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google translate


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The Context

Epic originally sued Google on August 14, 2020 over the removal of Fortnite on the Google Play Store, which was less than 24 hours after its legal salvo against Apple for the same with iOS App Store. The Epic v. Google finally kicked off with a jury trial on November 6, 2023.

The month that followed was marked by a series of explosive revelations against Google, so darning that the judge presiding over the court case called Google out for, amongst other things, "...intentionally and systematically suppressing evidence". The verdict, handed down on December 12, found Google guilty of anticompetitive and monopolistic behavior.

Yesterday, Epic Games Store tweeted:

We're coming to iOS and Android!

Same fair terms, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone.

The Drama

The tweet is posted to /r/Android. There would be a lively discussion about competition, app commissions, and the quality of mobile games... right?

Can't see how this can be a bad thing, but people really seem to have a hateboner for epic

They removed Games from Steam to be exclusive on Epic Games. Greeting from Rocket League

[user A] Aka they offered Devs a good deal to continue developing their games.

[user B] Valve has more exclusives than any other store including any console.

[user C] So? Steam also has "exlusive" games... Valve and steam are the evil ones here.

[Well there are several factors, their exclusivity deals, their way of trying to be a good guy when they are after market share. The fact that more and more developers put their games into their engine. Tencent being one of the big owners.

There are many factors why you shouldnt cuddle with mr tim.](

That's just normal stuff isn't it? I don't understand why everybody is sucking off the clear market leader but hates on companies trying to compete. Steam would do all the same if they needed to but they don't have to. Not because their product is so much better but because of their early moved advantage. I mean steam UI looks like it's from 2008.

Probably a bunch of PC gaming nerds who hate on them for making good games exclusive to epic launcher as opposed to steam.

it's more to do with tim sweeny's lies and hypocrisy, but sure it's just the launchers.

Why can't we say anything about Epic, Sweeney or the EGS without people jumping at our throats defending them?

Doesn't mean that we like google or apple's practices either

it's a weird thing i've noticed where there's so much hate for something, eventually some amount of contrarians will always show up and defend it, even when there's very little to defend. honestly a little baffling.

What people are mad about is Tim Swiney calling Valve's Steam a monopoly while Valve has never forced a developer to be exclusive to Steam lmao.

Most games that were released only on the EGS died there and had to release on Steam after a year to make money and even then it was DOA (the latest Predator game)

The service steam provides is vastly superior to epic, all my friends are on steam, my games for the past 14 years are all on steam.

Valve is historically pro-consumer are innovate in the gaming space, Epic made a child's game super popular and now want a piece of the case, they haven't done anything ground breaking.


If anyone wonders why Google lowered the commission on apps from 30% to 15%, it wasn't out of the goodness of their heart. They knew this was coming and didn't want to be undercut by alternative app stores taking a small percentage.

At least Google never outright blocked third party app stores. Instead, made it easier for third party app stores to autoupdate apps.

Apple having to be forced to do this is the real lede.

Yeah instead Google just pretended to be an open platform whilst threatening OEMs and developers behind closed doors, so much better.

Exactly more competition is good for everyone

Sadly what timmy wants isn't competition and instead a walled monopoly

He managed to do it on PC by buying up third party exclusives and I bet will have an easier time on phones

Steam fanboys are a fricking weird breed.

How tf does Epic has a monopoly when Steam controls the majority of the market?

That's called competition. Are we mad about competition now and implying it's shady?


Great! More EGS exclusives /s

What exclusives? The only games that Steam has that are exclusive are developed by Valve themselves, publishers choose to be on steam because that's where the players are. Valve has never paid any developer or publisher for exclusivity on Steam.

You write these comments like it doesn't benefit the developer/publisher. God forbid a team of highly talented individuals have done the research and found out going with EPIC meant they can fund their next project etc.

All it means to you is you have to click a different icon on your desktop. Oh no.

EDIT: Why did I expect any rational, non selfish, thought in /Android


Might as well do it by white knighting themselves online

yelling "you fricking people" doesn't make you smart


most of the other Redditors were still in their daddy's balls




Official announcement by their r-slurred admins

Another LW thread

lemmy piracy thread


Some of the other hardcore offroading the Cybertruck os capable of


How times have changed. Imagine if all this technology just fails?


Hacker News discussion:

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  • Sphereserf3232 : Wait apex is a source game? :marseygasp:
  • BWC : Yes, but it runs on a very modified version of the Source Engine iirc

Respawn and EA have postponed the North American Finals in the wake of the “competitive integrity” of the game being compromised. This involved a wild situation where someone was giving the pros hacks like aimbots and wallhacks as they were playing in the Finals event, effectively ruining the entire thing without anyone actually attempting to cheat. Here's what that looked like (warning: language):

This has led to a mass of complaints about Apex's anti-cheat systems, which clearly failed in a massive way for this situation. But it also speaks to just how advanced cheats have become as this is a private lobby for pros playing in an esports final.

Not that this is necessarily related, but Respawn was just hit days ago with 23 layoffs including Apex Legends developers, some of whom were longtime veterans. Though if anything, this shows that EA needs to beef up Apex's security team to some extent as something like this requires all hands, or more hands, on deck than they currently have now, it seems.

Should have learned to code better :marseysmug2:

Easy Anti-Cheat's response- It wasn't me

Kiwis discuss


If you see this post, I was able to make this post on Ladybird Web Browser :marseybrave: lol

Breakthrough technology :marseyunabomberdevil:

With these upgrades, the monster :marseyzeldabokoblin: under :marseyhole: the bed never :marseyitsover: stood a chance.

ChatGPT goes crazy, tries to kill a user :marseyxd: :marseysweating: :marseysnappyenraged2:

Apparently other users were able to replicate this behavior


(Copilot is ChatGPT AFAIK)

The antichrist is rising.

Orange Site:

It's fricking over for codecels :capyitsdown:

  • Cognition Labs unveiled a new AI coding tool called Devin

  • Devin can take project requirements, look up documentation/Jeetcode, and try many different solutions in seconds

  • Currently, it's able to solve simple Jeetcode problems 13% of the time


Mark Rabin, a former software engineer, recalled one manager saying at an all-hands meeting that Boeing didn't need senior engineers because its products were mature.

the article is from five years ago, surely this didn't backfire on them :marseyclueless:


These all seems good right? well surprise, this startup did a little Oopsie.

This feels like a scam

like wtf? Look at their website....can't they use Devin to make a better one??? lol

Also if you go to the "preview" url it looks NOTHING like the video

(you could upload unlimited files before without logging in, they did a hotfix, se further down)


Are they running in dev mode? Not a react dev myself but i can see all their react components in the chrome debugger...


Why are they using to handle logins? If Devin is as amazing as they say im pretty sure building a simple login functionality should be trivial for it....

Heck it should even salt and hash the passwords right?


Ok maybe im reaching for straws here but if you inspect the DOM in the react debugger they have a prop called "afterSignInUrl", take one guess what the value of that prop is?



Ok i need to stop but it's just fascinating

They actually dont do ANYTHING themselfs

Analytics: Hotjar

Website: NextJS

Login: Clerk

Jobs: Ashby

Waitlist: Google docs (ROFL)

Learn more about their funding: A link to twitter

Their so called "Blog" isnt even an actual blog, it's literally a static page with hardcoded dates and entries....

Who are these people?


Aaaaaand i went to Linkedin and checked...

Yeaaaa i'm getting heavy vibes of:

"We were laid off and now we try to scam some investors for money while we think of a better plan"

FINAL UPDATE (im tired)

So they "fixed" the upload now. If you try to upload a file, it says {"detail":"Not logged in"}

Ok, so no id on the error, no timestamp, no metadata whatsoever. How are users supposed to send in an error report on this? How are you logging this?

And also...if you know if you aren't logged in WHY DON'T YOU JUST DISABLE THE UPLOAD BUTTON. You cant upload file, image or key without being logged in. This is driving me insane.

Some people have said in the comments that this is supposed to be the best 0.00001% developers in the world. And maybe i'm too stupid but this makes no sense me.

Another thing that's interesting is that there is no error on the GUI side. The spinner just keeps spinning meaning they don't have any form of error handling...nothing not even a small toast or notification or anything. No generic or specific error

Isnt this supposed to be in beta? Isn't there people using this? So if a user uploads a file, key whatever and something goes wrong....just...nothing?

I'm sorry but this just smells...bad



The Audi A3 is a survivor. The compact luxury car has been around in one form or another since 1996, and an updated version is coming to the US for the 2025 model year. But it's loaded with annoying in-car subscriptions.

At first glance, this new A3 looks a lot like the car it replaces. The hexagonal Singleframe grille—in line with Audi's latest designs—is its biggest change, joined by bigger air intakes at the base of the bumper, an Audi logo high on the nose, and refreshed LED and matrix LED headlights with four customizable daytime lighting signatures. The rear bumper design, inspired by the RS3, has a new LED taillight treatment, a black accent piece, and a mesh insert at the base.

Inside is where things get interesting. The same 10.1-inch touchscreen and 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster from last year carry over, but now you'll have to pay an in-car subscription fee for basic features like high-beam assist, dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, and smartphone integration.

Only by upgrading to the MMI navigation system do you get access to the app store. From there, Audi forces you into add-ons like adaptive cruise control or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a one-month, six-month, one-year, or three-year subscription. Or you can just purchase any of those features permanently—although Audi doesn't say for how much.

It should be noted that this subscriptions-for-features model applies to the European-spec A3. An Audi spokesperson declined to comment on whether these in-car subscriptions will also make it to the US when the car goes on sale for 2025.

Visually, the cabin looks mostly the same, but there are some subtle changes. The already-tiny gear shifter from the previous A3 is now slimmer and blends into the center console, new fabric inserts with lightning elements cover the door panels, and the decorative cabin lighting now has 30 color options.

Audi doesn't offer specifics on engines for the US market, but the base Audi A3 in Europe will come with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder mild-hybrid engine making 148 horsepower with either a seven-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission. A 35 TDI diesel model will have the same 148 hp, and a plug-in-hybrid model will be available at the end of the year.

Also for Europe is a nifty new trim called the A3 Allstreet. Meant to look like a crossover, the five-door hatchback comes with a matte black grille, front and rear grooves mimicking skid plates, and plastic trim around the wheel wells. The Allstreet is 1.2 inches higher than the standard A3 and has a softer ride. A set of 17-inch wheels come standard, but 18- and 19-inch shoes are also available.

Both the Allstreet and the standard A3 Sportback have 13.4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, with up to 42.4 cubes of space with the rear seats folded flat. An electric tailgate is available as an option.

Audi hasn't released A3 pricing for the US, but the Sportback starts at €35,650 (around $39,000) and the sedan is an extra €800 ($875). The funky new A3 Allstreet costs €37,450 ( $41,000).

!fellas !oldstrags you better hang on that shitbox.

Coverage of Vice's End | Private Equity In Shambles | Cory Doctorow Rides
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