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Yes. I felt ... Exactly this. I haven't ever told anyone before now for obvious reasons - but I was very freaked out when I was a young person, because I could tell I was feeling something that other people weren't toward young girls...

Omg yes exactly this!!

I think you captured this very well...



I wouldn't say "super anxious," but there was a vague concern...


Yes actually. Im asexual so I don't really understand what sexual attraction is at all..


Marsey spotted in the wild
Top Moderators of r/AntiWork exposed as FBI informants

Earlier today some journal sites revealed leaks how the mod team of Antiwork are FBI informants going back to 2011 and lulzsec. Allegations of rape and community arrests. Mods get removed, a lot of posts get personally deleted and automoderated. The subreddit automod starts deleting any mention of pastebin, archive, fbi.

Screenshots of one of the mods that was removed and permanently banned for trying to raise awareness of the issue:

The over 2.2 million member subreddit /r/antiwork, which was subject to a large swarm of trolls after a Fox News interview in January 2022, appears to have been infiltrated by an FBI informant who may have enabled multiple arrests in the anti-authoritarian community. Laurelai Bailey, an infamous former mod, has likely committed serial rape without facing any legal repercussions, and appears to actively collaborate with the FBI.

When /r/antiwork mods voted to ban Bailey, they were subsequently purged from their mod status by Bailey’s friend /u/TeiaRabishu, who is still the top mod. Anarchist mods say that Teia has used this as an opportunity to divert anti-work theory from its anarchist foundations and co-opt it with liberal theory instead, evidently enforcing this through FBI surveillance on the subreddit.

The alt accounts HyponoTransgirl, Bimbopolitics, and EphraelStern have all been linked to the same informant: Laurelai Bailey. Bailey is well known among the hacker community for helping the FBI charge Julian Assange and faking her own death, potentially to avoid rape charges.

The following documents show Bailey’s relations with the FBI, evidence of rape, and testimony from /r/antiwork mods:

Full leak:

Mod testimony:

Bailey’s FBI collaboration:


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Nice pipeline you got there...
Which one of you did this?


This has been circulating alllllll over leftie FB the last couple of hours. It's good!

It's so good that I know none of you did this because it's not about trains.

This one's for the dinos
:marseyrake: Canadian nurse facing disciplinary hearings for supporting JK Rowling, believing there are only 2 sexes :marseytrans2:

Generated from TLDR This:

Canadian nurse facing disciplinary hearings for supporting JK Rowling, believing there are only 2 sexes A Canadian nurse is facing a disciplinary hearing from a national medical board that could result in her losing her job after she publicly supported author J.K. Rowling's views about the harm gender identity ideology inflicts on women and children.

The first hearing was in June, with the second set of three-day hearings held last Wednesday through Friday.

As Hamm noted in her piece published in Quillette back in April, the J.K. Rowling billboard prompted two BCCNM members to complain to the organization and accuse her of being “transphobic” and incapable of “provid[ing] safe, non-judgemental care to transgender and gender diverse patients.”

Speaking the truth should not be a punishable offense.”

Critics of the bill noted that it enables authorities to fine or imprison people whose beliefs run contrary to the law.

At the time, Peterson was a professor at the University of Toronto.

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Bioholes we win
Dear r/actuallesbians, can we cool it with all this vagina stuff?

Can we please stop focusing so much on the "Vaginas=lesbians" angle?


Buzzfeed staff member with the testosterone levels of an 85 year old cheats on his wife, sneed abound :marseywave:


The Try Guys is a Buzzfeed video series where the hosts, well, try guys - having sex with a variety of men from the cutest of twinks to the grizzliest of bears to see who offers the best experience. A lot of bigots try to make out that this is a bad thing but I think it's actually a really great show and promotes a healthy view of sexuality to it's mostly tweenage audience.

Anyway, this all started three weeks ago when someone posted to the Try Guys subreddit claiming to have seen Ned hooking up around NYC, luckily Redditors are quick to shut down this, quite frankly, dangerous misinformation. Nothing came out this until a few days ago when people ("people" is a strong word) on the Try Guys subreddit noticed that the two most recent videos included a new version of the intro - one that excluded one of the most beloved and wholesome Try Guy of all, Ned. He also didn't appear on the three most recent titles of The Trypod (the title is a pun on "tripod" - this is because it is a video podcast). There's a bunch of other evidence as well, most of it catalogued on the nedfulmerexpose Twitter account and on this massive thread but oh my God who gives a shit.


Ned got fired yesterday but a lot of the seethe is from before then


Try Guys trend

ned’s declassified divorce survival guide


somewhere someone right now is making an hour long video essay called “death of the wife guy” and how the admiration husbands receive for merely loving their wives has been commodified into consumable personas and how these personas are corrupted in the social eye

the try guys collectively firing ned for cheating on his wife is such a power move im sorry this is modern feminism

Ex buzzfeed employees commenting on Ned and the Try Guys is my avengers assemble.


Drama surrounding Ned…

This will be the official thread for Ned’s removal from the Try Guys

Official: Ned and Ariel’s comments on the situation

Live Chat for Ned’s Departure

Pt2 Live Chat: Ned’s Departure from Try Guys

People Don't Realise How Big a Deal This Actually is

Hot take: I won't miss him.

Won't someone think of the post-wall foid :marseycry:

Bonus seethe from when Ned was promoting NFTs 7 months ago

r/redscarepod seethe

r/redscarepod seethe at r/tryguys seethe

r/redscarepod seethe at their own seethe


It’s Official: Wife Guys Are Out

:marseybegging: Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia begs Rockstar for character transfer :marseybountyhunter::marseylaughpoundfist:

More threads:


A Red Dead Redemption player with almost 6,000 hours logged on Google Stadia is begging Rockstar to allow character transfers after the news of the service's closure.

YouTuber @ItsColourTV(opens in new tab) took to Twitter shortly after the news that Google Stadia is shutting down broke out yesterday. "No, you don't understand how seriously pissed off I am," the tweet read, alongside a screenshot that shows that they've put 5,907 hours into Red Dead Redemption on Google's gaming service.


"For context: these hours are on Google Stadia and today Google announced they'll be shutting down the platform," a follow-up tweet(opens in new tab) reads, "@RockstarGames please let us do a one-time character transfer I am begging you." If you aren't aware, once Google shuts down its Stadia service on January 18, 2023, ItsColourTV's progress will all be erased from existence, meaning they'll need to start a new save file on another platform - with all 5,907 hours (approximately 246 days) going to waste.

It seems that fellow Red Dead Redemption players felt sympathetic towards ItsColourTV, with many replying to the tweet with suggestions as to how to save this player's save. One suggested(opens in new tab) that ItsColourTV use Google Takeout - a data downloading service - to transfer their file to PC, to which they replied: "I don't play story mode." Rockstar, if you're reading this, do our guy a favor and let them transfer their character just this once.

@Aisha why are you such an unlovable trans incel? keep yourself safe


![](/images/16645841597362926.webp) :#marseydicklet:

My father often called me an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, he’d threaten to tell the police to have me deported if I didn’t follow his orders.

when i was 6 my mom started pretending to be dead when i came back from school and she’d go the whole way bc she’d hold her breath when I tried to test and id tickle her and hit her and she continued pretending for a full hour while i mourned her

had a mate, her and her husband used to lie on the floor covered in tomato sauce when their 3 kids came home from school, they thought it was hysterical! All the kids are grown up now and all have serious problems!

My dad told me it was too expensive to get me a birth certificate so they registered me at the pound. My dad also said that when he spanked me he wouldn't get in as much trouble because I'm a dog

My dad used to tell me I wasn’t dark enough to actually be his and he was just doing the mailman a favor 😂😂😂

:marseyflagthailand: This Thai LifeProTip for ladies to avoid getting raped is causing derailment :marseycock:

Do you think there's a market for these in burgerland or europoor? :marseyjewoftheorient:


Actual vidya with sound:

:#soycry:![]( ![](

:#soyjakanimeglasses: ![]( ![](

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Friendly reminder that LLMs 180k a year salary is less desirable than 6’4” pizzashill shoe salary
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We all know Marsey as the cute young adult with a hankering for mischief (and perhaps other assets as well :marseycatgirl5:) but who was Marsey before she was Marsey?

I enlisted the aid of @Pamipon to find out. Using the power of meme magic sourced from the well of Chaos energy that rDrama was built atop, we opened a psychic rift through spacetime and transcribed the image of Marsey's past onto pen and paper (she drew using her imagination).

Looks like Marsey was always adorable! :marseybow: But before she was causing trouble for others, she was looking out for her dear friends. Why that's Marsey reading to little ole' Mr Fluffers there (he suffers from illiteracy). Good girl Marsey, fighting ableism one story at a time. Our girl may be a troublemaker :marseytroublemaker: but she always had a big heart :marseyhearts:

If you'd like to see our lurker's other works, here is her Twitter: Chifuyu49


Greta, but based
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  • BasedGod: Bait sub 💡r/dyscalculiaCons conservatives hate science bc they possibly have dyscalculia
  • mogus: dyscalculiamisia
"Skirt go spinny! Feat. My girl cock"


I only have 3 words to describe the feeling of it arriving: SKIRT GO SPINNY!!!! :D

[UPDATE 1: Apparently this post was big enough that a twitter account named "Males of Reddit" found this and went through my post history. And considering how many replies there were to it, I think I struck a nerve. 😂 Cry harder, transphobes.] (

(In which they also complain that Twitter hasn't jannied it yet)

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  • Unbroken: The "3,200 girls received cosmetic breast implants " Stat isn't about trans people
  • chiobu:
More Trans Teens Are Choosing ‘Top Surgery’


twatter thread:

A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

"A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

"A few months after a sexual assault...she started taking testosterone."

How can no one connect the dots??


Around 3,200 girls aged 13 to 19 received cosmetic breast implants in 2020

:marseypedo::Nobody is doing surgeries on minors, bigot!

Who are these surgeons doing this? They need to be named and shamed just as much as the gender ghouls. I had no idea this was a thing. How could they ever do such monstrous things to young girls?

Strong trans woman comes out at the office. No one reacts. This is terrible.
Marsey and Marcus visit Sweden!

![](/images/1664219994079393.webp) ![](/images/16642141990890365.webp)

I was """inspired""" by @Dramarama's :marseybear: and :marseybrianna:

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  • BBC: :ripbozo:
  • Wuzizname: Put g*mer degeneracy posts in gaymer hole pls.

Google announcement

Some of the threads:

Stadia store closing?

Google is shutting down Stadia

Google didn't give the Stadia team advance knowledge that they were shutting it down, they launched a UI redesign literally the day before the shutdown announcement