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Pretty white woman


Probably wants the Speakers Whisky.

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Because it's 1 step forward, 2 steps backward. After 10 years after skyrim and a few after F4, there is nothing innovating about this game. (52)

What was innovative about skyrim or fallout 4? (-34)

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The repetitive "puzzle" that is exactly the same each time you visit a temple is unforgivable. I genuinely can't believe that was signed off on. I've put 80 hours into this game and I've enjoyed it, but many aspects annoy me. I feel like the more of Starfield I play, the less I get out of it. (886)

still better than dragon claws (-31)

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Standards have gone up and Bethesda is hardly innovating.Graphics are dated.Writing is mediocre.Companions by an extension of mediocre writing are bad.Exploration is unrewarding and repetitive.Enemy variety is incredibly small.UI is yet again trash.Game is not seamless, it's far too heavily instanced.Even conversations are still not seamless.Still can't look down and see your body.Starfield IS worse than Fallout 4 and Skyrim. People just swoon over it because it's the newest thing. This was their chance to do something new and they made a fricking procedural Fallout in space with Skyrim shouts. (65)

SF is a marked improvement over Fallout 4, and as a die-hard Fallout fan, I'll stand by that remark. Graphics are fine. Lighting is a bit fiddly on some of the moons and planets, but otherwise, the game looks pretty good.The writing is better than it has been since Oblivion. I'll give ya that enemy variety is lacking (especially if you don't explore the planets).Tbh looking down and seeing your body is not something that makes or breaks a game.I think people swoon over the older games due to nostalgia. I vividly remember playing each game from oblivion to current pretty much at launch. This is better in many aspects, and a step back in a few others. (-31)

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BGS makes great games, so to say its the worst of those still isnt an insultโ€” I mean SOMETHING has to be the worst, even in an elite group.Granted Starfield had the misfortune of a couple things1. It came out after BG3 which is just way better (again not an insult to SF, its just BG3 is seriously one of the best games ever) so people are going to subconsciously compare, to SF's misfortune It came out in a heavily politicized era. It leaned into the politsization (thats not a word but whatever) with the pronouns and very angry conservatives unfairly spammed with shit reviews because of it, again, much to SF's misfortune. The Marketing was too overzealous. The game that was advertised is different than the game we got; not by a WHOLE lot; but Todd Howard tried to make it sound like every planet would be near as populated as Oblivionโ€” which is just computationally impossible Its the latest BGS game, which just plainly means it has the highest chance of giving g*mers fatigue on the BGS ... (1)

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The game hasn't been out long enough for the spam review bombing because this bad or that bad. It's been blown way out of proportion. I am not denying that the game industry has made many mistakes but I think we often take for granted the Games devs craft for us. And with all the negativity that people throw at them personally attacking them is horrible. I've seen a dev look so uncomfortable on stream cause she was an attractive female and the community was both upset at the games issues and being uhh gross. I felt so bad but I've seen so many other instances. I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of them deal with mental health issues from the harassment I've seen.Edit: Everyone is just a negative Nancy and too many lash out which clearly doesn't and shouldn't be the way to show our displeasure. Not saying negative reviews are always bad. Just people love to hate train cause the world is miserable right meow (1)

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Don't be so naive. Sony was so salty about Starfield being exclusive to Xbox that they filed a complaint with the FTC which summoned Microsoft to appear and mansplain why it's exclusive. As if they haven't been doing the same thing for the last decade. Best believe there's legitimate review-bombing going on by Sony fans. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony was responsible for some of it. People didn't even wait for the game to release before they started bombing the reviews. (15)

Sony is a corporation not a consumer. You're definitely smoking if you think Sony fans are gonna review bomb a game that's been nitpicked to fricking heck. From loading screens, to lack of agency to explore planets, the lack luster PoIs, the npcs, no classic bethesda style map, no actual travel form space into orbit and the ability to actually fly around the planet. This game has been dragged all over social media, the game itself wasn't going to be a stellar addition to bethesdas catalogue, this game is a strong 7.5 in my opinion and I'm loving the game. But even with that being said, the game does fall flat and I can say a 7 rating is honestly fair for it. If you were expecting skyrim in space, you're gonna be disappointed. If you're expecting fallout 4 in space, again, disappointed. Starfield is bethesda making an experimental space game.So even a lot of the reviews I can see why there are people giving it low scores. They had expectations that didn't meet.As far as Sony fans revi... (-5)

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Tactical Peepee Grab

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Matisyahu - King Without A Crown - YouTube


He seemed impressed by the way you came in.

Tell us a story, I know you're not boring?

Black lives matter...unless they splatter

"Dumb Money" is a flop confirmed

Movie came out 2 years too late, the only remaining people who care about this shit are weirdo cultists who believe their shares are going to one day be worth a million a piece.

Source: Wikipedia

/r/politics thread I just found

Rethuglican Official Was Vocal Opponent of #MeToo. Now Police Say He Killed, Dismembered Fiancรฉe

From article: https://people.com/ex-san-francisco-rethuglican-official-accused-murder-fiancee-metoo-8303341

A former San Francisco Rethuglican official charged with the murder and dismemberment of his fiancรฉe was a vocal opponent of the #MeToo movement, according to multiple reports.

Joseph C. Roberts, 42, was elected in 2020 for the San Francisco Rethuglican Central Committee and claimed he was a victim of false accusations related to #MeToo, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He also became known for defending men who claimed they were wrongfully accused of sexual harassment and praised Betsy DeVos โ€” appointed Education Secretary by former President Donald Trump โ€” when she announced new rules that strengthened the rights of due process for college students facing sexual misconduct allegations, the San Francisco Standard reported.

First black ๐Ÿš• driver
Darkstalkers infinite combos!

Good news: the infinites in the game are either in old versions or TAS only (unless your name is Sako), so you totally won't get cheesed come the end of the month :marseywink:

Egypt's Sisi: architect of cash-strapped 'New Republic' :capym!ad:

Cairo (Egypt) (AFP) --ย Ten years after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi rose to power in Egypt promising prosperity for all, he embarks on a third run for office as Egyptians buckle under unrelenting economic strain.

In July 2013, then-army chief Sisi, wearing his uniform and trademark dark glasses, went on television asking for "a mandate" to fight "terrorism" after the army toppled democratically elected but divisive Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

The following month, security forces forcibly dispersed two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo in an operation that killed more than 700 people.

Sisi secured a mandate at the ballot box the following year, and was re-elected in 2018.

On Monday, he announced he will "again heed the people's call" and run in December, while thousands of supporters celebrated in ready-built stages across the Arab world's most populous country.

Sahar Abdelkhalek, a teacher who escorted a bus full of her students to a rally in western Cairo, is grateful.

"All around us, countries collapsed and never recovered, but because of our president and our army, we're moving forward," she said.

Sisi won with nearly 97 percent of the vote in his first election, and by a similar margin last time. He is widely expected to emerge victorious again in the historically autocratic country.

But with Egyptians struggling to survive during their nation's worst-ever economic crisis, Sisi's defining ethos might not be as persuasive as it once was, both domestically and amongst the country's allies.

For his supporters, including the state's sizeable media machine, he is still the "hero" who stamped out "terrorism", after massive crowds protested Morsi's rule.

Ruling 'alone'

His backers laud Sisi for restoring Egyptians' sense of safety and prioritising massive development projects, the biggest being a $58 billion New Administrative Capital in the desert east of Cairo.

Experts call it a "vanity" project.

What Sisi describes as his "New Republic" revolves around his image as a visionary maverick, priding himself on personally overseeing state development funds and directing government spending -- including to "eradicate Hepatitis C", once a devastating epidemic in the country.

But the 68-year-old rules "alone, and is blamed alone" for the country's woes, according to veteran human rights activist Hossam Bahgat.

The currency has lost half its value since March 2022, pushing inflation to a record-breaking 39.7 percent in the import-dependent economy.

Born in November, 1954 in Cairo's El-Gamaleya neighbourhood, Sisi graduated from Egypt's military academy in 1977. He later studied in Britain and the United States.

The former military intelligence chief has four children, including Mahmoud, a high-ranking officer in state intelligence.

During his early years in power, Sisi's popularity was so great that supporters put his face on vehicles, products and even baked goods in what they called "Sisimania."

He adopted the image of "the father of the nation", soft-spoken and most often seen seated with a microphone in hand, presiding over public ceremonies.

But Egyptians now sense they are being increasingly reproached.

He has told them to "stop talking nonsense" about an economy they do not understand, to tolerate "hunger and deprivation" for prosperity, and consider "donating blood" to shore up their income.

Patience worn thin

The president has suffered "a cross-class loss of legitimacy," Bahgat said, even among hardline supporters who have become disillusioned after watching their life savings disappear with the weakening currency.

While Egyptians express their frustration online, some of Sisi's once supportive international allies have cooled, experts say.

Most world capitals "have lost confidence" in his economic model, according to Robert Springborg, of the Italian Institute of International Affairs.

At the core of his model is "militarisation" and "profligate borrowing for prestige projects with limited economic benefits" that formerly generous Gulf allies are no longer willing to fund, Springborg said.

Gulf states have begun demanding reform and returns on their investments, "no longer believing there is political will within this leadership to change anything," according to independent analyst Hafsa Halawa.

"There is now genuine frustration, if not outright anger."

According to rights groups, tens of thousands of dissidents have been arrested during his rule, for criticising the government as well as even for complaining online about inflation.

Authorities have jailed one of Sisi's potential challengers in the election, Hisham Kassem, and rights groups say dozens of supporters of another, Ahmed al-Tantawi, have been detained.

On the campaign trail, Tantawi has called Sisi "Egypt's worst leader in 200 years."

A.G. Cook (PC MUSIC) - Beautiful (2023 Edit)
You'll never have this incel




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