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How do I into this site???

but like frfr tho no cap

Odd Candy by JustToast_art -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

striptease by Snejek -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

R8 h8 b8 each others OC music

Post ur projects or hmu to collab B) this isn't finished but I mean pretty much

I have to question when you file the unlawful detainer action. Because by law, these cases are given precedent to all other cases. Meaning, these cases are summary judgment for possession rights, and are given priority over all other litigation matters. That’s by statute. So something doesn’t mass in your explanation. I forgot to add, that I have a law degree, so I know exactly what I’m talking about.

What I do see, is a lot of lying a lot of manufactured evidence, a lot of false witnesses, a lot of slander, and overall daemonic behavior by landlords. That’s what I’ve seen and I can speak to. Now, of course, there are people out there that rent and lose their jobs and have problems in life and some are malicious, but generally speaking, the greed, I see lies, and the landlord, not the tenant.

Furthermore, there are risks in renting property. It’s a business that comes with risks like all other businesses. The problem with the landlord tenant relationship business is it landlords generally don’t have any other source of income, so when they need to remove a tenant for whatever reason, even when it is unlawful, landlords tend to become so malicious, and so vexatious as to ruin a tenants life. I promise you it’s not WWJD.

Bravest j-slur

@Saint_Augustine you’re my b-word


Too bad it'll take a few million years to die off, though. Nevertheless, a world without men is finally a possibility.

Pros of the Y chromosome disintegrating:

>No more moids

>Transphobes can't claim genetics define your gender

Can't wait!



@schizo deliberate

Donate now for no reward but the satisfaction of protecting Jewish lives.

@JollyMoon @Unbroken discuss

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Get that BREAD y'all by CritterDome

Playing with a null crotch.



The short of it is that the Japanese released some new cards without features that apparently were advertised, reworded descriptions of characters abilities into something that is much less powerful weeks after releasing it, long after the paypiggies have splurged their credit cards on them and some other stuff. This one's a bit of a slow-burner because the piggies have been emailing trying to get their money back or their character buffed and the Japs are taking the "Please understand" approach. There's a separate much smaller faction of cultists that are obsessed with defending the company at all costs which is pretty great.

In the past the company has given the Japanese playerbase massive compensation (pay piggy currency and refunds) for much smaller errors which adds another layer of cuckoldry to the people satisfied with the existing arrangement

Separate post with a list of issues. To be clear, is entirely about grammar :marseyemojirofl:

RDrama poweruser admits too grooming children

No sexualizing minors.

Will the admins remove an actual libertarian after handwringing about them for over a year?

Remember too donate for /h/olocaust too actually "take care" of this problem

trans lives matter