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  • KARABOGA: Good art, but ffs is jannies removing dramatard shitposts what passes for drama now?

Presenting my newest piece: "Escape from Predditor Mansion (circa 2021, colourized)" - commissioned by @brzl

@brzl is sadly currently grassed (because he wanted to take a break from the site) but here's some commentary he told me to include

"With the death of /r/DeuxRAMA and the loss of pinging, Marsey and the gang sought to lead the dramatards on a journey to a new home. There was just one problem: they had to go through Him.

My gratitude to Dramarama for accepting an unlikely commission idea, turning this shitty mspaint sketch into a fully realized work."


It was a really fun and challenging piece for me to do but I'm really happy with how it turned out, and thanks @brzl for commissioning me!

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Hi! If you’re here from Dr. Oaken’s tweet, please view this thread first!

The user who posted this is > 5 years behind on child support and was charged with domestic violence for battering his ex-wife and for hurting his son. Please be mindful of the company you keep. If there are 9 normal people at a table with one wifebeating child abuser, there are actually 10 wifebeating child abusers at the table.

Dr. Oaken (Steve) believes that because Kiwifarms (a vile, evil, wicked hate site built on transmisia and malice) was taken down, proof of his abusive, deadbeat nature is scrubbed and he can crawl out of his hole without being called on it anymore. Not so!

Consider a new table.

Post fight interview with rdrama FIGHT CHAMPION @Marsey

his wrists look fatter in person tbh

Thread first reported on rdrama:

Stuart Ritchie and others noticed his wording was suspiciously similar to a prior reddit thread:

Other details didn't quite seem to add up:

So I asked him about it all:

He confirmed he copied the thread, so I said thanks and he liked it. Then I guess he realized what he'd just confirmed, because he unliked, deleted his reply, hid my reply, locked replies to his thread, locked his account, and deleted his whole twitter account renamed himself to firstname-bunchofnumbers and removed his Twitter bio. In that order.


I'll probably do a proper write-up about it or something, idk. it escalated quickly

We are the 7th Google result for DiamWall, the DDOS mitigation company that betrayed Kiwifarms to protect criminal harassers and silence free speech. I believe the CEO himself just visited us to correct me.


Two brand new accounts commenting on an irrelevant almost three day old thread, responding to an old comment in the same broken English just minutes apart and acknowledging one another within minutes, in the same broken English.

I've removed the comment in question. Apologies to Hugo Carvalho, CEO of DiamWall, who is NOT a sexual harasser and whose company has three employees. None of which are female. I was simply making conversation with something I had seen elsewhere.

This does beg the question, though - why does DiamWall not employ women?

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Well strags, I made it

And besides cops and security parked outside, there is absolutely nothing going on :marseysleep: besides me getting baited by journos :marseyyikes: so I guess I'm going home since I don't wanna linger around a high school for longer than a minute. If something does get planned I'd be happy to return, but thought I'd give you guys an update anyway


POV: You use neither discord nor telegram :marseychadyes::gigachad2:



We meet in the men's bathroom of the abandoned McDonald's in Post, Texas. Just knock on the door and someone will ask you who it is. Say "Teenus". You will then be asked what kind of watch you have. Say it's a Citizen Watch, from Ross. The door will open. Come prepared to leave your old life behind.

New Stonetoss


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  • snus: This is a rather good post. Too bad you plebs are missing out :marseysmug2:
  • of_blood_and_salt: let me iiiiiiin
  • SCP-682: May i please come in? Its cold.
post thumnail
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For those who don't know, /r/Joerogan banned politics from the sub because a handful of terminally online users from /r/Politics kept posting annoying American political nonsense hourly. This obviously made them super mad and they've been coping since. Then the author of this post comes along with the sole intention of basically dunking on them lol. What's funnier is the mods would normally remove text posts or posts that mention other users... but they've seriously had enough with the /r/Politics users at this point.

Pro tip: click on the usernames in the post to see their Joerogan post history on the posts for quicker viewing.

Yes. I felt ... Exactly this. I haven't ever told anyone before now for obvious reasons - but I was very freaked out when I was a young person, because I could tell I was feeling something that other people weren't toward young girls...

Omg yes exactly this!!

I think you captured this very well...



I wouldn't say "super anxious," but there was a vague concern...


Yes actually. Im asexual so I don't really understand what sexual attraction is at all..


This is currently the #1 top thread on Reddit

I wanted to highlight comments but I really have no time at all to do anything

Take a scroll and gawk at the thousands of manchildren gushing at other manchildren and insisting to one another that being older than 25 with a roommate is not only normal, but a necessity

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It's over - :marseyjanny: got us. Let's sum it up!

Now that /r/Art jannies have y'alled our post, might as well share the amazing responses we got in the three hours it was live and rapidly climbing:

Redditors' art interpretations:









@Impassionata's take:


(Probably) a dramanaut explaining the true meaning:


Bonus for @carpathianflorist, lol:


We made it to #2 (at around +1k) in three hours before getting jannied...


Please add your favourite screens to the comments for historical reference!

And, of course, many thanks to @Dramarama, @brzl, and @r3muxd for making it all possible!!!

EDIT: Okay guys, we tried to appeal, and it was (initially) indeed autojanny tripped up by a report brigade. The """human""" jannoid wasn't receptive to our points either, though:




Anyway, here's the /r/undelete thread if you guys want to yell at jannies:

And the story also got picked up by /r/4chan:

New BoobToss just dropped


Marsey spotted in the wild
Quality Post How a Facebook bait post made by Bussylover went viral and baited the entire internet

First, let me tell you their motive:

Their motive was to psyop as a religious Karen on Facebook. Influenced by the legendary manlet known as @Landlord_Messiah, they formerly used to troll with him on twitter with the usernames ellie3kellie and figabig/abigafiga. With the untapped potential to troll Facebook r-slurs, they have found it very fun and entertaining.


First off, this isn't the first time they decided to troll unsuspecting facebook :marseyretard2:s. By posting in a Moms support group by larping as a middle-aged lady, they were able to bait r-slurs by MAGA posting. Examples include calling baby formula a sin (GhostArchive Link), frogs in ice cream (GhostArchive link), debate about jesus being black (GhostArchive link) and puberty blockers for my daughter (GhostArchive Link). Check out their Facebook profile for even more hilarity.

Info obtained from here:

Now here's the drama:

It started with a simple meme. ![]( Over 11k cooments of pure seethe just by posting a meme with a mermaid and a confederate flag (GhostArchive Link). And they were seething hard :marseypopcorn::




Lots of :marseycope: in the above image.


Snappy Quote?:


Not even someone posting a link to the rdrama thread ruined it and it was eventually [removed]:


Obtained from here:

Eventually, the drama reached TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter.

TikTok video For those without an account. Unfortunately, it looks like it was deleted or jannied :marseyjanny2:.

Obtained from here:

It then reached subreddits like /r/therightcantmeme, /r/terriblefacebookmemes, /r/forwardsfromklandma, etc.

ForwardsFromKlandma post

...your heritage as a fucking fish person?

Do not make fun of fish people. Mermaids are okay. Sugarians are okay. Whatever the fuck this post is isn't okay.

Don't ever mock :marseycarp3: again according to these people.

They're such crybabies over a Disney movie for little girls holy shit.

If Americans cared about one another half as much as they do about Disney's intellectual property this really would be the greatest country on earth.

TheRightCantMeme post

Ariel was a slave owner?! :o

She was part of the undersea monarchy, same thing.

Fun fact about Atlantis, it was a myth specifically told to prop up white supremacy.

Atlantis is white supremacy sweetie. Some are questioning it.

This has strong "this is what they took away from you white man" vibes but unironnicly

Brought to you by the same people who say the flag is about Southern heritage and not race 🙄

This has to be a joke

Like, no one is that fucking stupid

I live in the South and uh, I've got news for you.


This has to be satire :soycry:

Obtained from here:

r/terriblefacebookmemes post

This is the grand wizard of racist mermaid memes

My Uncle literally just shared this on Facebook

Whats next? They make Obama black?

There is a serious propaganda movement online radicalizing disaffected white people, i see it on reddit everyday. It is concentrated and intentional

Remember rdrama is a criminal conspiracy according to Bardfinn.

I love this meme. It's hilarious.

Those who refuse to recognize and make peace with their history are DOOMED to repeat it. The Civil War happened. The confederacy happened. The Klu Klux Democrats happened. Tearing all the statues of General Ribert E Lee down and banning the Stars and Bars and canceling people because their great great great grandparents maybe owned slaves is only going to ensure that those awful things happen again, so.ehow, in the future to your children.

black panther should be white :marseykkk:

Obtained from here:

r/politicalcompassmemes post :marseylibleft: :marseylibright: :marseyauthright: :marseyauthleft:

And if they're in Texas, FB can't delete it now

I mean I don’t really give a shit , I think people should be able to express their thoughts freely even though I may not agree with them

I’m disappointed in humanity, don’t engage in this controversy, watch Oldboy (2003) instead, Oldboy (2003) is something actually worth your time, this whole situation is worth shit.

Obained from here:

It also reached a popular twitter account

Obtained from here:

r/HistoryMemes post

Bait account threatened to call the police on anyone who threatened them on Facebook as the drama unfolded (GhostArchive Link)

Final update:

How'd I do with the writeup? Broken Links? Did I miss anything entertaining? Post it in the comments with a link and it will be added to the post.

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  • RichEvansOnlyfans: I never thought I'd see Br't'sh apologia on rdrama, how far the community has fallen
Because too soon isnt soon enough. r/Fuck_Queen_Elizabeth let's harvest some bonge seethe.

Can't plan anything untill I get out of work so go crazy and I'll clean it up later 🧹


Top Moderators of r/AntiWork exposed as FBI informants

Earlier today some journal sites revealed leaks how the mod team of Antiwork are FBI informants going back to 2011 and lulzsec. Allegations of rape and community arrests. Mods get removed, a lot of posts get personally deleted and automoderated. The subreddit automod starts deleting any mention of pastebin, archive, fbi.

Screenshots of one of the mods that was removed and permanently banned for trying to raise awareness of the issue:

The over 2.2 million member subreddit /r/antiwork, which was subject to a large swarm of trolls after a Fox News interview in January 2022, appears to have been infiltrated by an FBI informant who may have enabled multiple arrests in the anti-authoritarian community. Laurelai Bailey, an infamous former mod, has likely committed serial rape without facing any legal repercussions, and appears to actively collaborate with the FBI.

When /r/antiwork mods voted to ban Bailey, they were subsequently purged from their mod status by Bailey’s friend /u/TeiaRabishu, who is still the top mod. Anarchist mods say that Teia has used this as an opportunity to divert anti-work theory from its anarchist foundations and co-opt it with liberal theory instead, evidently enforcing this through FBI surveillance on the subreddit.

The alt accounts HyponoTransgirl, Bimbopolitics, and EphraelStern have all been linked to the same informant: Laurelai Bailey. Bailey is well known among the hacker community for helping the FBI charge Julian Assange and faking her own death, potentially to avoid rape charges.

The following documents show Bailey’s relations with the FBI, evidence of rape, and testimony from /r/antiwork mods:

Full leak:

Mod testimony:

Bailey’s FBI collaboration:


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Nice pipeline you got there...
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Queen is dead

Thoughts ? I messed up the poll :marseydepressed:

New Kiwi update, mild doomposting

What’s gonna happen friendos

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  • KARABOGA: Rightoid news posting. 2 rightoidposts on front page and counting
  • _sus: karabogacels seething over fordwichchads
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