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  • Sneed : (changelog) carpathianflorist is a b-word butt neighbor
  • THOMAS : mypoc <3
  • british : change: dont ban for spam (dramaphobic). Let bans be appealled (let me ping you pls). Bardfinn.
  • Black_Israelite : Hotep wuz here and we wuz kangz
changelog megathread :marseynotes:

a lot of days, I make a shitton of changes in successsion, and I don't wanna make the whole frontpage my changelog posts, so I don't post about them

this thread solves that, so from now on instead of making changelog posts, I'll make changelog comments here

click subscribe on this thread to get notified of changes :wolfnoticeme:

on desktop:

on mobile:

Edit: I'm still not gonna post about bugfixes tho, theres way too many

Added Blackjack [!blackjack]

Minimum bet is 100 coins, just like slots. To play, enter !blackjack<bet> into your post. Afterward, you will see your hand and the dealer's face-up card in your post header, along with [Hit] and [Stay]. [Hit] will deal another card and refresh the page (and tomorrow, it will navigate back to your post). [Stay] will keep the current value and simulate the dealer.

Pays 3:2 on blackjack.

PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. There may be bugs.

Added Slots Functionality

Just type !slots10 (or whatever your bet) and the result will appear in the top right of your post.

I hope you become gambling addicts and lose your family.


  1. Any three symbols is a win; common pays 2x, uncommon 3x, rare 5x, jackpot 100x
  2. Any two symbols or any one jackpot is a consolation and will refund your bet.
  3. Anything else is a loss.

Jackpot is 🐱

Updated slots (fixed odds, shows win/loss next to post info)

New odds:

5 coin minimum bet.

1% chance of jackpot (12x bet)

4% chance of 5x bet

8% chance of 3x bet

16% chance of 2x bet

12% chance of money back

59% chance of lost bet

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  • gerudo : it's broken; look at my comment carp
  • Count_Plopula : "I say this as a feminist ally" doesn’t work because of the 3rd person filter. REEEEEEE
  • Maximus : :marseycrap:
  • Harpooner : My chud text is broken, "I" auto changes to my name and I can't comment. Fix it jannies
  • Awoo : Look at all the tombstones in the comments. Lmao
  • coned : yeah no matter how many times i say i stand with israel my post gets removed. GREAT IDEA CARP.
  • X : maybe test it first before you chud everyone fricking dumbasses
  • rDramaHistorian : BARDFINN era has finally arrived. Praise be to Allah I have dreamt of this day for many moons
  • RICHARD_NIXON_IS_GOD : Skill Issues ^
  • suggynutz : :marseywereback:
  • NSF001 : be sure to bully chiobu today :)
  • Aevann : fixed kings
  • luxuriouscinnamon : Vaccines work!
  • SCD : horse
  • JohnnyBOO : Still didn't work for me negro
BUG WHERE SOME PPL COULDNT SAY THEIR PHRASE FIXED is proud to welcome the esteemed Dr. Oaken!

Everyone please say hello to @Bardfinn. You are reading that correctly: Bardfinn. She’s written extensively about us over the years, both collectively and individually, and we’ve extended an all-access pass to her for rDrama in order to assist with her research into racially-motivated violent extremism and a variety of other social justice issues.

Right off the bat, she was repulsed by the things you people say and do and think and threatened to storm out of the rDrama corporate offices if we didn’t take swift and drastic action. And so we’ve given her a button to chud everyone in order to correct behavior and thought among the assorted flavors of misic masses.

(if you find a way to hide the chud required text, let aevann know what it was via dm and you’ll be given 5000mb)



requested by @Suprememe and @neighvadius

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:bernieassslap: [Changelog] Belial's unblockable has been seized, and the previous changes to unblockable have been reverted

-Unblockable users can now block people again

-Anyone can block Belial

@JoeB1den @Soren @Tax @Elohim-Erika-UH @ThousandBestLives

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(changelog) The Chud Update, subtitle: stop bitching about content that hurts your feelings

Hiiiiiiiiii! Aevann had a really wonderful idea this morning after I posted that thread titled “There are more cases of monkeypox among children than women. What does this mean gaybros??” with a link to a monkeypox study.

Before we proceed, I’d like to clarify something: almost a hundred of you upvoted this thread in like an hour. The thing is, the study linked didn’t say that. The study linked had nothing to do with women and children. It was just a random study about monkeypox, I have no clue what it said. You’re reactionary morons, all of you. Some of you gloated. Some of you defended it - “maybe it’s from roughhousing, maybe it’s child superspreader events.” You’re all idiots. Not one person even clicked the thing, the title alone would have given away that it was just some completely irrelevant study. Shame on you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Aevann had this really great idea to give our r-slurs a home without having to constantly clean it up for free and/or banish them to another platform. The deuxrama experiment was terrible and it was terribly mismanaged by the tards appointed to it. This is better.

Introducing: /h/chudrama!

Here is where you can post your chuddy bullshit. It better be funny though, or at least good slapfights. It’s not meant to be a displaced .win community. The catch is that you need 5,000 truescore to even view Chudrama. This should keep us from getting invaded by boring, unfunny qoomers and Nazis. They’ll still banned on sight. This is for established members who also like to chudpost. It is also hidden by default which brings me to the next part of this update:

(NOTE: posts in Chudrama are immune to the effects of the Chud Award)

Stealth Mode for Holes

Hole possessors can now navigate to their Hole settings page and enable Stealth Mode. What Stealth Mode does is keep the Hole’s content from appearing in the main feed to anyone not subscribed to the Hole. You can subscribe to a Hole by navigating to the Hole itself’s main page, and clicking that big ol button with the eye at the top. This applies by default to the following Holes:

to protect us from mean deplatforming bullies.

Stealth Holes will appear in a scary red font in the master list of Holes.

If you’d like to do CSS for Chudrama, send me a DM and I’ll go over what I’d like.

And, as a reminder, if you don’t like something that’s posted, you have many options! These include, but are by no means limited to: Scrolling down. Scrolling up. Closing your eyes. Going outside. Rethinking your life and the terrible decisions that led to you being this way. Going back to Reddit. Just dealing with it. Contrary to popular belief, you actually do not have to repeatedly cry to forum moderators to protect you!


I love you.

xoxo Carp 💋



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  • ManBearFridge : All users in the reports will receive a bite award
rDrama Shop Update - now in irl!

Hi there! We opened a Redbubble shop so you can buy Marsey swag to impress your friends and family with in real life!

Right now it's just a selection of existing Marseys (more to be added) which you can get in sticker form, on shirts, hats, bath mats, clocks, mugs, whatever sort of tchotchke you want. I am going to order a bunch of stickers after I upload more and probably make a scene out of them on my computer because that's what people do. They pay money for stickers of cartoon cats from gossip websites and decorate with them. Why aren't you doing that?

NOTE: Redbubble is r-slurred and if you're looking for something in a particular flavor (i.e. a pin or whatever), you can get that by clicking this idiotic tiny bar:

There is currently one bespoke design specifically made for extremely fashionable clothes:

but more will be added as time goes on.

If a Marsey you'd like included isn't yet there, just say so and me or Aevann will go add it right away.

Buying a piece of Marsey clothing and submitting a picture will earn you a never-before-obtained badge by casino king @McCoxmaul:

All transactions are through Redbubble. We have no means of finding your name, address, whatever. It is entirely anonymous.

Now go. Hurry! Consoom marsey merch!


ping groups :marseyunabomber:
Added Treasure Boxes! [and some blackjack fixes] [SPAM = BAN]

Treasure Boxes

  • Treasure boxes now have a chance to appear in posts that do not contain !slots or !blackjack.
  • Treasure boxes can either be standard (1% chance, 10-100 DC reward), or special (0.1% chance, 100-1000 DC reward).
  • Standard treasure boxes have a 25% chance of being a mimic, which instead eats 10-100 of your DC.


  • Blackjack winnings and losses now add to total user winnings.
  • Getting a blackjack from the initial deal now correctly pays.
  • The dealer's "X" cards now properly show as "10."



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  • KneeGrowsSteel : perma ban them everytime they mention their gender until they make new accounts never mentioning it.
  • Penny : mald more u beta b-word boy^^
  • luxuriouscinnamon : I agree with kneegrows
  • free_palestine : perma ban men everytime they mention their gender until they make new accounts never mentioning it.
  • DickButtKiss : ^man is the default state of a person. Thats why its called HuMAN
  • KangThaConquered : small correction: man and human are synonyms. women aren't actually human.
ping group #1: !biofoids

@Aevann added !biofoids as a sort of a trial of the concept, only members of !biofoids can use it

members are:

right now everything is hardcoded and it's not an actual feature, but if everything goes fine, ill code it properly and make a UI and whatnot

@Penny ur the owner of this group since u have the highest truescore, if u want someone added too it u gotta ping @Aevann for now

trans lives matter



welcome to the @TED_SIMP update

we’ve worked very hard on this for a very long time

it is the result of months and months of collaborative effort between dozens of team members

enjoy 🙏🏽

(if you don’t enjoy for some reason, u can buy Beano in the shop)
(this will just run for a few days don’t stress)
(though aevann made me a toggle to switch it on and off in the future at will)

added ROLL command

You can now type [#]roll without the brackets to randomly generate a 4-digit number! Requested by @pobrecito here.

First to get quads in this thread gets a prize.

It’s actually a good prize no cap fr but it’s also a secret because Aevann will literally kill me if he finds out I’m planning to give it away beforehand, but it can’t be revoked so he can’t do anything about it once I’ve distributed it. Plus I don’t think anyone will actually roll quads.

Image is hot new-ish Jesuswave :star:

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reduced Country Club threshold from 1000 truescore too 1 truescore

trans lives matter


Reported by:
Reported by:

idea and code by @Platy :marseylove:


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added country-club toggles that make a post viewable by only users with more than 150 coins

the toggles themselves are also only visible to users with more than 150 coins

sry for being late, some shit came up

added a 1% chance for a golden marsey

requested by @VILLAIN, made by @geese_suck :marseykneel:

added #fortune

requested by @DaddyReagan

many thanks to @geese_suck for doing the hard work :marseylove:

Your fortune: Excellent Luck

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added Simps and Haters

two lists that contain your top 25 upvoters and your top 25 downvoters

here's carp's for example

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HAT The rDrama Music Festival Update (aka: Hat?)

In anticipation of Lollapalooza… er, darn, hats are taking a while; that was two weeks ago. In anticipation of Burning Man, we're giving our beloved Dramatards (especially @Goomble) what you've been asking for ever since Carp prematurely announced them: flower crowns. Today's update adds fifteen (15) flower crowns, and everyone will now have random flower crowns visible throughout the site. Please partake in white girl music festival activities responsibly.


P.S. The Actual Hats Update is still coming sometime before Christ returns to judge the quick and the dead. The flower crowns will be part of the real hats update. You do not get to keep your flower crowns. What sort of r-slur takes home things they found on the ground at a festival? That's like picking up beer-soaked beads at Mardi Gras.


We reported earlier that Aevann's GitHub account got jannied. Still no official word why, but our best guess at present is:


rDrama, being one of the most malevolent, cruel, coldhearted online communities you'll ever find, is resilient enough to host our own shit when we get deplatformed. We'd already planned for this inevitability, and we are proud to present our own Gitea instance: :capygitcommit:

Anyone who wants to contribute code to the site or to host any other rDrama-related Git repo is free to sign up. No more need for a burner GitHub account! We don't verify emails; it just has to be the same as your git config—even if that's a fake address without a mailbox like <username> if you want.

We have to manually approve new accounts—Neko says there's pajeet spammers who target Gitea instances :marseytunaktunak:—so ping 'aevann sneks jc' with your fsdfsd username if it takes us more than a couple hours to notice.

For people with existing copies of the site repo, you can git remote set-url <remote> Note also we renamed the default branch from frost to master—if we're off GitHub, we're using the politically-incorrect branch name.

Special thanks to @justcool393 for porting the rDrama midnight.css theme over and Marsifying the site (Marsey comment reactions coming soon), and thanks to @nekobit for inspiring the domain name.

Finally, if anyone wants to speculate wildly about how the GitHub account got jannied, maybe a certain Dr. Oaken who we know watched the GitHub might be to blame.

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