New business opportunity in the near future to "reinvent" the wheel by offering subscription-free cars?

Lol. Mercedes can get fricked.

I was probably never going to buy a Merc EV, but now I never will. Same with any other EV that implements this sort of BS.

Pledge: I will not buy any car from any car manufacturer that engages in this practice.

They can do whatever they want. Idiots are the ones who buy it.

If no one buys their cars anymore, I am aure they have to change the tactics.

But no, people are stupid and companies get the cash.

Everybody's like, "I'll never buy an EV that implements these subscription practices".

The only way to be sure of this is to never buy an EV at all. If we let the government and auto industry kill off ICE cars, then one day when EVs are all you can buy, you'll have no choice but to hope all the manufacturers don't suddenly start launching subscription packages across the board, because you no longer have an alternate option. [-3]


>valued at 850 billion dollars
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Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux or whatever, dead in collision at 53


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Torrent of Pushshift data

2tb compressed

Pushshift removed the download links on website but I found a torrent with the needful data

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Daniel Micay,GrapheneOS lead:marseyschizotwitch:, cuts ties with Louis Rossmann over ONE SINGLE COMMENT he made a YEAR ago
Tipping Has Come for Self-Serve Checkout

orange site:

HN thread:

He sounds like a redditor :#!marseynoooticer:



Empress is so unhinged it's unreal lmbo bussy


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Codecels take *another* L

Get to work, slaves! You want a stapler? Ask a receptionist. And now you share a desk with some autist who smells. Welcome to Google!

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  • whyareyou : Unironically posting articles from 2019 from saidit like a normie
  • Dramamine : lmbo, didn't look at the date at all
Is there anything more cucked than a Creative Cloud user?

Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

Adobe this week began sending some users of its Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere, Animate, and Media Director programs a letter warning them that they were no longer legally authorized to use the software they may have thought they owned.

“We have recently discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications and and a result, under the terms of our agreement, you are no longer licensed to use them,” Adobe said in the email. “Please be aware that should you continue to use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties.” Users were less than enthusiastic about the sudden restrictions. lol at Vice dying, They can't even care :#marseyjourno: :marseylaugh#:

Dylan Gilbert, a copyright expert with consumer group Public Knowledge, said in this instance users aren’t likely to have much in the way of legal recourse to the sudden shift. “Unless Adobe has violated the terms of its licensing agreement by this sudden discontinuance of support for an earlier software version, which is unlikely, these impacted users have to just grin and bear it,” Gilbert said. Gilbert noted that consumers now live in a world in which consumers almost never actually own anything that contains software. In this new reality, end users are forced to agree to “take it or leave it” end user license agreements (EULAs), in which the licensor can change its terms of service without notice.


[Effortpost] Furryfox Users are upset at Wikipedia, claim Furryfoxemsia when their Version History page gets set for deletion

We will be discussing Firefuxs, iOS, and Wikipedia, so please wear proper attire for this thread. :marseyautism:

Also mid-way through typing this up I got to a claim that Google Chrome wasn't up for deletion. But upon checking for myself it has now be nominated for deletion.

I was doing my once a month "let see what is going on with those r-slurred furrryfox users and found the thread linked to and the OP below.

I just got on the [Firefox version history]( Wikipedia today as I do every few months, to grab version numbers of all the releases that I need to download for my archives. Well, much to my surprise when I got there today and noticed that ALL of the detailed Version History was removed!

I checked the "Talk:Firefox version history" page which redirects you to the "Talk:iOS version history" page and seen that the user responsible for the removal, Nosferatlus has also took it upon themself to remove ALL of the detailed Version History from the iOS Version History page as well! The user posted this, Release notes need to be deleted

The user stated the "release notes were a clear violation of WP:NOTCHANGELOG". I checked the WP:NOTCHANGELOG and item #4 in the list states...

Exhaustive logs of software updates. Use reliable third-party (not self-published or official) sources in articles dealing with software updates to describe the versions listed or discussed in the article. Common sense must be applied with regard to the level of detail to be included.

The last sentence reads, "Common sense must be applied with regard to the level of detail to be included.". So does this users common sense trump everyone else's common sense? Because my common sense says that all of that detailed version history information was absolutely useful and I'm sure there are plenty of other users who would agree! Maybe this user is training to become an Apple employee or something, thinking that removing things somehow makes something better? Of course we know that's how Apple does innovation these days. Is this the mentality of people these days? I mean seriously, what kind of fruitcake removes all that useful data? There was a total of ~700KiB of data removed from the Firefox and iOS Version History pages combined. Is Wikipedia strapped for storage space these days or something? Do I need to donate a hard drive to them?

I've never ran into this issue before and am unfamiliar with how to go about addressing this on Wikipedia. I was hoping that someone here who is familiar with Wikipedia might know how to address this issue and/or have this ridiculous data removal reversed. I read something about being able to do a "Rollback", but it seems only Admins have access to this.

I'll be transparent and admit I am far too lazy to go through any wiki:talk page. I only have enough willpower to do reddit. Sorry, not sorry. :marseydealwithit:

Their common sense doesn't make any sense, I agree.

"Exhaustive logs of software updates."

This sentence clearly indicates that no detailed update logs should be on wikipedia, which makes total sense but a version history, no matter how long, is not an update log. Clearly this person is not familiar with the topic and should not have taken action.

I agree. Meanwhile, the Chrome Version History page still exists in it's full entirety. I'm sure that's only because this user, Nosferattus, hasn't discovered it yet. I mean seriously, who in their right mind is bored enough to remove that much data? LESS is NOT MORE in this case! SMH

Of course the Chrome Version History page wasn't removed. This stinks to high heck of Chrome fanboyism trying to stick it to Mozilla. (Edit - I'm assuming this same user created the Chrome Update History page? I'm not on Wikipedia much, but is it possible for ANYONE to edit or delete stuff on there?

Firefuxmesia!!1! :marseynerd2:

This is sentiment is common in /r/firefox. The world is against them because they don't use Chromium (or safari). They of course jumped the gun, as seen above.

The article is now being considered for deletion. Maybe add your opinion or it might actually completely vanish.

It's not being considered for deletion. It's going to be moved to

When you enter the Talk page of Firefox version history, there's no discussion there. The discussion was moved to Talk:iOS version history because they are talking about renaming all "version history" pages to "release history".

But /u/bluefisch200 is right. There's another discussion about removing the page here.

Apparently they're not deleting them at all! They're just renaming every single page with "x version history" to "x release history" for "reasons" autisim

Active Wikipedia editor here: Reddit is not the place to conduct off-site discussions or direct attention towards this sort of thing. It was not professional to link the offending user's Wikipedia page in this post.

For some context, the Firefox version history article is the 12th longest page on English Wikipedia. It appears as though Nosferatlus is attempting to cut back on this list, as an edit to the page for season six of a Philippine TV show might suggest.

The first thing to note is that Wikipedia has several policies and guidelines. The most pertinent here would be WP:LENGTH, which deals with three different types of sizes. It's difficult to cut down on Firefox version history's markup size because a large portion of the size is lists and tables. If one seeks to cut down on the article's size, then they should attempt to split the article out. The most logical way of doing this is to create separate articles, such as Firefox version history (Firefox 1-37) or Firefox version history (Firefox 38-77).

There is nothing that explicitly says an article must be below a certain threshold, although MediaWiki (Wikipedia's software) requires articles to be under $wgMaxArticleSize, or 2 MiB by default. The article List of Gunsmoke (TV series) episodes is a featured list on English Wikipedia and its eighth largest article; it was considerably large even in 2010, when it passed a featured list review. A large article may suggest, however, that the contents of an article may violate a larger policy. List of Hindi songs recorded by Asha Bhosle is the site's third largest article and was created in May of last year by a now-blocked user. The article has an excessive amount of detail for the topic. List of Statutory Rules and Orders of Northern Ireland—the second largest article—does not cite any sources.

The prevailing philosophy for many users is be bold, and one that ironically applies here as OP has brought this issue to a larger (at times uninformed) audience rather than fix it themselves. Conversely, editors must be careful while handling long articles that obviously do not violate some policy. The article for Trump's presidency is the largest article on Wikipedia that is not list-class. It remains such because Trump's presidency is a large topic that has been covered extensively. Removing even half of the article's contents and relying upon article topics for the subject has consequences towards coverage of the topic. It's for this reason that the removal of 400,000 KiB from the Firefox version history is reckless, disruptive, and misses the point of the policy.

The point of WP:NOTCHANGELOG is to establish an encyclopedic tone, as are the rest of the encyclopedic content related "nots". The issue with applying even the most apt policy here—WP:NOTEVERYTHING—to this article, is that this type of article demands full coverage. It would be illogical for an article about the version history of Firefox to not have complete coverage of the topic at hand. Mozilla's articles are licensed under Creative Commons, so a user cannot even claim that this is a copyright violation.

Having assessed the whole situation, I do not believe nominating this article for deletion is a compromise. There appear to be some anomalies, as Nosferattus pointed out, in how this nomination is being conducted. Perhaps this article could also do with a rework; rather than covering just the version history of Firefox, the history of Firefox as a whole could be covered, with a split obviously necessary.

Someone who edits Wikipedia typed this and it looks as boring and lacking of life as most wikipedia articles. I may read it before bed if I am having insomnia tonight.

tldr: some nerd upset other nerds because of technically details that people who frick will be baffled at

Doom Emacs - Getting Started


Comments: [178 comments] [19 comments, removed] [367 replies] [still active, so far 57 replies]

There was some pushback, so Drew addressed the haters on HN:

Many people in this thread take offense at the calls to (1) remove RMS because of his problematic behavior and (2) promote diverse people to leadership positions.

I will reply to all of these comments at once: get a fricking grip.

No one, including myself, is calling for RMS to be removed because he has the wrong skin color or sex. He needs to go because he acts as if his demographics are the right demographics, and those who don't have those traits feel unwelcome and uncomfortable under his leadership. That's a problem with RMS, not with his demographic identity, and someone possessing his demographic traits (which, I presume, are probably shared with most of the commenters upset about this), but lacking his problematic behaviors, would be a welcome change.

As for the inclusion of more diverse leaders:

1. There is more than one leadership position at the FSF.

2. I am not calling for non-proportional representation, or for forcing proportional representation either.

If you feel threatened because someone called for a jerk who looks similar to you to be kicked out of a project, that's a personal problem. If you feel threatened by the prospect of being led by people who look dissimilar to you, that's a personal problem.

Again, to sum it up: get a grip. Jesus.

That's right, do better, chuds! :marseyhesright:

:marseybearmerchant: Buying cookies :marseygingerbread::marseygingerbread2::marseygingerbread3:

Aevann recommended clearing cookies if u are having issues with the site

Cookies are valuable. This is like deleting ur hard drive with ur Bitcoin wallet on it

I will buy copies of your cookies for dramacoin before you delete them

Use this Firefox extension:

Or this one on chrome/brave/other chromium based browsers:

Then upload to and dm me the link and I will pay dramacoin based on number of cookies and quality.

If on ios :chadstevejobs: backup your phone to iCloud and dm me your iCloud username and password (for cookie harvesting purposes only)

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But why has no one created a new AppleShill or AndroidShill account? :marseyhmm:

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I don't know emushit that much but this thread is full of insane hysterics.

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