(Vent) @FrozenChosen was dogshowed :(

Brendon sounds like a jerk and honestly if this happened too @FrozenChosen I would kms but it’s funny how her two confidants are like “yeah not surprised” (lol) and tell her too lose weight and she’s like “nah”.

It also sounds like maybe she had been hitting on him hardcore but was oblivious too his dislike/disinterest.

How much hotter do you reckon Brendon is? I’m guessing it’s like Chad & an SJW type as she says she has a “strong aesthetic”.

Still not okay, but it’s dramatic so I’m posting.

Trans furry lives matter

Why do some people hate India so much? : bangladesh

They are kind of the biggest South Asian country with the most geo-political influence. Kind of like the big brother who is also a bully. We are also always getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes Teesta .

:marseymanlet: :m!arseybuff:


:marseybuff: :marseybattered:

a lot of indians think every bangladeshi is a hinduphobic half-fish half human border-crossing cattle smuggling religious extremist who loves pakistan over india. if u show this comment to one of those indian subreddits, the ppl wont see any problem w my statement

@whills what is the problem with that statement, I don't understand? :marseyconfused:

They spread lies against us in their media and keep giving unfair policies to us. Majority of Bangladeshis are also muslim, and you don't even need to be an extremist muslim to dislike a country that is demolishing muslim homes and mosques and sees muslims as some sort of national enemy. Half the Indians I met personally also behave like this and love Modi. One of them even told me that Bangladesh is occupying land that is rightfully India's since they "saved us from pakistan". I wasn't even having a political conversation with her. I'm sure there are many great Indians but many of them are literally brainwashed from BJP

Based sexy Indian dudea :marseyclapping:

Bhangidesh should be our testing ground for the final solution to the Paki question.

Some ultra toxic right wing nationalists view India as an aggressor that can create impact on our culture and economy.(which sounds vague though,culture literally evolves as man's material conditions evolve from time and it tries to integrate outsiders culture to modify itself, for the economy part they think that if an Indian guy investing his business in our country will make them think that we're occupied by them. Sounds retar*dedly dumb by them tbh)

Yes that's right we'll pozz your backward shithole culture and have you dancing bhangra in multi day weddings. Civilize your lot. :marseycool:

To keep it simple ask an average indian who is on there 20's and 30's about their pov of Bangladeshis, the answer will give you the vibe, As if you were a neighbour of someone, your neighbour tries to get benefits from you in every way while not giving any to you and then try to degrade you and control your family.

Such jilted lover vibes.


While I do acknowledge the support India has provided us in '71, we have to understand that the reason behind India's support was not solely for humanitarian purposes. dismembering India's arch-enemy Pakistan would serve India's interests, that was the main reason. And just because you supported us 50 years ago, this doesn't mean we'd be your loyal servants. You can't use something that happened 50 years ago to justify today's policies.

How about using the fact that we can atomically annihilate every last one of you and no one would care.


I think it's mostly jealousy. India is better than us in countless ways and they rip off bd on many things. I used to honestly hate India as a kid as well but now I left bd and I'm used to staying with international ppl all the time, so hatin n stuff chole gese


So even Bhangideshis can gain a bit of wisdom.

@whills I believe in you, you can do it too :platycheer:

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Real estate foids btfo

Most brutal takedown of TFB in a girl peepee infested industry I’ve seen all morning

:marseynotes: :marseyflagpakistan: Is Pakistan a failed state? : pakistan :marseymuslimitsover: :marseylaugh:

To give some background, I live outside of Pakistan and from the news here, it looks like Pakistan is about to fall apart. Once upon a time this was just Indian channels in their egoistic fever dream. But now every economic forum, news organization and country is saying the same thing. Organizations like Al Jazeera, CaspianReport, Bloomberg, Economic Times etc., all are saying Pakistan is about to collapse both in-terms of democracy ending (and martial law being declared) but also complete economic collapse.

:marseyjewofthesubcontinent: always win in the end sweaties.

How is it not




60 to 80 percent of our economy is unregulated, unregistered and a part of the gray and black economy. This means two things: we don't know how much flexibility we have or how much we can absorb before an actual economic collapse. The other thing is that undocumented economy is resilient in itself, as much of our economy is not formally incorporated or legally financially included this means that size of our true wealth is much greater and risk of default does not at all affect the informal sector. Having that said if the fuel prices continue to rise then there will be an actual crisis. Because that is the element that can actually do harm.

Yes Paki, oil is the only thing you import :marseysurejan: Large entities failing and government going into austerity will not affect informal workers in any way :marseylaugh:

We are in a tough situation but we are not on the same level as Somalia, at least not yet.


Ming Tea - "BBC" - YouTube
Pet Shop Boys - In The Night [Remix]
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:marseywave3: Leaving rdrama so it's time for a CALLOUT POST :marseyhomofascist:

I am either leaving or taking a giant break because I realized this website is not only pointless but barely even fun like other ones. It's better than reddit and 4cuck but that isn't saying much. :marseysipping:

Now onto the callouts!! :marseyropeyourself:

@Aevann Namelock and Flairlock, especially being so cheap, ruined the site for me. Any buttmad incel with 100000 points can continually harrass you this way for days on end. :marseydomesticabuse:

Carp (I cant be assed to keep up with whatever your handle is) you are a disappointment for running a site with, as the poll showed, majority userbase of straight males :marseydisagree:

Speaking of buttmad incels, I am actually convinced @Shreddedmanlet is a woman playing satire of a straight white male on rdrama, cause ive literally never met a male as insufferably unfunny and butthurt as him. :marseymoidmoment: Whats funny is I lost the password to @Soot so your gay alter ego is a permanent member of rdrama lol

@FrozenChosen should start up a blog with the amount of boring blogposts they think the userbase outside of 3 people care to see on their feed :marseylongpost:

@fluffygroyper im calling you out offsite if I ever see another marsey on the sharty. youre all right otherwise :marseysoy3:

@Transgender_spez's new legacy is spamming UHG pol threads with 'ru 'jaks and that's hilarious :marseylaugh:

@Kangkrazy has Like 4 alts and none of them are funny in the slightest. He may have legit autism doing that weird marsified donkey kong roleplay, at least I think its the crocodile from that game

I dont remember Ritalin Rx's handle but it is apt, as you need to take your meds and stay offline. big pickme energy too :marseymeds:

@snallyspastor or whatever your tag is, you should literally request to delete your account because you are an annoying unblockable simp. You're not even laughably sad like Manlet, just sad.

@PlsNope go back go reddit :marseyfoidretard:

Am I missing anyone? If I didn't list you here, you're probably all right. Or you've been under my radar. Please note that someone being listed here does not mean they're a notable poster, most are just annoying ones


bye now

Minecraft Curseforge mods compromised, see below

tldr minecraft mods have wirus on your computer now. see below on how to check etc. dont download mods.


which house genre is your fav?
this is cirno

cc @meso @BreadLover69 @Ukko



He fell for it!



Lotfi Hassan Misto, 56, whose family identified him as the victim of a Hellfire missile attack on May 3, was a former bricklayer who lived quietly in this town in northwest Syria, according to interviews with his brother, son and six others who knew him. They described a kind, hard-working man whose “whole life was spent poor.”

The operation was overseen by U.S. Central Command, which claimed hours after the strike, without citing evidence or naming a suspect, that the Predator drone strike had targeted a “senior Al Qaeda leader.” But now there is doubt inside the Pentagon about who was killed, two U.S. defense officials told The Washington Post.

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