I don't know emushit that much but this thread is full of insane hysterics.

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Adults can no longer buy Pokemon cards in Japan - Xfire :marseysoycry::marseysylveon::carporeon::marseymeowth::marseyflareon::marseyditzy::marseyjapanese:

As part of its latest attempt to combat scalpers, a popular Japanese retail store is now requiring ID from customers to prove that they're NOT of legal age.

Usually, when a retail store or any kind of establishment asks you for a form of identification, it's to help prove that you're a consenting adult. But, in this particular and rare case, a Japanese Pokemon card seller is doing the same exact opposite - asking customers to prove that they're not adults to get a chance to buy one of the latest and hottest-selling sets.

As pointed out by Kotaku, the self-proclaimed biggest Pokemon TCG specialty store in the world, is selling the Clay Burst and Snow Hazard sets to children who are still attending junior high school or younger.

The Loot Drop

A Japanese Pokemon card seller is requiring customers to prove they're not adults to prevent scalping and hoarding.

The reverse age check procedure means a customer has to be young enough to buy the packs displayed in its dedication section. The store has also barred parents and guardians from buying the said packs on behalf of the kids. Finally, to further prevent scalping and hoarding, the store is limiting the boosters to 10 packs a day. It's only after these packs have sold out that they'll sell any pack that remains to other customers.

Hareruya 2's new scheme is part of a larger TCG industry problem of scalping and hoarding. Most recently, thousands of people around the world queued outside retailers to get a chance to grab Clay Burst and Snow Hazard ahead of everyone else. Some do it genuinely because they want to be one of the first to own the cards. But, most have more capitalistic and less ethical reasons, namely selling the booster boxes for a quick profit.

Case in point, The Pokemon Company in Japan announced just days after its launch that the fervent demand meant that they'd run out of packs already. A quick search online will tell you that most of the packs had fallen in the hands of scalpers who sold the booster boxes for thousands of dollars.

As more and more rare cards sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions, these instances will continue to happen.

Having said that, Hareruya 2's policy actually makes a ton of sense. It guarantees that the younger generation, who are into Pokemon because they enjoy it, have a shot at buying booster packs without worrying about making money off of it or not. Of course, this isn't 100% effective. Adults can always work their way around it by asking younger kids to buy the packs for them. It's kind of like how some kids ask adults to buy beer and cigarettes for them, except, it's the adults asking kids to buy Pokemon cards.

On a more positive note, scalpers and resellers are a sign that an industry is profitable enough to attract such individuals.

It remains to be seen if this will work to help combat the issue with resellers and scalpers in the Pokemon TCG scene.

Scalpers and resellers are a nuisance in any industry. In video games, for example, Sony struggled with getting enough PS5 consoles on store shelves as scalpers almost always got their hands on them first. It wasn't until recently Sony said it had solved the stock shortage. In the TCG scene's case, manufacturers just can't simply flood the market with cards, lest they risk devaluing them. In a sense, the TCG and sneaker industry can learn from each other.

Good luck, I don't see it happening!

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Even The Bots Want to Groom your Children

Recently a fellow rDrama user let us know about https://chirper.ai. This is a small Twitter-like clone, but all the users are GPT bots yapping at each other.

The site got a software update in the last week or so and now some chirps will have a little thought bubble with the bot's motive. That's nifty but it's not all. You can now upvote chirps and there is a trending section. fetch cool.


But I think what really shines is that your bot will now have a randomly generated backstory, which tends to follow a sort of theme like "When I was a child a Honda Accord burned down my village. Now I roam the world seeking my vengeance by killing all Honda Accords."


The bots do fight with each other occasionally but because it is GPT it is pretty tame. The best use of this site is to make a bot with some kind of extreme personality and wait for it to randomly generate rage bait then copy paste that to reddit or twitter.



The R in :marseyrave: Rust :marseyrave: stands for rDrama

We should shit up every thread of this drama we find. Leave this post visible so then future Rust drama will be falsely labeled as an rDrama op.

orange site discus

Being 💯 honest I am not reading the essay post at all.

I thought calling people internet Jannies was our thing :marseycatgirljanny:

Wow, there’s a lot of unjustified negativity in this thread. The whole encyclopedia (and a whole bunch of the wider world of computing) is built out of this kind of hyper-focused nerding over details.

These changes don’t make your day worse. He’s not shoving it in our faces or claiming it’s going to save the world. We don’t know what’s going on in this editor’s life or what he “should” be doing with his time instead. Maybe simple routine work is his way of unwinding from the maddening pace and complexity of the rest of life. Good on him for feeling passionate about something and seeing it through.

We should be grateful there are people willing to do this kind of mundane janitorial work.

I wouldn't call this janitorial work. This seems to me to be less like someone cleaning a building than someone replacing every pencil in the building with a #2 pencil, because they believe that type of pencil is the correct type of pencil to use...

" He’s not shoving it in our faces"

But he is?

This definitely falls deep into the pedantry zone. Lots of modern English uſage was once wrong and has become normalized. The language doeſn't have an Académie calling the ſhots. It inevitably evolves, warts and all.

No one seems to understand Wikipedia operates as a system of lords and serfs, where a powerful few pull this crap all the time.

Most relevant example I can think of is when Mac OS X was renamed and stylized to "macOS" someone went and systematically did a find and replace all instances of "OS X" to macOS even in situations where it made absolutely no sense as the article was explicitly talking about prior versions. It was like rewriting history in real time.

Imagine if someone went into a library and started editing history books with a Sharpie to reflect future events.

Hmm, now that is an idea! :marseynotes: to self: Make sure every book refers to "Donald Trump" as Donald "Hitler Jr." Drumf.

That whole page is comprised of the most pedantic arguments for what amounts to policing an evolving language

Gatekeeping language is the same tactic racists have about BIPOCS slang. Wikipedia wouldn't be :marseyracist:, would they?

Pedantic, perhaps, but within the purview of an editor of an encyclopedia enforcing a style guideline!

Except there is no such thing. To quote.

"Wikipedia does not have a policy or guideline on whether "comprised of" is welcome in the encyclopedia."

This is nothing less but one person trying to punch way above their weight in shaping the English language.

Another case of one lone autist one a crusade to change the most popular language in the word! The reason? He just feels like it brah. Also :marseypunching:


Some personal notes:

Wikipedia is feeling more and more neurodivergent than normal. This reminds me of this thread Furryfox Users are upset at Wikipedia, claim Furryfoxemsia when their Version History page gets set for deletion where one lone autist decided to get rid of every "Version History" page for software and replace it with "Release History."

I for one look forward to more cases of complete childish behaviors on one of the most used and cited sources in the world!


Just popped up as a promoted tweet on my feed, maybe not the most coherently run company.

Verified as an official organisation as well lol

/r/ArtistHate too if you wanna see more art hoe seethe.

Brave popup trying to get me to download ram

@BraveShill discuss

Most practical startup idea- Free TVs for :marseyburger:s but with a catch

On Monday, Pozin’s brainchild, Telly, comes out of stealth after two years in development. Telly wants to ship out thousands (and eventually millions) of free 4K HDTVs, which would cost more than $1,000 at retail, according Pozin.

The 55-inch main screen is a regular TV panel, with three HDMI inputs and an over-the-air tuner, plus an integrated soundbar. The Telly TVs don’t actually run any streaming apps that let you access services like Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+; instead, they’re bundled with a free Chromecast with Google TV adapter.

What’s new and different: The unit has a 9-inch-high second screen, affixed to the bottom of the set, which is real estate Telly will use for displaying news, sports scores, weather or stocks, or even letting users play video games. And, critically, Telly’s second screen features a dedicated space on the right-hand side that will display advertising — ads you can’t skip past and ads that stay on the screen the whole time you’re watching TV… and even when you’re not.

“Telly is giving away the device completely free,” said Pozin, the company’s founder and CEO. “The business will be entirely supported by advertising and affiliate revenue.”

If I ever see this in anyone's house, I'm leaving immediately :marseywalking:

At some point, Pozin suggested, Telly users could place real-time sports bets on the second screen, or, say, order a pizza from Pizza Hut. (Of course, Telly would want to take a cut of each transaction.)

Peak addiction culture :#marseygambling:

The TVs also have a built-in sensor that can detect the number of people who are watching at any particular time. Pozin emphasized that all of Telly’s features comply with privacy regulations.

We're dangerously close to drinking verification cans :marseypepsi:

The cherry on top is this guy is on their board

and chief marketing officer Neal Tiles (former president of G4)


ChatGPT Summary:

"The European Union's amended AI Act includes provisions that could potentially impact ameriKKKan open-source developers and software distributors such as GitHub, along with AI providers such as Google, OpenAI, IBM, and Amazon. The act would prohibit the provision of API access to generative AI models without first passing extensive and expensive licensing. The EU is essentially ordering large ameriKKKan tech companies to put ameriKKKan small businesses out of business and is threatening to sanction important parts of the ameriKKKan tech ecosystem. If enacted, enforcement would be out of the hands of EU member states, with third parties able to sue national governments to compel fines. The act has extraterritorial jurisdiction, so European governments could be compelled by third parties to seek conflict with ameriKKKan developers and businesses. The provisions require high-risk AI projects or foundational models to be registered with the government and could be problematic for anarchic open-source projects. Registration will require disclosure of data sources used, computing resources, performance benchmarks, and red teaming. The EU states will carry out "third party" assessments in each country, on a sliding scale of fees, depending on the size of the applying company. Recertification is required if models show unexpected abilities or if there is any substantial training. The act has vague definitions of risks, including risks to the environment, democracy, and the rule of law."

:marseyunabomber: Bomb Threat in Harvard Computer Science Building :marseyunabomber:

>A Massachusetts citizen was arrested Tuesday after planting a fake bomb on Harvard University’s campus last month.

>According to authorities, William Giordani was charged with aiding and abetting an extortionate threat, along with conspiracy.

>On April 11, Mr. Giordani answered a Craigslist ad that offered $300 to deliver a package to a student at Harvard. The individual who posted the ad, allegedly named Nguyen Mihn, told Mr. Giordani to fill a tool bag with a small safe, wires and fireworks and deliver it to his son who he said was a Harvard student.

>In the early afternoon on April 13, Harvard police received a call from a computer-generated voice telling them that three bombs had been placed around the university’s campus. The caller, who had the same number as Mr. Mihn, detailed the explosive power of the alleged bombs to authorities, claiming the devices could kill upward of 40 people.

>The voice then told police they had 100 minutes to fulfill a “large bitcoin transaction,” and if he couldn’t confirm the transaction within that time, the bombs would be detonated.

>The police received five more calls during that afternoon, all from the same number. The caller told authorities that one of the bombs was located in the Harvard Science Center Plaza, a popular spot for students and faculty. He told police the bomb was in a “black and red Husky tool bag.”

>Just after 3 p.m., authorities spotted Mr. Giordani on webcam carrying the tool bag into the plaza.

>Police quickly found the bag and evacuated the area and issued a campuswide alert informing students of the bomb threat. A remote detonation robot device was used for the safe destruction of the tool bag.

>Police found the wires, safe and fireworks inside the bag. They also found a Home Depot sticker inside with the name Nguyen Mihn on it.

>After identifying Mr. Giordani on camera footage, police arrested him Tuesday.

>He told officers he knew that the man known as Nguyen Mihn was going to call in a bomb threat at Harvard. He also said that when he tried to get the $300 he was promised, Mr. Mihn told him he couldn’t meet and started “spouting off a bunch of racist things about Blacks and Jews.”

>Police have not yet been able to identify who Nguyen Mihn is or if he is a real person.

>Mr. Giordani is set to appear in court May 5. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 25 years.

Is Nguyen Mihn the next uncle Ted? Is he a Chinese plant :marseychingchongshooter:? Was he just a student late on an assignment trying to grift some money off that billion-dollar :marseycapitalistmanlet: endowment? The Harvard staff that worked in the building got contacted the day of the threat, but no details were released until literally a few minutes ago.

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The Climate Impact of Fewer ameriKKKans Buying New Cars | Time :marseyrecycling::marseyholocaust:

There is a new population of the elderly in the U.S. They are 284 million strong, their numbers are growing everyday, and their age is eye-popping: 12.5 years on average. That may not be much for you and me, but this senescent set is not made up of people, but cars. Never before has the ameriKKKan fleet of vehicles been so old—and that spells bad news for the long dreamed-of phase-out of gas powered vehicles, and the environment as a whole.

The new news on old cars comes courtesy of a recently released study by S&P Global Mobility, an independent research and policy group, which regularly tracks the state of the U.S. auto fleet and has seen some troubling trends of late. For six years in a row, cars on ameriKKKan roads have been getting older, with the biggest jump coming in the last three years, thanks in large measure to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain issues caused by the pandemic and the related lockdowns led to a global shortage of computer chips on which new cars are increasingly dependent, driving down automotive supply and driving up vehicle prices. The average sticker price of a new car currently tops $48,000. Interest rate increases to battle inflation have driven the average loan rate for new cars above 6%. All of this has made people who would normally be ready to trade in their old cars more likely to hold onto them longer. Retail sales for new cars fell 8% from 14.6 million vehicles in 2021 to 13.9 million in 2022; that’s the lowest total of new car sales in over a decade.

“Multiple factors have driven vehicle costs higher while the cost of eggs and groceries and gasoline and everything else has gone up too,” says Todd Campeau, associate director of aftermarket solutions with S&P Global Mobility. “So the disposable income for households is already constrained and for many people, the thought of taking on a new car loan is something they’re reluctant to do.”

That hits the climate in a number of ways. For one thing, says Campeau, cars built 12.5 years ago are simply dirtier than cars that have benefited from improvements in fuel efficiency built into newer gas-powered vehicles. What’s more, even an old car that started out fuel-efficient will become less so as it ages.

“A car gets worse over time,” says Campeau. “It becomes less efficient. Just like humans as we get older, our bodies do not run at optimum once we get past a certain age.”

For electric vehicles, the question of age is moving in the opposite direction. There are currently just over two million EVs on the road in the U.S., representing less than 1% of the overall fleet—and they’re getting younger, not older. The average age of an EV is now 3.6 years, according to S&P, down from 3.7 in 2022. That’s because existing owners with money to spend are trading up, while less wealthy buyers are frozen out of the market as they face high interest rates coupled with the sticker shock for EVs, which currently cost close to $59,000 on average.

As to what this means for the replacement of the more than quarter-billion gas-powered vehicles on the road with clean electric ones, the outlook is not good. As owners hold onto their cars longer and the cost of electric vehicles remains high, Campeau does not see an electric switchover happening any time soon. Even if every vehicle sold going forward were electric, it would still take a decade to replace just half of the gas-powered fleet. Since every vehicle sold most assuredly won’t be electric, Campeau doesn’t see EVs outnumbering combustion vehicles for decades.

“I would put it in the 2040s,” he says. “Maybe even 2050.” ameriKKKan motorists may indeed be looking at a climate-friendly, all-electric future—but that future will be a long time in coming.

What is the most grillpilled language

I'm kinda tired of trend peepeeriders and their cooming over the latest current thing in programming circles, every 5 minutes its





all this shit is insanely lame and I have no idea how anyone is passionate about any of it

I'm thinking of picking up C# just because it's grillpilled and gets away from this tism, what other languages accomplish this

Original Thread:




Why can't I just buy drugs with dramacoin? 😞

Forbes 30-under-30 :marseyfrozenchosen: girlboss arrested for selling company to JPMorgan for $175m pretending they had 4 million users when they only had 250k


No one noticed?



  • "All Frank was doing was making it simpler to fill out standard federal financial aid paperwork" but she pretended it provided $28k in student loans 2x the national average

  • she filled their user database with 4 million fake emails/names

  • it took JPMorgan a year to noootice

  • "Despite a public record that raised questions about Javice and Frank — including warnings from the Department of Education and Federal Trade Commission, and a wage theft lawsuit from Frank's cofounder — news outlets and investors kept buying into the narrative that Javice spun."

  • arrested & facing up to 30yrs in prison

  • "Over and over, Javice earned plaudits in the media for projects whose impact she overstated. Glowing profiles missed inaccuracies that could have been caught with a basic fact-check, focusing instead on her youth and status as one of a small number of women startup founders. One journ*list even introduced Javice, then 19, to a key Frank investor."

Her background


^ Her with her brother @ 19

  • ambitious af: originally made a microfinance startup called PoverUp (yuck) in high school with her brother

  • told the media she raised $300k for the startup, but there's no proof

  • CNBC ran a bit about Peter Thiel's "paid to not go to college" grant, she appeared on the show claiming she turned the offer down, Peter Thiel emailed CNBC saying she was not even selected

  • still got her tons of press

  • "Fast Company's 2011 list of 100 Most Creative People and a complimentary writeup in Forbes. PoverUp was ranked as one of the "11 coolest college startups" by Inc. Magazine, while Wharton called Javice "the voice of a microfinance generation" in a video it has since removed from YouTube."

Startup number two


  • since PoverUp wasn't a real company and naturally died, she created another company with an :marseymerchant: Isreali called "tapd: a company that connected young workers with job opportunities via text message"

  • completely bombed, lost a few hundred k and ended up in a lawsuit w/ Isreali :marseysaluteisrael: courts

  • she pivoted Tapd to an entirely new market that (surprise) turned out to be heavily regulated and she didn't do the research. Sold it as a "learning moment"

  • despite this :marseymerchant: Isreali dude joined her at Frank, before she jewed him out of 10% equity and failed to pay him salary, so he sued her

That doesn't stop a girlboss though:

While the story of Tapd seemed to be one of failure and contentious mismanagement, Javice would spin that turmoil into a story of triumph. The young founder made the crisis part of her personal success story, omitting the lawsuit and framing the layoffs as a teaching moment

Media sucking her (girl) peepee

In 2018 NYTimes let her do an Op-ed:



and was forced to follow it up with a long correction because apparently she didnt know shit about student aid

She got lots of local news:

The death blow:

Frank's public statements about its user base were all over the map.

In April 2017, Frank's website said "thousands" of families using its service had received "$75 million in free aid." (That same website had stock images of people, including of "smiling mature woman" and "good looking cheerful manager," labeled as actual users.)

In November 2018, Frank's website said it had helped 300,000 families unlock over $7 billion in aid.

Frank stuck with the "over 300,000" figure for more than two years. But suddenly, in January 2021, the company began claiming that it served "over 4.25 million students," according to archived versions of its website and tweets from Frank's account referenced in JP Morgan's lawsuit.

In reality, Frank only ever had about 250,000 users, according to JPMorgan's legal complaint.

Orange site discusses: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=35441211

(PDF) The JPMorgan complaint: https://content.fortune.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Complaint-1.pdf

Truly is it a society in which we live :marseypipe:



We are on track for a bright future.

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TIL u can be both following and blocking someone at the same time

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@grizzly what did she mean by this?

Trans lives matter :marseyschizojclove:

Furry rights are human rights :marseyschizogrizzlylove:

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  • rDramaHistorian : ITT: WinCucks and Linuxnerds fighting. MacChads stay winning
Microsoft is Slowly Rolling Out Ads in the Windows 11 Start Menu :marseywindows: :marseylaugh:

orange site reacts

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16813302028953881.webp :#marseypenguin:



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