Another door opens mid flight on a 737 :marseylaugh:


boeing lmao

need css class if anyone's on desktop rn


I am confined to mobile atm can any of u help me find the class for this:

someone updated the css and this old w98 preset is missing the override


all ur encryption are bleong to us!

Tried the Vision Pro demo at the Apple Store.

I don't follow the VR space but have used budget devices before (Daydream, PSVR1, Quest 3).

I have to say it's pretty mind blowing.

A lot of the OS already feels mature (it takes a lot of inspiration from iPadOS) and apps feel native.

I think the most outstanding things to me are the gestures and the fluidity of the UI. The gestures are so natural and take a couple minutes to pick up, the UI is so responsive it fades into the background and you don't realize it's tracking your eyes super fast.

Me and my friend found no screen door effect but it is a little blurry - might be early foveated rendering tech.

I highly recommend booking a demo yourself just to check it out, reading reviews like this is no replacement for actually using it.

My first dealbreaker is the lack of macOS tier apps (being able to pull up a display is nice but it's clearly a hack - I want to use the M2 in the device I bought). If I can't open a terminal and I can't compile code then it's not a productivity device.

The other dealbreaker is the price -obviously. This would be an incredibly compelling “cool tech” device at $2k, at $3600 base it's just too expensive. I am glad they shot for “what's the craziest device we can make” but it still disqualifies it for me.




Intellectuals of reddit discuss how smart you need to be a web dev

so like 120 iq which is probably already only <5% of the population

population level yes lmao

can you see the average person doing this v work?

One of my old managers said "I think anyone can be a cloud engineer"...

He's kinda right, not because CE is easy but because anyone can do it if they apply themselves [this is downvoted lmao]

There are tons of people who couldn't do it even if they applied themselves. Like the McDonald's worker the other day who kept insisting I had an order number after I repeatedly told and showed her the app crashed and I wasn't given one.

I had someone try to convince me that when I claimed my free quarter pounder from my rewards points, that I had to buy one first to get the free one. For 3 minutes.

Ah yes the smarties are now posting how they get into arguments with McDonald's workers :marseymcwagie: the pinnacle of intellectual workers

Not worth a dedicated post but it reminded me of this rust post

I've been a professional developer since about 2012. Most of the stuff I work on is web applications, and I believe I am pretty good at it given my experience and interactions with my peers. I love programing and it takes up most of my free time. [...] What is thread safety anyways? Atomics? What are those?

bro how the frick can you be a developer for over a decade and you don't understand thread safety?


This actually causes me to revise my understanding of reality a bit. I had no idea that such a high fraction of people on the orange site don't have the knowledge base and/or social modeling ability to be immediately able to realize that Goody-2 is a parody.

Know the difference
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Back in the day I used to do Mechanical Turk like :marseytunaktunak: work assessing search engine quality. There were very detailed guidelines about what made a search engine good, compiled into a like 250 page document Google had been curating and updating over the course of years.

One of the key concepts was the idea of a "vital" result for a user request. If a user had a specific request, the search engine had to deliver that content first. For example, at the time was a malicious website. With this in mind, if the user searched for "", the first result had to be, even if the search engine is returning a malicious page. It's specifically what the user requested. We aren't supposed to question what the user wants. The results that followed after could provide suggestions of what else the user may be looking for, like the official Simpsons website.

I would love to see whatever shreds of this document is left at this point, and I'd love to know at what point the entire thing was thrown into the trash and rewritten. I assume somewhere around the year 2016 or 2020. I know this is nothing shocking to a lot of people, but it really does amaze me just how bad things have gotten. I've stuck to the major search engines because despite peoples bitching, for a long time they consistently outperformed the smaller competitors, but they are genuinely without hyperbole almost unusable now.

Example: I wanted to find the recent Tucker Carlson - Vladimir Putin interview. It's a newsworthy interview with a world leader and a current event. There is a very specific video I'm looking for, the published, official video of :marseytucker: sitting down and asking :angryvatnik: questions.

Here is what google returns in a private window:

The very first piece of content - the "vital result" - is clickbait youtube cute twinkry from Time :marseysoyswitch: What are the keeraZIEST moments from the interview?!? :marseysoypoint:

The rest of the results are a cascade of editorialized garbage, opinionated news articles reporting on the requested content. God forbid a careless user actually be exposed to a primary source.

The closest result to what I'm looking for is about over 10 pieces of content deep - the transcript of the interview from Russia's state website. Likely this is an oversight.

Here is Bing:

There's been some meme going around that "no really guys, Bing is actually kinda good now believe it or not".

This is even more nonsense than Google. The most prominently featured content is, of course, more editorialized bullshit with the interview itself nowhere to be found. But also half of the content is just completely irrelevant crap I didn't ask for. Why is the entire right half of the page a massive infobox about Tucker and his books and quotes? Why am I seeing something about Game of Thrones?


You get the point. More useless crap. It gets half a point for its AI accidentally revealing that is where the interview is located, but this doesn't count. The actual search results are all garbage. Thanks Brave for showing me all the latest reddit discussions :soysnoo2:


Was that really so fricking hard? Result #1 - the interview from Tucker Carlson. Past the interview are news articles and images - things of waning utility that other users may be interested in. But the vital result is at the top of the page. That's fricking it. This would have been the required order for the page on Google ten years ago.

Should :marseynorm: I eat cucumbers?


funny exchange i found on an orange sight post


this will go nowhere



I KNEEL :marseykneel: to just-remembering chads
I hate this 🚬 so god darn much

I believe :marseyparappa: it was Shakespeare who said, the first :marseywinner: the we do let's kill all the content :marseybeanrelieved: creators.

redpill me on windows 11

im building a new computer in like ~3 days and i need to make the decision on whether to stick with windows 10 or upgrade to windows 11

im not paying for a key so price doesnt matter

Yandex Announces $5.2 bn Russian Divorce :marseyflagrussia: :marseyitsover:



Orange Site:


Thought this looked pretty cool. Thoughts?


Dang, I literally don't know how anyone would choose to fly on one of these flying death cans.


For those unaware, the long awaited Apple's VR device, Vision Pro, has arrived. Earlier this week, content creators, websites and gadget reviewers started publishing their first impressions on the device, a fruit of the early access granted for them. Consumers are only today getting their hands on it.

the /r/virtualreality sub was, of course, taken by the news.

1 - First, this post rounds up multiple reviews of the device - in its majority praising Apple's technological revolution.

The majority of the sub, however, is not believing it. This top voted comment believes the reviewers were handpicked for being "less experienced", so that they would be "more dazzled by the tech".

This fella is certain every outlet is "sucking apple's fat shlong".

Others are just enjoying the mess: "So good we have a new hardware battle in the tech world again".

2 - Memes begin arising, with a colorful comment section; this guy is happy to see innovation and wants to wait and see how it goes, but this reply makes it clear he already knows the Apple device is worse than Meta's device. The rest of the comment section doesn't get better.

3 - This specific user is speechless with an emotional experience with the device, but the comment section is not happy about it, and more tribal war ensues.

4 - This is an important one: It's a picture of Apple's CEO wearing the device, made public from an extensive review from vanity fair, quoting even James Cameron as being completely taken by the technology. Comment section (350+ comments) is a blood battle.

5 - This guy is tired of the fighting, asks for perspective and says "This subreddit of all places should be a source of optimism for the progression of the technology".

6 - This is posted comparing the takes from /r/virtualreality (as being cynical) and /r/VisionPro (as being passionate and optimistic). But the top comment thinks it's because /r/virtualreality has seen it all, while /r/VisionPro is naive. And someone adds here that OP "is making /r/VisionPro sound like a heavenly meadow full of daisies". Another user thinks the Vision Pro sub is a cult of uninformed tech buyers.

7 - Trying to chime in, this expert VR user gets his hand on a Vision Pro and gives it what he thinks is a fair assessment, but he's informed only negative reviews are allowed there. This friend thinks his post "reeks of Apple's positive influence" over them.

Grab your VR headsets and enjoy!

DignifAI dewhores pictures. Tigerdroppings reacts
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