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Sure you do sweaty









She got cucked by someone uglier than her?


It never even began bb


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Indian-AmeriKKKan male here - just came back from a 3 week trip to the Midwest (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana).

It's safe to say after this trip - my gratitude for being in California has increased 100X (I grew up here so always took it for granted).

To be honest I'm a little surprised - I've heard great things about the Midwest on Reddit but after now having traveled all over the country, it's definitely my least favorite part. Just way too homogenous, very average food, terrible weather (I wanted to kill myself after being stuck outside since my friend forgot the keys), overemphasis on football and beer, and the mind boggling amounts of obesity (the scooter in Walmart meme is real).

But really the worst bit of it is this grating, palpable sense of being a minority - this feeling that your experience and identity is "alien" to the fabric of the area - and that nobody cares (if you're not in the "Christian, football, beer" bubble it feels like your experience has limited value). What this means is if you don't enjoy those things then it's unlikely you'll connect with people since these are the prized cultural traditions by which people bond. Haven't even felt this way in the South (Georgia mostly).

The strangest thing is also interacting with minorities who are from there too (mostly Indian / Asian folks) who've basically become accustomed to feeling like second class citizens - one Asian woman I met there basically told me she only dates White people so that she and her children can feel more "accepted".

Yes there are nice people there and I've met very friendly, normal polite folks there who've been hospitable but overall the ethos of the area just felt very strange to me.

But yeah - I'm extremely glad to be back home.

EDIT: I wanted to note that homogeneity / insularity is the biggest issue - it's not really about a particular group of people.

The top comments, as you've probably correctly guessed, are about food.

The food thing is real. We are so spoiled to just have access to good everything.


I'm a Chinese guy in Upstate New York, and sometimes I walk into a place and immediately feel the need to let out a "hey, how's it goin" just so they can hear that I'm not a for'ner

I've lived Upstate for several years, never once felt the need to turn myself into a caricature. I don't know what this chigga is talking about.

This is a less-talked about reason housing is so expensive in Bay Area, LA, NYC, etc. Lot of immigrants and minorities completely rule out moving anywhere else due to reasons you mentioned

It's because that's where most jobs are, the reason why most immigrants come to the country in the first place.

Privileged white male here. I grew up in the Midwest. I'm not a football watching or beer swilling dude. Though I know enough to play the part.


A few people calling out his nonsense in controversial https://old.reddit.com/r/bayarea/comments/16z7dtp/i_am_grateful_to_be_in_california?sort=controversial

So what did the Midwest do to actually hurt you? So much of this is projection. You assumed Midwestern people don't care about you. How many football loving people did you interact with that actually gave you a bad time because you didn't share the same interest? Being in diverse places means accepting of other ways of life and lifestyles different than your own. But when you encounter people actually different from you, you feel as if they're beneath you if they shop at Walmart and obese or like football and "bland" food. Seems like you're the one judging here.

Honestly you come across as a really ungreatful person.

How would you feel if a midwesterner went to India and came back and said something like

"India sucked....just way too homogenous with Indians. Terrible Indian food everywhere. Everyone talking about cricket all the time. Everyone drinks chai all the time. I wanted to kill myself"

Do you feel that this opinion is justified? No right? Then how is it ok when you do it.

Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have Scorcese's cultural cache and Barbie/Oppenheimer don't have Marvels reputation in order for this to work :marseyshrug:.. So she gets almost universally shat on with very few people defending.

Some reactions to her statement:.

God I wish I could agree with her because she's such an awful filmmaker.

Everything is part of a marketing machine. Go to see the Mona Lisa and see the machine at work. Art can still be art despite a wide appeal. Wtf are we talking about?

I think she feels this way because none of her films could reach the success of Barbie or Oppenheimer

I don't understand how this one is relevant but I thought I post it nonetheless :marseyconfused:.

I think David Foster Wallace would off himself again

Oppenheimer? Is the estate using the film to market their new line of Oppenheimer toys?


As a lifelong cinephile, I had much more satisfying experiences with both Barbie and Oppenheimer, than I've had with any of Reichardt's movies, which move along at a numbing glacial pace, and are the movie equivalent of eating Grape Nuts cereal with sour buttermilk and no sugar.

Kelly's last movie Showing Up took reality and made it duller. No artist in Portland is as boring as she presented them. I think she worries the standard set by Barbenheimer is that audiences will expect to be entertained and informed by people who made an effort.

I thought this one was pretty funny :marseylaugh:.

"Chef who makes boiled potatoes for a living complains about McDonald's making the hospitality industry hard."

Like, I'm sorry, if you wanna make Meek's Cutoff, more power to you, but people wanting to go see movies where things actually happen, that's not a bad sign for cinema as a medium.


Pop art and high art have co-existed since antiquity. The only time you hear these complaints is when someone makes something good and popular, and the high-on-their-own-farts crowd can't handle it.

Her statement is short, vague, and filled with implication without a point. Just like her movies!

Now, I haven't watched Barbie but I do think you can get away with calling it a glorified toy commercial no matter how much social commentary it tries to push in. Bunching Oppenheimer with it was in my opinion a mistake. You can argue whether it is good art or bad art but films like that are better representatives of cinema as an artform than the mumblecore :marseysleep: nonsense that Reichardt makes :marseyshrug:.

Edit: /r/Oscarrace and /r/flicks discussion on the matter



This is the space for women in tech

Women in tech is oxymoron if you didn't got the joke


Social justice advocate Ryan Carson is stabbed to death in Brooklyn

New York Post Article

lot of great quotes in there

>"a big-hearted activist and talented poet"

literally got stabbed in the heart lol and also :marseysurejan:

>"An unknown woman then appears near the corner of the frame, yelling, “Don't hurt him!” at the crazed man"


>"The video cuts off as the girlfriend kneels over her loved one's body"

she, at a distance, asks a man on the ground stabbed 3 times bleeding out if he's okay lmao

>"The horrific attack happened at Lafayette Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard, just blocks from the Bedford-Nostrand avenues train station"

I'm not familiar with hustle and bustle capital but that does not sound like a place I would ever want to be especially at 4am

>"No arrests had been made in the heinous crime by Tuesday afternoon, but a “Wanted” poster circulated showing a close-up of the suspect wearing a black “Champion” sweatshirt."

yea I'm sure the best people are on it

>“[The suspect] is the least important part of this conversation,” the roomie added. “I have no feelings of vengeance and I don't think that's healthy. I'm not angry about that.”

I can see why these guys were friends. nothing will be learned from this'



If you're unable to lift your wife over your head when you first meet her, you're either too weak or she is too heavy

bipocs meet a cute and valid transgirl (wholesome!)
Active shooter(s) at Morgan State University allegedly firing into a crowd from dorm window





Going to sleep so only the easiest links

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  • BG : good post

:marseypoonerretard: I'll make a Google doc just full of the bro code, and I'll send the link to you once I've got it filled out lol. And thanks, feels good to be in the club. It's pretty fetch lol

:marseychud: 17 year old girl writing "bro code" sourced from reddit thinking anyone will benefit. Hook me up with some of that misplaced confidence instead.


:chudsmug: Don't include trans people is definitely on the list

:marseypoonerretard: Huh?

:chudspin: The bro code doesn't apply to imposters

She was malding about the transphobic comments : Recently, I made a post on casual conversation (some of you mightve seen it, depending on how far it's spread) I'm honestly thinking of deleting it at this point. It was so nice and wholesome to begin with, but now all that's going on, are the transphobic comments trickling in

Some biofoid (not the pooner) gets uppity about DIRTY, CHEATING, NO-GOOD MOIDS:

:marseychonkerfoid: You know, most of us women really wish you wouldn't learn the bro code that involves ducking responsibility, enabling toxic behavior, upholding the patriarchy and patronizing women. If there is an bro code left after that, enjoy.

:marseypooner: I was once a woman, so I would never douche on one. The Bro Code I'm referring to is the curtesy one. I've already gotten the comment about me being sexist for preferring he/him pronouns, and I really don't like it. I'm all for equality, and woman having the same rights as men. It just so happens that I was always distant with she/her pronouns used for me, and prefer different ones. I'm not trying to be sexist or toxic towards woman. I've got best friends who are female, some who are male, some who are non-binary, some who are genderfluid, etc.

Most of the bro code is just: "treat the bros nicely", "don't take the urinal right next to someone", "if your homie is sad, make sure he knows everything's gonna be ok".... its literally just "Treat people how you wanna be treated" but with extra "rules" and most of its a joke.

:marseychonkerfoid: First of all, I have no tolerance for telling people what names or pronouns they should use. They should use the ones they want to use. So, that wasn't the nature of my comment.

I was addressing the bro code that won't tell a woman she is being cheated on or that makes excuses for bad behavior. I have heard that used as "bro code" and to the extent that is learned behavior, I would hope it is not passed on.

I'm all for treating others like you want to be treated. I think that applies to everyone. I hope we have more of that for all of us. Bonus, few complicated rules to learn!

:marseypooner: The world is a messed up place, and I've seen that time and time again. Sure, it's natural to assume someone is messed up and wants to learn how to be a douche, but it's not always the case. As I've said in another reply, I was originally seeing what everyone would say when asked what the bro code to em was. Most of them in this post are actually quite nice and fair. None of em step into the "haha cheat on woman lol" side. Honestly, quite the opposite. I might see about writing a bro code book (bro can be used for all genders imo), and use useful and kind codes that can genuinely help everyone out.

Also, apologies for jumping to the conclusion before. Again, ive been called sexist and stuff for just preferring pronouns different to my assigned gender, and was tired of things as such. Some people just suckkkkk

:marseychonkerfoidpuke: I would love to see a positive bro code book. It would be nice to reclaim that name.

A quick Google search tells me that I'm not crazy with what I originally interpreted it to mean. I love the idea of it being redefined

:marseypoonerretard: I'm busy writing it on a google doc now lol. I'll obviously add some meme rules (as I'm one of those dudes who can't help but add jokes), but there will be no "I'm an alpha male who thinks wamens are objects" kinda thing. Only the joke of "alpha males treat everyone nicely, as that establishes their dominance" lol. If you watch The Click, you'll understand the type of joke lol

:#autism: vs. :#!marseyradfem:

:malefeminist: Find a chill older dude to mentor you. To steal a scene from an old movie: the Code is more of a list of suggestions than an actual Code. It is fluid and situational. The big secret is that we're all kinda improvising all the time anyway.

:marseypoonerretard: Fair lol. Sometimes improvising is the best thing to do lol. And I'll try find someone like that to mentor me lol

She was already molested, buddy! Stay away little dooder

Why I don't believe female dog bite victims

I'll admit it - I don't like dogs. They're dangerous, loud, dirty, and they have no place in residential areas. Nevertheless, it is evident that many members of society, particularly women, are exceptionally fond of these creatures. The perception that woman love dogs disproportionately isn't imagined, and it's worth noting that it's a new trend. Many millennial women have opted to have dogs over children, and sometimes even husbands!

>72% of childless millennial women explicitly state that they prefer the company of their pet over the company of children.

>69% of millennial women who have chosen not to become a mother say that having a pet is easier than having a child.

>70% of the women who have chosen not to have children view their dog or marsey as their child.


This is all good news for dogs. They're being invited into some of the most affluent homes in the world, and they are being pampered beyond belief. All that money that would have went to paying for a child's tuition, clothes, and other essentials is now spent caring for a canine.

>Sixty percent of pet owners are female, 75% have a household net worth greater than $220,000, and 77% are 50 years of age or older


With this information in mind, you would expect to see women have great relationships with dogs, and for dogs to appreciate their time with women. That is not what we're seeing. Instead, we are witnessing an increasing number of dog attacks on women specifically.

>In general, men are more likely to be bitten and delivery workers are a common victim. Dog attacks on middle-aged women are increasing the fastest

What could possibly mansplain this trend? Well, I have a theory. It is a drastic one, but I believe I have sufficient evidence to prove it. Warning, it does contain rather vile elements, but these are aspects of reality we cannot ignore. Please, feel free to debunk me where you find flaws, but I am certain there are few.

What causes dogs to bite?

So why do dogs bite? Well, a few reasons. Let's start with the least violent reasons. Dogs use their teeth to manipulate objects in the environment. This is typically known as a "soft bite" and it may be used to pick up a pup, for example. The soft bite is also used by hunters to retrieve fowl.

Some dogs have been bred to have a strong bite instinct to use when herding. This is especially useful when dealing with stubborn breeds of cattle that don't respond to the usual intimidation tactics from dogs. These small bites are known as "nips", and sometimes dogs will "nip" children in an attempt to hard them.

Dogs also bite as a form of communication. You see, dogs don't have words, but they do have barks and growls. Biting can be an extension of that. If a growl doesn't deter an unwanted threat, a bite is meant to get the job done.

Lastly, dogs bite to destroy. Like us, dogs can be angry, vengeful, and scared. In such situations, they may seek to destroy whatever is causing them upset. To do this, they maul. It is actually very rare for dogs to maul. Firstly, many dogs don't have the mauling instinct. They simply bite and release. Secondly, when dogs attack, they are typically scared. They don't want to spend more time near you than necessary. Mauling puts them close to their attacker, which is dangerous. Lastly, dogs are typically naive regarding humans, as we have bred them that way. There is very little benefit to biting a humans for a dog, unless they are defending themselves. This is not to say that dogs never bite for no reason. Of course not. However, they almost never maul for no reason.


Quite frankly, I don't consider pitbulls to be domesticated dogs. They're feral animals. There's nothing domesticated about a pitbull. For normal dogs, mauling for no reason is exceptionally rare (usually such instances are due to old dogs suffering from dementia).

So what's my theory? It is simple: Many cases of dog bites involving women are instances of self defence. The dogs weren't attacking. They were defending themselves from women. I will take things a step further, and I know this is where I will lose most of you. The dogs are typically defending themselves from sexual assault or rap. No, I'm not joking in the slightest. I'm aware of the seriousness of my statements. I express them publicly because of the conclusions I have drawn.


A Case Study

Jacqueline Durand was a 22 year old girl who loved dogs, was in the University of Texas, had a boyfriend, and would dog walk in her free time. She was hired to walk the dogs of Dr Bishop and his wife Ashley. It was two dogs, one a German Shepherd and the other a Boxer (according to some reports it was a Boxer and Pitbull mix, though this hasn't been confirmed). What's important to note here is that Jacqueline had met the dogs prior, and even she admits they were sweet and showed no signs of aggression.

On 21 December 2022, she arrived at the house where she was to meet the dogs. According to Jacqueline, as soon as she opened the door, it triggered the alarm, causing the dogs to attack her for over an hour. During the attack, she sustained over a hundred bits and lost love 30% of her blood. She was terribly disfigured, and she will be facing for the next two years, as she stated in an interview earlier this year.

There are a few points I'd like to highlight. If they attacked her at the door, why was the main location of the mauling at the beds of the dogs? So did they drag her from the door to the living room because they wanted somewhere private and secluded to ensue the mauling? I struggle to understand why dogs would want to drag someone into the home. Dogs are territorial. If anything, they'd be trying to get her out of the house.


Secondly, she was found completely naked. COMPLETELY. You can see a snippet of the bodycam footage here, but be warned that it is extremely graphic.

How do dogs take off clothes? They haven't any hands. Are we supposed to believe that dogs took off her clothes? Everything, including bra and panties?! Here's my big question: for the facial reconstruction surgery, they took skin from her buttocks. How did the dogs take off her underwear without ripping the skin off her buttocks as well? So they were vicious enough to rip off her underwear but delicate enough to leave the skin of her buttocks intact to the point where it could be used for grafting. Bullshit. Yes, it should be clear what I am implying - she entered the house of her own according, found the dogs alone as she was anticipating, and proceeded to remove her own clothing.

These dogs were in the home of a doctor, who lived with a child, and none of them had ever been victimized by the dogs. Why did they then, out of the blue, decide to chew on a human being for the next hour? Something triggered them. I put it to you that these dogs were provoked, and you know how.

Since then, she has tried to press charges on the Bishop family. The only evidence that the dogs showed any kind of aggression prior was a sign warning visitors not to press the doorbell or else it'll get the dogs going. Nothing at all abnormal about dogs reacting to the doorbell. Plenty of dogs go nuts when the doorbell rings, including friendly dogs anticipating visitors.

The clothing is the most darning piece of evidence for me. The second most darning evidence is the fact that Jacqueline still loves dogs. She still owns dogs (large ones of course), and she wants to work with dogs. This isn't a normal love of dogs. There is something else going on here, a deep attraction to these beasts that goes beyond anything rational. I will not overlook the fact that one of the worst dog attack victims in recent memory still can't keep her hands off dogs. That's not quirky, that's paraphilia.



Think about how many dogs have been put down following a dog attack. Oftentimes, we don't know what happened and the only people around to give an account are the victims and any potential survivors. Do you think we know the whole story? So many cases of mothers home with children who claim the dog suddenly snapped and ate the kids. We've been so quick to assume that the animals were acting wild. Never have we asked whether the dogs were the victims.

Self-defence is not a crime, especially against unwanted sexual contact. Next time you hear about a woman who was alone and suddenly got attacked by dogs, think twice.


Jannies have been sneeding recently because apparently reddit now notifies users when their comments are blocked by automod?

Users continue to get a "Removed by moderators" prompt, even for comments that are filtered and awaiting review

Hecko, this is a BIG problem for the subreddit I help mod, and I assume it's an even bigger problem for the default subs that are constantly inundated by scammers and racist/sexist/homophobic trolls.

Users no longer need to be logged off from their accounts to see that a comment has been removed. This is a significant change in policy that I don't see announced anywhere? An admin replied to the last post about this, but never confirmed (1) the reasoning behind the change, or (2) if they are working on fixing it.

We continue to receive regular communication from exasperated and sometimes angry community members. The trolls don't even bother communicating, they just remake their comment until it gets through.


https://i.imgur.com/jSS2fvr.jpg https://i.imgur.com/FOtfgGW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XWDZsIW.jpg

Past threads on this topic:



Could admiggers finally have realized that allowing your jannies to secretly remove half of all comments might affect the value of reddit since it stops casual r-slurs from continue arguing? Or it's just some bug idk lmao.

Noooo it's my human right to remove thousands of comments a day :carpjannie2::soysnooseethe::pepejannie::rdramajanny::carpsurftheweb::carpban:

Jannies of course are framing this is as a fight against racism, homophobia, transphobia, nazism, as they do. The countless number of r-slurs and boomers who attempt to use reddit for the first time, but quit after never getting a single reply due to automod can get fricked I guess (this but unironically).

Lost my virginity to a dildo. I feel empowered.

Warning: TMI and oversharing.

Men scare me. Their lust terrifies me. I'm seriously not sure if I can ever see my self trusting a man or deeming him worthy enough of my virginity or body. At the same time, I know I have a crazy high libido. It's a conundrum. So for the first time in my life, I used a dildo. Prior, to this I've never inserted anything up there, (apart from tampons). It was VERY uncomfortable at first but after that fine. No blood though. It felt so great being in control and not having to emotionally depend on a man. It also gave me lots of confidence and reassurance that I am capable.

I know deep down this doesn't count as losing my virginity. I so wish it did and might convince myself it does. It upsets me that I still have that to give that “first” to a real man.

Anyone else experienced anything similar or have any advice to get over this hurdle?

Edit: Thanks for the support everyone! Seeing a lot of comments saying that “virginity is a construct” and that I need to let this whole idea go. Trust me, I know and I am REALLY want to. However, for context, I grew up in an ultra Christian household that drilled purity culture into me since I was 5 years old. So unfortunately, it's a very complicated and distressing narrative to unpack. It doesn't help I have been disappointed by men my entire dating life so emotionally I think I would break if the experience was bad and I was regretful.

Hecko, I am currently writing a story focused on reincarnation. My main characters have the ability to be reincarnated with their memories intact as babies and then continue to develop normally (meaning they go from childhood to adolescence and so on). :marseyshiva:

What happens is that in one of the reincarnations they reach the current time (2000-2023) and one of them mentions that in high school he had many relationships with girls from 16 onwards, since he is technically older mentally (although physically he is still 16 years old) I wouldn't know if this is morally wrong. :marseypedo:

I mentioned it to my best friend and she told me that it could be something "creepy", I didn't have a problem at first, as a woman I didn't see anything wrong with it, but now that I think about it again I have my doubts. What do you think?

Look, I may be an 800 year old reincarnating demigod who retains the memories of every life, but I can still go to high school and smash teenage kitty with the best of them. :marseyindignant:

as a woman :marseyfoidretard:

That's right, I'm a WOMAN. What now chuds?

That's just Mushoku Tensei debate brought into r/writing lol :marseyweeb:

Good, because I hate that Anime for those reasons. :marseyweebgenocide:

So you hate this anime for those reasons but then write something similar yourself and ask people if it's wrong? I think you have an answer to your question already but for some reason don't want to admit it. :marseyconfused:

'm 54 years old. Would it wrong of me to have sex with a 16yo? Hell yeah, it would. What if I could disguise myself so I looked 16? Would it be okay then? Hell no, it wouldn't. Nor would it be okay if I were an 80 of 160 or 250 year old vampire, or a 10,000 year old immortal.

It doesn't matter what you look like. If you're an adult, you don't have sex with children. That's my morality. :marseypedosnipe:

100% it's creepy. We need to stop validating creepy scenarios and trying to justify why someone immortal/OLD can have sex with a TEENAGER.

Okay but in this made-up fantasy scenario I created myself, can't you agree that there's some nuance to fricking 16 year olds? :marseybigbrain:

:marseyvampire: If anything vampires would hate being around teens. Except the really perverted ones like the type of wants to write. I feel edward would have much enjoyed the company of an 80 year old who is tired of life and doesn't take life seriously anymore. Sorta like what we do in the shadows

Ok I do want to see a Twilight remake where Edward's a nursing home orderly :marseykino:

you need to have your own thoughts on this fully formulated before you write it so you can reflect these questions in the narrative effectively. no one can tell you what you should think. It isnt even a real situation, so there cannot be a right answer. Your character is also under no obligation to behave morally, and 16yos often dont. :derpthumbsup:

Morality doesn't exist in hypothetical situations. That's why my solution to the trolley problem involves r*pe.

i think the bigger question here is how does retaining past life memories affect a 16yo? If you're 100 and you suddenly become 1 again what does that do to you? If you are 1 with memories of being 100 do you understand them yet? Is a 100yo interested in a 16yo romantically? why? You need to understand your character well enough to understand why he is having these relationships in high school before you can decide if his motivation and thought process in having them is moral.

This sounds like it would require thinking. Unfortunately, I'm an /r/writing user. :marseyretardchad:

IMO this kind of thing really depends on the reader's intended perspective and the purpose of the story. I don't think Twilight is creepy because it's a fantasy for the teenage girl audience. Many romance fantasy scenarios would be messed up if they happened in real life. Now If Twilight were a fantasy for an adult male audience it would read differently. :marseypedo:

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FRICKING BRANDON :marseyraging::marseyraging::marseyraging:

2:20 he said



Cleetus found the secret domestic abuse phone and he's making me write my goodbye here before he beats me to death.

Goodbye everyone.

Related: did anyone else's phone get super hot for a few minutes??

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:marseyletsfuckinggo2: IT'S WHITE WOMAN WEDNESDAY :marseyvibing: :marseyjam:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964171151473513.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964171156886725.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964171158224506.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964171160217316.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16964171162117813.webp

Previous White Woman Wednesdays:

Anglo-Saxon Edition

Dirndl Edition

9/11 Edition

The Original

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  • rDramaHistorian : Try selling your drugs at vet events sweaty. Easy money + extremely hot studs.
  • PatriceOneal : GF telling you about her day. Yeah... True... no way!...that's great sweaty I'm proud of you 🎮
[Absolutely True Story] A Typical Day at a Drug Sales Rep Conference

Ping! Ping!

It's 8:13AM and I wake up hung over as shit in my hotel room. I look to my left and see an overweight Dr. Feelgood snoring. I don't remember exactly what happened last night but I'm sore everywhere. I look over at my cell to read the notification that woke me up.

“Congrats, Frozen. You've hit your numbers for this quarter!” a text from my boss reads. Darn, I guess I did put out. So glad I finally got 200 doctors. That bonus is mine!

I put on a tight black dress and heels and take the elevator to the lobby. The doors open to a sea of more fake blondes than the Rethuglican National Convention. I quickly scarf down my company provided breakfast (20mg instant release Adderall and an expresso) and head to the conference room in the nick of time.

Pulsating disco music fills the air. Plumes of smoke emanate from the front of the stage as colored strobe lights take out the 3 epileptics in the audience.

A Gavin Newsom look-a-like (with whiter teeth) takes the stage leaving a snail trail of hair gel in his wake.

“We've had some big wins this year,” he says. “We have seen an increase in prescriptions for Marseylumimab after it was approved by the FDA in Q2 for Transmisia. Q4 bonuses will be issued next week to reflect a whopping $1.2B increase in clinically questionable claims to Medicare. As always, you'll have the option to choose between hookers and coke for your disbursement.”

I start to ponder which gigolo from cowboys4angels.com I'll hire when the room suddenly gets quiet.

“But,” he says, tears welling in his eyes, voice breaking. “We must always remember what this is really about.”

His chin quivers and a single tear streams down his face. He collects himself, looks up at the crowd and wipes away the tear.

“Putting. The. Patient. First.”

“Now let's go out there and make some frickin' money 😎”

Subhuman krauts beg frogs for :marseyplugged::marseyplugged::marseyplugged: - Germany continues to destroy mankind
Asian Uncle Tom wants you to stop obsessing over the race of criminals because that is white supremacy

Looks like he deleted the original tweet but here's a follow-up too it: https://twitter.com/eddiekimx/status/1707125450466799889

and this one:

it appears all the "black crime" truthers have appeared in my replies, complete with slurs ("joggers") and dogwhistles


and a bonus

“Boba liberal” is one of the most popular digs for right-wing, Extremely Online Asians to levy against their enemies. but the irony is deep, given the origin of the term. https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/is-the-boba-liberal->> Ordeal of Sneedvility - Sep 28

Replying to @eddiekimx and @RealDianeYap

Enjoy your intersectional pat on the head, boba.


I would call you an asian uncle tom, but thats too many syllables.


Breaking !!! Elon Musk announced jihad against journ*lists

I don't trust citizen journ*lists because they could be misleading, possibly have a certain agenda, and no code of ethics. :soycry:

No actual drama. I just wanted to highlight how spineless and pathetic redditors are

The only way this is acceptable is if he encouraged murdering gays or something like that

No , he had a wrong opinion. That should be enough. Im serious btw.


ummm sweatie you forgot the /s


So he went to prison for calling someone a fat lesbian, I though Switzerland was better than this.

Homophobic and racist people shouldn't be imprisoned, not even fined, this is insanity, they didn't commit any crimes

He was convicted of discrimination and inciting hatred on the basis of sexual orientation (art. 261bis CP). He did commit a crime and therefore he was sentenced on that basis.


"Homophobic and racist people shouldn't be imprisoned"

/r/europe moment


French guy here, Alain Soral had this coming from a long time. He's a notorious racist, misogynist, antisemite and Holocaust denier essayist, and has already been trialed several times in France. He went to Switzerland most likely to escape justice. He isn't even smart enough to ally himself with the French far-right, and has gotten into physical fights with other French white supremacists because they weren't antisemite enough for him.

He's a asshole who honestly deserves every bad thing happening to him, and this is just his latest fait d'armes, don't get tricked into thinking he's just an innocent victim.

>has gotten into physical fights with other French white supremacists because they weren't antisemite enough for him.

absolute state of chuds :#chadjewrentfree:

Has he hurt someone? Or planned to do so? If yes, he should be punished for that. Not for saying rude words.

Incitement to hatred and hate speech are punished by law. This isn't the US.

calling someone a fat lesbian is incitement to hatred :#marseyretard3:

It's Nazi, not essayist…


A ‘Nazi' or a Nazi can be an essayist, those are not conflicting so the comment makes no sense at all

Far right means Nazi in my book…no exceptions, mate

this has to be some sort of bot, right? :#marseysnappybiden:

Sorry guys, lots of you seem to be missing the point or the context. Soral has been, for, let's say, 15 years, one of the far right figures, in France, with a long story of conspiracies theories, racial slurs, homophobic and antisemtic remarks and so on and so on. He's been on many trials in these 15 years, and went from France to Swiss hoping for a more convenient justice system.

The judgment not only sanctions the remarks he made about this person, but a looooong story of neonazi history ( he claims himself a national socialist)

Imo that's why judgement was what it was.

This is reddit, it's easier to read the rage-bait, intentionally inflammatory title of an article and get upset about it and blame gay people for the Fall Of Western Civilization™ than read the ACTUAL article and realize nazism has to be nipped in the bud.

leftoids really say this and then wonder how the rightoids gain more votes

anyway :#marseygrilling2:

As well as sending peepee pics to a minor girl.

:#marseywoodchipper2: in that case

Ukrainian landed on Crimea :marseyitsover:

Khohols posted fetch video and pictures how they send some soldiers on jet ski to Crimea and how they took pictures with Ukrainian flag then Russia posted pictures how they bussy lubing those guys and one of those guys is

Lieutenant Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Alexander Lobas.

Ukrainian media reported that in 2017 he was awarded the Order of People's Hero of Ukraine.





This super psy ops operation was lead by bongs and they hyped it for a week :marseythumbsup:

The idea was this operation would make western citizens be like:


Let's give khohols more money they so strong and smart, they going to win 100% tomorrow.

But nobody gave a frick in west until it was proven it's a flop operation :marseythumbsup:

I understand that khohols need asap a media victory but thinking Crimea is easier target than south or bakhmut :surejan:

In this thread we help internet virgins with relationship gripes and advice :marseymisinformation:

When do you give her a key to your place.

How soon do you reveal your income.

Is virginmaxing a turn off.

What if she wants to be booster besties.





Thread theme:

Struggling to maintain a positive view of anyone who never masks - my inner world is collapsing

Hey guys, just having a bit of a vent. I'm really, really struggling to believe in the good of humanity at the moment. :marseydeadinside:

It's got to the point where I'm spending hours every day trying to reconcile how people who otherwise behave kindly and thoughtfully are not taking any covid precautions at all and are apparently fine if that means they'll kill or disable vulnerable people like me. :marseydeadinside2:

I've sort of dropped my friends because whenever I think about them going into medical facilities or public transport without a mask on, which I know is their modus operandi, I feel so angry and so hurt, I can't bring myself to interact with them. I just don't want to be part of a society where even people I love(d) apparently see vulnerable lives like mine as being worth less than the dirt on the sole of their shoe. :marseydefenestration:

I definitely want to find a therapist to discuss this with specifically. But if anyone can relate or has been able to successfully reconcile the two, or if they have any suggested reading etc, I'd be really grateful. I'm not distressed or mentally unwell but this feels like it's eating my brain alive. :marseyscalped:

Blessed are you, LORD our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has not made me a ZCC user. :chadjew:

Basically it comes down to compartmentalizing relationships and recognizing that they fall into different tiers of trust—I.e., this person is a casual acquaintance who can handle talks about hobbies but nothing deeper; this is a person who can discuss deeper topics like bigotry or abuse but not Covid; this is my ride-or-die who is on the same Covid-cautious page as me; etc. :marseyvaxmaxx:

It hurts to realize that the vast majority of the people in our lives will not reach that last tier. Lots of grief and mourning for dead or dying relationships for sure. But it's easier to move on and accept things for what they are once you've correctly identified a person's trust tier and hold appropriate levels of expectations—instead of holding them to a standard you know they won't meet. The next step is to look for and build new, additional relationships when you're ready. :marseywise:

Where's the dating subreddit for the Covid conscious? :marseyvaxmaxx:💖:!marseyvaxmaxx:

:marseyneet: I keep in mind how fortunate I am to be able to be so careful. I work mostly from home, I can afford to have my groceries delivered, and don't have school aged kids. I'm old enough to not miss going to bars and concerts and even movies in the theaters. Not trying to date. I found a mask that fits me and isn't terribly uncomfortable (and I can afford to buy them). I live in a big enough house to provide room for someone to quarantine when there's any possibility they've been exposed. My sacrifices are not that great. To accomplish the same for someone else might be very difficult or impossible.

:marseyreich: These people should be dragged from their homes in the night and forced into concentration camps moderately busy restaurants.

It's a messed up world and most of our friends and family are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances. They've been subject to one of the most effective and widespread disinformation campaigns, and on top of that peer pressure is a heck of a powerful force for most people. Humans at large are poor at calculating risk, or taking nuanced stances on things, we want a consistent black/white world.


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