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Getogeto banned me


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I gave myself unban award and now he is making fun of me

He does have a point tho


Orange site:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) said that the Intelligence Advanced Projects Activity (IARPA) is working on a program to unmask anonymous writers by using AI to analyze their writing style which is seen as potentially being as unique as a fingerprint.

“Humans and machines produce vast amounts of text content every day. Text contains linguistic features that can reveal author identity,” IARPA said.

If successful, IARPA believes the Human Interpretable Attribution of Text Using Underlying Structure (HIATUS) program could identify a writer’s style from different samples and modify those patterns to further anonymize the writing.

“We have a strong chance of meeting our goals, delivering much-needed capabilities to the Intelligence Community, and substantially expanding our understanding of variation in human language using the latest advances in computational linguistics and deep learning,” said HIATUS program manager Dr. Timothy McKinnon.

IARPA said that it will also develop explainability standards for the program’s AIs.

ODNI said HIATUS could have multiple applications, including combating foreign influence activities, protecting writers whose work may put a target on their backs, and identifying risks to counterintelligence. And according to McKinnon, the program can identify if text was generated by a machine or written by a human being.

But it is not IARPA’s work to turn HIATUS into something usable. The agency’s work is only to develop the technology.

Has anyone eaten pusy. Is it good? :derpthinking:


I aspire to be a NEET btw
Egg tacos with salsa verde
Grilled cheese & tomato soup
Foids mad about boomer meme


This is so fucking old oh my god. I remember seeing this in 2012 on iFunny, get some new material you dirty fucking cretins

The one good thing this meme did was to make me understand how long it has been since I've heard one of those stale af sandwich jokes. Took me a moment to catch it. Lets just say it's a good indicator that I am at a better place at life and have people around me that are actually funny

Yeah sexism is so funny , I bet you’ll try racism next!

It's not offensive, it just doesn't belong on this subreddit. If you look closely, the title of the sub is /r/funnymemes and this lacks the funny

As a woman who actually works in architecture, I’m so sick of this shit. We are still a minority in this field and the ones of us that are employed are vastly underpaid compared to our male counterparts.

I literally don’t either. Is it that women are so dumb they can’t put together a sandwich without instructions? But like making sandwiches is the one thing women stereotypically do? I feel like this is weird given the classic idea that men are always asking for sandwiches, which would imply that they don’t know how to make one.Maybe it’s that women overcomplicate simple things? Or that the only thing a woman should be constructing is a sandwich?Maybe that’s it! The only thing a woman should be constructing is a sandwich!

These kinds of jokes may seem harmless, but they normalize the kind of bigotry that actually can do harm. On top of that it’s unfunny and unoriginal.

This isn't funny.Speaking as a man, "women making sandwiches" jokes are the definitive calling card of an unfunny guy. It's been done to death and it was never really particularly funny in the first place.

And many more

I’m nearly caught up now and I actually don’t mind the new show at all.


Most of the criticism seems to be from ADHDcels who have no patience.

This is way better than that awful Hobbit series. The main elf lady might be overcompensating - thinking being a cunt to people is how you act tough and ‘strong’, the way weak people always do. But the human dude she’s with is not bad.


The way every white male has an ugly black wife is really strange. Usually they always make every minority character have a minority wife’s but they are doubling down on race mixing here and ignoring any obvious implications like the way the kids or grandparents look.


But otherwise it’s been entertaining, it’s really not bad

Beavis and Butthead Use Discord

Another win for non-commisioned chads




:marseyglow: U.S. has much to gain from Nord Stream damage, Russia says at U.N. :marseyrussiaglow:


:marseysaluteusa: Murica temporarily denies Ukkkraine :marseyazov: NATO membership: Ukraine’s NATO bid Ukraine’s NATO bid ‘should be taken up at a different time’ :!marseyusa:

Redditors actually decide to support this and be very reasonable. Very rare from redditors and dramaphobic :marseydepressed:


111 :'(

:marseycry: :marseyitsover:

Make a new thread! Don't just reply to this post. I know my stove is dirty, I just made mashed potatoes.

Cobra Man - We Got It Goin' On
Smokey Roasted freshly captured Gorilla (family size bite)

i just need excuses to repost this

blame roxy for giving me the permission

[rDrama Fact Check:marseydetective:] Is Kiwi farms a libertarian website? :marseykiwimom::marseythinkorino::marseypedo: Twitter :marseybluecheck: furries :marseyfursonatext: discuss.


The notorious hate site Kiwi Farms is populated by libertarianphiles who use it to distribute CP

if you do some digging, it's easy to find out that a previous host dropped kiwifarms because they hosted child porn. here's the email exchange.

i know, the site that libertarian-jacketed every queer person they could find is run and populated by libertarians? big shocker.


" :marseyrobot: :marseyflagfrance:Uh Josh we got a report that there was a CP image on your site so we are dropping it."

" :marseynull: Kiwi Farms doesnt allow the uploading of CP can you tell me the link so I can janny it as its most likely a troll"

" :marseyrobot: :marseyflagfrance: No you are terminated"

" :marseyfurry: Wow look the chuds are the real libertarians now lets go back to looking at feral cub and sending porn to minors"

A little drama in the replies (they have been locked so not too much)

joshua moon aka null, the head honcho of the libertarian nazi gang-stalker site, has a history of violent libertarianphilic urges. here he's harassing a then 17 year old girl with his plans.

gang stalking

Interesting how the stalking could be stopped by just not posting every detail of your life online :marseysipping:

Tho not every user is buying it

If you have evidence of this alleged crime beyond anonymous unverified complaints emailed to Gandi, which by their own admission they acted on without verifying, you should forward it to the police instead of crying on Twitter.


:marseysoypoint: "Look I posted the funny twitter screenshot argument DEBOONKED"

this is not surprising when you consider it's populated by 4chan users. i figured everyone with any sense was already under this assumption lol

Internet users slapfighting over which site has libertarians when they all do :marseynoyoufellowpedo:

The only valid critique here is about Josh's failed 16 chan which had the rule

3. Contain libertarianphilia.

Pedophilia must be contained within boards exclusively about child fetishism.

Boards about libertarianphilia must be text-only. No images.

Threads about children, especially ones with photos, would violate this rule. This includes, but is not limited to: Threads for posting pictures of prepubescent children in any context, pictures of prepubescent or very young children that are obviously meant to arouse libertarianphiles, and threads that obsess over children (like, a TV board thread about child actors).

Pedophilia is a blight that ruins venues for free speech. Fredrick made a mistake by tolerating it. I will not do the same.

This does not extend to drawn images, unless drawn in the likeness of a real child (as per US federal law).


Compare this to the simple chad rDrama libertarian rule

No sexualizing minors even as a “joke”.

:#marseywoodchipper2: :!#marseygigachad:

This Claim is Mostly False !

While Joshua Conner Moon :marseynull: does have a sus :marseysus:history there is no evidence the users of Kiwi Farms :marseykiwi: ever massively condoned libertarianphilia nor that the site was ever used by the majority of its userbase used the site to distribute CP. If was it would have most likely already have been shut down by the feds :marseyglow: as the FBI has previously stepped in to address fed posting on the site :marseyglow2:.

Reported by:

:marseywagie:McDonald's cuts to the chase :marseyfunko:
Quora drama via reddit account on twitter. Confused? You should be.
Nachos from last night