Nanny accidentally stabbed 1-year-old baby instead of pitbull that ate her chicken sandwich


The typical AmeriKKKan household must spend an additional $11,434 annually just to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed in January of 2021, right before inflation soared to 40-year highs, according to a recent analysis of government data.

Such figures underscore the financial squeeze many families continue to face even as the the rate of U.S. inflation recedes and the economy by many measures remains strong, with the jobless rate at a two-decade low.

Even so, many AmeriKKKans say they aren't feeling those gains, and this fall more people reported struggling financially than they did prior to the pandemic, according to CBS News polling. Inflation is the main reason AmeriKKKans express pessimism about economy despite its bright points, which also include stronger wage gains in recent years.

"On the edge"

Average hourly pay for workers has increased robust 13.6% since January 2021, although that lags the 17% increase in inflation during the same period, according to government data. The main categories requiring heavier spending for consumers simply to tread water: food, transportation, housing and energy, which together account for almost 80 cents of every $1 in additional spending, according to the analysis from Republican members of the U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee.

"Middle- and low-income AmeriKKKans aren't doing well enough — they are living fragilely on the edge," said Gene Ludwig, chairman of the Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity (LISEP), a think thank whose own analysis found that the income needed to cover the basics fell short by almost $14,000, on average, in 2022.

Where inflation bites hardest

Around the U.S., the state with the highest additional expenditures to afford the same standard of living compared with 2021 is Colorado, where a household must spend an extra $15,000 per year, the JEC analysis found. Residents in Arkansas, meanwhile, have to spend the least to maintain their standard of living, at about $8,500 on an annual basis.

The differences in costs are tied to local economic differences. For instance, typical housing in Colorado requires an additional  $267 per month compared with January 2021, while other states saw much smaller increases, the analysis found.

Still, a higher cost of living doesn't necessarily doom people to financial distress. Ludwig's group recently found that some expensive cities offer the best quality of life for working-class AmeriKKKans, largely because of the higher incomes that workers can earn in these cities.

Inflation takes a bigger bite out of lower-income households because by necessity they spend a bigger share of their income on basics than higher-income AmeriKKKans. And until recently, lower- and middle-income workers' wages weren't keeping pace with the gains enjoyed by the nation's top earners.

"Food costs and basic costs are up more than other costs," Ludwig noted. "Putting on a Thanksgiving dinner costs the same if you're a lower- or upper-income AmeriKKKan, but for a lower-income AmeriKKKan it's a bigger portion of your spending."

To be sure, inflation is cooling rapidly, with October's prices rising 3.2% on an annual basis --- far lower than the 9.1% pace recorded in June 2022. But pockets of inflation are still hitting consumers, such as at fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, where Big Macs now cost 10% more than in December 2020.

Although inflation is cooling, many consumers may not be feeling much relief because most prices aren't declining (One major exception: gas prices, which are notoriously volatile and which have declined about 5% in the past year.) Consumers are still paying more, albeit at a slower pace, on top of the higher prices that were locked in when price hikes surged in 2022 and earlier this year.

Matt rifes doctor calls him out

I mean who really cares but

https://i.rdrama.net/images/17012029914820554.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/17012029922516055.webp

How much are Europeans left with at the end of the month?

In 2022, European households saved 1/8 of their income, according to latest data. However, in which country do people save the most? Euronews Business takes a look.

To save or not to save, that is the question. Last year, Europeans chose to save 1/8 of their income, according to the latest data released by Eurostat, the EU's statistical office.

In 2022, households in the EU saved on average 12.7% of their disposable income, while the rate for the euro area was higher, at 13.7%.

Household disposable income is what households have available for spending and saving after taxes and transfers, as defined by Eurostat.

"If households earn €100, they spend €78.30 and are left with €12.70 to spend," chief economist at Astères, Sylvain Bersinger, mansplained. "It's a normal figure. Most countries in the EU have a household saving rate between 10% and 15%," he added.

A much higher figure than in the United States, where residents only saved 3.4% of their income in September 2023, according to Statista.

Germany is the European champion

In the EU, Germany reached the top podium spot with the highest gross saving rate (19.91), the Netherlands earned the silver medal (19.44) and Luxembourg the bronze (18.14).

Two countries are in the red, with negative saving rates: they spend more than they earn. What they are earning is not enough to finance their consumption so they borrow or use savings they have accumulated in the past. These two countries are Poland and Greece.


12 EU members recorded saving rates below 10.0% in 2022, among which Poland and Greece had negative rates, -0.8% and -4.0%, respectively. - Eurostat

However, European households can't be summed up in one profile. Large differences exist in saving behaviours in Europe, "as much as across families," Luigi Guiso, research fellow at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) mansplained. "There are some who spend it all and those who save a large chunk of their income but it's difficult to understand why."

The saving rates across countries differ massively, as much as across families.

Luigi Guiso

Research fellow ath Center for Economic Research

Wealth is certainly one factor to account for systematic disparities in household saving rates. "We see that countries with lower income levels are struggling to meet their needs and therefore able to save very little," the chief economist at Astères, Desringer, observed.

It's also the case in Greece which has experienced great economic difficulties and imposed a series of austerity measures, decreasing households' disposable income.

"The negative saving rate shows that the Greeks are not out of the crisis yet. On the other hand, countries with the most savings tend to be richer," Desringer noted.

Some experts point out cultural differences in saving habits. Germans consistently saved more than 8% of their disposable income over the last two decades, according to OECD data.

However, Luigi Guiso finds limits to this explanation. "Differences between Germany and Greece don't exist because Greeks like to spend everything and Germans do not. German saving rates used to be low 20 years ago."

The saving rate of a country is affected by many economic variables, such as the demographic structure of the country. "Young people tend to save more than retired people who have a lower income flow," Guiso mansplained.

A return to pre-pandemic levels

Europeans saved less in 2022 than in 2021 (16.4%), Eurostat also revealed, allowing household consumption to expand further with the household rate returning to its pre-pandemic levels.

"It reflects a desire of returning to normal, pre-COVID life," Helene Baudchon, economist at BNP Paribas, commented.


The household saving rate in the EU is going back to pre-pandemic levels, expert says.- Eurostat

"During the pandemic, Europeans' household consumption was suspended while their income was broadly preserved. This caused an abnormal jump in the saving rate across the EU," Baudchon analysed.

Meanwhile, 2022 marked an economic rebound phase, which mansplains the lower saving rate compared to the previous year.

However, successive shocks post-pandemic, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the associated rising living costs, have also disrupted household saving behaviour. "The economic uncertainty is likely weighing on household consumption and supports precautionary saving," she observed.

Another factor motivating Europeans to save rather than spend is the rising interest rates. "Today, credit is more expensive and savings are more remunerated: there's a real financial incentive to keep your money in the bank."

Will the savings rate improve?

Experts forecast little change in next year's household saving rates.

"We're predicting a slightly more positive story next year. As inflation is falling and if the effects of economic shocks dissipate, households are likely to be less worried about the future and save less," Baudchon said.

The household saving rate would either remain the same or drop. "But forecasting means there is a possibility for error so let's talk in a year's time to see whether we were right," she added.

Gram had been paying $800 a week and was notified her rent would jump to $1100. She counter-offered $975, but the agent came back asking for $1200 a week :gigachad4: . Gram then agreed to $1100, and considered taking extra shifts or getting a second job.

The 45-year-old firefighter, and single mother of four, said she would have welcomed an explanation at the very least.

>single mother of four

Poors :marseywagie: cope and seethe :marseysneed: at starter pack meme
Rising nba star Josh Giddey outed as p-dophile

Thunder sophomore bangs high school sophomore.

Let's her post it all over the net.

It's legal in Oklahoma so it's mostly just morally wrong.


He looks so young lmao



Yeah to Utah with warren Jeff's




Her Tik tok

Don't click it you pedos


The “proof”


Redditor :soysnoo: scores basically new iPhone 6s :marseyantiwork:. Even r/DumpsterDiving :marseystinky: thinks it's garbage :marseyraccoon:.


Dealing with the depression that comes with being priced out the city.

I have been here for years and have wonderful friends. To make it I have had to live with multiple roommates and live in shit holes . It got to the point where I can't take moving every year and can't pay off my debts when in the city .

I can't even afford rent or go through the heck of competing with 30 people for an adorable room .

Is anyone else in the same boat . Did you have to move out of the city due to the cost of living ? How did you deal with the feelings of defeat? Did it hurt you that you had to leave your home and change your lifestyle completely?

More from this r-slur https://old.reddit.com/u/Pristine-Confection3/submitted?sort=top

Why is it okay to hate addicts ?

Anyone else annoyed by people calling autism “ tism” or “ spergs”?

S*x it extremely overrated

Now, just imagine if you grew up here and could no longer afford it.


Me right meow. This is my home but it's not worth it anymore. It hurts. It hurts a lot

It really fricking sucks


I know this may not be a perspective that people like but when I saw my life turning towards poverty / NYC making me lose, I decided to go to a bootcamp in a field that I had some background experience with and enjoyed

Software engineer?

UX design

Too poor to afford New York, just learn to code :marseyxd:

:marseynoooticer: Keyed on your post history it looks like your money is going to drugs so of course you cant afford rent

:marseypearlclutch2: Ah yes, nobody who has done drugs has ever afforded rent

:!marseyindignant: If funds are limited, rent should be prioritized over drugs

:marseyjunkie: Easier said than done, brother

:marseysulk: ETA darn no solidarity for people struggling with substance abuse?

A wild no-fapper appears. Comment too long :marseylongpost: to copy-paste.

No drama, just laughing at poors.

Reported by:
  • HohomothyX2 : Unfunny, uninteresting and unrelated to drama

Alex, 22, San Antonio

Personal Life:

  • Had 4 vehicles at one point, since sold a car and a motorcycle

  • At 18 got a $3700 GTI timestamp

    • Spent more than that on parts to modify it

    • Engine blew

  • Other car mentioned

    • Engine blew
  • "Cycle of buying cars"

  • Has 2 dogs


  • Facility Technician

    • "I work in critical environments"

    • 105'000/yr

    • "HVAC mechanical/electrical"

    • Got a job because he fixed some guy's AC while he was buying his motorcycle off Facebook marketplace

    • Got the job August of last year


  • "I have a budget, I just don't stick to it" :gigachad2:

  • Navy Federal #1 (16'000): timestamp

    • 18%

    • Bought it at 17'500

    • Minimum payment $431

    • 2008 Corvette :marseysaluteusa:

      • Beautiful car :marseyhugretard:

      • Allegedly worth 17'000 or more now (about 8kish at the moment, needs repairs)

    • Blew up this one's engine too "I like to add power to cars" :marseyxd:

    • "Where are you driving these" timestamp

      • "Mexico"

      • "There's no speed limits on the highways in Mexico"

        • Caleb is a speedcuck

        • This gigachad is driving around at 3-4am so he can go as fast as he wants

    • "How often are you doing this?" timestamp

      • "Well not any more because the engine blew up"
    • Car explanation timestamp

      • "A lot of nitrous and a lot of boost from turbos"

      • "300 shot of nitrous, it was doing a 200 okay didn't like the three at much"

      • "Starting to blow up a little less as time goes on"

  • Navy Federal #2 (1'577): timestamp

    • 17.75%

    • First car, Volkswagen GTI, bought in 2020

      • "Not running and not worth fixing"

      • 220'000 miles

    • Planning to pay this off next paycheck

    • 457 minimum monthly

  • Navy Federal #3: (4'309): timestamp

    • 12%

    • 141 minimum payment

    • Suburu WRX

    • "Person who sold it to me said they rebuilt the engine and within 3 months of owning it it blew a head gasket"

  • Audi (24'088) timestamp

    • $505, 67 payments remain :marseydepressed:

    • 13% interest

    • "Low miles, for what it is the price isn't bad"

      • 37'000 miles
    • Bought it for 25'500

    • Was spending 600 a month on gas driving the 2008 corvette

    • Thinks it's worth 23'000

    • This one is operable

    • Plug-in hybrid so he will get a 4'000 tax credit

  • Jared Card ($5'185) timestamp:

    • $185 minimum payment

    • 30% interest

    • "Ummmm.... I bought previous girlfriend a lot of jewelry"

      • Together for 2 years, broke up last Sunday? :marseycry:
    • "They do 12 months no interest, I was like I'll pay it off... I didn't pay it off"

  • Personal Loan ($5'000): timestamp

    • When he moved, didn't have cash on hand for security deposit and first month's rent

    • thinks they charged the interest up front and it's not accruing?

    • Originally for 3'000? :marseythinkorino:

    • Thinks it's in the 20s in interest

    • $120 minimum payment

  • Navy Federal Card (4967 => 5003. timestamp

    • $122 minimum payment

    • Purchased $85 and accrued $73 interest

      • It was 3 UberEats purchases :marseyxd:
    • 5'000 credit limit

    • "Whenever I see that card go over the limit I pay it down" :marseyretardchad:

  • Checking Account Transactions: timestamp

    • Mostly food market, vending machine

    • Road tolls timestamp

      • "I sold a car and left the license plates on.... the car never got re-registered"
  • 401k Loan timestamp

    • Needed a trailer hitch because he thinks he is getting hired in and moving to Virginia

    • $2'000 and 9% interest

  • Paid off a few other cards already in the last few months

The fat man rambles for a bit then Alex blows him out of the water - timestamp

Landwhale wants to split 4600 dollar bday meal

Some of this probably inaccurate. I had a hard time following what she was saying through the tears, not actually sure if she's a tumblrina, just guessing from behavior patterns and age :marseyautism:

Cia, Oklahoma, 29

Personal Life:

  • Found Caleb through TikTok

  • Was in a dual income situation but spouse is currently leaving her? They were both going to be on the show?

    • Brushed over at the beginning of the show
  • Since 2017, in 2019 grandma passed, she goes to North Carolina where her tribe is "Eastern Band Cherokee Indians"

    • Met cousins also in "table games" at the funeral
  • Mother is Comanche

  • Moved into grandma's old house when covid hit?

    • Timeline is a little weird here

    • Was also paying father $500 a month

  • Other grandma gets sick, also died, she found out at beginning of 2021 died early 2023

    • She came back to Oklahoma for her?
  • "So basically I've been just surviving since then, I started table games jobs when I wasn't in the right mindset" timestamp

    • "So basically what you're seeing right meow I'm getting out of the depression"

    • Not sure what this even means

  • "Everyone views me as the parent" :marseythinkorino:

  • Gets tribal benefits if she's in North Carolina?

  • Household income

    • She works from Jan - early Aug at other table games job

    • Husband has been getting around 1800 on his checks

  • "You guys were going to come on, what happened between your application and no-[ad break]" post-ad timestamp

    • Major waterworks here, avoid if you don't like seeing people crying

    • Not going to take notes on segment but it's beat for beat a Boogie diatribe -

      • everyone's using her

      • she's the nicest person around

      • her soon-to-be ex-husband is immature and didn't reciprocate emotional support

      • muh therapy

    • Close-up interjection from cell phone-cam Caleb timestamp

      • "blah blah blah, only one side of the story try not to be judgemental"

      • "A couple days after the episode she sent them an email saying we are in the wrong, me and my team, that we are against her, that we are the evil ones and we hope for her to not succeed essentially"

      • :marseyxd#:

    • She and her ex will be co-tackling debt before separating with dual income :marseythinkorino:

  • Diabetic, lost weight on ozambiec?


  • "Table Games" (Casino)

    • Blackjack dealer

    • 13/hr base, just started, 7 and a half hours a day

    • Worked at this position before asa supervisor, made 13.30 + tips (rare)?

    • 1950/month? maybe?

  • Also gets tribal gibs, 20k last year but varies depending on casino preformance


  • Has a house, that's paid off

  • $33'000, bought ten years ago, in Oklahoma

  • Gets tribe gibs twice a year, varies depending on how casino is doing.

    • 20'000 last year, lower this year

    • June and December

  • Car Loan $17,657 timestamp

    • 18% interest

    • $414 minimum payment

    • "That's uh... That was like I need to get out of the house"

    • "It's my car"

    • Chevy Spark

    • "So basically when my grandma passed away I was going to take over payments on the car which was like six hundred something"

      • "This car?"

        • "Not this car, it was like a Honda er uh Honda Accord hybrid but then my mom she wouldn't let it go so then I wanted to at least pay that six hundred try to maybe refinance it but then she let it go and that got repossessed and in the midst I'm like I need to start getting out of the house I need to start getting ready to get a job"
    • Mentioned later that both of their names are on both car loans

Car Loan 2 $32'776 timestamp

  • Chevy Colarado 2021

  • 813 minimum payment

  • 11% interest

  • Newegg $1'600 (I'm not sure) timestamp

    • "Cozy games"

      • "Like Stardew Valley, you know"

      • "Well I also like Borderlands too"

    • Bought a pre-built for 1'307.99 timestamp for thing showing

      • 35.98% interest rate

      • Currently owes 1'600

      • Has paid $154.44 so far?

        • $120 payment later mentioned through Affirm? I don't understand this
      • 787.22 minimum monthly payment? :marseyxd:

      • Husband was the one that ordered it but it's hers?

      • Caleb mutters the specs under his breath timestamp

        • "Six core CPU"

        • 16 gigs RAM 3600 DDR4

        • 1 TB SSD

        • Nvidia 3060

  • Home security (in collections)

    • was not in a good area, now in a better area

    • Didn't pay this because [storytime] timestamp

  • Credit card 1 timestamp

    • Pays this off

      • "That was just for one month, I was working really hard"
    • "My grandma when she passed away I got money, I got some insurance money so I've been that's how I've been surviving is her money"

      • $30'000, has 10'000 left
    • Balance is back with a vengance, now

      • waterworks are back "every day I was like taking like edibiles and like high edibles and I was gaming" blah blah blah more boogie bullshit

      • "It's like almost maxed out"

        • It's not, it's $990 out of $1'800
    • $20 monthly payment, 28.24%

    • Buys streamer merch, some woman pronounced "Payton" who streams on Youtube?

      • I couldn't find her, just got football videos
  • "Super Secret Debt" timestamp

    • About $3'000

    • Not on a payment plan, a couple years old

    • Something about someone needing documents but she never gave them the information :marseythinkorino:

  • iPad $500

    • 0% interest?

    • $55 a month?

    • additional $30 a month for phone bill

  • Student loans $5'000

    • Federal
  • Chime checking account balance -$84 => 0

  • Retirement Account - $436

  • Canceled subscriptions - Manta, AMC, Crunchyroll

  • Has not cancelled - Hulu

  • No savings

  • Allegedly $800 a year in property taxes

  • Doesn't have home insurance

  • Caleb claims to be on a diet :marseysurejan:

Pizzashill's sister posts on Reddit? :marseyspit:
Infinite money glitch just dropped

Bums :marseystinky: of r/dumpsterdiving seethe :feraljaktantrum: non stop over a company :marseydarkpizzashill: absolving themselves of liability :marseygrouns:.

What a shitty thing to do. And whoever wrote that sounds like they have a very specific dislike for the unhoused. :soycry:

Dunkin Donuts in my area does the same thing. They throw out probably 15-20 dozen donuts a night and bleaches them all. :!marseysoycry:

Report them. :marseyreportmaxxer2:


It doesn't seem like they are intending to do harm. Their intent is to keep people from getting their wasted food.

Still shitty, yes. :soyjakanimeglasses:

Correct. Putting up this sign shows that they don't actually want people to eat the contaminated food. :marseyhesright:

It's using lethal (chemicals) means to protect their property (discarded food). You can't do that. Even though it is Arkansas. :soyjaktantrumfastgenocide:


WORDS WORDS WORDS, but correct


-10 points





As one of the heavily shorted stocks, Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBYQ) attracted attention from the meme stock buyers. This Snallypost is an excellent summary of what happened. TLDR went bankrupt and apes lost all their money they invested.

Some apes are accepting of their fate, and /r/bbby allows some dissenting opinions amongst all the cheerleaders. But not /r/ThePPShow , which is a YouTube channel which feeds the most loyal apes some r-slurred made-up nonsense that some investor will give money for their shares in a company with no assets and a ton of creditors. The channel guest stars Bill Pulte, a grandchild of a billionaire who is idiotic enough that the family's charity has a pop-up disowning him. The channel knows a bunch of marks when they see one, and is charging $500 for a meet and greet.

Anyways, how is the financial state of these poors with a get-rich-quick mentality? Not good! We got the following tales of woe:

Laid off 7 months ago after an 18 year career. 880 job applications as of today. Completed 76 interviews as of last Friday, with 2 more scheduled this week. On top of that, completed 12-15 take-home tests, projects, and presentations for various interview processes, ranging in effort from 3 hours to 2 days. Endless lies and ghosting by employers. Aiming for 1/2 of my previous compensation; far, far below what I've been making for the last 10+ years. Burned out beyond belief. Four month old kid. Savings nearly drained. "Nobody wants to work."

I'm more than ready for these times to wrap the heck up.


same, but over a year unemployed. 6 month old, credit card up to my eyes and wife probably going to walk out.


If I turn into a rich snob, I hope my journal entries during my time of poverty will bring me down to earth.


I've got a week before I need to tell my wife (male) that I'm 120k down on meme stocks, with a hefty chunk from my pension and far too much from unsecured credit and we need to borrow against the house otherwise we drown paying debt.

Car broke today as rat chewed through main wire consoles, dishwasher broke, mortgage increase 50% and the overdraft I had planned to cover the next few months has just been cancelled without notice all this week.

First world problems I know and all of my own creation but if this doesn't go well for shareholders it not only cost a lot of money but likely the trust my wife (male) had for me.

Any plays in the future please don't do what I've done, don't use borrowed money for investing it will cause a lot of pain, even if and when butterfly comes and hopefully moons it's been 3 years or stress.

:marseyscream: :marseylaugh:

I'm broke as shit, and not even first world (Brazil) lol..

Managed to grab 512 shares of BBBY before it went OTC.. Now I'm just waiting for the rocket

:marseylaugh: :marseyitsoverbrasileiro:

Dose of semi-reality (0 points)

I hope that for most people, the real work begins once we get paid. Nothing will change unless we change it. It is 1000% on us to architect the future we want for our children.

I'm ready to do some meaningful work that's for sure..


As the grift does not have an end point with vague promises of 'someday MOASS' stringing them along, expect more tales of poor gobbling up tales of hopium from the grifters in the belief their ship will come in.

MTV Cribs: Dr Dew edition

226 vs 226

It was a not-so-happy meal.

An enraged McDonald's customer says the fast food franchise is no longer affordable for ordinary AmeriKKKans, calling the company's contemporary prices "crazy."

"So, I get there's a labor shortage, I get there's wage increases and a number of other things," Idaho man Christopher Olive began in a viral TikTok clip, which has recently resurfaced.

"But $16? $16 for a burger, a large fry and a drink? It's just crazy!" the flabbergasted content creator complained, panning to his itemized receipt from a McDonald's restaurant in the city of Post Falls.

The video was original posted on social media last December, but has now gone viral again after McDonald's recently reported an increase in revenue directly influenced by a "strategic" hike in menu prices.

In the comments section of of Olive's, viewers voiced their frustration with the price of the fast food.

"It's officially not convenient or affordable anymore," one moaned.

"Companies know they can get these prices now so they'll never go back," a second commiserated, saying the glory days of cheap fast food were over.

However, others left comments in defense of McDonald's, telling Olive he ordered a premium burger and could have secured a different meal for a lower price.

“Bro ordered the most expensive meal they have and acted surprised,” one defender declared.

"You sound like those boomers that complained about 5 dollar popcorn," another sniped.

However, Olive isn't the only one to go viral about the cost of McDonald's meals.

In March, a Connecticut content creator voiced his outrage for the $16.89 Big Mac combo meal at the fast food joint in a viral clip.

"Ya'll remember them stimulus checks they gave out? Thought you was getting away with that stimulus money huh?" he quipped. "They want it back."

And furious TikTokers aren't the only ones pressed about pricing. A viral Reddit thread asking, "what is no longer worth it because of how expensive it has become?" shed light on consumer's displeasure with fast food costs.

Redditors decried that the chain eateries have “gotten ridiculously expensive” as of late, with some users claiming that a McDonald's meal would run customers as much as a sit-down establishment.

Gone are the days where hungry patrons could snag a hearty breakfast of two Egg McMuffins for $3, recalled one person, or when the dollar menu was packed with items available for just $1.

“We have $285,000 of debt... How did this happen?”

Nigerian man, Lucas, appears with his AmeriKKKan wife, Trinity, on Ramit Sethi's podcast to fix their finances. He describes himself as an entrepreneur. Basically instead of working a normal job like a normal person he has decided to follow some get rich ideas from TikTok. This has put his family deep in the hole. He is your typical cluelessly confident neighbor who just thinks the problem is all a matter of finding the right scheme. His wife appears to be much more sane but is also probably r-slurred for staying with this guy

Highlights (Btw it's not all quotes I'm just trying to make it more readable)

"How do you build wealth in AmeriKKKa? :marseycrying:"

  • Lucas and his wife are in marriage counseling in part because they think totally differently about money and can't seem to get on the same page at all (Read: He's a delusional r-slur and she's a doormat)

  • First scheme was to open credit cards, and let other people use them for a fee. Something happened where he had to close the card so he decided to just not pay the balance left on it :marseyxd: Ramit pointed out how risky that was but the guy didn't really care

Neighbor is a big picture thinker, good at coming up with ideas, risk taker, street smart and savvy, just not good at follow through... :marseysurejan:

  • Next scheme was real estate investment, and he had hired a property manager to look over the rental. Well the rental ended up having major problems that prevented it from being rented out, which the property manager never told him about. I think he was actually a friends uncle or something too lol

At one point they start talking about whole life insurance, which Ramit hates. Lucas bought it because he heard some scheme where you can treat it like a bank from TikTok :!marseyrofl: Actually Ramit starts to say that people get fooled by these schemes, and then the neighbor proceeds to mansplain to Ramit how it all works and is great :marseyxd:

  • Lucas mansplains that when he first started learning more about finances, he read David Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki. And he decided to go with the Robert Kiyosaki model of wealth creation :marseyclueless:

Ramit talks to this guy about risk and risk tolerance, but he just says he doesn't mind risk at all and would rather go big or go home

At one point when they start going over the numbers, his wife starts crying because she didn't know how bad things were because he won't tell her :marseyaware:

  • At another point after discussing the debt and job situation and all, the neighbor is like "Yea so I would like to have 3 million 3 years from now :marseyclueless:"

At the end they are going over the budget, and their numbers for income make no sense and their fixed costs are way high. Ramit is trying to mansplain that this is bad and the neighbor is just like "Well if I need money for my family I'll just do whatever to get it :marseyclueless:"

  • The entire time the neighbor is defensive, delusional, and egotistical

And here is my favorite part: This fricking r-slur has a Chemical Engineering degree and was in the middle of a PhD when he decided to drop out and be an "entrepreneur". He claimed he ditched engineering because "He would only make 50-75k" :marseyxdoubt: yet he got into engineering because they make good money :marseyxd: My theory is that he's a hack who cheated all through undergrad, and then couldn't fake it in PhD so he left. But if that's not true, he literally could have just worked at his engineering career for a while, sock away money and use that to start investing... :marseybangfast: Like yea maybe You can't build wealth in AmeriKKKa because you're an idiot

Living life one rental car at a time :marseyxd:

Justin, 37, Arizona

I'm not even going to try coming up with a total debts or anything. This guy is insane.

Personal Life/Career

  • "I'm in logistics and I sell stuff online" timestamp

    • "What are you sellin online?"

      • "Whatever makes profit"
    • "Logistics" is door dashing/roadie full time

      • various gig work things

      • Minimum $1200 a week (sounds like pre-expenses?)

      • 7000-8000 a month for holiday season

    • 127'000 gross income last year

  • Lives out of his car?

    • "I've settled into this lifestyle and I don't like it

    • living a nomad life for the last 3 years "sort of by choice"

  • Regional Manager for a marketing firm but laid off December 2018

    • Since then he has been "focusing on [his] logistics"
  • "I focus on my kids and myself"

    • 17 and 14

    • Kids are with their mom full time

    • Sees them often?

  • Relationship failing sent him spiralling for 8 years?

  • Was reselling full time on Amazon and bringing in money?

    • Live-in girlfriend wanted him to go back to a job

    • He caved to the pressure, got regional manager job at a marketing firm

    • 300k from Amazon reselling, salary for manager not mentioned

      • Later mentions the salary is $83'000
  • Owned condo, bought 2009, rented it out when he moved in with his girlfriend?

    • Complicated situation where he rented out the condo to his ex who had the kids

    • $36'000 remaining on the condo somehow prevented him from renting elsewhere?

    • Signed over the condo to the ex and her new boyfriend? Basically gave it away, they took over the loan

      • "That was one of my first bad decisions"
  • Got burnout last year, started going to the casino frequently

    • "was winning a lot of money" but was sending all back in :marseysurejan:
  • Hasn't paid his taxes in two years

    • Filed in 2020 but the agi was all wrong?
  • Moved to stay with his uncle in California for fresh start

    • Got in an accident?

    • "I was out of commission for a week"

    • Uncle is a gambler and they would go to casinos together?

    • Accident caused a fallout between them?

  • Had a Mazda CX-5 but the belt broke and he drove 50 miles without the belt

    • "Catastrophic engine issues"

    • Could cover the repairs $3000

    • Then it broke down again afterwards with some new issue allegedly?

  • Got a Nissan Sentra after the second issue with the CX-5 in August 2021 timestamp

    • renting his vehicle at $475 but that price includes any issues with it? :marseywtf:

    • Averages 9000 miles a month in the car

  • Has been thinking about going back to a regular job but thinks the transition would be difficult

  • His job hunting timestamp

    • Applied to one recently but got rejected post-interview


  • Had a car repo'd timestamp

    • Was providing a vehicle as a part of child support but couldn't pay that as well as his own when he lost the marketing job?
  • Lives in Hotels when he has his kids? Usually weekends?

  • Doesn't miss his monthly payments but does carry balances on some of his cards?

  • Car rental details timestamp

    • 161 dollars overdue because he incurred a cleaning fee on the last one

    • 28 day cycle, has been doing it for a year

    • $350 a week on the bottom end

    • $484 a week on his current one

    • "On the bright side it's a tax write-off"

      • He hasn't paid taxes in years
  • "I think I was hacked" timestamp

    • Some stuff on his report that he doesn't know anything about

    • He reported them?

    • Lost his wallet last year and never got physical cards becuase he has no physical address?

    • He did not cancel the cards he lost :#marseywtf:

    • 2 student loans and an auto loan from Miami Florida

      • Hasn't locked his credit?

        • He says he didn't think of it :marseyxd:
  • 7 things in collections

    • Can account for 4 of them but doesn't know about the other 3 timestamp
  • Tried to deal with the student loans timestamp

    • Called University of Phoenix they told him to come in with his photo ID

    • Arizona has digital ID so he wasn't driving illegally despite not having a drivers license?

  • Got an iPhone timestamp

    • One's business one's personal
  • Further car explanations timestamp

    • Once the one car got repo'd he stopped making payments and he'd spray painted the car during a mental episode so it wasn't worth as much

      • Got sold 6 months ago?
    • Goes on for a while? Sounds like he had a melty over customer service chads and made terrible decisions? I didn't follow this

  • Checking Account? timestamp

    • Just goes on forever, amazing.

Spending Pie chart timestamp

Women moment
Filthy bums :marseystinky: seethe when store :marseypizzashill: properly disposes of expired dog :marseybigdog: food :marseyraccoon:
The Economy Is Great. Why Are AmeriKKKans in Such a Rotten Mood?  - WSJ

This article has to be ruffling feathers in the people of low income community.


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