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  • Sneed : (changelog) carpathianflorist is a b-word butt neighbor
  • THOMAS : mypoc <3
  • british : change: dont ban for spam (dramaphobic). Let bans be appealled (let me ping you pls). Bardfinn.
  • Black_Israelite : Hotep wuz here and we wuz kangz
changelog megathread :marseynotes:

a lot of days, I make a shitton of changes in successsion, and I don't wanna make the whole frontpage my changelog posts, so I don't post about them

this thread solves that, so from now on instead of making changelog posts, I'll make changelog comments here

click subscribe on this thread to get notified of changes :wolfnoticeme:

on desktop:

on mobile:

Edit: I'm still not gonna post about bugfixes tho, theres way too many

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  • gerudo : it's broken; look at my comment carp
  • Count_Plopula : "I say this as a feminist ally" doesn’t work because of the 3rd person filter. REEEEEEE
  • Maximus : :marseycrap:
  • Harpooner : My chud text is broken, "I" auto changes to my name and I can't comment. Fix it jannies
  • Awoo : Look at all the tombstones in the comments. Lmao
  • coned : yeah no matter how many times i say i stand with israel my post gets removed. GREAT IDEA CARP.
  • X : maybe test it first before you chud everyone fricking dumbasses
  • rDramaHistorian : BARDFINN era has finally arrived. Praise be to Allah I have dreamt of this day for many moons
  • RICHARD_NIXON_IS_GOD : Skill Issues ^
  • suggynutz : :marseywereback:
  • NSF001 : be sure to bully chiobu today :)
  • Aevann : fixed kings
  • luxuriouscinnamon : Vaccines work!
  • SCD : horse
  • JohnnyBOO : Still didn't work for me negro
BUG WHERE SOME PPL COULDNT SAY THEIR PHRASE FIXED is proud to welcome the esteemed Dr. Oaken!

Everyone please say hello to @Bardfinn. You are reading that correctly: Bardfinn. She’s written extensively about us over the years, both collectively and individually, and we’ve extended an all-access pass to her for rDrama in order to assist with her research into racially-motivated violent extremism and a variety of other social justice issues.

Right off the bat, she was repulsed by the things you people say and do and think and threatened to storm out of the rDrama corporate offices if we didn’t take swift and drastic action. And so we’ve given her a button to chud everyone in order to correct behavior and thought among the assorted flavors of misic masses.

(if you find a way to hide the chud required text, let aevann know what it was via dm and you’ll be given 5000mb)

added Chat on a TRIAL BASIS

Chat is in alpha. It may never get out of alpha. We are TRIALING IT for ONE WEEK to see if it hurts the site. Report bugs and suggestions in this thread. Remember to ping @Aevann because I can't do shit.

You liking chat does not mean it will stay after the week is over, nor does it mean it will ever return. We are monitoring metrics that are entirely unrelated to your enjoyment of the chat. Your feelings are of NO CONSEQUENCE SO GET FRICKED.

A quick access button will be added to the mobile bottomnav and the upper desktop pane tomorrow.

Emojis are supported. Images are not, for obvious reasons, though this may be added at a later date.

The 50 most recent messages are visible at present. If you feel this should be increased or decreased (why?), say so after using it and explain your answer.

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(changelog) The Chud Update, subtitle: stop bitching about content that hurts your feelings

Hiiiiiiiiii! Aevann had a really wonderful idea this morning after I posted that thread titled “There are more cases of monkeypox among children than women. What does this mean gaybros??” with a link to a monkeypox study.

Before we proceed, I’d like to clarify something: almost a hundred of you upvoted this thread in like an hour. The thing is, the study linked didn’t say that. The study linked had nothing to do with women and children. It was just a random study about monkeypox, I have no clue what it said. You’re reactionary morons, all of you. Some of you gloated. Some of you defended it - “maybe it’s from roughhousing, maybe it’s child superspreader events.” You’re all idiots. Not one person even clicked the thing, the title alone would have given away that it was just some completely irrelevant study. Shame on you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Aevann had this really great idea to give our r-slurs a home without having to constantly clean it up for free and/or banish them to another platform. The deuxrama experiment was terrible and it was terribly mismanaged by the tards appointed to it. This is better.

Introducing: /h/chudrama!

Here is where you can post your chuddy bullshit. It better be funny though, or at least good slapfights. It’s not meant to be a displaced .win community. The catch is that you need 5,000 truescore to even view Chudrama. This should keep us from getting invaded by boring, unfunny qoomers and Nazis. They’ll still banned on sight. This is for established members who also like to chudpost. It is also hidden by default which brings me to the next part of this update:

(NOTE: posts in Chudrama are immune to the effects of the Chud Award)

Stealth Mode for Holes

Hole possessors can now navigate to their Hole settings page and enable Stealth Mode. What Stealth Mode does is keep the Hole’s content from appearing in the main feed to anyone not subscribed to the Hole. You can subscribe to a Hole by navigating to the Hole itself’s main page, and clicking that big ol button with the eye at the top. This applies by default to the following Holes:

to protect us from mean deplatforming bullies.

Stealth Holes will appear in a scary red font in the master list of Holes.

If you’d like to do CSS for Chudrama, send me a DM and I’ll go over what I’d like.

And, as a reminder, if you don’t like something that’s posted, you have many options! These include, but are by no means limited to: Scrolling down. Scrolling up. Closing your eyes. Going outside. Rethinking your life and the terrible decisions that led to you being this way. Going back to Reddit. Just dealing with it. Contrary to popular belief, you actually do not have to repeatedly cry to forum moderators to protect you!


I love you.

xoxo Carp 💋



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  • boosy : Stylus extension (for mobilecels, Firefox Nightly) -> .pronouns { display: none !important; }
rDrama's Department of Diversity & Inclusion presents: MANDATORY PRONOUNS

Hello! Happy Monday!

We're kicking off this exciting week right and rolling out a feature I originally proposed back in January: mandatory pronouns! You'll be disappointed to know that my original proposal - which was to require pronouns at signup, and not allow any pages to be viewed for existing users until they set their pronouns, and these were all from a preset list of pronouns and neopronouns - did not come to pass, and the final product is the much more clever, much less hateful variant you see before you now. Everyone is a nice, gender neutral they/them by default. This cannot be avoided and is a million times smarter than disabling the site until pronouns are set and I am VERY EXCITED about this.

If you're not a they/them, that's totally okay! Just head on over to your settings page and you can correctly gender yourself.

Going forward, please remember to respect others' pronoun preferences. We've been lenient about this in the past, due to the confusion inherent in not having a dedicated pronouns field (and we are deeply sorry for the harm this caused), but now there is no excuse for misgendering your fellow rDrama users. It's 2022 and while the United States regresses to 1822 around us, we will not fall with them. Hate has no home here, and failure (read: willful refusal) to respect your fellow users' identities will not be tolerated.

Have a great week!

there is a typo in the code we forgot an s lol wait a minute while this is merged and server restarts, then you can change your pronouns


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welcome to the @TED_SIMP update

we’ve worked very hard on this for a very long time

it is the result of months and months of collaborative effort between dozens of team members

enjoy 🙏🏽

(if you don’t enjoy for some reason, u can buy Beano in the shop)
(this will just run for a few days don’t stress)
(though aevann made me a toggle to switch it on and off in the future at will)

Added Slots Functionality

Just type !slots10 (or whatever your bet) and the result will appear in the top right of your post.

I hope you become gambling addicts and lose your family.


  1. Any three symbols is a win; common pays 2x, uncommon 3x, rare 5x, jackpot 100x
  2. Any two symbols or any one jackpot is a consolation and will refund your bet.
  3. Anything else is a loss.

Jackpot is 🐱

Gigavaxxers vs Zombies: NEW RULES, NEW REWARDS

Team Vaxxmaxxed: Gets 3x dramacoin from votes on their posts/comments (responsible contributors to herd immunity get rewarded by the globohomo capitalist state).

Team Zombie: Gets free progressive stack on their posts and comments (fast zombies), AND gets a free bite award every 24hrs to spread the love.

You can now vax yourself. It takes one vax to go from infected to healthy. Any vaxxes after that make you VAXXED, which takes two bites to deplete back to healthy. You can stack up to five (5) vaxxes for a total of eleven bites until zombification.

ALSO, we are tracking bites and vaxxes. There winning team when Homoween ends will get a very special [redacted]. There will definitely be a fun stats post about who the biggest superspreaders and CDC lackies were.

:#marseyzombie: :#questionmark: :#!marseygigavaxxer:

blocked babylonbee links

Unfunny low-effort Onion (also unfunny) knockoff and I’m sick of having to clean up (for free!) rightoids posting threads that are just Bee links.

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Country Club Rework

We have three holes now with various restrictions on viewing:

There is no longer a "Club" toggle. Use /h/countryclub. Keep in mind the truescore limit on club had been *1* for the past couple months, so this is a big upgrade in exclusivity.

This is partially a compromise solution, but it makes the code actually manageable and gives people all of the reasonable asks: masterbaiters gayops won't get outed to Google and loggedoutcels, and countryclub 1000 TS restricts to 10% of all accounts and 30% of weekly active accounts for whatever semi-exclusive crap you want to post.

Addressing frequent suggestions:

"1000 TS is too easy to get, it should be 5000 TS" — The latter is still like 20% of weekly active accounts. The difference isn't as big as you think it is.

"I think Bardfinn has <x> truescore, you should make the limit <x+1>" — Is this Bardfinn in the room with us right now? If you have credible evidence of someone being Bardfinn, modmail us and we'll ban xim, which excludes from the restricted holes. There are people who seem to think Bardfinn has a secret account with over 10 000 truescore. There is no level that will "exclude Bardfinn" in everyone's mind.

"Let us choose whatever arbitrary truescore requirement we want" — This is dumb and you should feel bad for suggesting it. It's an idea with great UX, and it will totally accomplish what you hope it will: I would've posted something if only ≥1050 TS people could see it, but not ≥1000, no sir. You know what we need? More amorphous conditions on who can see what on a site with low-four-digits of active users. (42 069 TS Century Club when?)

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reduced Country Club threshold from 1000 truescore too 1 truescore

trans lives matter


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added !everyone

at current registeration numbers, it costs 5*17183=85915 DC, 5 DC goes to every person

these are the only ppl can afford it rn:
















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added Simps and Haters

two lists that contain your top 25 upvoters and your top 25 downvoters

here's carp's for example

added "touch grass" award :marseygrass:

costs 10k coins to buy and bans its recipient permanently, recipient has to send the chadmins a timestamped picture of them touching grass to get unbanned :!marseygrass:

idea by @duck

(changelog) new badge and new stuff you can do and also a warning

Good morning.

You can now upload a background FOR YOUR PROFILE without having to peepee around with css witchery. Just press that cute little “upload profile background” button on your profile and there you go :star:

This was actually originally going to be a profile upgrade you buy in the shop, but aevann pointed out that people customizing their stuff is desirable in the first place. So now you get the originally-going-to-be-like-20k badge for FREE. This was I think the first thing I ever animated well over a year ago so it’s even more uninteresting and ghetto. Sorry. That is the Windows XP background though. Clever.

PAYPIGS can upload their own backgrounds FOR THE SITE from the SETTINGS PAGE. This was poorly explained yesterday and I am sorry.

And, finally, I’d like to point out that /h/glory was deleted after four days of inactivity instead of a week.

So you all blew 50k for nothing. Stop donating to holes. Stop posting in holes. Holes are stupid and so are you.


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8 changes

1. u can now use the "reply" button as a quote button

2. added Donkey Kong emoji tab

3. added more chud phrases

4. when u receive a chud award, u will now see the phrase u have too say

5. /h/countryclub posts are now more distinguished

6. award price is now shown more prominently in the "give award" window

7. made the taglines a little bit shorter

8. bypassing the chud award is now almost impossible

trans lives matter

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  • Unbroken : I hate carp so much
  • CARPS_NUMBER_ONE_HATER : I had a wet dream with Carp and it was amazing <3 thanks carp!
  • boosy : Right wing incel alt right white supremacist MDEfugee /pol/tard chudpost, please deport to deuxrama
You are now following me

You’re welcome to unfollow, of course, but you’re likely far too polite to do that.

Added Blackjack [!blackjack]

Minimum bet is 100 coins, just like slots. To play, enter !blackjack<bet> into your post. Afterward, you will see your hand and the dealer's face-up card in your post header, along with [Hit] and [Stay]. [Hit] will deal another card and refresh the page (and tomorrow, it will navigate back to your post). [Stay] will keep the current value and simulate the dealer.

Pays 3:2 on blackjack.

PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. There may be bugs.

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The Manlet Update

Thanks to this incredibly rude DM I received, jannying a comment or thread now pays the janitor one (1) dramacoin. No longer can we be said to “do it for free” and saying things like this, here, just makes you look a fool.


added shop (super beta, more items are coming)
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added a bunch of foid admins

How long until rDrama collapses? (the answer is at the bottom)

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:marseyantischizo: hid all these marseys from the emoji picker (u still can use them if u remember their names)

hiddem marseys:

:#marseyschizochadthankscapylove: :#marseyschizoschizolove: :#marseyschizochadyescapylove: :#marseyschizochadbasedcapylove: :#marseyschizocapylove: :#marseyschizosorenlove: :#marseyschizocarplove: :#marseyschizosallove: :#marseyschizoidiolove: :#marseyschizostimslove: :#marseyschizobyolove: :#marseyschizocapygitcommitlove: :#marseyschizopennylove: :#marseyschizogrizzlylove: :#marseyschizofartbinnlove: :#marseyschizomajorgenerallove: :#marseyschizosnakeslove: :#marseyschizoabsinthelove: :#marseyschizochadseethecapylove: :#marseyschizodongerlove: :#marseyschizoducklove: :#marseyschizolangleylove: :#marseyschizohobocellove: :#marseyschizojoelove: :#marseyschizobussylove: :#marseyschizohanklove: :#marseyschizogeeselove: :#marseyschizodussylove: :#marseyschizonekolove: :#marseyschizodoggilove: :#marseyschizojclove: :#marseyschizogetogetolove: :#marseyschizochiobulove:

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(changelog) the chud update

/h/chudrama is now automatically boosted in the ranking algorithm. “No one will see my takes about how trains are the sole reason why the West is falling if I post them there so why would I bother?” is now even less valid an excuse for chudposting outside of Chudrama. We also lowered the truescore requirement to 1488 (down from 5000) some time ago.

Please note that Chudrama is still opt-in. YOU WILL NOT SEE CHUDPOSTS UNLESS YOU CLICK /h/chudrama AND UNBLOCK IT AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN.

You’ve all done much better than usual lately about not pooping up the main feed with boring agendaposts. Please continue that and use this new buff to incentivize your good behavior.

Remember: Black Lives Matter. Trans rights are human rights. Science is real. Vaccines work. Die mad.

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(changelog) added House-specific awards

first iteration of this thread was yalled while revisions were made to buff the femboy and furry awards sry


Each House now has an award that only its members can buy. 2 more for each House will be rolling out in the near future with even more in the future possibly.

House Furry gets the OwOify Award uwu

House Femboy gets the Marsify Award :marseyfemboy:

House Racist gets the Early Life Award ✡️

And House Vampire gets the Bite Award 🧛🏿‍♂️

House Founders get a 25% discount on their House-specific awards. So you have extra incentive to stick with your original House if you’re an OG.

Upcoming House awards include exciting things like RACE WAR and SEXY VAMPIRE and CUMSHOT.

Have a great weekend Potterheads 💜

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