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We have one opening in our 12 person PPR league because @basad hasn't updated shit in 2 weeks. We are looking for a strong man to fill the role before Thursday Night Football at 7pm CDT today. Leave a comment if you want in. You get to mingle with power users, admins, and call LLM short. I will be in talks with @carpathianflorist to make some badges and reward for the league soon. Since @basad has a bunch of IR and OUT, I'll you can have free rein over over free agents until Sunday games start.

Edit: thanks for showing interest @KoreanDragKing took the spot. If more spots open up from people being lazy, i’ll dm people who commented here.

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Wired Magazine Presents : J Slurs posting Ls, and a suspiciously high level skeleton.

I've seen a lot of people showing our resident journ*list @ZacJason some love recently, so now is a great time to talk about his lack of journalistic credentials (and skin).

All of this started because @Lv20_Skeleton decided to apply my first ever ban award to a really great post I wrote about never saying the N word. Not only did he ban my excellent post, he had the audacity to ban me TWICE. In response, I did what any self respecting Jslur would do when staring down a 48hr ban, and sperged out immediately - banning every post and comment I could find from this vile skeletoid. Eventually this totaled 12 bans. As many of our resident rightoids know, I am a FAIR and JUST janitor - so obviously I would never apply 12 days of ban without providing an alternative to freedom. My offer to boneman was a challenge to play manhunt.

Nobody ever takes me up on my offers to play this game, so I expected lazy attempts at sneaking through the new user list at best. @Lv20_Skeleton is not the average poster though so it should be obvious where this is going...

We were reading this JOslurs articles. Disgusting!

This went on for days, because we wanted to believe.

My Bussy [BLASTED]

Carp Bussy [BLASTED]

Zac Jason Bussy [BLASTED]

Respaaaj Bussy [BLASTED]

Idio3 Bussy [BLASTED]

FrozenChosen Gussy [BLASTED]

JimieWhales Xussy [NOT BLASTED]

Dahl_Fook Bussy [VERY BLASTED]


Quintuple Jslur bussy blasting simultaneously, right under our noses.

Let this @Lv20_Skeleton serve as an example for everyone that being banned is an opportunity to wear someone else's skin, an opportunity for greatness. I love the boneman and you should too.

[POLL] Libreddit toggle

There’s schizo gibbering on the cord about how we should add a toggle to let users convert all Reddit links to Libreddit links.

Upvote this thread if you want that, downvote if you don’t.


• Something something something privacy

• Reddit problems with Tor or whatever

• Deprive Reddit of one of its 52 million unique users per month


• imo it’s a waste of time

• wildly unnecessary feature bloat

• catering to paranoid schizophrenics never ends well; slippery slope

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  • Inception: First post I've seen to get downvoted, can we mod this guy?


The lolcows among us: Carpathianflorist
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  • 6 feet tall, 22.6 BMI - woah

  • #1 most subscribed user on, statistically the most beloved user

  • head admin, heroically does it for free like a soup kitchen worker or volunteer firefighter

  • kind and nurturing, friend to incels even besides rDrama users

  • HIV negative, completely unpozzed neghole

  • owns three (3) meteorites

  • knows every word to most Avril and Britney tracks (pre-Britney Jean)

  • once spent like six (6) hours walking around atl with a homeless guy

  • loves dasha even in the face of insurmountable adversity

  • consistently pins the best non-lawlz content charitably ensuring maximum visibility

  • gets that dc bag even when you downvote him like the clowns you are

  • also #1 on the awards leaderboard, incredible

⬅️ number of upvotes = number of days I will stay sober

Anons, I'm struggling with alcohol. If you knew me, you'd never suspect but it's something I have to deal with. The model Esla Hosk has been really helpful because she is someone else who no one would think "oh yeah that's an alcoholic", but I still need support. Pls updoot.

give me dramacoins retards
Libertarianism: A Defense
  • *

what if the child consents tho

  • *

UPVOTE if you want this to be implemented. DOWNVOTE if you do not. Poll will run until noon EST tomorrow.


Basically just a tipping system. Like someone’s post? Tip them some money. Maybe BAT? I don’t know how that works. This isn’t about turning your dramacoins into crypto or anything, it’s the standard fare pay-content-creators-whatever feature that’s becoming an industry standard.


  • Helps distance us from our Reddit origins by branching out in one of many new directions

  • This is becoming an increasingly common feature, and it may be good to stay ahead of the curve

  • The potential for you to make some money, especially if the site grows considerably, by making good posts


  • I feel like it incentivizes posts to be marketable. Though one could argue that karma systems already do the same, so this may be a moot point

  • You’re all broke NEETs


UPVOTE if you want this to be implemented. DOWNVOTE if you do not. Poll will run until noon EST tomorrow.

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this concludes my marseyposting

love that cat

The average 🚂 gigavaxxer
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  • BernieSanders: i expected something disgusting but it was even worse
  • volcel: Problem, plague rat?

bottom text

EDIT: Every one of the people downvoting me is a reason for this to happen.

I hate Marsey
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When this site fired up, I had hoped most of the users were somewhat normal. Now I know, most of you are just a different type of cute twink. Spinelss weebs.

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As a lolcow these downvotes are VERY disruptive to my ongoing efforts to milk lolmilk out of my lolteats for your consumption, ban them immediately or I will be FORCED to go on lolstrike and cease ALL production of fresh lols.

I work hard squeezing lolmilk out of these lolteats and the least you cute twinks can do is throw me an internet point as you're slurping up

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Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

🚂🔍🤔 Rly makes u think 🚂🔍🤔