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  • JoeBiden: Trump supporter
  • Aevahn: antisemistim
  • hunglol: basedposting, well folx rdrama is confirmed a nazi cesspit, change my mind
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I love women and I don’t think trans lives matter at all

this is not an April Fools post

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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  • DrSandeepGupta: Moooooooods the straggots are breeding again
  • Lv35_Lich: Despite being patrolled by @August I WILL NOT denounce having had straight sex (100% hetersexual)
  • BernieSanders: Literally violence
  • hilldog: homophobia

Hey dramacute twinks, I'm (Lich) back from my (Lv31 btw) ban (5 days) and I (male) just wanted to let you (cute twinks) all know that I (chad) had SEX (straight) with a woman (biological) and it was good (not bad but kinda meh tbhwyf)!

Also there is nothing you (gaywads) can do about it (me having straight sex for real). :marseylaugh: :marseyxd: :marseyskeletor:

About the girl (female): She's (boring) about 5'7 (feet/inches) and likes long walks on the beach (we don't live near one so wtf did she mean by this) and talking (too much). Her hair is red (ginger) and her eyes are green (demon). Her chromosomes are XX (I demanded a blood test before I consented to anything) according to medical paperwork (results dated 4/29/2022, slight anemia detected). She's also smart (big brain) and gave me (receiving) some good brain (fellatio) if you know what I mean (fellatio). Shit was so cash (enjoyable, not currency)!

Anyway I'm (John) out of here ( and probably gonna smash (have sex with) her (bio-foid) again tonight (from 10:30 to about 10:34p.m. Eastern Time). See you later, virgins (lol)!

Oh btw, before I dip just want to ask you all a few things I've been wondering. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook. You are all cute twinks who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

:#marseychadthundercock: :#marseygigachad: :#marseyropeyourself:

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Cats are literally vermin and will give you brain parasites if you get too close to them. They also hate you and only want to exploit you for their own benefit.

Dogs, on the other hand, are superior in every way.

Edit: thanks for all your doggos, woofers, puppers, floofs, pupperinos, etc. each and every one of them is a good boi and v. v. heckin handsome!

I'd like to condemn @Gigavaccinator for the ban award which prevented me from participating, because I was too poor to override it due to a gambling addiction.

Sincere thanks to @GovernorOfNewYork for unbanning me.

Very sad to see there's so much hostility towards doggos on this site. Y'all need to flush out these brain worms with a big dose of a miracle from the Lord and get your testosterone levels checked.

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that is all

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THREE DAYS MEANS THREE DAYS This thread will remain pinned for three (3) days, per @Joan_Wayne_Gacy

@kippot4ever has been unbanned for fulfilling the terms the users chose in the poll, whose consequences are laid out in this thread:

I will now ping all users who voted for this option so they may rejoice in this beautiful gift they so desired.

User @Kindness's profile pictureKindness @ThatHoeOverThere's profile pictureThatHoeOverThere @chiobu's profile picturechiobu @LUCARIOCUTE TWINK's profile pictureLUCARIOCUTE TWINK @sirpingsalot's profile picturesirpingsalot @Sneed's profile pictureSneed @ShitTornadoToOz's profile pictureShitTornadoToOz @Thetard's profile pictureThetard @Dramacel's profile pictureDramacel @Landlord_Messiah's profile pictureLandlord_Messiah @L4Lurkers's profile pictureL4Lurkers @3rdtimesthepharm's profile picture3rdtimesthepharm @geese_suck's profile picturegeese_suck @actually's profile pictureactually @berzel's profile pictureberzel @Paragon's profile pictureParagon @Shreddedmanlet's profile pictureShreddedmanlet @Marco's profile pictureMarco @GaryBussy's profile pictureGaryBussy @poopshitter's profile picturepoopshitter @The_Homocracy's profile pictureThe_Homocracy @Pastel's profile picturePastel @Slugabed's profile pictureSlugabed @blazedraper's profile pictureblazedraper @Aisha's profile pictureAisha 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Look at it. All of you, look at it.

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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Boobs Marsey

this concludes my marseyposting

love that cat

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Weekly Furry Megathread #7: Denazification Edition

House Furry and our resident ponylovers stand with rdrama in the bold fight against Stupidpol. As always, please remember to suggest images for next week below!

This week's furry-adjacent news has been dominated by Turning Red, which Firefox was advertising for some reason and which reviewers aren't allowed to dislike. I'm not sure what to make of it, but that's one ugly panda. So it goes.

It was a slow week for local furry drama, with only a few excellent longposts and a dramatic reveal/invasion of a top-secret Discord server to tide us over until next week:

@CBD introduced us to the delightful world of cryptofascist Eastern Orthodox furries, which I'm sure you were all dying to know about.

@Pastel told us the tale of furries sexually harassing Old Spice on Twitter.

@Phoenixgoldfire found a bizarre and unsettling NSFW comic, as one does.

There was some sort of ghost award metadrama rumored to have ties to House Furry. Probably not worth looking into further :marseyexcited:

And, of course, there was some sort of metadrama dust-up involving alt accounts, top-secret Discords, and intrigue that @TracingWoodgrains catalogued here and @Marshill added pictures to over here.

Don't forget, you share a site with us :marseylove: The infestation will continue until the fursecution stops.

@SomeGayFurry @Noctis @AltAccountUmbreon @FurryNationalism @ThreeLetterAgent @furrybussyhunter @Lycanroc @furry @TracingWoodgrains @DudeBussyLmao @carpathianflorist @kn0thing @of_blood_and_salt @Publiq @DerekSavageCoolCuck @SparkBrave @Gandalf @CBT @Nipsu @Greu @Corvus @Pastel @Phoenixgoldfire @AnFurryTwonk

everyone get in here

As always, if you want to be added to or removed from the ping, let me know, and remember to join us at rdrama's most dramatic hole, s/furry, where the fur and fun never stops :marseyfurry2: :marseyexcited: :marseycatgirl:

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Another video of me cumming

I made a few improvements based on your feedback from yesterday. I know I still need to work on load size, but hopefully you're happy with the bigger erection, better angle, and corrected grip.

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The lolcows among us: Carpathianflorist
  • 6 feet tall, 22.6 BMI - woah

  • #1 most subscribed user on, statistically the most beloved user

  • head admin, heroically does it for free like a soup kitchen worker or volunteer firefighter

  • kind and nurturing, friend to incels even besides rDrama users

  • HIV negative, completely unpozzed neghole

  • owns three (3) meteorites

  • knows every word to most Avril and Britney tracks (pre-Britney Jean)

  • once spent like six (6) hours walking around atl with a homeless guy

  • loves beautiful angelic perfect Dasha/future Mrs. Carp even in the face of insurmountable adversity

  • consistently pins the best non-lawlz content charitably ensuring maximum visibility

  • gets that dc bag even when you downvote him like the clowns you are

  • also #1 on the awards leaderboard, incredible

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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Alaska didn't work out

I am also gay now

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  • Martzy: Haha it’s ironic haha our gay dating website has furry porn haha fuck all y’all
  • Lucario: I'm not being ironic. I'm genuinely a cock-thirsty cute twink in heat.
  • HailVictory1776: Beastiality
  • retad7222: k y s
  • JoeBiden: can rightoids still get their bussies blasted after the anime spam?

This is a mandatory exercise. Shove your fat cock in me, now.

It makes me cry :marseysob:

Been on the longest gussy streak in my entire life holy shit

Idk what changed but I’ve been just on an absolute tear. My game is at an all time high. I’ve been sleeping with women like it’s going out of style. I never was an incel as I lost my virginity at 16 to some thot but I was on a dry streak for a bit after breaking up with a girl I dated for 9 years. Idk what it is I think these girls can sense that I’m internet famous or something. I told one that I’m a Reddit moderator (worded it as I have meme pages with 100k+ followers lol) and she literally was dripping. I even told another girl about the Etika NFT scandal and she ended up giving me suction that night. I’m really drunk right now so I’m just gonna say what I want because why not lmao anyways I hope you incels are keeping yourselves safe. I’ll think of you next time I’m balls deep in some girl

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:marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill:

:marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill: :marseypizzashill:


:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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Woikuri anime tsureto namuba touentieito

Hero doramatarutsu,

Ito isu taimu fuoru anasuaru animepousuto. Ai maisuerufu kanuto berifu sato ito hasu aruredi bin touentieito woikusu. Ito isu so goretu sato auaru komuyuniti hasu meido sato posiburu. Sanku yuu ouru sou machu.

Aniwai, uwato hafu yuu gaisu uwachuto risuentori? Teru asu ouru abauto ito!



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furries IN IN IN goddamn just look at that ass

I’ll be very busy for the next day or two so in case I die please remember me by this thread owo

Also take note of your current-ish dramacoin totals. Something exciting may happen very soon. Or something alarming. Or something devastating. Something is definitely about to happen, though. Take heed, and be prepared to tithe (10% is customary).

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

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A close-up video of me cumming

And a picture of my dick too


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upvote if you are sexually attracted to children this is cirno
















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this is cirno

@Modern_Major-General @TrailerParkBride @Soren @llamadrama @LumberFanatic @tooka @Robert @TheThing @Donaldinho_Pumperino @AnnoyinTheGoyim @cirno @loli_esports @menosGrande @HamSyde @Bartholomew_1 @realDonaldTrump @uwu @trickleyum @duck @plsnodoxerino @SubsequentlySneeds @Paulo @UraniumSparTANGA @Unbroken


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Reminder LLM is not only short but also a bitch

Imagine caring about a cat that you could get an exact replica for free from any shelter :marseylaugh:

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  • Yall: Libertarianism
  • dirigismo: The girl in the pic is 1000 years old.
  • JoeBiden: cute thread
  • CaptainAlex: You could do anything but you choose Japanese children's cartoons
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Weekly anime megathread 29

First, some bad news: carp HATES good posts like this and also frie spiech and has done everything in his power to STOP the weekly animeposts from being pinned.

Luckily, there is also good news: I wont stop posting these and I will find a way to pin them.

Anyway, in anime related news, I have finally started watching the second half of Mushoku Tensei, so far its pretty good. Certainly one of the better isekais.

A few weeks ago I also started Jahi-sama, but tbh it didnt really catch me, I only watched a few episodes. Is it just more of the same later on or should I keep watching?

Any other recommendations or other stuff on your mind? Watched a new hentai and came buckets? Put your 2000 dollar anime figurine up your ass? We are totally interested, so please share every little detail of your anime degeneracy here.

:#!marseyshooting: :#marseycarp3: :#marseyshooting:

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this is cirno

@duck @trickleyum

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touch grass

Which grass do you touch first?

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Peacemaker is a one season tv series on HBOmax (renewed for a second season based on the popularity of the first) that's a pretty fun spin-off of the whole superhero genre.

It's dirty, often vulgar, lots of cursing and sexual innuendo, some gore. It would be r or ma rated if it was a movie. It's more of a comedy than a superhero series, and it's not child friendly, but it's pretty good, and a pleasant twist on the whole genre.

In the final episode of the first season, the "Justice League" (Superman, Aquaman, Wonderwoman and the Flash are summoned at the end to help with the final fight but they don't get there in time after the Peacemaker and his rag-tag group have already handled the situation and

"You're late, you fucking dickheads!" John Cena's Peacemaker yelled at four members of the Justice Leagueβ€”Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquamanβ€”before singling out Aquaman. "Go fuck another fish, asshole!"

Jason Mamoa made a cameo for just this last part of the episode.

If you find yourself bored and looking for something funny and irreverent to watch, it's actually a good show. You can stream it here:

^This website is safe, although I recommend adblockers. You can also find practically any movie or tv series you'll ever want to watch on it. And it's safe.

Side note to add: In this series, the Peacemaker has a tagline, that he will make peace, and he will kill anybody to achieve that end. And he has a pet eagle, whose name is Eagly.