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US Army falls 25% short of recruiting goal

Man is brutal if you look at old picture 16-21 years or recruits looked like normal human beings. In this new picture they all looks at least overweight and most are straight obese. That tallstrag at first glance looks human but look at his legs, that are legs of landwhale. I am legit excited to look how alpha gen will look like when they 18-21.

But it’s easy to fix that problem for US, they just need to make COD great again and first order should be disable censorship in chats and etc… 9 year olds need to scream the N word and bang every mom.

Twitter steals an rDrama feature :marseyrage::marseyannoyed:
Optimus Prime-chan

post thumnail
Marseygen test


any other frozen food enjoyers?

Consider how many of their soldiers have been eaten by pigs Russians should probably stop using “swine” as an insult.

Chiobu drama

His takes are getting a little bit more deranged. Personally I wish all libertarians were wimps so that kids don't get diddled.

@chiobu discuss.

(Homemade) Chicken Tikka Masala leftovers— rice reheated in the same pot

7/10, not enough chicken chunks. Rice is basmati but yellowish from cooking in the same pot. :marseylove:

It starts with young Chud putting on a pair of controversial glasses.

This comment provokes an intellectual discourse about what is acceptable to say in Poland and about freedom of speech.

Bravo. It's really tiresome to see tiktoks of whites afraid to say BIPOC. [-15]:trumpjaktalking:

The comment was jannied for hate speech:marseyjanny2:

:marseysnoo:they are taking away our freedom of speech!!!!111

They don't take it, we just let them take it. Blacks notoriously say BIPOC:trumpjaktalking:

:marseysnoo:Just like when friend to a friend says 'hello old son of a bitch' is not offensive, it's different.:marseysoylentgrin:

:soyjakmaga: Yes, just like it's all right if you sing a song, or if someone wants to give you 100 dollars for saying the word motherfucker. But people in the West are afraid to do that at this point. A few years ago Kendrick invited a white girl to rap with him, then got pissed off and fired her for rapping about a BIPOC because it was in the lyrics.:soyjakmaga:

Someone claims that Op is defending freedom of speech in bad faith

:marseysnoo:If only you great defenders of freedom of speech were so outraged when marginalized individuals get disgusting comments and death wishes for simply functioning in a public space:marseywholesome:

What makes you think I'm not?:chadusa:

:marseysnoo:There's a big overlap between people who are outraged that people don't want to use slurs and people who are downright obsessive in verbally attacking others based on complexion, nationality, orientation, gender identity, etc.; or at least are indifferent to such behavior:marseyahs:

Two subject matters experts ponder what is the real Polish n word

IMO n word does not have a bit of strength in Poland. This word should have had the same meaning as homeboy for a long time now, in my opinion more racist is murzyn by how it is historically used in Poland

I am too lazy to translate this exchange and you can translate it yourself if you want to educate yourself.

Honorable mention: Reportmaxxing opportunity

The post was removed while I translated the comments:marseyitsover::marseyjanny2:

Destiny versus Keffals.
:marseykeffalsdance: asks her fans to play her boring ass videos with the volume off to inflate metrics :marseylaugh:




Another racist shop security tagged black products
[Nobu, Dallas] caviar on tartare, ume on the side
Reported by:

Who wants to crowdfund gibbing vatniks with Marsey sticker grenades?

@TelegramShill would love it!



Playing around with AI and this perfect piece came to be.

It's just fucking cute and adorable and I unironically want to marry it.

i have more commits to rdrama than carp now


are there any alcohol virgins here?


holy shit i hate alcohol so much. you might think 'oh this feels nice' and it makes you more socialbe, makes you feel like a better person, gibes you confidence. it gets away from you, once you start drinking in front of your computer, alone, it's close to over. you don't understand how swiftly it gets away from you. oh ill have a fucking drink and shitpost on /pol/ ir somehing, it's definitely fun, but you are selling your life to a demon which i can almost imagine actually exists. jesus or somebody else, said, 'the greatest trick the devil played was convincing the world he doesn't exist" and yet he does. i dont believe in jesus or anyone else from the bible. i view it as a sort of rules for civilisation.

but these are short term orders, they're straight out of the shop into your hands, it gets out of control and time slips away from you faster than you could imagine. i've been drinking 3 times a week for atleast 7 years, and now that i'm all alone i've been drinking almost every day for about 2 years.

it is over for me, do you understand? i had a brain once upon a time when i got my masters and i've pickled it; i have become a giant ball of hate consumed by memes and trolling s man who pays for sex and wants to beat the shit out of prostitutes but hasnt yet.

you need to fckig step backthis is the stupidest drug to ever try and i genuinely wish it was illegal globally.

i am an evil person, i judge everybody i look at in te streets in the worst possible sense, even when ive got my head tucked down when im dry lipped sloping over to buy more booze.

i see the worst in them and i fume about how stupid they are and how they sont care about the inevitable future thats coming their way

i dont think about killing - i want to maim. i want everybody to struggle, to experience strife, and i dont want them to ever be happy. or satisfied or anthing else.

i only have 2 cans left so i will be going soon.

i wont kill myself, im not like that, ive woken up with my arms carved up before but im not doing it

life should be struggle.and you should do it sober, you arent worthy of life if you dont strive, you're deserving of noting. afte death there is nothing. and it's terrifiying for me.

i dont think most people realise what death actually means.

:marseybutt: buys a jacket :marseychonkerfoid: runs to her car and cries

I just went thrifting with my best friend...he gasps and shows me a jacket that I LOVED and I thought she was showing it to me because it was my size, but she ended up buying it for herself.... I felt so awful I told her I needed something from my car because I could feel tears coming. I cried for a bit and when she finally came out to the car she noticed....She apologized a few times, but kept the jacket


What a fucking bitch. I would've grabbed the jacket and said, "I'm buying this." Hell would have to freeze over before I went clothes shopping with someone who wasn't plus size like me. Shopping with a skinny bitch would be a fucking nightmare

Skinny bitch?

Yes. She still kept the jacket after seeing her best friend cry so she is a total bitch

ok but can we not do bodyshaming? We're supposed to be better than that.

This is a fucking PLUS SIZE forum. I don't give a fuck if skinny people feel body shamed. Not a single fuck. It's not "shaming" if their body is revered by all societies, so shut the fuck up

You being shamed doesn’t give you a pass to shame others lol

It's not shaming if the person has the body that is acceptable to society.


Your feelings are so valid

ugh, im so sorry. that sucks. thin people buying up plus sized clothing is one of the most irritating “trends” and is actually harmful

"actually harmful" :#marseybruh2:

she’s clearly not a good friend or she would have given you the jacket.

Your friend honestly sounds like a jerk. The trend of skinny girls buying plus sizes, then being complacent and keeping the jacket when it is explained to them, is really shitty.

Yours feelings are valid. Privileged people are often not thoughtful, because they don't have to be.

please listen to this song i wrote

okay so this one is pretty minor but basically what happened is there this was guy who i guess wrote a shitty song or whatever, but he kept spamming it to so many modmails. now here's the thing about reddit. on reddit you can view modmails from shadowbanned users so it didn't matter that this guy was getting shadowbanned because he'd just keep going

there were probably at least a few thousand modmails and dozens of posts sent out and it was pretty much to the same tune each time

at some point we stickied it on /r/Drama as a joke has a kinda joke but i can't find the post right now

edit: here's the /r/Drama thread

also in the thread people insult /u/KaaraRaven

Obama judge slaps down Stacey Abrams' election lawsuit in state Biden labeled ‘Jim Crow 2.0’