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:marseybutt: buys a jacket :marseychonkerfoid: runs to her car and cries

I just went thrifting with my best friend...he gasps and shows me a jacket that I LOVED and I thought she was showing it to me because it was my size, but she ended up buying it for herself.... I felt so awful I told her I needed something from my car because I could feel tears coming. I cried for a bit and when she finally came out to the car she noticed....She apologized a few times, but kept the jacket


What a fucking bitch. I would've grabbed the jacket and said, "I'm buying this." Hell would have to freeze over before I went clothes shopping with someone who wasn't plus size like me. Shopping with a skinny bitch would be a fucking nightmare

Skinny bitch?

Yes. She still kept the jacket after seeing her best friend cry so she is a total bitch

ok but can we not do bodyshaming? We're supposed to be better than that.

This is a fucking PLUS SIZE forum. I don't give a fuck if skinny people feel body shamed. Not a single fuck. It's not "shaming" if their body is revered by all societies, so shut the fuck up

You being shamed doesn’t give you a pass to shame others lol

It's not shaming if the person has the body that is acceptable to society.


Your feelings are so valid

ugh, im so sorry. that sucks. thin people buying up plus sized clothing is one of the most irritating “trends” and is actually harmful

"actually harmful" :#marseybruh2:

she’s clearly not a good friend or she would have given you the jacket.

Your friend honestly sounds like a jerk. The trend of skinny girls buying plus sizes, then being complacent and keeping the jacket when it is explained to them, is really shitty.

Yours feelings are valid. Privileged people are often not thoughtful, because they don't have to be.

😱 National Archives says it is still missing some Trump administration records 😱



National Archives says it is still missing some Trump administration records | The Hill

National Archives says it is still missing some Trump administration records

The National Archives and Records Administration said on Friday that it is still missing some records from the Trump administration. The National Archives does not have some messages that members of the Trump administration sent and received in unofficial accounts while conducting official business for the president, Wall said. While the Archives has been able to recover these types of records from some former Trump officials, Wall said they are still missing messages from others who have not yet handed them over.

United Airlines cutting 12 routes from several major air hubs

Wall did not provide an update in Friday’s letter about the records held by former President Trump himself, instead referring the committee to the Justice Department’s investigation. The National Archives, with the help of the Justice Department and FBI, has recovered hundreds of presidential records from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence over the last year, including dozens of classified documents.

Softcore porn is art sweaty :marseygeisha::marseypainter:

Their entire reddit history is them getting dunked on for being a shitty photographer and fighting in the comments, but they still routinely get upvoted to the front page by lonely coomer brained redditors.

:marseychonkerfoid: Sneeds About Paying 8 Dollars More for A Massive Shirt

A bigger item means more fabric, sad but true. (-16)

wouldnt that also apply to medium - xl?

Not really as they are common sizes and are factored into the manufacturing.(-28)

If more fabric = should be a higher price then that should be true for all sizes. Get out of here with your shitty logic. 😂 You just don't care about plus size people and you want to justify the outrageous pricing because you simply don't understand how things work.

"outrageous pricing" being 8 dollars more for XXXXL shirt

Yeah its upsetting, but it is simply the truth and makes sense, please use more common sense people. The bigger the amount you buy, in this case fabrics, the more it costs, it counts for everything

I would honestly say to google things instead of stating things are true/make sense. This might sound harsh but wouldn't you rather know instead of spreading misinformation / supporting harmful practices?


Seriously just ask yourself why you think it's fair and okay to simply add a fat tax for one size type over the other. What's the point in clothes being $30 and up if taller/bigger people would have to add on an extra $10 just to be clothed?

Because there is more material and less volume. This isn't some evil fat phobic cabal trying to charge people 2 extra dollars out of hatred.(-8)

It isn't that hard to check the other comments here to figure out why you're wrong and how it IS fatphobia at play regarding the "fat tax" so do us all a favor and educate yourself before you continue speaking from a place of ignorance.:marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2: Seriously, go reflect on why you took time out of your day to argue against this instead of educating yourself. Stop wasting people's time and energy.


Ahhhhh the fat tax. Love that. If they were truly worried about how much fabric was used there would be a increase in price for every size.

This user posted about having a meltdown because a doctor told her to stop eating her "comfort/safe foods" to prevent acid reflux

it’s literally a ick of mine, I don’t think they are good people when I see extra added on, especially small shops on etsy (I expected more acceptance from them)

Is it not more likely a smaller shop on Esty will be more aware of their margins and can't just eat disparity in manufacturing costs due to volume? Legit question: has anyone here asked these sellers why these things are more expensive.

Yes, I have. I message every seller I see do this.

It varies. A few “the shirts cost more” when getting a custom tee made, one told me they had to order plus sizes from a different vendor (bs), about half don’t respond. “I have to use a different pattern” - okay, but you already have the pattern, so why the extra cost? No one has ever given an answer that passes the logic/smell test.


Downvoting someone who points out the reason behind this doesn’t make much sense….? I’m plus size, I pay more for my clothes because I NEED MORE OF THE CLOTHES. It’s logic. (4) controversial

[I highly doubt any plus size person would actually go out of their way to support clothing brands that exist to extort us...Just because you think that it should be the status quo doesn't mean you're right! And if plus size people have to pay EXTRA... how would we cloth ourselves to begin with? It doesn't make sense to have a whole section of people pissed off when the easier solution is making sure everyone pays the same price for the piece...It's about 1-3 inches of fabric being added to the chest or length, there's no reason it should be an extra $2 per plus size.]


This isn’t true and not how garment pricing works. You should also start working on your internalized fat phobia. Your need for skinny peoples validation isn’t flattering.


All the fatphobic people who agree that fat people should be charged extra are not fighting for the right to spend less money, they EXPECT us to be punished and suffer for our bodies being a different size from them. They are fighting the wrong battle here and they're not even bothering to do research on the topic because they feel entitled to making outrageous claims against our bodies...

IF YOU ARE PLUS SIZE THEN YOU WOULDN'T BE THROWING DOWN WITH THE FAT TAX. There are other places who treat us fairly by not increasing the price from a certain size. Don't support companies that want to extort us, simple as that.


Your fat

Fat L


From the OP's post history, she's bipolar, cries about her doctor not letting her mix weed and adderall, and is a seething starbucks barista


Front-runner Lula close to outright win in Brazil election. Year of the chud cancelled :marseyitsover:?

Dramatic election, dramatic results. Whoever wins, rdrama wins!


Obama judge slaps down Stacey Abrams' election lawsuit in state Biden labeled ‘Jim Crow 2.0’
Watch: Alex Jones declares that he is Adolf Hitler and a child murderer in unhinged interview :marseytinfoil2:

Watch: Alex Jones declares that he is Adolf Hitler and a child murderer in unhinged interview

Alex Jones, the host of the conspiracy theory show InfoWars declared that he himself is Hitler and that he shot kids to death in an interview on Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan. When Callaghan asked Jones if he felt responsible for what happened to the Sandy Hook parents, meaning the harassment and death threats they faced after Jones told his millions of viewers that they were “crisis actors” who helped fake a 2012 school shooting in order to help the government confiscate people’s guns. Jones responded, “I went to that school. Jones was not the shooter.

“We should bow five times a day to New Haven, Connecticut for the kids that died,” Jones said, before saying that people have been hypnotized into believing that they should give their guns to George Soros, a Jewish billionaire that anti-Semites think controls left-wing politics. It wasn’t actually Hitler,” Jones said. Later in the interview, Jones said, “I was being sarcastic earlier. Jones himself said the shooting was fake, and he has said in court that he believed it was, though he now believes otherwise.

“Nobody thinks you killed the kids,” Callaghan told Jones during their interview. Jones responded, “Everyone’s like yeah, ‘We’re gonna get him immediately. Alex Jones Interview youtu.

Bcuz it’s honestly easier to pay off pretend debt than real debt. Haha : AnimalCrossing

Id love to be in this kind of trouble... man i can smell the cope in here

Bonus Michael Moore claims landslide for dems in November

deez system has returned !! capybara time >w< r/fakedisordercringe
Jewish transman taunts FAS baby


Black Dresses - Angel Hair [noise pop]

This is one of those songs that gives me goose bumps ngl

I LOVE BLACK DRESSES :marseytrollgun:

I LOVE BLACK DRESSES :marseytrollgun:

I LOVE BLACK DRESSES :marseytrollgun:

Consider how many of their soldiers have been eaten by pigs Russians should probably stop using “swine” as an insult.

Bear szn out, fox szn in:marseyfursona:


Destiny versus Keffals.
A vote against Biden is a dramaphobic vote against the mayo and scrotecide
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Who wants to crowdfund gibbing vatniks with Marsey sticker grenades?

@TelegramShill would love it!


Follow you down, not the gin blossoms
Current Weekday Bulking Breakfast :marseycapychad3:

•3 scrambled eggs :marseyeggirl:

•2 Pieces of Cinnabon bread toast w/ peanut butter :marseyinbread:

•Protein drink: 2 scoops of Whey + milk, nesquick powder, cinnamon :marseybuff:

•Coffee (shitty) :marseycoffeemug:

Total Calories: 1200

Total Protein: 105g

Usually I have just half the protein drink, then finish it after the morning gym session :marseylifting:

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US Army falls 25% short of recruiting goal

Man is brutal if you look at old picture 16-21 years or recruits looked like normal human beings. In this new picture they all looks at least overweight and most are straight obese. That tallstrag at first glance looks human but look at his legs, that are legs of landwhale. I am legit excited to look how alpha gen will look like when they 18-21.

But it’s easy to fix that problem for US, they just need to make COD great again and first order should be disable censorship in chats and etc… 9 year olds need to scream the N word and bang every mom.