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  • Sneed : (changelog) carpathianflorist is a b-word butt neighbor
  • THOMAS : mypoc <3
  • british : change: dont ban for spam (dramaphobic). Let bans be appealled (let me ping you pls). Bardfinn.
  • HOTEP : Hotep wuz here and we wuz kangz
changelog megathread :marseynotes:

a lot of days, I make a shitton of changes in successsion, and I don't wanna make the whole frontpage my changelog posts, so I don't post about them

this thread solves that, so from now on instead of making changelog posts, I'll make changelog comments here

click subscribe on this thread to get notified of changes :wolfnoticeme:

on desktop:

on mobile:

Edit: I'm still not gonna post about bugfixes tho, theres way too many

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  • Zuzie : Testing
  • DickButtKiss : Bugchasing megathread*
  • o : Did somebody say bugs :marseybillgates:
site dev help megathread

from here on out, ill post codecel questions or other shit i need help with here and give mbux rewards appropriately

subscribe to the thread if ur interested


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  • X : test :marseygeisha:
  • HOTEP : Black Lives Matter
  • Sneed : Comment to upmarsey ratio is bad. This means its controversial and aevann should delete this post
  • russy : hai
  • piranha : ily aevann maybe i can be as codecel as you :capyautism: i need to make more capy emojis but im slow
:!marseycapywalking: megathread for bugs and suggestions :marseycapywalking:

pls don't just say something is broken, explain HOW its broken

example of useless bug reports:

- by @Ninjjer - didn't explain shit

- by @S - didn't explain shit

- by @boogiecat - didn't explain shit

- by @L - didn't explain shit

- by @Horned_waifus_shill - didn't explain shit

also pls tell me ur browser and device and include screenshots/recording if u can


Post your suggestions and jannoids will decide which ones to add. Thank you.


Sidebar Submission Megathread

These are the pictures that go in the sidebar. Submit funny things you or people here have made that are about rDrama. Bonus points if they feature Marsey. badge if approved.

[MEGATHREAD] Emoji requests and commissions

idk what exactly i'm supposed to put here, but @Dramarama suggested this and we thought it was a good idea

As a parent comment, list what you want, what the bounty is, and include a reference image if applicable

I'm not here to supervise so if you get scammed it's your fault for being an r-slur

happy hunting

like and subscribe if u agree
As all true drama lovers should know, tomorrow marks day one of the gathering of the juggalos.

I think facebook is the last place juggalos show their face, but they have several great groups that will post their animal behavior for the entire week. I'll make this a hub for screenshots. It's my favorite week of the year way better than gay shark week. it's meth raccoon week.

edit - this site doesn't handle pic updates well. It will only get better as the festival actually starts., Follow this post to get teh updates.

admiggers, add here badges u want added (megathread)

post a comment like this (in this exact format)

{"name": "Benefactor","description": "Gave the Benefactor award to someone"}

and dont forget to attach the badge image



trans lives matter


:marseyaustralian: REFERENDUM DAY THREAD:!platyaboriginal: [Current status- 6/6 STATES +60% NO TOTAL CHUD VICTORY :chudspin::chudspin::chudspin::chudspin:]

!strayans !strayans !strayans IN IN IN

I've timed this to go out at midday AEDT and I'll try keep it active until the referendum is called sometime tonight.

Carp aevann pls pin, but if they don't I'm gonna use my limited coins to pin it myself when something happens.

  • Sneed- Marcia Langton says reconciliation is dead

  • News- last minute Newspoll shows Yes gain by 3 points (still losing tho)

  • Sneed- Dutton is literally drumpfh

  • Sneed- "Once again, it seems only white men know what's best for Aboriginal peoples"

Anyway, how was voting (if you're doing it on the day)? What result are you expecting? What result do you want?

admiggers, post here snappy quotes u want added (megathread)

bottom text

admiggers, post here sidebar images u want added (megathread)

bottom text

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  • Chtorrr : This is a deplorable Reddit ripoff, designed only to spread transphobia, racism, and misinformation.
what is this


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  • Impassionata : most impressive
  • whyareyou : being unironically helpful to reddit is dramaphobic
  • Soot : ^ Even DOE it is drama-positive to screw over subreddit powerjannies

This post here convinced them to give me full access :star:

Stay tuned for excitement! I'll wait until they actually get some stuff together to start dumping content en masse. Might just pull the whole server again. We'll see how hysterical they get.

update: I am not able to see some channels but it's okay I still have access to them and am making this known!!!

update: I have created cognitive dissonance by spreading "FUD"?? which google says means "fear, uncertainty, doubt"

update: I am testing the waters in another channel

update: The Jannie Letters are now being discussed

update: My main has now been banned for posting content it did not have access to, like that is going to do something, somehow? Leaks to follow once they get a game plan going. They're currently considering NSFWing all their subs because ads aren't served on NSFW subs which is actually a really good idea. Though they're afraid to do this because they might get demopped by Reddit.

Last words, as seen from yet another account. Fittingly it was a train who banned me.

https://discord . gg/mKudvApxD5 - invite link.

Get in fast, Wuz is going to link this thread there for the craic.

Remove the spaces around the .
They really did not like this thread and so they've revoked the general purpose invite link. New one to follow if they reissue a new one and don't smarten up. They're in a tizzy now combatting leaks that haven't even happened yet instead of doing their union larp.

I have made this thread public to be sporting. Meeting in a few, updates on hold UFN.

Final preview:

Imagine being a webdev and being reached out to by a volunteer internet janitor of some subforum on a gay orange messageboard lol



Multi-page discussion about the scaaaaary fish in one of their secret channels. I was banned and never had access to this but I can still see! Get it together @femilip! :marseyraging:

"rdrama never changes" indeed @demmian :#marseypipe:

And now we discuss rDrama!

There is a 100% chance it will be leaked, @JayRy27. I told you all this when I first joined the server and was given limited access. Femilip decided to yall me instead of accepting generously given, excellent advice. And now we're doing this again. Are you happy?

Yeah, paywalling the API is super gay, but you know what else is super gay? You, @LunarOlympian :na:

Why are you "ramp[ing] up the verification"? You guys were all just talking about how leaks aren't a problem because this is so popular!

Even when they're trying to be mean it just makes you want to take their lunch money and dunk their heads in the toilet even more. Also! Stop using the default Midnight theme here dummies, we have much more beautiful themes once you're logged in. Dramblr is amazing! So is Coffee! And Tron!

And here are their AI-generated "open letters" which they, somehow, couldn't write themselves and are forming committees to discuss how to improve them? N8 only proposed AI generating the letter as a joke but these tards ran with it lol.

The leaks will continue until my main is unbanned and given full access to all channels so that I may be a charitable voice of reason.

Newest as of 13:27 EST


https://discord . gg/34mHx6RZ

Remove the spaces.

minor update

@sir I tried to send you a message but it says I need to be groomcord e-friends with you before we can talk

and you're not accepting my add, so I guess I'll just respond here:

ONE: rDrama actually has an extremely robust slur and profanity filter, which users can toggle on and off. Both are on by default and on for logged out users. Like see here? BIPOC. That is THE N WORD. I typed the N word. But it will appear for you as "BIPOC" - there's a LOT of these, both for actual abusive language and for just cheeky things, like Discord being changed to groomcord and such.

TWO: We actually have native support for multiple communities! You can see this both here and on Here they're called Holes and function much like subreddits, but with way more features. They're user-created and user-run. For example: /h/toomanyxchromosomes (women ☕) and /h/slackernews (tech stuff). On WPD, they function differently and they're just called Flairs and they're used for categorizing content for easy access and/or filtering. WPD's are admin-created and admin-run.

A mostly-comprehensive list of rDrama's features can be found here:

It's very impressive! And completely free and open source! We're banned from GitHub because of course we are, but you can find it all on Gitea here - Feel free to fork! We'll even build new features and stuff for you if you'd like. Maybe even for free. Our only requirement is that you don't remove Marsey, the cat mascot. You can definitely use different Marseys though; we've got over 2500 already and are always adding more user-created ones. But at least one must be present.


Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.

14:04 small update

Arkontas! I have more accounts verified in there than I even remember now! But I have a helpful textfile with a list of credentials for them so it's not really an issue. Please accept my add so we can chat!

update: He has accepted my chat and we are having a nice discussion though I am in another meeting now. Groomcord handle removed at his request.

I don't even need to be signed into any of these at this point. I am getting inundated with screenshots from other people lol

how do you do fellow hatecircle members?

14:15 EST - rDrama isn't a problem but also we need to keep this hidden from rDrama :mars#eygigathonk:

They keep going on endlessly about how it's not a secret and rDrama isn't a problem but they also keep revoking the invite link so no one can see it.

Will post new update link when available.

I already did that dummy! I'll repost here at the current end:

Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.


Also old but hi again @BuckRowdy!!!

As requested, you are in the screenshot @I_POGCHAMP_INFANTS. I remember you from the NNN leaks! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Super minor

Not even updating the timestamp in the flair over it, but posting the invite link here and showing them this thread functioned exactly as intended and they are now having to deal with constant requests to generate unique invites (for free!) to bring their jannie friends, since the general purpose invitation concept has been removed:

15:05 EST - They got our boy greg @hoodatninja :marseylibations:

They're also BRIGADING. Moderators! Brigading!!!

@SkorpioSound is the only one with a conscience smdh


15:50 EST - @LunarOlympian is going bigbrain mode :marseybigbrain#:

@TheSpookiestUser who has provided several new sidebar images is getting ready to quit over all the leaks :marseydepressed:


Demoralization sets in :marseygiveup:

16:00 EST - rDrama is now a no-no word :nono:

16:06 EST The abyss stares back

Watching @TheSpookiestUser's slow descent into madness has been a real treat:

Annnnd @LunarOlympian who said he was going to infiltrate rDrama but gave up without making an account is assuring the other jannies that the verification is working just fine :marseymisinformation#:

16:57 They've just been wordswordswords :marseysleep:posting for awhile now but /u/nerdshark is extremely unhappy with something that I'm not reading lol

/u/nerdshark's most recent comment on Reddit is...

and then he jannied the very popular thread, locking AND deleting it lest people stop spending all day on the subreddit for an imaginary disorder :star:

Anyway here's the current level of discussion:

Incredibly boring.

Forbes started covering it this morning though, unrelated to Reddit's volunteer janitors:


u/nerdshark just posted this while I was making this update. What's he got in his closet? Is he a pedophile? Crypto nazi? Did he once call something gay? Let's find out!

Hilariously, digging through your post history would be a million times easier if you got your way and pushshift came back. If you do win this, I am excited to see what we find!

17:07 /u/nerdshark has some weirdly specific fears about porn and children :marseyhmmm:


@Xyreo what's going on big guy?

Infant puncher guy why are you defending pedos? AGAIN??

Sharky appears to have jannie clout that infant rapist guy does not. This is getting ACTUALLY DRAMATIC now.

17:14 The pedo saga concludes with "ummm guys we have a confirmed pedo who sends porn to and hits on kids here but that's not really relevant, can we please stay on topic?"

17:16 lol oops sharky confused "xyreon" with "blocks" who he confused with "cocacola"

and it keeps getting better as /u/MotleyBlondie comes out swinging with :marseyakshually#: the boy was 16 so it's not pedophilia

But let's get back on topic :marseyshrug:

It all falls apart... :#marseydisintegrate:

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:!marseypainter: Marsey drawing guide :!marseyyarn:

Credit: @Sylveon


admiggers, post here banners u want added (megathread)

bottom text

admiggers, post here marseys u want added (megathread)

post a comment like this (in this exact format)

{"name":"marseyexample","author_id":995, "tags":"example peepee poo"}


{"name":"marseyexample","author":"chiobu", "tags":"example"}

and dont forget too attach the marsey image

Banner submission megathread

BANNERS MUST BE 2400 x 250 and if they're animated, they must be under 1mb in filesize. Converting to webp (literally just uploading here does this) usually optimizes the filesize down quite a bit.

Submitters will receive the BANNER ARTIST BADGE.

[megathread] Post your favourite rdrama-themed OC artwork!

Since Christmas has now ended, we need you to help us fill rdrama's sidebar with some amazing artwork!

/r/drama subreddit had (and still does, I guess) a collection of humorous images in the sidebar (go check them out, they're pretty great! ), which we will reuse if we have to, however we also know that the amazing artists of our community have created a number of truly phenomenal, high-effort lore about the site in general and Marsey in particular. It doesn't have to necessarily be Marsey themed, but we would prefer it to have at least some relationship to the site or the sub.

Something like this would be perfect:

So, please use this to post artwork you'd like to see in the sidebar!

EDIT/PS. Emojis aren't really what we're looking for. We have some amazing Marseys in there, but we're trying to do something a bit different with the sidebar. Something like this:


is basically artwork, but your standard emoji probably wouldn't work as a sidebar image as well.

What are some indisputable facts that get wingcucks angry (US edition)

I really only give a shit about leafland most of the time (and even then not really all that deep into politics lol) but I've come to the conclusion that to get people angry online I need to say undeniable truths instead of my usual make shit up approach

Post undeniable truths that'd get wingcucks of either side angry :marseyexcited:


I have been into stoicism for a while and have been using it to cope with life but learning this info has made me second guess the entire philosophy. Now whenever I try to be stoic I think about Marcus sitting in the corner writing meditations while his wife gets brutalized by a gigachad gladiator. Now whenever I think about stoicism it seems like a cuck philosophy. Was Marcus really the adam22 of his time? How can I get over this?

:#marseyxd: :#marseyxd:

Beautiful bait


Wait a christcuck destroyer was a cuck?


I feel like OP rn bros.

Only if they happen to my people



OK that is one way to purge the stain of being cucked.


Because women are wonderful chud


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