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where my dissociation chads at??

John Kelly, by far the dumbest of my Military people, just picked up the theme of the Radical Left's lying about Gold Star Families and Soldiers, in his hatred of me. He was incapable of doing a good job, it was too much for him, and I couldn't stand the guy, so I fired him like a “dog.” He had no heart or respect for people, so I hit him hard—Made no difference to me. He's already on record defending me all over the place. Nobody loves the Military like I do! Now he finally speaks back by making up fake stories, or confirming the made up stories of the Dems and Radical Left…

…He's a Lowlife with a very small brain and a very big mouth. Interestingly, before firing him, his wife, who suffered a lot, told me he would never speak badly about “President Trump.” Wrong! Did he totally lie about another Lowlife, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson? Let them fight that one out themselves. Numerous people are angry and upset because they know they will never be in a new Trump Administration, but only for one reason, they're not nearly good enough. Kelly would be among those at the top of the list!

The whole thread is dramatic so just read it.

fetch inkpunk AI marseys

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964588633472023.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964588635552294.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964588637347412.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964588638754327.webp

Is the technology lying or my husband? : loveafterporn

When I sign into YouTube on the TV, it shows multiple inappropriate 'shorts' in the history, these have a red line across the bottom of the screen which indicate that the video was fully watched.

There are also other videos that only have the red line for part of the screen which indicates that the video was partially watched - this shows to me that the history feature is working correctly, right ?

Our latest d-day was two weeks ago, and I've just found these videos from the last couple of days. (It's the same sort of content he used over the past two years and multiple d days). My husband swears that he has no idea where these videos have come from and said he hasn't watched them. I told him how could YouTube history be wrong, but my husband who has repeatedly lied to me about this, be somehow telling the truth?

What's confusing me is he is swearing on our holy book and God (he is extremely religious, I can't believe he would lie like that), he's even said 'if I'm lying then God change my religion', which is extremely drastic and he's never said this kind of stuff on previous d-days.. I didn't tell him to swear by God or anything he's just said it all himself..

I'm so confused. Could YouTube be wrong? He's admitted that he saw one of the videos briefly while scrolling YouTube shorts but skipped it immediately. On the history it shows fully watched. He's denying all knowledge of the other videos.

Could it be some weird YouTube feature and my husband is actually telling the truth and coincidentally the history is accurate for other videos but not for these . Feel like I'm going mad.

Not a great post but I was thinking about how lucky I am to have the correct genes (no balding in my fam, we don't do that) but was also wondering how redditors deal with this.

What's their deal with goatees lmao ALSO GIVE COIN

incels.is is a criminally untapped vein of content.

It's time to settle the score: std::string, std::string + boost, or char*/char[] arrays?

!codecels discuss and tell me if I'm being irrational with my boomer bosses for preferring some kind of library or framework instead of old-style char* shit

On this particular system performance of specifying the memory footprint or not of the strings is not an issue


AITAH for wanting to divorce my husband over kids?

Good morning!

You think your life is hard? My old lady :marseyboomer: is a manul!

Manul women amirite?

Peak incel IQ
LADS :pepedrum::pepedrum::marseynorf::!pepedrum::!pepedrum:

@i_only_downvote_bad_posts get in here!

Where do you want your statue Big Dan Burn?


Where do you want your statue Sean Longstaff?


Miggy > Mbappe




I love the gold pics.

:marseytrad: :marseynoooticer:

Seriously, you guys are a mess.


New :marseycwc: lore dropped!
“This You?” Twitter remains undefeated vs dumb foids
Biz Markie - Just A Friend (Official Video) - YouTube


Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite, launched exactly 66 years ago today :marseycomrade:

The only way this is acceptable is if he encouraged murdering gays or something like that

No , he had a wrong opinion. That should be enough. Im serious btw.


ummm sweatie you forgot the /s


So he went to prison for calling someone a fat lesbian, I though Switzerland was better than this.

Homophobic and racist people shouldn't be imprisoned, not even fined, this is insanity, they didn't commit any crimes

He was convicted of discrimination and inciting hatred on the basis of sexual orientation (art. 261bis CP). He did commit a crime and therefore he was sentenced on that basis.


"Homophobic and racist people shouldn't be imprisoned"

/r/europe moment


French guy here, Alain Soral had this coming from a long time. He's a notorious racist, misogynist, antisemite and Holocaust denier essayist, and has already been trialed several times in France. He went to Switzerland most likely to escape justice. He isn't even smart enough to ally himself with the French far-right, and has gotten into physical fights with other French white supremacists because they weren't antisemite enough for him.

He's a asshole who honestly deserves every bad thing happening to him, and this is just his latest fait d'armes, don't get tricked into thinking he's just an innocent victim.

>has gotten into physical fights with other French white supremacists because they weren't antisemite enough for him.

absolute state of chuds :#chadjewrentfree:

Has he hurt someone? Or planned to do so? If yes, he should be punished for that. Not for saying rude words.

Incitement to hatred and hate speech are punished by law. This isn't the US.

calling someone a fat lesbian is incitement to hatred :#marseyretard3:

It's Nazi, not essayist…


A ‘Nazi' or a Nazi can be an essayist, those are not conflicting so the comment makes no sense at all

Far right means Nazi in my book…no exceptions, mate

this has to be some sort of bot, right? :#marseysnappybiden:

Sorry guys, lots of you seem to be missing the point or the context. Soral has been, for, let's say, 15 years, one of the far right figures, in France, with a long story of conspiracies theories, racial slurs, homophobic and antisemtic remarks and so on and so on. He's been on many trials in these 15 years, and went from France to Swiss hoping for a more convenient justice system.

The judgment not only sanctions the remarks he made about this person, but a looooong story of neonazi history ( he claims himself a national socialist)

Imo that's why judgement was what it was.

This is reddit, it's easier to read the rage-bait, intentionally inflammatory title of an article and get upset about it and blame gay people for the Fall Of Western Civilization™ than read the ACTUAL article and realize nazism has to be nipped in the bud.

leftoids really say this and then wonder how the rightoids gain more votes

anyway :#marseygrilling2:

As well as sending peepee pics to a minor girl.

:#marseywoodchipper2: in that case

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