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Shut up this is not true you know! Stop right there Liam is well mannered and he's a beautiful soul he won't think about it even in his wildest dreams did you get that?

liam payne publicly cheating on his fiancé is not what i expected to see at 11am monday morning but ok

liam payne could commit homicide and you’ll still see 14 year olds on this app go “omg noooo this is all just his management setting him up # freeliam he doesnt deserve this he’s just a baby🥺” and be dead serious

liam payne cheating on his fiancée and her finding out bc some fan thought it was her in that pic and tagged her in it oh it's bad

liam payne cheating and his fans going "omg this is pr" "this isn't real they're trying to set up cheater liam narrative" and blaming maya for attention y'all really exposing yourselves rn

i’m watching liam payne cheat on his child fiancée in real time this is such unbiblical information for 10:30AM

Liam Payne's fiancée finding out her man is cheating on her through fan accounts is just so nasty I feel so bad for her.... and the fact that she's 7 years younger than him and he started dating her when she was 17 💀 that man is going straight to hell......

A man cheating on a woman will NEVER be justifiable. Liam payne fans need to shut the fuck up.

My heart hurts for Liam. He needs a new team. He needs to surround himself w/loved ones. He needs to stop these clubs & bday party performances. His insta posts are odd. He’s def not sober. And I don’t know who the hell this chick is, but I will protect him at all costs.

Zayn's image has been damaged year ago and now they're ruining liam's image as well. I literally feel bad for liam, he needs a good surrounding, people and nature. Stop hating on that guy please. #Freeliam

You're the cure.

You're life.

You're home.

You're the light.

I stand with Liam



No matter what are you doing or what happening !

I love you whole life:)ᥫ᭡

#freeliampayne #FreeLiam #ISTANDWITHLIAM

You are the strongest person I know

So please, stay strong

everything is going to be alright

we love you

#freeliampayne #freeliam #respectliam

"back to the cupboard" there is absolutely NO OTHER meaning to that caption. This man is being shoved so far into the "cupboard" aka the closet and it's not okay #freeliam

Yes this!

Regardless if you believe in ziam or not, Maya is a stunt!

She literally made fun of Liam’s mental health!


If the world is against him, we are against the world.

I stand with Liam

#FreeLiam #respectLiam

I have gotten 3 foids fired in 1 month.

They gossip to me about the corpos and I rat them out.

Somehow they have not figured out it's me, and gossip to tons of people.

One culture shutoff for another culture not for me

Superior culture 💪

They harassed me and call me slurs, and I was simply just walking in the streets as a transwoman. What did I ever do to deserve the hate?

Thank you. They are largely homophobic and transphobic but we were supposed to be toleraqnt of their intolerance.

Morons literally called me ‘racist’ when I cited the Quran when criticising how homophobic Islam is. And people attacked me when I complained about the instances Muslim men called me slurs for minding my own business while being a transwoman. How am I supposed to tolerate hate?

This should also be on religious fruitcake. I would never want to impose or be a reason of ruining some one celebration. Though, in this case all teammates seem to spontaneously agree, nice to see.

I dont like it. Dont like the idea of people having to comply with people who choose to believe in various stupid ideas involving an imaginary friend. Its your choice to believe or not to. Do what your religion tells you to do, completely your right to do so. Dont force people around you to follow your stupid rules. As an atheist myself, I live in a neighborhood with quite some orthodox jewish families, They came to me few times complaining about me bbqing on Saturday and playing music (adequately loud), also tried to call the police on me once. Fuck em

Realigion truly is a mental illness.

Why do I never see a Muslim respecting someone else's religious beliefs?

You should never have to alter your behavior to cater to anyone's superstitions.

Why respect a culture that doesnt respect me? Western society has gotten so impotent and pathetic

Pretty suprising amount of hate in this thread. Shame on you all, they just want to include their friend and teammate in a pic for a few minutes, nobody is oppressing anybody.

What hate? People defend Muslims all the time, and my account was reported and banned when I complained about a Muslim man harassing me and calling me slurs for being a transwoman. When will you people ever address how hateful Muslims are?

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Enjoy it while it lasts boys n girls

kek that 152 IQ ass didn’t scrubbed the channel fast enough 💅🏾


This is how the bears win.

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Ladies, is this you?
Tv is reality!

You can’t stop me . I can’t stop me.

Another dispatch from Davos for the plebs.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

girl dump man

I tattoo my name on your face!


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The fanfics I made into bardfinn stories

Do you remember the bardfinn stories I used to post that everyone hated or ignored? You don’t? Because I am an unappreciated genius and a god amongst men? Well you should. They were really funny. I eventually got bored of writing them and just started sporking terrible fanfiction and replacing the names.

Here a tentacle monster fucks lightning mcqueen. When I rewrote it it was Bardfinn and the guy who downvoted me the most

In this one I replaced Garfield with Master Lawlz and the entire royal family with bardfinn

I just couldn’t get this one to work.

Also I hate disquis

Ze vurd from Klaus for ze peasants.

Makes shills shiver in their socks and sandals.

:!marseydisabled::chudsey: is being investigated by feds
Rightoid Detained By WEF Police
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Needs pyramid thread. Post and r8
go nowhere in 2 weeks

:marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam::marseyjam: amazing i think

(developing drama) tankies mad


contribute to the marsey archive project!

Now watch this drive.