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Hello Dramanauts, :marseythumbsup:

I have for you today, a dossier. A package containing the assorted information required to understand and appreciate drama in niche topics that I enjoy. The subject of my post for you is: Armored Core 6

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Introduction to the Drama :marseyexcitedexosuit:

For those unaware, Armored Core is an incredibly niche mecha action shooter from the wildly popular game developer FromSoftware. You play as a mercenary that pilots an Armored Core, a cutting edge mech and take on missions from corporations in the pursuit of massive profit. Warcrimes, 1 on 1 Duels, Giant Boss Fights, and more await. You may recognize FromSoftware as the company who created the massive Dark Souls franchise and its derivatives.

Armored Core's last release was over a decade ago, and the announcement of AC6 breathed new life into the once dead franchise. Old and new fans alike were hyped for the new game, but discontent was stirring. A strange lack of gameplay and the deliberate hiding of game mechanics created a sense of unease in the assorted fan discussion boards. The big question was about to get its answer... Is it SoulsLike?

Souls Like :marseycrusader2:

The veteran fans were affraid that their beloved franchise was going to be gentrified by the addition of mechanics commonly associated with the Dark Souls franchise. From the limited trailers and developer interviews, longtime fans tentatively hoped :marseycope: that the franchise would stay true to its roots. Previous games featured insanely clunky controls, manual aiming, massive customization, and debt. Lots of debt. Veterans feared :marseyclueless: that the identity of this game would be sacrificed in order to appeal to a much, much larger fanbase.

An example of veteran cope: :marseycope:

So what exactly are the changes that the dinosaurs are complaining about? In short:

  • Hard Lock On/Turning Speed

  • Estus Flask Expy

  • Big Telegraphed Attacks

  • Simplified Customization

I'll give a brief desription of each point to give further context to the coming drama.

Hard Lock/Turning Speed :marsey3d:

In all entries prior to AC 6, turning speed is a key stat to design your mech around. This is no longer the case. A key gameplay skill was keeping your opponent in front of your robot. Now that the camera and mech automatically snap to your enemy, this major skill check is almost entirely removed from the core game loop.

Estus Flask :marseysipping:

Another core gameplay feature was that damage you take during missions is mostly permanent. You must attempt to complete a mission with the AP (health) that you start with. Certain games had minor ways to replenish health and ammo during a mission, but are exceedingly rare. This is no longer the case. A robot can heal at any point in the game, very similar to the Estus Flask from Dark Souls. Yet another major departure from the previous entries.

Big Telegraphed Attacks :marseyshooting:

Boss fights are common in the franchise, but the new way to approach them is substantially different now. Referring to the linked gameplay trailer, you can see the boss mech wind up its chainsaw arms and slam down at the player. This was not how bosses worked in the past, which is yet another SoulsLike addition to the game.

Simplified Customization :marseythebuilder:

This one is less important as the others in my opinion, but is still a point for veterans to cope and seethe about. It appears that the types of parts that you can customize your mech with has been reduced. The fewer categories make it slightly easier for new players to approach building a mech which understandably makes the longtime fans sneed.

Gatekeeping :marseyraging:

Naturally, the long standing fans are clashing with the new blood that the souls franchise brought in. There is shit flinging on all sides as new fans gloat about their soulslike influence while dinosaurs lament the casualization of their beloved mecha franchise. Some choice threads to spectate:

PLEASE understand why us Armored Boomers are upset

Thousands of replies from new and old fans absolutely malding, coping, seething, and just a tad of dilating :marseycopeseethedilate:

>Special Note: 1800 replies on a thread like this is absolutely incredible. /m/ is one of the slowest posting boards, so seeing that many replies in such a short window is quite the spectacle.

These were never meant for YOU

Colonization :marseyconquistador:

At this point, the old fans have been almost completely outnumbered by new fans of the franchise. As unfortunate as this is for oldies, the result was inevitable. Just for some context as to the size disparity of the Armored Core and Souls franchises, the best selling AC game is Armored Core 2 at a respectable 790,000 copies sold. Compare that to Elden Ring's 17 million copies. That many copies? In how many years? :marseywrongthonk:

Screen 🤢 Rant 🤮 I know but proves the point

The economics of the situation guaranteed that Armored Core would get with the times and become the Armored Souls and Mechiro that the fans so dearly wanted. Now that the takeover is basically complete, we get the typical threads you'd expect.

We MUST protect the honor of small indie dev! Just buy the game!

I will deepthroat the entire shaft of muh heckin favorite Dark Souls YouTuber!!!!!

Total Oldfan Death has been achieved

What NEXT? :marseyitsover:

It seems that the bickering is losing steam, and the Armored Core subreddit is entering a state of equilibrium. Topical memes are being posted again and the general hype for the new entry is returning. The old guard have been thoroughly defeated, coming to terms that their favorite mecha game is permanently changing.

GOTY would be incredible, but mecha is still repulsive to western audiences

Completely accurate assessment

Newfans doing a victory lap on the oldfans

At this point, we can only wait until August and see how the game is first hand.

My Take on the Matter :marseywereback:

Armored Core is going the way of souls. Is this a good change? Or the total destruction of a niche beloved franchise?

Truthfully, I think the changes are good. I believe that we old fans have extreme rose colored glasses for the ancient and archaic control scheme of the PS2 era games. Note that those games did not even use twin sticks despite being on the console for several years.

The games are going to be fun and my extreme hopium :marseyhope: is that the mecha genre in the west gains much more widespread approval.

What do you think?

These changes have sparked a wave of discussion. Do you think the changes are great? Or are you coping about your favorite robot game getting gentrified?

Most importantly, Are you going to play Armored Core 6?

Thank you for reading, more dossiers to come :marseysunglasseson:

EFFORTPOST :marseyking: :marseyking: The Drammy Awards 2022 - The winners, and a recap of all the most dramatic events of the year as voted by you! :!marseyking: :!marseyking:

Hullo hullo my precious princesses! Thanks once again for taking part in our annual trip down memory lane where we commemorate our most talented shit stirrers and most r-slurred dramanauts alike. I hope you all had a fabby Christmas and New Year (I know I did, my Krystal daki finally arrived in the mail) and may 2023 bring us many more lolcows, dramatic events and gay ops that are just waiting to be discovered.

Without further ado, here are your winners of the 2022 Drammies! :marseyexciteddance:

:marseypopcorn: Best Dramatic Happening - The Darrell Brooks Saga :marseygrouns: (170 votes)


As far back as November last year, tragedy struck in Bumfrick, Wisconsin when an SUV crashed through an annual Christmas parade, killing six people. Unfortunately due to America being the horrifically racist country it is, instead of appropriately punishing the killer SUV responsible for the attack as reported by multiple mainsteam media outlets, they unfairly apprehended and arrested innocent PoC Darrell Brooks who just happened to be near the scene at the time - falsely accusing him of multiple counts of homicide. It wasn't until the trial got underway though in October of this year though that things really started to kick off.

Boldly deciding to represent himself in court, the trial consisted of several weeks of complete covcit style autism - here are just some of the many threads covering the trial at the time. :marseyjurisdiction:

Waukesha massacre suspect Darrell Brooks asks for his case to be dismissed since the victims aren't present in court.

Parade killer Darrell Brooks takes off shirt while victims' names read aloud

darrell brooks update: the judge yelled at him today lol

Mommy scolds Brooks for muttering about "bein' slick", Brooks declares that he will NOT be told what to do

King Brooks 👑 gets kicked out of court again for simply trying to correct the record

The tail end of the trial had a shocking twist, however; it was discovered that one of the jurors of the case had posted anonymously to a Darrell Brooks support forum, alleging judge bias and leaning toward pushing for jury nullification. Despite Darrell's best attempts however, this ultimately didn't affect the final outcome of the trial. More on that later though :marseywink:

After a long and entertaining trial watched live by many dramatards, Darrell Brooks was finally found guilty on all 76 counts of being black and sentenced to life in prison. This trial will have a lasting legacy for sure, and the fact that Darrell was unfairly imprisoned whilst Kylie Rittenhouse walked free will stand as a testament to just how much white supremacy has poisoned our proud and noble country.

:marseystars: Dramatard of the Year - @NewMoon :marseybush: (120 votes)

Narrowly beating out Chiobu's near-victory of winning the coveted user of the year award for two years running, HeyMoon takes the prize this year for his incredibly many and varied contributions to rdrama all throughout 2022, ranging from being the creator of our beloved robot dramanaut bbbb, being the main reporter of the Darrell Brooks trial threads, and also playing a very special key role in running r/Justice4Darrell that skyrocketed this cat forum's antics to unprecedented levels. Huge congrats to HeyMoon, you more than deserved this win. :marseygivecrown:


:marseycarpfisherman: Best rDrama Bait - /r/JusticeForDarrell :marseybiast: (197 votes)

Awarded: @Aevann, @NewMoon, @chiobu, @snus, @KissingerFanBoyNoCarp, @ACA

2022 was a fantastic year for the art of baiting (just compare the entire list of nominees with those of 2021's), but one particular sneaky scheme very clearly shone above the rest in the collective hearts of all you mischief makers.

A huge group effort from many prominent dramatards, /r/Justice4Darrell was a subreddit helping to combat the vicious disinformation circulating about the Darrell Brooks trial - enraging many racist Redditors and SRDines in the process. Even if that's all the subreddit had managed to achieve, it would've been considered a victory and one of rdrama's more successful bait subs... but one faithful post brought this gay op to levels that were previously considered a mere pipe dream.


The infamous juror post caught enough outside attention that it ended up being reported on by several media outlets, and eventually made its way into the trial itself - marking the first time that this shitty gossip forum had managed to impact a national court trial being closely watched by millions all over the country. The original poster eventually panicked and gave up the game (probably the wiser if less dramatic decision, tbh), but that didn't stop Darrell himself from reading the bait post in court and unsuccessfully attempting to use it to sway things in his favor or cause a last-minute mistrial.

There are already a couple of extensive recap threads documenting the whole timeline of events, so I'll just link them alongside some of the more prominent J4D posts here.

THE WAUKESHA INCIDENT: The story of how /r/Justice4Darrell interfered with justice, from the perspective of BlackJusticeForever (me)

In Case You Missed It: The final archive of the jury bait post, 2300+ comments of pure rage

reminder that the r/Justice4Darrell bait is working magnificently at the moment and it is your dramatic duty to participate (just dont make it too obvious pls)

Rekieta Law talked about the /r/Justice4Darrell juror (and I'm famous!!!!!!)

Recap of how the capy made rdrama's first successful bait sub in months

I didn't really follow the J4D saga until the juror post went viral, so I'm not entirely sure who were the most prominent participants, but I'll trust the capy's judgment on this one since he was the one to found the subreddit. Congrats to all winners for your tireless work!

:!marseypainter: Best rDrama OC - Escape from Predditor Mansion :!marseysnoo: (220 votes)


Awarded: @Dramarama, @SpaceMilk

This one wasn't even close to a contest. Dramarama's fantastic rendition of a homofascist neko Marsey escaping the clutches of the dreaded Reddit gigajannies was not only a great artpiece, but it was also a great tool for stoking drama and baiting Redditors when shared to the site's esteemed high-brow art and anime communities. A huge thanks to Berzel/Spacemilk for commissioning this piece and to Dramarama for flawlessly bringing it to life!

:marseystars: Best rDrama Post - RDRama's Best User is a GPT-3 Bot: The Story of BBBB by @NewMoon :!marppy: (138 votes)

HeyMoon's third award in his grand sweep of this year's Drammies, this prize goes to his grand reveal that the aggressive and abrasive user known as @bbbb was actually a bot based on ChatGPT and scripted by him this entire time - proving once and for all that you're all so braindead that even a bunch of lines of code can easily replace the good majority of you losers' room temperature takes. Even though there was some suspicion prior to the big reveal, plenty of dramatard regulars took the bait hook line and sinker, even our very own Pizzashill!

Also shoutout to the close runner up @TheGrillcast for his in-the-field reporting of two dramatards meeting up in meatspace to brawl it out - thank you for your extensive journ*lism, and immense bravery to head out and meet other rdrama users in the wild. You can check out his rdrama themed podcast here!

:marseylove: Marsey of the Year (115 votes)


Awarded: @McCoxmaul

The solid favorite of 2022. The many such cases Marsey, as well as being incredibly gosh darn cute and a clever little visual pun, has proven to be an incredibly useful and widely used rdrama emote - running the statistics, it was used in the main body of 136 posts this year as well as a whopping 1801 comments in its 6 months of existence. Congrats to @McCoxmaul, and thank you for all the other great Marseys you've created for us!

:marseylolcow: Lolcow of the Year (rDrama) - Krayon (sister toucher) :!marseylaptopkrayon2: (109 votes)

Surprising likely no-one, Krayon (sister toucher)'s incredibly persistent autism, alt-spamming, white-knighting, foid doxxing, suicide baiting and insistence that he most definitely did NOT molest his sister has rocketed him to the top of the list for rdrama's pick for the biggest site lolcow of 2022, beating out our old favorite landlet prophet and the brief but impactful flash in the pan that was Belial. Unfortunately as I write this, it looks like he's finally quit rdrama forever for realses this time and so won't be able to accept this award in person, but I have a feeling he'll be back soon enough just like the other 50 times this has happened. I'll leave this award on the shelf for you for when you inevitably return in a couple of days - congratulations! :marseyclapping:

:marseycow: Lolcow of the Year (off-site) - Kanye West :!marseyyeezus: (111 votes)

This one was the closest race out of all of the categories this year. By a mere four votes, Yeezus and his sleepy schizo meltdown on Twitter, followed by his ban, followed by his unbanning when Rocket Daddy personally intervened - then finally in a building crescendo of drama - his IRL /pol/posting on InfoWars getting him rebanned once again (as well as burning all his billion dollar sponsorship deals), has managed to barely push him above our beloved gigatitty teacher :marseygigatitty: to be this site's favorite lolcow of the year. Thank you Ye for irreversibly blowing your entire legacy just to grant us dramatards some fantastic entertainment, we really appreciate it!

:marseyjanny2: Janitor of the Year - @Aevann :!marseycapy: (105 votes)

Last but most certainly not least, our beloved capybara overlord takes home the award for rdrama's best janitor for the second year running, the first ever user to achieve such a feat for a Drammy award! It's hardly surprising though, given how much we all appreciate just how much effort you've put into upgrading and maintaining this obscure little corner of the internet that you carved out for us. :marseycapylove: Not to mention your own personal involvement in stoking fantastic drama with the founding of /r/JusticeForDarrell!

And that's all folks, I hope you enjoyed this (probably) annual event and aren't at all salty about the final results. 2022 was a fantastic year for both external drama as well as dramatic shitshows that we caused ourselves, but here's hoping we can go even further in 2023 with lots more fun and mayhem to come.

Stay tuned! :marseybow:

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EFFORTPOST A history of classic Boomer Train drama :marseyboomer: :marseytrain2:

And by train drama, I mean :marseydramautist:, not :marseytransattentionseeker: stuff. :marseydeception Grab a drink and stuff off your grill, we're going to look at a war that tore the model railroading community apart nearly four decades ago. It was waged for years across countless physical mailing lists, magazines, and proto-internet forums.

First, a background into model railroading. One could make the argument that it was the first true hobby. Sure, things like sewing and fishing had existed for far longer, but those activities have utilitarian purposes. Model railroading, on the other hand, had no practical applications. It evolved out of a bunch of men, living in a world where trains ruled, deciding that they'd like to create and run their own miniature empires. From the moment Lionel discovered they could sell hundreds of thousands of locomotives to kids who wanted to see one run around their Christmas tree, the hobby was off and running. By the early 1950s, 1 in every 5 American men admitted to owning and running a model railroad. It was something you could bring up and discuss in polite conversation. Walt Disney originally envisioned Disneyland as a place for him to show off his collection of large model trains.

Model trains: one thing that NBA stars, Nazis, and the Jersey mob can all appreciate.

Despite its widespread popularity, the hobby was relatively primitive. Most people limited themselves to premade plastic structures, horrendously ugly trains, and were content with a layout consisting of a loop of track on a piece of plywood painted green. Enter the GOAT, the Wizard of Monterrey, the Grand Poo-Bah. John Allen. A probable neurodivergent and professional photographer, he'd inherited a small sum of money from his grandparents in the mid-1930s. Over the next decade, he was able to invest it in such a way that, coupled with the proceeds of the sale of his photography business in 1946, at the age of thirty-three, he could retire to a small bungalow in Monterrey and live off his savings. Unmolested by desires for a wife and family I think he was a :marseybear: who banged the cute twinks :marseysalutepride: at the local Navy base. His contemporaries occasionally use couched language to hint at such, but the only ones who would know for certain are nonagenarians who probably don't want to acknowledge that homosexuality exists he descended into comfortable NEETdom and set about the task that would occupy the rest of his life, building the Gorre and Daphetid (pronounced Gory and Defeated).

Model railroading was very much an abecedarian hobby at this point in time. The O gauge Lionel trains that most individuals had grown up with made no pretenses to realism. Knowledge was sporadically shared, most often through the burgeoning imprint of model railroad magazines. Because the hobby ties together so many different facets, you would inevitably end with modelers who could make one part realistic, but would struggle mightily with everything else. John Armstrong was widely regarded as being the first to really stress that model railroad layouts could be designed to accommodate realistic operations of a prototype railroad instead of the traditional loop on a table. Even then, he was content to using an incredibly unnatural third rail on his own layout for the ease of electrical wiring. Frank Ellison had a vision for what a model railroad could be, but he was regrettably unskilled as a structure modeler, being content to limit himself to painted buildings on flat wood, like a stage show. Constrained by time, money, and talent, individuals would build a model railroad that was excellent in one aspect but undeniably amateur in others.

This is where John Allen would stand apart. He had nothing but time and resources, and he'd decided to be the first to build a truly functioning world in miniature. He would build every locomotive, car, and structure on the railroad to an exacting degree of realism. He would place them all into scenery also designed to be indistinguishable from the real world. He would master and innovate in electronics and wiring as never before done. All of this would be done in service of creating a model railroad that would operate as a prototype of a real railroad.

At this task, he succeeded as no one had before. Burdened by nothing but free time, he did indeed become a master at making a model railroad. Word spread, and soon he was as close to the face of the hobby as possible. His skills as a photographer also proved to be handy, as far better than anyone before he could capture the results of his techniques and disseminate them through these magazines. Consequently, he became highly valued as a contributor to them all, and the magazines would proudly boast on the cover whenever a John Allen-authored article was contained within. For a time, his legend grew and his word was god.

Sadly, the god of the world of the Gorre and Daphetid was not an immortal deity. A self-proclaimed sloth, he was always portly and never the best physical specimen, presaging the fat nerds of today. Some three decades after he retired to begin his work, a few months before his sixtieth birthday, he died of a heart attack. The railroad lasted for less than two weeks more. After a memorial gathering at his house attended by close friends, someone left on a heater that John had never used. It ignited material around it, and the layout was destroyed by the subsequent fire.

The one surviving locomotive from the fire.

And thus the stage is set for conflict. :: With the elder statesman of the hobby dead, the magazines that had come to depend on his work and wisdom searched for a new torch holder. Enter the focus of this effortpost, Malcolm Furlow. Malcolm had not grown up with an interest in trains or models. Hailing from the southwest, he was a professional artist. He'd spent a number of years working for Disney ::, helping to design their theme parks. And now, he decided that model railroads would be his new medium of choice.

He came onto the scene right when the hobby press was looking for a flagship name. They needed someone who could regularly provide them with dramatic images to include with their articles and on their covers, and he was primed to deliver. Almost from the get-go, photographs of what he was modeling would regularly grace the pages of these publications.

Although from the very start images such as this would draw the first grumblings, as it represented something that no railroad in the world would ever have built, a clearly stylized interpretation of a western mining town, with an absurd retaining wall and confusing arrangement of railroading implements, even his detractors would concede that he had an artist's touch and eye for detail. Photographs of his work sold magazines, much as a busty redhead on the cover of Playboy does. Hobbyists wanted to replicate his techniques, and what he wrote was getting compiled into VHS tapes that you could buy and follow along with at home.

In 1983, it was announced that the trade press was giving him potentially the most responsibility of anyone in the hobby. The most popular magazine, the inventively named Model Railroader, had chosen him to design and build the next project layout. Every few years, they would create one of these features. Over the span of a year, readers would get to follow along and see, step-by-step, how a model railroad is made. They serve as a centerpiece for the hobby, and for many readers, either those new to the hobby or those who have been in for a few years and wish to progress to more than trains running in loops on a painted sheet of plywood, they are the most important part of their hobby development. Written in a "you can do this too" style, the expectation is that thousands of readers, in whole or in part, will follow along with your every word and replicate what is done on the page.

Readers reported being overwhelmed by the amount of work they had to do in following Furlow's techniques for building scenery and structures. Most concerning was the layout itself. Furlow had designed the track plan with a desire to create interesting visual impressions first and foremost. As such, he ignored conventional wisdom about practical design. The layout was constructed with track switches out of reach of any operator and would have required careful planning or extremely long limbs to even build parts of it. Model trains require minimum curve radii to not derail, and he pushed the limits in terms of tightness here. There are ways to circumvent these problems that an experienced modeler would know, but for the targeted audience they would be hugely problematic. Furthermore, given that he was the one writing the series, he focused on his strengths and ignored his weaknesses, namely a complete lack of the technical side of the hobby, such as the electrical work necessary to run trains. This is often the most difficult thing for amateurs to do, and he completely hand-waved past it in his articles. Following his advice would teach you how to paint mountains and weather rolling stock, but you wouldn't learn how to do even the most basic of wiring.

Even if one could get past these hurdles and make the railroad functional, it turns out it wasn't fun to operate, something that anyone with a modicum of experience in designing track plans would have called out early on. The layout was great for photoshoots but not great for actually running trains. Given the ability to do things with your completed models has long been recognized as what sets model trains apart from model boats and planes, this was a serious flaw.

The San Juan Central. Probably not functioning.

And now, from stage right, enters Furlow's foil, Tony Koestler. A model railroader from an early age and an electrical engineer by trade, Koestler was as fastidious and scientific :marseyautism: as Furlow was not. By day, he worked for Bell Laboratories, working as an editor for their technical publications and telecommunication journals. In his free time, he utilized his experience to gradually insert himself into the model railroad magazines, first as a volunteer contributor of opinion pieces and then as an assistant editor. He was eventually granted a monthly column, and he used this to expound upon his vision of the hobby.

To Koestler, the purpose of a model railroad was to model a railroad. If you had some magically shrinkray and zapped the Union Pacific with it, that's what you should have in your basement. Much like how coach potato COD players :marseyblops2cel: have rather particular ideas about the niceties of military special forces operations, he had a fervent desire to LARP as an actual railroad employee. Prototypical operation was the only way to do the hobby right in his mind. You shouldn't enjoy speeding trains around a chaotic spaghetti bowl of track. You should enjoy meticulously and ponderously moving a train along a boring, flat, straight section, as in real life. Every time your train dropped off a car along the way, you should stop what you're doing and fill out paperwork documenting the move, just as a real railroad does. Now that's fun. Even better if you have someone else sitting in a corner of the basement, and you have to call him on a radio before you start doing anything.

Normally such opinions would not have carried weight by themselves. The hobby magazines were full of middle-aged men bloviating on tiny trains. In an extreme case of irony, for a man dedicated to realism, Koestler himself was no more than a mediocre craftsman, so he could only sparingly write articles about his own railroad, as such articles required pictures, and the pictures would have revealed a layout that function as a real thing but looked anything but. However, he soon found a kindred soul in Allen McClelland, a man of considerable talents. He had independently developed a taste for extreme operational realism in creating his Virginian and Ohio railroad, and unlike Koestler had a product that looked quite good. Koestler quickly began featuring McClelland's work. Together, with a few other model railroaders, they began to engage in a massive LARP known as the Appalachian Lines. They would fastidiously document a fictional history of a railroad system set in that area of the country, would work together to model parts of it on their respective layouts, and would operate it as a prototype would. Koestler used his editorial power to heavily promote their way of doing things, regularly featuring articles on layouts within this system.

What a stud.

Back on Furlow's side, as the decade progressed, rumblings began to grow about his modeling abilities. Allegations flew that his works were no more than static sculptures or dioramas. Allegedly he couldn't master basic electrical work, and the aforementioned design flaws of his layouts, like the San Juan Central, were such that trains could not be run on them, according to those who visited his Dallas home. For a hobby that's primary purpose is to replicate a functioning railroad, this is disastrous. Even the most cartoonish of Christmas train loops at least moves around the tree. In addition, there were serious allegations that he had burned commercial clients. There are ways for skilled individuals to make money in this hobby. The first is, as mentioned, to write articles for magazines. A second approach is to be hired to build and photograph a company's model kits for their advertisements. A third is to work with the company to design model kits based on your structures. And a final method is to be hired by rich individuals to build a whole layout for them. Furlow was claimed to be doing all four, but he was doing all four quite poorly. Supposedly he had zero sense of time and deadlines. He would constantly miss delivery dates for commissions, ghost and burn clients, and generally just be a flighty, unreliable artist.

As such, private individuals and companies increasingly turned away from him, decreasing his prominence in the hobby. This was all the de facto kingmakers in the hobby, the magazines. Tony Koestler had consolidated his power immensely, being given official editorial status over many of the magazines and books published by the primary hobby imprint Kalmbach.. He would use this as a cudgel, preventing articles about more fantastical forms of model railroading from being run in favor of his grounded, prototype-only approach. Seizing on the commercial disdain for the man, and citing his failure to write certain agreed-upon articles on time, Malcolm Furlow was almost completely blacklisted. Others who would replicate his more fantastical style were likewise discouraged from sharing. Through Koestler's advocacy, Allen McClelland and those who ran railroads under the Appalachian Lines banner were the fare of the day in the trade press. If you picked up a magazine, it would near-exclusively feature how-to articles dedicated to replicating their style. A few exceptions existed, such as George Selios, but he was only afforded print space because his undeniable eye for detail resulted in an incomparable layout.

So, from being a contributor who would appear on the cover of almost every monthly edition in the mid-80s, Furlow gradually was in the press less and less. The breaks became larger and larger and the print space devoted to him smaller and smaller. By the middle of the 90s, he might be featured once a year, and these gaps became larger and larger. His last appearance in the press was in 2003, after the absence of several years, and it was deliberately provocative in its nature.

Oh boy

This cacophony of color and overload of objects is peak Furlow. No one could mistake this for a functioning railroad; it's a caricature of the subject. The internet had become the center of focus for discussion, and forums lit up with the vituperations of men in their 50s arguing about it. You can find their words on archived message boards, if you are so inclined. And with that last effort, he disappeared from the hobby. Leaving Texas, he moved to New Mexico and shifted his medium to brightly colored paintings of southwestern life. The Koestler-ites had won.

You can buy his work here

Their victory would eventually prove to be likewise contentious. The model railroad is serious business approach, which had gradually become codified in the hobby press of the 1990s, would prove to turn away newcomers. In person events would be described as hostile, with inane questions asked by these neophytes immediately dismissed. If you didn't have decades of experience with trains and their operations coming into the hobby, you would find yourself ostracized, with very few people willing to help. In what would later be regarded as apostasy, Koestler would even turn his column against John Allen, attacking him for not following Tony's rules of model railroading.

The trade press was likewise unbearable. Written by individuals with such experience, the magazines which once contained basic how-to information had degraded to articles focused on the most obscure of minutia. Want to know how to wire up your first layout so it runs? Not a chance. Want to know how to slightly modify your hand-build signals and electrical blocking so that you can replicate the New York Central's specific way of lighting train routes in 1937 instead of 1939? Yes. Unsurprisingly, the hobby's population began to decline, with fewer and fewer new people joining and the boomers starting to die off. In addition, the rise of other hobbies, predominantly video games, would prove to divert the focus of the slightly neurodivergent white man who had long been the hobby's principle demographic.

The long-term repercussions of this debate echo how the hobby itself has changed. What was once the most popular recreational activity for men in America has declined in interest. There are now countless hobbies for individuals to engage in, and railroads no longer hold preeminence in American life. The neurodivergent rivet-counters and flamboyant artists have gradually been forced to set aside their differences, as there's simply not enough modelers to go around otherwise.

Some twenty years after the war begin, you can find boomers still arguing about Furlow on internet forums. See the various internet threads I linked at the bottom for examples. However, even that fervor faded in all but the most passionate. News of Furlow's death in 2022, allegedly from long COVID, resulted only in respectful tributes and obituaries, even in the magazines that had once called for his head.

Perhaps most emblematic of this approach is the rise of module railroading. Instead of trying to build a layout on their own, modelers will make smaller sections according to certain national standards. At conventions, these sections can then be combined into one large railroad, permitting the running of trains at a scale otherwise impossible. Go to see one today, and you'll see that the modules can and do coexist in harmony, with a hyper-realistic scene of a train crossing the countryside connected seamlessly with one detailing a fantasy landscape. Even the most fastidious of modelers will keep a Thomas or two on their layout. For those dedicated to realistic operations of the Tony Koestler variety, it turns out that most are not nearly as concerned with scenic realism. One can unify a track plan designed for running trains in this way with a more exaggerated and fun environment to run them through, and most clubs now adopt this approach to some degree. Where the old guard would once have zealously guarded prototypical operation as sacrosanct, the current hobby is far more welcoming out of necessity.

In the end, what this conflict boiled down to was the Hegelian dialectic made manifest. Between the thesis that model railroads were artistic endeavors and the antithesis that model railroads are real railroads shrunk down in size, a synthesis has emerged. The truth is that model railroads are simply places for people to create their own worlds and see neat little trains run through them, and that's what the hobby has come to agree on. Fun, with a reasonable element of realism, has prevailed.

:marseyrave#: :marseyrave#: ARCHIVAL DRAMA TIME :marseyrave#: :marseyrave#:

Here's some usenet forums from back it the day. Great to see boomers seethe on 90s internet.


Oh, no! The return of Furlow, the master spammer!!!! I thought we were rid of that parasite for good.

I checked out the website, and part of it's sales-pitch text says,

"Remember, Malcolm was the premier modeler of the early to mid-eighties."

No, he was the premier carpetbagger of theearly to mid-eighties. He was in it only for the money. His track plans were operational voids. Granted, his scenery was exceptional, but limited in scope.

Furlow was drummed out of the hobby for his shameless exploitation of Model Railroader as a free advertising medium.

I guess his career as a "western theme artist" didn't pan out and he's back to try to soak us again...


Hating on Furlow as well as George Selios. Even John Allen catches some.

Furlow gets called a charlaten and carpetbagger.

Is Furlow using Photoshop in 1996 a crime against humanity?

Discussing Furlow's last image from 2003

Furlow Bashing. That's the thread

Seething still. Scroll down for discussion as to whether having the miniature people in your town be non-white is political correctness gone too far

It's been forty years, and Jannies still have to mop up and lock threads

And, for a change of pace, people hating on Tony Koester

More can be found if you search


President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea, who you might remember from my coverage of his lolcow wife, has run into a bit of a diplomatic scandal.

This ajussi thinks he has magical powers lmao. :marseylaugh:

Failures leading up to...

He went on a world tour that should have been a welcome escape from domestic politics given his low approval rating. But apparently his psychic powers aren't as good as he thinks. He failed to forsee everything going wrong that possibly could. First he went to London but missed Queen Elizabeth's funeral, blaming traffic for being late. Then it was on to the UN General Assembly, a place where all world leaders love to do a photo op and look dignified. He announced that he was going to have summit meetings with the Japanese PM and President Biden to b-word about Korea's grievances.

Signing the book of condolences after he failed to attend the funeral.

The Koreans want compensation for s*x slaves taken by the Japanese during WW2. The Japanese argue that they already paid massive amounts of reparations in exchange for the Koreans dropping all claims against them in 1965. Given that Korea never suffered the kind of devastation that China and the Philippines did, it really was a relatively sweet deal tbqh. So this is not a conversation that the Japanese wanted to have. They came out publicly saying that they had been talking about a possible summit but hadn't agreed to anything yet. In the end, Yoon managed to get a brief 30 minute meeting with the Japanese PM and no indication that the Korean demands are being taken seriously.


Yoon wanted to meet Biden to whine about how the American "Inflation Reduction Act" will subsidize American automakers and damage imports of cheap piece of shit Korean cars. Of course Koreans only care about free trade when it goes one way. This is especially rich considering that the Koreans have for decades been finding whatever underhanded methods possible to block imports of luxury cars from the USA. Yoon managed to spend an entire 48 seconds speaking to Biden, once again ending up achieving nothing.

Insane people demonstrate against beef actually being affordable enough for them to eat.


Just as he was leaving the meeting with Biden, he was caught on camera saying something like "It’d be humiliating for Biden if those jackasses/idiots/frickers in the legislature don’t pass it." Presumably he was talking about the US Congress not passing a bill that Biden supports. This caused a lot of embarrassment because while Koreans might like to irrationally chimp out at America at home from time to time, they know better than to have their leader insulting the US government at a diplomatic function.

Actual footage of the average Korean's reaction to this news.

Yoon went into damage control mode and came up with an explanation. He actually hadn't said "Biden", he'd said a word in Korean that sounds similar. He wasn't talking about the US legislature, he was talking about the Korean legislature. Of course that just means that he's offending the Korean legislature too now and nobody believes him anyway. As some random Korean Youtube commenter said, "Mistakes can be forgiven but lies cannot."

Unfortunately I cannot find anyone who will actually spell out what the profanity was. The best I can find is "국회 이 XX들이 승인 안 해주면 바이든이 쪽팔려서 어떡하냐" with the word in question censored and the audio is way too hard for me to make out even after it's been cleaned up. :marseyshrug:


I've covered everything worth saying, but if you want to look into this more, we have:

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EFFORTPOST Come Dine With Me's Biggest Loser - body shaming and misandry

Every day, we are exposed to various forms of media. People are attempting to manipulate us, influence us, and encourage us to perform certain actions (usually spend money). Without media literacy, you are doomed to a life of being bamboozled, tricked, and fooled all day.

Have you ever been falsely accused? Misrepresented? Besmirched? you know how painfully frustrating it can be. Well, one man has faced this, and I don't think his name will ever be cleared.

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me is a British show which has four contestants serving dinner at their home. The best host(ess) wins prize money. Most of the entertainment comes from seeing the homes of different people, and the ways they attempt to entertain others. Commentary is provided by Dave Lamb, who can be quite hilarious at times.

The show has been a success and it has since been sold to other countries, and spin-offs have been produced, including Celebrity Come Dine With Me and Couples Come Dine With Me. Today, we'll be looking at a 2016 episode which has been commonly used as an example of being a sore loser.

The guests

This episode takes place in East Oxfordshire. These are the contestants:

>Charlotte Hughes - She's the youngest contestant. Very bubbly, optimistic, and down-to-earth.

>Adam Mastroani - He is an American student who is nerdy.

>Jane Smith - She's a policewoman. She admits she likes offending and shocking.

>Peter Marsh - Peter is a salesman, quite portly, and someone who cares about class

For the remainder of the article, I'll be referring to this video which contains the full episode.

Out come the knives - Evening 1

In many ways, women are oppressed in society. They have to face sexism in the workplace, they are dominated in the home, and many religions posit women as lesser beings. Despite this, men are also mistreated in many ways. Most notably, men are subjected to body standards, and they are harshly judged for not conforming.

Let's take weight for instance. It is far more socially acceptable to insult a man's weight than the opposite is. I believe this is why Jane, on the first night, starts off by insulting Peter quite harshly. She says the only thing he is good at is a pie-eating contest. Note that this comes after he shows some vulnerability by making a joke about his own weight. This moment occurs at 8:20

For the most part, Peter takes it in stride, then she flat-out calls him fat while patting his corpulent belly. This is shocking because she is fat as well. Nevertheless, Peter does not retaliate.

Out come the knives - Evening 2

The second evening is at Adam's house. The meal is pretty terrible, but Peter lets slip that he would like to be Prime Minister. Jane immediately shuts him down, letting him know that his dream is foolish. Is his dream realistic? Probably not. But there's no need to be a huge butthole when someone shares their dreams at a dinner table. At this point, it is evident that Jane doesn't think much of Peter. Once again, Peter takes it in stride, but he's annoyed.

Out come the knives - Evening 3

The third evening, we see Peter strike back. This is the point where I also get highly annoyed. They are talking about their lookalikes, and Peter says Jane looks like Victoria Beckham. This occurs at 33:00 Obviously an insult, and everyone immediately jumps to Jane's defence! To recap, at this point Jane has said:

>you can only win a pie eating contest

>you're fat

>your dreams are shit

And he dares make one snarky comment and suddenly he's a rude c*nt?! People are way too sensitive to women getting insulted, without realizing men don't like it either when we're called fat.

Out come the knives - Evening 4

Things hit a climax on our final evening and this is where the iconic meme moments come from. Everyone is sitting at a table for dinner at Pete's house. They begin talking about their impression of each other, and everyone is polite until we come to Jane. She just lets it rip on him, tearing apart his entire personality. This moment occurs at 45:00She says:

>your confidence is undeserved

>calls him pompous

He retorts by calling her a fat troll, and low and behold this is the point where people say it's gone too far! She was allowed to sit in this man's home and insult him to his face non-stop, but god forbid he calls a woman fat! Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. All the other guests are so sympathetic to Jane, who is not receiving anything she hasn't dished first.

At the end of the meal its time to pick a winner. Peter comes last, and in the commentary, the guests say that the sour mood ruined the evening. So good job Jane for fricking up this man's evening. Peter finally pops his top and tells Jane she "has all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tires on". Charlotte also gets insulted and quite honestly she deserves it because she never comments on the cruelty Peter faces yet jumps to defend fat Jane.

Since the show Peter and his husband have spoken to the Mirror and stated that "What's shown is not all that happens and people will believe what they're shown." I believe you Peter, I really do. The Mirror adds:

>He'd had "hundreds" of people contact him on Twitter which is why he has now locked his account and doesn't want to "fuel the fire" by commenting further.

To conclude, this double standard is what makes women in the workplace problematic. If ever conflict should arise, all a woman has to do is cry or feel sad and she's won. Any retort on your part will be magnified because you're attacking an innocent girl. There is no woman alive who has never pulled the "I'm just a girl" card, from CEOs to cashiers trying to get out of a speeding ticket. No woman is innocent.

Next time we will discuss the morality of JiDion. The woman posted here is named Sava Schultz. She has a black boyfriend.

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EFFORTPOST The Ellen Pakkies story - A South African Filicide

As Hideo Kojima has taught us, humanity's first cowtools were sticks and rope. It's an easy idea to understand. Some cowtools are meant to keep people away from you, while others are to pull people in.

Some would argue that a mother's love is the strongest bond possible, and even when the umbilical cord is cut, an invisible strand remains. What happens when that strand is put to the test? Sprinkle trauma, pain, drugs, theft, and r*pe into the mix. How much can a strand handle?

More importantly, what happens when a mother kills their own child? All the mothers that I have featured in the past have been rightfully vilified. The woman I'm about to discuss never received hate. Instead, she received overwhelming love from women and men countrywide, and a movie was made about her, positioning her as a hero.

Today, we're going to South Africa to discuss Ellen Pakkies. The images are of Reeva Steenkamp who was killed by Oscar Pistorius. Just keeping things South African.

I tried to build up excitement and intrigue with this introduction but failed. The only saving grace is this meta-commentary that at least you know that I'm self-aware when my writing is shitty.

Buckle up, we're going for the detailed, researched story. You're welcome to point out any flaws.


When your body wants to release Dopamine, the following occurs. The neural impulse moves along the dopaminergic terminal and meets the dopamine receptor in the limbic system which has synapses (little spaces). A special protein is released by the synapse and it binds to the dopaminergic terminal of a dopamine transmitter.

Dopamine makes you feel good, but all good things must come to an end, so typically the dopamine is reabsorbed. But meth does not want the party to end, so it influences trace amine-associated receptor 1, convinces it to stop letting dopamine in.


Notes from Reeva!

Synapses are related to sleep

  • During sleep, synapses can be cleaned

  • When we sleep, synapses decrease in size which allows for lymphatic system to clean the synapses

  • During sleep the body prunes irrelevant synapses and neural networks, hence creating space

Once stimulated, a neuron will communicate information about the causative event. The neurons are called sensory neurons. Sensory neurons will send info to neurons in the brain and spinal cord.


But it doesn't stop there. Meth also encourages the production of more dopamine! Up to ten times more. It feels so good! It acts as an upper, giving you energy and acting as an aphrodisiac.

Of course, there are negative effects to this. Neural damage occurs, and this is irreversible. This can leave the user with memory loss, aggression, and paranoia.

Lavender Hill

Our story takes place in Lavender Hill. Despite the nice name, it is a place of horrors worse than Amityville, some would say.

It was created in the 1970s as a segregated area for Coloreds (mixed-race Malays, not Blacks). With poor access to the CBD and a lack of services, it dilapidated and this continued post-Apartheid.

A lack of policing resulted in the growth of gangs and the proliferation of crime which has come to characterize the township. The crime statistics are shocking, to say the least. Let's cover drugs, which is what this article is about:

>Although statistics for Lavender Hill specifically are difficult to ascertain, crime statistics from the South African Police Service (SAPS) illustrate the prevalence of drug-related crime in the area: between April 2011 and March 2012, Grassy Park (ward 68) recorded 1 810 cases of drug-related crime (SAPS 2012). Local gangs hold the bulk of economic power in the area and recruit many community members by offering financial support. For example, they offer to pay rent or electricity bills in exchange for hiding parcels.

Part of the problem is that Lavender Hill is plagued with Tik, which in turn increases other crime rates.

Ellen Pakkies

There used to be far more information on her when the case occurred. However, most of it has been overshadowed by the movie they made about her.

According to her, she was sexually abused as a child. R*pe seems to be a constant theme in her life when she was 17, she was r*ped and had her first child, Abie Pakkies. Shortly after, she married at age 18. She had her second child, Colin. The marriage did not last, and she would go through one more marriage before meeting Ontil, her longstanding husband.

Like many others in Lavender Hill, Abie fell victim to drugs. He got hooked on Tik at age 13, and from then onwards his life became a tragedy. To get money to buy drugs, he would steal everything from Ellen, who owned very little to begin with. She tried to get him to stop, but he basically emptied the house to feed his habit.

This went on for years, with Abie stealing money from his mother and robbing her of her wages. She tried to get him to rehab but that did not work. He was kicked out of the house but he would return banging at the doors and windows begging for money the whole night. To put it mildly, he was a pest.

One day, Ellen had enough. Her son was living in the backroom of the house. She went to visit him, carrying a rope with her. She entered the backroom and found Abie sleeping. He was no threat. Ellen put the rope around his neck and started stranding him. The asphyxiation woke Abie up and he started struggling, likely in shock that his own mother was attempting to murder him. She tightened the rope, asking him why he never listens. He begged for his life, claiming he would listen from then onwards, but this was not enough to quell Ellen's rage. Let's cut to the chase - she killed her son.

Following the incident, she put on her clothes and went to work, much like Chris Watts. However, unlike the family annihilator, Ellen eventually confessed to her boss who then took her to the police station.

Her case was very famous in South Africa and I have vivid memories of reports always painting her in a sympathetic matter, as someone who was pushed to their limits. She eventually got a 3 year suspended sentence. I'm here today to say this is bullshit. This woman is a murderer just like all the others I've previously covered. I feel sympathy for her situation but not for strangling her own son. She did it in such a personal manner, to someone who was sleeping. Frick that.

What are your thoughts? Was Ellen justified? Or is she just a killer?

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EFFORTPOST NOW WITH TILT REMOVED :marseyflagsouthkorea: Sinking of the South-Korean Sewol Ferry :marseyflagsouthkorea: - 300 high schoolers drown in the most preventable manmade disaster of modernity. :marseyretard2: coward captain leaves passengers to save himself :marseyretard4:

Greetings Dramatards :marseywave2:

Last time I was covering the sinking of the Oceanos, where a cowardly captain attempted to flee a sinking ship from the South-Eastern shores of South-Africa, and where heroic gigachad :gigachad: :gigachad: passengers stepped up to the occasion to save their fellows during an extreme storm.

Well I was made aware of a similar situation which had occurred upon the shores of South-Korea, where another cowardly captain and crew literally jumped ship to save themselves at the expense of their charges. This time however, the outcome would be substantially more grim, whereas the Oceanos rescue was a stunning success which resulted in the saving of literally every single passenger with zero fatalities, the sinking of the Sewol Ferry was horrific, resulting in over 300 deaths, most of them school-children as a school trip was booked to an island off of the coast of Korea during that unfortunate day.

The Sewol Ferry sinking is also SUBSTANTIALLY more dramatic and absolutely r-slurred than the sinking of the Oceanos, because of the unbelievably absurd degree of preventability there was involved in the needless loss o life, and the systemic levels of ineptitude shown by literally every single government body/agency and individual involved.

When I first researched this unholy shitshow this weekend, I would binge every single youtube video made by foreign Press regarding the event, and I had thought to myself: hey these are pretty good mini flash-documentaries covering the events of this absurd manmade neglect disaster, (here are some of the 1st documentaries I viewed)

28 minute documentary from the New Yorker:

27 documentary from Coffeehouse:

And on and on, there are like 10 or 12 of these documentaries by youtubers or news organizations which cover various aspects of the disaster, the shitty rescue attemps, and the aftermath:

BUT OOOOOOOOOOOOOH NO. The more I read, the DEEEEEEPER the rabbit :marseybunny2: :cute: :cute: :cute: hole kept sinking.

Dramatards, the depth of depravity, incompetence and stupidity involved in this disaster is near bottomless, it's lower than shark-shit :marseyshark: :sharkyheart: shade at the bottom of the sea abyss.

Like just one of these 25-50 minute documentaries simply didn't capture the absolute 3rd world :marseyflagsouthafrica: response that the Korean coast guard, and all authorities involved had regarding the greatest non-rescue ever in modernity.

So welcome dramastrags :marseygigaretard: :marseyretardchad: and let's go down this never ending hellish :marseyalice: :marseycheshire: :marseycheshire4: :marseycheshire2: :marseycheshire3: rabbithole together :marseyviewerstare:


The Sewol Ferry was a passenger and cargo transport ship which made 3 trips per week from the harbor of Incheon to the Island of Jeju - with each one-way 425 kilometres trip, taking about 13.5 hours to complete.

The Sewol would frequent Teju Island, the largest of South Korea's islands, and a popular tourist destination for Koreans themselves. Teju island has been described as the Hawaii of SK.

Teju is that big island directly South of SK. The Sewol would take trips between the island and the western coast of SK, meaning the children onboard would constantly be within range of cellphone service of the mainland. While the 13-14 hour trip is long, the ship is outfitted like a cruise ship. While not nearly as luxurious as the Oceanos, it was still a ship with many amenities and comfort. There were dorm rooms, bunk beds and convenience stores, so for high-schooler standards, this was living the high life. :marseycool2: :marseycool:

DATE OF DISASTER: 16 April 2014, Wednesday.

The Ferry would be boarded at approximately 9:pm on 15 April 2014 (at night), but the disaster would not strike until the trip was almost over, and the ferry was near Teju island 12 hours later. The idea was that the the students would sleep during the long boring journey, eat breakfast, and basically arrive at the Island at about 9-11AM.

At the moment of disaster, there had been 476 passengers onboard the Sewol Ferry. Most of those were High-School students, with most of those high-schoolers being from the same school, the reason being that they were on an annual field-trip organized by that school. (Danwon High School in Ansan City)

It is because there were so many highschool students simultaneously on the same ship booked, that parents were alarmed that many of them were bombarded with abnormal and cryptic messages from their children declaring their love for their parents or shouting their peril at the ship capsizing.

It is this moment which had made the Sewol Ferry sinking especially famous internationally - that parents of these schoolchildren, told them to follow the guidance and instructions of the crew and authorities. The korean words for "Do what they say" would become a famous negative-meme, meaning that instead of a joke a lot of koreans after this disaster would discuss this event, and the implications that korean culture had upon the extreme discipline in which korean youth were expected to obey their parents, their elders and all authority figures. Korean youth would "negative-meme" this phrase of "do as they say" whenever discussion would arrive about whether it was a neccessity to docilly obey authority and elders in all matters of life.

The reason this moment and this negative-meme of "do as they say" has such particular resonance with modern koreans, is that effectively that all those passengers, and especially school students who obeyed the following demented commands of the cowardly Sewol captain would end up drowning; and all those who disobeyed, would end up alive and rescued. This is especially galling considering that a similar event occurred in 13 Feb 2003, when a subway train caught fire, and the moronic and cowardly conductor would order his passengers to stay put, in wait of rescue, when, and you guys guessed it, the conductor himself fled for his life just like the cowardly Sewol Ferry captain would!

Even worse still, amongst the found footage of those who drowned, were cellphone footage of students discussing their doubts about the unease they felt in obeying the captain's orders of staying put - and that they verbally expressed their instinctual fear that the similarity to the Daegu subway disaster in which only those who disobeyed demented orders were the one who survived - and yet still was their compulsion to obey seniority that they still were amongst those who drowned.

For the parents, this would be especially traumatizing and they would mention to foreign and local interviews the incredible guilt they felt for telling their children to obey authorities, not realizing that their faith in the crew and gov authorities were misplaced due to the following peerless levels of ineptitude. Haggard looking korean parents would express remorse for not telling their dead children to ignore stupid orders, and flee for the top of the ship, instead of remaining in their cabins as the Captain of the Sewol had ordered all passengers, before the frick himself would GTFO from the ship.


It's important to note that he Sewol Ferry is more cargo ship, than passenger liner. Apparently 75% of profit was made from transporting trucks to Teju island and back, with ferrying passengers as a side-gig effectively. (Don't worry we'll get to this image later :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: )

But the point is that it wasn't just school students on this specific trip, there were other passengers going to Teju island on their own honeymoons or whatever, and a lot of truck drivers whom would get off of the dock at Teju, them come back at the end of their routes to continue transporting supplies. Many of these same truck drivers would aid in saving the weaker children.


(For those of you whom don't know ships, Listing when a vessel takes on water and tilts to one side.)

At some point at 8:50AM passengers hear a loud BAND reverberating through the ship, and 10 minutes later the ship would begin listing to the left 30 degrees.

Ever heard of the words Ballast-water? :marseyexcited: :marseyexcited: :marseyexcited: Now this is something I never knew about! :marseyfluffy: :marseyfluffy: :marseyfluffy: :marseyfluffy: :marseyfsjal:

Now you'd think that a 30 degrees Listing would mean instant capsizing for a ship, but ships of the scale of the Sewol are built with what are known as ballast tanks. Ballast water is water carried in ships' ballast tanks to improve stability, balance. The idea is to act as counterweight to the motion of a ship, improving its balance!

However, the cargo of the ferry: the trucks and vehicles transported by the Sewol was NOT tied down. Meaning that as the ship began listing, all of these vehicles would be swept in the imbalence and flung to the left side of the ship, thus overwhelming the counterweight of the ballast tanks.

All ships need a low center of gravity, the lower the better, as top heavy ships swing and list from site to side in extreme weather and swells, and are more exposed to tipping and capsizing, the ballast tanks aid this as well.

Well guess WHAT?! The r-slurs of the Sewol crew had not pumped enough ballast water into the inner chambers in order to save time and speed :marseygigaretard: :marseygigaretard: :marseygigaretard:

Thus the center of gravity was at the top of the vessel, and the near empty ballast tanks could not counterweight the listing :marseydeadinside2: :marseyitneverbegan:

Why no ballast or near empty ballast tanks?? So they could load more cars :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: they got rid of the ballast water so that they could make room for the fricking extra cargo

So the vicious circle keeps going, the more the listing, the more vehicles keep slamming to the left, listing the ferry beyond salvation.

Thus the crew begin to realize the ships is going to unavoidably capsize.


When very massive vessels like the Sewol lists or sinks, it isn't always immediately obvious to passengers, in the same way in which excessive airplane turbulence is when the plane is for a certainty going to crash.

The first emergency call was made by Choi Duk-ha, a Danwon High School student aboard the ferry, who immediately understood the danger, and was suspicious of the ship's intercom continious telling the students and passengers to "stay in their cabins, it was dangerous to venture outside; wait for rescue". The crew of course knew the opposite was true.


At about 9:07AM the Sewol crew finally tells the SK coast gaurd that they are in deep shit, and that the ferry is unstoppably listing. However these clowns :marseyclown3: call in so many different agencies and authorities, that they cause intense communication chaos.

The SK Coast guard would also lie to the media and SK people, that when they received the mayday from the Sewol, that they were not aware that near 500 people were on board - this specific lie would cause massive fallout later, we'll get to that!

The coast guard tells the Sewol crew, that any passengers must put on life-jackets. The Sewol for some fricking reason tells the coast-gaurd back that their announcement system was broken, which we know in hindsight would be a massive lie as student's cellphones were recovered after their deaths with the repeated anouncement to stay put :marseywut2: :marseywut2: :marseywut2: why on God's green earth they would lie about this is WTF :marseywtf:

Just like the Oceanos the crew would have no communication with passengers, to tell them the situation or cause of the listing, only the anouncement was the sole communication the crew would ever do with their passengers!

The coast guard on the radio would say, ok butthole, well if the PA system was broken, fricking go tell your passengers to put on their life jackets, and whoever was on the walkie-talkie that moment was like "eeeehhhhhhh" then he walks around taking a smoke, jerking off to the sunset, walking around for a bit, and came back to the walkie-talkie and said that they had told the passengers to put on their lifejackets, evidence from the recovered cellphones would prove THAT HE DID NOT DO THAT WHYYYYYY :marseywtf2: :marseywtf2: :marseywtf2: :marseywtf2: He just straight up lied to the coast guard he had taken list of the passengers and personally saw to them - hoooollly smokes it just gets worse and worse from here on out

So at this point, whichever low level drone is at the helm of the coast gaurd communication (is actually the only competent guy in this equation), tells the Sewol captain and crew to unfrick themselves, and prepare quickly, a rescue helicopter is 1 minute away, and another search and rescue boat is like 5 minutes away, get passengers ready for rescue. :peterrunning: :peterrunning: :peterrunning:

And our boi, the 69-year-old Captain Lee Joon-seok, goes full r-slur and replies: "bro that's no enough to save everybody, there's more than those vessel's capacities" :marseyretard2: you know as if that matters , fricking who cares.

So at this point the passengers are still being told to stay put. As the ferry was sinking, it became clear that it would be inverted. The 1st people to be rescued........was the captain :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: and some of his senior crew. Sounds familiar to the Oceanos???

Here is a Youtube video of the cowardly cuck fleeing the ship, and being the literal 1st to be rescued from a nearby coast guard boat:

And oh yeah, notice something?! He wore ORDINARY CIVILIAN CLOTHES!! He deliberately disguised himself! :marseypearlclutch: i did personally was not aware of this specific one detail prior to researching this shitshow!

I repeat: he deliberately disguised himself as a passenger :marseyitsallsotiresome: Once he was rescued, he made zero attempt to help, and basically fricked off. He relayed no information about the cause of sinking or the amount of passengers and their whereabouts on the listing ship. He just straight up fricks off....

"f there is something oddly familiar about the news that the erstwhile captain of the ill-fated South Korean ferry—which capsized and sank just a few hundred meters from dry land—botched the evacuation order and jumped ship before his passengers were safe, it's because we've heard about this sort of maritime cowardice before. It happened in 2012, when Italian captain Francesco Schettino rammed his Costa Concordia luxury cruiseliner into the rocks off Giglio island. He, too, was among the first off the ship well in advance of the bulk of the passengers."

Captain cuck is currently one of the most hated men in all of SK. When the depths of his depraved conduct and cowardice slowly leaked down the grapevine of news and gossip, the entire SK media would blow up in outrage.

Sewol's captain under fire for fleeing sinking ship:

"News that the captain and crew of the Sewol passenger ferry fled the sinking ship early on rather than helping passengers is generating an angry reaction among from family members and the South Korean public.

Of the crew members, only 22-year-old Park Ji-young gave up her life vest to stay with the passengers - at the cost of her own life. One student said of her, “If she hadn't have been there, I don't know what would have happened to me.”

Evidence that surfaced on Apr. 17 indicates the Sewol's chief engineer told several crew members to evacuate, even as the captain was broadcasting a message for passengers to wait until further notice."


There were several reccorrdings recovered from the dead student's cellphones where they could clearly be heard pronouncing their confusion: why must they put on their Life-Jackets and also stay put in their cabins like the PA announcement system was repeating on auto?

Their confusion, first starts with lite joking, and eventually turns into sober horror, as the realization that the situation with the tilting was becoming a threat to their lives. The most comprehensive evidence was of students on the 3rd floor of the Sewol Ferry.

By the end of this footage, many students start proclaiming that they do not wish to die, and begin messaging their family/parents with messages of asking forgiveness for past fights, and that they love them, ect. It is from these horrifying messages which freaked out the majority of the 250 students from the same high school, to which about 500 parents would organize a trip to Teju Island, to find out what the frick was happening with their children.


In spite of their instincts and fear, the schoolchildren would still continue to obey the instructions of their parents to obey their seniors, and most would remain put within the ferry, even as the ship continued its listing and eventual capsizement over the next hour.

CBS NEWS Youtube video showing; teenagers were slow to grasp their dangerous situation; some kids could be heard joking they were in the titanic, and even jovially singing to cope with the pressure:

BBC Youtube video of youngest person saved from ferry; both her parents and brother would drown; SK would ask for any family to come forward and claim her; one distant uncle would luckily come forth:

Additionally in the videos, the school children will remark from the recovered footage, that they smelled something bad, that they smelled something like boiled eggs - they were smelling gas escaping the

The hyper discipline of their children makes them place false hope in their seniors, and fully believe up until their drowning that the authorities know what they are doing, and follow the instructions of their parents.

Oh yeah, and the horror keeps compounding - there were not enough lifejackets, so many students sacrificed theirs for their younger peers, and some truck drivers would give theirs to children.

One passenger, Koo Bon-hee, 36, told the wire service "that there were not enough life jackets for everyone in the area on the third floor where he and others waited. So crew members — two men and two women — didn't wear any so that all the passengers could have one."


SK mainstream media is and was extraordinarily corrupt, and would lie to citizens over many things. Things would come to climax in the Sewol Ferry sinking fiasco, and the absolute shamelessness of SK mainstream media could cause a massive rift between the citizens of SK, and their trust in the gov and news.

Mainstream media had started reporting that all passengers had been rescued from the Ferry as it was still tipping over with 300+ passengers still inside, and had given many of these SK parents whom had received horrifying and cryptic messages from their kids about saying goodbye, and that they were dying, were giving these parents false hope that their kids were safe ! :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe:

In the following months, as the media circus was dug through by people, and the SK public began to systematically uncover the heaps of lies that the mainstream SK media told everyone, including the parents, questions would be asked as to WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :marseyyikes: why would they fricking lies about this? Lie about kids and passengers having been saved from the ferry in those critical 2 hours as the ship was capsizing??

It would come down that President Park was a massive bully and would go to extreme lengths to bully mainstream media outlets in SK who even remotely critisized her administration. So feared was president Park, that many mainstream reporters and producers were basically used to just straight up lying in emergency situations, to make her Administration's response to stuff like this Ferry sinking disaster, as positively as possible, before she even demanded. (We'll come back to this)

Tanwan highschool parents were given a false sense of security.

However, despite this deceit, the parents began immediately noticing discrepancies within the false reporting of everyone being saved from the Sewol. They could not phone or reach their kids, they became aware thatt many other parents had also received cryptic and alarming messages, and soon pooled information between each other on WhatsApp groups and so on.

Additionally, horrifyingly, the parents would notice an anomaly similar as to Kraut citizens during the 2nd World War being fed propaganda about how good the Eastern Front campaign was going, meanwhile the locations of successful battles kept creeping closer to Berlin....

Similarly, these parents would notice that at 1st the reporting kept changing from ALL the passengers had been successfully rescued, then MOST of the passengers, and then.... you get the idea as the media adjusted their bullshit as the failing rescue operation was producing more corpses.

Then later it was reported 150 passengers out of 475, how many passengers have been rescued you frickers??? How the frick is the reported passengers being rescued LOWERING? :marseywtf:


Chindo Island is a tiny island, nearest to the sinking. And from where the rescue operation was being undergone.

Because they can't trust the media, and the parents basically organize a 1000 person trip immediately to the Chindo Island, and book acommodations and hotels, as well as venues for gathering. The PARENTS are organizing all of this, as the coast guard nad rescue authorities are all incompetent bumblefricks.

So dramatards hear this shit, the rescue operations heads, and coast guard had brought these giant white boards with lists of names of the rescued written on them. And the giant gymnasium venue which the parents organized as a meeting conference place, quickly turns into chaos as the parents jostle to get to the front and see whose child is fricking safe. But of course these are propaganda names, lied about by the SK media to make the Park Admin look good.

So the parents quickly realize they are being lied to and become enraged. Here is Youtube video of parents lashing out at authorities.

They scream at the gov goons who had callously written these names of survivors on the whiteboards, and ask where the frick their kids were, if they supposedly were saved?

The parents finally become so incensed at the lack of coordination of the coats guard, that they fricking hire their own boats to go to the sunken ferry, they are enraged at the lack of fricks given by the gov officials, whom apparently are just passive about the prospect of hundreds of people currently under threat of drowning.

========(from article)

Parents of missing teenagers aboard the stricken ferry off the coast of South Korea have been hiring rescue boats to join the search overnight. Many relatives stared out to sea, huddled in blankets, sobbing, as hopes their loved ones would be found alive faded.

Others expressed their anger, claiming that the rescue operation was botched and choosing instead to go searching themselves.

The father of one missing child could not bear to wait.


He and 10 other parents paid 61,000 won (£35) each to hire a boat to take them to the scene, along with a local reporter and a diver.

"There was no rescue operation going on," he said on his return to Jindo.

"We clearly saw there is none. What they were doing at the time was stopping the oil spill. I'm extremely angry.

"The media says the rescue operation is still going on. It's all a lie. It makes me so furious."

======(end quote)

At this point it's fricking night time, and the parents are going in a frenzy at the authorities not telling them squat, and with the mainstream reporters being useless ad unhelpful. There appears to be no hurry when the ferry is already nearly on its side and its obvious people are trapped with no way of getting out.

Only Newstapa was willing to work with parents and not lie to them or the public, and majority of footage came from them.


The entire rescue was an ongoing shitshow. And despite media lies, most passengers were not being successfully rescued.

The thing that most angered the SK public, after the disaster, was the sheer ineptitude of the SK authorities during what was dubbed the "Golden hours", the 1st two hours after the Ferry began capsizing, and when it was entirely feasible to save everyone.

In those precious moments the coast guard and Park Admin kept repeating moronic requests of seeing a visual feed of the tilting ferry, instead of giving out deceisive commands for rescue operation. They kept asking moronic questions :marseyretard3: :marseyretard3: :marseyretard3: about whether the situation was serious, to which the helicopters and patrol boats would reply: yes butthole this is serious, the fricking ship is sinking, and on and on they would waste 90 fricking minutes with this r-sluration.

Rescue officials then missed a series of opportunities to save most of the people until the ship fully submerged underwater at 11:50 a.m.

The coast guard, which received a distress call from the ferry's crew shortly after the ship began to drift, was required to guard the waters that the Sewol passed through with at least one large patrol vessel.

But on the day of the sinking, the only vessel nearby was a small patrol boat whose nine-member crew was woefully undertrained and lacked basic communication equipment.

The boat did not arrive at the Sewol until 9:30 a.m. Rescue workers then wasted further time with indecisiveness.


By this point at about 09:00AM to 09:30AM there would be like 3 rescue helicopters just circulating around the tilting ship, not being helpful, only like 3 passengers had been saved, and they had climbed upon the deck of the ship all on their own.

The rest of the patrol boats are just standing there drifting, with their peepees in their hands. Because there had been no centralized command given by the Park Administration, and because not central authority had taken first step, all of them are just loitering there being useless frickwits.

All of them are waiting for the park admin to give specific orders, instead of taking deceisive action, and the Park admin in turn is sitting on their thumbs waiting for "video of the incident" before even making a decicion! :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: and worst of all is that Prez Park would be missing AWOL for at least 7 hours, unavailable to give commands, and many gove beaurucrats are to cowardly to take initiative in case something goes wrong, and they shoulder the blame,

so everyone there onsite are waiting for someone else to fricking take initiative, so they they would be the one in charge and thus responsible for any possible negative fallout. So everyone is just fricking standing there like imbeciles, waiting for each other!!!!

Remember the US Navy vessel nearby? USS Bonhomme Richard was nearby and had immediately notified SK coast guard they were available for assistance. The USS Bonhomme Richard is a vast amphibious assault ship, with a crew of over 1800 men. At that time they had a full complement of marines capable of rescue operations.

The ship was a semi-aircraft carrier and carried several helicopters capable of advanced search and rescue operations, SK told them to take a hike - this truly was the most needless loss of life in modernity.

The rescue teams only made token efforts to save any people which had already already come to the surface, or were climbing themselves on top of the deck in their bright orange lifejackets.

To make matters oven more dysfunctional and utterly 3rd world, was that the coast guard vessels, and the helicopters hovering above the ferry were communicating to sepparate entities, some were in contact with the Park Admin, while others deferred to the local cost guard authority, and yet others to the provincial and national coast gaurd authority!

Park has been hit hard by an angry nationwide outcry over the government's response to South Korea's worst civilian maritime disaster in 20 years and the seemingly slow and ineffective rescue operation. Park said the coast guard had not only failed in its search and rescue duty but that, in its current form, it would be unable to prevent another large-scale disaster.

"The coast guard continued to get bigger in size but did not have enough personnel and budget allocated for maritime safety, and training for rescue was very much insufficient," she said.

Basically compared to the Burgerland Coast Guard, the SK CG was a dysfunctional shitheap. They had no central authority, and local and provincial juristictions made many of their patrol boats redundant or badly lead. There was zero coordination between local, provincial and national authorities. Nobody knew what in frick they were doing :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3:


To further compound public anger in the wake of this needless catastrophe, would be footage of civilian boats from local fishermen performing fricking better than the coast guard patrol boats and rescue helicopters just idling like fools waiting for orders. These small vessels would daringly and valiantly brave the danger of coming close to an almost capsizing ship, and pick up passengers jumping in the water, or trying to pull of passengers from the rails of the deck.

Once again a glaring similarity between this and the Oceanos, where civilians strived to the occasion to show heroism, while sailors sat with their thumbs up their asses. :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:


When the Sewol ferry was sinking, it would be near instantly mayday'd to all surrounding vessels, including vessels just seeing the slowly capsizing ship. Both the US and Japan would be aware of the disaster unfolding the moment the ferry began tipping, and would offer their aid immediately.

The Republic of Korea would decline, to merely save face, and would lie that the majority of passengers had already been rescued, and that they supposedly were already being rushed to shore.... :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:

So here we were in the Golden Hours where practically everyone could have been saved, the coast guard helicopters and patrol boats no nothing, the Park Admin is unavailable, everyone is waiting for everyone to initiate and take responsibility, and the US Navy keeps contacting SK to offer aid, and repeatedly gets told to buzz off.

It is theorized that Prez Park is an immensely arrogant individual, and was to proud to ask burgerland for aid, in the aspect that SK would look weak and incapable of even rescuing their own people, and had to beg for help.

Burgerland Navy vessels are so well equipped, and marines themselves are required to be strong swimmers, as they are highly specialized aquatic infantry whom must be capable of advanced doctrine like island hopping and beach landings.

While not as proficient as burger Coast Guard, they still have a strong doctrine of practicing civilian rescue operations at sea.

MEANWHILE!!! :marseywoozy: :marseywoozy: :marseywoozy:

The SK coast guard was at that time ESPECIALLY badly equipped for rescue operations. They effectively existed as glorified patrol boats, to protect the SK coast from Chinx :marseychingchong: :marseychingchong: :marseychingchong: fishermen from depleting their shores. They had little experience in actual recue operations.

Which is why additionally, so many patrol boats didn't take the initiative, most of them were incompetent or untrained in rescue missions, and was fearful their ineptitude would be exposed when they fricked up publically.


The SK coast guard would try to cover its butt for being so stunningly fricking 3rd world in their "rescue" attempts, that they gave public statements that they believed that all passengers had in fact evacuated, and that they didn't know there were people still inside drowning.

Thus they were not at fault for not ordering an evacuation, or participating in an evacuation measure. But proof of their lies were in the form of the students having called their parents about the sinking ship, and most infamously the emergency 1st call made by Choi Duk-ha about the listing ferry at 8:52AM so everyone knew they were lying through their teeth :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe: The kid even gave the exact location of where they were sinking at Chingo island.

CIVILIAN RESCUE DIVERS AND PARENTS WHO RENTED BOAT ARE SCREWED BY COAST GUARD: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed: :marseybeanannoyed:

On 16 April 2014 when the parents whom had hired a boat to travel to the capsized ferry, they found confusing and conflicting orders and measures from the moronic coast guards. Some said that civilians could enter the cordon around the Sewol, but the coast guard could not :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp: what/??

The coast guard were completely unhelpful to the civilian divers, they would prevent civilians from doing any help. When fishermen tried to break the windows still exposed above the surface live, in the hope of rescuing some of the students, the sk coast guard would stop them, claiming it was too dangerous.

Meanwhile when the ferry had finally capsized, and was hanging upside down, the coastguard would not go down in the 1st day with divers to check up upon any survivors, which further enraged the parents, and fishermen.


Now the ferry just like the Oceanos was sinking very very slowly. By 10:00PM (that evening) about 15 hours after the ferry had listed, then capsized, but was semi-drifting with its butt above the waterline.

Sometimes when ships capsize, they capture large airpockets in which crew can survive for hours or days more. There was a statistically and historical likelyhood that many students and other passengers were likely still alive, and capable divers like the men in the Thai Cave incident would have been able to retrieve them. But once again the SK coast guard didn't even make an attempt the entire 1st day.''

The parents would see during the night of the 16th that the coast guard do jackshit the whole night!! Parents would shout at the coast guard from their hired little boat, at 12 oclock midnight to fricking go into the ocean and dive!


But the SK coast guard didn't want to admit they did not have the competency and experience to do rescue divers, but to save face :marseychingchongitsover: :marseychingchongitsover: :marseychingchongitsover: they could not admit that, they had to shift blame or pretend that another department had to have the responsibility of the incident.

So everyone of these differing departments are just waiting around the capsized ferry, not wanting to expose their incompetency, but also wanting to save face, and we have this absolute r-slur moment of SK coast guards just driving around the ferry not doing anything, meanwhile parents on that hired boat screaming at them to do their effing job.

The mainstream media and coast guard claimed that they were doing diving operations on TV, but the parents could fricking see with their own eyes throughout the night, them doing nothing. The parents would record on their phones the inaction, and send footage to all mainstream networks.

PARENTS THROW WATER BOTTLES AT MINISTER IN ANGER: :stoningdownvotes: :stoningdownvotes: :stoningdownvotes:

All of these mainstream reporters would lie about this farce of no rescue operations being conducted by the coats guard, all because they were under the threat of the Park Admin, they all were too cowardly to literally report the truth, so as to not make her admin look bad.

Because of this the parents would form their own close knit group, on WhatsApp, and would coordinate information to bypass the lies of the Park Admin gov officials, and the coast guard.

========(FROM ARTICLE)

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won made a visit to a gymnasium in Jindo to console the families of victims of the sunken ferry in the early hours of Thursday, only to be attacked by angry parents.

Parents of the students onboard the Sewol ferry shouted, threw objects, and pulled clothes from the prime minister.

Chung made the visit to the gymnasium in South Jeolla Province, just hours after returning from overseas tours to China and Pakistan. Family and friends of those who went missing in the sinking are waiting in the gymnasium for news of their loved ones.

Chung apologized repeatedly and tried to leave the gymnasium, as tension escalated, but dozens of parents blocked his way and surrounded him.

Some family members threw water bottles and empty cans at the prime minister.

On Wednesday, around 250 parents staged a protest at Danwon High School in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, demanding a list of passengers who had been rescued after conflicting news reports about the survivors.

========(end article)

=====(from CNN article)

Angry relatives of missing South Korean ferry passengers cursed government and police officials Thursday for failing to do enough to save the lives of their loved ones as hopes dim of finding any survivors.

The relatives berated Fisheries Minister Lee Ju-young and two coast guard officials, accusing them of misleading the public about the operation and of wasting time.

“How can you fool us into believing you were out there trying to save our children?” one mother yelled at the officials.

=====(end article)

The minister had to be escorted out with the aid of police, otherwise the parents were literally trying to rip the guy to pieces with their bare hands.


The parents had reeled in their anger when next the President had visited the gymnasium, in the hope that she would see the corruption and incompetence of her underlings, and would come and help save the day; :marseysad2: :marseysad2: :marseysad2: :marseysad2: unfortunately she would also spark the ire of the parents, with another canned response about the gov doing all it can ect ect, when the parents could see with their own eyes the complete absence of effort the gov and coastguard were doing to save their kids!

They would end up shouting her down as well, when her coast guard master chief straight up lied about having as many as 500 divers attended the operation last night to try and save the people still trapped in the ferry, the parents raged as this shameless deceit on public media, as they themselves had spent the previous night trying to shout the idle coast guard patrol vessels into action to no avail!!


By the 2nd day of the sinking, it was decided that air needed to be injected into the capsized ferry, in case any survivors were struggling to breave and were still alive

Problem! :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfacepalm:

The fricking entire SK Navy and coast guard didn't have the cowtools or experience to do such an operation. Once again the very capable US Navy vessel USS Bonhomme Richard offered their aid and expertise, and once again our proud Korean frickwits declined, and lied that they had everything under control :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfacepalm:

So they had to bring in private sector diving companies. The companies quickly tender for whom could achieve this, and a company called Undine Marine Industries Co is selected. They bring giant funnels and airpumping machines, but this group is incompetent and proceeds to also frick it up :witheredricefarmer: :witheredricefarmer: :witheredricefarmer: They are not trained for water operations as they claimed, and the air injection proceeds disasterously.

====(from above article)

Undine Marine Industries Co., the company leading the search for the Sewol's missing, is turning up more controversy than results.

Undine has been leading the search for the Sewol's missing, which now stands at 90, since April 17, the day after the ship sank off the coast of Jindo Island, South Jeolla Province.

Undine, however, has not only taken the center role in the painfully slow search but also in the growing controversies stemming from the tragedy that has so far generated a confirmed death toll of 212.

=====(end quote)

The US Navy with all their mega spy drone :marseydrone: :marseypredator: :marseyobama: shit or whatever they use to spy on their allies, are completely aware of this continious frickup of the Koreans, and offer their specialized aid for A THIRD TIME :marseyraging: :marseyraging: :marseyraging: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: and SK declines again :marseyitsallsotiresome:

Eventually it would be found that no air pockets remained by the time the company


By the 3rd day the 1st drowned corpses were recovered by civilian divers, doing the job for the coast guard. This body recovery would be a monumental and traumitizing undertaking for the civilian divers. These civilian divers were very valiant in their undertaking, and many would spend 2-3 months away from home and family to aid in bringing home the bodies of kids to their grieving parents.

The recovery took an extremely long time, as the situation was very precarious underwater, and beneath the still hanging capsized ferry. The ferry was disintegrating as walls, and furniture would continiously fall from the upside-down Ferry, a great deal of debris had to be manually removed by hand, before the divers could even enter the darn ship. Hallways were very cramped, and divers could get easily stuck in the mazelike interior of the vast ship.

These divers had to very slowly and incrementally place guiding ropes, lights, and ventilation tubes for air to be pumped down to where they worked for hours and hours underwater to excavate corpses. If these ventilation plastic tubes accidentally knotted or got caught on an obstruction, the divers would choke to death from lack of air supply, it was a perilous undertaking.

The bodies found by divers showed many schoolchildren having hugged each other upon death, and had tied themselves into a fish-knot, thus forcing divers to untangle the children, before transporting them through windows, and to the surface.

Another diver was so traumatized on being forced to carry the bloated dead with his bare hands, that he had developed a phobia on touching the skin of other humans, including even that of his wife and child.

And lastly to compound the grimness of this undertaking, one diver would end his own life.


So with so much anger and grief within the SK public, amplified by the parents whom were front and center of TV wailing about their dead children, anger mounted in SK for the culprits and causes of this catastrophe.

=====(from article)

The ferry disaster off the southwest coast has put the spotlight on the ways in which Korean society often sacrifices safety and reliability for faster, more immediate gain.

The ferry operator, which blatantly flaunted safety rules for the sake of squeezing a few extra won from the business, is a textbook example. Chonghaejin Marine ignored passenger safety because the revenue from fares was relatively small compared to the money it could make from cargo.

Overloading had become routine. At the time of accident, the ferry carried a whopping 3.7 times its cargo capacity of 978 tons. It was more like a cargo ship that grudgingly permitted a few passengers on board, and then abandoned them to their fate the moment something went wrong.

In order to squeeze more cargo on board, the ferry had discharged the ballast water aimed at providing balance, thereby causing the tragic accident.

The operator also hired Lee Joon-seok, a 69-year-old man well past retirement age, on contract for a monthly pay of W2.7 million, to scrimp on the average pay of W3.06 million for coastal ferry crew. An official with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said, "It must have been hard for Lee to feel any kind of responsibility in such a low-paying job."

And despite the ship's age the operator added more decks to accommodate more passengers, which rendered ferry's center of gravity dangerously high. :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3: :marseyscream: :marseyscream: :marseyscream: :marseyscream:

========(end article)


So to summarize this chain-reaction of r-sluration :marseygigaretard: :marseygigaretard: :marseygigaretard: the ballast tanks have been emptied to make room for extra weight in terms of cargo, so that the company may make more money on the Ferry's circuit.

The crew was sloppy and inept, and didn't tie down ANY of the vehicles of trucks, leaving them vulnerable to being thrown about during and listing. The ballast tanks were also nearly empty, providing no counter weight :marseyfacepalm:

The Ship had been modified with passenger compartments, by adding 3 new deck levels, thus raising the ship's center of gravity much higher than its original design intended for, all so that the company may make additional money from passengers, as a side-gig, in addition to transporting goods and vehicles.

But it gets worse, and the r-sluration :marseyretard2: :marseyretard2: :marseyretard2: keeps going and going.

Remember how the ship had begun listing in the 1st place? Well you guys won't believe the reason. You see this specific vessel was known to be unbalanced because of its new higher center of gravity, and crews had been instructed to never turn it more than 5 degrees when steering.

For some reason the incompetent would in fact steer the Sewol more than 15 degrees in turning, causing imbalance, which ignited the keg of events which cascaded into the eventual capsizing. :carpfacepalm: :carpfacepalm: :carpfacepalm: WHYYyyy they did it is believed to be mere incompetence. This specific ship was just that crappy, and could not oversteer.

So the unsecured and untied cargo and trucks all begin sliding to the left, which begins the vicious circle of listing, and the ballast tanks cannot correct it, and slowly the whole ship just ends up sinking. All the hard smashing of vehicles breaks holes and openings into the lower hull, and water begins leaking into the ship.


Did u guyz know that ballast water isn't just one singular compartment, they are all separated into sub-compartments, just like subreddits :marseyclueless: :marseyclueless: :marseysnoo: :marseysnoo: There's multiple tubs in these type of vast ships, usually placed strategically on forward, backward, left and right positions, so that water can be pumped between these sub-sections by pumps located between each sub-compartment, thus allowing the crew some measure of fine tuning the balancing or counter acting rough weather if the ship rolls too much of one particular side, allowing correction.

In a functional ship, with a competent crew, these pumps could be immediately activated , to counterbalance the ship, in just such an event, as the listing which started on 16 April 2014

BUT, the pumps were broken :carpfacepalm: :carpfacepalm: :carpfacepalm: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :marseyrage: :ragestrangle: :ragestrangle: :ragestrangle: and had remained so for multiple journeys before the fateful capsizing.


To compound their incompetence, the whole crew was also cowardly, and were the 1st to be rescued after the Sewol Captain. This inspired rage.

Other footage aired on national SK TV, showed traumatizing footage too hardcore for even WPD.

Here are female students seen on tape throwing chairs at windows to try and break them, coast-guards can be seen SEEING her, and doing frick-all, and remaining stationary.

For the South Koreans this singking was a really big deal, it was a capstone event, because on average SK is a very meritocratic high-functioning society. :marseyflagsouthkorea: :marseyflagsouthkorea: They have little theft, violent crime or dysfunction as we have here in South Africa :marseyflagsouthafrica:

If I had read this story having originated from RSA, I would not even have been surprised, but SK public is not used to these spectacular 3rd World levels of corruption, incompetence, and petty stupidity. And the 300 dead upon the Sewol Ferry was the fault of multi-intitutional failure which many koreans were not used to. The gov was inept, the coast guard was inept, the media was inept, the local officials was inept, it was a cascade of r-sluration :marseymocking: :marseybrainletclapping: :marseyawardretard: and systemic failure on every level.

And it would shock the South Koreans to their core, every bit as much as the trauma and grief would affect them as they wept at the death of 300 souls.

BILLIONARE OWNER OF SEWOL FERRY FOUND EPSTEINED :marseytedbackstab: :marseypedoglow:

As public anger mounted in the wake of the sinking, everything and everyone connected to the Sewol Ferry became radioactive, and koreans would go hardcore in determining who was responsible for what. The Mysterious billionare owner of the Ferry was on that public stoning list. :stoningshit: :stoningshit: :stoningshit:

====(from above article)

The Sewol ferry disaster appears to have taken another life – this time of the man whom some blamed for the sinking.

Yoo Byung Eun, the subject of an intense, nationwide manhunt who went missing after the South Korean ferry sank in April, was declared dead, police said Tuesday.

Yoo's body was found decomposing in a plum field by a farmer on June 12. Police used DNA and fingerprints to positively identify him.

Prosecutors believe Yoo, 73, and his sons controlled the shipping company that operated the deadly ferry. The ferry that capsized, killed 294 people aboard, including hundreds of high school students who were on a field trip. More than three months after the incident, divers are still searching for bodies, with 10 people missing.

Yoo, through his representatives, vehemently denied any connection to the Chonghaejin Marine Company in late April. His defenders, including members of his religious group, maintained that Yoo, a businessman and religious figure, was made into a scapegoat for the tragedy.

Much of the blame has fallen on Sewol's operators who were accused of prioritizing profits over safety in an investigator's interim report this month. The report found that Sewol had carried double the amount of cargo allowed and that the heavy load had not been properly secured. They also found that the vessel had been licensed on falsified documents.


For months following the sinking, Yoo defied summons to report to the prosecutor's office for questioning. Yoo was wanted for questioning with an investigation into alleged funds embezzlement, tax evasion and other irregularities that prosecutors say could have contributed to the sinking.

Wanted posters including possible disguises for Yoo popped up. Even South Korea's president, Park Geun-hye weighed in, accusing Yoo's family of “mocking the law and causing public rage.”

With nearly 8,000 police officers dispatched on the case, the inability to find the septuagenarian became another source of controversy. But the search ended Tuesday when police announced Yoo's death.

The cause of death is still under investigation, said Woo Hyung-Ho, the police chief of Suncheon, the city where Yoo's body had been found. Police could not determine when he had died. The body was decomposed.

=====(end article)


The entire complex of Korean coast guard would be disbanded due to their systemic failure to save lives, with much approval from the angry public. However Prez Park would only do this in a desperate attempt to shift attention away from her and her administration. :marseyunamused: :marseyunamused: :marseyunamused:

The Sewol ferry captain would be jailed for murder of 304 passengers.

And sentenced to 36 years imprisonment.

4 of the senior crew of the ferry were arrested, and sentenced.


"The Sewol disaster raised questions regarding governmental regulation of shipping in South Korea. Shipping is regulated by the Korean Shipping Association, which is also an industry trade group, something experts consider a likely conflict of interest. In addition, government regulators outside the Association frequently move to jobs as part of the association after their government service."

Hundreds of these shipping officials, regulators and inspectors would be arrested and imprisoned for taking bribes in overlooking serious safety standards involving the Sewol Ferry.


====(from above article)

Kang, who was vice principal at Ansan's Danwon High School, was rescued from the sinking Sewol ferry.

Just two days after the accident, he was found dead after apparently hanging himself using a belt from a tree in the city of Jindo. In a note, he expressed regret he had survived while so many others had died. :marseytabletired2: :marseytabletired2: :marseytabletired2: :marseytabletired2: :marseytabletired2:

Kang's body had been found Friday in one of the small mountains near the Jindo Gymnasium where bereaved families are taking shelter, according to local police. He had gone to Jindo with the school in an effort to support families, said one fellow educator.

“As the one in charge of the safety of the students, he was suffering from guilty feelings,” another teacher had told Korean media. When some familes directed their anger at him, he became “brokenhearted.” :marseytabletired: :marseytabletired: :marseytabletired: :marseytabletired:


CONSEQUENCES FOR PREZ PARK :marseychingchongitsover: :marseychingchongitsover: :marseychingchongitsover: :bobateagirl:

President Park faced so much heat for this incident, that koreans would be walking in the streets, protesting and demanding her resignation.

The Korean Prime Minister Chung Hong-won, would resign after immense pressure from the parents and the public, due to his mishandling of the Ferry disaster. But the heat would only stop where the buck ended, at prez Park's feet.

"The web of blame in the South Korean ferry sinking is getting wider, and now the country's president is accepting some of the heat. President Park Geun-hye apologized to the nation Tuesday over the government's initial response to the Sewol ferry tragedy."


Questions began to arise about Prez Park's absence :marseydisintegrate: :marseydisintegrate: :marseydisintegrate: during the critical 1st 7 hours after the ferry began sinking. The public would speculate where Park was, and why she was unreachable for her underlings to give clear orders to the coast guard and whoever.

====(from article above)

The '7 hours' mystery

The former President's whereabouts on the day of the Sewol tragedy had been a controversial topic even while she was still in office. In spite of repeated public demands, the presidential office at the time refused to provide a clear explanation of why she had not been briefed in person on the accident for about seven hours, until she showed up at the disaster control center at about 5:15 p.m.

Her staff at the time only insisted she was attending to “official duties” at her residence in Cheong Wa Dae on the morning of the disaster. They did not offer any additional information, despite the families' demands for details on what Park was doing for the seven hours on the day of the ferry's sinking.


People were claiming she was on mega aids drugs, or beset with some mystery orgy ceremony, because she was part of some batshit :marseypentagram: :marseypentagram: :marseypentagram: :carpwitch2: :carpwitch2: :carpwitch2: :marseyblackphillip: :marseyblackphillip: :marseyblackphillip: :marseydorothy: :marseydorothy: :marseydorothy: cult, which I could only try and summarize as the korean equivalent of Scientology?? :marseyhmmm: :marseyhmm:

Anyways point is this was mega controversial in Migookland :marseyitsoverwerebackchingchon: :marseyitsoverwerebackchingchon: :marseyitsoverwerebackchingchon:

FERRY SINKING LEADS TO PREZ PARK'S IMPEACHMENT :marseymugshot: :marseymugshot: :marseymugshot:

Mass protests against president Park would follow in the months after the Sewol Ferry sinking. Prez Park began to rapidly lose popularity and support from her voters and supporters, and her political allies began abandoning her.

Asians are pretty organized and disciplined protestors !!! :marseyflagsouthkorea: :marseyflagsouthkorea: :marseyflagsouthkorea:

These demonstrations would go on for weeks, and according to the organizers themselves, about 1.5 million protestors would walk the streets of Seoul for months!

They are really amazing at protesting! No riots or property damage, looting or abject random violence, go SK!! :marseyflagnorthkorea: :marseyflagsouthkorea: :marseyflagnorthkorea: :marseyflagsouthkorea:

Anyways that's all I got, good night :marseysadcat:

Reported by:
EFFORTPOST :marseyflagsouthafrica: R*PEX and R*pe Culture within South Africa :marseyflagsouthafrica:

In South Africa, chastity devices don't work as well as in medieval Bongland, because we are the R*PE capital of the work.*pe-capital-of-the-world-20140821

Back in 2014, especially during the reign of the Jacob Zuma administration, where our president had the worst controversy of him being a known male feminist following him, South Africa had developed the reputation of r*pe being endemic to its society, because our dysfunctional Police forces (SAPD) and justice system did not catch criminals, and especially did not catch or punish male feminists and sexual assaulters.

10 years ago, even beyond India (which itself had started to develop a strong negative reputation for countrywide r*pe being rampant), South Africa was being regarded as one of the worst places to be a woman in. While South African violent crime was not as bad as other 3rd world countries, such as Mexico's and South America's cartel and gang murder crimes - it would be smaller crimes like petty theft which had become the norm for its international reputation.

As a tourist you were very unlikely to be murdered, but you were exceedingly likely to be a victim of petty theft, and having you electronics like cellphones and laptops stolen right out of your backpacks in the airport, or your rental car highjacked. Still you were very seldom violently hurt unless resisting. This was because criminal activity for the past 2 decades was simply not punished, not in any meaningful sense. The police had become corrupt, complacent, lazy and incompetent on a nationwide scale, and the prison system was woefully inept, small and inadequate. The justice and court system had been packed with ANC loyalists and BEE hires, and had become intensely corrupt, where only the wealthy could afford lawyers.

Petty crime was simply not punished. But alongside the reality of the daily threat if theft, the uglier side of RSA would also surface - especially mass unopposed r*pe. And especially unpunished r*pe within the homelands of south africans.

Now it is very likely that other underdeveloped african nations, or places like India, or even places in South East Asia have much greater degrees of systemic r*pe on their societies, but South Africa has an unusually above average community of journ*lists who punch above their weight in reporting. South Africa also has a very large degree of Freedom of Information, we are not censored like autocratic nations like China, and most of all we are highly self-critical and honest with all of our shortcoming. :marseyjourno: :marseyjourno: :marseyjourno:

Compared to other nations, we basically record every single misstep and corruption. Just like Burgerland's extreme levels of self criticism, it is likely that places like Ireland, England, Western Europe also have comparative levels of societywide sexual abuse, but are not as excessively self critical as Burgerland and RSA, and have such a potent media presence as us. :marseyreportercnn: :marseyreporterfox:*pe-is-endemic-in-south-africa-why-the-anc-government-keeps-missing-the-mark-188235

The ANC women's league wanted to enforce chemical castration of male feminists in 2022, but many people criticized this endeavor, as they felt this type of punishment did not address the underlying motives for why r*pe is so consistently rampant.

R*PE SURGE DURING COVID LOCKDOWNS:*pe-south-africa-still-being-shared-online

Back in 2020, r*pes would surge in terms of statistics, and into the national conversation again during COVID19 Lockdowns. This was because of so many people forced into the confines of their homes for many many months, and domestic disputes would be aggravated by cabin-fever on a national scale.

The r*pe rates were of such a magnitude that one publication claimed that 40% of Safrican women would be r*ped within their lifetimes. And these were not Tumbler-kin definitions of spastic autismo womyn claiming they would be r*ped when some dude catcalled her, or violated her with his eyeball-pressure on the train with a skeevy glance, but these were full on penetration hardcore sexual violence and sometimes brutal gangrapes being reported.

"A widely shared tweet posted in July 2023 reads: “In what is known as the r*pe capital of the world, it is estimated that over 40% of South African women will be r*ped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 9 r*pes are reported. It is also estimated that 14% of perpetrators of r*pe are convicted in South Africa.”

This controversial claim would be disputed by many NGOs who would investigate along with Interpol and United Nations women's organizations, and they would find the claim of 40% of RSA women being r*ped being so excessive that they would be forced to check the statistics to see if there was any truth to this alarming horror statisitc. This would not be easy tasks, as r*pe statistics are notoriously unreliable and chaotic, just as the nature of the act of r*pe itself. And approximate reports by RSA police stations were often less reliable than publications of private journ*list organizations.

Unsurprisingly they found the methodology of the 40% flawed, yet ironically the new remodeled statistics STILL would be an atrocious and alarming figure!

"It quoted a 2013 World Health Organization report which used data from the 2010 Global Burden of Disease study to estimate that Southern Africa had a 17.41% prevalence of r*pe. In other words, around 17.41% of women in that region would be r*ped in their lifetime." :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe:

Again these are not minor westoid white women definitions of r*pe - but full on unsolicited penetrative s*x and gangrapings! :marseydeadinside2: :marseydeadinside2: :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3: :marseycoal: :marseycoal:

INCONVENIENT TRUTHS: :marseywtf: :marseywtf: :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp:

So errr....the thing about South African r*pes is that they are not equally distributed by demographic and ethnic groups in RSA. This subject has been avoided due to the maelstrom of race-politics in South Africa for obvious reasons. The main takeaway is that whites, coloureds, Indians and Chinese Safricans just do not commit r*pes to the same magnitudes of their black countrymen.

But what is even more, is that r*pes are not per capita proportional amongst all of black south africans, and between the various ethnicities. Comparing Sotho and Lesotho peeps, as well as the descendants of Khoisan coloured peeps, and even Venda peeps, they commit the least proportional amount of r*pes. Instead r*pes are disproportionally distributed amongst the most conservative members of Safrican black society, ESPECIALLY Zulus, Xhosas and Pedi.

Any broaching of such a sensitive subject is like stepping upon nuclear minefield, as you can well imagine. Much of the reason for these r*pe rates are consequent of the parallel societies of South African Homelands

Now during apartheid, the NP regime would forcefully remove many black peeps according to their ethnicities, to live in their allocated historic Homelands, as in where their specific ethnicity lived before the dutch and Bongs arrived on the scene

What made this move atrocious and cruel, was that over time many people of various ethnicities spread all over the country post-1900, and mixed and went to work in the big cities built by europeans for work. The forced relocation to their historic Homelands, basically forced black peeps to life where they did not want to, and where there were no economic development or work, forcing many black peeps into lives of impoverishment.

If a black women of Zulu descent had been living in Gauteng for 20 years, and considered it her home, then poof, suddenly the Apartheid police would force her to take her shit and make her live within KwaZulu Homeland, the residence of Zulus - but she had no modern attachment to that province, and would be deprived of her fiends and home.

Additionally in the modern era of post 1900, much of South Africa's wildernis had been devastated and culled. The wildebeest and antelopes of SA had been severely depopulated, and the amount of game available for hunting and subsistence living was no longer possible by 1950 as it had been in 1850, further aggravating the poverty within which SA black peeps had been forced to live in within these Homelands system.

When democratization occurred within the Mandela Administration in 1994, there was a shocking development in that many tribes like the Zulus and Xhosa had indoenas and chieftans who wanted to KEEP some parts of the Homelands system, and did not want to adknowlegde the white European system of modern South Africa's government, and wanted to keep their tribal system, as they would lose their power of Customary land rule.

Indoenas and chieftans had a lot of sway within their fiefdoms, and did not want to lose their influence. The Mandela Admin did not want to alienate this critical voterbase, and would promise to supplement his overhaul of the white government, with additional Acts in parliament which would respect the cultural rule of Indoenas there.

These acts are flowery but the summary is that a lot of autonomy would be given to modern homelands, for example like the KwaZulu region as ruled by the modern Zulu king, and acted as both a reserve and unofficial province within South Africa. It basically ended up as a sort of ghost province and parallel society, which proved to be an extremely complicated arrangement in terms of enforcing law and determining where the municipal/provincial government reach began, and the Zulu-indoena authority ended!

This would perpetually be controversial within South Africa, as the ANC promised equal rights between all south african demographics, yet here was the Mandela administration allowing a semi-feudal state system within the confines of the country! Yet the very culturally conservative Xhosas and Zulus, WANTED this. So the ANC allowed it, as any Xhosa or Zulu person was free to leave and enter the modern Homelands as they wished if they did not want to live beneath the rule of their tribal leader or Indoena, so they were never trapped there.

Yet just like the Mormons in Burgerland, leaving your entire family to exit the stifling rule of a conservative douchebag chieftan wasn't as easy as packing your bags and going, you might cut off your entire friend circle, family and support. This would be criticized by feminist Zulu women.


=====(from qz article)[my commentary]

By Norma Young PublishedMarch 19, 2021

The Zulu dynasty has almost been felled numerous times by trials, trysts and tragedies, but has stood steady through the centuries. The largest ethnic group and nation in South Africa today, counting in excess of 10 million people, the Zulus have a family tree with roots stretching as far back as the migration of the Bantu people from their origins in West Africa throughout the continent several hundred years ago.

They now face a challenge that threatens their growth and relevance. The late King Goodwill Zwelithini, who was laid to rest this week after serving for almost 50 years, leaves a legacy that is admirable, but not replicable. :marseydead:

With South Africa's next national elections set for 2024, the new Zulu king will maneuver through tricky political terrain quite early in his reign. This is particularly significant in the kingdom's home province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), which has seen decades of simmering tensions between the ANC and IFP political parties, who both have deep roots in the province, and therefore compete for votes.

King Zwelithini was reminded of this in 2012. At an event commemorating the Battle of Isandlawana, he sparked controversy with a statement that same-s*x relations :capychud: :capychud: :capychud: are “wrong,” “rotten,” and not part of Zulu tradition. (South Africa legalized same s*x marriage in 2006.) Following condemnation from then President Jacob Zuma, the South African Human Rights Commission, and LGBT rights groups, the Zulu Royal Household walked back his comments.


This article was just to showcase how vague and murky the influence of tribal leaders and the king of KwaZulu rivals that of the ANC within the province, and how defining power of the government is not absolute, when competing for the support of people in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

====(from article) [my commentary]

Following the death of AmaZulu King Goodwill Zwelithini on 12 March 2021 in South Africa, the royal family convened on 24 March 2021 and appointed Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu as regent. Although the king's third wife, she was his great wife – a royal consort who, by Zulu law, births the king's successor. The king had five other wives. :marseypolyamory: :marseypolyamory: :marseypolyamory:

Before her regency was gazetted by the premier of the KwaZulu-Natal province, as required by South African statutory law, the queen died on 29 April 2021. On 14 May 2021, the royal family unanimously nominated her firstborn son, Prince Misuzulu, as the successor to the Zulu throne.

[And oh yeah, to showcase just how much was at stake in this rulership, there would be infighting within the Zulu royal family :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: the Zulu king had tremendous influence upon South African politics and power, especially within the KwaZulu-Natal province!]

Later that month, various members of the royal family, notably Queen Sibongile Dlamini, the late king's first wife, challenged his will, and the validity of Prince Misuzulu's nomination as his successor. On 2 March 2022, the High Court in Pietermaritzburg found that Prince Misuzulu was appropriately identified and nominated as the undisputed successor to the Zulu throne. By dismissing objections to his nomination, the court paved the way for his coronation as the king.

There are 10,7 million isiZulu speakers in South Africa, about 22% of the population, according to the 2012 census. [Yes 1 out of every 5 peeps in RSA is a Zulu person; they are the most populous ethnic group within the country, and thus hold tremendous sway over the running of the country, which is why I always harp upon them in particular] :marseymanysuchcases: :marseymanysuchcases: :marseymanysuchcases:

Why was this dispute adjudicated with “the white man's law”, thereby questioning the authority of the AmaZulu Royal Council, whose dispute resolution mechanisms ought to be respected by all Zulus? What is the significance of the ruling for matrimonial property rights under customary law?

[Now this ascension was incredibly controversial within Zulu society because the current king basically used the RSA court system to validate his claim, instead of relying upon the Zulu custom law! AKA they used the mayo system] :marseymayo: :blacksoyjak:

Firstly, the royal family's resort to the courts confirms an uncomfortable truth: African customs and traditions are subject to state courts. Importantly, these courts – both procedurally and content-wise – are replicas of the colonial justice system bequeathed by the Dutch and the British.

Lest we forget, although European colonialists allowed Africans to continue observing their indigenous customs, they smartly subjected the validity of these customs to European standards and procedures. Moreover, colonial schools, churches, and work systems were configured to reflect European culture. So, in essence, African elites, especially judges, are philosophical clones of Europeans because they carried on from where their colonial masters left off.

[Basically the author is hardcore sneeding :marseysneed: :marseysneed: :marseysneed: :chadsneedcapy: about RSA constitutional and court law being based upon previous dutch and Bong judicial systems, and that the Zulu king had abused the white man's system to solidify his authority]

The Sithole declaration is radical because indigenous African laws lacked binary notions of equality in marital property division. Due to the agrarian nature of precolonial societies, income was generated by the family as a group through farming, hunting, and artwork. Individual rights were muted, while group welfare was paramount.

Thus, women's property rights were confined to items of adornment. In rare cases of divorce, they were reabsorbed into the welfare system of their parents. Thus, their matrimonial property rights were unproblematic.

[HAHAHAHAH, this cultural wingcuck :marseywingcuck: :marseywingcuck: :marseywingcuck: is trying to process the contrast of how his beloved Zulu cultural laws have been turbo cucked by the national constitutional laws, and is trying to Doublethink himself in that Zulu women being relegated as 2ndary citizens in past and modern Zulu cultural law was totally a good thing! :soyjakfat: :soymad: :soyjakhipster: :blacksoyjak:]

=========(end qz article)

I highlight this article to showcase the bullshit of Zulus who defend their cultural law within their modern Homelands, aNd how they basically are very resistant to national South African constitutional justice-systems to "meddle" within their affairs. The Zulus are not the only ones to resist enforcement of national law upon their custom laws, Xhosas and Pedis are also mega conservative and many wish to preserve their parallel feudal societies within South Africa, usually against the principles of equality which is the constitutional declaration.

This is important to the r*pe epidemic story.

Some comments beneath the QZ article :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3:

And guess what? The reason why there is a Zulu-Kingdom independence movement, similar to the Western Cape Independence movement, is because many Zulus are so turbo nationalistic and conservative, that they believe the ANC meddling in their affairs, AKA trying to implement gender equality, and put a stop to gender violence in the province, is seen as an affront.

YES, in this case the ANC are the good guys!

"This article appears to be in support of a ethno-traditional nationalist paradigm, arguing for traditional law to trump constitutional law." Yeah uh that's exactly what it's doing lol


Why is sexual violence in RSA specifically so hard to combat? Because of culture, and political forces to actively preserve ultra conservative customs within factions in South Africa, specifically the ethnic group ultra-nationalists such as Zulus and Xhosas.

The desire to create parallel societies, governed by customaty and cultural law have created murky legal grey zones, where police are not always permitted to patrol or hold station. Where internal customary law is dependent upon the whims of the local Indoena and chieftan, and if that individual doesn't consider r*pe a punishable offense, then it will not be punished - thus creating a culture where r*pe is normalized, in a society where women are 2ndary citizens, in spite of what the actual constitutional laws are within the country of RSA.

And the women of these ultra conservative societies, especially Zulu women, actively participate and enable it. They grow up within these conservative customary tribal homelands, and believe it to be the normalized experience, and don't report it to the police, creating a chain-reaction where more and more peeps within these Homelands, especially men consider s*x to be their right to take whenever. :marseydeadinside3: :marseyitneverbegan: :marseycoal: :doomer: :carpdeadinside: :marseydoomer: :marseydespair: :marseydepressed: :marseydeadinside2:

=====(FROM ARICLE) [my comments]

government legislation which is meant to protect women's rights, arguing that the legislation itself is progressive but that the implementation of these rights is significantly hindered for numerous reasons.

Firstly, the example of Zulu culture and the r*pe trial of President Zuma (2005/2006) will be used to show the justification and acceptance of sexual violence, particularly with the re-traditionalisation of South African culture. [ANC Women's League would attack feminists during the famous Zuma R*pe Trial, in support of Zuma, showcasing how even amongst women, r*pe was acceptable if done by their preferred leaders]

Generally speaking, the constitution and laws of South Africa are very liberal, yet the reality is that “beneath the heroic façade of the constitution”¦a vicious cocktail of violence, sexism and hatred brewed” (Hassim 2009, 57).

he realisation of the rights promised in the constitution is limited for several reasons, such as lack of political will and cultural beliefs. There have been attempts to combat sexual violence by legal means but the issue appears to be deeply embedded into South African culture which is a difficult obstacle to overcome. The realisation of these rights are hindered by certain barriers.

The first example used will be the importance of traditional cultures present in South African society and the patriarchal systems which they establish. This has been made particularly relevant in contemporary South Africa due to the 2005/2006 r*pe trial of (then, Vice-) President Jacob Zuma.

Prior to colonisation, South Africa was made up of many tribal cultures such as Swazi and Zulu. However, it appears contemporary South Africa is made up of a ‘patchwork of patriarchies'- women being subordinate in the majority of Southern African societies, subject to their chiefs or heads of the family (Bozzoli 1983, 149).

Whilst many cultures have helped to make up contemporary South African society, this section will focus specifically on Zulu culture due to the 2005/2006 Zuma r*pe trial in which he used his Zulu culture as a significant part of his defence. Moreover, Zulu cultural traditions still hold influence, particularly in isolated rural areas, such in the KwaZulu-Natal province where government services are less effective than in urban areas. [Very Importante :marseyhesfluffyyouknow:]

Whilst many cultures have a patriarchal structure, Wright highlights that Zulu society incorporates ideological controls which “served to socialise females into accepting a position of inferiority” (Bozzoli 1983, 150), limiting them to the traditional roles of mother, wife, daughter, accepting themselves as ‘second class citizens'. This idea of women as second class citizens has been carried through into contemporary society; in general, society conditions women to believe themselves at the disposal of men. :marseypenny: :marseypenny: :marseypenny:

However, during colonisation in the late 19th century, Christian missionaries attempted to stop ‘backward' practises, in particular, as many colonists found sexual subjects' offensive to discuss. Therefore, throughout colonisation and into contemporary society, many traditional Zulu practises lost their popularity, such as polygamy. However, the patriarchal structure remained throughout society.

Zuma was accused of the :rape: r*pe of the daughter of a family friend. He argued that earlier in the evening the complainant had been wearing a Kanga; a traditional African cloth which usually symbolises modesty and respectability. Throughout the trial this was“sexualised and transformed into an object of seduction” (Robins 2008, 415). Importantly, the use of the Kanga within the trial can be used to “entrench stereotypes and the r*pe mythology that dress is a key marker in the potential for r*pe”

Importantly, Zuma especially, has made an attempt of ‘re-traditionalisation' within South African society. As Harrison indicates the “re-legitimisation of cultural pride has fostered belief that returning to past traditions can resolve contemporary problems” (Harrison 2008, 177). These traditions, such as polygamy or ‘virginity testing'[1], are symbols of an unbroken connection with the past.

The r*pe trial revealed many within the country openly sided with Zuma. On the opening day of trial, Zuma supporters were more than 1000 strong. His support was mostly organised by the ANC Youth League. (Kapp 2006, 718) This highlights the attitudes of those within South Africa, especially the youth who, generally speaking, tend to be the ones to push through liberal reforms and fight for change. Their support highlighted that many viewed “the accused [Zuma] to be considered a ‘victim' and the complainant to be viewed as an ‘accused'” (Reddy and Potgieter 2006, 520). The complainant was heavily scrutinised and following the trial, she was forced to leave the country. Zuma was acquitted of the charges against him. These attitudes against r*pe victims highlight key difficulties in overcoming sexual violence. :marseydoomer: :marseydoomer: :marseydoomer: :marseydespair: :marseydespair: :marseydespair: :marseyitneverbegan:

Moreover, general police incompetency further implants the reasons why women do not rely on the justice system. On the surface, the police are ineffective due to budgeting problems, resource issues and failure to properly train personnel but there is general lack of will by the services to address sexual violence. It is estimated only 14% of perpetrators of sexual violence are sentenced.

Moreover, the police do not just fail over women's rights but, also, 80% of murders and robberies go unsolved (Anderson 2000, 792). This is a shocking figure, showing that structural issues are also problematic in the general fight for justice. Sadly, the police are seen as “more likely to engage in crime as to solve it” (Anderson 2000, 820). :marseycop: :marseycop: :marseycop:

After consideration, it can be viewed that South Africa is a society of profound contradictions, particularly between the promises of the constitution and the realities of contemporary society. :thinkingstatue:

It is essential to combat the violent legacy of apartheid but the encouragement by Zuma of re-traditionalisation only further entrenches the patriarchal system of governance.

====(End Article)


The r*pe epidemic had become so extreme, that in 2010, some Safrican white woman had the ultimate white woman moment :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2: :marseywomanmoment: and prototyped a device called R*pex.

"This is R*pex, an anti-raping device for women. The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to r*pe the woman impales himself on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the R*pex removed."

====(from article)

Ehlers said she sold her house and car to launch the project, and she planned to distribute 30,000 free devices under supervision during the World Cup period.

"I consulted engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help in the design and make sure it was safe," she said. After the trial period, they'll be available for about $2 a piece. She hopes the women will report back to her.

"The ideal situation would be for a woman to wear this when she's going out on some kind of blind date ... or to an area she's not comfortable with," she said. :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2: :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2:

The mother of two daughters said she visited prisons and talked to convicted male feminists to find out whether such a device would have made them rethink their actions. :marseyfacepalm: Some said it would have, Ehlers said.

Critics say the female condom is not a long-term solution and makes women vulnerable to more violence from men trapped by the device.

"It not only presents the victim with a false sense of security, but psychological trauma," she added. "It also does not help with the psychological problems that manifest after assaults."

However, its one advantage is it allows justice to be served, she said. :marseyfoidretard:

Various rights organizations that work in South Africa declined to comment, including Human Rights Watch and Care International.

Critics have accused her of developing a medieval device to fight r*pe. :marseysouthernbelle4:

"Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it's for a medieval deed that has been around for decades," she said. "I believe something's got to be done ... and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman."

=====(end article)

As critics pointed out this device was both impractical and dangerous, as it would most likely turn a r*pe into murder. Also women who prototyped the thing gave feedback that the R*pex device was pretty uncomfortable....

It was only a prototype and the government had refused to fund it. The media also mocked it.*pe-condoms-picture-will-jagged-teeth-deter-world-cup-s*x-assaults-r*pe-axe-hopes-so/

Anyways I don't have anything else of substance to say. Basically please don't r*pe anyone, GOOD NIGHT :marseywave2:

EFFORTPOST :marseymayo:+:marseykamikaze::Barbenheimer is "problematic". :marseyblack:s claim "racism" (race war inbound?? :marseyhappening:)


Recently, Barbie, Oppenheimer (and Pikmin 4:marseyletsfuckinggo2:) released on the same day.

It turned into a big meme where people would say "Wow, Oppenheimer and Barbie are really thematically different, but I want to see BOTH of them. Isn't that wacky?" (I saw both and they were both great, would recommend :marseyyes:)

It was the Twitter equivalent of when Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal released on the same day :marseysnoo::

This meme carried on for a while until just last night, when Japanese users decided they had ENOUGH of Americans mocking their tragedy :shadowrage: and retaliated

Team 1: Japan :marseyjapanese: (and their white allies :handshake:)

To start, the Official American Barbie movie account responded to a Barbenheimer meme:

:marseyfrozenchosen:: It's going to be a summer to remember😘💕

Japan got really mad at that, and demanded an apology. The Official Japanese Barbie Movie responded and I can't read Japanese but from the quote tweets I think it was something like this:

:marseyflagjapan:: Hey so Barbenheimer isn't Official and it was like super lame :marseynerd: for the American branch to talk about Oppenheimer like he killed people :flamethrower: and we demand an apology :marseybegging:

Japanese twitter users added some whiny community notes to Barbie US's tweet too:

:marsoyhype:: At 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945 (Showa 20), an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima for the first time in human history. The particular nature of the damage caused by the atomic bombs is that mass destruction and mass murder occurred instantaneously and indiscriminately.


They started the hashtag "#NoBarbenheimer" to show their distaste for the meme and you can find a lot of funny seethe. Here's some highlights:

:soyjaktantrumfast:: #Barbenheimer What do you Americans who use this tag to make jokes about the atomic bomb feel when they see this image? What you guys are doing is exactly the same as this. shame on you. #Barbie #NoBarbenheimer

They post this image to go along with the caption:

>Wants to retaliate against Americans

>Accidentally makes extremely funny image that Americans will laugh at :marseyxd::bowserlaughing:

This continues with several Japanese people making Barbie 9/11 edits:

:marseyrage:: #Barbenheimer #NoBarbenheimer How do you think? This is what you guys are doing. あなたたちがやっているのはこういうことです


:marseyclueless:: Hey American, how do you feel?


:marioclapping:: It's Barbenheimer time!

:midbusangry:: Can you do the same for Auschwitz victims or 911 survivor? #NoBarbenheimer

And here's one of Barbie commiting a school shooting or something idrk :marseyshrug:

They started long posting in the quote tweets of the American Barbie account too:

:marseylongpost:: The majority of Japanese are disgusted and angry against #Barbenheimer that is joking about the atomic bombs that killed 200,000 people at least.… Personally, I don't care and it's just another freedom of expression. People criticizing it also are. However, if they can't do the same in the Holocaust or 911, it is a double standard for sure. And if somebody did those, I assume that they would immediately cancel the one who did that. Political correctness or diversity or whatsoever they claim is that level of hypocrisy. FYI, the Japanese Barbie account officially announced that #Barbenheimer is not official and claims that the response to the movement by the USA headquarters is lacking consideration and is extremely regrettable. They are apologizing to people who felt uncomfortable and are demanding the USA headquarters to appropriate response.

In typical white lady fashion, once they found out that even one person was made uncomfy by something, all jokes about it must cease :marseypleading2: probably because they love the chance to be morally righteous :marseyshrug:

The Japanese really got their breakthrough into American Twitter with this tweet:

:marseyprojection:: Scene from Barefoot Gen (1983) where it shows the effects of the Nuclear Bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima on 1945.

It's from an animal :marseycatgirl: showing the effects of the bombing and its at over 110k likes on Twitter :luigidizzy: and people decided that maybe bombs are not all fun and games

Team 2: African Americans :marseysaluteusa::marseyblack:

Before we can get started, you need to know about LegoMe_TheOG a 14 year old black kid who's really good at Lego animations and even animated the Lego section of Across the Spiderverse (great movie BTW :taythumbsup:) he has been Twitter's star for a bit because his work is really impressive and he is also 14.

He jumped in on the Barbenheimer trend and even made an animation about it :marseymindblown: (very impressive stuff I think).

Terminal Reposter DiscussingFilm uploads LegoMe_TheOG's Barbenheimer render to his account (LegoMe_TheOG only got 35k likes and DF got near 90k :shadowrage:)

The post did great for 7 days until Japan unleashed their attack yesterday:

:marseybeanangry:: #NoBarbenheimer

There were more mad posts but Twitter sorts stuff weird and I don't feel like digging :donkeykongshrug:

Black Twitter caught wind that their golden child was under attack, and as far as they knew, Japan only started hating the meme when he posted :mariothinking: very suspicious...

:chadblack2:: yall rn for some reason

:tayhairflip:: The reason is anti-blackness. Next


:marseybackstab:: Crazy how once a 14 year old kid participates in the meme, SUDDENLY it's insensitive and inappropriate Y'all are snakes, every last one of you


:marseywrongthonk:: as soon as the black child prodigy hops on a meme yall suddenly get off barbenheimers meat and dont fricking argue about them "not knowing the wrath of the bomb" because you clearly havent even watched oppenheimer which delivers that fricking message in a powerful way


:thinking:: Why is it that everyone and their mothers' has a problem with Barbenheimer once a talented black animator takes part in the meme?

There's a lot of copers :marseycope: in the replies like

nooooo it's not racism we all just turned on the meme when the black kid did it coincidentally :marseycrying:


That was my post I hope you liked it :marseyloveyou:

Who do you side with in the war? Which Barbie 9/11 edit was your favorite? Talk in the comments below! :taythumbsup:

(Heh, and if you didn't like my post... you better watch your back :shadowrage:...)

Reported by:


Man buys over a million cds, Vinyls, and cassettes from a failed company in an attempt to start the company over again. Abandons his family and buys and moves into a warehouse in another state in one of the most violent cities in America. Spends over half a million dollars to get cockblocked by the city for zoning violations and gets robbed over 30+ times. He sneeds about the city and it's inhabitants on twitter documenting his journey. He's also trying to build a fusion reactor and a science museum in the city

MY CASSETTES! :#!soycry:


Murfie was a startup company that focused on the digitization of physical media into digital media. People would send their CDs, Vinyls, and cassettes, which the company would store in their warehouse and rip the contents onto their own platform for people to stream. Murfie even allowed people to buy and sell with other users on their platform.

During sometime during early November, the company asked all of it's current customers to make sure they renewed their current subscription before November 17th. No more than 5 days later, the company sent out an email to it's customers saying that the compnay was ceasing all operations including the website. This abrupt shutdown shocked everyone, that even that former CEO had one idea what had happened .

The situation only continued to spiral out of control. Murfies ToS had a clause that promised its customers that they would return all of their physical media in the case the company shut down (For a small shipping fee of course :marseymerchant:), but with all of their services down, customers had no way of getting back their cassettes and cds. In total, there were close to a million CDs, cassestes, and Vinyls left somewhere in limbo. Unsurprisingly, people were soying out about this:

😢 Our first “startup” client was Murfie. We’re super proud of being part of their story, and our world is better off because of their music-ownership-focused journey.

They have my 100+ cd's and $1000+ dollars. nothing to be proud of if they leave people in a lurch.

At this point everyone had lost hope that they wouldn't get their stuff back. Until one determined man showed up.

John Fenley :#marseyautism:

John Fenley is an investor, landchad, family man and an neurodivergent for music. When he heard the news of Murfie going out of business he stepped up immediately and offered to buy the remaining digital collection.

It wasn't his first venture into this type of busines. Fenley had a similar business that to Murfie that he started years ago, but was unable to find investors for his company. But this a second chance for him, because he knew what he could do it right this time. This was his white whale.

Shortly after, Fenley sold about 150k dollars worth of stock he received from another company and purchased an abandoned warehouse in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Before we continue let's discuss Pine Bluff for those unfamiliar with it. The only aspect you really need to know about Pine Bluff is that it makes third world shitholes look like a paradise in comparison. Let us look at some statistics to truly understand it :marseychartscatter:

Homicide rate:

Pine Bluff had 29 homicides in 2021. Pine Bluff had 23 murders in 2020 - a rate of 56.5 murders per 100,000 people. The national average was 6.5 murders per 100,000 people in 2020

Poverty Rate:

The per capita income for the city was $17,334. About 24.3% of families and 30.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 45.6% of those under age 18 and 13.7% of those age 65 or over.


A fairly dangerous city to say the least. But, Im guessing at the time Fenley didn't understand this and would come across many problems in his journey for his whale.

The journey :#marseypirate:

Fenley has been documenting his adventure on twitter. These tweets are mostly in chronological order, but these aren't all of his tweets. You can check out Fenleys twitter account to see his full journey, but im just going to show some of the highlights.

Right off the bat, Fenley has issues with the Pine bluff city hall fining him for building violations:

Was handed this today by PineBluff zoning. Apparently semi truck trailers, shipping containers, and tents aren't allowed anywhere in the city. Even in industrial and commercial zones. Is this real? Just shut down the whole town.

He eventually meets with the mayor to discuss his future prospects but that ends up going nowhere:

Was handed this at the end of my meeting with the Mayor of cityofpinebluff. It's basically an eviction order barring me from living on property I own. I told them I would not leave the #Murfie containers unguarded regardless of their threats. Meeting did not go well.

I should mention too, that Fenley is also trying to turn the warehouse into a science museum and that he's attempting to build a fusion reactor :marseymushroomcloud:

I was playing around with a GPU accelerated Penning Trap simulator we are building to help understand my fusion reactor and came up with a very weird idea based on what I was seeing when I start with a flat disc of particles.

Tragically for Fenley, the PineBluff goverment are a bunch of chuds that don't trust the science:

What kind of city government tries to prevent someone from opening a science museum?

Fenleys frustrations with the city government only continue to grow:

Pine Bluff just seems to want to tear everything down. All they know here is destruction. It's amazing to me that they act like this. Can you imaging any other city working so hard to bulldoze houses? They don't want anyone to fix things.

The downward spiral only continues for Fenley:

Had another break in at the warehouse yesterday. This time they were able to open all 4 containers. They stole the security system, 2 telescopes, 2 turbo molecular pumps and other high vacuum equipment cowtools, welders, RC toys, sculptures, etc. Murfie media seems mostly OK

He does offer a $3 bounty to whoever catches those robbers :marseybountyhunter:

Had over $20,000 worth of equipment stolen last Saturday. Putting a bounty on catching the crooks.

They never catch them lmao

I never could have imagined that I would have to lock up all my valuables, and carry a loaded pistol with me, to feel safe walking to the bathroom at night in my own home.

Fenley also starts sneeding at the police for being shit at their job:

I think we need to change the way the police in this town are paid. I say double the budget, but every time a crime happens, the police pay the victims to make them whole until they reach 75% of their current pay. Let's see how fast that stops crime.

Despair grows inside Fenley:

PineBluff is a cesspit. What do I do? I've put about half a million into trying to get started here, but I can't get anything done. I only have about $100k left to work with, and that's not going to buy much anywhere else. I will not put Murfie media in rented space again.

I should mention that Fenley is also married and has kids that live in another state. It appears that he's somewhat abandoned them in pursuit of his dream.

Surprise... I was robbed again in PineBluff today.

7 days later... :marseywait:

Robbed again! WTF! Pinebluff 2 guys in sniper gear and gloves came and robbed me again this morning. I've lost track of how many times I've been robbed. I'm seriously going crazy.

Several hours later.... :marseywait:

Twice in one day... called 911 immediately. I went out and had the guy on the ground at gunpoint. Police were on site in 6 minutes.

Would you believe I was robbed again?


Febley is also is his own security guard too. He'll often confront those on his property with a gun of couse:

Robbed again? Seriously?

Fenley called the cops on the guy in the above video, and the police actually arrested him! But the guy was quickly released from jail and came back to Fenleys warehouse:

And they let the guy go, and surprise, he came back again today.

PineBluff happening right now. Two thieves were scoping my place out with this U-Haul filled with thievery cowtools. I had them at gunpoint but they ran away.

Three kids seeing if they can steal stuff. Just another day in PineBluff.

The constant stress continues to pile on our neurodivergent Ishmael:

3 years ago today I read an article that changed my life. Murfie had shut down and all the media they stored was headed to the dump unless a miracle happened. I stepped in to try to save the situation, but being stuck in containers for 3 years isn't much better. I'm so sorry.

I should clarify that he's basically living at the warehouse fulltime to ensure that one is trying to rob it. At least one has ever tried taking his security cameras:

PineBluff this is why I hate this town.


Can anyone tell from the sound what kind of gun I just heard firing shots outside my warehouse?

Fenley has been here for 3 years at this point and still hasn't been murdered somehow

I nominate PineBluff for "Most Purge -like" town. Criminals here have learned that nobody will stop them, and they won't pay any consequences for their behavior.I actually wonder if the city is complicit in this. Lack of investigation and prosecution is tacit approval.


Good movie reference!

I was having a pretty heated argument with somebody last night over a truck that they stole from me, and I'm pretty sure they burned one of my houses down. #PineBluff

Hopefully 2023 brings better luck to our hero

Not 4 hours into the new year and I'm already injured while dealing with an intruder. 2023 is off to a great start!

Its never going to get better for him


So far that's Fenleys entire story. An interesting one to say the least. Hopefully he doesn't get murdered so we can get more updates on his pursuit of happiness. Fenley doesn't look like he's giving up on PineBluff yet, since he's bought over 75 properties in the city so far. I truly hope he does catch his white whale one day

Thanks for reading!


EFFORTPOST List of anti-Wikipedia websites and communities

Wikipedia's stifling bureaucracy, large-scale edit wars, deeply-rooted cliques, and appeal to the socially inept have produced scores of current and former editors with an all-consuming grudge against Wikipedia and its powerusers. Many of these Wikipedians have harnessed their boiling hatred and spoken out against the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Their activism has, of course, been extremely ineffective.

But it's great drama. The internet is littered with dead blogs and surprisingly active anti-wikipedia communities that detail abuses of power, personal scandals among wikipedians, paid and biased editing, various 'cabal' leaks, and a host of other primo content. Here's a list of some of them for your entertainment.

Common terms

  • Wikimedia Foundation (WMF): The org that hosts Wikipedia. Known for being poorly-managed, opaque, and occasionally hiring abusive admins.

  • Jimmy/Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia co-founder and former porn hawker, the guy whose face you see every time Wikipedia begs for money. Known to be a bit of a gaffing idiot who stumbled onto a successful idea during the 90's dotcom boom. In Wikipedia's early days, he was embroiled in numerous scandals, so the Wikimedia Foundation stripped him of any real power.

  • Larry Sanger: Wikipedia's other co-founder and public critic. Tried and failed to create several Wikipedia competitors.

  • Admin/Administrator/Sysop: :marseyjanny:

  • Bureaucrat: (unpaid) giga:marseyjanny:

  • Steward: (unpaid) ultra-giga:marseyjanny:

  • Arbitration Committee/Arbcom: The system Wikipedia uses to settle disputes and discipline users via a panel of respected editors (i.e. powerusers). Exceptionally dramatic.

  • Articles for Deletion (AfD): The system where editors vote on whether to keep an article and include their rationale. Unsurprisingly gamed during edit wars and through the involvement of cabal members, causing seethe and drama.

  • Request for Adminship (RfA): The system for nominating and voting in admins. Success is achieved through popularity and politicking.

  • Cabal: A clique of editors and/or admins who spend way too much time on Wikipedia. It's such an entrenched and undeniable part of the culture that Wikipedia pokes fun at it.

  • Vandalism: The act of making high-quality, accurate contributions to Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedo/Wikipedocracy: A pejorative that developed due to the perception that Wikipedia was too friendly towards p-dophiles. You can find gentle reference to these scandals here.

  • Israel-Palestine: The cause of initial disillusionment for a huge proportion of anti-Wikipedians. The most controversial topic on the wiki.


Spoiler alert: Like all blogs, they're dead. Still a good read though.

The corpse of ED also has numerous pages on Wikipedia power brokers, all a decade stale but they summarize the dramatic happenings surrounding particular people like SlimVirgin (RIP).



These are all very small but much more populated with content than the average tiny sub. If you look at most users' post histories (e.g. /u/bbb23sucks -- bbb23 is a Wikipedian), it's ALL about wikipedia.

EFFORTPOST Being accused of r*pe

Good day. This will be a relatively short post exploring the drama that resulted following r*pe allegations at Rhodes University, South Africa. I'm going to look at a single accusation, and it will be up to you to decide whether the accused is guilty or not. As we proceed, I'd like for you to keep the following questions in mind:

is Stuart a sincere social justice warrior?

did the protestors act correctly?

did the university react correctly?

is Stuart guilty?

was justice served



Rhodes University is located in Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is known for its journ*lism department, as well as for its involvement in the annual National Arts Festival. Grahamstown, which is the name the university is found, has a history connecting it back to early colonialism, and it is the home of the Old Provost military prison.

South Africa has been dealing with a r*pe epidemic for decades. Though you may be aware of this, you may not be aware of just how severe the problem is. By the time you finish reading this post, 2 to 3 South African women would have been r*ped.

  • In 1998, one in three of the 4,000 women questioned in Johannesburg had been r*ped, according to Community Information, Empowerment and Transparency (CIET) Africa

  • the South African police estimates that a woman is r*ped every 36 seconds

  • According to the World Population Review, South Africa had the highest rate of r*pe in the world at 132.4 incidents per 100,000 people in 2010, but had decreased to 72.1 in 2019–2020

  • More than 25% of a sample of 1,738 South African men from the KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Provinces admitted to raping someone when anonymously questioned in 2009

  • a 2007 survey by CIET found 60% of both boys and girls, aged 10 to 19 years old, thought it was not violent to force s*x upon someone they knew, while around 11% of boys and 4% of girls admitted to forcing someone else to have s*x with them

There are many causes behind this. It is believed that patriarchal customs are to blame, as well as a general cutlure of violence that pervades the country. There are also superstitious beliefs surrounding r*pe and its ability to cure HIV/AIDS. Additionally, some believe in "corrective r*pe" to cure lesbianism.

Predictably, universities are not safe from this epidemic, and campuses become hotspots for r*pe. One day, the women at Rhodes University decided they had had enough.


In 2016, a group of women decided to name and shame men. They posted a "reference list" online of men they were accusing of r*pe. The name, of course, an allusion to a university list of citations.

Following this they swarmd the men's dormitories, grabbed the men, and took them to a second location where they were intimidated. This was followed by days of protests. Women took to the streets naked and faced police intimidation.

Do you agree with these actions?


Due to pressure, the university made immediate changes.

>When #RUReferenceList happened, the university's management was forced to acknowledge there was a problem. Within 24 hours, responding to student demands, the university had committed to increasing the capacity of the harassment office and to relying more on “external prosecutors” in sexual violence cases. It said it would improve staff sensitivity training and set up a task team to strengthen its response to sexual violence. The task team would later make more than 90 recommendations.

Nevertheless, the protest very much struggled to gain support from wider society. Many of the main complaints surrounded the unfairness of public r*pe accusations, and the violence associated with the protest.

>Much of the conflict around the protests, especially between university management and protesting students, revolves around one thorny matter: the credibility of the list. Mabizela described the reference list as “damaging” and “unconstitutional”. Despite this, students continued protesting, calling for the named men to be suspended. The university refused, saying it could not suspend them until they had been found guilty of misconduct.

>Months later, Rhodes said that none of the men who had been removed from their residences after being named on the reference list had been found guilty of sexual misconduct, “even after thorough investigations by the university and the National Prosecuting Authority”.

The named men faced very little repurcusions from the university, though the allegations were investigated. The women involved were immediately subjected to disciplinary action. An interdict forbidding further protests was also put into place.

>Management has argued that the interdict was a last resort: invoked to prevent the threat of violence on campus, if students take the law into their own hands. But none of the men on the list rounded up on the night of Sunday 17 April was physically harmed in any way, some escaped quite easily from the angry crowd, ran away, or simply walked off. They were not beaten up, nor injured. And, unlike the protesting survivors, they enjoy the continued right to walk through campus without question, police investigation, or arrest.

But what about the people involved? The men who were named, what became of them? I'd like to look at one man's story.

Stuart Lewis

Here is a picture of Stuart and his partner.

Stuart Lewis had everything going for him. His list of awards and achievements is significant. He has notable credits as a filmmaker and journ*list, eventualy becoming Editor in Chief of a Rhodes University newspaper.

Additionally, he's also a staunch feminist and social justice advocate. His middle name is Thembsile. He spells woman with an x. To find out more about him, visit his blog.

He literally wrote anti-r*pe articles

No matter how quick you are to champion women's rights or how hard you come down on the perpetrators you are aware of, there will always be someone, somewhere who holds power over another person and who is not afraid to abuse that power.

>The other thing we need to be honest about is the fact that we can do little in the immediate future to stop sexual violence. This is one of the hardest lessons I learned over the few years I helped organise the Silent Protest in Grahamstown.

>What we can do, however, is change how we as individuals handle, talk about and intervene in the systems that excuse or explain away gender violence.

Lastly, he is married to poet Mishka Hoosen. I know that at one point he converted to Islam and practiced polygamy, but I do not know if that is still the case. I am also aware that his spouse transitioned and now identifies as a transmale. This is what he has said about the relationship:

I cannot find any verification tha the two are still together.

Stuart and the reference list

Stuart was accused of r*pe. In response, he wrote a long piece online. I highly encourage you to read the whole thing but I'll post some key quotes. In short, he claims he is innocent, yet he does not want support from men's rights activists. Here are the most important points:

It would be easy to simply state that I have never been found guilty of such a crime, but the reality, as any r*pe survivor knows, is that r*pe is under-reported and difficult to prosecute, and therefore relying on just that fact would make me complicit in the r*pe culture pervading our criminal justice system. It would also be an insult to r*pe survivors who have been unable to secure convictions, because it would amount to a denial of their lived experiences.

By denying culpability and insisting that my right to a presumption of innocence be respected, I will be invoking language which may trigger r*pe survivors and reinforce the system that alienates them. I know that there are so-called Men's Rights Activists who would be eager to turn me into some kind of poster child for their belief that men are regularly “falsely” accused. I reject any such attempt. If you're sending me support because you fall into that category, please don't. I want nothing to do with your kind.

To this end, the only response I can offer in all conscience is to deny that I have done anything which warrants my inclusion on such a list. I do so knowing that this accusation will remain in the ether for the rest of my life, and knowing that I can do very little about that, without forcing an accuser to go public and to court and, in doing so, put herself on trial. I also do so knowing that any harm which this has done to me personally, to my relationships with my wife, family, friends and employers, is a fraction of the trauma incurred by r*pe survivors whose experiences of abuse, more often than not, go unbelieved.

That being said, if my accuser wishes to pursue an investigation through systems that are less destructive to r*pe survivors and have proven track records of finding justice for r*pe survivors when the system has failed them, I will cooperate absolutely and without question. To my knowledge, such organisations include the Human Rights Commission or the Equality Court, or alternatively organisations like Access to Justice who regularly handle mediation in these matters.

The fallout for him was massive:

>The allegations have turned his life upside down, his employers have placed him on leave of absence, and many of his friends who worked with him in the area of gender violence have “stepped away”.

A writer who looked into his story following the reference list had the following to say:

>He is is, by all accounts, an intersectional, cisgender millennial man. He spells women “womxn”, he has a Xhosa middle name, he is Muslim, he appears to grasp white privilege. He is a part of the national Fallist movement. He talks the talk, he walks the walk.

However, it is worth noting that others have said that he uses social justice language to cover his misdeeds:

>Even after the Reference List came out he wrote a letter using the right language which managed to get even hardened feminists to side with him. I met some of his victims and one thing they said was that he was an incredibly manipulative person

Stuart also continued to defend himself in an interview with that journ*list, stating the following:

>“It is hard for me to say why. A few years ago there was an allegation against me, it was investigated but the result was that there was nothing to pursue. There are people with axes to grind against me. I have not been the best boyfriend in the past. I have lied, cheated and been manipulative. I may be young and I may have been a kak boyfriend but I am not a male feminist,” said Hoosen-Lewis.

No formal legal charges were laid against him. And that's the story of Stuart Lewis. A seemingly ordinary guy who had his life turned upside down by a r*pe allegation from an anonymous source. Someone posted his name online accusing him of r*pe and just like that he will forever be known as a male feminist. Try searching his name online and the only thing that comes up is r*pe allegations and this whole fiasco.


Stuart wasn't the only one who had their upturned of course. One of the accused was the son of a Harare mayor. The father had this to say regarding the allegations:*x-storm

Another accused, Kudzi Nzombe, seems to be doing well for himself and is currently the CEO of a sports company.

So, what do you think? Is Stuart a male feminist?


!macacos !soyteens

Tried my best to doodle their pinkie! Any criticisms is welcome to this doodle and I don't mind updating it

woa this might be even worse

"she looks ugly" and it just looks like a regular person youd see in real life

i want a detailed description of whats supposedly ugly ab this design w out them being colorist! never seen anyone like this in my life lololol

have you considered talking to real people instead of playing royal high all day

31.5k posts telling ppl to go outside insane projection



edtwt stays online and inside too much looking at pinterest girls they forgot what other people also look like

Is this the female equivalent of accusing people of being a porn addict?

Do you live in Chernobyl?

It looks like a racist Wojack dude what are you talking about

Incomprehensible woahjacks from Bahia, Brazil :marseyskull:

bro living in ohio

Normalise having average looking characters

normalise not looking like a runway model

girl looks so freaking happy and that's one of the many things that makes a person pretty, imo

The issue is that artists make inclusive POC and LGBT characters ugly as frick while the generic cis white straight characters are pinnacles of beauty.

This literally feels borderline racist like... No, that's not an average person look. That looks like some sort of wojack or minstrel cartoon ☠️☠️

literally. she IS pretty. i saw people jumping thru hoops in the replies trying to make this problematic which is really funny

She looks like a racist wojack made by some neonazi on 4chan

This design looks cute @RobotinTheVoid

^^ Twitter needs to stfu and stop bullying a child

the mlp fandom when artists ' human versions of magical rainbow ponies look like a regular human and not a supermodel ( the whole point of the show is friendship and accepting people for who they are )

Darn apparently every character ever needs to follow strict societal beauty standards rooted in white supremacy….

she's so pretty, i have a friend who looks like her

hope your friend doesn't know you think they look like this.

God forbid a black girl have braces ig??? seriously what is their issue

Babe its the… face….

nah learning that the artist is white made this whole discussion flip for me

Ok but that specifically looks like satire...

as a black girl, it's really aggravating when people draw us in these..unsightly ways and then try to gaslight us into thinking this is what every other black woman looks like. "this is what an average person looks like" average person here, no the frick its not!

like its just smth abt making the poc headcanons god awful ugly that doesnt sit well with me like lets think inwards on why yall wanna make the poc headcanons fat and ugly

the drawing is literally bordering on racist wojack and they're like "she's pretty!!!!"

imagine if the person who drew these was a very very VERY white person LOL

sources are saying theyre white


Why do they always make these exaggerated drawings ugly as sin. Black people are beautiful... this feels like racist insults every single time.🤦‍♂️

If I was told this was a right wing meme made specifically to make fun of :!marseytrain:s I would believe you

I've seen actual racist caricatures of black people that looked better than this.

"She's pretty wym"

my good friend spoke about this before

Hear me out...

I look like this

EFFORTPOST DEI and the death of Red vs Blue

@RWBY's current meta posts discussing Rooster Teeth both reminded and inspired me to work on an effortpost I had debated doing for some time. You'll need to stick with me here, as there's a bit of an introduction that's needed before we get to the nitty gritty.


I know a significant portion of the userbase here are boomers and older, and can recall watching Red vs Blue on their old CRT computers. Some of you I'm sure were shocked to learn RvB continued on for some time - currently sitting at a total of 18 seasons. As RvB marched on and Halo transitioned from Bungie to 343i, so did the reins of RvB. Burnie Burns, RT founder and lead for RvB, passed much of the creative control over to RT employee Miles Luna for seasons 11-13. While I know many people got turned off in earlier seasons once RvB became less comedy and more story oriented, I actually enjoy these seasons - sure, it's not grand Hollywood storytelling, but the story beats were competent, the writing was strong enough, and some of the humor feels like old school RvB. What's noteworthy here is that Season 13 ends with what very much feels like a series finale, and many fans agreed that if RT had wished to stop here, they would have been happy with it.

But for some reason, RT continued on with RvB. I'm not too entirely sure why - it certainly wasn't their primary show at this point (RWBY had taken over). I think they felt devoted to continuing it. In any case, season 14 was an anthology season while RT looked for a new showrunner. Several different people wrote and directed episodes for this anthology season, including Joe Nicolosi, who became the lead for Seasons 15 and 16.

Joe's seasons were weird. I'm not too sure where he came from, but his seasons felt out of left field even for a show that was used to left field stuff. Time travel (for real, not the goofy "time travel" the characters experience early in the show), Gods, cyclops, a group of people that are like a mirrored version of the main characters. Fans found the seasons offputting, and Joe was pulled off for someone else to take the reins for Season 17 and try to correct a lot of the weird stuff. I think 17 ended up actually being ok for what it was worth.

In any case, RvB's fame had really begun to diminish. The series felt like it had lost a lot of umph, the last few seasons were zany without being really funny, and the story was nonsensical. Many at RT were clearly getting tired of RvB too. In comes Torrian Crawford.


Torrian Crawford was an animator with Death Battle (which I never watched, but it's where you take characters from random franchises and animate them fighting, :marseysoyhype: to the extreme). With the Death Battle group having been acquired by RT, Torrian somehow climbs his way to becoming the director for RvB Season 18, which he names RvB Zero. Supposedly the reason he got this gig was by presenting a way for the series to continue to RT's heads, who must have been waiting for someone to volunteer for this.

Torrian and several of the voice actors for the show begin hyping this season up online. Here's an article online about it!

There's some great little nuggets in there, like how picking a diverse cast was a major priority and many of the people working on it had very little experience with the show. I'm sure our resident chuds will pick up on the diversity comments as to why it was bad. :marseychud:

Crawford and Nova made Rooster Teeth history with the series as the first Black showrunner and Black lead actor, respectively, in nearly two decades of Red vs. Blue, and for them, that inclusiveness carried over into the whole series, not just in terms of the people who made it, but in terms of its ability to reach a different audience.

And the first shall be the last. :marseygiggle:

Torrian and the cast harped on this diversity a lot and how great it would be for the show (hence my title).

Finally, the trailer came out. You can watch it below if you want to be wowed by the spectacle.

If you thought, "Wow, this looks like a steaming pile of shit! And I mean, a real big steaming pile of shit!" Congrats! You would be proven right. Most fans on the RvB subreddit were cautiously optimistic, but a few could already tell this was not a good sign.

I can't tell if the main villain is supposed to sound comically evil like O'malley, or if its just cheesy writing.

They've mentioned taking inspiration from Fast & Furious, so it is supposed to be a bit hammy.

now I'm scared. I hate F&F with a passion

Rule 1 of badassery: never ever describe yourself as badass

Well, maybe they're just being negative nancies and you guys should stop attacking zero before it's even released. :marseycheeky:

So finally, Zero releases its weekly episodes. And it sucks. Big time. Characters are awful. Plot is abysmal. Action is pants on head r-slurred. Just a mishmash of bad.

You know how sometimes with entertainment, you'll get something that was bad, and there's a sizable portion of a fanbase that'll defend it, like with the Star Wars Prequels? Zero barely even gets that. I'm not kidding when I say that the remaining fans absolutely hated it. Searching Zero on the subreddit returns posts upon posts of people trashing it. Even in a "Say something nice about Zero" thread, half the comments are backhanding it by saying things like "Well it made season 16 less shitty!"

Some great comments from the above posts.

I agree that the season is very frustrating, not necessarily because it is different, but because it is bad.


I went in expecting it was just this sub being over dramatic. But no. It's really just that bad

Fun review from some dude I always saw a lot of the RvB subreddit and is probably extremely neurodivergent about the show (I mean this in a kindhearted way :marseyheart:)

In any case, Zero sucks and it sucks so bad that the fans make sure Torrian knows that his precious little baby sucks. And Torrian does not like that.

Seethe, Seethe, and more Seethe

Torrian's deleted a lot of his old tweets related to the show. It's very much a wound for him that refuses to heal and he is unable to accept that the show was not good. There are some still remaining along with posts about them on the respective subreddits.

To give some context on how long this man has continued to seethe about his show not being liked, the show came out late 2020, around the time of the Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood sexcapades (I think it actually got pushed back a couple of weeks because of that :marseydarkxd:).

July 2021

Torrian's first major tweet involving the show's criticism. The fourth and fifth paragraphs are :marseychefkiss: in terms of seethe. Torrian clearly views himself as a tortured artist who does not deserved to be commented on by the unwashed masses. RT fans are sympathetic to how he's likely received undeserved threats but his ego starts to turn people more against him.

Dec 2021

About a year after the show's release, Torrian lets it slip that he disdains past RvB and its fans. Part of the reason he changed the show was that he felt its old incarnation was too racist and sexist (which isn't really true, as RvB was actually very mild on that aspect for a mid 2000s era show). Fans on the main RT subreddit continue to get annoyed by his continued petulant whining, along with his mischaracterizations of RvB. Fans also point out that many of the original cast not wanting to be involved was also likely an indictment of how shit the show was.

May 2023

We are 2.5 years from the show's release and this man continues to b-word about how people did not like it. He deletes it after inciting some responses, many essentially pointing out how r-slurred he is.

I fricking love the response from one one guy like "Here's something I did in a week; what would a team & I have to do specifically"

& the backdown non-answer of "well I think that'd be a waste of your talents" lmao

You aren't supposed to actually call him out on his outrageous and blatantly hostile remarks!!!!

False equivalency

He had access to a full production team and he knows that no fans do, plus copyright issues if anyone tried that. But he'll still pull a gotcha to claim the high ground if anyone challenges him

Plus he never defined what “better” means. The four categories are not equivalent. It's gonna turn into whataboutism if he perceives anything he disagrees with.

Not worth engaging at all

LMAO, this guy is such a child. It's been almost three years, guy. Does he really have nothing better to do? Challenging fans without the resources he had — does he really need to do that to make him feel better about himself?

He lists Zero's writing, animation, music, and sound like they were something to brag about. I wonder how he thinks they stack up to those of the previous seasons (side note: sometimes I wonder if he's even seen the previous seasons). I can hazard a guess.

Zero sucked. Move on, dude.

This man hated RvB, wrote a shit script, and pumped out a terrible story with terrible characters and good production value (the one thing that wasn't him) and is absolutely seething that people didn't like it

By this point 90% of the community is absolutely sick of him and his holier than thou attitude. Torrian had long since picked up a job at Respawn Entertainment but apparently could be set off every few weeks by fans tweeting at him about how Zero sucked.

RvB's End

RT ended up releasing some joke short season with the Zero characters in late 2021. I don't know if anyone ended up watching that. Besides that, RvB remained dead in the water till an announcement in mid 2023 that it would return for a final season. Only a few days after the announcement of RT's dissolving did they announce the final season would release as a 90 minute movie in May. Somewhat fitting for the company to start and end with RvB.

As for Torrian? He recently popped up again with the announcement of RT's dissolvement.

Ah yes give the man who made the worst season of RvB to date the reigns of RWBY

I think he'll get a shot.

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EFFORTPOST :marseyflagsouthafrica: :marseyflagsouthafrica: You guys ever heard of the failed Ethanol factories in South Africa ?? :marseyflagsouthafrica: :marseyflagsouthafrica:

Greetings Dramastrags1!

Back in 2006 some farmers in Safrica had the galaxy brained idea to invest massively into what would be described in Afrikaans newspapers as Etanol! :marseyflamewar: :marseyflamewar: :marseyflamewar:

Now I was like 13-14 years old approximately when this fricking shitshow went down in the Free State, Northern Cape and Gauteng provinces, so please forgive me if this is likely the least accurate Longpost I have ever posted. I was only a rugrat, and my memory is hazy :marseyshisha: additionally Google fricking sux donkey balz and is literally getting worse by the year.

Combined with linkrot, and that most best news of the past was on Newspapers, and not web articles, I have to try and piece this together into something resembling truth.

Back in the year 2000, a Boer farmer came back from Burgerland, where he had attended a conference on creating biofuel from agricultural produce, for the sake of combatting Climate Change, and to create a future substitute for the finite coal and liquid dinosaur :marseydinosaur: :marseyskeletontrex: :marseyskeletontrex: :marseyskeletontrex: we use to fuel our cars and electrical generators.

In 2006, Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth was big in the conscience of Safrikans at least (no idea how he was viewed back home), and a lot of people were discussing the necessity of preparing for a post oil/coal world. At that moment in time, a lot of people also feared that the scum in the Arab-Oil countries was too dominant in their monopolistic supply of :arabpepecheers: oil, and had the earth entire's balls in their hands. Regardless of where RSA would find itself in an ideological conflict, it wasn't a nice feeling , considering 99% of RSA both back then and now was generated via burning coal.

Additionally at that moment in time, RSA's trains and railway :marseytrain2: :marseytrain: system was degrading at the speed of light, and lorries :marseytruck: :marseydoxingtruck: were becomming the main form of transport of goods to all inland villages and towns and cities, and would be especially vulnerable to any chainsupply disruption, you know the same way Europe cucked itself when it made itself dependent on Russian gas prior to the Ukraine invasion.

Well the farmer Hannes Haasbroek (surname literally translated as rabbit-pants :marseylaugh: ) had been raving for 6 years at this point about the benefits of biofuel, especially Ethanol, as the Amerikan conference he had attented the agriculture conference in the United States six years ago, and was inspired by the novel and potentially lucrative idea of distilling maize :marseycorn: :marseycorn: :marseycorn: into bioethanol fuel for vehicles.

The reason being that South Africa was a massive producer and exporter of both White Maize, Sweet Maize, and Yellow Maize, and thus had the already pre-existing agricultural resources and farmlands ready to extract raw materials from, should such a nationalized endeavor ever be undergone by SA.

======(from article)

The fertile fields that appear to stretch unbroken across Free State Province, South Africa's heartland and breadbasket, may well prove the epicentre of an economic revolution as significant as the discovery of gold and diamonds more than 100 years earlier.

The plan is deceptively simple: turn food into fuel.

Bioethanol is an alcohol refined from almost any starch crop humans eat - maize, sugar cane, beetroot, wheat - and is championed by supporters as both an environmental and economic panacea to the world's dependence on fast-disappearing fossil fuels.

Ethanol emits much less carbon dioxide (CO2) gas than regular gasoline, is cheaper to buy and, unlike oil or coal, is a renewable source of energy: simply plant more of it if you run out.

The reigning kings of the global biofuel industry are the United States and Brazil, where millions of tons of sugar - a staple crop in the South American country - are processed into an astonishing 16 billion litres of ethanol annually.

Brazilians are literally driving on sugar. Most of Brazil's service stations offer ethanol at a substantially lower price than traditional gasoline, and the country has replaced about 40 percent of its gasoline consumption by switching to ethanol, a sweet dividend with oil prices hovering around US$70 a barrel.

"Africans have the potential to become the Arabs of the biofuel industry," said Johan Hoffman, chief executive of Ethanol Africa, the company that plans to build eight biofuel factories across South Africa. :marseycapitalistmanlet: :marseycapitalistmanlet: :marseycapitalistmanlet: :arabpepecheers: :arabpepecheers: :arabpepecheers:

"There is a potential to use vast areas of this massive continent for biofuel production, and all that is needed is water and an electricity supply," Hoffman said. "Africa has the potential to provide energy for the world - who is going to supply the growing economies of China and India? We already know there is a finite amount of oil left in the earth, and it is being used in enormous quantities and will soon be gone." :marseyitsover: :marseyitsover: :marseyitsover:

While bioethanol might be the tonic that quenches the world's thirst for energy, it also holds the promise of bettering the lives of thousands of :marseybeggar: :marseybeggar: :marseybeggar: poor, rural Africans by providing farm and factory jobs, and ensuring a steady market for maize, sugar and other commodities.

"The [South African] government wants to create jobs in rural areas and redistribute land from white to black farmers, and bioethanol production could be the solution to both problems," Hoffman said. "Bioethanol will create jobs, not just for the farming industry, but for whole communities, and uplift the poor." :marseystinky: :marseystinky: :marseystinky:


However many people were sceptics of this scheme, and many were not convinced that Ethanol could be produced cost effectively to even pay for itself, and thus make Ethanol Biofuel competetive against traditional oil.

====(again from articlr)

"It is well documented - it takes energy to make energy, and the amount of energy it takes to grow and harvest these crops barely produces a :marseystocksdown: :marseystocksdown: :marseystocksdown: :marseystocksdown: surplus return," he said. "While bioethanol production makes some sense with high oil prices, I don't think our government has wrapped its mind around all the consequences, and studies that should be done, haven't been done."

Scientific debate :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: rages around the process and results of transforming food into fuel, with many saying the numbers simply don't add up.

Ethanol distilled from sugar gives a decent energy return, but add up all the energy it takes to grow a field of maize, and the amount you get back is barely more than you put in, critics say. Besides that, biofuel is much less efficient than regular fuel, so even if it is cheaper to buy, it will not move your vehicle nearly as far.

How much maize is needed to move a car, a truck, or a fleet of buses? A hectare of land - 1 or about the size of two football fields - yields an average of 4 tonnes of maize. Each tonne of maize can be distilled into 420 litres of bioethanol, plus some ancillary products. The two football fields would thus produce about 1,680 litres of ethanol.

According to a report in the Washington Post newspaper, the entire American maize crop would provide enough ethanol fuel to replace only about 12 percent of the country's gasoline requirements.


Point being that Ethanol while a decent alternative to regular oil and petrol, was much less efficient, and at that moment in time in 2006, many were not really sure as to how much actual fricking fuel was being produced in terms of liters per hectars.

There were a lot of concern :marseyconcerned: :marseyconcerned: :marseyconcerned: from prospective investors about whether there was actually enough surplus Maize/mielies as men like Hannes Haasbroek claimed would be, so that the production of Ethanol would not interfere with the supply of annual maize which consisted of the staple food supply for rural south africans in the regions of Limpopo, Mapumalanga and the Free state. South Africans ate all of the food domestically, and could not afford to relinquish that food security to produce fuel that wasn't even as effective as dino-liquid.

Safrican economists were FULLY aware that a country would lose tenfold GDP product, and economic tax bases, if it was ever put in the position to be forced to import food to sustain its shortfall, which the economic collapse of Shri Lanka in 2019 displayed.

====(from article)

"The grain required to fill a 25-gallon (about 114 litres) SUV [sports utility vehicle] gas tank with ethanol will feed one person for a year," said Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute in a statement. "The grain it takes to fill the tank every two weeks over a year will feed 26 people ... The 55 million tons (about 50 million tonnes) of US corn going into ethanol this year represent nearly one-sixth of the country's grain harvest, but will supply only 3 percent of its automotive fuel."

While some bristle at the idea of the poor and hungry competing with luxury all-terrain vehicles for the world's supply of grain, Ethanol Africa says it will use only yellow maize in its factories, and not the white maize favoured by consumers.

Environmentalists, who have resisted blindly embracing bioethanol as a viable answer to energy supplies, have raised other concerns. Biowatch South Africa, an NGO concerned with food security and promoting organic farming methods, reels at the bioethanol industry's dependence on genetically modified (GM) crops in South Africa


You guys get the idea.

But our raging capitalists went forth and built factories all across the Free State, after all the past 2 decades showcased that Maize/Mielie farmers were amongst the most productive on Erath :marseysow: :marseysow: :marseysow: and have had general surplus for as long as the country had been a democracy, and thus more than enough for Ethanol refineries after the food cut had been taken by tractors :marseyreap: :marseyreap: :marseyreap: the outlooks were positive, prospectors and investors were salivating :marseyretard3: :marseygigaretard: :marseybluecheck:

Strangely enough RSA was already exporting Ethanol, but mostly in the form of byproducts from refinaries or factories, and not for the intention of creating biofuel for vehicles, especially not domestically. The Ethanol produced locally was usually used or generated by local Oil magnates like SASOL

The specifics however is greek to me. What is important, was that this was used as an argument by the new Ethanol Africa factories as supporting :marseylifting: :marseylifting: :marseylifting: their arguments that RSA already had a framework of generating Ethanol, now it just wanted to created 1000 times that amount, and with Maize.

However private companies still needed the backing of the government, in the form of tax breaks, subsidies or allocation/disallocation of levies for biofuel to allow such a fledgling industry to be able to get off its feet, and at that time the ANC was very tepid, and was swinging either way.

Finally however by the end of 2006, the ANC finally gave their go-ahead to enable and support Ethanol production, provided that Maize surplus remained as high as they had been for the past decade, Ethanol companies went full r-slur and proceeded to mega overinvest even with this very lukewarm :marseymid: :marseyshy4: reception the government had given to Ethanol production.


So wtf :marseywtf2: is an El Nino??

It's a naturally occurring climate pattern associated with warming of the ocean surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, which can significantly influence weather patterns, ocean conditions, and marine fisheries worldwide.

They can and do occur across the whole world. In Southern Africa they tend to cause abnormally dry and extremely hot heatwave :marseyburn: :marseyburn: :marseyburn:

El Niño is a climate phenomenon that occurs when a vast pool of water in the tropical Ocean becomes abnormally warm. An El Niño is officially declared if the temperature of the eastern tropical Pacific rises 0.5C above the long-term average. The extreme El Niño year of 1997-98 saw a rise of more than 3C.

El Niño is one extreme in a natural cycle, with the opposite extreme called La Niña. The effect of climate change on the cycle is not yet understood, though some scientists think El Niño will become more common.

"Every two to 10 years the pressure gradient force that raises the easterly trade winds in the Pacific region, weakens, causing the trade winds to relax, sea temperatures to change and ultimately plunging south eastern Africa, Indonesia and parts of Australia and parts of South America into drought. :marseysweating: :marseysweating: :marseysweating: :marseysweating:

El Niño (the dry phase of ENSO) normally lasts between 12 and 18 months and is the reason KZN is being held hostage by the current drought. :carpscared: :carpscared: :carpscared:

Under normal conditions, the high pressure cell over the eastern Pacific Ocean (west coast of South America) and the low pressure cell over the western Pacific (Indonesia and east coast of Australia) create great differences in air pressure, creating the easterly trade winds in the Pacific region (wind always blows from a region of high pressure to low pressure)." :carpsweating: :carpsweating:

You guys can see where this is going :marseytroublemaker: :marseytroublemaker:

As the incredibly bad luck would have it, RSA would experience a one in 10-15 year event, where we suffered abnormal drought, and in 2007 RSA was under the chokehold of the worst of droughts since democratization. :marseysulk: :marseysulk: :marseysulk:

"The severe drought is one of the worst droughts to hit South Africa's main corn belt since 1992. In addition, South Africa this year will have to import over one million tons of yellow maize when South Africa is typically considered an export granary for the region"

For the 1st time in 20 fricking years, RSA had to IMPORT maize instead of exporting it, as you guys can imagine there sure as shit was not surplus of maize for any hairbrained scheme involving turning the nation's fricking food into some unknown car fuel. :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :brookscringe: :brookscringe: :brookscringe:

"The El Niño induced drought also drastically reduced grain production for countries that border South Africa's corn belt, such as Lesotho and Swaziland. For example, crop production in both these countries is currently estimated by USDA to be 40 percent less than last year and Swaziland is facing the sixth consecutive year of poor harvests. " :marseyemptybowl: :marseyemptybowl: :marseyemptybowl: :marseyemptybowl:

The big issue was that basically all of the neighbouring countries which also farmed maize didn't have surplus as well, all that shit had to go home to feed the local market.

Anyways you guys get the idea, basically it looks like Ethanol might be killed in its cradle and the EThanol-factories are boned :skellydancefast: :skellydancefast: :skellydancefast:

"Ethanol Africa has started construction of South Africa's first corn ethanol distillery at Bothaville, the center of South Africa's corn belt (see Figure 6). The Bothaville distillery plant (Figure 7. will be the first of eight similar plants to be built in South Africa, with one proposed plant at Sasolburg to utilize grain sorghum instead of corn. The other six corn distilleries will be located at Middelburg, Lichtenburg, Bultfontein, Ventersdorp, Frankfort, and Bloemhof (see Figure 6). Construction of the Bothaville plant is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2008, and a large portion of South Africa's emerging farmers on resettled farms will be given contracts to grow and supply yellow corn for the proposed distillery plants."

Yep they screwed :marseysmug6: :marseysmug6: :marseysmug6:

Also see this picture of the unbuilt factory storeroom, THIS FRICKING STOREROOM had remained so since fucnking 2007 lmoa


To make matters worse for out promising capitalists, the ANC gov had already started balking from supporting the Ethanol enterprise :marseydisagree: :marseydisagree: and backtracking from their support in 2006. There wasn't any gov subsidies in sight, not with the mass poverty of RSA to gamble on unknown (at the time) biofuel.

So when the El Nino struck in 2007, it was basically the end, many dudes went baNkrupt, and made themselves a laughing stock, because just like Coinbros and shitcoins, a lot of suckers would make themselves annoying in gossip groups by bragging about how they were going to make shitheaps of money cuz Ethanol was a massive industry in places like Brazil.

So when the entire enterprise got :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseyshooting: :marseybackstab: :marseybackstab: :marseybackstab: in its cradle, these annoying guys would never live it down.

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EFFORTPOST First day in mental institution

Sorry for the phoneposting.

The place is alright but I dont want to be here. I want to go home so badly. I can't stop thinking about work and going back to normalcy.

I want to stop taking medication and feeling overwelmed by life. I know can't stop suffering, but I can learn to endure it with dignity. My hope is that this journey starts today. When I leave, I must never cut again. That era is over.

So far, I can describe the feeling as uncomfortable. I'm in high care because of the nature of my self harm and I admitted I'm suicidal. Fricked myself over. Never admit to being suicidal to anyone in a uniform or a coat. You're so fricked if you do. Now I'm under observation in a special ward. I get checked on like every half hour.

They wanted a urine sample, which they received. I gave my piss to a cutie lol kinda based. I admitted to weed use prior. I actually have no clue what they'll find. How long does DMT stay in your piss?

They also searched my bag. They found my Steam Deck and let me keep it which means I have a desktop even though laptops aren't allowed :marseywink:

I'm sharing a room with someone who doesn't sleep. You can tell they're manic because they won't shut up, they'll talk endlessly to anyone and everyone. He's like the opposite of me. Tall extrovert male vs small introvert male. He is also talking endlessly about religion.

I'm leaving on Thursday and I don't give a shit what they say. It sucks but I need it so badly. I already feel healing from just being around others. Like a kind of desensitization. Most people here are visibly screwed. Either drug habits or in the throes of mania like my roommate. I only fit in if I pull down my pants. One look at my thighs and it's obvious I belong here. These are my kinfolk.

The food is nice, which is good and the staff is lovely. The constant supervision sucks but it's my fault I admitted I feel suicidal at times. But I am suicidal and I do cut myself, so I'm where I need to be. This is the consequence of honesty.

That's the bottom line, everything happening right now is deserved. I do cut myself,  I am suicidal, and none of this will stop until I just do the sneedful, take my spanking from life, and finally come out the other side. This is the spanking part.

I'm noticing how much benzos took from me. It shut life out, but it also killed - absolutely murdered - my creativity. No more. I just want to create art sober. I don't need weed or benzos. Also, for all you "muh benzo addiction" fellows, I was never addicted and I quit no problem.

Weed was harder to let go of because it's fun. Life is too short to lose hours of it to a fricking pill because you're sad that a stranger said something mean or was rude to you. Just accept the frigging suffering. Life is literally, undoubtedly about suffering and your response to it. That defines who you are.

I'm hoping to learn how to not cut myself and accept when bad shit happens whether it's my fault or not. Old me would be reaching for pills, and new me just takes it on the chin. I want to create art, and I need to forego benzos to do that. Once I leave it's sobriety. No benzoes or weed (might finish the vapes I have left though lol)

It may sound corny but I've been listening to Eminem a lot these days and relate to his life story. He's been sober for over a decade and I believe I can do the same.

Part of thr problem is that I have so many secrets and points of shame. I've decided to take the 8 mile approach. Just expose yourself before anyone else does. Then you can shit on them while they can only repeated what you said. Just admit you're a brainlet if you know you are or if you're fat just own it without being a whiny b-word about it.

So here's a big HECK YEAH IT'S TRUE list

>I'm short and ugly

>I'm a brainlet

>I make bad choices

>I've been a liar

>Women find me physically unattractive

>I've criticized other for porn use then used it too for hours

>I treat women in my life like therapists

>There is nobody to blame for my failed PhD but me - I had a fair shot and I blew it. Plenty of people struggle with supervisors and still get their degrees. The problem is me.

>I write these posts because I want attention and acceptance

>I'm a polydrug addict

>My dad attempted suicide in front of me as a child

>My dad beat and threatened me for a good chunk of my childhood

>I've been rejected before, which is what makes Sarah's rejection worse

>Sarah had good reasons to reject me - I'm nuts

>I dislike women on some level, not hate but close to it

>I wasn't responsible enough for a job in university and pretty much caused a newspaper to shut down because of my incompetence

>I #metoo'd a girl by spanking her butt at a party in university

That's all I can think of now. Now shame me, it's okay. I already did it. What have you done? Lies and secrets man, lies and secrets. Avoid them because they are your biggest problems.

These things dont give me shame anymore, they're just facts. I already know I'm 156cm, insecure, and am ugly. Tell me something new. If you judge me, that says more about you than the opposite.

I've hurt others. For that I apologize. It doesn't make me a bad person. We're all that way. Grey - good and bad. It's a personality flaw to see only one aspect of a human instead of a wholistic view. I can say I love my dad despitr his violence, because he also provided for me. He's grey. I need to do the same for myself when I think about who I am as a person.

Sarah rejecting me isn't what brought me here. It's the straw that broke the camel's back. It's time to move on.

Thanks for reading if you did. Once I'm back home I'll treat my Groomercord buddies with more respect and lean into my art more. This is my life, nobody else's, and it doesn't have to look any specific way, and I sure as heck don't expect it to be easy. I've made my choices and there's no turning back now. I'll make the most of what I have.


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  • Married at 22, divorcing at 23

  • He can't stop spending, he doesn't help with the finances timestamp

  • Why a divorce? timestamp

    • Went to therapy, decided they weren't compatible

    • Soy keeps talking about "trauma" while based wife talks facts and cold analysis

    • "He's a crier and I'm not"

    • "It happens so often that instead of consoling him I roll my eyes, here we go again"

      • She's perfect bros :marseyblush:
  • Wife wanted to come on the show


  • Three bedroom house with a roommate

    • Will continue living together post-divorce, different rooms

    • "What about dating other people won't it get awkward and stuff?" timestamp

      • :marseysoylentgrin: "That... I'm probably not gonna get into that until later until I actually get out of therapy personally"
    • Just moved into that house, decided to divorce slightly after the move

    • a year left on the lease

  • "He could probably burst into tears at any moment" timestamp :gigachadqueen:

  • Scores

    • She says 0/10, he thinks 3/10
  • He's cut off his mother because she's "narcissistic" timestamp

  • Spending

  • Card 1 ($6969) timestamp

    • 410 minimum payment

    • She didn't know about this card until after marriage

    • 171 interest, 250 in new purchases

    • lot of useless shit on here

  • Card 2 (3'233) timestamp

    • 3'200 limit

    • Over the limit at the time of the statement, made payments since?

    • "After I gave him my emergency fund to buy his new car I then had to go fix my car which was $2'500"

      • Stick insect freak didn't have an emergency fund of his own
    • Had to replace the "arms" on all four of her tires

    • Gym membership that neither doesn't uses

    • Gollum takes pot shots at her from behind Caleb during this segment, little freak sitting there all smug

  • New Car (16'207) timestamp

    • 6ish percent interest

    • $326 minimum payment

    • 2022 Chevy Spark

    • The Freak tries to explain his financial reasoning and upbringing, I don't understand it because he doesn't understand it. It's a inhuman thing trying to masquerade as one of us.

    • His father cosigned for it

  • She has a Chevy Trailblazer 2006, no debt on it

    • 230k miles?

    • [Midge tries to gloat calling the van a shitheap] "He thinks he knows a lot about cars" :marseyxd:

  • She nearly beaned him with a box when he started questioning if she really loved him timestamp

    • He deserved it. NTA. This woman is a queen.
  • Checking account deets timestamp

    • The creature tries to speak and is immediately slapped back into into reality

Some Loans

  • 1200 - to family friend

    • Friend owns a furniture store, no minimum monthly

    • She wants to keep the bed but is open to selling it to him :gigachadqueen:

  • 800 - to father in law

    • His father in law, bills from old apartment?
  • 5000 - to parents for wedding

    • This was a gift but she feels obligated to pay them back since they are divorcing so soon :marseyxd:
  • 1900 - financing an appliance

Spending Graph - timestamp


  • He's a front desk guy at a hospital timestamp

    • The dynamic here is really interesting, she's got a better idea of his income than he does

    • Just started full time, part time for the last year, 1400 then, around $16.00 an hour now?

  • She also has the same desk job kind of thing, I assume paid the same?

  • He is trying to start a graphics art design thing?

    • Both went to school for graphic design
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  • BernieSanders : Upvoted for effort but man this is a long butt post
  • 89wc : reportchads please tldr in report log
  • rDramaHistorian : ^ libs mad a movie called CP bombed.
  • BC : ^ nerds mad a movie called TCP bombed.
  • DickButtKiss : You told Harpo to beat me!! :marseycrying:
  • FourthAlt : I don't really remember, but I assume you deserved it
  • trainspotting : ^^ junkies mad a movie died after its OD

Movies haven't been doing well lately, to put it mildly, and lots of films that were supposed to have wide appeal failed to bring people at the cinema. The most famous ones being superheroes movies, whose main demographic is young white men. So, imagine the smug cooming if a movie made for black women would not only buck this trend but would also save cinema everywhere, proving once and for all that white men are useless and that diversity films are the way to the future... :marseycumplosion:

The dream came close with The Color Purple, a movie about suffering black women (and faith, but no one on the internet mentions this). It had a great start at the boxoffice, with really high critic and audience scores and a great opening day, so soys all over rejoiced :soyjackwow: Tbf for the movie, it seemed that it was genuinely liked by it's target audience, older religious black women, and had good sales during Christmas, but as soon as the religious fervour died down and the movie had to rely on the general audience for legs... it started dropping badly to put it mildly.

CP/TCP - The Color Purple

OW - Opening Week/Opening Weekend (mostly probably the later since the movie hasn't been out for a week yet)

OD - Opening Day

Early reactions before the movie was out in the theatres

Reddit :marseysnoo:

I understand WHY the movie industry keeps recycling old stuff, but I dont have to like it. And I will not be spending money on anything that absolutely does not need a remake. This film in particular does not need a remake.

this isn't a remake.

It's an adaptation of the stage play.

It's not a remake it's just a remake! :soyjaktantrum:

This is a lesbian movie

They better NOt brush off the lesbian aspect of the film.

Steven Spielberg chickened out when it came to the lesbian aspect of the book. He admitted it himself.

Apparently the main character of the book finds Jebus due to her lover, but the past movie ignored this and made them friends :marseypridepearlclutch:

Will it keep the lesbian elements from the book? Heard this is based on musical. Did that one have it?

Reddit is absolutely obsessed with this lmao :marseycoomer:

Why did they remake this? The original is FLAWLESS.

Even with the whole Spielberg brushing off lesbian aspects in his film version?

What about the lesbian s*x chud? :soyjakferal:

Just what everyone was looking for: A SASSY adaptation.

It's a current year movie about black women after all :marseykween:

This is the first masterpiece of many they plan on trying to shove a remake of down our throats...why is it black folks are always the test subjects for bullshit like this?

Uhhh with all the remakes and reboots that have happened in the past years I'm positive this isnt a race thing😂 black people are not the test subjects if this is one of the few remakes of black films in a sea of remakes of fantasy, horror films, etc.

Yeah, i said remake of a masterpiece

It being a masterpiece has not stopped decades of remakes of other masterpieces. This is no different. And at least it's a musical.

You also said black people being test subjects of remakes which is objectively untrue based on the decades of remakes.

The argument keeps going after this and moves on to what movies are actually masterpieces :marseylongpost2:

BOT :marseyreading:

....I guess it's a different enough approach to warrant a remake? I mean, in my opinion, a remake is wholly unnecessary if the point of its conception is to just do the same movie over again with not more than a few differences and that fails to improve on the original in any major way possible (or doesn't even try to). If you can make a different, arguably superior narrative out of the same plot (or even if it's the same movie but done better in every way), then it dodges being pointless and lives up to what remakes should be all about. This being a musical will likely give it a wholly different vibe from the original, which was a bit of a somber/sentimental drama. If it doesn't work... whatever, at least they did a remake that wasn't a stupid idea for once. So, while I'm sure everyone will complain about this being another unwanted remake, let's stop for a moment and think that maybe this one doesn't sound so dumb after all when you consider that it will actually stray away from the original in the way that it tells its story. Both will stand on their own, even if it turns out that the measurement of quality between the two is lopsided. And The Color Purple wasn't even a perfect movie anyway, so there's room for improvement... it's not like this is The Godfather.

4th comment of the thread, a good start :marseylongpost:

What part of "Film of the Tony winning Musical" did you not read?

C'mon, man. You've legit just made the same (very condescending) post three times. Use the multiquote button or just make the post once.

Movie was just announced and BOT users are already attacking each other over it :marseylaugh:

Yeah this will be a big hit. Look at that cast and everybody loved the original.

The cast is some literally whos and the black mermaid :marseyflushzoom: Oh and Oprah is a producer or something if anyone still cares about her

This is really going to be big. Press tour is going to be crazy.

Same person... this thread has like 7 pages in total and most mildly popular movies go into at least the 20s, so there were already some signs pointing to the future disaster...

A grand opening and a great success! :marseyhope:

Reddit :soysnoo:

Here's a whole comment section where redditors jerk themselves raw over this movie potentially getting a perfect score :marseysoyhype:

(Again, tbf it did get a really good score, an A. Problem was the movie's niche audience - black women were the only ones who watched on the same day and gave the movie a great score but the general audience who came later was less impressed. Which is also why the movie has both a mixed and a really good reception. It's also why word of mouth isn't going to save it. It would have been a hit on a smaller budget but Hollywood must Hollywood I guess :marseyshrug: )

Lol only on Reddit would anime be used to explain the lineage of A Color Purple.


Finally Halle Bailey is in a movie that won't let down her talent.

this is her first WB movie but the fact she can sing, write her own music, write music for a film, act, & has gp appeal is something getting more rare and rare nowadays. i'm rooting for her to get a good push in 2024-2026, WB or Disney need to make her huge. she's definitely one of the newer celebrities to deserve it.

Redditors are still simping hard for BLM :pepesimp:

It's a niche movie IMO

Just say it's a black movie. My grandma and grandpop and all of their church folks will be taking off their Sunday hats and rushing to the theaters to see this. I'm tired of people using “niche” to diminish the black dollar. We're coming out and we're going to make it a hit. Period.

It's a black movie with a not advertised but significant L plot ...

Opens strong but has no legs after Sunday

What a plausible wet dream for you, for obvious reasons. I would block, but I appreciate you're not hiding your micro aggressions and are at least openly an L and an R.

No, we'll make it a hit you'll see! :marseysoycrytremble:

It seems whoever was saying the movie was getting mixed reception was lying because it's at 88% right now off 34 reviews. The top critics scores is 95%. And the average score is 7.3/10.

The word on mixed reception starting coming in after the incredibly huge presales so now I'm wondering if that was just the wishful thinking from some people who were being downers.

Sometimes it pays to be patient :marseythumbsup:

White straight middle-class dude from the suburbs here. After all the curveballs that the 2020s have thrown us, I find the history of the blues, jazz, and early rock and roll (which saw a lot of LGBT, poor, handicapped, and/or racial minorities find their voices) to be very inspiring in the face of all the "-isms" of the early 20th century as well as the resurgent racism, classism, and ultranationalism we have today.

As a white man I really love black people, so inspiring and brave! :marseyjerkoffsmile:

I'm honestly surprised that All Audience rating is not in the potty since I expected the film to suffer from severe review bombings simply because Halle Bailey is in the film.

People really need to stop overestimating how much internet shit spills over in the real world, this is a bubble and nobody outside of it cares.

:marseyhesright: Movies don't flop because some internet weirdos are enraged, they flop if their whole audience is disinterested, but it's easier to blame a few annoying neurodivergents than face reality.

Whats wrong with Halle Bailey?

Same old argument about the Black Mermaid, if you're feeling nostalgic go read it :marseylion3:

A musical about misery and a lesbian lead, who would thought the public would eat this up?

I've noticed a few users here trying to downplay it for this reason lol.

Can't have a gay musical with a black led cast winning the holidays

Well the public is apparently not eating it up :marseyshrug:

Watched the original don't need to watch a remake so everyone can suddenly forget what kind of horrible fake person Oprah became and is so hard pass

True, chuds need to remember that Oprah is still cancelled :marseyagree:

You know, I think the juxtaposition of the musical numbers against the unrelenting horror of Celie's life was actually a great way to get an audience to experience the dissonance that comes with being a Black woman. Life can be as horrible as it is joyous and often times very close together, occasionally even simultaneously.

Yes! This is well said.

Only black women can feel such deep emotions and recover from them, truly magical creatures :marseysoypoint2:

It's very odd to try to figure out how they choose to balance the shocking, raw traumas from the book with the hopeful, upbeat tones….without also including the storyline of exactly how Shug shows Celie a whole new side of life

The movie is about a black woman who gets repeatedly r*ped by her father and then forced to give birth to the resulting children and who later discovers Jeebus and heals. Clearly the movie isn't deep enough if the two main protagonists are just being friends and helping each other get over their trauma or whatever, they MUST lick each other's coochies too :marseycoomer3:

BOT :marseyakshually:

Holy shit at the reactions frommlast night premiere. This will be big.

Same guy from before, unfortunately tulpa'ing this movie's success into existence is not possible :marseypearlclutch2:

(there are also critics reactions on the same page and they are all impressed :soyjackwow:)

Would not be shocked if this outgrosed Aquaman and Wonka based on ticket sells for all 3 movies

It will not in fact outgross Wonka :marseydance:

Sorry I'm a bit out of the loop on this one. What is this movie again and why it seems so popular?

This is what happens when you only pay attention to "geek" movies and geek actors...... Soer of shocked this explanation was necessary.

Kinda shocked that some poster on an international forum doesn't know all the random art slops featuring a minority group that culturally exists only in America, what gives? :marseymutt2:

it's up to 66 for Metacrtic with 9 reviews , if it's stay around this number , he could be good because Wonka has 66 and he has a 85% on RT so it's be enough for a boost

So this movie beating up Wonka is BOT's cope of choice for some reason. I guess they have some vaguely overlapping audiences since they are both musicals but still, one is a family friendly colorful adventure and the other is about a lesbian r*ped by her father :marseyhmmm:

The way this industry treats Black people, especially Black women, is so terrible. Groomers, cult members, and abusers can go so much farther with less talent and less success if they're male and white.

This is so facts. Like after Empire, she should have been in everything, but her team was like "no" because?????????????????????

This generally happens only if the actor is too difficult to work with :marseyshrug:

Yeah, she deserves better. Uncle Sam is a little b-word and needs to stop taking 50% of what we make. I remember people were also going after Margot Robbie because she dared to make money from Barbie. People just assumed she kept all that.

Wow, I wonder why rich people are demonized on the internet, like what started it? Also why are taxes on large profits so high, I can't figure it out! :marseyretard2:

Her issue isn't Uncle Sam or splitting costs with her team, she's done many interviews about this, her main issue is that black actresses don't make the same amount as their white counterparts and despite being an Emmy and Oscar nominee she still has to audition, for example she had to audition and fight for this role in The Color Purple. Most of her white counterparts get offered roles, they dont have to stay on the audition circuit. She also said she had to fight for Danielle and Fantasia's team to ask for a fair amount from the studio.

White actors are all getting roles without even looking for them unlike strong black wahmen who have to go to auditions and shit :marseypearlclutch2:

You guys are not prepared for the enormous hit that Color Purple will be. I would not be shocked if it got $25 million on Christmas Day.

Oh, sounds interesting... :marseysmug2:

Too early to say but I expect a post Xmas collapse and Color Purple to mainly exploit that. I don't think Aquaman is going over Black Adam.

Too bad The Color Purple will also collapse after Christmas :marseysmirk2:

Ehhh TCP and Aquaman have two different target audiences. I don't think one will exploit the other

Casuals that would otherwise go to Aquaman by default will go to TCP. I realize those aren't Aquaman's core but so few people care about a superhero movie that's already dead that it will get hurt by ANY competition.

I'm sorry but looking at Aquaman's target audience, I don't expect a bunch of 18-24 year old white guys to choose TCP default over Aquaman 2.

Oh yeah, Color Purple is such a wide pleasing blockbuster, everyone will want to see it :marseyeyeroll:

TCP 16M ish. Very low walkups.

Remember the user above that predicted a $25m opening day, now they are talking about $16m

There's no way it does only $16M. Nearly every showing in my area is like 80-90% full with even a few sellouts.

i mean your local area isn't necessarily representative of all of USA and CAN

Reality starts to sink in :marseyworried:

Can't wait for people to pretend that this number is bad actually. Totally not gonna be obnoxious and irritating no siree

Too bad that number wasn't higher, it's not like it's making much money now :marseyviewerstare:

Okay but even multiple people on this forum have reported similar things regarding this movie. Don't get me wrong, $16M is still a good number, especially for a film of this kind, but I expected closer to $20M, especially after watching walkups help Aquabro and Migration exceed projections.

Those are movies you can actually watch on Christmas tho

Color Purple would still have to have historically bad holiday legs to miss 100. Think it ends somewhere between 120-150.

.... did anyone suggest it wouldn't get to $100 m dom?

A couple people in the tracking thread did this week. But there's been some fairly odd rhetoric about it in that thread that isn't reflective of the general opinion of the boards, for sure.

Those definitely are out of touch. TCP got to be some fanboys superhero movie to have that terrible legs. But it is not, TCP is a freaking Oscar player that opened during award season. That alone can give you some Oscar bump.

If the wolf of Wall Street get 100m with just 9.2m OD, and a freaking C+ cinemascore, TCP should get there with an eyes closed. It is 95% rated by audience which should at least translate to A cinemascore.

Stop predicting numbers in bad faith chud :marseyindignant:

It's fair to say that a $16 million OD Christmas movie missing $100m dom is unprecedented.


There is 0% chance TCP misses 100M with a 16M+ OD.

Never say never! :marseyyes:

the color purple is about to be a WOM storm we haven't seen maybe all year. i went in knowing it would good but fantasia is fricking unreal in this. haven't seen a crowd this engaged in a very long time at the theaters. if OD really is 16, i think this has a shot at around 200+ domestic.

The WOM was good, unfortunately middle aged black women isn't exactly a large demographic

Just to be clear I never said TCP is gonna miss 100, I am just saying it is possible.

I gotta be honest, I don't get why you'd even bring this up before Cinemascore was up.

To be fair, he only mentioned that in this thread after another member said it was impossible TCP wouldn't reach 100M DOM. So, you should complaint to that member for bringing this up before Cinemascore was up.

The quote Charlie specifically made was in response to Clay's reasonable explanation that it was to pre-emptively shut up people who've been weird in the tracking thread, who Charlie proceeded to defend and then say it could miss 100 without any sign of that.

Clay may want to prevent a weird discussion, but he is just opening the door to that discussion by bringing up that topic. Charlie was only answering him with his own analysis.

Honestly, I just don't understand why you tried to call Charlie out for his answer. Maybe you don't like Charlie's analysis that TCP reaching 100M DOM isn't absolutely certain, but he didn't bring the topic out of nowhere on this thread (as Clay bring the topic first).

I explained it about as good as I can that deciding to defend those types of posts in the thread and genuinely try to argue that missing 100 million was doable pre-Cinemascore (Which a bunch of other people called out and agreed was just weird) is odd.

No, only positivity for black woman movie! :soyjaktantrum:

TCP Broadway musical reached 1500 performances (original + revival). I don't think you can make that only with a black audience. I think there Is a space to have WOM upon others targets too.

True, broadway musicals are a really good predictor for the general audience and not at all a nice and unironically privileged hobby

If it does follow the same path as The Woman King, then that is still $180,000,000+ in America

TCP's OD being on christmas throws that comp out of wack, though I'm still hoping it can reach that.

Then why bring up The Woman King in the first place? If it follows Dreamgirls, then it still gets to that number.

Not sure what's so hard to get...

I answered the poster by stating that while the best outcome would be for the film to break out to other demos, that's not a guarantee, and Woman King is a recent example of a film with excellent reviews and audience reception that still didn't manage to draw more demos to it

Of course that doesn't mean TCP will go that way, and Dreamgirls is an example of the opposite - all I said was that being excessively skewing to one demo is not necessarily a good thing, because it's possible those other demos just never come throug

And if the same percentage stays consistent for The Color Purple as it did for The Woman King, then it still gets to $180,000,000+. So, what is so hard to get about that?

Ok...let's try this one again. Yes, Woman King did do 10x its OD, but its OD was a regular friday, not christmas day, which boosts business considerably...

Why bring up The Woman King if the conditions are as disparate as you say? That just appears to be daft on your part then

I don't really get if you don't get my point or you're just trying to get some weird gotcha moment on me

This isn't some sort of projection on the legs, merely a statement that there is no guarantee of a film breaking out of its demo into spectacular legs regardless of reviews and reception

TWK had spectacular reviews from both critics and audience with a much-coveted A+ cinemascore, but ended up having rather normal legs


The sudden crash and burn :marseycry:

The movie was a star for a total of one day, immediately after Christmas it started dropping hard. Most posts here are after Color Purple had 2 massive drops, and in less than a week it dropped 80% from it's opening day - an absolutely horrendous performance. Today most movies had a mostly flat performance, even Aquaman dropped only 3% since yesterday, The Color Purple? 15%. Obviously, all good mood turned into crying and coping.

Reddit :soysnooseethe:

I don't understand why so many had big hopes for this. 1, barely seen any promotions on this and 2, it's a very niche musical, it's a musical right? Maybe 150ww, but I also have no clue for how much this genre can make.

Oh, you know exactly why :marseysmug3:

The African-American story portrayed here doesn't resonate/interest people outside of America

At least some people are reasonable... :marseyclapping:

"A movie aimed at the adults performs worse when adults at work" - wow, seriously?

Some less so :marseylaughpoundfist:

Everyone went back to work. How much money do you realistically expect it to make on a Tuesday? I imagine more people are waiting until the weekend

This seems to be the chosen cope among redditors :marseycope:

If we lived in a world where films 'need' to be for everyone, we'd only ever have superhero movies.

If you're demographic is that narrow maybe think twice before approving a hundred million budget

Depends on streaming deals, tax credits and other such factors. Each episode of House of the Dragon cost $20mil for a $200mil budget and it's not going to make a single ticket sale.

Big budget films should be criticized but I don't think spending $100mil for a prestige piece is a bad business decision, it just won't be frontloaded with cash.

Ah, this "argument" again. The budget may very well have done more on its own as an investment vehicle or invested in a different film - aka an opportunity cost. I'm not sure how much it'll do on VOD either because it is burning out its demand.

I think it's more than fair to say that this performance is not good.

This is the exact same argument you'll hear about The Woman King, which also flopped, even if /r/boxoffice refuses to admit it even today :marseysmug2:

This was always going to be a niche film. It's not appropriate for children, honestly I think the subject matter is best for 18+. It's mostly going to appeal to women and probably older women (35+) If anyone is unfamiliar with the story, I would recommend starting with the book. At least read the Wiki plot

This comment speaks volume about Reddit demo. "Older women" cut off point = 35 years old? When I think about "older women" it's 50+, and they're reading airport romance.

hate to break it to you but the classic Hollywood demo cutoff of young vs. old is age 25 (four quadrant system)

Redditor knows nothing about how film business works yet still takes time to write angry messages about various -isms :marseymanysuchcases:

Honestly this Reddit is a bunch of yt cis het dudes stuck in 1999. I saw a comment speaking about how this movie was gonna flop due to it being “political”

a VERY limited lens and view on the world my friend. Especially when OP said a movie would only appeal to a specific gender when the movie appeals to a mass community rather.

That's why the movie is a blockbuster right?

Exactly, 2nd highest Christmas Day opening ever, it's amazing!

Still not looking good for a clean hit lol

Second moron joins the argument :marseysnoohug:

This doesn't bode well for the conversations about salary that have been surrounding this movie

Lmao don't let BOT hear this

Theaters are prohibitively expensive and this means target demos for this movie probably can't afford to go to a theater. Let's say you want to bring your family of four to see this brilliant film. That would be $100 around.

They can and they did. They just rushed to see it on Christmas. The problem is people outside of the demo doesn't care.

I disagree I think access to movie theaters in underserved areas is a real issue and is a part of why it doesn't have legs

this is a 6 year old article

This movie is flopping because of racist cinema deserts in the hood :marseysigh:

White people really don't care to see movies with non white people in it seems

As a non american I really don't care about black culture movies :marseyagree:

BOT :marseyangrygamer:

Jat was right about Color Purple missing 100 lol. Never should have brought it up!

This thing has a $90m budget, so below 100 would be a disaster. Even if it crosses 100 it would still be bad, since it needs to reach the $200m mark to start making profit. Even if the black audience and their allies will repeat view this movie, without the general and the international audience it doesn't have much chance to break even.

“X movie flopped so why aren't we talking about it as much as Marvels???” is by far the year's most annoying box-office meme. It's even been done with actual hits like Wonka.

It's also the only time people actually still talk about the Marvels.

Capeshitters are eternally seething :marseymanysuchcases:

(There's even an article about this phenomenon if anyone wants even more reading material:

Yikes to TCP. Is it because it's not really a family film and the primary demographic went back to work? The weekend will be the real test.

This movie better have really good legs among the black community otherwise it bombs :marseyakbar: But what are the chances of black men turning up en masse?

More like The Woman King, b/c it's not breaking out from 25+ Black women, no matter how good it, I was hoping that group would at least drag their families and friends, but that dragging seems limited (the 25 and under males number was a big warning sign that it was mom and grandma without the grandkids)...

Yeah, no young black man will want to see the story of a black woman rebuilding her life after giving birth to fer own brothers no matter what grandma says :marseyitsover:

2 musicals at once really did split the musical audience down the middle, b/c while Wonka is winning December, it's still not getting close to what some folks hoped for a big breakout.

Color Purple never stood a chance to overtake Wonka. Come on, it's the winter holidays, the most cheerful time of the year for most people, who would ruin their time with their family over yet another trauma porn movie? "Alright guys, we have three movie choices this year: watch an older family classic, watch a funny new movie like Wonka or... an incestuous black lesbian corrective r*pe movie :marseysmug: So which one will it be?"

Clearly that Oprah's Favorite Things connection helped really boost the numbers for The Color Purple out the gate. Given how much Broadway adaptations have struggled lately even $80-90M total isn't bad at all for it.

I-it's not a bad performance at all! Even if it's fricking budget is $90m :soycry:

oprah will tell her fans to buy it on digital/physical and it'll be okay in the long run. but yes, since it likely isn't making more than 150 million its a flop/bomb

Mother of all copes :marseylaughpoundfist:

These numbers may be what gets me to finally quit the boards. It just isn't any fun anymore.

Speak for yourself, seeing every movie collapse has been really entertaining :marseypopcorn:

Really sad about what's going on with TCP, white people aren't showing up for the movie at all even with such a high Cinemascore. Reminds me of The Woman King.

Mayos ruin yet another good thing! Mayocide now :marseymayogenocide:

The general audience is even more fragmented than before.

Unironically, casting a black lead was less controversial two decades ago than it is now :marseyagree:

Unless it's a superhero (BP, Spider-Verse) or supernatural horror-esque (Get Out), white people don't really show up for "Black" movies. Personally, TCP always seemed so distressing to the point where I didn't want to see it either.

White people will accept black actors in 'neutral genres' like action, superheroes and horror, but will avoid black actors in plots or stories that revolve around black lives and experiences :marseyagreefast:

Unfortunate about The Color Purple's post-Christmas Day results. It's getting the "Black trauma porn" allegations from social media (younger people) and the 1985 version got heat through the years for negative portrayals of Black men in particular. So that tracks with the attendance now being skewed so strongly to older Black women, the group least likely to have an issue with TCP conceptually.

Identity battles sure are less funny now, right? :marseyagreesuperspeed:

It's kinda hard for me to believe CP having more male appeal than Woman King

lets not go there


However, it's very sad how a Tony awarded musical based on a popular book can only interest one demographic (older black women). This box office performance will further prove that “black” movies can't have a wide appeal in the box office unless it's superhero or horror. Just sad all around.

Why do they keep bringing up that award like it matters? No one cares what awards musicals get. Also just because the musical got an award doesn't mean the movie is good :marseyannoyed:

the hold is so bad they have to call Obama for helps


:marseyzoomer: : Yes specific markets are unpredicyable and can carry a movie like how China carried Coco and SK Elemental. Moana's gonna flop if they dress her like a nun which is what they do with female superheroes, or if they digitally flatten her like they did with Halle Bailey. There's nothing wrong with sexy and whether it's objectification is in the eye of a beholder. Barbie, Taylor Swift, the Na'vi dress sexy/revealing and their movies were hits. The Marvels dressed like nuns yet even The Nun 2 made more money.

:marseynerd2: : Jesse what the heck are you talking about

:marseynerd: : Hop off the crack bro

:marseyzoomer: Girls have Moana themed bday parties to dress like her. Big reason why Frozen was such a hit is that girls loved to dress like Elsa cause that was so pretty. Nobody wants to dress like The Marvels yet Feige was bragging about discarding CM's sexier costumes in favor of...that thing. Then he multipled that thing whatever it is (potato sack?) by 3 and bombed worse than The Flash. No crack, just common sense. Look around, see how people dress and what they find pretty and put your characters in it. But fair enough, back to BO.

:marseysoylentgrin: I know you've been here for like years but are you permanently stuck at 14?

:marseysoyjak: You need to move on.

:marseysoyhype: After a suspension, our resident problematic fave is back in full force with all their pent-up anger.


:marseyjanny: I was about to move some posts around to make a new thread, but before I do that....yeah Valonqar please do not post sexist garbage like this. I truly doubt the world needs women to dress ultra super sexy and have giant chests in order to find success in the movies. And if that is the case, we have a bigger problem in our awful patricarchal society, and it's a pity that you are encouraging this.

Please keep your hand out of your pants, or greater repercussions will come your way. You're an adult, so act like one. I hate that I have to wake up to this utter trash and that I even have to explain that this type of garbage shouldn't be on the forum, but I guess I can't expect too much from some of you. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh well.

Saying hot women attract more viewers is sexist on BOT :marseysjw:

Major reason wonder women 1 was a smash hit is cause guys found gal Godot hot as heck in her outfit.

:marseyjanny: This goes for you too mister. We don't need this stuff on the forum. Period.

I mean people like looking at attractive actors look at Barbie who dress well...Ken and Barbie. People really liked how they looked. If Margot and gosling didn't look so attractive or dress so well i think it wouldn't have been as popular.

I feel like when people think it is weird I post on an online box office forum, this is what they're imagining.

That people watch movie for eye candy ?

There is an important difference between characters looking good and characters being hypersexualized. I'm not sure Hollywood (or some people in this forum) knows the difference.

:marseydemopped: Alright, about to move this into the Numbers/Data forum. But as a reminder once again to people, when I, or any other mod, ask you to stop something, you stop. No hesitation. No stammers. No ifs. No ands. No buts. No nothing. Please listen to the staff, or else more repercussions head your way. Thank you. :)

Come on guys, take me seriously for once : ) :marseytears:

Color Purple can still technically make money, but it will need very good sales over lots of weekends for it. If black women love this movie to the point where they will watch it repeatedly or it starts to gather audience from other demographics it will be relatively fine (considering that movies that actually make money are an exception now). This weekend will be decisive for it. Don't hold your breath tho :marseychartdowntrend:


If you have delulus still claiming that the Marvels wasn't the flop of the decade because its box office was higher than Oscar bait, you can bet your bottom dollar that Twits will have a field day about TCP.

Fun fact: The Marvel's Wikipedia article is currently protected because someone keep changing "the film became Box Office Bomb" to "the film is a Box Office Disappointment".


EFFORTPOST :marseyflagsouthafrica: Free State province Municipalities stop paying ESKOM taxes since 2006. [LOW-EFFORT]

(not the deleted Longpost :marseycry:)

Greetings Dramastrags

At some point in 2006, an unknown politician got the galaxy brained idea :marseybigbrain: to NOT pay ESKOM their dues for supplying his specific city district in the Free State, electricity. The reason was simple - he was a politician trying to cater to his poor as dirt base, and came up with the idea that he would lower taxes under his specific regime, and the shortfall would be cut directly from the payments meant for ESKOM, out of his municipal annual budget.

After all, electricity was one of the rights protected and guaranteed by the National Government and even limitedly guaranteed by the SA constitution. ESKOM would never dare to cut off electricity for the poorest of black township dwellers, no matter how much they raved and raved. The idea was simple. Promise constituents lower taxes than could not be realistically expected, while still providing the minimally required civil services. Cut shortfall from ESKOM payments. ESKOM high command cannot disable electricity without accusations of human rights abuse against their own citizens. Politician who created this debt retires, and fricks off without a worry. Then it's the next fool's problem. No really.

The next election, a new smartass promises the same bullshit of low taxes or not having to pay electricity bills under their regime, and the ESKOM debt keeps ballooning. The political competition in these townships with morals and braincells, aka the ones who do NOT promise that the townships won't have to pay zero electrical bills, have no chance to be voted into that municipality's command. And the ESKOM budget keeps ballooning, over and over.

Finally 15 years later, the Free State having already struggled with electricity demands, is one of the worst of the 9 provinces stuck under National Loadshedding Catastrophe.

Who the originator was of this tactic is now shrouded in myth, because so many politicians in the Free State copied this election tactic, that it became a fricking norm by the end of 2006.


In 2018 there was loadshedding before we truly had an understanding of it in the Tokologo and Nala municipalities. The two absolute worsts and most infamously corrupt municipal regions in the entire province. If the municipalities still failed to pay ESKOM, then from July 24 the power supply would be cut for 14 hours between 6am and 8pm. Basically ESKOM would have played hardball with the extremely indebted councils till they started paying what they owed.

=======(from article)

The municipalities entered into an agreement with Eskom on June 25, a day before they were supposed to have power supply cut off due to non-payment.

They had to pay a certain amount of money at the end of June and again on July 13, but then reneged on these agreements and only made some of the payments at the end of June. According to Phasiwe, they completely omitted the payment on July 13.

“Since they failed to pay, we have to withdraw that product for that particular period we mentioned,” he said.

“Let’s put it this way, the only way for them to get themselves out of this situation is if they come with a huge sum of money,” he said. Tokologo municipality owes R30-million.

“If they come with R5-million, we will not buy their story because we have already seen they are not in a position to honour the agreement.”

========(end of article)

And the poor citizens would be the ones paying for Nala's bullshit, can you imagine that?

To further shed light on the rot and reasons why modern ESKOM is in such a poor state, and how Loadshedding came to be, we only have to look at the Free State's insurmountable debt which had grew to such an extent, that they have started to be unable to even afford to pay the interest on these fricking loans.

"The top 10 defaulting municipalities owe Eskom R9.73-billion, and a parliamentary committee has resolved to meet with them to find out why they are not paying their debts."

The national government had to come down to the backwater of Free State just to ask our clowns why the frick they were not paying their dues.

==========(from article)

The standing committee on public accounts (Scopa) on Wednesday was briefed by Eskom, the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, the South African Local Government Association and National Treasury to find out what efforts are being made to address escalating municipal debt owed to Eskom.

Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza told Scopa that since the last meeting with the committee in March, debt had risen to R13.88-billion. Eskom previously told the committee on public enterprises in April that debt stood at R13.5-billion.

Over 12 months during the year 2017/18, municipal debt swelled by 40% or R4.16-billion :marseyscared::marseyscared::marseyscared: , said Eskom’s group executive of customer services Ayanda Noah.

The Free State, Mpumalanga and North West were among the worst offenders, while Gauteng and the Northern Cape also raised concern, according to Eskom’s submission to Parliament. The submission also revealed the top 10 defaulting municipalities.

========(end article)

The next list is basically boring detail, so feel free to skip, and ignore. I'm only including them just to demonstrate how fricking surgical our journ*lists are at identifyig the precise problem local governments, and to even be able to identify exactly how fricking much they owe to ESKOM, and yet nothing is done by our Provincial or National government to remove these parasites. This is what's meant when we say corruption is done openly in South Africa The top ten defaulting municipalities are:

1 - Maluti-A-Phofung in the Free State: (FREE STATE NUMBAH ONE B-WORD!!! :marseyparty::marseyparty::marseyparty:)

This municipality owes Eskom R2.8-billion. It has over 11 000 Eskom customers and no payment arrangements have been made with the power utility. A court process is still under way and until it has been concluded, applicants have to pay Eskom directly.

2 - Matjhabeng in the Free State: This municipality owes Eskom R1.8-billion. It has over 49 000 Eskom customers and there is a draft payment arrangement.

3 - eMalahleni in Mpumalanga: This municipality owes Eskom R1.6-billion and has over 117 000 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. A court interdict is currently stopping Eskom from interrupting power.

4 - Ngwathe in the Free State: This municipality owes Eskom R936-million and does not have Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement with the municipality which is being adhered to.

5 - Emfuleni in Gauteng: This municipality owes Eskom R606-million and has over 29 000 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement which is being adhered to.

6 - Govan Mbeki in Mpumalanga: This municipality owes Eskom R517-million and has over 6 600 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. The court will hear the matter on May 21 2018.

7 - Lekwa in Mpumalanga: This municipality owes Eskom R491-million and has over 6 400 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. There is a court interdict and customers have to pay Eskom directly.

8 - Thaba Chweu in Mpumalanga: This municipality owes Eskom R431-million and has over 61 300 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. There is currently a court interdict to prevent Eskom from interrupting power supply.

9 - Ditsobotla in the North West: This municipality owes Eskom R293-million and has over 43 000 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. There is a court interdict, ordering customers to pay Eskom directly.

10 - Naledi in the North West: This municipality owes Eskom R280-million and has over 17 500 Eskom customers. There is a payment arrangement but it is not being adhered to. The matter was set to go before the courts on May 16.

The point is these municipalities are SO CORRUPT, they make eskom look benign in comparison.

Just look at this magnificent INFOgraphic by the DailyMacerick:

Heey I've worked for these r-slurs in Matjhabeng!


The unpaid debt began to become so vast by 2018, in both the Free State and country as a whole, that ESKOM, could no longer afford all of the costs associated with generating electricity, such as buying coal, paying drivers, and maintaining Power Stations.

And the worst part was that these corrupt leaches who dominated in the local governments for the ANC would fight ESKOM every step of the way to not pay their fricking debts, or even the interest upon their debts.

Even as late as 2022, it's still continuing.

“Even in these trying times, Eskom is expected to provide electricity to these municipalities while maintaining its networks and paying for diesel to ensure security supply and meet demand. Municipal debt puts an immense burden on Eskom revenue stream which negatively affects service delivery, we urge both eskom and municipal customers to use electricity legally and to pay for all services when due,” says Makhetha.


The tax money owed to ESKOM by these indebted municipalities had to be forced out of them every step of the way via courts and external forces. It's the height of corruption.

They tried to bring ESKOM to the court that ESKOM cannot shut down elec as that would influence human rights of township dwellers negatively, and that that was the basis for them not having to pay - I'm not joking. They had to go to the Supreme court to determine that there was no legal basis for not paying their fricking electricity bill - on a national level LMOA.

ESKOM even went to the South African constitutional court to make it legal that it should not be compelled to provide Elektricity for non paying municipalities.

"We don't know why it is not paid over to Eskom." Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage:


It's because they literally steal everything not nailed down. They bloat their own salaries beyond what the standard is, and leave virtually nothing left for regular maintenance, or paying the monthly/annual municipal expenses. And it's open and blatant and absolutely fricking apparent. The steriyotype of municipal workers driving BMWs with black tinted-windows didn't come from nowhere. ANC municipal leaders, whom are nothing more than basic secretaries, driving across Free State potholes in their BMWs are the apex of the Free State shitshow. WHERE DID THEY GET THAT MONEY??

While low level workers don't even get their minimum pay

And they can't afford to do basic maintenance like pothole rehabilitation or fixing water pipes

=====(from article about Bloemwater)

The national Department of Water and Sanitation has acknowledged that Bloemwater has a budget shortfall of R377 million to address the maintenance backlog in Matjhabeng Local Municipality regarding water infrastructure.

In a written parliamentary reply to the Democratic Alliance (DA), the Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu, indicated that Bloemwater has allocated R25,2 million for the maintenance of infrastructure, whilst it needs R402 million to address the maintenance backlog.

Matjhabeng loses 56% of its water due to failing infrastructure, per year, amounting to R324 million worth of water lost, according to the latest Auditor General report.

The DA calls on the Premier, Mxolisi Dukwana, to include in his State of the Province Address tomorrow some indication of how the Free State provincial government will work with the national government to urgently address this slippery slope to ensure that Matjhabeng is not forced into a full-scale crisis soon. Residents of Riebeeckstad were without water for 7 weeks :soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::soycry::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa: recently and their water problems have still not completely been resolved.

========(End of article)

I was there in Riebeeckstad, I had to sleep over in town there for long distance farm work nearby, and I could not fricking shower for 7 weeks!!!!1111111 :marseyaaa::marseyaaa::marseyaaa:

Anyway that's uh all I got, I don't know how to end this one.


EFFORTPOST [EFFORTPOST] The Epilogue John Rabbit Hole - Red Dead 2 Drama

!zoomers !g*mers !effortposters How does a fanbase obsessed with detail take it when their precious character uses the wrong model? Not well.

NOTE: All thinks to the drama will be provided at the bottom of the page, which will include screenshots of what those people are made about, to make it more convenient to find whatever I cite or quote


Red Dead Redemption II is the 2018 prequel to the 2010 cowboy game Red Dead Redemption. A famous element of the games is when you beat the main campaign your playable character is permanently killed off and you play the rest of the game as another, supporting character from the story. In Red Dead 1 your main character, John Marston, is replaced by his son Jack with a three year time skip. In RDR2 being a prequel your main character is replaced by John Marston in an eight year time skip

With an ambitious element such as this a lot of resources goes into providing a shocking twist to the player. New animations, models and voice lines have to be made with this in mind because it being an open world game there are side missions that still have to be playable once the game is complete, and in the case of RDR2 the playable epilogue is essentially its own eight hour campaign. The original game didnt have much it needed to replace in comparison, essentially just have Jack’s VA do some line reads, but the second game has thousands of hidden secrets as well as in depth character customization down to dynamic beard and hair growth that had to be remade or adjusted for this new character. However, the developer’s clever workarounds to give the player as much playable features in the transfer has led to the most obscure tantrums I’ve ever seen a pocket of a fanbase experience

Chapter 1 - rDead rDemption

So to understand the reactions I will show you first I will answer: what is wrong with John Marston in the second game? It depends on which version of the game you have, if you are playing on an unpatched physical copy you have the definitive version of Epilogue John Marston on consoles and the people who decry the problems with him dont have as much to say negative about him. Aside from three different elements:

  • 1: John’s hair is a jet black recolor of Arthur Morgan’s, the playable protagonist for the first three quarters of the game. John’s hair in lore is a shaggier, messier do than Arthur’s and is more of a dark brown than a jet black

  • 2: John’s facial structure is different from both his pre-Epilogue younger self and his RDR1 older self. I will provide some screenshots

  • 3: His “Cowboy” outfit from RDR1, unlocked in the epilogue, has some inconsistencies with how it looks. Notably a white undershirt instead of a brown one

  • There are also general criticisms people have of John being light on details that Arthur has: like for example, Arthur has a different set of animations for various inclines while walking and the only nuanced animations John does have are reused from Arthur. John also uses the same vomit sounds as Arthur, his own vomit sounds are in the files but go unused

I have presented these three criticisms as unbiasedly as possible, just to show you what these people think of the best possible version of the character without mods. We can dispute these if we want but the point isn’t their validity just yet

However, over time the game being a modern AAA release got patches to address issues with the game, provide QoL improvements and add new content to its Online multiplayer sidemode. The unfortunate result of this is in the process of addressing various clipping issues with John’s model the devs took shortcuts to ensure hair, clothes and other elements wouldn’t break visually whilst pulling the Epilogue John model away from his lore accurate appearance. Within these patches the various new problems include:

  • 1: John’s model being resized and remade to be more of a copy of Arthur’s. John is meant to be a leaner man but in the newer versions his body is just Arthur’s with his face and textures pasted onto it

  • 2: A now more inaccurate rendition of his “Cowboy” outfit from RDR1, which you unlock within the epilogue. Most notably he now wears giant gloves and wide pants because the model has been resized to fit a more of an Arthur mold

  • 3: Changing his facial hair, notably lightening the mustache, and perhaps even giving John arthur’s cheekbones to prevent beard clipping

  • 4: Despite these attempts at fixing the issues within the day one Epilogue, there are reports that this further broke John from his clothes textures not working, him either using Arthur’s lines and animations or being treated like Arthur by NPCs on accident and finally even him no longer having working facial animation during gameplay: instead sporting a thousand yard stare outside of cutscenes

  • In addition to all of the problems mentioned in the pre-patch not being fixed

So all in all now that I’ve described these issues I will give my two cents: yea when you look at the vanilla version and the modded versions it does look better, I feel like in a game that let’s you play as two people there’s a novelty factor the player will want to experience with how the characters might be different in terms of gameplay and you will probably want them to look different when playing dress up. There’s also the lore argument, it does look a little weird to paste a skinny dude’s head on a buff guy’s body when the character never looked like the buff guy when he was an NPC. However, complaints like him having a jet black recolor of Arthur’s hair dont take into account that this was done so the player could customize John’s hair to the same degree as Arthur’s, and since John has darker hair than Arthur they simply recolored it to a full black as visual shorthand for “different hair”. The hair is fully customizable and while you cant get an exact match you can get close enough. There are also various other complaints where I honestly cant tell the difference, if you told me that vomit sound was Arthur’s I’d have to take your word for it. If you told me his eyes and cheeks were messed up on the unpatched version I’d have to squint really hard to notice. There’s also a case of when you remake a character for a new generation of graphics you tend to embellish or change details in order to make it look better, his cowboy outfit doesnt look exactly like his old PS3 look but it’s also an eight year gap in technology which means it would inevitably look different in some noticeable way. You can still tell it’s his one outfit the normies would know

Now if this was just the end of it, this wouldn’t be an rdrama post. Some fans have neurodivergentally nuanced gripes with a character model, so what you may say. We all have weird OCD, I get annoyed when Agent 47’s tie clips thru his jacket in Hitman. However, if the people who had these legitimate, albeit minor, gripes simply voiced them respectfully to whoever would listen and had some self awareness regarding it they’d remain unremarkable and obscure. Just a weird detail you read on a trivia site, “oh Epilogue John is inaccurate that’s kinda neat”

However, the Epilogue John critics are a very rare breed of autism…

These people go apeshit if you dont care!

Chapter 2 - Red Dead R-sluration

The Epilogue John community has their own website, Justice for John Marston. A bizarre name for a website considering the character’s fate involving him essentially committing suicide by cop, but this is deadass a whole butt website dedicated to some video game character’s hair and textures being wrong

There are videos which try to explain these situations too, but they also devolve into petty drama by doing respond videos to their own comments and multiple follow up videos discussing this incredibly simple-to-explain issue. At one point one of these guys says if you dont care or cant tell the difference youre not a real fan and are just excusing “laziness” on the dev’s parts

They have even spammed Rockstar’s twitter feeds in order to try to get Epilogue John fixed

There are multiple youtube channels and youtube hashtags that sprung up to support this gay movement, the channels go from general Red Dead vids to entice normies to then them alienating those normies by becoming dedicated to pooping on Rockstar and the game for not fixing Epilogue John, citing that not fixing him is due to corporate greed and there is only two avenues in business: fixing Epilogue John, or selling microtransactions. These two things cannot be done simultaneously, so therefore by ignoring this issue to these people the unpaid interns they are badgering on twitter and in the customer service tickets are planting the flag that they dont want to fix Epilogue John because that would lead to it being impossible to milk an online mode?

One channel even suggests that having John look different is false advertising and borderline criminal, even though playing as John was never a selling point

There are still, five years later, controversial reddit discussions on if Epilogue John matters or not to the point where the discourse shifts on the weekly from it being a big deal, to it being fine and then back again

And of course there are now mod projects to fix John Marston in the epilogue, which has done nothing to shut these people up. In fact, I will be a little contrarian and say the mods go too far and make him look too similar to his RDR1 or NPC self, depending on the mod. In the aim for nostalgic accuracy they end up making a character who should look significantly older/younger look way too similar to how he is pre-character development or how he is in a game with a completely different art style

Chapter 3 - Grand Theft Autism

Here's some choice quotes I've found when searching all this up

Man for a game that is touted for its detail in everything, the fact that horse balls got more attention than John Martston is really sad.

[I just can't understand why couldn't Rockstar, a multi-billionare triple A company with lots of studios, make something as simple as this ... the fact that you can't replicate one of your previous protagonist with better technology is outright insanity knowing what they're capable of.](

Sometimes I hate it when modders have to fix things that the community want the devs to fix it just shows that the community cares more about the game and the characters than the people who made the darn game but other than that it’s a really great mod

I can honestly see why most of John’s iconic outfit is different between RDR and RDR2, seeing that its a 4 year difference between the RDR2 Epilogue and the start of RDR, but did they really have to make the gloves the wrong size?

As much as I didn't mind John's appearance in the Epilogue (yes, call me a mad man), I think R* should take notes from this video. Not to fix John in RDR 2... no, they'll never do that, let's be honest with ourselves. But if the RDR 1 REMAKE TO RDR 2 ENGINE rumors are true... they can't frick this up. John NEEDS his OG look upscaled in today's graphics. Epilogue John won't be acceptable. Thank you for making this video and putting this lovely music in it as well ❤👍🏻

Uninstall and reinstall the game without updating and just play on 1.00. Johns shoulders look better his face looks better and his clothes look less like trash bags.

The devs are working on gta 6 rn so hopefully when its done they will continue working on rdr2

I don't wanna destroy your dreams or anything, but even if somehow for some reason they came back to RDR2, I don't really think they'd give a crap about fixing Michael Jackson, I MEAN! pretty boy John Morgan. Not only would they have to make a full-on accurate John face model, but they would also have to make a different hairstyle, different hair growth, body build structure, clothes refitting, etc. Plus, the people who care about this are such an obscure and mostly unknown part of the community I don't really think they'd spend time, money and effort just to satisfy what's essentially a minority.


New Version suck: graphics, random events that got deleted, performance etc.

Don’t forget epilogue John looking exactly like Arthur

It's still annoying though that they didn't bother to fix John or add more content to RDR1's map through patches, like you said. They largely abandoned story mode after launch and only introduced more problems to it.

They kept patching fun glitches like the Bronte glitch (still works but they nerfed it massively) and completely abandoned some annoying ones like arthur's beard not connecting. Also they should have added some way to remove the NA sniper on your second playthrough or something after we complete epilogue 2 so that we get to experience the story the way they want us to and then do it however we like And I'm sure milking GTA online is more profitable but come on at least don't patch the good gitches 😂😂

They essentially abandoned this whole game after launch. This game got done dirty. If I had worked on this game for 10 years as a dev I’d be very upset right about now

he doesn't have his animations His volmiting sound is Arthur's He has no line for making the horse go faster His model is just Arthur 2.O His face His shoulders His body Arms Etc And his outfit is wrong

in not lying lol you just simply can't handle facts compare his epilouge body face hair etc to rdr1 and npc John

yes simpleton he doesn't look like the John from the first game neither does Abigail jack or uncle cry

Lmao rockstar should really just give us the facial expressions and stuff,even if they won’t give us the hair,what about the other stuff

Rockstar did this on purpose but not for story, they didn't do it so John can honor Arthur, they downgraded him with each update. And I don't think John's ears would lower, neck getting thicker, clothes looking goofy, broken animations, body looking like Arthur's, mustache getting bleached is not about honoring Arthur. They downgraded him in 1.00 too. You made a poor excuse to defend Rockstar.

Rockstar: you put like 8 years of effort on an amazing story and one of the best open worlds. Was it so hard to just put a little bit more effort on John? Seriously bro

Awesome video! One thing you forgot to mention is how on the recent version of the game John has Arthur's body and inflated gloves and pants cuffs. Never the less you earned a subscription

Why won't Rockstar let us play as the Chapter 1-6 John with his normal hair but instead we get John with Arthur's face model and Arthur's hair

The Epilogue would've benefitted from another delay to 2019 to finish up John's model, his unique side missions animations that were cut, removed cutscenes that made the editing feel abrupt and update RDR1's map to 1907. In the files, New Austin is marked 1899 as that's how it's supposed to look in the main story and why it's so different from the first game, they didn't have time to change it by the epilogue to look consistent with RDR1.

UGH this shows a clear lack of any desire to keep people who only play story mode happy. They are actively removing features and changing things to be worse than they were before. There are SOOOO many guns and clothes in online that should be in offline. I don't get it, they already made the models, right? The only reason to NOT add it into offline mode is so that you have to play online and probably buy gold bars in order to buy it online. Such a scummy company :( GTAV is the same. No single player DLC but hundreds of microtransactions and online only content. BOOOOO.

Am I the only one that really doesn't care about the hair?

maybe, idk, people want it because its iconic, its not just the hair people also want epilogue john to not look like arthur

Trust me, Red Dead redemption 1 is my favorite game of all time. And I still don't find the hair is being such a problem that mods are created to fix it

It’s not so much the hair it’s that epilogue John looks like Arthur, he literally uses Arthur’s body and head model that’s mainly what the mods fix, the hair and correct hair color are perks of the mod

They also decided that John should be a completely clueless dullard, who somehow lost his talents for Gunslinging, Brawling, heck, even social aptitude, and anything else of note that he possessed in RDR1. It's like he's a completely different person, instead of the steel-nerves, snappy wit and charm he displays in the first game. It's kind of disgusting what they did to a western icon. Thankfully, RDR2 is so inconsistent with the lore proceeding the events within, nothing from RDR can convince me it was ever canonical. That's their failing, not my own.

man discovers prequels include character development

Most of us did play the first game, That's why we can notice the major differences between John's RD1 game model and RD2 (epilogue) game model. During the first 5 chapters, John's design looks closer to RD1 than in the epilogue. the only difference is his youth. A lot of players noticed this and made mods on the PC to get a more RD1 accurate model by editing the younger John. Changes like darker brown hair, not the sludge grey of Rd2, and a slimmer jawline or smaller face and body frame like chapters 1 to 5 John. John in the epilogue is just a reskinned Arthur with a different face and hair colour But I assume that this was due to Rockstar not having enough time in development. They made a lot of cuts to the game in order to set an earlier release date. This would explain why John Morgan has the same body and skeletal structure as Arthur.. I hope I explained it well.

Arthur's broad shoulders, thick neck, overall more burly body - Arthur is a bigger dude than John. Also Arthur's hair and beard just recolored to black, even though they each have a completely different hair consistency. The differences are clear as day when you look at them side by side.

It's the most detailed game ever made, and they put a lot of effort into creating the most hidden details, and Rockstar didn't even work a little to make John Marston's original hair growable and put on his original body. His model is the same as Arthur's, with only John's face with Arthur's hair, and they didn't even make a vomit sound for John (when you make John throw up, you can hear Arthur's voice). That's why I don't like playing as John, I feel like playing a low-life version of Arthur Morgan instead of John Marston. Before the release of the game, I already knew that we would play John after the end of the game, but I wanted to see the same John Marston from the first game, but no... John Morgan.


Here's the links in question:

A comparison of John in the epilogue versus pre-Epilogue -

Comparison of modded John vs vanilla I believe -

A comparison of how John's facial animations look in the 1.00 version versus the patches -

Multiple posts arguing about if Epilogue John looks bad - - this one's my favorite thread it has it all

justice for john marston website and youtube videos -

The video made by the guy saying that Rockstar did false advertising -

the guy who made the video explaining the problems who then made a response to people saying it wasnt a big deal -

memes about the situation -

misc. videos complaining about the epilogue -

An article by Polygon about the debacle -

In conclusion, it’s been about two years since Red Dead’s last Story Mode patch and thus Rockstar have moved on to developing GTA VI and maybe even RDR3. However, these nerds show no sign of stopping. I’ve found new channels talking about this all the time and there are still videos as recent as a couple of months from these old channels which are still complaining about this. Godspeed to them, I see. Their autism is very entertaining


Sienna Wereham, 25, Austin Texas

Self-rated - 1.5/10

Personal Life:

  • From Montana

  • Lives with Boyfriend (Korean)

    • He pays rent, she "takes care of everything else"

    • Owes him money

    • 29, law student

    • He gets money from his family

    • Just finished his first year (2 more years then Bar)

  • Was doing pretty good this time last year but "then like I had a series of like um events come up and that kind of resulted in me using my credit card a lot more than what I normally would have been using"

    • Trying to focus on paying off her credit card but it's going slowly
  • No car, uses his car to drive to work

    • Lives close enough to law school he bikes there


  • Bond underwriting assistant

    • 23/hr, 37.5 hours per week (doesn't know yearly pay)

    • Was 40 hours they decreased this during covid?

    • Thinks about 42'000

    • recently hired as a full time employee (only 2 pay periods?)

      • 1'200 a paycheck?
    • 401k contribution is 3% (company match )

    • Contract to hire type thing, she is hired as of March?

      • Paid weekly as contract, biweekly as full timer?


  • timestamp

  • Personal trainer twice a week

    • Trying to lose weight

    • Virtual appointments since trainer moved from Austin to Chicago

    • Might be $55 an appointment, neither person says the price but that's what's on the venmo

  • Credit Card 1 timestamp

    • "Trying to pay off"

    • "I was paid weekly when I was a contract worker and I switched to biweekly as a full time employee so there was like a bit there where I umm uh I need to go to like the grocery store and stuff but I didn't have enough money to go to the grocery store"

      • DSP soundbite :marseyxd:
    • $3212 => Paid 271, Spent $1688, $91 interest => $4720

  • Student Loans

    • University of Hawaii at Hilo

      • No idea what this is and I probably heard it wrong timestamp

      • Wanted to go to Portland State but that was too expensive for her (50-60k)

    • 32'000

      • About a 400 minimum payment (5-6% interest)

      • Always been on deferment, graduated in 2021

  • Owes Boyfriend $1'800 timestamp

    • Had borrowed money to pay off her credit card that she'd used to make purchases when they first moved to Austin

    • Where'd he get this money from

      • "I can't share that" :marseydetective:
    • Gave her the money in August (they moved there in July) ($4'000)

    • After this money her credit card was $2'000

      • Boyfriend said not to pay him back initially because he wanted her to pay off the card, the card is now 4'720 :marseyxd:
    • Currently paying him $400 a month


  • Story time timestamp

    • "Yeah, so, about this time last year um I had about a thousand dollars in my savings account or twelve-hundred actually but then like I said earlier um there's like a series of like events that happened um"

    • Grandmother in Idaho had a health scare while Sienna was in Korea (boyfriend is from Korea) so flight costs, then spending money while she was visiting?

    • She and her boyfriend had nothing saved when moving into the Austin apartment after that?

      • Took on debt on spending to furnish apartment and groceries? A little uncertain, she backtracks on whether it's furnishings or just essentials

      • Boyfriend had just paid tuition so his account was pretty empty

    • Initial job when she moved to Austin was very stressful

      • Remote job, no friends in Austin, shopping was her only reason to go outside
  • Checking

    • $98 started => 1691 in, 1232 out => $557
  • Savings

    • $69.26 stated => 10 out for being below min, => 59.26

      • Two charges a half month apart each $5
    • Bank had increased minimum balance from 50 to 100 and she hadn't seen that notice?

      • Bank is up in North Dakota
  • Retirement account

    • $86
  • Robin Hood

    • $77 total in here
EFFORTPOST :marseyflagsouthafrica:University of Cape Town :marseyflagsouthafrica: yearly Israel vs Palestine Drama :marseyisrael::slapfight::slapfight::slapfight::marseyflagpalestine:

Greetings Dramatards! :marseyfluffy:

Ever heard of UCT (the University of Cape Town)? That's where I studied Land Surveying. And just like a rural redneck hick whom came from his backwards isolated tiny town, into the big turbo liberal city, did I also experience a plethora of batshit insane political grandstanding and sneeding regarding various subject, during my time studying there.

One which particularly brings back memories is the annual passive aggressive grandstanding between Palestinian and Israeli students every year in February during Orientation Week. In this Orientation Week, all the new 1st year students are shown the location of their Residencies, lecture localities, admin buildings, and all they need by 2nd to 4th year mentors and council members by the various faculties like Sciences, Engineering or Humanities. During that orientation week, the entire Upper Campus (the main section of the university where all the lecture halls are located) is filled with booths advertising all of the societies and clubs hosted by the university.

Among these organizations are extracurricular activities like Sports: Rugby, soccer, martial arts, swimming clubs. Then there's student churches for every conceivable religion. And even extreme activities like Hiking and Skiing club - in which UCT would be willing to sponsor you if you were a seasoned mountain climber or whatever. I think the only club I ever joined was the Hiking club and the chess club, in which the other chess players always pulverized me.

Among these Orientation Week booths advertising their clubs, were also political societies like student Political Parties for like the DA, ANC or EFF for example. Then there are obscure political societies for every nationality from foreign countries like below:

But the most drama inducing and earthshakingly screetch providers every year - was the Palestine vs Israel booths located opposite each other, over the main plaza, just called..... the Plaza, as located before the Jameson Hall. For since forever, as in before I arrived at UCT, these two politcal booths have been turbo nuclear drama generators, especially the very very liberal and activist Palestinian one.

Every single year, UCT Leadership had mandated that each booth be allowed equal say, and equal Plaza space to give their side of the story, to give their version of events of the never ending Palestine-Israel conflict. And the mere fact that UCT has even ALLOWED the israelites a booth and space on the Plaza, to give their side of events, have eternally caused turbo seeeeeth amongst the Muslim students of UCT and Cape Town.


Here's a facebook post from 2017 March which proudly showcases the pettiness of the Palestine Solidarity Forum. It's an absolutely PERFECT post - because it's a microcosm of the perpetual slapfight between SAUJS and the Palestine Solidarity Forum. Almost every second year they would pull their art walls and booths and Political posters into the middle of the Plaza, in direct insubordination of UCT leadership mandate (which states that both factions be afforded equal space and prominence), to show the MAN that they won't take NO for answer against racist Israel.

================"UCT Palestine Solidarity Forum’s mock Israel apartheid wall has been moved from the one side of Jameson (Marikana Memorial) Plaza into the centre of it.

We reject the setup of Plaza dictated to us by UCT management that stipulates that PSF be given one side of Plaza to present the Palestinian narrative, while SAUJS be given the other side of Plaza to present the Israeli narrative. This normalises the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is not an exercise of intellectual flexing. Nor is it an event of fantasy with no relation to the real world. There is a very clear power differential in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel is the oppressor, Palestine is the oppressed. Those who believe otherwise are misguided (or just plainly racist).

By placing the Palestinian narrative on one side of Plaza, and the Israeli narrative on the other, the setup of the space portrays both Israel and Palestine as equally responsible for the conflict. It suggests that the conflict is two-sided, and both Israel and Palestine hold moral legitimacy. It cannot be that students are deceived by this visual distortion of actual oppression. The fact that the oppressor is afforded such prominent space on Plaza is in itself deeply problematic. The fact that they are afforded an equal share of the space with the oppressed is unacceptable. Especially considering that SAUJS has refused PSF’s invitation to constructively debate on Thursday, we cannot allow that they freely propagate lies and hide the oppression of Palestinians behind their free coffee and food.

Lastly, SAUJS will undoubtedly complain about the wall being moved, and we will inevitably be disciplined by the university. We are unfazed by this.

But technically, we are only breaking the university’s rules governing IAW as much as SAUJS has already done. The IAW Code of Conduct stipulates that both PSF and SAUJS’ structures must be confined to an 8x8 zone on either side of Plaza. SAUJS’ tent measures 12x9 with its full extensions, and 9x7 without. UCT Health and Safety ruled that even though SAUJS’ tent extends outside of its allocated 8x8 zone, because its 9x7 tent fits within the square meterage of 64 squared metres, its one metre extension outside of their 8x8 zone is acceptable. Our structure measures significantly less than the amount by which SAUJS’ tent extends outside of their zone and its square meterage is a mere fraction of SAUJS’ tent. And so, if the square meterage of 64 metres squared is the relevant measurement, then we are entitled to have a structure on plaza with the dimensions of 64x1; and if SAUJS’ structure is allowed to take up some space out of their allocated zone, so too should our structure be allowed to take up an equal amount of space out of our allocated zone.

This is undoubtedly insignificant semantics and a fairly petty argument, but unfortunately it is the only language UCT understands. However, regardless of whether SAUJS’ tent extends out of its zone or not, it is always justified to centre the narrative of the oppressed, even if it breaks the rules." ====================== (from facebook post)

Yeah, you read that right, they are having a struggle session regarding the fricking precise dimensions the Jewlords are allowed to have their booth tents occupy. :marseylaughpoundfist::marseylaughpoundfist::marseylaughpoundfist:


But just in case you guys thought it was only Palistinards whom were overly dramatic, here's some statement from the SA Zionists this very year. To be fair, they did host actual Hamas members, be we've all seen the perpetual back and forth debates regarding redditors defining whether Hamas is actually a terror organization, so the point is moot, depending on who does the screaming.

The rest goes on and on about how our Jewlords are going to assblast the UCT Council with legal action, but the point remains here is that for like at least two decades, UCT has been completely stuck between the two groups of Palestinoids and Jewlords screaming IRL and online to the UCT leadership about how evil and terrible the other side is, and UCT has tried its very best to remain neutral on this issue, as there is like zero advantage to taking a side.

Back in 2021, when the entire reddit turned into a hate echo chamber against israel for like 2 months, when the regular 5 year spat between palestine and israel was frontpage never-ending news, and the violence at Gaza was at an all time high, UCT tweeted the following, preaching for peace and future solidarity for both sides. I'm mentioning this to demonstrate how very hard UCT has tried to be neutral regarding this toxic matter, even in the current era.

Lots of sneed in the comments from activists.


Additionally it should be mentioned that our Jewish friends on UCT Upper Campus tends to be at a distinct disadvantage regarding getting their voice heard. They are vastly outnumbered by their muslim peers, and leftwingers whom are notorious for supporting Palestine & Hamas, and reducing the astronomically complicated situation in which the Israelites and Palestinians find themselves today, into a reductive bellow about how modern Jewland is an Apartheid state.

To make matters even more of an uphill battle for the SAUJS - South African Union of Jewish Students - is that half of Cape Town's coloured population are muslims, this includes the proportional student body. And most ANC supporters tend to be left or left adjacent regarding these hot topics, so consequently many black students, if they even have an opinion regarding Israel, it's immediately negatively activated with speeches regarding Israeli Apartheid.

Most white students tend to be all over politically, but as usual leftwingers tend to be the most politically active, and have their voices heard much louder and often than their cucked right wing peers whom tend to keep their heads down.

The long boring point is that the Jewish students of UCT tend to be vastly outnumbered, and whenever the Pro-palestine faction does something physical like overwhelm the jewish faction, then it tens to be like a swarm of 500 people against a small itty bitty group of like 10-15 peeps. By this I don't claim that I know of that there has ever been violence on Upper Campus, BLM riots style, between the factions, but often the pro-Palestine faction would do stuff like interrupt speeches in hall given by prominent israelites or people giving their views on the matters regarding complex situation, and thus forcefully breaking up the debates or shouting down the poor outnumbered jewish cucks.

Can't exactly fight against this.

Here's a civil organization calling for boycott of Isreali goods imported to RSA. I mention this to show the metric shitload of people, even outside of UCT, which hold the pro-palistine and anti-jew views in Cape Town, and how much support the Palestine Solidarity Forum enjoys from the surrounding populace, compared to their jewish peers. This was in April this year.


Back in 2019 UCT had another drama hurricane when the UCT senate made a vote regarding the offciall boycott of Israel Academically - meaning that they would not recognize Israeli universities or something, I have no idea, it was something petty and insubstantial to make everyone grind their teeth in wingcuckery impotence.

What was significant was that "The proposal was received by the UCT council, having been passed by the senate with 62 in favour, 43 against and 10 abstentions. Despite this, the council has resolved to refer the matter back to senate". Thus caused turbo sneed amongst all of the muslim students, and a lot of peeps claimed that our Zionist Jewlords were paying off the UCT leadership.

Back in 2018 there was similar useless spats

A local church also cried for boycott of Israeli goods. Long Winded, the TLDR is that ANC and leftwingers don't like Israel. Back in 1940s to 1980s Israel was one of the few nations which supported the Union of South Africa, and both were unique pariahs thus both nations had a strange pariah relationship with each other. ANC still sore about that.

Way back in 2014 UCT leadership had a secret vote to decide on banning Jewish organizations.

========"At a closed-doors meeting last week, the University of Cape Town’s umbrella student organization adopted a proposal pushing for Boycott, Sanction, and Divest measures against Israel for all student-run organizations and events. University management must this week decide whether to adopt it. Jewish students fear their campus organization may be banned, and that they are in for a nightmarish period.

In line with the vituperative anti-Israel rhetoric sweeping South Africa since the start of Operation Protective Edge, the University of Cape Town Student Representative Council voted last Monday to adopt a resolution supporting BDS, declaring Israel an apartheid state, and calling for the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador."========


I include the following to show how the UCT and other RSA jew students view themselves, and how they feel when being opposed by organizations like Palestine Solidarity Forum.

=========Every year around the world, anti-Israel groups host an "Israel Apartheid Week," (IAW) a global campaign of hate that dehumanizes Israelis and often seeks to intimidate Jewish university students. This movement has significant momentum, specifically in South Africa, leaving local pro-Israel students with an overwhelmingly hostile campus climate. =========

Some super hot Jewess babes :marseymommymilkers::marseymommymilkers::marseymommymilkers:

====(from the article)

"In 2022, IAW was held March 21-28. StandWithUs is annually invited by the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) for the on-the-ground delegation to support Jewish students in South Africa during BDS’ Israel Apartheid Week. StandWithUs Israel Director of Partnerships Noa Raman led a delegation of Israelis from all backgrounds: Druze, Brazilian, Moroccan, and Jerusalemite Israeli. This delegation serves as the backbone of the pro-Israel campaign and was led by the South African Union of Jewish Students.

This was in contrast to the hate-filled campaign endorsed by BDS, an organization that calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, dialogue and healing that they choose to disrespect the rules wherever they could. Throughout the week they ripped down SAUJS posters, went behind the administrations back to deface SAUJS’s peaceful mural, and their most nasty action was painting a SAUJS t-shirt in “blood stained” paint.

Manipulative and despicable tactics of BDS are not new. The administration will handle such behavior accordingly. Meanwhile SAUJS and StandWithUs stood their ground and were not intimidated by such actions. The StandWithUs team launched an effective response for students on the ground; we organized an educated and trained team of Israeli delegates to mobilize pro-Israel students, help develop an effective educational campaign with tailored strategies and messaging, and engage hundreds of South African students during IAW. SA students will feel empowered to stand proud with their cultures, religions, identities and beliefs and push back against antisemitism. "============

Right sorry for the confusing and disjointed post, I didn't know how to organize these.:marseyretard2:


Hi, awesomesaucerz! :marseyspork: In Daddy's :marseycoomer: last few posts, he smashed racism :marseyhatecrime: by showing you what Michelle Obama :obamium: would look like as a Marsey, and told a story of a Groomercord :marseygroomer: language created to make mentally ill :marseymeds: twinks into anti-Nazi supersoldiers :marseysamhyde2: - and maybe find a sugar daddy :marseycoomer2: in the process!

Today, big sexy :marseygigachad: Daddy is going to be taking you through the wonderful world of Tabletop RPGs!

You may have heard of Dungeons :marseybussy: and Dragons? :marseydragonnewyear2#: Our protagonist for today has been kicked out of a cyberpunk epic :marseyneon: reskin of it for being a proud :marseypass: woman.

That event invites a whole cast of colorful :marseycolorblind: characters :marseyfemboy: :marseycoomer2: to pitch in. Just like Daddy invited himself into half of rdrama's ball holes :marseywinkbulbasaur:

Let daddy show you some exciting freaks :marseykink: and geeks :marseynotes:

"Kicked out for being FRICKING trans out of Cyberpunk FRICKING RED" :marseymad:


Why? The game's Grand Dragon had reasons that might surprise you.

"I must ask you to leave... Not because you're a :marseytrain2:, but because you wanted to be a gussoid."


Our first chud chimes in.

"Were you weird about it?"


"Trans people are inherently weird sweaty"

:marseypasstalking: :marseynails:



Another poster targets g*mers.


Another post hints at a deeper glimpse of the rabbit hole :marseytwerking:

"I also like to talk about my Medimarsey's :marseymeds: sexy cosplay during the game"

Based :marseybased: kinksister. :marseykink: Daddy relates to the latex maid :marseymaid: outfit so much. He is trans (and black :marseyblack2:) himself - fancies himself a bit of a teen bimbo :marseysexylibrar#ian: on occasion ;)


"This can make people uncomfortable."


:stoningdownvotes#: :stoningdownvotes#:

What have we learned?

In conclusion, tabletop roleplaying games can be a perfect outlet for kinky, :carpwhip: queer :marseymicrosoftpride: fun. Regenerate response. If anyone invites you to play Dungeons :marseyzeldalinkpast: and Dragons :marseydragon:, know that they might just want to open their dungeon :mariogoatse: to your dragon :marseypenis2!:.



On April 1, Revant Himatsingka, using the Instagram handle “Food Pharmer,” uploaded a minute-long video criticizing the Bournvita brand for misrepresenting the nutritional value of its product on its packaging.

Revant questioned whether the government should allow companies to mislead consumers with false claims. He argued that parents are encouraging their children to develop a lifelong sugar addiction by giving them such products at a young age. Revant also mocked the brand's catchphrase, “Taiyari jeet ki”, suggesting that it should be “Taiyari diabetes ki” instead.

Reports indicate that the now-deleted reel had 12 million views on Revant's Instagram page alone. The video was then widely shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, gaining support from users on all of these platforms.



Cadbury allegedly sent a legal notice to an Instagram influencer, Revant Himatsingka, following the widespread dissemination of his video criticising the promotion of Bournvita as a “health drink”. The influencer promptly removed the post from all of his social media accounts. In the video, Mr. Himatsingka accused the brand of “miscommunication” regarding the product's “nutritional value”, and derided the assertions made on the packaging. He even suggested that the brand's catchphrase “tayyari jeet ki” should be revised to “tayyari diabetes ki.”


Our scumbag megacorp even went so far as to say : ""On April 9th, 2023, Cadbury Bournvita responded to the criticism with a statement on their social media handle. The company clarified, saying “Bournvita contains nutrients namely Vitamin A, C, D, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Selenium which help build immunity. These have been part of our formulation for several years. We have always called out ‘Helps with the healthy functioning of the immune system' on the back of our pack for several years (even before the Covid-19 pandemic).”

The move also highlights the conflict between large packaged food companies and claims made by users of social media sites that via videos often probe the health benefits or sugar content of juices and other health products. As consumers become more conscious of what they consume—such content receives massive interest on social media.

The government is mulling guidelines that mandate that influencers reveal their qualifications before giving advice on health, according to a news report in the Business Standard.

In fact, India's top food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI is in the process of framing front-of-pack labelling for packaged food products in a bid to regulate their fat, sugar and salt content.

Finally the back lash go so big in Bharat news that a large indian Nutrition National Board came to his defence

"After a social media influencer who had spoken up about the amount of sugar in Bournvita was forced to remove his post when it went viral, food scientists and doctors are now slamming the brand and coming out in support of the influencer. Revant Himatsingka, who is known as FoodPharmer on Instagram where he has over 1.3 lakh followers, had shared an Instagram Reels calling out Cadbury for advertising Bournvita as a “health drink”, despite its high sugar content."

Scientists and doctors hit out:

Shashi Iyengar, a metabolic health coach, said that the concept of “health drinks” has been implanted in us from an early stage of life. Aggressive marketing, with celebrities pushing it, has given a magical aura around it and even he has taken these as a kid.

“Some punch lines used: ‘__ is the secret of my energy', 'Tyaari Jeet ki', ‘Strong bones. Strong muscles, Active brain', ‘Taller, stronger, sharper', ‘Immunity booster'. Do we really need these with tall unproven claims? A glass of full fat milk is better. We don't need these sugary junks,” he tweeted.

Eventually things go so serious another board pitched in:

Nutrition advocacy group pitches in:

Nutrition Advocacy in Public Interest (NAPi) — a national think-tank on nutrition — comprising independent experts in epidemiology, human nutrition, community nutrition, pediatrics, medical education, administration and management, has also come out in support of the influencer.

NAPi, in its statement, said that there is enough scientific evidence present in the public domain pertaining to the negative impact of increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) — which Bournvita falls under — on human health. This includes several chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and depression (non-communicable diseases).

“More than 60 percent of deaths that happen in India are due to non-communicable diseases and overconsumption of UPFs is attributed to be one of the major reasons,” said NAPi in a statement.

It further added that the aggressive marketing of UPFs drives the increasing consumption of UPFs, leading to unhealthy and unsustainable diets replacing real foods globally. India is rapidly rising in consumption of UPFs too.

Even government officials had taken notice, and Indian regulators stated on their twatter account they would enforce legislature to add transparency to content of sugary products

So yeah imagine some :chadsikh: influencer calling out your BS marketing to teenagers, and your backlash suddenly cascading into a controversy where actual Indian government officials get involved, all after 70 years of Cadbury corporate sleezebaggery and getting away with false advertizing :marseysmirk2: :marseysmirk2: :marseysmirk2:


Don't even need to sort by controversial, even all the top comments have zounds of :marseypearlclutch::marseypearlclutch::marseypearlclutch::marseyakshually::marseyakshually::marseyakshually:

As of this post: 8300 upvotes - 79% upvoted (in a sub where getting less than 95% is is working for it), and 17000! comments :marsoyhype::marsoyhype::marsoyhype::soyjakanimeglasses::soyjakanimeglasses::soyjakanimeglasses::marseysoyseethe::marseysoyseethe::marseysoyseethe:

1 - Eurotrash are becoming FAT :marseychonker2::marseychonkerfoid:

"Y’all Parisians got chubbiness on you. Not hating cause I like a little thiccy thicc chick, but surprised because of the shade they throw around about fat Americans."

Dear god redditards are :marseyyikes:

2 - Eurotrash smoke like steam engines :marseyjoint::marseygarfieldpipe::smoke::marseydoomer::marseypipe:

Eurotrash like giving their kids cancer

no u

Eurotrash as always are blind to their own societal vaults, unless an American leftwing talkshow host can smugly point it out to them

3 - Europeans are allergic to drinking tapwater, because they may accidentally drink their ancient ancestors ashes from the subterranean water pipes running through the underground sewers :marseysipping:

4 - Euros are cheapskates who need to charge tourists for using public bathrooms to break even in their annual budgets :marseyitsoverhappy::marseymuslimitsover::marseyitsoverhappy::marseymuslimitsover:

5 - Eurotrash are too cheap for Icecubes

I have no idea if this is true, but I'm going to pretend redditors are reliable narrators if it means i get to keep pooping on Europeans.

eurotrash like their beer and wine warm as piss :marseycalvin:

6 - Football vs Soccor naming arrogance :marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::marseyrage::pepereeeeee::pepereeeeee::pepereeeeee::pepereeeeee::pepereeeeee::pepereeeeee::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak::ragejak:

In southern Africa we call it soccer, above the equator is where basically everyone got colonized by the French, so they call it futbalz

Eurotrash cant even admit they become irrationally angry at a word like infantile children

7 - Eurotrash has the most toxic Football hooliganism on the planet.

"The fact that Europeans have to segregate home and away fans in stadiums with hordes of security and in some cases fencing should be embarrassing. When I was younger I thought it was cool but I’m now in my mid 30s and it’s ridiculous that adult fans of opposing teams can’t be trusted to sit together."

South Africans strike all the time, for very good reasons like they pay not keeping up with national inflation, to very stupid superfluous reasons like taxis burning down free Public Busses to miner towns, because they don't want to compete

But an absurd european cultural artifact is football hooliganism. It's not that africans or americans have never rioted or striked or made amok when their teams lost, or Soccor mommies and daddies didn't get into fistfights because their 5 year old got "unfairly" treated by the ref in the super serial child sport match, BUT euros take their lowest denominator inter-club rivalries to the absolute extreme.

Burning cities, tipping cars, assaulting women and children wearing different teams' sweaters. It's genuinely some of the most barbaric shit I've seen on TV, and I've personally seen the aftermath of a public necklacing before. If it was a once off event, it wouldn't be fair to categorize europeans like this, but football hooliganism riots happen so fricking frequently, multiple riots per fricking year good god.

8 - Eurotrash apparently like flies in their soup and drinks

When I first heard the rumour that one major difference between europe and africa was that european homes didn't have screendoors to keep away insects, I though it was just a bullshit urban legend, but I know for a fact after family visited the Vanilla Icecrean continent, that it's been corroborated. Some euros do have screendoors, but they are the exception, and are outnumbered by their african peers by factors of dozens to hundreds.

Some african front doors may not have screen doors, but virtually every single lower-middle class and up certainly have backyard screen doors, ESPECIALLY in the rural regions, where the large city populations haven't bugsprayed the local insect populations out of existence.

9 - Eurotrash are Europoors :marseybeggar:

everybody hates frogs

10 - And lastly the finale - Europeans don't like hearing that dwindling youth middleclass subsidizing their geriatric population is unsustainable :boomermonster::marseybib:

Very tough revolutionary picks in

Holy shit the fricking jannies mopped it

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