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US Army falls 25% short of recruiting goal

Man is brutal if you look at old picture 16-21 years or recruits looked like normal human beings. In this new picture they all looks at least overweight and most are straight obese. That tallstrag at first glance looks human but look at his legs, that are legs of landwhale. I am legit excited to look how alpha gen will look like when they 18-21.

But it’s easy to fix that problem for US, they just need to make COD great again and first order should be disable censorship in chats and etc… 9 year olds need to scream the N word and bang every mom.

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  • 2DBussy: !sd ((marsey)) fitness trainer (midriff), (trendy pose), tracksuit, [Alphonse Mucha], (Frank Cho)
  • Dramagon: When AI can generate your very own website, we should be concerned.
:marseypainter: @Marseygen stops in for the weekend :marseypainter:

I'm running a Stable Diffusion bot with the new model @chiobu was using the other day (download.) It's finetuned on 120 Marseys following this guide. It's not quite as good as the Dreambooth model at composing a scene, but it does make very cute Marseys.

Just start your line with "!sd prompt_here":

!sd marsey made of ice

!sd marsey harry potter

!sd marsey singing at a concert, cartoon

Works up to five prompts per comment

GitHub here for any interested codecels. I rent my GPUs, so this'll just be on for the next couple days or so. I'll bring it back up if there's a significant bump in model quality

edit: some coding hiccups :marseyspecial: if your prompt didn't run, post it again

Who wants to crowdfund gibbing vatniks with Marsey sticker grenades?

@TelegramShill would love it!


Clean it into smithereens, jannies

Commissioned by @garlicdoors (animating in gimp is annoying, you've been scammed!)

Hey carp can I have le commish badge


Playing around with AI and this perfect piece came to be.

It's just fucking cute and adorable and I unironically want to marry it.

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link to stream, if you want to watch from the beginning go back an hour from when this was posted. edit 2: stream is over and vod is privated. highlight might come out later, might not. for now, enjoy the fallout.

final destiny v keffals preamble: keffals got destiny banned off twitch, also called him a male feminist. destiny's community is probably one of the most parasocial streamer communities out there (that i've seen). they cannot handle it when their favorite streamer man disagrees with them. they just HAVE to complain about it. which is really fucking strange, as their favorite streamer man disagrees with them a fucking lot. one of the reasons i like reading /r/destiny so much is because whenever this happens, seeing the mass cognitive dissonance occur in real time is extremely entertaining.

destiny's community would normally be very much supportive of revealing this persons true colors, as they were with hasan and vaush, but because keffals is trans they are shaking in their boots. i cannot link all the posts they've made telling destiny to "just stop talking about keffals". one i am lazy two i am watching the stream. as liberals, most of these people respect the trans shield immensely. they will not admit this, to themselves or to /r/destiny. they are either too delusional to realize they give trans people a pass or realize that admitting this in /r/destiny would get them banned. so they're coy. "destiny just giving her attention fuels her" "destiny she's not worth it" "destiny nobody cares about her" (by far the most fucking r-slurred of their arguments. multiple big news agencies gave her story coverage. i'm not sure who they fuck they're fooling with this argument). these people just lost, hard. and they're not gonna take their loss with dignity, they're gonna be crying in /r/destiny for the next week.

i will also note destiny pulled this trick not just to fool his community, but to fool keffals as well. if he had gave any advance warning on a keffals manifesto stream, keffals would have been ready for it. with both explanations and mass reporting of his stream. right now they're probably scrambling hard to try and stop destiny. pretty smart by destiny.

edit: other threads: (lmao cancelled plans for a streamer)


we didn't have marsey in a tracksuit yet so I had to make one. yes, this is (partially) AI generated. I generated 100 first candidates and narrowed it down to the top 10, and then chose this one. I then did a number of touch-ups on the version that SD outputted...

  • made his shoes red so that he was subtly color coordinated with the russian flag :russia:

  • made his tracksuit explicitly an adidas tracksuit

  • remove weird label from the bottle of alcohol he is holding

  • fix the eyes slightly

here is what the original looked like btw


i say this so that yall know that this isn't going to completely erase marsey artists, it still requires some touch ups. probably a marsey artist with actual art skillz could have done this is less time but I have no art skillz lol. anyways, lmk if you have any suggestions, I do intend to submit this bad boy.

other primo russian marseys




Putin on full tilt
(Homemade) Chicken Tikka Masala leftovers— rice reheated in the same pot

7/10, not enough chicken chunks. Rice is basmati but yellowish from cooking in the same pot. :marseylove:

A vote against Biden is a dramaphobic vote against the mayo and scrotecide
Twitter steals an rDrama feature :marseyrage::marseyannoyed:
Average poltard
:marseykeffalsdance: asks her fans to play her boring ass videos with the volume off to inflate metrics :marseylaugh:




Current Weekday Bulking Breakfast :marseycapychad3:

•3 scrambled eggs :marseyeggirl:

•2 Pieces of Cinnabon bread toast w/ peanut butter :marseyinbread:

•Protein drink: 2 scoops of Whey + milk, nesquick powder, cinnamon :marseybuff:

•Coffee (shitty) :marseycoffeemug:

Total Calories: 1200

Total Protein: 105g

Usually I have just half the protein drink, then finish it after the morning gym session :marseylifting:

lmao mnn is already in top 10 holes. "Your opinions have to be ironic!1!!1!" :marseysoycry:

The only way to make /r/transpassing pretty safe would be to close it up, make it private, and only allow in people whom we've manually checked and personally vetted.

But when we do that, it also becomes an echo chamber and then people complain that the whole sub is a 'useless hugbox' that 'doesn't help anybody.'


the :marseyairquotes:girl:marseyairquotes: in question:


New AI generated Marsey Train just dropped! :marseysoypoint:


Vordrak vs Kiwi Farms

I figured I'd write out something of a summary of Vordrak vs Kiwi Farms since it's quite possibly the maddest I've ever seen anyone get on the internet. It includes a seven month r-slur-feud, an entire school district being shut down after a terrorism hoax, a £10,000 lawsuit for hurt feelings, a £5,000 bounty on yours truly, and the typical swatting/doxing/mean words type of fare you usualy see in an internet drama.

For those who don't know, the kiwi farms are an 'internet culture gossip' forum that began as a Chris-Chan discussion forum and discusses/archives/mocks the internet lives of unusual weirdos on the internet. I've heard some subreddits are iffy about linking directly there due to the open hosting of dox, but you can find it easily enough through google.

Vordrak, who goes by the pen name Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder, as well as openly going by his real name Samuel Collingwood Smith, is a Britsh ex-councilman, blogger, and obsessive g*mergater and wikisperg. You might know him as the guy who tried to blackmail an anti-g*mergate feminists patrons, or the guy who tried to get wikipedia blocked from the UK because they permabanned him, or as the guy who's building his own twitter with blackjack and hookers. His ED article provides a good rundown of his past, while his KF thread features this entire spat in chronological order, through it's like 100 pages now and packed with garbage shitposts the whole way through. You can find his blog directly by googling 'matthew hopkins witchfinder', but if you're interested enough to be reading all this garbage your best bet is reading the KF thread and following the links there to get it in chronological order.

Anyways, I first met Vordrak when he contacted me here on plebbit to try and feed me dirt on some enemy he'd made who does g*mergate or atheism blockbots or something. The first thing I ever said to him was that I'd heard of him before, he's a r-slur, and he's lucky he doesn't have a KF thread himself. He brushed it off (lol) and pushed forward with giving me his info. I'm not up on all that blockbot drama so I just passed his info on to somebody I know who is. That person decided Vordrak was far more deserving of being the subject of a thread, and made one.

The thread was basically a non-starter. People laughed at him a bit and that was it. If he didn't react it would have got maybe 3 or 4 pages of replies and been forgotten. We didn't realize just how insanely he'd react though. I don't want this to read like a fucking novel and I tried making it something of a timeline but verifying dates and shit is too much effort. I'll just put a list of shit what I remember, basically. If it interests you, I'm sure you'll be able to find the full story elsewhere on the internet.

It all started January 21 - KF thread on Vordrak is created

Vordrak quietly reports us to Linode for non-existant child pornography. They dehost us.

Vordrak reports us to our new host, Gandi, again for child pornography. They dehost us. At no time have we ever hosted child pornography, obviously.

Badly forged emails purportedly from the Kiwi Farms admin, in which he openly admits to being a child molester and stealing/blackmailing the KF community, begin circulating on 8chan.

Vordrak begins releasing a series of smear articles on KF, in the style of tabloid yellow journ*lism. I was going to link them but it's too much effort so just google his blog if you want to read them I guess. They start in April and continue up till now.

Vordrak shops for allies in his crusade using sock accounts and gets told to fuck off basically everywhere he can think of. He tried wrongplanet, a bunch of autism activist subreddits, baphomet, /cow/, I can't remember where else. He also contacts every single mentally ill degenerate we make fun of trying to score allies, including actual libertarianphiles (despite almost every single blog post he makes accusing his enemies of being libertarians). To date, the only one he's managed to win over is a developmentally challenged neo-nazi from Metapedia, which is kind of sweet I guess.

Vordrak contacts everybody in KF Admin's extended family and their friends and employers, accusing KF Admin of libertarianphilia and his family of enabling and/or profiting from a child pornography ring. I can't remember everyone he contacted but it got to the point of going after the KF Admin's temporary host's friend's cousin's father's boss or something ridiculous like that.

Vordrak releases smear articles on KF Admin's mother, doxing her and revealing her unpaid parking tickets. Contacts her boss repeatedly insisting she is at the head of a child pornography ring.

Somebody who cannot be proven to be Vordrak, but is obviously Vordrak, impersonates KF Admin to send school shooting threats to schools and media outlets in his local area. The entire school district is shut down in panic and KF Admin gets a knock'n'chat from the Pensacola sheriffs and has to explain why an insane g*mergate nutjob is targeting him.

He makes threats veiled as 'warnings' on his blog that more terror hoaxes will come unless KF Admin is arrested, up to and including anthrax threats.

Realising he's getting nowhere against KF Admin, he starts targeting me. I get some cool smear articles too, and he also starts obsessively contacting his local police, and the police in Pensacola demanding they arrest me for international terrorism (I posted the Hatred intro meme), and libertarianphile sex crimes (I tweeted a dickpic once). He even has a series of insane blog posts in which he photoshops more and more devils horns and garbage onto the Sheriff of Pensacola for his continued refusal to arrest me for being an internet terrorist.

Somebody signs up as 'KiwiDynastia' on ED. Along with Likeicare, they edit Vordrak's article to call him a libertarianphile. Vordrak immediately threatens Likeicare, KiwiDynastia and Zaiger with a lawsuit.

Vordrak serves me papers over email, which I laugh at. I tell him I'm not KiwiDynastia, he doesn't care. So I laugh more. Our email exchanges are hosted on ED afaik. I'm quite rude to him.

Vordrak offers to drop the suit against Likeicare and Zaiger if they submit to certain demands ; namely reverting his article, banning me and KiwiDynastia from ED, unbanning him from ED, and doxing me and KiwiDynastia. They tell him to fuck off, but revert his article anyway because the libertarian stuff is unfunny bullshit.

Vordrak calls for a stay on Likeicare and Zaiger, taking his suit to court against KiwiDynastia. He's awarded a default judgement of £1,000 actual damages, £1,000 costs, and £9,000 in hurt feelings (literally says this). The judge specifically notes that he'll never be able to collect because I'm the only person he properly served, and all I have to do is deny being KiwiDynastia. Oh, and I'm in a jurisdiction that uses British libel judgements as toilet paper.

Vordrak posts a £5,000 bounty on my dox. Before you get your hopes up, it's contingent on him getting a full payout from his lawsuit so like... lol.

I do a bit of digging into Vordrak's past to find out what all the Evanescence stuff was about, and track down a young girl he stalked and harassed for over two years because she got made moderator on the Evanescence forums instead of him. The harassment included her family being harassed, compromising her debit card information and IM programs (presumably with a keylogger), and even a failed parliamentary petition to call her 'mean-spirited'. When these failed he started slandering the band as libertarianphiles until legally forced to stop. His victim was 17 when he started that. I post these new revelations. He immediately emails her threatening a defamation suit if she continues talking to me. That's not actually part of the feud, but I thought the fact that he stalked and harassed a minor for over 2 years is worth noting.

Vordrak gets our paypal cancelled by sending them emails or whatever.

And now, seven months down the line, just yesterday, Vordrak demanded that the British version of 'internal affairs' launch a full investigation into why the police aren't taking him seriously and arresting me right now for terrorism and penis selfies. Apparently an internal affairs investigation is ongoing, because British police are just so darn polite.

That's basically an overview. If you took the time to read all that shit and want to know more, you'll have to go to KF, or Vordrak's blog to get a more detailed version, but at least it won't look (quite so much) like an incomprehensible mess.

Chiobu drama

His takes are getting a little bit more deranged. Personally I wish all libertarians were wimps so that kids don't get diddled.

@chiobu discuss.

Russian jannie loses to me again.

2 days ago I mock Russia for losing Lyman.

Russian jannie shows up and calls my claim a "false flag psyop and optimistic"

What is that now, 0-12 for poor Russian jannie?