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You don't know how much I would give to be the one tied up :marseykink2:
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Food post alert! I dressed up these dollar store chicken sandwiches

They're like Burger King level quality now.

Did you know most cheddar cheese has zero lactose? Says so right on the package: 0g of sugar per serving.

Daily Ukrainian post: more soldiers signed for evacuation

But since they ain’t Nazis cute twinks, Zelenskyy isn’t interested in them and won’t give them hero medals

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neurodivergent twitter train has mental breakdown over BBCposters flooding xher replies

This is Chuma.

Chuma is made for BBC.

go nowhere in 2 weeks

:marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam: amazing i think

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Just found out they (hollyweird) made a movie about me
Rdrama anthem
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This is what I aspire to be

God I wish that was me

Now watch this drive.

The fuck is a carpathian

Also, what’s a florist

Wow they made a tv trope based on me
Protestantism shall fall :marseycrusader:
Required listening

source: i repost this from shaliek

Poll: Pop-Tarts are just breakfast ravioli


A few of my stick and pokes (TW: Self harm)
Does anyone else miss MDEfugees?

Because if you do you're a fucking loser and should alt +f4

One culture shutoff for another culture not for me

Superior culture πŸ’ͺ

They harassed me and call me slurs, and I was simply just walking in the streets as a transwoman. What did I ever do to deserve the hate?

Thank you. They are largely homophobic and transphobic but we were supposed to be toleraqnt of their intolerance.

Morons literally called me β€˜racist’ when I cited the Quran when criticising how homophobic Islam is. And people attacked me when I complained about the instances Muslim men called me slurs for minding my own business while being a transwoman. How am I supposed to tolerate hate?

This should also be on religious fruitcake. I would never want to impose or be a reason of ruining some one celebration. Though, in this case all teammates seem to spontaneously agree, nice to see.

I dont like it. Dont like the idea of people having to comply with people who choose to believe in various stupid ideas involving an imaginary friend. Its your choice to believe or not to. Do what your religion tells you to do, completely your right to do so. Dont force people around you to follow your stupid rules. As an atheist myself, I live in a neighborhood with quite some orthodox jewish families, They came to me few times complaining about me bbqing on Saturday and playing music (adequately loud), also tried to call the police on me once. Fuck em

Realigion truly is a mental illness.

Why do I never see a Muslim respecting someone else's religious beliefs?

You should never have to alter your behavior to cater to anyone's superstitions.

Why respect a culture that doesnt respect me? Western society has gotten so impotent and pathetic

Pretty suprising amount of hate in this thread. Shame on you all, they just want to include their friend and teammate in a pic for a few minutes, nobody is oppressing anybody.

What hate? People defend Muslims all the time, and my account was reported and banned when I complained about a Muslim man harassing me and calling me slurs for being a transwoman. When will you people ever address how hateful Muslims are?

its purely pragmatic

Hard proof Jews can be Nazi and very evil Nazis.

β€œ She was the daughter of Jewish parents β€œ she is not Jewish she was just born from Jewish parents there is big different.

β€œ She was the only Dutch woman to be executed for her wartime activities.”

She is Dutch not Jewish πŸ’…πŸ½