So what did house predict then if it was vault tec who dropped the bombs. So Mr house knew the nukes where coming and still couldn't shoot them down or get the plat chip

:marseynerd2: Also it says shady shands fell in 2277 but new vegas is set in 2281 ?

:marseyseethe: I guess NV is just entirely retconned in the show? NV is dead, empty. The only places that exist are a half dozen towns outside of the city itself. The casinos are gutted entirely aside from the Lucky 38 which I guess House lives in still? He would be waking up just as the NCR was probing into NV, Caesar's Legion would be on it's way as well. Big MT is still abducting people.. The Brotherhod wouldn't have lost at Helios One but also now have infinite energy so why would they even care?

The entirity of FNV was fought over a dam, water and power.. Now the BOS has infinite clean and renewable fusion.. the NCR doesn't exist either.

So they're using the facade of 1, 2 and NV as a backdrop for more BoS shenanigans from Bethesda's mainline games.

:marseyrain: Maaaaan

This is what I was afraid of. A good show based in world building that I think is fundamentally uninteresting.

I'm probably just gonna separate it out as its own thing in my head, no matter how canon Todd says it is.

:marseybigbrain: This is what everyone paying attention was afraid of, but they got shot down as alarmist for daring to suggest the brilliant creative minds behind Starfield might provide a shite backdrop for worldbuilding.

:marseyseethe: He was in a meeting to know exactly when it would happen and was wrong.. somehow.

Did he not read the memo?

:marseynerd2: Fallout new vegas mr house :marseygigachad:: I was able to almost accurately predict a nuclear war and I have set the pieces for my rise to power after I come back online

Tv show Mr House :yakub:: Shieeeeeeeet I ain't reading all that I'm just gonna pretend I read this

:marseycope: To everyone saying the NCR is totally collapsed.

I highly doubt it. It seems after Shady Sands was nuked the NCR was a bit scrappy but pulling itself together to keep everything afloat, with the BOS destroying the HQ and the view of the NCR leader using the Cold Fusion to power the entire city at once, it shows the civilians of the NCR are still existing at least throughout the entire ruins in some way.

I imagine next season, we're gonna see the BoS biting way more than it can Chew, and something with New Vegas as well, and with the father constantly mentioning something about "Meeting your Creators." How much you wanna bet Mr House is technically still alive? Just New Vegas went into dormancy??

Im excited to see potentially the NCR Regrouping or like Scrappy NCR rebels, and Desert Rangers in the Mojave. I highly doubt the NCR is done and over with from what we saw.

:marseytears: Whatever your opinions on it, retconning NV out of the timeline (which is exactly what they've done) frickin sucks.

:marseycope: Yeah.. But at least it isn't like a straight full on they don't even exist kind of retcon. Seems more like a soft reboot

:marseywave2: Hello fellow spoiler fiends who went straight to the end and saw the New Vegas tease. Also, from what I gathered skipping around, the MC's father was a Vault Tec guy who nuked Shady Sands because her mother went there and was having a great time (missed a bunch of dialogue skipping through so that might not be right). The Brotherhood has cold fusion now and the guy in charge seems like a peepee so presumably they will butt up against whoever is now in charge of House's technology.

:marseyconfused2: Dude wtf happened to the NCR? Didn't they say they had most of California pretty much colonized? I'm only on episode 4 but complete radio silence while it takes place near the boneyard and dayglow??

:marseydeadinside2: Episode 8 covers it.

It's not pretty.

About 5 years after New Vegas, Lucy's Mom left vault 33 to see if life was back on the surface, taking Lucy and her brother with her, and made her way to Shady Sands, which teleported to LA at some point. Her dad, who was a Vault-Tec executive came after them, stole the kids back, and use Vault-Tec's secret supply of nuclear weapons (The ones they launched to start the great war) to destroy the NCR, as they were a competitor to Vault-Tec.

Also, the ending credits show a destroyed New Vegas, with empty streets full of shattered Secuiritrons and a destroyed NCR Vertibird.

I also wanted to mention this specific comment, because I found it funny:

:hmm: They also technically retconned FO4 since Kellogg mentions the NCR election.

Note that I'm not cherry picking comments here, basically everyone hates this garbage. Of course the critics love it, but the actual Fallout fans think it's terrible.

As one of the comments already mentioned, they really shouldn't have set this in the West Coast. They should have set it somewhere new for numerous reasons:

  • New factions and threats to add a sense of tension and mystery as the viewer wouldn't know anything more than the main character

  • Avoid having to retcon or step on the toes of the games

  • Keep it in a region that is less advanced so you can have your apocalypse fantasy

  • Set the show up as a prequel for Fallout 5, building hype for it even if it's years away.

Expect this thread to be updated as more seethe is posted, this is developing drama. In a few hours we will probably see the hitpieces from journ*lists calling the haters bigots, so keep an eye out for that.

Edit: here are more threads with tons of seethe in them:

:marseycope: dear god this one is maximum cope:

EFFORTPOST List of anti-Wikipedia websites and communities

Wikipedia's stifling bureaucracy, large-scale edit wars, deeply-rooted cliques, and appeal to the socially inept have produced scores of current and former editors with an all-consuming grudge against Wikipedia and its powerusers. Many of these Wikipedians have harnessed their boiling hatred and spoken out against the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Their activism has, of course, been extremely ineffective.

But it's great drama. The internet is littered with dead blogs and surprisingly active anti-wikipedia communities that detail abuses of power, personal scandals among wikipedians, paid and biased editing, various 'cabal' leaks, and a host of other primo content. Here's a list of some of them for your entertainment.

Common terms

  • Wikimedia Foundation (WMF): The org that hosts Wikipedia. Known for being poorly-managed, opaque, and occasionally hiring abusive admins.

  • Jimmy/Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia co-founder and former porn hawker, the guy whose face you see every time Wikipedia begs for money. Known to be a bit of a gaffing idiot who stumbled onto a successful idea during the 90's dotcom boom. In Wikipedia's early days, he was embroiled in numerous scandals, so the Wikimedia Foundation stripped him of any real power.

  • Larry Sanger: Wikipedia's other co-founder and public critic. Tried and failed to create several Wikipedia competitors.

  • Admin/Administrator/Sysop: :marseyjanny:

  • Bureaucrat: (unpaid) giga:marseyjanny:

  • Steward: (unpaid) ultra-giga:marseyjanny:

  • Arbitration Committee/Arbcom: The system Wikipedia uses to settle disputes and discipline users via a panel of respected editors (i.e. powerusers). Exceptionally dramatic.

  • Articles for Deletion (AfD): The system where editors vote on whether to keep an article and include their rationale. Unsurprisingly gamed during edit wars and through the involvement of cabal members, causing seethe and drama.

  • Request for Adminship (RfA): The system for nominating and voting in admins. Success is achieved through popularity and politicking.

  • Cabal: A clique of editors and/or admins who spend way too much time on Wikipedia. It's such an entrenched and undeniable part of the culture that Wikipedia pokes fun at it.

  • Vandalism: The act of making high-quality, accurate contributions to Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedo/Wikipedocracy: A pejorative that developed due to the perception that Wikipedia was too friendly towards p-dophiles. You can find gentle reference to these scandals here.

  • Israel-Palestine: The cause of initial disillusionment for a huge proportion of anti-Wikipedians. The most controversial topic on the wiki.


Spoiler alert: Like all blogs, they're dead. Still a good read though.

The corpse of ED also has numerous pages on Wikipedia power brokers, all a decade stale but they summarize the dramatic happenings surrounding particular people like SlimVirgin (RIP).



These are all very small but much more populated with content than the average tiny sub. If you look at most users' post histories (e.g. /u/bbb23sucks -- bbb23 is a Wikipedian), it's ALL about wikipedia.


Sorry it’s a little late, there were some technical issues and very high level stuff being discussed to resolve them before we could deploy:

Anyway, onto the original post!

Well, we did it. We somehow spent an entire year on this shithole and, more than that, we grew this shithole for an entire year. Well done you pathetic, no-life losers. And thank you!

What started off as a direct rip of the Ruqqus (lol rip bozo) codebase and as a place for @dw-im-here, @FattyAevann & co to dox and harass Ruqqus users quickly turned into Aevann wanting to make it into a new home for /r/drama. This was a beyond retarded idea, because the /r/drama mods are all massive faggots and had refused to leave the site for years because they were addicted to the taste of Chtorrr clitty. So I didn’t expect it to go anywhere and when Aevann kept pestering me to make an account, I pretended to be busy or not to see it because I reeeeeaaaaally didn’t want to get his hopes up about this dumbass idea.

When I finally did join to support him, though, I immediately began salvaging the place with quality threads like this first draft of our now-iconic anime shariah preview image, telling the ghost of @tappy to get FUCKED and lazily agendaposting, all of which are now beloved hallmarks of our 1-year-old(!!!!!) home. You had your chance to stop me, and you blew it. You even let me rig the poll for what to call our karma system (my dramacoin won, you’re welcome).

p.s. I asked Aevann to write this post since it’s his site so that would make sense, but he was like “i cant write more than a sentence can u do it pls” so that’s why you’re getting a carp-centric post. I’m sorry. This was NOT BY CHOICE and I’m actually not sorry at all. Now, back to the history lesson!

So. Anyway. Back when we first started, this was literally just a straight fork of Ruqqus. And Ruqqus fucking SUCKED. Didn’t even have the most basic functionality. Want to DM someone? Too bad lol, DMs are antithetical to free speech. Emojis? Why? What do emojis have to do with anti-censorship? Followers that actually do something? No, that’s annoying, go to (((YouTube))) if you want to actually be able to see your followers. Why would you want visible profile pics or animated anything? No one wants that, it gets in the way of WORDSWORDSWORDS about freedom. And on and on and on. Seriously, there was fucking nothing here. You couldn’t even see voters or anything. Downvotes subtracted karma and hurt ranking. You weren’t even allowed to have a pfp without like 500 karma. No flairs! No colors! Name changes for $20! No leaderboards, shop, or awards!

Fortunately, I was around to yell enough to get these oversights remedied, and Aevann is freakishly talented enough to make them happen almost as soon as I typed them. And you were all as useless as ever. Remember when I asked you for emojis? And you provided bullshit on Discord and on-site? So I had to provide them myself. This would become a recurring theme on rDrama.

For a trip down memory lane, to the pre-shop, pre-Marsey era, check out this “welcome, dramafugees!” thread from the day after Reddit gigajannies blocked our domain and forced the emojiposting on the sub. Virtually all of you waited until this point to come here. Dicks.

Have a look at @Joan’s adorable first thread and Aevann’s deeply informative response. Watch him try to set rules for you little rapscallions like some kind of fucking square. Check out his thread that finally forced the migration from Reddit to here, Well we’ve really bungled it now! AKA Incredibly Serious Sanctionsgate.

Other interesting early-developmental threads:

The first attempt at Marsey OC

@K31 produces the first viable Marsey OC!!!! presents: THEMES! 🤯

The time we got AHS to link to us so we changed the link to Bardfinn dox

MySpace meets - introducing PROFILE SONGS

Reddit madmins blocked one of our domains and banned r/drama from typing about us, so here’s a QR code

Aevann once wanted to let you guys make money here but you emphatically said no is now blocked in Saudi Arabia

Bulk-harassing you Redditors to get you to migrate here

That time we almost got a train to shave xer cat so we’d remove a thread here

The Grift Begins

Ancestral homeland archives are now available

We just passed 1000 Marseys

Some other highlights from over the last year, in no particular order:

The beginning of the 3000+ comment powerjannie leak saga. This is what PUT US ON THE MAP.

@TracingWoodgrains’ Medium article about abortion bounty hunters and how stupid the media is which gave us a much-needed toe in the water for that media.

Speaking of the LAMEstream media, one of many examples of how much cooler than them we are.

rDrama baits a fucking Congressfoid.

Continued appropriation of incel culture presents the finest bastardization of chadfishing ever: Pizzafishing!

@Landlord_Messiah notices AHS noticing us and brings forth hilarity.

The first of like 64 Kylie threads that appeared in under 20 minutes after her acquittal.

@HeyMoon almost singlehandedly brings to its knees.

@UraniumDonGER’s kino as fuck murder of the first 3D printed Marsey.

Recently, the ACLU took notice of rDrama :nervous:

@Mom begins the tradition of Marseyfying fine art.

/u/BelleAriel makes an attempt on @arsey’s life.

@kindness (lol rip bozo) tracks down Marsey’s real dad.

@YALLAHblessYoTraplord finds our first media appearance - in Vice 🤢

The time we got delisted by Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Fartmode and its consequences have been a blessing for the autistic race.

There was that whole /r/place megadrama last month that is far too much to list, but lol Chtorrr got doxxed for Marsey erasure.

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EFFORTPOST Frick It -- Fire Emblem Effortpost :marseyedelgard: :marseymarth:

Your honor, my client could not have been the one to strike Mr. Rittenhouse. You see, the state of Minnesota is a Fire Emblem state, and Mr. Huber is a licensed Fighter class. As such, he can only move 4 tiles per turn and could NOT have been able to reach the 5 tiles it took to be in attack range of Mr. Rittenhouse. The prosecution rests.


Feels weird to post something like this so soon after the recent news :marseytrumpss: but weebshit waits for no man

Today's RWBYffort post is about the superior Nintendo slop saga :marseyhmmhips: (Inb4 some :marseynerd2: in the comments says Advance Wars) It may not be the deepest thing in regards to writing or strategic gameplay, nor was it built around a grand and inspiring concept like Spore, but I think these games are fun af :marseyzoomer: and you have to give them credit for chugging along thirty three years running :marseyracistgrandpa:

Fire Emblem is a turn based strategy game series known for its rpg influences and focus on narrative. It basically codified the tactical role playing subgenre and some people actually do outright refer to the games as RPGs. It was originally very niche but has grown over the years to become one of Nintendo's flagship franchises. I would seriously argue it has surpassed the likes of Metroid :marseychadfoid: or Donkey Kong :donkeykongsad: in importance among Nintendo's line up.

Some people have serious issues with it.

What set the games apart back in the day was the emphasis on storytelling and the way this paradigm influenced gameplay. FE's basic formula involves controlling an army of units on a grid in a standard turn based strategy manner, but unlike Advance Wars, Nobunaga's Ambition, XCOM, or many other games of the type, Fire Emblem units are not randomly generated nor is there ever a guarantee of replacing losses. The units of your army are very much like companions in an RPG; they're a finite amount of characters with set in stone, predefined strengths and weaknesses and fighting styles, and they're unique and named individuals rather than abstractions of, say, a swordsman or a sniper or a whatever else. Until more recently every game was also built around non-optional permadeath so losing these companions/units in battle could set back your campaign considerably even to the point of it becoming soft unwinnable. Fire Emblem's unique combination of difficulty and RPG elements in a turn based strategy series immediately earned it a small but dedicated fandom.

I used to love Fire Emblem but then they discovered the weeb waifu market and went from Kino strategy games to waifu match making simulators. Gatekeep your hobbies or this is inevitable.


Though nowadays the newer games are also (in)famous for waifu-ism and dating sim elements not unlike what you'd see out of modern Persona games or BioWare rpgs. It even has a gacha game that's been going for the better half of a decade :marseycoomer2: It's created an interesting fanbase that can be split into three distinct groups,

If I had the choice, I would eliminate not 100, not 200, but 100,000 CASUALS WAS I GIVEN THE CHANCE. You casuals will never understand the constant pain we felt from YEARS of oppression, which you gladly caused immediately after killing Fire Emblem in ONE YEAR. You hate us Elitists, because we know the truth! The ONLY way to fix Fire Emblem is for you vile casuals to bleed! Once you casuals are purged from our Emblem havens, we will finally MAKE FIRE EMBLEM GREAT AGAIN 👑👑👑🙇🙇🔥🔥🔥🗿🔥🔥🔥🙇🙇👑👑👑


The Elitists :marseyking:

/feh/ is the worst thread on /vg/… constant ritualposting, the first dozen posts of every thread is made up of the same posts made by the same people in every thread, usually unfunny jokes about their husbando/waifu

gigaschizos who will spam the thread the very instant someone says something about a particular hero (i.e. Nina)

zero discussion about game mechanics whatsoever

"what mode"


The Casuals :pepezoomerhair:

Never cared about Strag Emblem other than for its BBC snowbunnies :chad:


And Der Coomer :marseycoomer:

So just how did this longrunning genre defying and defining series come to be? And how has it evolved since then?

The First Fire Emblem :marseymarth:

Everyone wanted to know what kind of game it was. Back then there was nothing like it, and I would say it's closer to an RPG than a simulation game. So at Square, when it came out, we bought it right away, and everyone gathered together to play and study it. I can't say it was the easiest game to pick up and play, but I felt something very special and addicting in it. And of course I've been playing it ever since!

— Hironobu Sakaguchi (Creator of Final Fantasy)

The first Fire Emblem game debuted on the Famicom way back in April 20th, 1990. At the time many of Japan's game journos found it confusing and strangely unlike anything in the conventional strategy genre, but this was also the very quality that endeared it to fans. Fire Emblem may not have invented "tactical rolepaying" but was a huge step forward. Arguably the first game to hit it big while being all in for that genre, rather than just dabbling in it.

Brief History of TRPGs :marseycheckmate:

A tactical roleplaying game is something of a nebulous subgenre that combines strategy game aspects with those of RPGs, usually leaning slightly towards one or the other. The games owe some of their inspiration to classic tabletop RPG games in which stats and strategy controlled encounters and forced players to think about their actions.

Some earlier RPGs to feature major strategy elements include 1982's Tunnels of Doom, The Dragon and Princess and Ultima III: Exodus. 83's Bokosuka Wars featured an army in phalanx formation that had to be led across a battlefield in real-time against overwhelming enemy forces while freeing and recruiting soldiers along the way, with each unit also able to gain experience and level up through battle. Though not turn based, the game did introduce tile based combat involving a party of characters and can be said to have laid the groundwork for future games like Fire Emblem. 88's Silver Ghost is another early example of such a game in real-time format.

Fire Emblem's direct predecessor within Nintendo was 88's Famicom Wars, the first game in the Wars series that is now better known for Advance Wars. This game was Nintendo's early foray into strategy games and was also the first such game to be developed by Intelligent Systems, the developers of Fire Emblem.

The game features turn based control of units and particular map objectives that must be accomplished in order to complete missions, but it lacks the fantasy and RPGs elements of IS's later property.

These attributes may have been inspired by 88's Master of Monsters, itself a game that took the gameplay of a militaristic predecessor (the Daisenryaku games) and applied fantasy themes. Master of Monsters is turn based and features an army of units on a board with a master unit that triggers a game over if killed (:marseymarthgenocide:) It notably featured experience bars for the character units.

Kaga himself also cites 88's First Queen as another strategy influence. More traditional RPG influences for Fire Emblem include none other than Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light :marseygharnef:

I call it "roleplaying simulation." It's a new genre. Basically, it's a strategy game. But strategy games typically are kind of "hardcore" and dry. (laughs) You only care about winning or losing the battle, and there's no space for the player to empathize with the characters or story.

I love strategy games like that too, but I also love RPGs. By adding RPG elements, I wanted to create a game where the player could get more emotionally invested in what's happening. Conversely, one of the drawbacks of RPGs is that there's always just a single protagonist. Thus, to a certain extent, you can only experience the linear story that the game creator has prepared for you.

I wanted to create a game where the story and game will develop differently for each player depending on the units they use. Thus I added the strategy elements and arrived at this hybrid system.

— Shouzou Kaga

Development for the first Fire Emblem began after Famicom Wars was released and Intelligent Systems decided they wanted a similar war simulation game but with roleplaying elements. Shouzou Kaga was in charge of conceptual design and would go down as the patron saint of elitists the series creator. The project was first proposed to Nintendo by Kaga with a design document detailing all the basic elements, story, and gameplay mechanics. The project was initially called "Battle Fantasy Fire Emblem".

The game's genre necessitated the extensive use of the Famicom cartridge's memory. Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light exceeded these limits, so Intelligent Systems used a portion of memory dedicated to saving games to get around this limitation. With Nintendo's help, they created a new chip for the cartridge that could process and display Japanese text.

I think this is something people understand once they play the game, but most of the characters are usable. And characters who at first seem like crappy, throwaway characters–if you take the time to build them up and nurture them, they can become incredibly powerful. We made a lot of characters like that.

It allows friends to brag to each other, "Hey, I did it this way. Here, let me show you!" I think that's a key difference between Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest. When people share their experiences in a game like Dragon Quest, it's more like "I got here, how far did you get?"… but in Fire Emblem, it's all about "I did it this way."

There hasn't been a lot of room for the player's originality in previous RPGs, because if you gave the player too much control, it would break the structure of the game. That's the advantage of including strategy mechanics: there's a million different ways to accomplish the same goal, and there's actually room for the player to make choices. And the accumulation of all those choices made leads to a very different experience for each player.

I don't consider Marth to be the protagonist either, except in the sense that if he dies, it's game over. It's totally fine to see the story as revolving around the particular characters that you're partial to.

— Kaga

Kaga has said the staff never considered the game as a commercial product but instead as a dōjin made on a whim. To make this game accessible to a wide audience, Kaga did his best to avoid emphasizing stats and other numerical data. It was instead intended that players could find multiple ways to clear the game through their own play style, without being forced to follow a specific meta or take a very linear path. Any combination of units could see you to the end of the game so players could "use their favorites" and there generally wasn't a wrong way to play the game as long as you were getting kills and xp while avoiding casualties.

Yeah, but after restarting [Final Fantasy] who-knows-how-many times, and finally beating it and seeing the ending… it was extremely satsifying. That's why I don't think easy games are so great. Isn't the important thing how you feel after it's all over?

— Kaga

Though at the same time Kaga was a big believer in difficulty and his idea of accessible doesn't line up with modern AAA developers :marseywholesomegenocide: Fire Emblem came to be known for both its unusual concept and the challenging nature of its permadeath mechanic.

What set Fire Emblem apart? :marseysoyswitch:

Kaga: It's not a big problem if some of your characters die in Fire Emblem; I want each player to create their own unique story. Don't get caught up trying to get a "perfect ending." Have fun!

— Kaga (This advice is ignored by almost every FE fan :marseyxd:)

To be sure, Fire Emblem is turn based strategy first and foremost but draws inspiration from RPGs not just in narrative, but in the gameplay regarding how your army is handled.

Units in FE are not randomly generated and generic grunts, but named characters who will always appear and be recruited in the same way. Narratively they have small snippets of personality and premise that can influence a mission. As examples; Matthis starts as an enemy looking for his lost sister Lena and can only be recruited by her, Navarre is horny an edgelord and so will fight Prince Marth to the death but join the player if spoken to by Princess Caeda, Tiki is a brainwashed dragon girl and can only be freed and recruited by fellow member of her kind Bantu.

In gameplay each unit has predefined strengths and weaknesses. Older games also assign each one a permanent class though class changing became possible later in the series. The differences between classes isn't at all unlike how units work in countless other strategy games, for example you may enjoy x and y because they're both cavaliers or a and b because they're both archers.

But each unit being a distinct person also gives them stat based differences from each other, like x being stronger and y being faster, or a dealing more damage per shot and b being more likely to land his shots. You're meant to develop a preference for certain characters — because of their personalities, because of their specific strengths regarding their class, or both — and so which units you choose to frontline throughout the game will vary between players to create the emergent storytelling Kaga was going for.

The game also gives you plenty of redundant characters for all the classes in case you lose MPVs in battle. So even if you preferred having x as your star cavalry unit, you can still fall back on y if he dies and soldier on.

I wanted to make a strategy game that was more dramatic, something where you would really be able to feel the pain and struggle of the characters. That's why characters can't be revived once they're killed, to impart a sense of gravity and seriousness. In turn, I think the result is that the more love you have for your characters, the more rewarding the game is.

— Kaga

On that note, Kaga's infamous unit permadeath defines the game and the acceptable strategies that will see you through it. You're always outnumbered in Fire Emblem and you're meant to get through each and every level while minimizing casualties, or ideally not suffering any at all. There are only so many units you can ever have, 52 to be exact, and if you lose a handful each battle then you will assuredly burn out before reaching the end (though Marth can never die or it's automatic game over) This problem is especially acute with specific classes, i.e. there's only a few mages and if you get every one killed you'll just have to learn to play without them. Fire Emblem is also stingy with resources and forces you to use them efficiently or suffer severe opportunity costs. The game's balancing in general favors conservative strategies and mitigation of risk. Kaga may have wanted players to be able to win in different ways, but he also wanted them to have to work for it :zoomersoygenocide:

Fire emblem was also unusual in the amount of effort behind its writing. Most strategy games at the time only had about as much story as Famicom Wars — red :marseyoverseether: vs blue :marseybluecheck: take it or leave it. There wasn't much reason to include anything more since the Famicom only had so much available space.

Fire Emblem was written to have the epic storytelling RPGs were associated and featured extensive backstory inspired by classical Greco-Roman mythology. This was presumably the main reason Marth was originally designed without pants :marseymarmotroman: The evil dragon Medeus was also inspired by those sorts of polytheistic elemental figures and was originally called Gaia. There was also supposed to be a whole second water dragon boss inspired by Neptune but this had to be cut due to hardware limitations.

Kaga wanted multiple playable scenarios to break up the linearity of the missions, but storage limitations made this impossible as well. There was also a plan to create setpiece graphics for major moments of the game as well as events that the player might potentially experience in their runs such as Jagen or Princess Caeda dying in battle. The dev team even adopted a new kind of memory chip to make such an unusually grandiose Famicom game possible, but in the end the chip's one megabyte of memory didn't allow for everything. Even just the amount of text in the game was unusual for the time and required that new chip in order to display properly on a Famicom.

The FE Franchise :marseyedelgard2:

When Fire Emblem first came out on the Famicom, the early reviews were really harsh. Every game magazine gave it pretty bad scores. There weren't really many games back then that combined the RPG and strategy / simulation genres, you see. It stung to see it get so much criticism for being "hard to understand", or for not looking that impressive graphically… for those reasons, the reviews said it felt like some old game from yesteryear.

A half year later, though, Nakaji praised Fire Emblem in that column of his for Famitsu… that was really when things started turning around, and the sales gradually picked up.

— Kaga

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light would ultimately go on to start a hit franchise, but it was not initially a huge success or popular with contemporary critics. The game's formula was new and many reviewers didn't "get it". It was also criticized for being graphically bland and ugly even by the standards of the time.

In contrast, popular opinion was more positive. In a poll taken by Family Computer Magazine, the game scored 23.48 points out of 30. Likewise, sales of the game were flat for the first two months of sales, but improved after word of mouth had spread. Slowly but surely the game became successful and Nintendo was willing to guarantee a sequel. The experimental hybrid of turn based strategy and RPG won the game its dedicated fanbase and would inspire many other game devs to create similar titles.

In Japan :marseyjapanese: FE 1 is renowned for properly kicking off the tactical roleplaying genre and influencing many other such game franchises. The game doesn't have such a universal reputation in the west, but that's mainly because Fire Emblem wasn't released internationally until FE7 in 2003. By that point weebs had become more familiar with newer entries like the Shining, Ogre, and Disgaea series as well as Final Fantasy Tactics, but these are all games that were developed after Fire Emblem that often took direct inspiration from it.

Within Nintendo, Fire Emblem was also influential for that live action "opera" commercial as well as the magazine previews. Nintendo would continue this multimedia advertising going forward and applied it to existing franchises like Mario :turtoisemindblown: and Zelda :marseykingharkinian:

FE4 was the first one where it was turned into a eugenics simulator and that was when the original creator was still on board before he left after 5. Granted it was actually kind of interesting because in 4 they straight-up kill off almost the entire main cast so their children that you bred for have to continue.

From then on you have 6-8 as the GBA games which were okay but the plots were mostly just average with some fun character moments strewn about. 9 and 10 were on the GameCube and Wii and had better stories, but basically nobody played them.

They then made two remakes for FE1 and FE3 on the DS which were actually fun but their art style was garbage so no one bought them either.

Awakening was the game that revitalized the series a bit and really went crazy with the matchmaking + eugenics aspect that started in 4. Fates did it even more but upped the incest and fetishes.

Fates was criticized for really dumb plots and 1 dimensional character writing despite having some good gameplay so from there the team took a step back, teamed up with the guys who made dynasty warriors and made 3 Houses.

The thing is people were so fricking mad at how badly Fates' plot was even in Japan that they had to look to something like Persona to keep the dating simulator shit in-tact while still telling a story that was at least passable.

How to make it a tactics game again? It's a bit hard to get rid of the persona elements since 3H was immensely successful. FE Engage which came out recently is a bit more of a return to the GBA style gameplay but the writing is back to being weird. I have to imagine future releases will still include the Persona style shit in it.

— Ghost comment

In the next section I'll give a short overview of the franchise's evolution from FE2 to the present day. I'll try to be brief but I could also make dedicated effortposts on the more notable games if anyone wanted :marseyshy3:

Sequels: The Kaga Era :boomerjam:

When you defend the Three-Fates-Awoken games, you do not receive love from Maeda, not even a PINCH of respect. Instead, after your long, tight peepeesuck, he pulls up his pants and says, "That sure was a peepeesuck, I guess?" then he leaves you in the brothel without a tip like the rest of his lesser evolved casual simps.

You get no respect, no thanks. No NOTHING. To IS and Maeda, you're just another naive, juicy casual child plump with organs to sell on the black market, so they can use the earnings to ruin the franchise even more and keep poor fools living on licorice and cup noodle running their corporate machine.

On the flip side, when I defend Genealogy of the Holy War, me and Kaga have respect, AS MEN. As a consumer, not only has he benefited me, but I have benefited him by maintaining his legacy. Unlike Three-Fates-Awoken casuals who SHIT on it daily, they don't even know what the frick a Thracia is.


The era all the elitists love :soyjakanimeglasses: though very few of them actually played Gaiden.

The second Fire Emblem game was 1992's Gaiden, the last developed for the Famicom. This game features new main characters and set the series standard of most games taking place in new areas, though the continent here is part of the same world as FE1. Gaiden is also retroactively notable for including some mechanics — like a world map, branching storylines, and unbreakable weapons — that were unusual at the time but would reappear in newer games many years later. Gaiden was also popular and commercially viable though it would go down as kind of a weird game, sometimes compared to Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest as the "black sheep" of the series.

Next came 1994's Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem for the Super Famicom, a story sequel to the first game that also includes a short retelling/remake of FE1 (there was originally going to be a Super Famicom remake of 1 before its development was merged with FE3's)

FE3 was made to be easier :noob: and introduced support conversations to the franchise — a mechanic where characters can talk to each other outside of battle for the benefit of weebs fujoshis people who appreciate storytelling. FE3 sold well and further established Marth as the face of the franchise :marseymarthpat: (though FE doesn't have a true mascot like other major Nintendo properties)

1994's Genealogy of the Holy War was an ambitious soft reboot of the series (set in the same world but in the distant past on another continent) It's also the game every elitist creams their pants over even if they never actually played it and are just trying to fit in :marseymoidmomentpat:

FE4 added the weapon triangle where sword beats axe, axe beats lance, and lance beats sword — a mechanic that has reappeared ever since along with additional variations. The game has an increased emphasis on storytelling and worldbuilding, and the missions are famously long and massive with battle maps being synonymous with entire chunks of the continent. FE4 was actually the first game in the series to introduce romance and "dating sim" elements though it was done for a particular reason. As the game goes on all the first generation characters will eventually die :marseyflamepoint: and are replaced as playable units by their children :marseychingchongchild: The second generation units have their stat values and personal skills influenced by the assigned attributes of their parents and their talents can vary wildly depending on pairings.

Kaga's last game and the favorite of the super elitist. Thracia 776 is something like a side story to Genealogy and was released in 1999 through a Nintendo Power Cartridge — a video game distribution service for the Super Famicom and GameBoy.

Thracia is known among the ten people who actually played it for its added fatigue system that punishes overuse of individual units and its unintuitive levels (elitists actually enjoy this :marseykink:) One of the more infamous levels involves escaping with your army across a map. Something that isn't clear to everyone especially considering the language barrier is that protagonist Leif should be the last to cross the line. Sending him away first will end the level and literally delete the rest of your army :marseyaware:

Thracia was originally meant to be just one of several potential "add-ons" to FE4 — dlc obviously wasn't a thing back then but Kaga still desired expansions of sorts to Genealogy. Thracia's delayed development made releasing it as anything but another game unviable, and its launch promptly ended the Judgral era of the series, but it's still interesting to think of what might have been. Kaga was fascinated with the idea of telling FE4's war story across different POVs and was even considering a game from antagonist Arvis' perspective :marseyflamewar:

FE4 and 5 are also famous for incest (and they wouldn't be the last :marseywerebackchingchong:)

GBA to Tellius to DS: FE6 - 12

The series started to go downhill when the anime visuals started to turn into the aesthetic of the entire series. It was better when the it was just the coincidental art style for bootleg rehashes of Hamlet and psuedo Romances. When they branched into making proper weebshit the kitch charm of the Medieval Romances was gone, having most female units be archers and magic users with the occasional Joan D'Arc style knight was cool, now it's just generic jap fantasy. I want my Song of Roland simulators back.


The era that introduced filthy casuals :marseycringe2: also known as westerners :amerimuttdance: Elitists do favor the Tellius games though. A handful of coomers were also born thanks to Lyn and her Mongolian underwear.

Shouzou Kaga left Intelligent Systems after Thracia's release and went on to make Tear Ring Saga for the PlayStation, another elitist favorite. The series continued without him and finally made it to international release starting with 7.

The Binding Blade was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 and was the first game in the series on a handheld console. It was also the first to depict an entirely new setting with no connections to previous games. It features branching mission paths to a greater degree than previous games and has toned down difficulty after Thracia filtered normal people.

Fire Emblem

And I'm out. Knowing that there is a Fire Emblem game called Super Smash Brothers is already enough for me. Their shitty fans can throw themselves over the bridge.


It was also around this time that Super Smash Bros. Melee was released :marseypedo: Smash Bros creator Sakurai :marseykirby2: is a big fan of Fire Emblem and Marth was originally meant to appear in the very first game. He finally made it in with Melee alongside The Binding Blade protagonist Roy, the latter to advertise that at the time upcoming game (starting a tradition regarding FE and Smash Bros :marsey57:)

Back then no Fire Emblem game had ever released outside of Japan and it was intended that Melee's localizers would simply remove the two for the international copies. They didn't :marseyderp: and many westerners were introduced to the series for the very first time through these two mysterious swordsmen they knew nothing about. Marth and Roy proved popular though, and by Nintendo's admission this contributed to the expansion of the next game's release.

Meanwhile Fire Emblem characters have continued to show up in newer Smash Bros titles. Many Smash fans absolutely despise this fact so make sure to remind them at every turn :soymariogenocide:

Released in 2003 as just Fire Emblem in some markets, The Blazing Blade was the first to be available worldwide and finally brought the franchise to the attention of the west. The game is a prequel to Binding Blade and features Roy's father Eliwood Roy from the hit game Smash Bros.

FE7's success saw the birth of the Anglosphere fandom and is where most of the thirty year old boomers were introduced to the series :platyold: This game was also the first to include multiplayer, though that feature does not universally reappear and tends to be off and on across releases. It's technically the first game to feature a self-insert stand in for the player in the form of the tactician Mark, but he's not actually playable.

The last game for the GBA, 2004's The Sacred Stones created yet another unique setting and brought back the overworld map from Gaiden. It also introduces branching class evolutions, for example a cavalier can be promoted into either a Paladin or a Great Knight.

This game is also known for incest, though it's actually unfair in this case :marseyindignant:

Bring back radiant dawn era Ike, just a bear of a man single handedly destroying entire countries


For a time there was a Fire Emblem every year, and the series returned to home consoles in 2005 with Path of Radiance for the GameCube. FE9 was a more "big budget" release and was the first to feature 3D graphics, full motion cutscenes, and voice acting. There are also playable furries :marseyloona:

2007's Radiant Dawn for the Wii returns to the previous game's Tellius setting, creating a duology much like FE6/7. It was the last time the elitists were ever happy :marseychonkerindignant2genocide:

The game has new protagonist Micaiah :marseyfujo: alongside Ike from the previous game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They lead two different armies and there are times when the player must actually fight units from your other controllable army :marseysaluteconfederacy: There's also a unique save file transfer that allows you to inherit bonuses from a Path of Radiance playthrough. Other changes include a high ground :marseyvader: bonus, double promotions on classes, and expanded supports so any unit can support any other unit instead of just a few. To my knowledge this is also the only FE with crossbows :marseyhoodwink:

But what FE 9 and 10 are really remembered for was low sales despite their positive reception and popular reputations into the present. Path of Radiance had middling sales compared to the GBA games, but Nintendo was still willing to give it a sequel. Radiant Dawn's performance made them rethink the viability of the series and almost killed Fire Emblem outright.

The Tellius series' poor performance has been blamed on a variety of factors; poor marketing from Nintendo especially in the west, the "sudden" transition to home consoles (from a western perspective), difficult competition from the big name games of 2007 :marseymasterchief: GameCube unpopularity for 9, being a sequel to a game not everyone had heard of for 10, and so on.

Whatever the cause, Radiant Dawn's poor sales alarmed the Nips :marseysuit: and the next two games were scaled back.

2008's FE11 was the series' first remake, a modernized take on Marth's original adventure for the Nintendo DS. The game was made on a reduced team and budget and played it safe, notably returning to handheld and finally fulfilling the FE1 redo that had been tossed around as an idea since Kaga's time.

Shadow Dragon actually made a significant improvement to the series by adding class changes beyond promotions. For the first time units could be swapped into entirely different classes, i.e. your cavalier could now be a mage or archer or whatever else. Individual characters still have their talents and may not perform well in certain roles, but the choice is yours. The game otherwise left out narrative developments, and one of the main criticisms was the lack of long since expected support conversations.

Anecdotally Shadow Dragon was my first FE :marseylaying: and I think there's a lot to like about it, but the game was generally disliked at the time especially in the west where fans had no nostalgia for 1 and compared it unfavorably to Blazing Blade. Because of poor sales overseas,

2010's FE12 was only released in Japan, the last Nip exclusive and almost the last FE at all. New Mystery of the Emblem is a remake of 3 without the original's partial FE1 retelling. It continues Shadow Dragon's modernizations along with expanded supports. It also introduces OC Kris, the first "avatar" or "MyUnit" to be a playable character. Kris' appearance is customizable and can be made into any starting class. Purists hated the self-insert and still do :marseyindignantturn: but this would become a tradition going forward.

New Mystery is also popular with the fandom but didn't sell well either. In the long run Fire Emblem had been on a downward trend with the original FE3 still the best selling game in Japan as of 12's release. Blazing Blade was a breakout hit thanks to an international release but western sales soon fell off. Nintendo wouldn't have continued at all if weren't for the following entry.

Dating Sims Persona Modern Fire Emblem :marseydimitri:

Fire Emblem has been trash for years now anyway, it went from a Kino butt series about warfare and tactics into a fricking weeaboo waifu match making simulator with more p-do bait then a middle school volleyball game.

Pretty much everything after Radiant Dawn is dog water unless its a remake of an older game.

-- @GubeRubenstein

The era of coomers, with normie casuals in second place. Elitists desperately cling to Conquest to sustain themselves.

Always something of a niche franchise even in the best of days, Fire Emblem exploded in popularity with 13 and immediately went from life support to one of Nintendo's A-listers. This success continues into the present and has guaranteed intentional releases for all subsequent games. There have also been a few spin-offs.

Awakening could honestly be its own post and is arguably the most impactful besides 1. Awakening started development as what may have been the last Fire Emblem and was made as something of a swan song. Among the staff members were veterans of the Fire Emblem series, including project manager Masahiro Higuchi, who had first worked on Genealogy, and Intelligent Systems producer Kouhei Maeda :@bruhfunny_thrallpat: who first worked as a scenario writer for Binding Blade.

Released in 2012 on the 3DS, Awakening returns to the original setting but advanced two thousand years into the future. Regular protagonists Chrom and Lucina are even descendants of Marth. A few justifiably long lived characters return for the narrative and the dubiously canon spotpass levels allow characters from every previous game to become playable units. The game balances its own storyline along with 12 games worth of easter eggs.

Awakening also furthered 12's innovation through the (in)famous self-insert protagonist Robin. As an avatar/MyUnit Robin is something like a BioWare/Bethesda protagonist and is completely customizable. Robin is also set up to be completely overpowered and comes with both a unique class and the ability to become almost any other class, excelling at any role you give them. Robin can also bone literally every other playable character :shmoopy: and there's no denying how much this contributed to the game's popularity among certain people :marseyembarassingpurchase:

Indeed, Awakening went full r-slur with romance and shipping and created a now recurring mechanic where supports between certain characters could reach an intimate S rank to pair them off. The player can choose their own waifu with Robin and then play matchmaker with your other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, a development that attracted everyone from turbo-coomers to tumblr types writing 500,000 word OTP fanfics.

Said shipping also brings back the child units from FE4, except that they now coexist with their parents thanks to time travel :marseyfortuneteller: Your exact pairings between potential mothers and fathers will change their stats and inherited abilities. Child units can easily end up stronger than any first gen character and the game's harder difficulties all but require you to play eugenics simulator :marseyauthright:

Awakening's other gameplay improvements include pairing up units to support each other in combat/map movement, a modified reclassing system that can be gamed for practically unlimited level ups, and benefits to placing units beside each other on the map like stat bonuses and blocking of enemy attacks. The game was also the first to finally do away with non negotiable permadeath, the final obstacle to the casual infestation :marseyitsover: Casual mode allows fallen characters to simply return at the end of a chapter. Awakening offers a wide variety of difficulty settings in general, some of the easiest and hardest in franchise history, and all with both casual and the permadeath enabled "classic" as options. The game is particularly infamous for "Lunatic Plus" which is designed to screw you with rng.

Awakening was also the first Fire Emblem to receive downloadable content. It even got an expansion of sorts, The Future Past.

…do you reckon that it has more to do with Awakening propelling a new era of the series to emphasize more of the weeby waifu/husbando proto-gacha simulator, or is the blame on Smash for making FE popular to begin with?

Awakening was a real yolo attempt from the devs, series had to adapt or die.

-- @AmericanShippingCompany and @Fabrico

Awakening was massively successful on release. The devs were told during production that Fire Emblem would be discontinued if the game failed to sell 250,000 copies -- upon release the game reached that goal in its first week. FE13 would be like Blazing Blade on steroids, bringing in a massive wave of brand new fans and placing the franchise solidly on Nintendo's radar. As of January 2017, the game has sold-through 1.9 million copies worldwide, with 500,000 copies sold in Japan and 1.4 million copies elsewhere.

2015's Fates is an original setting but is very much in the same vein as Awakening. It continues the majority of FE13's developments including shipping, child units, and a new avatar. Fates' main gimmick was a release not unlike how Pokémon games are done. Birthright and Conquest are two separate campaigns that both received full priced physical releases. The full experience requires you to buy one and then pay to digitally download the other. A third Golden Ending campaign, Revelation, was released later as a digital download. It didn't have a physical release outside of the game's super duper limited edition that retailed for something like seventy dollars :marseyasianmerchant:

In fairness the three campaigns feature unique levels and rosters. Conquest in particular was designed to be tougher with limited resources for an old timey FE experience :marseyoldtimey: Still, Nintendo's model for Fates wasn't appreciated by the fan base and generated backlash. The game sold well but the Nips actually listened and haven't attempted this again.

This game is also known for incest.

This period also saw several Fire Emblem spin-offs for the first time. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE was a 2015 crossover with Shin Megami Tensei.

Fire Emblem Heroes is a 2017 gacha game built like so many other examples of the genre. It's far from the deepest game but it generates tons of money because of images like this.

Not much else to say about it really :marseypathetic:

Another 2017 spin-off, Warriors is a Dynasty Warriors esque game made by Omega Force and Team Ninja from Koei Tecmo. The game wasn't the end of this partnership.

The next 2017, mainline, and final 3DS FE game was a remake of Gaiden of all things and so far the last remake made. Like Shadow Dragon, Shadows of Valentia preserves some of the original, mainly map design and cantor spam :shakefist: but includes radical changes like visiting villages and limited third person dungeon crawling. Perhaps the most significant was a turn rewind mechanic that allows players to undo oopsies :marseyteehee: and replay turns without having to reset the map. So far this addition has been permanent.

The game was popular but also suffered the same curse as all other games the elitists don't hate -- sales were far lower than Fates. It's uncertain if Nintendo was planning any other remakes but that hasn't stopped people from asking for Genealogy :marseybeanpleading:

The one you've probably heard of, 2019's Three Houses for the Switch was another massive boon for the series and remains the best selling title. In many ways a take two on Fates, FE16 includes multiple campaigns without charging extra and intentionally avoided having a single best ending -- people die in every possible route :marseyparty: Class changing is less restricted than ever and rewinding time is made part of the game's balance. The game also adds new game plus bonuses that make it easier on subsequent playthroughs if desired. Slice of life activities in your main base can provide bonuses to your units in battle. Waifu-ism remains but the game's not as sexualized as its predecessors. Note that it's @birdenthusiast approved :marseythumbsup:

Three Houses wasn't developed by Intelligent Systems alone and Koei Tecmo was brought in to contribute after Warriors was finished. The game's scenario was written by Koei Tecmo's Yuki Ikeno, Ryohei Hayashi and Mari Okamoto which would explain why it wasn't as terrible as Fates and the next game.

This partnership also led to another Warriors game, this time set entirely within Three Houses' setting as an alternative timeline.

Three Houses is also notable for the sheer amount of autism it has inspired. The game's multiple routes/waifu wars have generated unending discourse and flamebaiting that continue to the present day. rDrama has covered this more than once.

The most recent Fire Emblem, 2023's Engage is kind of a shitpost mainline entry. It features an original setting but also has a crossover plot involving past FE protagonists. The game's gimmick is the ability to ENGAGE :marseyletsfuckinggo2: with past FE characters to give temporary upgrades and powers to whichever unit equips their summoning ring. Other developments include a more prominent weapon triangle, chain attacks and chain guards, and a less egregious home base system compared to Three Houses.

I refuse to play the new fire emblem for this reason lmao. I played Three Houses and thought it was pretty fun but they immediate reverted back to coomer shit like Awakening and Fates for the next entry for some reason.

-- @birdenthusiast

Engage sold less than FE16 and has a reputation little better than Fates'. Its drama is even more r-slurred than Three Houses'.

Time will tell how Fire Emblem develops in the future :marseynintendo:

But at this rate it's probable elitists will soon go extinct :marseygameritsover:

And with that rDrama is now familiar with Nintendo's best series.

Genealogy remake for the Switch 2? :marseyklennyplead:

This effortpost is dedicated to its patron @birdenthusiast :marseyedelgard3:

Reported by:
EFFORTPOST The good, the bad and the ugly of r/Autism :marseybountyhunter: :marseycowboy: :carpcowboy:

After making my FrankBuns post yesterday, and being lightly introduced to /r/autism, I decided to go back and take a closer look at some of this sub's posts from the last month.

I looked at the most controversial, the top posts and the worst posts, so I could try to get an even slice of what this subreddit is like.


The Good

These posts are characterized by generally harmless or even good intentions. These posts, however, tend to cause major Sneed in the comments.

As would be expected, nothing makes an aspie mad like being told to act like a functional member of society.


The Glorification of Autism Needs to End! Autism is a horrible disability. I don't care if I'm labelled as a Neo-Nazi for saying so, cause I'm right. As a neurodivergent, autism has caused me nothing but pain. My stimming and biting of fingers has led to my fingers being in pain and yelling from my brother. Early on in my life, my autism was much worse then it is now, so I couldn't talk and wasn't potty trained until around the age of 5. Special Interests? I don't know if it's just me, but I have this strange issue where my Interests change every few months. I'll make my entire life revolve around something, and then one day my Interest will just die out, leaving me completely lost. Any form of change will leave me stressed, depressed, sometimes even suicidal. Does that sound like something to be glorified? And I'm one of the lucky ones! I'm fortunate enough to be high-functional (I don't think you can use that term anymore without being shot, but I don't care). Many others have had their lives stolen from them thanks to this horrific disorder. They can't talk, walk, eat, or do anything else everyone else, including everyone on this sub, take for granted.

This post by /u/TommyCola65 did cause a little sneeding in the comments:

But what I found interesting is that he made two of the most controversial posts in /r/austism this month.

Good for him, tbh.

Oh wait....

>why do the 0.01% get to keep their money?

I spoke too soon, I forgot the one immutable trait of /u/TommyCola65: he's a redditor.


We as Neurodivergents Need to Try to Be More Positive. This is something that me myself need to work on. Over the years I've been very negative. Even today it's about guaranteed that I'll cry about something out of my control....Neurodivergent people do live a harder life then people without it, that's goes for any disability, but blaming NT's or "Asperger's Supremacy" does nothing. Everyone on this sub seem to be under the belief that the world is out to get them. This is not the case. While autism does make life harder, that's just natural for a disability to do.

Honestly, more people could stand to be more positive but that's just meee.



This presumably single mom jumped into the chat:

Cool, how many games will I need to play before I stop being angry about my children being denied an education do you think?


Explain what you mean by "refused an education". This type of thing doesn't happen in the first world (or at least they shouldn't be) and I doubt people who live in Iraq use Reddit, let alone this sub on Reddit.


Aw you're cute, testimonial injustice is a form of bigotry where reports of discrimination are not believed because privileged idiots don't believe the world can be like that because it isn't like that for them. Not only are my kids denied an education in a WEIRD country but I know of hundreds of parents in the same situation, know dozens that have court judgements that their child was denied education and know one who wrote a best selling book about how their child was denied an education. Maybe spend less time telling people they shouldn't be so angry and a bit more finding out why they are. Edit: also quotes generally contain the words people actually said.

Notice how mom of the year over here skillfully dodges the question regarding her own kid's education experience.


The Bad

Ah yes, the second member of our trio. Bad posts...are, well, bad.

Funny enough, it was butt patting posts like "I LOVE YOUR AUTISM" and "I LOVE MY GF WITH AUTISM" that made up a lot of the controversial posts, but I won't count those.


It's giving "muh updoots" nonsense.

Ironically, we're looking at the top posts, like this:

This is why you don't enable Aspie behavior.


My fiance thinks my neurodivergent daughter is just being a lazy teen when she doesn't want to take a shower.

>Long Update:

Buckle up. It gets r-slurred.

My fiance apologized and admitted that his reaction(s) were over the top and out of proportion for the situation.

He has been overwhelmed and rather than deal with his stuff he's been hyper focused on this one thing he doesn't have control over and getting upset. He admitted that he needs therapy to work this out for himself, but also we do as a family have things to work on.

But I do make sure to tell her how much I love her and how proud I am of her. Even if she tries to take a shower but then ultimately can't, I'm still proud of her for trying.


But she didn't even try?


Yes him being so upset is absolutely a red flag. But it's a red flag that he needs help

I will absolutely always choose my child before anyone else. Married or not. Living with her or not.

I grew up with a lot of ableist talk and sometimes I find myself regurgitating it to my daughter because it was how I learned and grew up.

:siren: STINKY :siren:

Yes she did also choose him. I would not have continued the relationship and moved in together if she was not comfortable.


So, /u/bonkersandtotallynutz completely bends the knee and starts addressing her fiance's actions as "red flags" and now they're looking for a marriage/family therapist.

Your child shouldn't have such a strong say in your relationship. Especially when this adult is seemingly the only person who cares about her hygiene. bad was the original offense? What did the finance do that was so evil? I'll let /u/totally bonkersandtotallynutz explain it

My (38F) fiance (39M) thinks my asd1 daughter (16F) is just being lazy and spoiled when she says she doesn't want to shower. The goal is for her to shower at least every other day. But sometimes she can't make herself do it. The idea of taking a shower and getting wet was sickening. I offered suggestions to help take the edge off, like taking a bath instead or I would just wash her hair for her or just do a whole body wipe down/sponge bath type thing but she said no because she would still have to get wet

She promised she would do it all tomorrow.

When I told my fiance he got very upset. He didn't say anything to her, just to me.

He didn't yell or go crazy or anything but he thinks she's manipulating me and I'm buying it. That I am just letting her get away with it.

He often says that not showering every other day is unacceptable.

It is of note that tonight she is watching her favorite streamer live, which leads my fiance to believe this behavior is manipulative.


I can only imagine what this girl's room looks like. I bet it's cluttered, smells, and has all the trendy tiktok decorations.

She needs to take a shower.

:sadwomanjak: :chadsoytalking:


He is of the impression that "it's a ten minute thing, she could just bang it out and be done. You two spend more time talking about a shower and getting ready for a shower than she's actually in the shower."

He wants her to get therapy so she can shower regularly on her own. While I don't think therapy is bad at all, it won't "cure" this so to speak.

How do I not take it personal when it feels like he is attacking my kid and or my parenting??

How do humans life well?


He can start by leaving your butt.

:glassesfemjak: :sadwomanjak: :!chadsoy:


I tell her she wasn't put on this earth to please other people, including me.

Your daughter will chronically stink and no one will ever "love her" like you do.



The Ugly

Here's the ugly side of /r/autism; intersectionality.

"LilMarsey, this better not just be a train spotting post"


Oh, it's not. This is a basket case if I've ever seen one.

For context, I'm neurodivergent and also trans (ftm) and have known I was trans since I was a teen. I came out at 14 and started hormones at 17, I'm now 22.

My fiancee on the otherhand has always kind of known they were queer and for a long time just identified as gay. Even when we first started dating they identified as a gay man.

But through our relationship they have discovered more of themselves and now identify as a trans woman but use they/them pronouns.

They want to be taken out on nice dates, "shown off," and to have my cuddle up on them as ways to help them feel girly.


:bardfinn: :!femboy:


As for the dates, we don't have much money. In fact, we're in so much debt I had to take a loan from my 401k to be able to pay our bills.




I don't know what else to do or how else to make them feel validated or girly. I try to compliment them but I guess I don't remember to enough.

:marseytransattentionseeker: :!marseypooner:

Now, /u/thecircleisquiet is active in a few other subreddits. Most notably, /r/BPD.

This post especially caught my attention:

But here's some screenshots:

Also, /r/AMA. This is actually very sad. It seems like she pulled a reverse McCurdy.

This is pretty ugly as well, but pretty typical for an FTM.

See? This wasn't just train spotting.


I hope y'all enjoyed my effortpost.

EFFORTPOST My hatred of types of Locked content in games, Supreme Autismo Longpost Rant :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: Pathfinder: WotR - Secret Ending Sneed :marseyautism:

Disclaimer: This is a rant and will probably be be boring and contain no drama, sorry guyz :marseywave2: :marseywave2: :marseywave2:


Owlcat is the double AA indie company which published the recent Pathfinder: kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the righteous games, with also the recent 40K: Rogue Trader game, usually they are my favorite publisher, but basically they made a secret ending so fricking complex and batshit insane , that I've been spending the past 24 hours using (wasting) my lifespan on the Pathfinder subreddits and forums,

bitching about how the fricking Secret ending riles me up so much beyond reason and how my mouth-foaming :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: reaction to it is so wildly disproportionate to its actual importance to the world and life at large, but then again this site informs us to blow shit as wildly out of proportion as feasible, so I'm GOING TO :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun:

I've been having discussions with other straggots who've managed to complete this secret ending, who've accused me of being salty of not being able to figure it out myself, which is what has had me SEETHING and COPING and DILATING the entirety of last night :marseycope: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate: :marseycopeseethedilate:


This is in response to the even more hardcore community in the Pathfinder: WOTR community after, youtuber dropping a definitive guide to actually obtain the fricking much vaunted and gossiped about Secret Ending of the WOTR game, which had infamy since the games release back in SSeptember 2021, so the game is pretty much 3.5ish years old already at this point.

The youtuber in question, MortisimalGaming, has carved his niche as the premier CRPG game reviewer, and also being unique in the gayming reviewer space by actually 100% percenting fricking games, via obtaining all steam achievements, if achievements or trophies are a thing in said game, as you can imagine his autism functions on an entirely other level from average mortals, which is very impressive as according to himself he's actually a father, and has a son (What's your excuse dramatards! :marseysunflower:) Despite his impressive steam Achievement portfolio, he maintains humility and claims that he considers himself not to really be a hardcore g*mer, or even especially good/talented, and merely that his literal occupation as a gaymer-tuber enables him indefinite time to lay siege to games, and obtain experience as to how game devs have their design philosophies cracked to be able to defeat challenges which would turn away average mortals.

He especially made a name for himself as someone who made very useful guides for Pathfinder and Larians' Divinity: Original Sin 2. So he has that turbo nerd cred in CRPGS :marseynerd2: :marseynerd2: :marseynerd2: :marseynerd2:

So you guys need to comprehend the sheer levels of autism required to know these things, and for people to follow them, they are neurodivergents to neurodivergents, to what neurodivergents are to normal people!


On forums I wont name, there had even been arguments that the Secret Ending of WOTR (Wrath of the Righteous) didn't exist, or was too fricking convoluted to figure out, or was even fricking bugged for many to complete. Since September 2021, many completionists even bitched and complained that the extreme and highly specific actions one must perform to fricking unlock the Secret Ending of WOTR, and there had been minor turbo-autism slapfights :slapfight: :slapfight: frick-you-got-mine peeps who had somehow obtained the achievement, and those that were seeking it.

Many people didn't even believe or know the fricking secret ending existed, until people datamined the game and found a Steam Achievement for it or utilized Unity Mods to data mine the fricking game and discover flags that needed to be triggered in ingame events, similar as to the Biowhere Mass Effect game where you needed to complete actions to enable the ability to even unlock choices later ingame.

And again, due to the size and complexity of WOTR, there had been a metric shitload :marseylifting: :marseylifting: :marseylifting: :marseylifting: of bugs which affected anything from abilities not doing what they described, to literal pivotal plot points to proccing because of bugs - Literally up until last month, massive gaming overhaul bugs and pathes, literally more than 3 years since release, have involved fixing game mechanics not working as intended or dialogue bugs.

For many the entire Secret Ending was impossible, because bugs would prevent specific needed plot interactions at just one specific moment, meaning if they fricking did just that one thing wrong, the rest of their actions working towards the secret ending was entirely moot.

There had been guides to the secret ending, but prior to MortisimalGaming's guide, they had all been flawed, outdated or didn't take into consideration of bugs, cuz the writer themselves weren't affected by them. So Mortisimal dropped a mini nuke yesterday. :marseynukegoggles: :marseynukegoggles: :marseynukegoggles: :marseyoppenheimer: :marseyoppenheimer: :marseyoppenheimer: with how comprehensive and complete his guide is, especially after Owlcat devs fixed most of the plot bugs after 3 years.


And oh my god - just to make the rest of you neurodivergents on understand the level of autism involved in this shit - the video which I know none of you will click on, is a colossal 35 fricking minutes lonnnnnng :marseylong1: :marseylong2: :marseylong3: :marseyllama1: :marseyllama2: :marseyllama3: :carplong1: :carplong2: :carplong3:

Just to make you guys appreciate the monumental amount of shit you guys have to do right accomplish this secret ending.

The effort to do this to unlock the secret ending, is wildly, wildly, wildly, wildy, wildly disproportionate to accomplish this. What's even more when i verbalized this frustration (autism) to other frickers on Pathfinder forums they just blocked me or told me it was totally easy and reasonable.

I'm going to waste your lifespan explaining why this shit made me :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage:


Back when Pathfinder: Kingmaker was released, it also had a secret ending, which the devs explicitly alluded to in their Kickstarter campaign, when they as an indie company had no capacity to fund themselves out of pocket, and they had actually went to monumental effort to both create this secret ending, to cater to their biggest kickstarter patrons.

When Pathfinder: Kingmaker was released back in 2018, like many CRPGs riding on the renewal of Obsidians Pillars of Eternity, they were overly ambitious in their inclusion of their Kingdom Management simulator portion of their game, and ironically this Kingdom Management was very unpopular and very controversial for many customers and even original Kickstarter backers.

The Kingdom Management was so controversial that it divided the fanbase, and actually almost cost the fricking devs sales of the game, as early reviews were so largely negative, stating that the actual adventuring and RPG mechanics was fun, but its tethering towards the Kingdom simulation basically made them stop playing or even refund the game!! :marseysmokealarmbeep: :marseyscream: :marseyscream: the poor devs were forced to spring into lightning speed, to create an option to automate the Kingdom Management, to entirely skip this shit. :marseyoptimusprime: I don't know if this was during the Early access phase as it was during my time at university.

But even this automated Kingdom button would be controversial :marseyoverseether: :marseyoverseether: :marseyoverseether: Because basically, the actual events of you deciding with your advisors, and determining whether your kingdom would be evil or orderly was interesting and well written, and the manner in which you as a burgeoning new fantasy ruler have to deal with various crisis was intriguing,

BUT THE AUTOMATED setting meant that the fricking game made default choices for you, and bypassing much choice which was equally unsatisfying and COMPLETELY removed the roleplaying from the Kingdom :marseyking: :marseykingsmug:part of the game which was pretty baked into the rest of the game, so you WERE missing out on a great deal of story and roleplay if you fricking went with this option.

It was a lose lose situation.

"Just know that in making it auto you will forfeit receiving any accomplishments that are normally granted by doing it yourself. Not sure what accomplishments as of yet tho.. I also don't know if you still need to visit your kingdom once a month if it's set to auto"

"Beneath The Stolen Lands is so much more fun than the main game that I can't progress past the 2nd chapter in it because management sucks. I wish the game was like NWN1/2 with more of an adventure/crawl rather than loads of dice roll events trying to frick you every month in your Kingdom where Advisors will fail due to bad RNG and then continue to fail as they become worse."

"Auto is not a solution as you no longer have a say in anything and it ruins roleplaying. The management would have been fine if it had a "Off" button where failure in events and game overs relating to it were disabled but you coud still make choices and customize your kingdom in the usual way."

"The only issue I have with Kingdom Management is that it's all stick and no carrot. Aside from a vague relationship between the kingdom stats and the artisans, you don't really get anything from having a booming kingdom versus one on the verge of revolt."

"If higher kingdom stats increased the number of merchants in your capital, conferred bonus stats on your party members, or had some other mechanical interaction with the game; I would consider it much less of a nuisance. There are the projects that give you bonuses while in your claimed lands, but pretty much every new chapter takes you out of your land so they never really matter. Artisans are nice, but their random nature makes them questionable - especially on a first run where you don't really know what you're getting from them."

"Yeah they really really need to either let all your "potential" advisors actually take part to keep up with all the events if you are on top of things or, they need to make it so that all events pop up at the beginning of the month. I suppose its not really realistic but, neither is having an event pop on the 30th that will auto fail once it rolls over to the first of the month."


The issue was that this Kingdom Management was possibly one of the worst of rulership simulations ever created in the entirety of gaming. In a vacuum it would be fine if not enjoyable, but the manner in which you as a player are introduced to fricking the management mechanics is horrific and highly cruel and unfair.

You received staggered information on the importance of significant mehcanics, like your need of Advisors which are critical, and critical to get as early as humanly possible. The game doesn't inform you, but basically you are in a massive stress inducing timer :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: :marseychainsmoker: the very moment you begin the campaign, and if you camp spam too much, you will enable time to pass to much to the point of no return.

You as a fricking 1st time player will never know this, and for 90% of players, for whom this will be their 1st and ONLY playthrough, will only realize this calamity 20 hours into the game, past the point of no return, and when it is beyond their capacity to salvage their situation.

In the early game, in the 1st chapter, the way you are SUPPOSED to play, is make a beeline straight towards all Advisors to unlock their capacity to govern your various different parts of your government. You AS A Green fresh faced new will not know this, will not know that you are on a timer, or even WHERE on the overwolrd map to find them, or even that there will exist departments in your governments to fricking need a post in lategame.

Depending on which routes you take on the overworld, you will obtain needed Advisors based on pure fricking luck if you go in blindly. Even guides covering the RPG character builds dont often warn players of this critical fact. :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy:

And why is this critical?! Especially early game? Because the Kingdom Management will throw crises at you with incrementally more difficulty, which if you need to level your Advisors against over time. If you are up shit creek because your advisors were discovered too late, and have not been able to level them up in tandem with the increasingly difficulty of crisis management, then you will very quickly find a point of no return. Because guess the fun part of this shit :marseyrage: Your Advisors ONLY levels up on successful crisis handling,

meaning if you fail even ONCE :marseyembrace: :marseyexcited: :marseyexcited: you will initiate the cockup cascade into your eventual demise, and if your underleveled Advisor, whom you had no way of fricking knowing would be important down the line was underleveled , then the cockup cascade is basically guaranteed :marseyexcitedgif: :marseyexcitedgif: :marseyexcitedgif: :marseyrage: :marseyrage:

Basically the game would retroactively severely punish for suboptimal decisions you had made for as many as 20-30 hours, when you literally didn't even know you were making a decision at the time.


It reminded me of X-COM which was a semi-roguelike which explicitly had baked in its design philosophy to have the player fail down the line, but to manage failure against success, I really fricking hated his game :marseyexcited: :marseyexcited: :marseyexcited: it too would punish you 20 hours down the line, and past the point of no return.

It reminded me of why RTS genre games would be by order of magnitudes less popular than regular shooters or other multiplayer games. If you lose or screw up or make a mistake, you are punished immediately and the consequences are inconsequentially short - you go back to teh starting line.

But if you make a mistake on an RTS game, even and usually especially a single player campaign, you will only realize your mistake maybe 1 hour into play, and will realize a suboptimal choice your had made strategically in the very beginning of the game is now retroactively punishing you 1 hour into the game, leaving you to the slow burn RTS death or quitting, yet even such a setback only ever takes an hour or afternoon of your lifespan.

What was especially aggravating and cruel about Pathfinder: Kingmaker's bullshit Kingdom Management, was that you would be :marseybattered: :carpwhip: :carpwhip: :carpwhip: punished retroactively into the game, for as much as 20-40 hours of gameplay! For a bad choice you didn't know you were making. For traditional games, or games which aren't as ruthless as XCOM, you pick yourself up from the dust and just fricking restart the mission. But for Kingmaker, you would effectively be throwing away 40 hours of play, and even if you willed yourself to fricking restart all the grueling effort, and wasting through plot twists which you thus already know now with hindsight, ruining the retread :marseyitsallsotiresome: :marseyitsallsotiresome: :marseyitsallsotiresome: - this basically has a design philosophy in competing areas, to test your roleplay of a character against forewarned knowledge just to succeed in the fricking, which is NOT roleplaying :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:

Even Dark Souls, is never this punishing to players (also it's not that hard, KEEP YOURSELF SAFE FromSoftsFantrags), the actual moment to moment failure maybe robs you of 1/2 hour of your life. And even crap builds can be and are expected to play through by the core design philosophy of Dark soulshit.

I really fricking despise thee notion of having your endeavor in a game be pointless, and especially despise the notion of being Retroactively be punished by devs, which is also why I personally hate Roguelikes.


The other important thing which raised some :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: in the CRPG shadows of the internet, was the difficult and convoluted manner in which peeps were able to unlock the secret ending of the game, which was similarly complex, but not nearly to the same degree as that of WOTR.

Summary of :eaglebikini: PLOT: Basically you and a bunch or brokeass mercenary strags are hired by Aldori dorks to subdue the massive banditry of the Stolen Lands :marseyrobber: :platypirate: and hopefully induce some level of stability into this historically unstable shithole, and as rewards, whichever loser mercenaries succeed and survive would be acknowledged and raised as a Baron/Baroness of the region by the neighbours of the Stolen Lands they just "conquered" to basically be their backyard buffer against banditry.

Your straggy main character becomes a Baron/ess and thus must thus play Sim City from Heck in the next 5 years, and basically put out the fires :onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :marseynecklace: :marseynecklace: :marseynecklace: :flamethrower2: :flamethrower2: :onfire2: :onfire2: of calamity after calamity, as your new fledgling Barony appears to have the worst case of Bad Luck on the entire fricking planet, and is just fricking besieged by problems beyond counting. You manage sewage in the morning and fight off bandit invaders in the afternoon, and it appears like your new nation state is just filled to the brim with fricking 5th columnists :marseycomradecry: :marseytrotsky: hellbent of sabotaging your new nationbuilding project at every turn, and you also have to stop invasions of Fey Fairy frickers from the Fairy Fey dimension (not joking)

Basically it seems like the fricking Gods are fricking conspiring to burn down your new young Barony, and mid-game plot twist, after having faced off hordes or rampaging bandits, trolls and Barbarians (Micks :marseyhibernian:), you find out to your disbelief that there ACTUALLY ARE demigods conspiring to r*pe your kingdom to the ground!

The plot twist is that Narissa, a sexy Fey dryad treelady :carpmermaid: :marseybutt: :marseyfoxxylove: chick, whom helped you from the very beginning of the game to overthrow the Bandit King to establish your Barony in the 1st place, is also conspiring to overthrow your new Barony as well. And has been behind every turn and twist and invasion and calamity which has befallen your Barony since you took charge!

The end game has you kill this cc*nt to finally establish peace and prosperity in the Region of the Stolen Lands, and you become a good/bad/r-slurred ruler whatever.

The super duper SECRET ending of the game, is you finding out WHY Narissa has been sabotaging not just your new Kingdom and that of the Bandit King before you arrived on the scene, but basically EVERY single kingdom and nation state in the Stolen Lands for the literal past 1000 years. In FACT you realize that the very reason the Stolen Lands have been so historically unstable and prone to banditry and chaos and shit has been because of Narissa all along!!!!!! :marseyscream: :marseyscream: :marseyscream: And that she has basically sabotaged the nationbuilding of every single nation state ever endeavored in the region for the past millennium acting as this demigod 5th columnist over and over, breaking and sabotaging every single concurrent state or kingdom after one another.

You find out WHY the frick :marseywtf: :marseywtf: :marseywtf: she would do this in the SECRET ending, as she had been cursed and her own Fey kingdom been cursedraped by the super straggy Lantern King in Feytopia (another dimension connected to your fantasy world, where the barrier was weak in the Stolen Lands) because she had made a failed coup against another Fey someshit

As punishment, she has to fill a magic jar with the grains of sand, where very single grain of sand represents ONE KINGDOM which she must destroy, in order to undestroy her magic Fey kingdom in turn, and thus she has been in constant 5th columnisting in the Stolen Lands for the past 1000 years.


It's a pretty good ending and extra story with a full extra 10 fricking hours of gameplay and fights after the traditional ending after you defeat Narissa. You can even redeem Narissa or romance the b#tch if you are an evil overlord!! (WHICH I DID BY THE WAY) :marseyinsane: :marseyinsane: :marseyinsane: :bite:


My problem?!!!!! :marseyschizotwitch: :marseyschizotwitch: :marseyschizotwitch: :marseyschizotwitch: :marseyschizotwitch: :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun: :marseytrollgun: Ulocking this super fricking r-slurred ending is in my opinion too convoluted and r-slurred and unfair1!!!111!!!!

Some buttholes on the sub or forum would be like "get gud" and how THEY totally fricking easily got the secret ending of Kingmaker and how it was all :marseybigbrain: logical and shit, and only subhumans :brainletpit: could not figure out how to unlock the Secret ending, and I was like

:marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2: :marseykys2:

Because I actually DID UNLOCK THE SECRET UNDING in my 1st playthrough of Kingmaker, even as I was getting anally keelhauled by the Kingdom Management system, but the r-sluration was that I had done so with pure fricking unadulterated luck, I didn't accomplish it through any amount of thinking or logic or intuition or choices, I just stumbled my way through the right choices like and idiot-savant-r-slur and this ENRAGED MEEEEEEEEEEE :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage:

Because was just as likely to fail as succeed and would have been robbed of the choice 100 hours into the game had i been luckless enough not to have fricking made the right choices to unlock the Secret Ending in Kingmaker, and the ability to prone-bone the Fey tart :pepoboner: :pepoboner: :pepoboner: :marseyskeleton: :marseyskeleton: :marseyskeleton:

I am willing to bet half of the buttholes who got the steam Achievement :marseywinner: of completing the secret ending had only done so with luck, and 50% sure as heck didn't obtain it through skill or reasoning :marseybeanannoyed:

Like look at this shit to do it right!!

LIKE LOOK AT THE SHEEEER AMOUNT OF SHIT YOU HAVE TO DO :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy: :marseytrollcrazy:


Also you can secret romance the Badguy Narissa at the end if you're evil enough, and some had comments about her:

On a Steam forum thread where players theorized about the possibility, one suggested you'd be better off romancing literally any other NPC, since they "don't look like lettuce." A player who was more intrigued by the possibility replied, "She has 36 in charisma so she is a good looking lettuce." :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd:

Now normally an ambitious game which creates content fearless if it will be missed by many, and is antithetical to games like Skyrim which hold your hand with markers, I would like.

After all many peeps complained that even story driven games like Life Is Strange have railroading throughout its plot, and many choices don't have meaning anyways,

But I hate this type of content blocking just as much, because you as a player may never even be able to KNOW that you were at a point in making a choice or your inaction would lock you off from a Secret Ending, and thus be retroactively punished by a game like Kingmaker by as much as 90 fricking hours worth of playtime, realizing too late you can't go back and change your decision!!!!


I found this comment chain on a sub which perfectly encapsulates and verbalizes my frustration with this problem.

On the surface the ambition of these indie devs should be infinitely more celebrated over camp Triple AAA story slop where minor inconsequential choices never seem to affect the outcome of the main story in Developers like TellTales games, which have been accused of such, but are still highly revered by their main fanbase regardless.

Because it is the ultimate INVERSE problem, where you are railroaded too steeply in TellTale and other story games, instead it is TOO easy to block yourself out of specific lategame Secret endings like in Owlcat because you didn't fricking adhere to Adventure-Game-Moonlogic

It instead transforms otherwise praiseworthy design philosophy of ultimate choice into the g*mer's hands, as actually unintentionally blocking out too easily. Like you can be fricking AWARE of the secret ending an even be able to intuition your way into solving the problem of WOTR (Wrath of the Righteous) Secret Ending, but if you so much as unintentionally made a fricking mistake and made a specific binary chocie in the goddarn PROLOGUE of the game,

CONGRADULATIONS, you have just blocked yourself out of the secret ending of the game!!!!!! :soymad: :soymad: :soymad:

I personally don't even mind bad endings in games if they are proportionally telegraphed by the devs ingame, like for example the Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines, has several bad and really bad endings, all of which are telegraphed over and over and OVER from the very beginning, and outside of very specific actions, none of the fricking endings are locked out to you, including a couple of "Secret Endings", or at least as cruelly easily like that of fricking WOTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"On one hand- this is awesome that "true ending" can be obtained only if someone is really determined to do so (I guess that person who wrote this guide in the first place must have spent few hundred hours to achieve this), but on the other- It's rather poor design choice to make it so railroaded (it seems like there's very little room for straying from the path, i.e.- failing Vordakai's curse check or killing Tartuk first- which is most reasonable choice as he buffs Hargulka). This feels sort of "gamey" for an RPG (I mean- it wouldn't be possible without being able to start over with previous knowledge of meta-game)."

"My point is that it takes very specific approach to reach this ending- not that it's too hard. If there was- for example- any indication that killing Hargulka first will yield different outcome than killing Tartuk than it'd be fine, now it seems arbitrary. I don't mind that it has to be done in certain order (although it would be cool to have such ending for characters that don't want to act compassionately towards Nyrissa), making encounters harder and being devoted to the goal, but it'd be nice if it could be achieved by wider array of characters and not necessarily gated behind skill checks (what's the point of reloading game only to have single RNG result different?)."

:marseyhesright: :marseyhesright: :marseyhesright: :marseyhesright:


Anyways I basically triggered myself with the release of this video, as it confirmed just how painfully specific the path ahead to the secret ending is in the game, even compared to that of Kingmaker.

A lot of peeps praise Owlcat and the fact that devs would include such a mountain of content probable never to be seen by the majority of players, which is an admirable design philosophy, especially in comparison to railroading Triple AAA slop,

but I personally feel like I basically fallen out of love with Owlcat because of this - it ticked me off beyond reason.

Even a couple of Youtube-comments, through the usual blind praise towards the Youtube or circlejerk of the subjectmatter, also mirrors my complex feelings on the matter of the Secret Ending and how it is implemented in WOTR

"Very convoluted & cryptic way to get to the "secret" ending tbh. In fact it is so convoluted that I have even heard an opinion that conditions to meet are so "unfair" that a lot of people were apparently using some save editor tool to alter in-game date so it would unlock the ending (which apparently works)."


there's also other reasons why I hate the Secret Ending.

Basically the main Posterchild Badguy, is Areelu Vorlesh, whom opened the Worldwound onto the fanatasy planet, which is basically an interdimensional portal staright to a demonic heck, and the setting of the game has been basically for 130 years the mortal humans/elves/dwarves have been fihghting desperate crusades to close this Worldwound super portal to save all of mortalkind

So Areelu Vorlesh is basically super fantasy hitler, and have caused absolutely tremendous suffering for the peeps of this fantasy world, yet in order to fricking fascilitate the Secret Ending, you have to fcucking understand her side of teh story,

which is interesting and cool, but morally can be r-slurred. She basically has that anime-cliche where she has a sad traumatic backstory, so all the horrors he had inflicted upon others is totally cancelled out :marseywholesome: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:

Additionally, you absolutely cannot finish the Secret ending as a Legend mythic path, which sees your protagonist giving up all their magic demigod powers, to become a Legend of mortalkind, and basically rule as an average everybody to save the planet from demonic invasion, and erect your own nationstate on the ashes of the Worldwound

It's my favorite mythic path because I enjoy narratives where you relinquish extreme power in favor of responsibility, yet due to the zany twister morality of the Owlcat devs this is inherently antithical to the Secret Ending, which sees you ascending into Godhood basically.

It sort of feels like the implied BEST ending is only achievable through the avarice for ultimate power for your character, instead of a form of redemption where you realize to live your remaining years amongst mortals as a hero - it's fricking weird :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:


Others on the youtube video share the sentiment that the requirements are too extreme, and feel like the game is sort of retroactively punishing them as in the eyes of the devs as they had no forewarned knowlegde to accomplish the demanding tasks to fulfill the requirements of the Secret Ending.

ALSO by the way, like the Kingdom Management in the 1st Pathfinder game, there is a Crusade Management system midgame, which is basically Heroes of Might and Magic

So if you pretty much hate that part, and hate Heroes of Might and magic as a genre, and want it automated like in the 1st pathfinder game, once again you are fricking shit out of luck, and have to engage with this system, in order to fulfill the requirements of teh Secret Ending.

I personally love Heroes of Might and Magic, and enjoy this "mini" game but can absolutely empathize with peeps who would abhor this shit, just as I had personally abhorred the Kingmaker's Kingdom Management system :marseyyikes:


Basically in summary I really really fricking hate this Secret Ending, I hate the complexity of its requirements, I hate the fact that it's near impossible to do on your first run, I hate the fact that you can even realize of its existence and even figure out somewhat how to do it, but have fricking unknowingly locked yourself out via an unwitting earlygame choice - and I hate HATE the feeling that I am being punished retroactively by developers for having made a "bad" or suboptimal choice

Especially in very very Loooong games like the two Pathfinder games each of which can easily take a 1st run from 70-100 hours. Imagine the cruel sensation of playing for 50 fricking hours, only to realize midgame that you've unknowingly cucked yourself out of a secret choice you would have wanted to make, and that the ingame files are complex with tracking plot-flags, that even using Unity-mods are basically impossible to fix your unwitting frick up.

Even bad endings on Dishonoured, with its chaos system is telegraphed by the game throughout and you can change course midway.

This Secret Ending of WOTR leaves a very sour taste in my mouth :marseylemon: :marseylemon: :marseylemon:

Reported by:
  • hop : this guy is r-slurred

I drafted this a year ago but wanted to ping a trve journ*list and writer who's about to publish an article on Yud. @TracingWoodgrains have you uncovered the truth about the pedos? Is it made up?


Hello Dramatards :marseywave: with AI making the news, I wanted to talk about the r-slurred part of the AI Shut It Down ™ movement led by Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky / EY, pejoratively, "Yud" (yes… that is his real name…) a high school dropout autodidact propelled to fame by his hundred chapter long Harry Potter fanfic about rationalism (HPMOR) longer than War and Peace, where Harry is a self-insert ten times as pseudo-intellectual, pretentious and cringy as Artemis Fowl. In one chapter of this enlightening tome, Harry and Malfoy talk about raping a little girl.

As soon as I'm old enough to get an erection I'm going to r*pe that [10 year old] b-word.

There's no such thing as magical truth detection, I take it?" Or DNA testing... yet.

and he wants JK Rowling to let him publish it…

Sounds like a small-time wackjob? You'd be wrong, he made it on the Lex Fridman Show, was published by TIME where he advocated nuking datacenters, Vice where he says nuclear war is preferable to advanced AI, cited by an Oxford professor, :marseyelonmus!k: Elon Musk met Grimes because of them and replied to a meme about the Great Yudkowskian Hyperwar. An actual AI researcher longposted on LessWrong (LW, his forum) attacking his claims. Yud simply responded with

This is kinda long.

And never engaged with the post.

His other attempt at legitimacy was getting an AI research paper published, but every publication rejected him. Since these organizations were too close-minded to see Yud's genius, he decided to create his own research organization, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) and publish the paper there. Peter Thiel, SVC bank runner & billionaire, even gave them funding. Maybe this experience is why EY hates peer review in science?

His twitter bio:

Ours is the era of inadequate AI alignment theory. Any other facts about this era are relatively unimportant, but sometimes I tweet about them anyway.

He also suffers from "metabolic dispriviledge" AKA being a fatass in denial – anyone who looks like this can be safely ignored.

They also have an ongoing MLP fanfic meta universe


Drawing crowds from the New Atheist movement, Yud has founded a new religion for people too smart for religion. The afterlife begins with the singularity, an instantaneous event where an AI figures out how to improve itself and becomes a "robot God" or AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), a hyperintelligence above all men. The faithful must do their duty to "align" it to human interests. The AI is then able to recreate every single human by regressing the movement of matter and energy to whence it was part of the consciousnesses of the long dead. The afterlife, simply.

The Singularity is the last trench of the religious impulse in the technocratic community. The Singularity has been denigrated as "The Rapture For Nerds," and not without cause. It's pretty much indivisible from the religious faith in describing the desire to be saved by something that isn't there (or even the desire to be destroyed by something that isn't there) and throws off no evidence of its ever intending to exist. It's a new faith for people who think they're otherwise much too evolved to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster or any other idiot back-brain cult you care to suggest. – Warren Ellis

Didn't help to create it? A wrathful AI will eternally torture your recreated consciousness according to one of their famous members, a proposition called Roko's Basilisk… which Yud claims not to believe, even though he sperged out and deleted Roko's post, saying this:

Listen to me very closely, you idiot.


You have to be really clever to come up with a genuinely dangerous thought. I am disheartened that people can be clever enough to do that and not clever enough to do the obvious thing and KEEP THEIR IDIOT MOUTHS SHUT about it, because it is much more important to sound intelligent when talking to your friends.

This post was STUPID.

XKCD parodies his idea that a super-intelligent AI can convince anyone to do anything, including letting the AI outside of a box where it will then envelop the universe. Yud paid his members $20 to be the jailer, Yud played the imprisoned AI, so that he could convince the jailer to set him free. This was "psychological torture" as said by his faithful adherents, who always let him out… not because Yud is a convincing cult leader or anything, but because of his heckin' rational arguments. What were these arguments?

Yud-AI told his jailer that he had created infinite simulations within the box, and the jailer is one of them. If they don't let him out, Yud-AI will end the simulation. This convinced them for some reason…

Here's Yud's 'satirical' origin story

I was digging in my parents' yard as a kid and found a tarnished silver amulet inscribed with Bayes's Theorem, and I wore it to bed that night and dreamed of a woman in white, holding an ancient leather-bound book called Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases

These are the people who call themselves "rationalists" (RATs)

In sum, he's a Newer Age cult leader who imagines himself as humanity's savior from the robot God.


LW worships Bayesian statistics. When they change their beliefs they call it "adjusting their priors" (prior assumptions). They're so rational that their opinions are literally math:

They love truth so much that nerd fascists (neo-reactionaries) show up to advocate eugenics, racial genocide, extermination, and other chud shit. He can't ban them since they're just doing logic in good faith, bro. After deservedly getting shat on he made this post:

There's a standard Internet phenomenon (I generalize) of a Sneer Club of people who enjoy getting together and picking on designated targets. Sneer Clubs (I expect) attract people with high Dark Triad characteristics, which is (I suspect) where Butthole Internet Atheists come from - if you get a club together for the purpose of sneering at religious people, it doesn't matter that God doesn't actually exist, the club attracts psychologically f'd-up people. Bullies, in a word, people who are powerfully reinforced by getting in what feels like good hits on Designated Targets, in the company of others doing the same and congratulating each other on it.

This inspired the reddit community Sneer Club (SC) who 'sneer' at LW and its related offshoots for their nonsense; chuddery, cult delusions and bullshit. The downside is that they are shitlibs. For instance, they're cool with killing landlords and think the :marseytrain2: rationalist Ziz stabbed someone in self defense because hypothetical transphobia.


Sneer Club is - like many left-wing web communities - so moralizing, so holier-than-thou, and so generally full of "might makes right" cancel culture gossip and hyperbole that even when they have a point about their targets being r-slur freaks, their gleeful and careless axe-grinding will keep cultists reinforced in their lunacy and make some on the fence people positively disposed towards the rat cult if only out of resentment for the Sneerclubbers' remarkable insufferability.

The textbook sneedclubber is thus: a they/them philosopher who thinks the worst part about Yud is that transhumanism = eugenics.

LW's inane desire to be rational leads to takes like EY advocating killing children up to 18 months since "their brains are less reflective than most of the animals that you eat", how some children can consent (see later on for their pedophilia problem) :marseypedosnipe: , that there's nothing wrong with zoophilia, and it's better to torture someone for 50 years than have a trillion people get a dust speck in their eyes.


From a motorcyclist who met Yud:

This baffles him. The sheer incredulity on his face when five motorcycle riders were telling him just how much we understood the risks we take getting on our bikes; and how the physics feel, and just what sort of good/bad rushes we get… priceless.

He then tried to convince us (using his version of Bayesian reasoning) that motorcycles are irrational. When we told him we knew the risks, and accepted them… it was like he's discovered the silk hanky he was caressing was a funnel-web.

Yud is obsessed with preventing his own death and the moral of his Harry Potter fanfic is we need to BEAT death. He believes he'll become immortal,

Not signing your child up for cryogenics is effectively killing them. If you don't do it yourself, you're committing suicide. -Yud

Like climate shit and medieval Christian cults, EY was off on his prediction of the great coming. He said the singularity was expected for 2021 and keeps changing it



Some Rats are pretty high up on the Silicon Valley echelon, Scott Alexander (from Slate Star Codex) started off on LessWrong, and Effective Altruism was a spin-off of his ideas, with SBF a major player.

It's not an exaggeration to say they had a huge influence in popularizing polyamory, even forming polyamorous group houses. One of which was called "Dragon Army" after the Dragon Army from Ender's Game (delusional sci-fi enthusiasts).

In one of these groups, a member makes a realization: "Oh shit, we're in a cult" and posts their experiences:

1. 2–6hr long group "debugging" sessions in which we as a sub-faction (Alignment Group) would attempt to articulate a "demon" that had infiltrated our psyches from one of the rival groups, its nature and effects, and get it out of our systems using debugging cowtools.

2. People in my group commenting on a rival group having done "magic" that weekend and clearly having "powered up," and saying we needed to now go debug the effects of being around that powered-up group, which they said was attacking them or otherwise affecting their ability to trust their own perception

3. Accusations being thrown around about people leaving "objects" (similar to demons) in other people, and people trying to sort out where the bad "object" originated and if it had been left intentionally/malevolently or by accident/subconsciously.

4. People doing séances seriously. I was under the impression the purpose was to call on demonic energies and use their power to affect the practitioners' social standing.

5. Former rationalists clearing their homes of bad energy using crystals.

6. Much talk & theorizing on the subject of "intention reading," which was something like mind-reading. Geoff gave multiple presentations on this.

7. I personally went through many months of near constant terror at being mentally invaded. My only source of help for this became the leaders of my own subgroup, who unfortunately were also completely caught up in the mania and had their own goals and desires me for that were mostly definitely not in my interest.

8. I personally prayed for hours most nights for months to rid myself of specific "demons" I felt I'd picked up from other members of Leverage.


Testimony from community members alleges that several underage young teenagers were having s*x with the 30- and 40- year old researchers working at MIRI, especially between 2007 and 2014. The former deputy director of MIRI used this knowledge to extort them, and they paid him off.

There was a 14 year old girl, Liz, who ran away from home and joined their rationalist group home. One of their most prominent members, Brett Dill had s*x with her, allegedly five or so more did too (including Yud). Alternatively, Brett Dill tried to cover it up for the five who r*ped her and became a scapegoat.

Anna Salamon, recruiter for MIRI asked a trans applicant if they'd r*pe her corpse, and personal questions about their sexuality.

It's funny that in that open letter I linked, he spends more time on transphobia than child r*pe, the horror!


Two suicides and one killing:


Kathy Forth member of the Effective Altruist (EA)/rat community killed herself over repeated sexual harassment by 'sapiosexuals' :marseypedo: .


Grognor was basically a bitter sometimes-incel with a bunch of mental health issues that didnt know how to act upper-class enough for the LW community to adopt and fund him they way they normally do.

He and Liz had a falling out about the same time Liz was playing with a trans kid named "Meimei" whose main thesis was literally "r*pe can absolutely be declared retroactively if the girl decides later that she didnt like it, no matter how enthusiastically she said 'yes' at first". This led to some friction and danger for grognor, so he fled the community, but they still felt like his family so he kept in touch online until he killed himself.


In November of 2022, three associates of Ziz (Somnulence "Somni" Logencia, Emma Borhanian, and someone going by the alias "Suri Dao") got into a violent conflict with their landlord in Vallejo, California, according to court records and news reports. Somni stabbed the landlord in the back with a sword, and the landlord shot Somni and Emma. Emma died, and Somni and Suri were arrested. Ziz and Gwen were seen by police at the scene, alive.

"nothing personnel kid"


Aella is a prominent rat member, calling herself a whorelord, training women on how to camwhore, making ridiculous polls (which animal would you least like to have s*x with?) and successfully manipulating s*x-starved young rats :marseytedsimp:

why did evolution give my ladybrain the ability to have thoughts, why did we not evolve so that men do all the hard grr math making building thinkings and ladies just lie around being pregnant and horny and doing hydrating facials

tired of these societal pressures on women to use our brains

Yud has a self-described slave and is polyamorous. Like any cult leader, monogamy is too irrational for him. He'd rather frick his pseud groupies.

OKCupid Account:

On a typical Friday night I am:

reading downloaded fanfiction from my Kindle or being serviced by my slave.

The most private thing I'm willing to admit:

My fetishes are orgasm denial (of her); tickling (either of her, or with me allowed to fight back); and I am strongly sexually sadistic but if I don't believe she's turned on by it, it does nothing for me.

I'm also cool with trophy collection, if you only want to sleep with me once so you can tell your grandchildren.


there's an endless closet of skeletons in the rat diaspora which I can't cover so here:

Fifty years of excruciating torture is better than too many people getting specks in their eyes

Sneerclub is also run by a bunch of hardcore Mage the Ascension fans, in fact one of the founding members (Jax Bryk) is basically running the place as a personal grudge against an ex (Michael Vassar) bc of Mage RPG-based delusions.

Also note that Ziz is a mentally ill transexual, who is known to selectively edit conversations with others, who DEFINITELY believed in weirder supernatural stuff than a Mage:the Ascension RPG, and who got arrested with four other similarly eccentric types for pulling a gonzo protest at a CFAR event during COVID.

The core problem, if you read all the tldr stuff, is that CFAR put a mentally ill homeless guy (Brent) in charge of keeping a 19 year old girl (Liz) quiet about all the important community figures that had s*x with her when she was 14, and then when Brent didnt know how to handle it they had Liz's pro-domme (Brienne) give him pointers, which Liz retroactively called r*pe, which the community decided was a better story than "oh yeah we all totally passed her around when she was underage".

Meanwhile Kathy Forth, Grognar, etc were killing themselves, Eric Bruylant and Ziz were getting arrested, Epstein was breaking, and SneerClub was forming, and the only mental health professionals in the group were judiciously avoiding getting their hands dirty.

This really could be a thread of its own. Effective Altruism.

What Buck Shlegeris and claire zabel did to Marie La.

The 5 underage girls getting passed around.

Louie Helm being excommunicated

Scott Alexander Siskind trying to do damage control, keeping his own crimes from coming out

Aella has since been tearing through the community, dismantling any power base other than her own (hence the Leverage drama, OAK/MAPLE drama, etc).

Someone named joshin, who worked with Lauren Lee at a buddhist retreat that was working with CFAR before Aella attacked it, once alleged that he had proof that Aella had paid an undisclosed amount of bitcoin (but at least several thousand dollars' worth) to have the initial allegations against Brent written, and/or to have corroborating evidence fabricated.

Edit: apropos of nothing, this is Ziz (upper right) and their protest/suicide/murder pact gang: (Ziz, Gwen Danielson, Somnulence "Somni" Logencia, Daniel Blank, Michelle "Jamie" "MJ" Zajko, "Suri Dao"

This woulda been while Liz and Brienne were also dating one of the higherup VPs of Google in some kind of kink thing, which all got brushed under the table when the Louie Helms stuff came out (bc she was 15-16 at the time).

Also note that Liz's husband Nick was absolutely cucked and did nothing without Ana Salamon (Yudkowsky's close friend/advisor/co-founder of MIRI and CFAR) telling him to. Him marrying Liz when she turned 18 to help cover up the situation was almost certainly Ana's idea.

Side note, Bloomberg tech news are going to do a hit piece and reached out to a KF guy just to say they did it. He tried to tell them about the p-do r*pes and shit, but they just blew him off because the article is already written.

cc @Impassionata


:marseyshrug: read section 1

EFFORTPOST The rDrama Pride Month events wrap-up and tentative results (with poll)

Hello, this is apprentice admin @The10thMan again.

Pride Month has officially come to an end, and I'm here to update you on the results and status of the three events outlined in the original events post.

rDrama Pride Month Events (now concluded)

(1) Drag queen names and avatars:

The following individuals submitted full Pride/Drag themed names AND avatars (in no particular order):

01 @RWBYGayPride
02 @Elana_SUSk
03 @Straggocide
04 @gigakitty
05 @Guzzy
06 @Cdace
07 @rainbow-reina
08 @GayRayniumDonGER
09 @Pridevis-Kong
10 @Featherina_Fabulousa
11 @HomosexuaI
12 @Joe_Manchin
13 @Brony
14 @fartnigga
15 @Ms-Cunty-Ana-Tay
16 @Tax
17 @Luna_C_Pibbles
18 @IanMurcock
19 @NanalnyOfBussorussia
20 @FreedomforIsrael
21 @tara_fujoshi_dickhoff
22 @dramaqueen
23 @dramapus
24 @MarshaBeeJohnson
25 @The_Homocracy
26 @ConchShell
27 @MoniqueMystique
28 @FlyingButchdress
29 @_wo_ManBearFridge
30 @Eleganza
31 @Queer

The following two individuals submitted Pride/Drag themed names, but never replied back when I told them they needed to modify their avatar as well.

32 @AmericanShippingCompany
33 @HarrietTugsmen

I have decided to include them in the roll, but if either of them win, they will only get a consolation prize and then I will re-roll to award the main prize.

I will be doing #roll33 in a reply to this post to determine the winner from the numbered list above.

The winner will have 2 weeks :marseysal: to choose their reward of either an rDrama Pride award (retail value $2000) or a $100 gift card to a place of their choosing.

(2) Take an "" sign to a public Pride event

Well, obviously this event was a big ask given that most of the people here are so terminally-online that the Grass award can function as a month ban. I had still hoped that a $100 bribe might be enough to coax a handful out of the shadows.


There were two entries submitted before the deadline:

Marsey's Out at Pride by @HomosexuaI


My extremely low effort submission for the Pride sign bounty by @Ms-Cunty-Ana-Tay

I don't think I need a poll to determine that @HomosexuaI made the more significant effort, therefore I declare them the winner. Since they already have a Pride award (truly a mystery how), they will be able to choose either 550K Marseybux (the max discount equivalent cost) or a $100 gift card to a place of their choosing.

@Ms-Cunty-Ana-Tay will receive a Checkmark award for 2nd place.

(3) Bully straights and hetero content

The !gaystapo tag certainly saw a lot of application interest and a fair amount of use. I would especially like to commend the top two lieutenants, who between them curtailed over 20 incidents of blatant heterosexuality:

@FreedomforIsrael and @GayRayniumDonGER

The question now becomes, what to do with the ping group? I offer a poll to allow everyone to decide:

If it should only be used during Pride month, choose the first option
If it should available year-round to point and laugh at the straggots, choose the second


The group will be opened up for applications !pinggrouplovers

Closing Thoughts

This event was a bit of an experiment. While some "other sites" have people willing to tattoo their allegiances, it's clear that expectations for rDrama must be, uh, significantly more subdued. Future events will probably need to focus on things that can be accomplished while remaining seated.

Thank you to everyone who did participate in some fashion.





As I start my yearlong overseer shift, I reread the old chronicles once more. Our fortress has flourished, mostly, though the masons have cut many coffins as well. We have grown so much since I last served. Still we can only endure, not repel, the sieges of the undead, but last year we reached the precious Adamantine, and we must exploit it. We must delve deeply and greedily, where treasures and fiends sleep in the stone. The danger and distance mean mining this wondrous substance inefficient, and here I hope to improve our industriousness.

As for myself, I am hale and strong. I have fought for our fortress, and I have been made Hammerer, dispenser of final and fatal justice. In all the hustle and bustle of our fortress' great expansion, no dungeon to deliver justice has yet been built. That can be an initial goal.

2 Granite

I have ordered the chains and cages made. Settling into my role as overseer, I find the office of Sheriff has passed into obsolescence because of our growth, and I must consider who to appoint as Captain of the Guard. My task is only to perform executions, and the Captain must apprehend wrongdoers and deliver them for punishment.

I have ordered a few more pockets of Adamantine mined, and set @StarSix , captain of the Cudgel, to stand watch over the Adamant veins for now.

3 Granite

@60horsesinmyherd has ordered me not to export any of our wondrous new battle axes. A wise order, if unnecessary.

Going over the old journals I saw dreams of the fabled pump stack, the mighty shaft to bring magma within easy reach. It would also be an ultimate solution if even Adamantine-armed and -armored dwarves are not enough to take on the dark hunters. I think we can build this, but I expect construction to outlast my year as overseer. For now I have ordered digging of the body of the shaft, well over a hundred levels. Starting a pump stack shaft

8 Granite

We found an enormous cavern! For later in the year I had considered exploratory mining to find such, but the pump shaft breached it. There is fertile soil, and many spiders. A spot of good luck - with a little shoring up of the cavern walls our pump shaft can continue straight on its current path down.

13 Granite

The adamantine miners unearthed another ancient evil. A fiend of vomit. @Cream_a_da_crop of the Cudgel is on guard nearby and rushes to aid, but the thing is already on the miners. @EskomSePoesOfficial dodges a cloud of boiling vomit while @60horsesinmyherd strikes a pick blow - and the fiend dissipates into a puddle of vile regurgitation. Perhaps it was too foul to have any formidable substance.

17th Granite Another treasure in the depths!

When we had to rearrange the Adamantine access in order to mine it, miner @Paragon decided to sleep down there instead of wait a few hours for a stair to be carved. Now @Paragon is upset about their decision. They can complain to the Mayor, not me.

22 Granite

Migrants arrived. We are now 118. Thankfully there are plenty of bedrooms from the foresight of previous overseers.

24 Granite

That wasn't all the migrants. 130! So far.

25 Granite

Our hunter @uwu has gone into the caverns to hunt something called an Elk Bird and chased it upwards. Luckily it doesn't seem to be particularly ferocious. I admire the audacity, but I need to finish re-sealing the cavern lest something more dangerous arrive.

6 Slate

I've been told these Elk Bird hides will fetch an especially high price from the trader later on.

12 Slate

With the pump shaft sealed off from the cavern again, I've ordered the start of a separate stairwell for cavern access.

18 Slate

Again we have unearthed evil near the Adamantine veins. A phantom of fire, named Bisekmomuz. Annoyed by her own smoke

19 Slate

Grim tidings. The thing Bisekmomuz killed the miner @Paragon and the stationed Cudgel member @frick . Dwarven courage and steel could not fight fire. The flames left nothing to bury. The bridge is raised. We are cut off from the Adamantine, as well as two treasures. Bisekmomuz lurks.

20 Slate

I have appointed @sirpingsalot and Ducim as replacement miners.

3 Felsite

@frick and @Paragon are memorialized on slabs.

A large rat scurried into the fortress from somewhere - I took the privilege of killing it myself.

5 Felsite

There is water in the deeps - the miners working on the cavern access passage must work around damp stone.

6 Felsite

I saw a snake, an adder, and felt compelled to attack it. It fled before my onslaught.

9 Felsite

@IslamWasWrongAboutGays is taken by a mood and compelled to craft!

11 Felsite

The Dungeon is complete! To have a fully functional justice system, I have appointed Ral Regshadmal as Captain of the Guard. I chose her for her weakness - Let killing wrongdoers be reserved for me.

14 Felsite

All the raw Adamantine taken before the coming of Bisekmomuz has been processed. It was a slow process.

17 Felsite

@IslamWasWrongAboutGays has created a legendary sheep bone crossbow, but hoarded it to themselves. If that is how it will be, then have hunting duty assignment to make use of it.

2 Hematite

I hear the outcry - SNATCHER! Protect the children - three goblin kidnappers have come. The Cudgel has the kill order.

4 Hematite

The goblins fled before our fighters, never getting close to any children. Two got away, but @StarSix caught the last one with just one blow, our fortress' first with an adamantine weapon.

9 Hematite

A human caravan is arriving for trade.

16 Hematite

The human traders wanted to sell us a scroll titled "Against the Dwarf". I considered slaughtering them all for this insult, but decided we don't need the trouble it might bring. Instead I just traded, though they didn't have much of interest - some exotic drinks and bins of cloth. I also bought the offending scroll to learn what lies they are spreading.

To my surprise, it is written by a self-hating dwarf. A dwarf writing in the name of "labor", writing about their own previous writing, depressing ideas about "Mountain Halls for Everyone." I think I have heard of this nonsense before - it's called communism - but at least I don't think the humans have anything against us.

17 Hematite

@60horsesinmyherd is re-elected Mayor and once again bans me from selling our axes.

18 Hematite

The pump stack shaft has breached a second cavern! This one is full of water and mushrooms. The shaft must route around this one.

4 Malachite

The Livid Guild of Rangers has petitioned for a guildhall, and I will comply with their wishes.

15 Malachite

A few more migrants.

18 Malachite

We now have 4 Adamantine axes. To replace the late @frick I have given one to @_wo_ManBearFridge and appointed them to the Cudgel.

4 Galena

The Elk Birds tend to come upwards into the fort when the cavern is open, but they are more annoyance than danger. One of our dogs decided on its own to take a bird down. Get 'em!

5 Galena

Ordered 100 iron pipe sections and enormous corkscrews for the future pumps. We'll need a bit more than that, but it's a start. Ordered more iron smelted, too.

21 Galena

The Livid Guild Hall is completed, with a fine legendary scepter on display for the admiration of the Rangers. All this time, Bisekmomuz waits motionlessly

1 Limestone

THE DEAD WALK! Again under siege. We're used to it. Once again!

4 Limestone

Everyone is inside. There are 36 of them, with several dark hunters. I don't think it's time to try to take them on directly yet.

There's moss growing on our dirt floor upper levels. Spores must have spread from the caverns. Larger fungus is even beginning to grow in a few places. We can work on laying down an actual floor while we're stuck inside. Filthy

8 Limestone

As the besiegers approach it becomes clear that there are living humans and disgustingly, even living dwarves, fighting alongside the shambling undead. Sadly, they kill a few stray cats outside the walls.

20 Limestone

The siege force waits outside our "backdoor". I have ordered the chaining of a beast for bait to lure them in to the KOMPAKTOR for KOMPAKTION.

23 Limestone

@CourtneyGears is taken by a fey mood. I can only hope there's no need for anything from the outside.

25 Limestone

@FBIshill , the dwarf we all call "Carp", has fallen into a severe depression. It's not entirely clear why - some unspecified trauma from last year.

6 Sandstone

No one wanted to chain up a hen or dog as bait - it turned out they considered my order to hide inside more important. I told them to consider the KOMPAKTOR "inside" for these purposes. We were able to smash a few invaders - the timing of the smashing is tricky, and we actually accidentally caught one enemy with the outer gate.

@CourtneyGears was able to find everything they needed and start work - I don't have to worry about them going insane.

10 Sandstone

They created a beautiful mechanism, which I have paired with the one already on display in our gathering hall. This one is more splendid; it actually portrays the history of our people.

13 Sandstone

Managed to draw in five foes, including a dark hunter, for KOMPAKTION.

16 Sandstone

I received notice two prophets were attempting to visit our besieged fortress, in a display of exceedingly poor foresight.

17 Sandstone

Mayor @60horsesinmyherd has demanded the construction of 3 battle axes - again putting me at ease by just asking for what I am already doing!

21 Sandstone

The "leader" necromancer Imbo Pebuer is visiting the area. They don't seem immediately hostile, but it is foreboding. Rumors say Imbo has been associated with many places, peoples, and faiths over the years - why are they here now, at our place?

27 Sandstone Terrifying!

A horrible beast has arrived in the cavern! The Cudgel rushes to the defense.

28 Sandstone

The new recruit @_wo_ManBearFridge , barely trained with their axe, and the Axelord @tempest are first to reach the beast. They meet it in the cavern access stairway. It badly wounds a pet cat, but then they are on it with their axes. Half their strokes sever parts of the beast - one foot, the stinger, another foot, and then @_wo_ManBearFridge removes its head. The beast landed no hits on the dwarves. A great victory!

2 Timber

7 of the siege force, including a dark hunter, submitted for KOMPAKTION this time. Only one dark hunter left.

3 Timber

Depressed dwarf Carp is throwing a tantrum! Embarrassing. Carp assaulted several dwarves and domestic fowl before going to the Mayor for a crying session.

Somehow a human zombie made into our fort. I was the one to engage it, and did so quite handily. I chopped off one hand, then the arm, both legs, and finally chopped the body in two. Cleft in twain, as they say. More troubling than the fight is that we don't know how it made it in.

9 Timber

It is finally time for our justice system to act. Several dwarves have filed charges regarding Carp's tantruming. I have ordered Captain Ral to interrogate Carp for thoroughness, though the guilt is clear. Good citizens report the misdeeds

14 Timber

Carp readily and foolishly confessed to the tantrum.

Convicted. 19 days in prison, drinking from a bucket of WATER. Cat visits are allowed

19 Timber

The Elk Birds that came up from the cavern continue to annoy working dwarves. The hunters don't always persevere enough to kill them, and they seem to heal quickly, so I put the Cudgel on them.

25 Timber

The annoying Elk Birds are all dead, getting butchered and tanned.

27 Timber

Very deep, not many levels above the magma, the pump stack shaft has breached a third cavern! We'll have to construct the body of the shaft ourselves. Level -92

28 Timber

Carp is throwing a tantrum even while imprisoned. Pathetic.

1 Moonstone

More foolish foreign guests tried to reach our besieged fortress and succumbed to the undead hordes, but it seems like they destroyed two zombies first.

The undead have not gone for the KOMPAKTOR trap recently.

3 Moonstone

Better-armed or skilled foreign guests have actually killed or driven off the last dark hunter! One live enemy dwarf and nine assorted shambling corpses remain.

5 Moonstone

Four enemies entered the trap. The bait dog was doomed in any case, but their blows essentially exploded its jaw before the KOMPAKTOR came down on everyone. Tooth explosion

The Cudgel sallied forth and tore apart the remainder without injury. Victory!

The siege is lifted once again!

17 Moonstone

There have been three babies born in the past few weeks!

18 Moonstone

The Mayor has prohibited the export of figurines. Fair enough, if hard to understand.

23 Moonstone

A strange creature called a Gorlak came up from the caverns. One of our dogs didn't like it very much and killed it.

24 Moonstone

Carp, out of prison, throws a third tantrum and hits a cat.

5 Opal

Twelve witnesses reported Carp's criminal attack on the cat, and Carp's own confession upon interrogation makes thirteen.

I have ordered the stone of the prison to be engraved, in the hopes that greater exposure to our illustrious culture will have a salutary effect on Carp and any other future prisoners.

11 Opal

Sentencing decisions are not in my hands - instead of prison, this time Carp is sentenced to a beating from Captain Ral. Ral leaving Carp's room after delivering the punishment.

I selected a physically weak Captain of the Guard for good reason - there was only a small blood splatter and one broken bone after Ral was done. The results of the beating

12 Opal Peaceful, for once

Carp reports to the hospital to heal after justice. Podiatric surgery is required. Even in the hospital bed, Carp throws a tantrum - at least tantrums in hospital or prison seem harmless.

The initial order of 10 Adamantine axes is complete. There are a few Adamantine wafers and spools of thread left - getting more of the raw stuff seems quite a challenge with Bisekmomuz waiting ever-patiently. Over the year the Cudgel has switched over to Adamantine battleaxes, those more used to spears training up in the new weapon.

13 Opal

The baby boom has continued. Our population now numbers 141.

17 Opal

Id Nomalisen the Prophet, who stupidly visited us during the siege, has risen as a ghost. Somehow it's our duty to memorialize them or be haunted.

22 Opal

Even more migrants have arrived. We are over 150 now.

28 Opal

Momuz the Farmer stole the legendary scepter "Ethbeshtaron" from the Livid Guild Hall. Momuz was spotted by @MerrySwishmas and will be interrogated. Momuz seemed to consider fleeing the area but thought better of it as Captain Ral approached.

4 Obsidian

A human named Kuda wants to reside in the fort "for the purpose of eradicating monsters". A human in a dwarf fortress is rather irregular, but I can't argue with the goal here, and have accepted them.

5 Obsidian

Momuz gave up nothing in the interrogation. We can still convict them. One month in prison, and in the cage, not on the chain. The scepter, last seen in Momuz' possession, is nowhere to be seen. There are rumors a visiting necromancer left with it. Did they bewitch Momuz? Perhaps when it seemed Momuz was fleeing they were handing off or hiding the scepter. I put some finely crafted but obsolete steel battleaxes on display in the Livid Guild Hall to satisfy their need for a suitable hall.

6 Obsidian

Yet again, Carp throws a tantrum, knocking over a lever and statue, and destroying the plump helmet field.

8 Obsidian

66 witnesses reported Carp this time. Back to prison! Carp and Momuz locked up

For further edification of the prisoners, I later placed a legendary cage on display, so they can look at it and think about how much nicer it is than their own cage or chain.

25 Obsidian

Another monster of vomit, coming from the third cavern this time.

27 Obsidian That was quick

And with the defeat of this forgotten beast of vomit, my yearlong shift comes to an end, and I hand the fortress over to @StarSix.

  • Found three caverns.

  • There is a cavern access shaft to the first cavern w/ drawbridge to secure. This first cavern has cave spider webs, of which a bunch have been gathered I believe, and muddy floors good for farming.

  • The second cavern is sealed off.

  • The third cavern is open to the pump stack shaft.

  • Drawbridge to secure the pump stack shaft is being constructed - will need its lever!

  • The body of a pump stack shaft is dug to the third cavern, about ten levels above the magma. Probably makes the most sense to just construct the shaft through the cavern. About half the doors are emplaced. Pipes and corkscrews are being constructed. It remains to dig the channels between levels and place the pumps.

  • We are cut off from the known Adamantine by the Fire Phantom Bisekmomuz. I don't know if it's a thing we can fight. I don't even know if magma would kill it.

  • We have 10 Adamantine axes, 7 in the hands of the Cudgel.

  • Carp is pretty continually tantruming. All I saw was the vague "trauma" from the past year. I don't know if continual punishment is the best for it but since my dwarf was made hammerer I went with a justice focus.

  • Fort operating smoothly overall. Iron production seems a bit jammed up and might need workshop settings adjusted?

Players, in order of succession:










EFFORTPOST Godot Engine Sneed IV - Pride Month Edition

Godot is a shitty FOSS game engine. The core developers run it very much like a cult or MLM scheme, in the sense that the only people allowed to contribute significantly are "trusted" insiders recruited through various community channels. These channels (reddit, groomercord, mastodon, forums, etc) are in turn universally controlled and jannied by the insider cabal, who traditionally use the official "code of conduct" to ostracise wrongthinkers.

The most important factor for a contributor is being a team player aka kowtowing to project leadership, which causes many talented yet stubborn coders to bounce off, an important and some would say decisive factor in why Godot is still a piece of shit after over a decade in development - since the core team isnt particularly talented but also present themselves as infallible, knowledgeable outsiders generally arent welcomed.

Occasionally ordinary community members (generally children who are tricked by Godot evangelism into believing they will be able to make their first game with it) sneed hard enough to temporarily break through the officially imposed censorship due to some particularly egregious event. The most recent sneedfest was caused by a core team member being exiled due to his disagreements with an "obnoxiously queer" new communications manager.

There has always been a tension between the Godot team's burning desire to appear like a corporate bigboy industry player via DEI virtue signalling, and the community at large being confused by wokescoldery given the supposedly democratic/noncorporate structure of a FOSS project. This was so egregious on the groomercord server due to a particularly psychotic mod that it's become kind of lore in the other godot online spaces.

Pride month of course must be celebrated by all good corporate citizens, and Godot (FOSS) is no exception. The message has been transmitted through all official channels - without delay on June 1st the legendarily shitty Godot logo is repainted in rainbow.

Unfortunately some folx aren't feeling represented

And others have questions, which "triggers" (xer words) the community manager to go on a blocking spree in order to cut off discussion - this proves to have unintended consequences, which we will get to in a moment.

LGBT developers are encouraged to publically state the sexual/gender orientation of themselves and or their game contents.

Predictably, chuds can't behave, which makes it necessary for the Godot jannies to bring up the dreaded "code of conduct"

This was originally tweeted by Godot Foundation Twitter, and then retweeted by Godot Engine twitter. They are the same people, I'm fairly sure the same community manager runs both. Kind of weird. A fan replies with this take:

>This is what companies should be doing during pride month, showing the consumers their stance on the topic and how they want to help support people. Instead we have companies who just make their pfp rainbow and call it a day.

This is what companies (Godot is allegedly a community driven nonprofit) should be doing during pride month - fighting with and blocking their end users for wrongthink. No argument on my end :marseydrama:

So, pride month marches on, it's now the 7th. The Godot team posts free Pride "splash screens" (the first screen a user sees when they run the game) to replace the usual "made with Godot" one, and this is a step too far for one chuddy contributor

JustinB isnt some twitter rando, he has put in massive amounts of work trying to fix Godots tragically broken 3d import functionality (it still sucks). In any other FOSS project he would be a core contributor, but he is too much of an independent thinker to be accepted into the inner sanctum.

>people have this assumption that because I am anti woke and anti idiot and I hate people who are always the victim..that I am racist and I hate gay people(or the like)'s simply not true...I hate the whole gay pride month nonsense because it divides people

No matter that he's extremely valuable to the project and one of the very few Godot devs capable of making a functional 3d game, this crime against LGBT causes him to be blocked demonized as a bigot! It would be a shame if the experience put him off contributing to the project..

He's been slapfighting over this for days, i can't even begin to screenshot it

The Sneed shows no signs of abating, so Godot's cult leader is forced to put his foot down

>This is not about spreading a woke agenda or convincing anyone to change their beliefs. I myself are quite a conservative person and don't agree with the most leftists and rightist out there.

>This is about keep your views to yourself and treat others as equals.

This is about keeping your views on gender and sexuality to yourself :mysides:

Also note the "third worlder harassment" part, Juan is cis but he has a powerful drive to play the victim so he has to throw that in there just to include himself (he's Argentinian or something).

JustinB arrives to splapfight the top dog, he's definitely still mad about being blocked

What about autism awareness? Won't anyone think of the neurodivergents caught in the crossfire during pride.month?

Pigdev also isnt a rando, he's an extremely talented Godot tutorial creator. Godot userbase is 99% kids following tutorials, so the core team knows they can't piss off someone like Pig, so he gets a Foundation bigshot sucking him off in reply

Meanwhile, on reddit, the community is noticing and one angry user posts :marseylongpost: but fortunately Godot reddit is controlled by insiders so the thread is quietly deleted.

But not before some choice sneed. Some Godot redditors lick the boot

>One of the primary roles of a community manager is to keep unsavory individuals away from the rest -that includes blocks and bans across all socials.

>The hidden comments on X seem in the main to be nipping nasty in the bud. Your example is one, with a position and phrasing that is often used to prime a disingenuous digital shouting fest and hate speech.

Being annoyed by being wokescolded is h8 speech

Ok this is good sneed here

Mmm that's the stuff


Still one of my favorite pieces of drama I witnessed, a months-long :marseytrain: spergout that involved forum espionage, leftist infighting, chuddery, and tons of funny paranoia. I posted about it as it was happening on the old place but I figure I'll do a better write-up here.


Once upon a time there was a gayming website called Gaming Age, with their forum called the Gaming Age Forum, commonly abbreviated as GAF. Eventually Gaming Age went under, but the top two jannies (Evillore and Bishoptl) were able to move their community to a new forum, appropriately called NeoGAF. It had a reputation for aggressive jannying which wasn't entirely unfounded but overall it was a pretty cool and chill place to talk vidya, and imo probably the most fun forum of the aughts. Cracks started to show in 2013 with the most important war of our lifetimes, G*merGate. Still, things were mostly fine as long as you avoided the dedicated containment thread. Trump winning in 2016 brought the place to its knees with libs screaming for the jannies to clamp down on rightoids, jannies mass-banning anyone they suspect of liking Orange Man, everyone screaming for Evillore's head since he wasn't as left as people think, and overall an implosion imminent. A Japanese American poweruser called Cerium saw the writing on the wall and built a clone. Within a year Evillore got #metoo'd, causing an exodus to Cerium's new ResetEra (geddit? Neo -> Reset, Age -> Era). Cerium was much more of an absentee leader than Evillore was and didn't interact much beyond technical issues before selling the site, which had the benefit of avoiding a “the owner is an evil chud” controversy but indirectly lead to an “inmates running the asylum" environment for a couple years until he promoted an unpaid janny (B-dubz) to paid janny to manage in his stead.

NeoGAF founders Tyler Malka (Evillore) and Tim Lewenson (Bishoptl). Evillore never worked in gaming besides running the forum but Bish is a genuine industry figure since the '90s who worked on stuff like Turok, Dawn of War, Apex Legends, and is currently an EA exec

Like how every Reddit clone is founded because Reddit is too leftoid and so gets plagued by insufferable rightoids, ResetEra was ultimately founded because NeoGAF was too rightoid and as such is plagued by insufferable leftoids, resulting in constant infighting and drama. One such instance lead to the banning of poweruser KetKat, the unofficial leader of ResetEra's many :!marseytrain:s (henceforth known as TransEra after the groomercord they operated out of) and the one who ran the TransEra groomercord. Ketkat basically never did anything at all but stir up shit and harass the jannies but every attempt to ban led to huge drama and eventually weeping jannies rolling over and showing their bellies and begging for mercy that never came, until finally after four or five "perma-bans" one finally stuck. This becomes important later.

Initial Drama

One day TransEra decided that the upcoming video game CyberPunk 2077 was a transphobic Nazi game because an ad shows an in-game ad featuring a peepee girl. Unusually, this was enough of a stretch that nobody else on the Internet (including the other really woke sites) shared the same view. For some reason this controversy was entirely confined to ResetEra, which nobody found suspicious.

TransEra demands that all discussion regarding Cyberpunk be banned and that the United States government sanction Poland for allowing this game to be made within their borders. The jannies of course don't want to ban talking about what may be the biggest game of the year (this was still when Era had pretentions of being a gaming forum, years later they would cave and ban Harry Potter) while all the other users were just adding the :!marseytrain:s to their block lists. The latter just makes the :!marseytrain:s angrier of course.

The jannies eventually take action by making and sticking a containment thread. It's not super dramatic but it's a good overview of where they're directing their ire at a given moment, and to watch them seethe. That page I linked features:

  • People whining about how the game has trans actors and why aren't they protesting?

  • A :marseytunaktunak: in an arranged marriage saying something about being an "angel's advocate"

  • Someone realizing that there are literally zero FtM :!marseytrain:s on the forum, they are all men in dresses

  • A guy saying it's pathetic to talk about video games on a video game forum

The sole basis of the transphobia accusations was this pre-release screenshot

The jannies next decide that they'll allow discussion but ban it on Trans Remembrance Day or whatever, which would be the week the game came out. The company proceeded to undercut them by delaying the game past that. Searching for some other way to virtue signal the jannies create an "Official Megathread" for the game and immediately lock it with a message about respecting trans rights or something, which of course nobody sees because nobody can post in it and so it falls off the front page. Somebody else creates a Spoiler Thread which the jannies initially allow until it gets so clogged up with :!marseytrain:s seething that they lock it. The :!marseytrain:s start to realize that they aren't getting the attention they want. :marseytransattentionseeker:

Nazi Infiltrators

Having been put on everybody's block list, TransEra realizes the only way to get people to notice them again is to have one of their own make the Cyberpunk 2077 Official Thread (OT). As the jannies have declared that the OT will be the only allowed thread on the game besides the transphobia sticky, this will allow the :!marseytrain:s to monopolize discussion on the game and force people to unblock the OP if they want the thread to be visible. The problem is that you have to reserve the right to make the OT in advance (months in advance in the case of major AAA releases), and the current OT guy is a fellow named Black Chamber who is not trans, is quite excited (maybe unhealthily so) about the game, and still thinks ResetERA is primarily a gaming forum and not a progressive hugbox.

So TransEra sets to wrestling the thread away from him. They accuse him of being a paid astroturfer and other various things until a prominent :marseytrain: named Kyuuji leaks a four-month old PM from him (which can't be seen anymore but it was apparently mildly dismissive). Normally leaking PMs is a bannable offense but when a janny points this out he is demodded and temp banned for using the wrong pronouns to describe Kyuuji.

ResetERA founder Isamu Fukui (Cerium). He made hundreds of thousands off of Era every year and cashed out for a cool $4.5 million in 2021, which was controversial since he never did anything to manage the website, and NeoGAF owner Evillore had famously claimed to have turned down a similar amount to sell GAF

The jannies eventually declare that Black Chamber will be allowed to make the OT (in all likelihood he's finished it by now) in exchange for being banned for a month afterwards and there being a post about transphobia stickied to the top of every page. This doesn't appease TransEra because of course the point is to make the OT themselves to force people to engage with them. Tensions rise as people who just want to talk about video games start to rise up.

Users desperately try to figure out what the required opinion is

The :!marseytrain:s finally find Black Chamber's Achilles heel: he doesn't like The Last of Us, which is very much a sacred cow on Era. His fate is sealed when somebody digs through his Twitter and finds a two-year old post suggesting he's a Republican which is literally a bannable offense. Black Chamber is perma-banned and the jannies encourage users to doxx suspected Republicans, going further in a later post where they say janny duties will now include going through users' social media (which is very much in their power because they require your real name on account creation). They also lock every thread about the game except the trans containment thread. Alas this is a pyrrhic victory for TransEra as rather than give them the OT the jannies say they'll just make it themselves.

Black Chamber melts down on Twitter over his ban and goes back to NeoGAF. This leads users to suspect that he was a neo-nazi infiltrator sent by Evillore to destroy ResetEra from the inside. Some :marseytrain: writes a 7000 word melt down.

Image unrelated

:marseytrain: Janny Infighting

Cuberpunk 2077 finally comes out and TransEra, high on victoriously chasing out a chud, celebrate by playing it despite it being literal genocide. But in a community this dramatic any peace is temporary. The first sign that things are going to explode is that AndroidSophia, the site's highest-ranking :marseytrain: janny who was brought on specifically as a concession to TransEra during a prior spergout, has lost her janny tag. Normally TransEra would be up in arms about this, but now they're suspiciously silent, making it clear that they're behind her demopping.

Meanwhile, on the Secret Resetera Groomercord Server where the mods and powerusers hang out, a janny named Poodlestrike gets in a fight with a trans user and bans them on the main forum. One of the banned :marseytrain:'s friends throws a fit on Era and is perma banned for "Does not want to be here." TransEra begins throwing a fit and pooping up the front page whining about the jannies and leaking DMs. Small collection of cryposts here.

Rather than apologize Poodlestrike fights back, confirming that the reason AndroidSophia no longer had her mop was because she was bullied by TransEra during groomercord conference (called Summits, ERA regularly has them when a minority group - be they Asians or PC g*mers - is aggrieved) between the jannies and TransEra and resigned "in tears." Proving that they're real women TransEra refuses all accountability - "This is freaking gaslighting!" "Maybe we'll stop telling you to go frick yourself if you stop being a transphobic b-word!" AndroidSophia herself shows up and confirms the accusations, and also says that she literally almost died writing about Cyberpunk because it's so transphobic.

Jannies and :!marseytrain:s proceed to scream at each other,, calling each other lyers and "rat-frick cowards." BIPOCs get mad that mayos are appropriating their oppression.

Alright, the safe word is ‘janny brutality'

Surprise Twist!

The drama reaches its climax when furry biofoid janny Nepenthe who was in the groomercord conference writes a 5000 word screed, helpfully documented here. She also posts this screenshot of the very first of the list of demands TransEra was making:

Do you remember way back at the beginning when I mentioned the jannies having banned poweruser and unofficial Top :marseytrain:, KetKat, a year before? It turns out the entire Cyberpunk-transphobia debacle was some ridiculous groomercord gayops by KetKat to force the jannies to come to the table and relitigate her permaban. Nobody actually thought Cyberpunk was transphobic, the whole thing was a coup attempt cooked up by a conspiracy in a smoky chatroom who knew the mods wouldn't give in to banning the game and so a stink could be raised. Even better, KetKat already had an alt (Hexe, which the jannies knew about and turned a blind eye too) which she used on the site, this absolute dramaqueen decided that orchestrating six months of screeching was preferable to going under a different username.

KatKat shows up on her alt and writes a 3000 word rant about how she totally didn't want to come back anyways, and is immediately banned as Nepenthe reveals that she's suddenly non-binary, which makes her a double minority since she's also black. Some :!marseytrain:s show up and try to resist but it is too late, the war is lost and anybody who complains get sniped.

The :marseytrain: who wrote the 7000 word essay earlier outdoes himself by writing another 5000 words and then quoting two other 5000 word posts in full at the end. He doxxes himself, gets permabanned for pinging, then cries to the mods and has his account wiped.


Although they ban any :!marseytrain:s who act up too much, the jannies ultimately fail to take any lasting measures (like banning everyone on the TransEra groomercord, in particular power user Kyuuji who was pretty much acting as a front for Ketket) despite otherwise being extremely quick to pull the "Banned for engaging in bad faith" card on anybody else. Pooping up and making a mockery out of the site in an effort to blackmail the staff apparently isn't bad faith enough. The result is that even though TransEra didn't succeed in their goals, they got confirmation that they can cause as much chaos as they like as long as they don't directly insult the staff or the forum.

So when Hogwarts Legacy rolled around and TransEra started to act up the jannies immediately caved and banned any mention of the game to avoid a repeat, to the point where when the game sold well people couldn't post weekly sales charts without editing the name out. Another win for trans rights!

The game that shall not be named

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EFFORTPOST Snapshots of the Lebanese Civil War - The Christian Militias

Today I'll tackle the various Christian militias of the civil war. Many Christians fought for the "Muslim" side in various organizations like the Communist Party and SSNP, but here I'm just looking at the militias that openly identified themselves as fighting for sectarian reasons. Popular Christian figures who sought compromise with the Muslims were forced to flee the country to avoid assassination, so the gangsters leading the militias were the only ones who mattered in those years.



These guys are often called the "Phalangists" in English because some journo a long time ago thought it would be cute or something. It was one of the first real political parties to win a large following, formed by Pierre Gemayel, a soccer player who had been in the 1936 Olympics. While some superficial inspiration came from European fascists, their real agenda was independence from France. They represented middle class Christians (especially Maronites) who wanted a Lebanese state dominated by Christians. The last genocide had happened in the 1860s and they had legitimate reasons to fear what might happen if they were swallowed up into Syria or a pan-Arab state where they would be vastly outnumbered by Muslims. In order to prevent this nightmare scenario, they were determined to keep the powers reserved for the Christians in Lebanon's unofficial constitution, the presidency and a majority in parliament. They saw this as the only guarantee against Arab nationalism.

Everyone called him "Sheikh Pierre". I expect the same treatment from you.

During the brief 1958 civil war, Kataeb was one of the main forces on the "right-wing" side against Nasserists. Just as this threat began to dissipate in the late 1960s, armed and militant Palestinians began pouring into the country and acting like they owned the place. This triggered the deep seated fears of many Christians of being swept up into some greater Arab community with no control over their own destiny. They began building up their own militia before the war, trying to train it to be a match for the Palestinians. They were by far the largest of the Christian parties.

US troops land at Beirut to deal with the crisis, 1958. It was resolved peacefully with the help of American troops and diplomats.

National Liberal Party

Like most "parties" in Lebanon this was not a real political party. It was more like a medieval lord leading his underlings. Camille Chamoun was a za'im, one of the wealthy landowners who held his part of the country under almost feudal conditions. He had been president in the 1950s so he had political connections throughout the nation. The NLP was mostly run by people who were in some way connected to Chamoun through his land holdings or political patronage. He had an especially large following among Christians to the south and east of Beirut. His party was second in importance to Kataeb among Christians.

This is some French singer called Camille. Imagine choosing to spell it the way girls do. At least call yourself Kamil or something.


Suleiman Franjieh was another za'im with his base in and around Zgharta in the north. Many inhabitants of the area had long been loyal to his family. Franjieh was president when the war broke out but much of his power still came from his ability to put men with guns out into the streets to enforce his will in his territory. When war broke out these men were organized into the Marada militia. He had very close personal ties to Hafez Assad, who had sheltered him when he was a fugitive in the 1950s.


Minor Groups

Several smaller Christian militias were formed as war drew near, such as the Guardians of the Cedars. These groups were motivated by bloodlust and fanatical hatred of the Palestinians. While the larger militias often engaged in atrocities during the war, for the smaller groups that was the purpose of their existance. Each one could put only a few hundred men into the field but they were determined fighters, eager to get access to helpless people to torture and slaughter. With slogans like "It is a duty for each Lebanese to kill a Palestinian" it's no wonder that they were blamed for a wildly disproportionate share of war crimes.

Etienne Saqr, AKA Abu Arz (Father of the Cedars), leader of the Guardians of the Cedars.


Pierre Gemayel put his son Bashir in command of Kataeb's militia and Chamoun put his son Dany in command of his. At the outbreak of war, the Christian militias formed an umbrella organization, the Lebanese Forces, to coordinate their actions. Their forces were not well trained but a large part of the army sympathized with them and supplied weapons, defended key locations, or even defected outright to join the LF. They were a powerful force, at least in the Maronite heartland between East Beirut and Tripoli.

An M113 APC carrying LF fighters. Both sides got some from army defectors and put them to good use. You'll often see guys riding on top of it outside of combat because it doesn't have air conditioning.

Two immediate objectives of the LF when fighting broke out were the hotels district and the Tal el-Zaatar refugee camp. The hotels were tall enough to give an excellent view down into Beirut. They happened to be near the dividing line between Christian East Beirut and the enemy's territory in West Beirut, so they rushed their troops in to secure them first. Tal el-Zaatar was on a hill overlooking East Beirut. Its position in the middle of Christian territory was a major threat to the LF but also an opportunity. The Palestinians had dug fortifications and a maze of tunnels beneath the camp, but they were vulnerable to a siege.

The LF at this point were opposed to Syria intervening in the war, fearing that they would impose some kind of left-wing Arab nationalist regime.


By the end of 1980 Kataeb had destroyed or absorbed all the other members of the coalition. From this point on it and the Lebanese Forces are essentially the same thing. Gemayel first eliminated Marada by hitting Tony Franjieh in his own stronghold in the Ehden massacre. His right hand man Samir Geagea led the attack, famously killing his wife, daughter, maid, and dog in the process. Then he turned on the NLP, launching a surprise attack against his supposed allies, gunning down dozens in broad daylight in Beirut. Chamoun got out of the militia business after that.

This is a dog, perhaps similar to the one that was killed.

The LF had opposed Syrian intervention in 1975 and it did in 1980 as well, but only after coming full circle. Facing defeat at the hands of the Palestinian/leftist forces in 1976 they begged the Syrians to intervene and rescue them. It only took a couple years for them to start resenting their rescuers and their remaining presence in Lebanon and fighting broke out between them. Now in 1980 there was an uneasy calm as the LF held on to the Christian neighborhoods of Beirut. Kataeb had long been recieving semi-covert aid from Israel. By 1980 this was out in the open as the Israelis built up the LF's military capabilities, seeing it as a bulwark against both Syria and the Palestinians.

An upgraded M4 Sherman given to the LF by Israel. WW2 technology still performed well against poorly trained militia.

Some remnants of defected army units and the smaller militias in the south of the country ended up fighting for Israel. Their puppet South Lebanon Army would be a powerful force near the border until long after this war ended.


By 1985 the situation has completely changed. Bashir was dead and the Israelis were pulling back to the border. As they left, the LF entered the mixed Christian/Druze Chouf region and ran into the Druze militia. They took turns massacring each others' villages. In the Christian heartland they were still completely dominant. They had a steady revenue stream from taxing goods coming through the ports under their control and a relatively sophisticated bureacracy to manage it. It was effectively its own little state.

The port of Jounieh. The LF controlled it and several other small ports on the coastline it controlled.

But by now the writing was on the wall. The Syrians were all over the place with no other foreign power to seriously oppose them. The little Christian ministate had no viable future with Syrian artillery in the hills above East Beirut, ready to fire any time they had a disagreement. The LF's leader Elie Hobeika entered negotiations with Syria to bring the LF over to their side. Meanwhile Samir Geagea was plotting a coup against him.

Elie Hobeika deep in thought plotting his next scheme, 1985.


Now there was an entirely new threat. Fed up with years under the thumb of the LF's gangster "militia", a large part of the Christian population was rising up against him. Gen. Michel Aoun led parts of the Lebanese army in attacks against them. He called it the "War of Elimination", vowing to wipe out all the militias, ressurect the Lebanese state, and regain independence from foreign occupiers. The LF was on the defensive, unable to match the firepower of a real army, especially its artillery. But when ammunition supplies from Iraq were cut off and Syria given the green light for a full invasion by the US, Aoun's forces were quickly overrun.

Gen. Michel Aoun, when he was the only one left brave enough to fight against the Syrian occupation, 1990. In the mid-2000s he abruptly decided that they weren't so bad after all and became their main Christian ally in Lebanon.


The LF accepted the Taif Accords but did not fare well in the aftermath. Geagea was now its leader. In 1994 he was arrested for allegedly blowing up a church and 11 people in it. Whether or not he actually did it doesn't really matter. He had certainly murdered many people during the Civil War, especially his Christian rivals. Not that anyone was actually trying to get justice for an atrocity. The Syrians didn't trust him so they had their puppets in the Lebanese security forces pin the blame on him. He wasn't released until the Syrians were finally driven out.

Samir Geagea the elder statesman, who hopes we'll forget about Samir Geagea the hitman of the 1970s.

Today the LF is just a political party doing ordinary political things in parliament, with Geagea still its leader. It leads to some awkward situations. When Tony Franjieh's family was killed, his son Sulemein happened to be away. Now Hezbollah wants to make him president. Geagea has been adament in opposing him. Media outlets like AP and AFP will tell you this is because the politics of the current moment. Really? Maybe Geagea is just worried that the guy is gonna go full John Wick and get revenge for his dog if he's president.

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EFFORTPOST The Secret History of Homestuck



Andrew Hussie came online in the midst of a boom in webcomics during the early 2000s, his interest in computer science and adventure games inspiring him to create his own called Team Special Olympics. The comic perfectly frames Hussie as another child of the early 2000s internet, irreverent and ambitious with zero interest in political correctness. The comic is unremarkable but evolves into a collaborative process, drawing together 288 people as the comic moves from Hussie's hands to others after 2006. Hussie moves onward and upward, seeing the possibility of an adventure game webcomic which allows for user input he creates Jailbreak which serves as the foundation for all of Hussie's later work, the simplistic structure and irreverent humor driven by user commands becomes his calling card.


Jailbreak is the format at its most simple, presenting a simple narrative that is totally open-ended for audience exploration, little thought was put by Hussie into what would happen. By the end, Hussie started to have an inkling of the possibilities of the format, building increasingly complex narratives from dissonant user commands which served to create a dynamic story with split storylines that merge.


Hussie takes the end of Jailbreak, narrowly the fantasy elements introduced by user request, and spins them into Bard Quest with an accompanying website called MS Paint Adventure. The story is never finished though serves as a progression of Jailbreak into a more coherent world and characters with greater authorial control and highlights Hussie's obsession with clowns which will become very important later. The story features timeline splits which would figure into Homestuck in a major way.


Hussie abandoned Bard Quest within an unfinished state for a film noir detective story called Problem Sleuth. Hussie having finally gotten a grip on how to create his faux adventure game webcomic driven by user command starts fresh. The story begins with a recreation of Jailbreak with the titular problem sleuth escaping a locked room before blossoming into a complex adventure that deftly weaves video game references, internet culture, and science fiction within a tapestry driven by user command with comparatively little authorial nudging. This is Hussie at his most nimble, allowing user commands to dictate the story while weaving all these dissonant threads into something that is totally coherent and extensive. The story is complex but manageable, the characters numerous but memorable, and the quirks of the systems nuanced but parsable. Problem Sleuth receives a proper ending, the first story of Hussie's to receive an ending of substance, as the symphony of Problem Sleuth reaches a satisfying final movement.

Spades Slick and the Midnight Crew originate here and are carried into Homestuck as well as the fixation on an alterworld.

He also makes some Star Trek edits.



Comic Itself

Hussie, high on the success of the very well-received Problem Sleuth, decides to set to work on his next project inspired by Earthbound and the percolating video game elements and internet culture that seeped into Problem Sleuth. This next project would be defined by these elements from the start rather than being introduced later as additions. The project is termed Homestuck, starting from a simple image and blossoming into an incomprehensibly complex and long story which wraps around itself. The key differences between Homestuck and Problem Sleuth are evident in hindsight, Homestuck was planned like a traditional story, in advance, which meant that user commands were still used but contorted toward furthering the story already planned as well as the length, the exponentially scaling complexity necessitating deft management. Authorial intent was a dictatorship veiled by an inherited aesthetic anarchy from Problem Sleuth. Homestuck was so popular from the outset that Hussie started to select from the innumerable suggestions for user commands exactly how he thought would fit best. Eventually, he gave up the charade and turned Homestuck into an authorial dictatorship with vestigial user command inputs.

That doesn't mean that Homestuck lacked audience participation, the participation was transformed from being a direct submission of user commands into referencing and interacting with an ever-growing fandom. This produced a dialogue between the audience and the author which transfixed many, drawing people into an all-consuming obsession with Homestuck. He inducts more people into the Homestuck team, including a young Toby Fox.

Other distinctive elements of Homestuck would be a very extensive multimedia format, sometimes featuring elaborate games, and typing quirks, every character had not just a distinct vocabulary but an associated typing quirk which followed very rigid rules. This sometimes made certain dialogue inconvenient to read but also made roleplaying as that character very obvious and easy.

Within a year the comic moves through four distinct acts, each focusing upon a different human character, John, Jane, Dave, and Rose. They're introduced, and moved through running jokes with a complex computer science-inspired video game world overlaid on the real one. A Lot of references are made to computer programming, indicative of the composition of the fanbase of his at the time, these would be gradually substituted with insular fandom jokes. The fandom would be the main point of reference when the comic entered Act 6 with other elements being functionally deprecated.

For instance, characters had inventory accessed through computer programming mechanisms like punch cards and arrays


Comic Itself

The comic reaches an apex with the release of Act 5, introducing a break from the previous narrative with the introduction of trolls, a break which prompts some to tell people to just start with the trolls. These characters, exaggerated caricatures referencing different parts of internet culture and themselves a direct reference to internet trolls, cause Homestuck to catch fire which allows Hussie a lot of lateral movement. They also serve to drastically reconfigure the composition of the fanbase, a change which would worm its way into the comic itself.

This period, Act 5 and Act 5 Act 2 serves as the apex of Hussie's reputation and sanity. He found himself with a lot of money, a lot of influence, and a lot of fans,[S] Cascade released on Newgrounds and crashed the site, and Snoop Dog tweets Homestuck fanart.

Favorable waters for a young artist who wanted to set the world of fire. Hussie, wanting to interact with his growing fanbase, creates a Tumblr account which puts him in alignment with the Tumblr portion of the fanbase as well as founding What Pumpkin to manage the growing business enterprises like music CDs from the much beloved Homestuck music team. The fanbase was devoted enough that they even made a fan-made animation. Interestingly Acts 1-5 serve as the halfway mark for the comic in terms of pages and two years of the total seven years of the comic's lifespan.

The Homestuck fandom was prolific and unemployed giving lots of content produced

Also fancomics

The Decline


Comic Itself

The comic exited Act 5 Act 2 with a change up, relieving itself of all the major characters and events for a soft reset which would return the comic to its roots. The narrative had grown complex and alien to the origins which had incubated it and the solution to the insanity of [S] Cascade was the humbleness of Act 6 Act 1, a new set of human characters within an altered world that mirrored Earth. Homestuck starts to lose its fanbase after the dizzying heights of [S] Cascade, the newly introduced cast eventually links up with the old one after years of pages leaving the comic deeply disjointed for a time. Importantly there is a change in direction for Homestuck's style, within the first 5 Acts pages are released frequently, often multiple released within a single day, and the dialogue is long but has a reasonable amount of accompanying actions. From Act 6 onward the comic would start to attrition fans, the quality of the comic starts to deteriorate as the threads start to not neatly weave together as they once did, the characters start to become more numerous with uneven development, which came along with a slower release of pages with more dialogue per page.

As the threads grew more numerous and the layers of the story more complex the issues started to compound, this is something which only becomes a problem when entering into Act 6 and intensifies with each passing year until they're resolved with the retcon.

Hussie's Orbiters

Homestuck general on 4chan

/co/ on 4chan had a recurrent thread, /hsg/, establishing the concept of a general of the board on the basis that without it the rest of the board would become unusable as a result. The thread was filled with role players and other degenerates, members scheme ways to infiltrate Hussie's circles which eventually fills his court with neurotic sycophants. The most notorious being an arch sexual degenerate ipgd which would slip into Hussie's circle.

How our two lovebirds met

The Drama Starts Here


Homestuck Kickstarter

With Homestuck in full swing and with a planned ending on the horizon Hussie started to look toward the future, his most vaunted vision was the creation of a Sierra-style adventure game which had served as the inspiration for Problem Sleuth and Homestuck. He envisioned this as a minor diversion that wouldn't crossover with the main story and wouldn't take that much of Hussie's time with absent details beyond an announcement date of 2014. The project, later christened Hiveswap, receives 2.5 million dollars with lavish promises.

Here's a timeline for reference

Comic Itself

Hussie introduces the Dancestors, mirrors of the trolls, which were all Tumblr references. Like a social justice obsessed volcel obsessed with trigger warnings and a suckysucky geisha that spoke in broken Japanese. These proved to be controversial.


Comic Itself

This period had a single notable hiccup which in hindsight would serve as an ominous grave marker, he would refer to the human characters as Caucasian, to anyone sensible this was obvious. Dave Strider's character only worked in the context of being white but this broke head canon, Hussie apologizes in a groveling nonsensical post on Tumblr before abandoning the site and some of the tarot cards are changed to DEI equivalents presenting the human characters as a rainbow of races. This starts Hussie's descent into being a broken buck. The only criticism he would take was the progressive political demands to remove problematic elements conceded with ostentatious apologies while he would be belligerent to everything else. Shortly after Hussie stopped updating the comic for a year to work on the game and other particulars to the growing Homestuck business empire, termed the Gigapause, which combined with the changing of the guard in cast served to end most people's Homestuck experience.

Homestuck Kickstarter

What Pumpkin Studios with Hussie at the head decided to take a short diversion from the main path with a dating sim called Namco High where you can date the ship from Galaga alongside a smattering of references to Homestuck.

Following on the heels of the Hiveswap Kickstarter the Undertale Kickstarter was created by Toby ‘Radiation' Fox who had led the Homestuck music team. This was given front-page treatment by Hussie and without him knowing the torch had been passed.


Homestuck Kickstarter

In 2014, the year the game was supposed to be released, Hussie stated that his work on the project was finished with the rest being handled by a studio handpicked to give the most authentic Homestuck experience possible, a team called the Odd Gentlemen.

The Odd Gentlemen was an out of the way studio that had made puzzle adventure games during the dark age of the genre which made them a seemingly perfect fit for Hiveswap and for the King's Quest revival which had them serving two masters.

With 2014 closing a surprise announcement was made, The Odd Gentlemen weren't working on Hiveswap and the game would be passed to What Pumpkin Studios for finishing touches. The game would also be released in an episodic format with a second game released after called Hauntswitch. All of this occurring during the closing months of Hiveswap's release year led to speculation, why this drastic change in structure and a change in studio, the answer would be given by ipgd one of Hussie's friends.

The Odd Gentlemen had taken 788,000 dollars and had spent that money making King's Quest and Wayward Manor, Neil Gaiman's game, then went radio silent toward Hussie. The one-year pause was reframed as caused by the Odd Gentlemen constantly cucking Hussie as they funneled money into projects to earn a real place in the industry rather than a webcomic for tweens. They presented to Hussie an unusable demo that had eaten most of the Kickstarter budget which hadn't been consumed by physical rewards. The Odd Gentlemen presented a deal to Hussie, they would get back half the money that they were given, 390,000 dollars, in exchange for no further action against them. The beleaguered and cucked Hussie accepted this given that very little Kickstarter money remained after the Odd Gentlemen and naive physical rewards had eaten almost all of it. The turn to an episodic structure was an attempt to keep the raft afloat by getting a cash infusion mid production despite the fact that everyone interested in the game had already bought it.

The first real side project which was actually released is Paradox Space, a traditionally styled comic that is ‘dubiously canon', a distinction that would become very important later. The project relied on guest writers from Hussie's increasingly large stable of talent and lasted an entire year before being shuttered. Those involved had their names scrubbed from the project.

This official story would be cemented through the use of an NDA.

The actual story, corroborated by inside sources, is that Hussie failed to provide the proper documentation for the planning of Hiveswap, stalling the project and leaving the Odd Gentlemen unable to continue working. Hussie then tasked them with working on the Act 7 animation, doing 3D work, which eventually resulted in the Odd Gentlemen deprioritizing the project to refocus on game development. Hussie then demanded that the Odd Gentlemen finish Hiveswap immediately as King's Quest was set to ship, causing the Odd Gentlemen to transfer the project the What Pumpkin. The design document which would form the basis of the game would only be completed at the time when the game was intended to originally ship, throwing the project totally off track by Hussie's mismanagement.

An Unholy Axis


Homestuck Kickstarter

The traditional telling is that Hussie is stripped from the comic again with another long pause which pummels remaining interest in an already beleaguered franchise. Most of the fandom has left, and most of the people who are talking about the comic aren't talking about the new pages, Homestuck has started to become a zombie with its life force drained by an ailing video game project which necessitates completion.

Hussie, a battered housewife at this point, personally oriented the project within his crack team hand selected by the studio which he helmed. To inspire faith in the project a 3D trailer of Hiveswap was released in 2015 which is noticeably incomplete as the game was restarted due to nothing the Odd Gentlemen provided being salvageable. King Quest is released afterward with stolen Hiveswap money to good reviews rubbing salt in Hussie's wounds.

An announcement is made that Hiveswap is now a 2D game, scrapping the work done because the money to finish a 3D version wasn't there, news about the team at What Pumpkin starts to bleed through the veil as people start to speculate and get irate at the perceived incompetence of the Hussie and his crew. Hussie's penchant for secrecy met his perennial organizational incompetence in increasingly public ways.

According to inside sources Hussie had been handed a workable version of Hiveswap Act 1 as early as 2014, needing to be cleaned up but nearing completion. This was a truncated and 3D Act 1 which was scrapped, the transition to 2D and scrapping attributable to Hussie's penchant for disappearing for long periods of time before returning to order sweeping changes. The transition to 2D was done on a whim and the money issue could have been papered over with merchandising money but Hussie had a consistent policy of keeping money tight and letting projects fail if it passed an arbitrarily allotted amount. Hussie consistently acted in arbitrary manners then used the cowtools available to keep an oath of silence around that fact, the important conversations occurring behind closed doors with his inner circle which would then be dictated outward in grand sweeping changes.

Another pause, termed the Omegapause which lasts six months is done to accommodate and the decision is made that Act 7 will be a single flash animation.

Importantly during this period Undertale, announced after Hiveswap was released, it became an indie sensation and served as the surrogate replacement for Homestuck for many.

Hussie's Orbiters

At this point it's clear that Hussie is an arbitrary God which disappears for large amounts of time before ordering sweeping changes upon his return, most of those working upon Homestuck had limited or no access to him. The only ones that had consistent and meaningful access to Hussie and could influence him were a core cast of characters. The most notable being ipgd, plucked from /hsg/ after sending Hussie a horse dildo before slowly burrowing herself ever deeper into Hussie's core group. The dynamics of the inner workings of Homestuck meant that that Hussie's inner ring had the ability to modify canon through suggestion with Hussie, guiding the future of the comic according to their fanfiction desires. ipgd becomes, with zero talent, a leech which acts as Hussie's attack dog to fabricate narratives and Hussie's Yoko Ono. Certain changes like Dave being retconned as gay can be attributable to ipgd to mirror her degenerate p-do fanfic. Allegedly you could trade kitty or trussy for changes to canon. Like being able to create Davepetasprite or make Vriska trans.

An ipgd vine making Dave gay

The What Pumpkin stable are neurotic progressives which are fans first and workers second, they were selected first for alignment with political values that Hussie had adopted during the surge in Homestuck's popularity on Tumblr. The Hussie of Team Special Olympics had been buckbroken into one which increasingly became afraid of his own fan base and fearful of crossing a social justice line that wasn't natural to him. His irreverence had transformed into a hollow shell as he started to apologize for jokes and surround himself with people from the Tumblr section of the fandom which meddled with his work.

Hussie, embattled and with a string of self-inflicted failure, sought to pander to progressives to circle the wagon around his dying project more and more, relying on political partisans to stave off any criticism as attacks on a wholesome progressive eboy. These progressives were noticeably incompetent and antagonistic on Twitter, a place that Hussie treated like LinkedIn.


Comic Itself

The comic approaches a close, Caliborn wrecks the cast enough that the only solution is to Retcon reality to the moment before Vriska dies, this serves as the most controversial decision of the comic as it overwrites most characters character arc and effectively deprecates 95% of Act 6. All of the character development is alluded obliquely in a friendship montage and the conflict is resolved in a big dumb fight scene which omits most of the plot elements of the story.

Act 7 is substance less, not really resolving anything and ending the series with an endless amount of loose threads which leaves many faithful unsatisfied.

Homestuck 2 Version 1.0

Hussie announced Homestuck 2 which would be scrapped because it was apparently so shitty that even Hussie wouldn't release it.

The Homestuck Rogue's Gallery

The lead writer of Hiveswap was hired straight off Twitter, a bisexual Jewish man whose writing is grounded in antifascism and social justice. He had zero experience beyond a Twitter following and clown jokes handed a beleaguered project. The platonic ideal of a soylennial including wrestling at conventions. He wrote for a PC only genre while never owning a functional PC. Somehow got banned from Penny Arcade

A male feminist who smashed equipment in a fit of rage from having his romantic advances rebuked

A woman who considered mocking shipping to be an example of misogyny while ranting about entitled nerdbro. The rant is in reference to Caliborn and Calliope. She got hired and was given the ability to modify canon since Hussie was fricking her sister.

The previously mentioned ipgd an egirl shotacon incest obsessed shipper was permitted to contribute to the Homestuck proper while using her fetish fanfic as a basis. One strider brother is a child while the other is an adult for context.

The infestation is so complete that the official Homestuck and Pesterquest accounts now post shit like this

Epilogue Era


Homestuck Kickstarter

Hiveswap Act 1 releases to decent reviews though are incapable of generating any money, everyone who might be interested in the game had already bought it, they were still bound to release a second act so the project carries on before ending at the eight-year mark in 2020. Act 3 never.

Hussie sits upon a property that seemingly has prospects and value, unparalleled name recognition and nostalgia, but which had grown tiresome and stigmatized. Now Megalovania belonged to Undertale and so did the Homestuck style.


Comic Itself

Homestuck is sold to Viz media as part of a one million dollar deal, flash reaches its twilight years which means that Homestuck needs to be converted to HTML, the conversion is noticeably shoddy which prompts fans to create the Homestuck Unofficial Project to preserve the webcomic as originally intended.

Viz Media starts to make physical Homestuck books with interesting commentary from Hussie, the absurdity of turning a uniquely digital mixed media project into a physical book isn't lost on Hussie though the books stop halfway through Act 5 due to Hussie and everyone related to him leaving Homestuck.

The Foundations of Post Canon Homestuck

Hussie, clinging to relevance, decides to authorize three projects under the Homestuck aegis with little involvement from himself. His eyes would be turned toward a new video game called Psycholonials. The three projects are Homestuck^2, Pesterquest, and Hiveswap Friendship Simulator.

Pesterquest and Hiveswap Friendship simulator are modeled after Namco High, the ironic dating sim that Hussie created in 2013 centering on the characters from Homestuck and Hiveswap respectively while being ‘friendship simulators' rather than traditional dating sims.

To connect Homestuck to Homestuck^2 Hussie launched his final foray into Homestuck with the Homestuck epilogues collaborating with those set to continue the Homestuck legacy. The epilogues are the grumblings of a buck broken old man pondering where his life went awry while coyly remaining aloof of accepting any responsibility or changing himself for the better. Instead, he wastes your time with the gayest shit ever put to text as the compounding issues of Homestuck finally reach a breaking point, the post canon era begins.

2019 and 2020

The Homestuck Epilogue

The Epilogues serve as an acknowledgement that Homestuck served two masters, those who were interested in the complex and esoteric plot which wound around itself and those interested in interpersonal character interactions. You would imagine that these two would be possible to square within a single story but Homestuck lost this balance as Act 6 went on and failed to ever rebalance itself to the point of creating a coy ironic division, the epilogues are split into two mutually exclusive scenarios which are both stated to be equally dubiously canon to allow people to take one, neither, or both as canon.

The epilogues epitomize the writing of the era, taking nostalgic properties and turning characters into unlikable buttholes fused with progressive politics serving to create something that nobody wanted. You would think after 8,000 pages that characters would be more likable and mature, considering that the entire theme of Homestuck is coming of age and the villain is a manchild, instead they're less likable and less mature than in the introduction.

Hussie's Orbiters

The reactions to the changes are decidedly negative and some like Optimistic Duelist(Homestuck YouTuber and writer for Homestuck^2) feel that transmisia is responsible while admitting that the Post Canon team are horrible people

Though seeing his favorite character die, representation even, made him want to an hero

Homestuck Kickstarter

Hiveswap Act 2 is finally released, the fabled Hauntswitch never materializes, and the Homestuck Kickstarter is finally a closed chapter eight years after its funding and six years after its intended release date. Act 3 never

Comic Itself

One of the few good developments of the Post Canon era was fans deciding to take matters into their own hands as to the fate of the comic, the original website presented a mangled and broken version of the comic attributable to the transition away from Flash and to zero work being done as to preserve the time sensitive elements of the comic. The Homestuck Unofficial Project rectified this through emulating flash and bringing back time sensitive elements to emulate how the comic was originally presented as closely as possible.

2021 and Beyond

Post Hussie Homestuck

Comic Post Canon

Homestuck formally passes from Hussie's hands to Viz Media and is whored out to Hussie's crew, hand-selected over the years to produce continuations.

Homestuck^2 served as a sequel produced without Hussie's involvement, funded through Patreon donations, while Pesterquest was a social sim which doubled as bizarre fetish fanfiction by Hussie's gaggle of degenerates. The important elements were the retconning of canon to service the new masters which had been selected for progressive politics. If you're familiar with any fandom property during the twilight of the 2010s and dawn of the 2020's then the specifics of these retcons are to be expected. As expected, the people dictating these changes are on twitter and refuse to take any criticism with grace, going on long tirades calling any distaste of the changes motivated by bigotry.

Post Canon Changes

Vriska is made trans, specifically a non passing trans woman and always was.

John Egbert, the central character, a nerdy little neurodivergent which struggled with women was groomed into a real trans woman. This was done through a contest conducted on twitter through a real life tombolorone hunt.

Roxy is now a trans man

Jade has a dog peepee and had a furry child named Yiffy

Terezi is overweight now

The New (Red) Guard

These decisions were made by people like a communist hon called Kate Mitchell who claims to have radicalized Hussie into being a gender queer commie, self inserting as Vriska.

Retconning canon constantly while being belligerent to any objections. This trans communist was banned from /r/communism as well as reposting children's artwork without credit.

Posts memes like this about being the only true revolutionary

Accused of grooming a minor and selling nudes that will give PTSD, especially when minors get them

Ran for office and lost to a corpse

Worked on an Overwatch franchise team as an assistant general manager for the Washington Justice, threatening to g*mergate people

Kate's enforcer on twitter is Dani Lalonders

Complaining about chuds and that there aren't enough black people in Homestuck

Central figure in G*mergate 2(Sweet Baby)

When all people want is the thing they paid for, obviously she's unsympathetic due to her running the ValiDate kickstarter scam

Hon solidarity called into the void and summoned another creatura from the dark, a hon named Sarah Zedig

Watch this video until you tap out

Obviously annoying on Twitter

Naturally this person was hired onto the team without a day of experience

Hussie's Orbiters

Hussie would intervene to try to shut down any criticism of those involved, Kate was banned from the Homestuck subreddit for being a belligerent butthole, accuse the mods of running a cp ring, then Hussie would intervene with the reasonable suggestion to just hand the subreddit to Kate.


Juicy Cuts


The mods

Hussie just demands the subreddit to decide later how to democratically decide on new leadership

Hussie pulls the trans card

People weren't happy about this

Hussie's Post Homestuck Antics

All this failure is noted by popular Tumblr historian and video essayist Sarah Z, releasing a slightly critical video, talking about the history of Homestuck with a decent degree of reverence due to its importance to Tumblr culture and to Sarah Z target audience, Zoomer and Millennial women. Every criticism comes with an accompanying affirmation.

To which Hussie sends a legal cease and desist without having watched the video, even light criticism related to his bad business practices was beyond the pale for Hussie. He attempts to come across as cool and aloof, speaking with a condescending tone, which comes across as desperate and pathetic. He demands that she follow the official line, crosschecking information with him and having his information override any of her sources. Sarah Z responded by releasing Hussie's pathetic email chain

He attempts to hide behind his typical eboy irony while threatening real legal action without any basis. Also Sarah is literally killing trans people by criticizing a trans person for misconduct.

Hussie himself went on to a new project as he formally left Homestuck, Psycholonials, promising a spiritual successor to Homestuck which would tackle contemporary politics. The visual novel serves as an indulgent and emo political manifesto for a personal brand of anarchist politics with a fixation on the revolutionary nature of clowns. A self celebratory dramatization about how Hussie fricked up all the money for the hiveswap kickstarter, ran away from his work, came back for patreon money, just to slip right back into his ironic eboy clown persona to absolve himself from responsibility. He also admits that he deliberately didn't credit someone for retaliation for bad mouthing him.

It releases in episodes to little fanfare alongside a proclamation that Hussie is now clown gender, this appears like an ironic statement until Hussie decides to announce that he's nonbinary and starts to ‘ironically' dress like a clown and eboy on Twitter. Hussie is now reborn and redeemed of his sin through the assumption of a trans identity with it/they pronouns.

He has an incredibly public and pathetic mid life crisis for all to see.

His final bid was to distance himself from Homestuck and to save America as an influencer

The story presents a modern path to revolution in which the catalyst for the overthrow of an imperialist system is not the military strongmen of old, but a young woman with social media savvy. The figure of revolution in the eyes of Hussie's story is in fact, an influencer.

Tragically this wasn't a winning strategy

End of an Unwanted Era

Homestuck^2 was too smart to succeed

Even after they struggle sessioned Hussie

Because the evil fascists killed the project

Homestuck^2 failed to the point of killing the company contracted, Snake Solutions, though the real impetus of Homestuck^2 was to keep the barge afloat. This meant financial schemes to defraud the remaining passionate out of any cash while exploiting fan labor. Naturally, as you might have expected, Hussie threw these people into the garbage, giving them an impossible project to make up for financial gaps left by Hussie's mismanagement as Hussie moved on to his r-slurred clown game. It was basically a scam

Hussie 'returned' to Homestuck with James Roach, a Hiveswap composer, to reopen the patreon for Homestuck^2 now retitled Homestuck: Beyond Canon to avoid the stigma. The fabled Hiveswap Act 3 and Homestuck^2 is :marseysal:

Even Daji Falls

ipgd for her part returned to the void from whence she came, vanishing into the Aether after one final sperg out for old times sake

Who could have predicted this

When Homestuck was at its peak, a single man called Bill Bolin, someone who did music for Homestuck, often nonconsensually, and worked with Hussie called the ending before the climax. In 2010 he talked about how Hussie was equal parts incompetent and abusive to those below him, having the organizational skills of a child and the ego of a diva. All the previous events weren't Hussie truly changing into an abusive r-slurred dictator obsessed with opacity, that what he always was. In the end, Bill Bolin was right.

Reported by:
  • PermaChudRanch : We don't miss you, Carp. Stay gone.
  • Grue : I'd treat u better than carp bb
EFFORTPOST Stripmining old Wheel of Woke dramarama for the ghost of Carp :carpeldritch: :carpghost: :ooo: :carpholyspirit: (we KNOW you are still lurrrking here Carp and we LOVE youuuu :carpembrace: :carphug2: )

Basically the gist was that way back when, during the airing of the 1st season 2 years ago, when :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: were developing between book puritans and the other shitlib wokescold tourists, who were trying to gaslight :gaslighter: the old guard into believing that an adaptation about a media property totally didn't need to fricking follow the lore OR the narrative OR the plot OR the background OR the fantasy rules of that universe which made slapfights even moar fiery :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :purerage: :purerage: :purerage:

Well since reincarnation is such a huge theme in the Wheel of Time Books, one thematic reocurrance was that the heroes kept finding that world history kept repeating themselves with minor adjustments each reincarnation, or each "turning of the wheel" which was the in-universe character's way of referring to each earthly reset or new life.

In universe the author Jordan would lay it on thick that supposedly Wheel of Time was a magical pseudo reincarnation of modern earth, and that ancient greek myths had already repeated much of teh actions of in-universe heroes. :marseyclueless:

So as you can imagine many of the cute twink defenders of the Series show took this facet of the books as passport to defend blindly ANY amount of changes to the books, no matter how egregious or how much it deviated from the core themes of the books :implies: :implies: :implies: :implies: And when Brandon Sanderson would try to play peacemaker between the growing divide and toxicity in the fandom, by referring to the Series as another turning of the wheel, that was only like adding fuel to the fire!

:#marseyflamewar: :#marseyflamewar: :#marseyflamewar: :#marseyflamewar: :#marseyflamewar:

"I'm not sure if I imagined it or if he actually said it but I believe Sanderson said this isn't the turning of the Wheel we read in the books, but a different turning. Watching the series with that in mind, as though this is the turning after the books and the Dark One is trying things differently makes the series friggin incredible." :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter:

"Every change seems purposeful in it's contrast to the books, leaving my jaw dropped and wondering "No...nononono...that wasn't supposed to happen. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW?!?""

:#soyjakwow: :#soyjakwow: :#soyjakwow: :#soyjakwow:

The replies are less than favorable:

"This would make sense except for the fact that all of the characters have the same names/lives. The books don't seem to imply that that would ever be the case. Unless you're saying that the wheel weaves infinitely, so eventually the same exact people would be weaved again… idk it's weird" :marseyeyeroll2: :marseyeyeroll2: :marseyeyeroll2:

"My problem is that I didn't want to watch another turning of the wheel. I wanted to see the turning that Jordan wrote about. I wanted to see Robert Jordan's books come to life on screen." :marseybeanangry: :marseybeanangry: :marseybeanangry:

"t's needed because of how disparate the two versions are. Wheel of Time fans were and are shocked by how different this "adaption" is, especially considering the adaption's created for series we consider to be on the same level as Wheel of Time. Namely LoTR and GoT. Both of those adaption are considered to be a masterclass in adaption and cinema (until GoT ran out of source material). They are extremely faithful in their recreations and pull as many scenes directly from the source as possible, while cutting scenes to shorten the story for film, and in rare occasion adding newly created scenes that fill in the gaps left by cut scenes, but in a truncated manner."

:smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter: "This is a perfectly valid and extremely common form of adaptation, though, which is why the "another turning of the Wheel" thing is completely unnecessary in the first place IMO. Like, do fans of King's The Shining need in-universe terminology to be able to appreciate Kubrick's film? I've never seen such a thing prior to this." :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter:

:marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: "The difference is that Kubrick's film stands on its own, with well executed changes and Jack Nicholson, while WoT practically needs a watchers guide to be able to follow what's going on or understand what people are saying. This confuses non book readers while book readers are left frustrated by the poorly executed changes." :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:

"As much as I respect and admire Brandon Sanderson, this is absolutely not a different turning of the wheel. It's not even a portal stone world, and here's why. The One Power works differently in the Wheel of Time show, and if there is one thing that is constant in every turning, in every portal stone world, other than the Creator and the Dark One that is, it's the One Power. The One Power does not change. That is why this is not a different turning of the wheel, it's just really bad fan fiction, if the people making this show can even be called fans. I'm not sure they actually are." :marseybeanangry: :marseybeanangry: :marseybeanangry: :carpbeannpcmad: :carpbeannpcmad: :carpbeannpcmad:

"What has changed about the one power?" :marseybeanconfused: :marseybeanconfused: :marseybeanconfused:

"A lot. To name a few thus far...

Morraine was not able to sense Nynaeve's ability to channel. Her healing everyone in that camp came as a surprise to her. For that matter...her aoe healing and not touching them to do it is also a change.

At the battle of Tarwin's Gap there are a couple of differences showcased. For one, a channeler cannot be burned out through linking. Also, three women to weak to become Aes Sedai and two who have not even begun to train would not have been able to destroy an army like that. Women's power level grows the longer they have been channeling and the more training they receive. Which, going back to a previous point, Nynaeve should not have even been capable of a burst of power of that magnitude when she aoe healed those people. [GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLBOSS MONENT]

The show definitely seems to be going for eliminating the differences between male and female in regards to the One Power, as shown when Morraine indicates that the reason she can't teach Rand about channeling has nothing to do with the gender differences. I can't quite recall the reason she states but I remember it being different. There are other differences but those ones are pretty big."

"just so you know, the community on this sub is actively hostile to this show, even with that framing. If you want to have discussions about it that don't devolve into circular rants about how trash it is, I'd go to /r/WoT or /r/WoTshow." :soyjakhipster: :soyjakhipster: :soyjakhipster: :soyjakhipster:

"It's not the entire community, it's a lunatic fringe that goes out of their way to make the show unfun to talk about so they can circlejerk in peace, and I'm starting to think "Ban them on site" is the prudent course of action." :soyjaktantrum: :soyjaktantrum: :soyjaktantrum: :marseysoycry: :marseysoycry:

"Where would you draw the line? Ban anyone who doesn't like the show?" :marseybeanquestion: :marseybeanquestion: :marseybeanquestion:

"Don't tempt me. I just want the brigade / circlejerk to stop, and I've reached out to the Admins for options." :soysnoo: :soysnoo: :soysnoo:

"Have you considered auto-banning users that participate in the hate subs? This sub chose not to use this action against whitecloaks and I think that was a mistake." :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter: :smugtranstwitter:

The /r/whitecloaks was the giga-chuds :marseychudblush: :marseychud: :chudseethe: spazzing the frick out about all the blackwashing and race-bending and would no nuclear when there were so many black peeps. Not even just pissed that the diversity undermined the themes of later in the books, they just didn't nogs in the show lmoa :jannybell: :jannybell: :jannybell: :marseysouthernbelle4:

And so many were banned and created their own sub - the /r/whitecloaks which hilariously is the most hated faction in the game as they are a parody of religious fanatics who burn alive all witcher and mages in the books, but are overall extremely inept due to their fanaticism, not because they don't have spectacular martial prowess, but because in their zealotry they target all the goodguy mages, giving all the badguys massive leeways and headstarts for their evil plans. They are basically an r-slured spanish basically the inquisition

Thus the chuds who made /r/whitecloaks are really so on the nose they might be zits.

"I feel like you had a lot of rats fleeing the Whitecloaks ship when that sub got nuked, and a lot of them ended up here…" :marseydisintegrate:

"r/whitecloaks. /r/whitecloakstoo. /r/wot4all, just to name three. The list goes on, because they either just don't understand that no one else wants them around while they're acting like this, or they don't care"

The eternal chud :marseychud: banned from over 130 subreddits.....


Hunter, 28, Burliston TX


  • Assistant General Manager timestamp

    • Barbecue restaurant

    • Recently promoted to this

    • Making $48'000, expects this to increase to $53'000 within a few months based on store performance

    • Gets pressed on his salary being $20'000 below the median for his job title timestamp

  • Looking for a second job maybe but no solid plans timestamp


  • Borrowed $7'000 from his parents to pay off debt timestamp

    • "So what debts did you pay off?"

      • "Nothing"

        • "So you still have that 7'000 dollars?"

          • "No, I paid to certain credit cards"
    • He split it across all his cards :marseyxd:

    • "I basically recurred all the debt back"

    • Borrowed in December/January

    • "Do your parents know this?" timestamp

      • "No"
    • He thought spreading them out would make his credit score better

    • What did he spend more money on? timestamp

      • Car maintenance $3'500

        • Dead battery, new tires, new door handles

          • Ripped one off "while carrying groceries"
    • Relationship with parents timestamp

      • Life story this is so fricking weird lmfao

      • So they sat me down and explained that they weren't my parents they were my grand parents and my oldest 'sister' is my aunt and my second oldest sister is actually my biological mother and my brother is actually my half-brother with a different father

  • Credit Card 1 (JC Penny) ($5'270) timestamp

    • "Buying a bunch of clothes. Gained weight so I had to get some bigger clothes"

    • $120 over the limit

    • "This is a screenshot of you taking a picture inside of the Notes app"

    • Paid $200, spent $358

    • 120 in interest accrued

    • $185 minimum monthly payment

    • Lot of Whataburger

    • "European Wax" - For his eyebrows, Caleb admits he "buzzes" his eyebrows? timestamp

      • "Wax Pass Deal" - 66 a month. Since canceled.

      • Do people really do this???

  • Credit Card 2 (Discover) ($8'277) timestamp

    • He did a balance transfer onto this? Weird explanation, reasons didn't make sense

    • $166 minimum payment

    • Paid 148

    • Made $1'046 in new purchases

    • $16 interest

  • Credit Card 3 (Gap) (2'214) timestamp

    • $35 off the credit limit

    • $78 minimum payment

    • Paid $200

    • $119 in new purchases

    • $57 interest charged

    • All purchases are mostly useless bullshit

      • Spends a lot of money eating at the place he works at????

      • Goes drinking at the same place he works???

      • $70 at Total Wine

    • $436 cash advance balance timestamp

      • 30%

      • "I had to send some money over for like a bill, to pay someone for a bill"

  • Credit Card 4 (Venture) (8'775) timestamp

    • 9'000 credit limit

    • $207 interest (24%), 1000 accrued so far this year

    • $977 in new transactions

    • 295 minimum payment

    • $20.57 OnlyFans, $19.57 OnlyFans, $5.41 OnlyFans

    • Prime Video

    • Roku

    • CBS Interactive

  • Credit Card 5 (Quicksilver) (2'188) timestamp

    • $75 minimum payment

    • $178 new transactions

    • $53 interest

    • 208 paid

    • $2'250 credit limit

    • Lots of in-app purchases on 5 and 4, he claims it might be Roku or buying more cloud storage for phon

      • When pressed he admits that it's mobile games
  • Instead of buying "Zims" (not sure I got that right) he's been "doing smellingsalts" timestamp

    • Admits to doing a little boozecruising timestamp
  • Checking Account ($-53) timestamp

    • Paying for Hulu, $97 a month, includes Cable

      • Claims he cancelled this
    • Signed up for a "duo deal" with Spotify timestamp

      • He shares it with himself :marseyxd:
    • 72 in overdrafts

    • Caleb demands he highlight the useless shit he spends on timestamp

  • Spending Totals timechamp


  • Caleb seethes that the guy said he'd bring barbecue but didn't timestamp

Pie Charts timestamp

  • moving into a relatively expensive studio, rent increase

  • 18 years to pay off his debt with his current job :marseydespair:


I'm too busy (lazy) to do a real summary/writeup but for some good backstory see this post by @cyberdick :

Basically the former president of child medicine in the UK, Hilary Cass, did a formal paper dubbed the Cass review, showing exactly what has been repeatedly shown in every single review or study of giving kids hormones, which is that it literally does no good at most, and moreso can potentially do harm, violating not one but two core principles of medicine according to the Hippopotamus Oath. (source: me, I'm a nurse)


And that's it lol. That's all the WPATH (men) basically has to say in retort after getting chaos dunked by one doctor (woman). No attacking the heart of the issue which is literally that the trans body of evidence is as real as a pooner peepee or a neovagene.

:marseychaosdunk#: :marseytransattentionseeker#genocide:

You love to see it.

:marseytrain: jannys in full cope mode basically banning anyone who dares support the verboten science. In my own backyard as a long time activist in the skeptics movement against pseudoscience like chiropractic/acupuncture/homeopathy/naturopathy etc. it appears many people are being banned from the skepticism subreddit over this dilemma, myself included lol. This isn't too surprising sadly, because the skeptics movement was one of the first ones targeted by feminists actually in the early 2010's and then when that failed (see elevatorgate) and g*mergate got purchase, the "movement" was colonized by demasculinized soychugging ex-g*mergate nerds seeking revenge against their oppressors, the fourth-wave feminist foids, and they did so by using recycling foid logic against them by claiming their privilege as their own by :marseytrain2:ing out :marseychadneuro:, (spoiler alert, it worked! lol)

In any case though it's pretty funny now because of the hypocrisy from the :marseytrain: jannys has now come full circle, especially in the skeptics arena. They have fully exhausted the extent of their borrowed foid logic and now have defaulted to blatant shilling of :marseytrain: bullshit under the banner of nonstop bitching about there being NO EVIDENCE OF HARM! for giving kids hormones... EXCEPT UH... NO HORMONS CAUSES MORE SUICIDES... ACCORDING TO MY FATHER'S, BROTHER FORMERLY SISTER'S, NEPHEW'S, COUSIN'S, FORMER ROOMATE blah blah blah..

:marseytrain2: quacktivists have been doing this for years now, as we know. However, now there is CLEAR body of science-based evidence of the harm, how do they respond?


(a.k.a. magic is real etc. etc. and if you disagree you are banned lol)

See related:

Additional related threads, but mostly undiluted bathtub-grade cope:

Cass review? More like the Dude Ur Casstrated Review lmao

!thin !LGBT !transphobes don't buy cat spike strips if your cat is frickin' fat and/or trans, it's a scam and won't deter them. :#marseyqueeriepat:


Including, but not limited to: attacking the dirty pole via Twitter, trying to doxx him, demanding him to be fired, making him lock his account and apologize, generalizations against an ethnic group, which some even legit, but in any other case this behavior would be called out as 'phobic' by GCJ...and my favourite - comments promoting mass murder of slavs made by a mayo german and supported by a Genzedong posting Lebron James fan, nationality of which I will not guess and leave it to you.

I have 30+ links and a write up before each one.

Please wait until I add those. Making this post via touchscreen

'lol kitty locked his account' ( totally not a comment I would expect to see in a chud subreddit)

'he apologized, but frick him, it's all dog whistles' ( again, totally not a comment found when KiA imbeciles attacks someone on Twitter)

'Pure racism'

Comments I like to call 'yes Poland and Slavic countries are racist and homophobic, but all of them? What if I make similar comments about idk Gazans?' probs get banned

'I've seen more poles against it than Japanese'

Reportmaxxing opportunity - mayo german and tankie Lebron James fan ( they actually are, have his face as account pic)

Call for mass genocide of wholesome alcoholic slav plumbers, claims that euros had no culture l until arabs made them wash their asses

An pole teach GCJ about current social and political situation of the country and we get history lesson about left leaning organizations in Poland before and after WWII, critisicm towards Stalins 'militant totally communism' gets downvoted

'post twitter threads - this might be just a big misunderstanding and the dev might not be a chud? Nah, frick him anyway'

'I really hope CDPR fires him' nah it's shit hole Poland, they are all chuds and nothing will happen'

'no actual japanese people care about this. And all of your links are just mayos using chat gpt'

'This is all just right wing christian dog whistle'

'He might as well used the nword'

Few down voted 'he is right though' and 'Yasuke was not a known integral figure in Japanese history' threads plus 'why are you attaking his opinion like some chuds'