I make $65,000 per year as a single dad and I went to a food handout place today.

Turns out there's a church like 2 blocks from me that gives away free food to any family once per week. And I was surprised at the quality and diversity of the items too. It was Trader Joe's and Whole Foods stuff that was like 2 days past expiration yet still TOTALLY edible; some of it was even frozen goods chicken/steak which wouldn't expire for a looooong time.

I never thought that a single guy making $65,000 per year would have to get assistance from a food kitchen, but since I'm paying almost $1,000 per month in child support, despite the fact that we have close to 50/50 custody, this is my reality for the next 8+ years.

We went to lunch today to celebrate my anniversary with my girlfriend and for me, my gf, and my 9 year old daughter ordering literally just sandwiches and tea and dessert it was over $100. We're going to the community pool tomorrow and it's gonna cost $15 each, when as a kid I remember going to the community pool for like $2-3 per day.

How is any of this freaking sustainable???

Celebrated the food bank haul by spending $100 at a sandwich shop. The commenters are suspicious. OP clears it up:

$4 each for a cup of tea, $14 each for sandwiches, $8 each for desserts, plus tax and tip. Quite frankly that's only a little more expensive than fast food anymore, and it was for an anniversary dinner. I literally painted their nails at home and pampered them myself with homemade face masks instead of us going to get mani/pedis as I used to do years ago when I made less money. I'm taking shortcuts and cost saving efforts wherever I can but anniversaries are kinda supposed to be a little special.

Oh well then.

Dude just spent $420 on a sub for his home theater

Sadly it looks like OP deleted that post. Or the commenter lied :marseythumbsup:

Reminds me of a friend that FaceTimed me to vent about still living paycheck to paycheck after a promotion to $100k. They cut the call short when their doordash delivery from red lobster arrived. Random Weekday, no special occasion.



The DWZ movement is particularly popular among DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids) and others who have more financial flexibility and fewer dependents. It appeals to those who prioritize experiences over leaving large inheritances, and to individuals who want to make the most of their money while they're still young and healthy enough to fully enjoy it.

Consider embracing the DWZ philosophy if you value experiences over material possessions and find more fulfillment in creating memories than in accumulating wealth. It may also be a good fit if you don't prioritize leaving an inheritance, as the movement encourages using most of your assets during your lifetime. Additionally, if you're comfortable with some financial risk and trust in your ability to manage money effectively over time, DWZ could align well with your outlook.

See every zoomer and soyillenal thinks theyll just drop dead at 40 or 50 or keep themselves safe when they turn 35 or some shit. The thing is none of them are actually suicidal so they don't and end up penniless in their 60s suffering like materialist boomers did. These are the same ppl who whin their boomer parents got a reverse mortgage so they wont get the house when they die :marseysmug2:

This on top of the muh expirences cope where they think going to spain for a week where they just bumble around tourist areas and eat food makes them a world weary bohemian. :marseyfoidretard:

Some choice comments:

Hah, I have no choice. I have no heirs. I try to run and play every weekend. Everything is paid for. So no major bills. I don't live extravagantly and I don't travel much looking for "life experiences". But I'm able to do whatever I want. No matter what philosophy you subscribe to, do it without regrets. Don't be on your deathbed saying, "I should have stopped to smell the flowers." Don't die hating yourself.

"Everything is paid for" so this dude basically lives like a child who only needs to save for the newest video game.

Yup, we're on track to Fire at 45 and 43 or earlier. Childfree, so planning on dying with zero. We already exercise a lot of DWZ mentality and enjoy traveling and doing things we like.

Again these are the same soys who cry about boomers being too greedy

To me, it feels like DWZ takes it as a given that most people working now (at least in the US) won't be able to retire in 30-40 years anyway, regardless of how much they save, due to economic collapse, climate change, and our broken healthcare system, and so you may as well use the money now. Though I'll admit I haven't done any research on this specifically.

Let me be a burden to society when I die, society has been a burden to me for decades.

"Guys its literally impossible to save money in this economy" (spends all their money on slop). Its geuinely interesting how many people just spend all their money but then act entitled to savings. You see this with crypto where they complain that they have no savings so they NEED to gamble to get as rich as le boomers. Buddy that 10k you dropped on dogecoin was your savings.

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Leaked Nissan sales requirements


A little bit - not like inherently or anything but I definitely notice and judge people for a lack of ambition. That's my own fault, I can't speak for all rich people. Like if someone is dirt poor but hustling to make money, I respect that. But someone who just is happy to exist in mediocrity? Someone who isn't even trying to make more for their family? It's pathetic, lazy, and selfish too - your family deserves better


Heck no. People are people. Good ones , bad ones. No correlation to amount of money that have.


When I was poor I definitely didn't like the poor people in my neighborhood. I felt like the way to get away from them was to eventually live somewhere they couldn't afford.


City Clearing Last Homeless Camp + Arresting Everyone : savannah
Won the top comment :marseysoypointtrips: 2 days go to post this, am now gay.
Portland street response is hilariously useless
Homeless rule Massachussets as untouchable god-kings

Hey everyone.

I have about 7k in credit card debt, maybe 9k in student loans. I just received permanent residency in the EU and don't intend on ever moving back to the US, I would even give up my passport when the time comes.

I just forgot to pay my PayPal credit while on vacation (minimum was 98 dollars) and those bastards added 200 dollars to my credit card debt. This pissed me off, and now I don't wanna pay it off at all.

Is this stupid or can I get away with never paying any of this again?

Lefty meme words words words
Editorial: Multnomah County's Measure 110 redux : Portland
You can always game the system by taking out a 52 year mortgage then hopefully dying.

I was talking to my dad about his finances and his retirement plan when he mentioned he still has about another 30 years left on their mortgage. At first I thought he was confused and thought he had 30 years left because that was the total length of the loan. I told him there was no way he had 30 years left because they have been living in the same house for almost 20 years. I then had him login me into his mortgage account and sure enough he somehow has a 52 year mortgage with 30 years left. My question is should I have him pay as much as he possibly can to pay it off quickly or should I continue to let him make the minimum payment? He has no other debt besides the mortgage. His reasoning for only making the minimum payments is that it's a 3% loan and that money is better off earning interest somewhere else. He will be 87 by the time he pays off the house if he continues to make the minimum payments.

Found it here/for the Twitterinos:

I am once again begging Redditors to stop posting Ls:

For some reason this becomes a /r/childfree struggle session:

Folks can't figure out if this is good or not? Idk didnt read:

OP is getting mogged by his dad and its worse when Redditors are saying it:


Poverty Tips :marseylickinglips:

Look at him! Look at him and laugh!

earns 2000$ lives in a 1660$ apartment :marseyconfused2:

!peakpoors !neolibs explain

streamer watchers defend the queen


EDIT NOW IT DOUBLE POSTED :marseyraging: !metashit the SITE IS BROKEN

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