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subredditdrama isn't that bad

upvote if you agree/disagree


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Marsey is ugly and annoying

Now that i got your attention, if you feeling down nowadays and thinking to harm yourself, don't do it, people love and care about you and there is absolutely no reason to end yourself, take a image of you with your significant other having fun, you may think that the chances of you having a good life is low but i promise you, it's not and everything is possible but all you need is someone to support, and that person can be yourself no matter what people had told you because at the end of the say, they just some people who wants to make feel terrible but your special and valuable to this world, and if your very alone and have no friends or family, we'll I have to say that I love each everyone single one of you peopleon, I care for all of yall so much when I was depressed you people make me feel happy and I wanna help others in this community because no one deserves to be sad, I love yall so much ❤️

Upvote if you’re straight

For science

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Raising money for a straggot porn hole

Mostly focused on beautiful breedable white women (encouraged), no black peepees allowed.

Beautiful Women of any race are allowed

Tentative title \h\ole but feel free to suggest below

Will jannie donation givers of 3k or more

We are at 13k currently

@ForgotMyPasswordAgain thank you for the 3k donation

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I don’t like Marsey

Marsey got old after like 2 weeks

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grooming enthusiast post If you don't use groomercord why are you even here?

This website is merely an extension of its chats. If you don't intend to join any of the dramasphere groomercord servers, just leave.

If you want to join one of the many servers in the drama sphere:

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The way they look. The way they smell. The way they sound. Their languages. Their art. Their music. Their poetry. Their beliefs. Their values. Their houses. Their families. Their neighborhoods. Their towns. Their cities. Their buildings. Their clothes. Their stories. Their politics. Their sexualities. Their genders. Their beliefs. Their values. Their attitudes. Their faces. Their noses. Their smiles.





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  • boogiecat : cute twink thread for cute twinks. inshallah this post gets unmasked
  • GnarlyCharlieBrown : Do not vote on this Neolibshill bait thread.
  • X : this is pathetic
  • Smeggy_Dangler : Pure reddit inside
  • coned : only a scared sissy butt b-word would make a ghost thread like this :scoot:
Downvoting isn't funny it's just annoying


Listen up !downvoters

You aren't funny and you ruin this sites reputation.

And no racial slurs

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Upvote to make this a Ted Lasso fan site.

upmarseys to the left.

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Why you ask? Because we will bring in the redditors and when we bring in the redditors we have more people to bully.

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  • Hansolf_Grettler : Anti-Dramanautism
  • Ick : Bardfinn
  • atakeonhooper : This place probably actually is too racist for me to keep coming here, now that i think about it
  • ILoveChapose : Misinformation
  • Ruq : But Bardfinn sucks, why wouldn't we affix his unholy name to degeneracy?
  • LatinxGroyperCivilWar : streisand effect
  • FearOfBees : Anti-drama drama anti-drama too much fricking causation loop from based to not based
  • PewDiePie : former reddit janitors, are still pathetic at the offshore website. more at 11
  • BasedGod : I’m going to die laughing.. bardie wins again, J slurs no match for Penelope’s 9 incher🤣🤣🤣
  • blazedraper : Russian misinformation
  • jesus : sneed
  • hunglol : misinformation, paid for by Bardfinn
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Bardfinn is not responsible for the Etika NFTs

Ffs how are you all so incapable of NOT shoehorning your fixation on a Reddit moderator into every single thing? Starting now we will be removing any and all posts associating Bardfinn with those NFTs because you people are so exhaustingly singleminded in your obsession.

To any visitors from Twitter: the surly mugshot man you think made the NFTs about the video game guy or whatever has nothing to do with any of it. And you’re literally r-slurred for thinking he did. That dude is some moderator from Reddit who has no idea what any of this is. A vile person, to be sure, but wholly unrelated. Why did you believe that random tweet? What evidence was offered for it? Some idiot just said “this is the guy” as a misguided joke and offered absolutely zero backing for it, and you morons lapped it up and started looking for ways to harass him.

Shame on you. Not for the harassment - bullying is healthy - but for your sub-80 IQ. You shouldn’t be allowed to operate a computer or a smartphone without PPE and a pair of minders for your own safety.

My PRIVATE casino. Please do not upvote.

I see commoners playing slots in random threads akin to the common dice thrower on the streets. I refuse to be like them. That's why I have chosen to will this thread into existence so that I may have a private venue to gamble in. Nobody else is allowed in this thread. If you come across it by accident please leave immediately without putting your filthy hands on anything and downvote on your way out to prevent any further damage.

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This is a white person

Say hi to the white person

It's here! !downvoters :stoningdownvotes:

Join now!

This ping group is to mass ping people to downvote things I disagree with. You are obligated to downvote when summoned with

!downvoters :stoningdownvotes:

This means that when you get a ping you must click context and downvote the parent.

This is a sacred trust that must be policed to ensure compliance. If you happen to notice any !downvoter upvoting rather than downvoting the parent then reply to one of their comments with !downvoters :stoningdownvotes: so that we may downvote them into submission.

!chuds !nonchuds

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I fricking hate fireworks

I don't give a shit about them, I don't care about 4th of July, they're loud, annoying, and smell bad.

Frick you, and frick fireworks

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death to ukraine 🔥🇺🇦🔥 Downvotes: the new upvotes

Kremlin shills have infiltrated this bastion of free thought. The wispy tendrils of Soviet propaganda close around us. The forces of freedom must make their last stand. Slava ukraini!

Since our chadbadmins have revealed themselves as Kremlin stooges we must #RESIST by using the Based Ukrainian Flag to indicate assent. The flag of the CCCP successor state that shall not be named must be used to indicate disagreement, since there is no "Nazi trash" option for interacting with posts.

The site will surely revert when the sanctions take hold and Carp runs out of his blood money. Two more weeks. Stay strong

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The unironic homonationalism on this site is kind of problematic

Look, I'm as big of an LGBT ally as the next guy, and there's nothing wrong with being gay, but I think this site has taken it too far. There are lots of posts suggesting that straight people are inferior, which alienates allies and is counterproductive to achieving our goal of equality. Also, I feel like a lot of this homonationalism is just being used as a socially acceptable way to be misogynistic. A lot of people here say they are gay because "gussy" is disgusting or something like that, and that's really inappropriate. There's no way that all of the people espousing homonationalism are actually gay, and given the large number of misogynistic incels on this site, I'm inclined to believe that my hypothesis is correct.

TLDR: It's okay to be gay, but don't use that to put down straight people or women. That just sets the movement back.

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Isn't mayocide inherently dramaphobic?

No other race can match the sheer quantity of drama put out by the :marseymayo: menace. Isn't calling for its own end, by calling for the mayocide? :marseythonk: Non mayos only discuss. Mayos to pay 500 dc if they must post.


!downvoters when I TELL YOU to DOWNVOTE someone, you downvote whoever the FRICK I want you to. NOT. ME. HOW FRICKING HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND?!?!?!?! does your brain have worms jabbing their peepees in it or something?? because you have to have holes in your brain to have this little COMMON FRICKING BUTT SENSE. dont FRICKING downvote me again or else i'm going to SNAP this fricking ping group with my bare hands :#ragestrangle:

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I like white people

They are pretty cool.

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Can we revert the h*moween theme?

It gives me nightmares at night when i sleep

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