integrated original marsey files into the /marseys page

idea by @brzl

(changelog) Added Roulette

Added Roulette

  • Roulette now available at

  • Every five minutes, the server rolls the wheel and winning bets are paid out.

  • The roulette page shows each player's bet during the current period.

  • There is also a description of each possible bet available.

  • Once the result is rolled, you will be notified whether you won or lost.


The new submission system automatically stores the full resolution uploads, and high resolution copies from the marsey archive have been used to fill in some of the gaps for older ones.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the marsey archive and aevann for making this happen :marseyparty:


Hat submissions are now to be done with this link:

This will massively expedite the process of adding them, much like the new Marsey submission page has allowed for like two hours of Marsey additions to be added in a matter of a couple minutes.

Please use this hat submission page going forward. You’re not required to move your yet-unapproved hats from the hat submission thread there, but it would be cool if you did. Not the end of the world if not though. Please delete your comment in the OG thread with the hat if so, to avoid conflicting filenames. Note that I am still working that thread, so if you see your currently-backlogged comment got jannied, it means I took care of it. Previously I would just upvote things I had processed.

Remember to thank Aevann for revolutionizing our custom asset library with these forms. They’re real game changers.


Previously, there were two huge issues with DMs:

  1. They’d populate in the main Notifications tab, which often caused DMs to be overlooked, as clearing their notification was tied to just clicking the bell at all and they’d likely be buried under normal notifications, and

  2. The actual Messages tab sorted by date of the first message received, rather than most recent. So even if you were diligent in checking that tab to keep up, conversations would inevitably get buried. If someone messaged you on Monday and you’d been discussing something, and it’s now Saturday, every message you received from Tuesday-Saturday would be above that conversation, regardless of replies.

@TwoLargeSnakesMating has resolved both of these issues and it’s SO GOOD. Praise him.


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Here’s your fricking Marseys.

Submit them there. Tag them. I will approve and change tags/names as needed.


  1. Naming conventions are marseyWHATEVER; no portmanteaus of things for the NAME. Farting marsey would be marseyfarting, NOT fartsey.

  2. If your proposed name already exists, it will tell you this. Add a 2. If that already exists, add a 3.

  3. REGARDING TAGS: Tags are meant to aid in searching. They are not meant to be jokes or memes. They are also not meant to describe the image. A marsey wearing a blue tux and smiling as she farts, named marseyhappyfarting for example? Good tags: smile brap toot suit. You don’t need “blue” you don’t need “cat” you don’t need “feline” you don’t need “drawing” or whatever the frick. You also don’t need to include anything that is in the name. So tagging things “marsey” is redundant. Tagging this one “happy” would be redundant. Tagging it “fart” would be redundant. Why? Read on!

  4. This part is so simple but so constantly overlooked by you people that I’m giving it its own point. Emojisearch doesn’t search for exact matches of the full string. If you have “farting” in the name or tag, a search for “fart” will return it already. You don’t need every conjugation of every verb, either, that helps to render searching useless.


Thank you :star:

Changelog: banned autochoice, autopoller, and autobetter for being useless and abandoning us

I miss being able to downvote poll options

did this :marseysalutepride: :marseysalutepride: :marseysalutepride:

thank you @geese_suck and @hbtz for the css code and @BrokeBackBuck for the idea :marseylove:

added this toggle to the settings :marseysoypoint:

at the bottom here

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made it possible to equip multiple hats (one of them gets chosen randomly on every refresh) :marseycapyeffendi:


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(changelog) Wiped all goombling leaderboards

To gauge usage of the new casino feature, the leaderboards for winners and losers have been reset. Now is your chance to win big or die trying.

Reported by:
(changelog) Moved casino functionality to its own page
  • Casino games are no longer comment-based.

  • is now the place to gamble, and currently has Slots, Blackjack and Lottershe.

  • As you gamble, you can see your dramacoin and marseybux go up and down without refreshing the page.

  • New games will be added as time goes on.

  • New animations, textures, etc will also be added. I know it looks basic AF right now, but I already have some assets that will make it fresher.

  • All prior comment-based gambling data will be migrated by @Snakes in the next few weeks.

  • In a future update, each casino game will have a feed of user activity, as well as slots for leaderboard positions.

  • Also in that update, the badges previously showcased by carp will go live.

To those of you who really liked the social aspect of gambling, such as people gambling in threads with golden marseys, I empathize. It was a tough decision we ultimately agreed on.

NOTE: As of now, wordle is entirely unaffected and is still comment-based.

(changelog) Increased hat commission, lowered price, more
  • Commission has been increased from 5% to 10%.

  • The base hat price is now 500dc instead of 1000dc.

  • Hat leaderboards now exist on the leaderboard page. Pump those numbers up losers.

  • @hbtz of blackjackbot scam fame dramatically improved ordering speed in the hat shop . Thank you bb.

  • Removed hats that did not use the template. No refunds will be given for these.

As a reminder, there are badges for hat collecting. Here they are.


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(changelog) Added 71 hats

Plus the like 50 last night

We’re up 133 additional hats already. Nearing 400 total.

Well done r-slurs

More changes to hats are coming soon. Thank you for your participation 🙏🏾

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Reported by:
(changelog) added 6 goombling badges

In anticipation of the imminent Marsey's Palace casino update, here are some new badges. They apply retroactively, so if you've already earned them, you're good to go! If not, better get goombling.

Lil Goombler - Won a 1,000 dramacoin bet. Nice job!


Pro Goombler - Won a 10,000 dramacoin bet. Some would say to quit while you're ahead, but they didn't just win 10k - keep at it!


King Goombler - Won a 100,000 dramacoin bet. Wipe your sweaty palms off and bet it all again, you're on a roll!


A Minor Setback - Lost a 1,000 dramacoin bet. Keep going!


Just One More Hand - Lost a 10,000 dramacoin bet. But it's fine, you're due for a big win!


It's Over - Lost a 100,000 dramacoin bet. It's fricking over.


They'll be applied once Snakes or Cox adds the logic for them. The Casino itself will be rolling out soon. Might make game-specific badges if they're gonna add new games too.

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:bernieassslap: [Changelog] Belial's unblockable has been seized, and the previous changes to unblockable have been reverted

-Unblockable users can now block people again

-Anyone can block Belial

@JoeB1den @Soren @Tax @Elohim-Erika-UH @ThousandBestLives



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(changelog) Glowie award no longer impacts jannie-distinguished posts

Thanks to @monkeystyle for making the janniecord leaks unreadable for a few hours! Fixed.

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(changelog) added House-specific awards

first iteration of this thread was yalled while revisions were made to buff the femboy and furry awards sry


Each House now has an award that only its members can buy. 2 more for each House will be rolling out in the near future with even more in the future possibly.

House Furry gets the OwOify Award uwu

House Femboy gets the Marsify Award :marseyfemboy:

House Racist gets the Early Life Award ✡️

And House Vampire gets the Bite Award 🧛🏿‍♂️

House Founders get a 25% discount on their House-specific awards. So you have extra incentive to stick with your original House if you’re an OG.

Upcoming House awards include exciting things like RACE WAR and SEXY VAMPIRE and CUMSHOT.

Have a great weekend Potterheads 💜

(changelog) Hole j-slurs can now change their Hole’s Marsey

It doesn’t even have to be a marsey

But it SHOULD.

Also accessible from the sidebar of the Hole. For mobilechads, the sidebar is accessed via the hamburger menu. For mobilechads who have touched grass before, “hamburger menu” refers to the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.

God bless.

(changelog) tardproofed the New Thrad button

You would be shocked and appalled or maybe completely unsurprised by how many messages we get asking how to create a thread. So we’ve removed the quill icon. There is now a GIANT BUTT BUTTON at the top of the page.

I am posting a changelog entry for it because with how many people the quill stumped, I worry that the absence of quill will confound just as many of you creatures.

It’s the big button. That’s how you create a thread.

Thank you.

(changelog) added House dormitories

Hi again, I’m here to let you know about another exciting update for all you Potterheads! Each House now has a dedicated Hole in which only its members can post, but everyone can view.





Like others, House Holes will also be automatically deleted if they have no posts for 7 days.

We’re actually going to be doing stuff with Houses in the nearish future. Geese was supposed to make the House-specific awards I came up with MONTHS AGO but after he accepted it a couple weeks ago he vanished so that’s now on the backburner, sometime after the chat upgrades, hats (lol), and optional Sorting for new accounts.

Anyway while I have your attention, since @Saint_Nicholas claims that this

was confusing and unclear, I will now walk you through adding hidden Holes to your main feed. These are /h/Chudrama (5k truescore requirement), /h/braincels and /h/smuggies.

Let’s use Chudrama as an example.

  1. Visit /h/Chudrama. You can do that without a link by just typing Or, you can access it from the master list of Holes:

  2. Look at this yellow-highlighted bit:

Click there.

  1. If done correctly, it will then change to this:

  1. Chudrama posts will now appear in New and Trending for you. Well done.

You can also click the lower button in the first screenshot if you’d like a notification of any and all new Chudrama threads.

p.s. Here’s a really brilliant dark surrealist take on Alice in Wonderland from 1988 Czechistan. Watched it last night and I really cannot recommend it strongly enough:

I love you.

xoxo Carp 💋

(changelog) added Hole Neglecter badge

If your Hole dies from no posts in 7 days, you get this. Want a cool new badge no one else has to flex with your disposable income? Kill your Hole.


Rejected design behind the scenes peek:


edit: as of the time of this edit, any r-slur trying to come up with some asinine excuse to be given the badge for a previously deleted hole is getting banned for 1-7 days.

Shut the frick up

If your hole wasn’t deleted after this thread was posted you do not get a badge.

Reported by:
(changelog) The Chud Update, subtitle: stop bitching about content that hurts your feelings

Hiiiiiiiiii! Aevann had a really wonderful idea this morning after I posted that thread titled “There are more cases of monkeypox among children than women. What does this mean gaybros??” with a link to a monkeypox study.

Before we proceed, I’d like to clarify something: almost a hundred of you upvoted this thread in like an hour. The thing is, the study linked didn’t say that. The study linked had nothing to do with women and children. It was just a random study about monkeypox, I have no clue what it said. You’re reactionary morons, all of you. Some of you gloated. Some of you defended it - “maybe it’s from roughhousing, maybe it’s child superspreader events.” You’re all idiots. Not one person even clicked the thing, the title alone would have given away that it was just some completely irrelevant study. Shame on you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Aevann had this really great idea to give our r-slurs a home without having to constantly clean it up for free and/or banish them to another platform. The deuxrama experiment was terrible and it was terribly mismanaged by the tards appointed to it. This is better.

Introducing: /h/chudrama!

Here is where you can post your chuddy bullshit. It better be funny though, or at least good slapfights. It’s not meant to be a displaced .win community. The catch is that you need 5,000 truescore to even view Chudrama. This should keep us from getting invaded by boring, unfunny qoomers and Nazis. They’ll still banned on sight. This is for established members who also like to chudpost. It is also hidden by default which brings me to the next part of this update:

(NOTE: posts in Chudrama are immune to the effects of the Chud Award)

Stealth Mode for Holes

Hole possessors can now navigate to their Hole settings page and enable Stealth Mode. What Stealth Mode does is keep the Hole’s content from appearing in the main feed to anyone not subscribed to the Hole. You can subscribe to a Hole by navigating to the Hole itself’s main page, and clicking that big ol button with the eye at the top. This applies by default to the following Holes:

to protect us from mean deplatforming bullies.

Stealth Holes will appear in a scary red font in the master list of Holes.

If you’d like to do CSS for Chudrama, send me a DM and I’ll go over what I’d like.

And, as a reminder, if you don’t like something that’s posted, you have many options! These include, but are by no means limited to: Scrolling down. Scrolling up. Closing your eyes. Going outside. Rethinking your life and the terrible decisions that led to you being this way. Going back to Reddit. Just dealing with it. Contrary to popular belief, you actually do not have to repeatedly cry to forum moderators to protect you!


I love you.

xoxo Carp 💋



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