Google translate in youtube comments is the only good thing Youtube has done in recent years.

:marse#yclueless: soren is so silly sometimes

Family Guy - Donkey Kong house:donkeykongdance2:

!nooticers are they nooticing??

So he almost killed his girlfriend with a sledgehammer in December but was free to commit more acts of violence? I'm confused.


Check qrts lots of seethe

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  • rDramaHistorian : Don't know about the food but holy frick that's one disgustang watch strap :marseypuke:
:marseyoctopus2::marseyoctopus: :!marseylickinglips:

At the port city of Busan having some really fresh :marseyoctopus: sashimi

Unfortunately I took a plane to Busan and not a train to Busan so I didn’t see any zombies :marseycry:

You know what, let's just do this. Let's just make it a permaban.

I'm perfectly happy to make my last stand here calling out the low-effort trainposting argument for the trash that it is.

arrDramanauts are so stupid. They are the dumbest slaves that the internet has ever produced. The way it's done is pretty cunning: your truescore is your slave collar.

It starts as a newstrag and by the time you get into /h/countryclub you've gotten it writ that you're special; it's written in your mind so deep you don't even remember it most of the time.

It's marshmallow drama that makes you boring: you do what you're told because you get two marshmallows. Practice in being pliable.

So it's no wonder that slavishly low-effort doltishness runs rampant in these threads. You don't know how to be dramatic because all of your life has been shitposting in a controlled environment.

I've never really let loose on how bad awards are, either, because it rests on this basic principle of arrDrama identity, that dramacoin is the measure of a person because truescore is the measure of how well the community can tell you what to do.

That's what truescore is: collective social proof of how dramatic you are. It's literally relying on other people for your self-image.

Funny people who score lower votes are displaying higher bait potential than most of you because they know better than anyone not to trust groupthink. That's the sick truth of your dramacoin fetishization, is that there are people more dramatic than to get sucked into that, and that has to burn you.

On the subject of truescore, though, I've been thinking a lot recently of the inherent inferiority of the arrDrama community. See, I'm not from rDrama, I'm a denizen of a number of different communities. The people who are from rDrama are generally inferior by virtue of their clinging to the site over any of the options in the internet dramasphere.

rDrama is inferior because it rewards a degenerate strag who has never known bait planning or discipline and tries to pass it off as dramatic. rDrama is inferior because it sees clever baits that reflect badly on dramanauts and assumes that they must be tryhard; its pathetic and weak attempts to imitate bait end up backfiring and making rDrama look even more idiotic.

rDrama has no feminine virtue. rDrama can't dance.

What does it mean to not be able to dance? It means an inherent inability to move freely, quite possibly because of some Authority looking over your shoulder judging you. If you can't dance, maybe it's because you're an authoritarian. No one gave you permission to dance, and you only eat marshmallows when you have permission.

So how does this stupidity work itself out in practice? Well, I think for me Peak rDrama happened a few months ago. Let me tell you a joke. It's not a very funny joke.

A time-traveling dramanaut goes back to two years right after the reddit ban, and he finds the people that knew the totally-not-a-rightoid LARPer ethos was monstrous. and he offers them a bet.

"If you really think this is serious, I'll bet you 10,000 marseybux we will still stay dramatic for the next 2 years."

Unsurprisingly, none of the dramautists that went on to make good bait took his bet. Nor did those who ended up on Groomercord. Ed was busy.

Our time-traveling dramanaut concludes that their concerns are fake and performative.

Rimshot. Fade to black.

This was a real thing that Carp did, I forget how long ago [link added in a much-later edit]. I've had the joke written out but haven't shared it because it crosses a line of personal attacks. But true and necessary, right?

Effort doesn't actually make people dramatic, it just means they're better at articulating complex shitposts.

This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever read here. You are a fricking idiot, Carp. I say the following with a mix of sarcasm and sincerity: congratulations, you might as well hang up your keyboard now because you will never write anything as gloriously, miraculously profound in its blithe self-assured inanity.

You can't possibly think anyone who saw what was happening at the start of the off-site would think "NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO WIN MONEY BETTING ON DRAMA." I know you don't exactly mean poorly, you're just preoccupied with being socialites more than being, I dunno, funny or dramatic

So yeah, you gamblers, you need a way to keep score, so you construct a system for keeping score, and boo hoo, only other losers are interested.

Here are the facts: the mechanisms that watch for baitposts are in full alert right now, and I'm not afraid of Reddit so much as of what comes after Reddit. Bait subs are a fun place for stupid trolls to stay in, stupid trolls comprising the majority of this community. Bait subs are safe and cozy. They're also useless.

And then there's the actual unfunny totally-not-a-chud LARPers, whose numbers are rising.

So I formally cede control of this forum to the alt-right entryists like CerebralChud. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that his calls of entryism were precisely those of the entryist, that any introspection of this forum's makeup would conclude that effortposters must be in the subordinate rhetorical position, asking for permission at all times.

I ain't gonna be around to put thumbs in the eyes of those who wish to see this place devolve into a low-effort rightoid circlejerk. You think Carp's going to put a stop to it? He's a freakin coward if you ask me, he got one little taste of the bright spotlight and now just sits in nuanced neutrality or silence.

I have much better things to do than try to salvage your community.

Maybe I'll kick around Ed's joint for a bit if you want to say goodbye. I've had a lot of fun here, and it's been frustrating but also valuable, because here's the secret:

I got a close-up look at you frickers. I stared in the eye of what the dramatard really thinks, and I took notes. Next time we meet the ground won't be so favorable to shit bait and I will crush you without reservation.

Seeya 'round the bend.


RDrama meetup at walmart
Oh No No No Scalpchads not like this! :marseyitsover:


MTG claps back irl like a queen πŸ’…πŸ’….
Andrew Tate's confession

Having s*x with a vagina is for absolute kitties. You know what a real man does? As a real gangsta myself, I take it in the butt. That's what real Gs do with their bros. I'll tell you something: I may be known as "Top G" in public, but here in my cell in Romania, I'm known as the "Bottom G". That's how we roll. I cannot think of a lower ROI activity than sticking your peepee in kitty; it's a complete waste of time and energy. Just think about it for a second. Them hoes have taken literally millions of peepee; it just ain't tight enough for me. But drilling a fellow G's butt, now that is a completely different story. Not only are you providing loads of stimulus for your peepee, you're actively expanding your network by mingling with like-minded people. It's all part of making it into the top. That is ladies and gentlemen, the secret to escaping the matrix.


:#marseyworried: :#marseyglow:

Closeted femboy :marseydetective:

The socks :#marseycolombo:


Chuddery about how Los Angeles is a shit hole

>Prob should just sell the whole thing. They’re banning propane and natural gas all over that lib state

>You live in L.A. , get a lock, chain, surveillance camera and a attack grizzly.

This one leads too a lot of Chuddery

Trans lives matter


!football !codecels discuss

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why does this website still stalks reddit like a disgruntled ex

all of you were either banned or kicked off disrespectfully from there. handle the rejection gracefully and MOVE ON BRUH. you'll never get that moment back nor will she change for good

I've added reddit links to my adblocker and haven't looked back

bbut by brigading, we annoy that website & its users. there's no attachment, i promise

yeah dude. sure


1. Add marseyheads to soyjak art

2. repost and claim credit

3. generate seethe


The tuna salad didn't go bad. Just made this melt, it's good

Marsey!!!!! :marseycrying::marseyhappytears::marseysadcat:

For our Euro friends :marseymap2:



Zoomers Discover The Early 2010's (Katy Perry Gets Cancelled)

OnaForums and Jackie Singh have been going back and forth for the past week or so. Jackie Singh plays the cool hacker expert on twitter and publicly documents her doxxing of core members of OnaForums. In fact, her twitter account was even locked for these posts:

Most recently, her account on the site (piggytomlison) made a mysterious post:

password: comic360 (one fatricks shitty passwords)

This has led to wild speculation of whether she was a fed trying to stop the self-swatting Fatrick was engaging in, if she was a mole, or if she even existed at all.

Investigative journ*lists on reddit have already reached out to fatrick to receive his comments on the situtation:

Weev gives his opinion on

Well, what does rdrama think?

Corpo Interviewmaxxing. :marseybateman: :marseyglow: :marseymormon: :marseyhibernian:

Bored waiting for an interview. Post marseys








Big news in Australia. The first review of the Reserve Bank of Australia in 40 years has just been published.

51 changes have been recommended. Notably:

  • 8 meetings a year, instead of 11 (monthly apart from December)

  • board to be split into two boards, one for day-to-day running the bank and one for monetary policy decisions. Apparently the dual-board structure is normal for other central banks.

  • review every 5 years (how was this not already the case?)

  • ran by monetary policy experts as opposed to business leaders

  • dual objectives of inflation management and full employment (HOW?)

  • keeping 2-3% inflation target (this is good; people were worried it'd increase to 4-5% to allow more globohomo consoomerism)

  • work together more with the govt/fiscal policy, as opposed to being a cabal essentially

Patron of bears Chris Joye on the RBA:

The RBA is hierarchical, insular, supercilious, hubristic, resistant to outside influence, and exceptionally slow to recognise and respond to its own mistakes. It must be overhauled.

The 51 recommended changes can be seen here.

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