I was being r*ped, I think I was trying to fight back, I don't remember how many they're were but I got hit with a hammer.

One nice user recaps everything she missed.

you're not awake yet. this is still your coma dream. in this dream, kappa went to shit. but it's OK. you're still dreaming.

when you wake up, things will be good. things will be how you remember them. until then....just...just picture that kappa.

Is Snake Eyez still the best American player? (OP)

I can't do this. someone send him back. PUT HIM BACK UNDER.

... At least you missed sf5

Cobras set from Coachella last year

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Paki using google :marseygetgle: maps to plan how he'll hop the border :marseyabbott: :marseydisgust:

I hope BSF shoots him :marseypraying: Please :marseypleading2: do the one job you're paid to :marseypraying: :marseypraying:

We should :marseynorm: start breeding alligators on all Paki border :marseyabbott: rivers. There's very real risk of them starting to cross :marseycrusade: in mass considering their birth :marseychestburster: rates.


!metashit actual slap fight :marseybarbarian: on rdrama :marseysignup:

Goyslop enjoyers, can we ever lose?

First :marseywinner: link is him explaining that hes broke and needs :marseyspecial: money :marseybribe: and why it's not his fault

also known for his Fancy car show where :marseydrama: he tests drives expensive cars

Here's the link for the patreon on his main channel As you can see,

He still chose to publish the video :marseycrystalmaiden: begging :marseybeanpleading: for money :marseycalebhammer: despite :marseybipocattentionseeker: the channel almost doubling in terms of subscribers on patreon since April 1st

The other patreon page is For a podcast called the Deprogram, that he co-hosts with two other notoriously r-slurred :marseykindness: tankies.

This patreon is more open about how much they make, raking in almost 20k USD per month, of which he takes in a third

He's also part of a new subscription streaming service :marseygreytide: for communists called Means TV, here's his video :marseyzeldalinktotk: selling :marseyburgers: it to his audience, he gets a shiny :marseycrystal: discount offer!

Anyway not much else to say here besides HAHAHA :marseyrofl: another champagne :marseycheers2: socialist, a millionaire from doing low effort :marseysisyphus: content :marseyregular: on youtube, living :marseyzombie2: a life of luxury with expensive cars, mysteriously begs for money :marseyrabbitnewyear: while also making a weird :marseyautismdisconcerting: selfsuck video :marseynintendo: about failure and acceptance and self worth. Reminder that i only posted the Patreon money, and he also definitely makes a good chunk of money :marseyfry: from adsense and sponsorships, as well as direct donations.

Tankies, man :marseyxd:

Do any zoomers here not understand other zoomers :marseyconfused2:

Not to be "wrong generation" but what does this even mean

!zoomers :marseyzoomerimplosion:

Wholesome moments
Finally got it. Merino wool bass layers are already keeping :marseycomfy:

:marseycomfy: :marseyhappy2:

It's a very fine mesh layer that traps air in-between them for far more heat retention. This is why I haven't been using my heating in my house this whole time. Saves me a few hundred euros bar the need for hot baths and laundry.


main document he drafted as a general code of conduct

main document in video, being solution to political divisions

honestly I think the solution document is pretty good, basically call people by whatever username they have, don't make echochamber's on groomercord or reddit and people should only be in those for genuine reasons, not so they can call themselves a "Rustacian" despite never using or contributing.

Working for David Chang : KitchenConfidential

Stumbled across a thread full of upset kitchen workers sharing experiences working with a well known chef with many series and specials on Netflix - David Chang.

He recently popped up in news over attempting to trademark his version of a commonly used condiment (chili crisp - the most well known brand is Lao Gan Ma) as โ€œChili Crunchโ€ and has been aggressively litigating against anyone attempting to use that name for their version of the condiment as well.

Here is the thread of various opinions on that particular incident

That thread does have a few references and an article about his dramamaxxing and love for punching holes in walls :marseydrywallpunch:

Some fun excerpts of the perfect scary asian husband from the article:

โ€œThe slightest error or show of carelessness from a cook could turn me into a convulsing, raging massโ€


Dave's rage for cooking what was deemed a subpar family meal: โ€œI will scalp you,โ€ Dave screamed. โ€œI will murder your fricking family!โ€


โ€œIt didn't matter to me what your personal needs were. Any needs were indicative of frailty and I was of the mind that there was no place for weakness in our company.โ€


Various Chang seethe threads:

I knew David Chang was an butthole, but this is ridiculousโ€ฆ

David Chang buying the company that sued him for using their trademark, then proceeding to sue small businesses. Frick this guy.

PBS on David Chang's โ€˜Chili Crunch'

A review of David Chang's memoir by a former sommelier who suffered his abuse during his early Momofuku days

Young . Big Ego . Narcissist. Well you need to work with the shit heads before you appreciate the nice bosses you meet further down the road . Character building ! . Why you guys get so worked up anyways ? He's just a tv chef. Commercial money . Strip away all the glitz and glamour and social media tv validation . Not much of a chef there . Agreed ? Be happy for him he's succeeding at something . Somewhat like a Jamie Oliver . Not too much of a skilful chef but plenty of success . He found his niche .

David, it's time to put the internet down for the night.


Nobody liked him at work, everyone actively tried to stay out of his warpath. His whole m.o. was to โ€œcatchโ€ any minor mistake in the name of quality assurance and then proceed to throw a level 10 tantrum. Swearing, death threats, throwing shit, kicking/denting anything in sight, it was a common occurrence. His style is 100% combative, he would never pull you aside to teach/train one on one. It was always a public humiliation, simply put he enjoyed being the victimizer/chief overlord.

Honest question, did no-one at any point just punch the fricking guy's lights out? Back in the day I worked with some genuinely scary, ex-con types who would have zero issues with fricking up an Asian Napoleon with a sautee pan.

I'd just wait for or even bait him to throw something my way so I can claim self defense and beat the ever loving shit outta him. Frick it if I'm gonna be blackballed anyway might as well be the dude who broke some ribs.




I worked 4 months as a dishwasher and it convinced me to never work professionally as a cook. It was so fricking toxic and I, at 16, was treated so horribly I had to blackmail my way into quitting


As someone with Korean heritage and the Asian flush gene I've been wondering - was he also half drunk all the time? Every time I happen to see a second of his cooking show he's always red. (I never watch that crap deliberately it's like stumbling on someone's home security feed)


I saw so much racism, bigotry, and homophobia from him. We would call it Chang Banging when he'd scream at someone. He would belittle the CDC in front of the cooks completely undermining their authority

I timidly ask, โ€œhey chef can I get a picture with you?โ€

He stands in the dining room and shouts into the kitchen space, โ€œwho are you?โ€ (He knew who I was as we had interacted multiple times and call me by my name)

I tell him I'm an intern. โ€œNo, why are you here?โ€ โ€œTo learn under you.โ€ I respond.

He asks about how long i have before i leave, and i tell him. To my surprise, he actually then offers me a job right then and there. He talks about the grandeur of taking me under his wing and will teach me everything he knows. Only catch is, I will not go back to school. I have to break up with my girlfriend (now my wife) and work for him. As temping as it was, I fumbled my words spitting out, โ€œI have to talk about this to my girlfriendโ€.

3 management level chefs stood by me as this conversation continues. David points to each of the chefs and asks them if they have girlfriends. They all basically say no because they have no time for relationships. โ€œIf these frickers are willing to sacrifice their relationships to achieve this level of cooking, you should too if you will ever amount to anything.โ€

He loudly shouts for someone to get a timer and then says that I have 5 minutes to decide. I run downstairs and run into my chef. Explain the situation as fast as I could as I'm freaking out. Once in a life time opportunity but also the terrible feeling of leaving behind my girlfriend , friends, and potentially letting my family down by not finishing out a full ride scholarship.

I ultimately decided that I will not take his offer. Before I finish thanking him for the opportunity, he yells at me and tells me โ€œgood fricking luck. I can't wait to see you on an employee of the month placard in a motel 6 in bumfrick Wisconsin. And no, you don't work for me anymore, so you will not get a fricking picture.โ€


He left an oven door open without calling "oven" and one of our line cooks walked into it when trying to get out of his way and got a serious burn on their leg from the over door. Chang laughed at them and told them to "get over it."


He sounds dreamy. :marseylaying:

As a bonus, here's one of my favorite of his recipes for mul kimchi. :marseyfart2:

  • 1 head napa cabbage, roughly chopped into 2 inch pieces

  • 1 tbsp salt

  • 2 scallions with bulbs trimmed & halved lengthwise

  • 1 thinly sliced carrot

  • 2 large red Fresno chiles, seeded and thinly sliced

  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar

  • 1 1/2 cups 7UP soda

  • 1 bunch of watercress, leaves only

Toss together cabbage and salt in a large bowl, and squeeze to slightly soften leaves. Place a small plate, weighted with a heavy can on top, directly on cabbage to release liquid. Let stand at room temperature 1 hour.

Drain and discard cabbage liquid. Add scallions, carrot, chiles, and vinegar to cabbage; toss to combine. Pour soda over vegetables, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight. Mix watercress into kimchi just before serving.


!fellas !anime !kino

Weekly Anime Post 138

Yo neighbor-tachi, genki desu ka?

Kono weeku watashi finishuto miteiru tha dangerusu in watashi no kokoro. Watashi totemo liketo ito overallu, soretomo watashi woulto miru moru ofu ito moshi theyu purodusu anotha seasonu. Ii anime desu yo!!

Aparutu furomu thisu watashu mosutoli miteiru furiren kono weeku. Watashi suki thisu too, ito isu very relaxeto show shikashi boringu ja nai! Watashi looku foruwardo to seasonu tsu!

Lasuto thingu watashi wa miteiru isu banishuto furomu tha yuusha no paruty. Watashi am a few episodo in, dakedo ato thisu pointo watashi amari suki ja nai desu. Watshi mighto duroppu it, oru mayube watashi willu keepu watchingu, watashi mada decideto nai desu.

Thisu isu puritty muchu ito foru kono weeku desu. Watashu pulanneto to watchu highschoolu ofu tha elito seasonu san, watashi mighto do thisu kono weeku desu.


@Kongvann pinnu puleasu

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:platyaboriginal: Voiceposting ragebait- "Hope truth-telling through education will improve understanding of Indigenous issues after failed Voice referendum"

!strayans your tax dollars at work

Since the Voice to Parliament referendum failed last year, Nyikina and Bardi woman Cherie Sibosado says she's needed time to heal.

On October 14, 2023, she learnt Australians had rejected "something Indigenous peoples had worked so hard" to create.

"I cried the entire next day," she said.

Ms Sibosado was the Kimberley delegate and signatory of the Uluru Statement and an advocate for the proposed constitutional recognition and advisory body.

Speaking at Notre Dame University's Nulungu Research Institute's Talking Heads Seminar Series, she said after time to heal and reflect, "we now need to start to re-educate people and start to embed it in all structures of education".

Not enough Indigenous education

During debates over the proposed legislation, information and the lack of education about Indigenous issues and how the Voice would work were consistently highlighted.

Ms Sibosado said it became a saddening example of how uneducated people were about the history and existing plight of Australia's First Peoples.

She said the "heartbreaking" campaign slogan, "If you don't know, vote no", built and thrived off a lack of awareness.

Australia's "faltered education system" and lack of Indigenous education meant people misunderstood "what we were trying to do in effecting change", she said.

"We need to re-educate people about what is the plight of First Nations people in this country, what are our issues.

"There's this disconnect โ€ฆ It's something [many Australians] are not aware of, nor interested to find out."

Ms Sibosado said formal education at all levels โ€” primary to tertiary โ€” needed to improve its content, and individuals needed to make an effort to learn about Indigenous issues.

A path to truth-telling

Butchulla Jagera woman Jodie Bell, who has lived in the Kimberley for more than three decades, said there was still hope for truth-telling, even after the failed Voice.

The Uluru Statement called for a body to supervise the process of "agreement-making" โ€” or a treaty โ€” and "truth-telling" between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the federal government.

"Education is obviously another way of [truth-telling] โ€” they're a little bit one and the same," Ms Bell, an Uluru Dialogue facilitator, said.

"How can you go forward when you don't even acknowledge what your country did in the past?"

Ms Bell said an Indigenous curriculum was about teaching factual history, culture and issues.

She said education needed to be created alongside Indigenous Australians and ensure it recognised cultural, linguistic and issues-based diversity within tribes across the country.

Starting again

In her final National Press Club Speech as outgoing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice commissioner June Oscar said Indigenous issues had fallen silent since the referendum.

"Many of us needed time and space," she said.

"I think as we arise from these places where we've been in quiet contemplation and reflection โ€ฆ we need to come together and have conversations around how do we do this."

Ms Sibosado said it was now up to individuals, businesses and formal education systems to ensure awareness grew in the community.

"Aboriginal people have been doing this for a long time where we've been knocked back and knocked back and knocked back," she said.

"We get up and we start again."


i want phil to lead the british empire 15:37

  • Opens with a picture of the birthday pizza style feast. Jinxthinker had a Tango orange soda. Hot honey is confirmed as the new fricking craze.

  • The history of humanity with AI generated Navis 0:36

1. We started fighting dinosaurs and shit. Jinxthinker or a brigade of humans could beat up a T-Rex

2. Then we fought woolly mammoths, that was good shit though

3. Domesticated cheetas and made some pyramids and shit.

4. Castles and cool buildings and shit

5. Lions and Africanized Tigers and shit

6. Then we conquered the jungle

7. Jinxthinker would crush the Roman empire like a dog

8. Industrial revolution for factories and Beaucoop Bucks

9. Revolutionary War, we would have been better off if the Brits beat the American terrorist scum; the British empire needs to reclaim the colonies so we can go to space.

10. If the British quashed the American Revolution we would be in space building space lasers and fighting aliens and cool shit

  • Communists and Nazis are the same thing, they both worship Muhammad. We need to kill the Viet Cong?

  • Here's bravery (DarkSydePhil). Much braver than Joe Al Biden and his Mecca-facing White House. DSP could kill a division of Marines himself 4:15

  • Jinxthinker and DSP will bring back the empire of King Solomon

  • He has to pick a better song for phil. Sings along with Chloe Adams- Dirty Thoughts 6:10

  • Talks about fricking DSP's wife some more while murdering everyone he doesn't like

  • The Soviets war in Afganistan was fake because the Mujahedeen were also communists

  • "Biden was in Vienna. He was wanking to Hitler, and Hitler was like frick you, bro." 9:10

  • Jinxthinker is a heteronationalist. We need 1000 bunkers like Albania. 10:00

  • Men, women, children, and dogs will all be slayed by the neo-Britishheterosexual empire

  • Catholics and Orthodox Christians are Pelagians who don't believe in original sin (I don't think this is true) 12:00

  • The only reason children, who have original sin, aren't murdering people is because they're too weak. This is why the righteous warlord of God, DSP, will slay them too. (This part sounds very Alex Jonesesque)

  • The scriptures call for full extermination of all scum


  • We need to lace all drugs with rat poison so drug addicts like Hunter Biden will die 14:50

  • Heroin is aryan

!jinxthinkers were you taught the controversy in school? Did they teach you about humans fighting dinosaurs with lightsabers?

video description

we must utterly defeat out enemies. full extermination policy against j@ps pedofiles pisslamists & all enemies of the british empire. drown them in their childumb's blood. mec[cr]a[p], the shatican, washington district of c*nts, to[ilet]kyo, turdrahn. piss on the unholy q[c]u[nt]ran, piss on the declaration of indepdendunce, strangle joe al-bidumb & the ayatollah with their own rosary beads. pray to god for more dead pissastinian children. desecrate their corpses. pray to god for more school shootings. burn down the mosques. burn down the whitehouse.









kill their men, kill their women, kill their children.

they are a cancer that needs to eradicated with no remorse

we need a holocaust these scum. a series of concentration camps established across the north american continent until they are completely liquidated. they need to be made extinct. emir al-biden is the most evil man to ever have existed. his internal organs should be turned into liquid from the outside by radio waves. burn all an1me & everything written in ay-rabic





i want to see the union flag of great britain & northern ireland fly over the whitehouse, the japedofiles eradicated with biological warfare & the island partitioned between china & korea.

re-establish the 13 colonies & the mexican empire. burn down the alamo. siege the midwest & south until its population starves to death & settle africans in its place

the bantu expansion of nord afrika, burn down the shit moske of djenne, drive the ay-rabs out of darfur & into their graves. crush the provocations of the pisslamists





death to white nashionalism, pisslamism, an1me, nazism

america was founded as a catlick pisslam c*ntry - "maryland", jefferson & franklin were koranists. there are no christians in america. the establishment of sharia law "child brides". pedfilia is legal in america & over 100 other c*ntries yet they claim to be an oppressed minority. aryan trash. america named by the catlick vespucci


nobody has ever experienced as much wrong-doing done unto them as me & phil. phil is really like christ himself

phil is a redcoat in the british army

phil fought against negro slavery

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>Guys it's boring let's go play mainkraft


Most Based Comments

Basedness: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜

Im just learning now that people ask their entire family to fund their wedding. Thats crazy to me. (2463)

I hadn't ever heard of that either. She must have been contributing a large amount too, if all the plans fall through if she bails. (620)

Basedness: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜

I'm sorry, are we supposed to be on your side here? You discriminated against your cousin and expected her mother to pay for your venue. Are you serious? I hope your fiance is taking a long, hard look at this situation before he legally binds himself to you. (768)

It's not discriminating if she blows up and causes scenes every time she goes somewhere. That's her wanting a wedding without anybody causing any issues and I don't blame her. (-77)

Basedness: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜

I love how you're ignoring all the comments calling you out for being transphobic (94)

Dude. Enough. The cousin is an butthole. Who cares what she calls the cousin? Ok?? THAT'S NOT THE POINT. (-87)

Angriest Comments

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

You're being ridiculous wanting a wedding you can't afford. Be an adult and stop listening to your family. Have the wedding with no strings attached (7465)

I agreed with this comment about OP being spoiled but as I read further comments very different and illuminating facts came to light so off I went to read the post history and bloody heck. OP is a horrible, spoiled, lying bigot. The one who she claims is mentally ill is trans. That's a mental illness according to OP. OP handed out invitations to everyone in person, at a Christmas party, to everyone but the family member. Said family member talked to OP and APOLOGISED for any upset that they caused her as a child and explained that they struggled a lot (an example of provided of the family members behaviour was crying when recieving a dress on their bday) until relativity recently. OP then invited the family member by dead naming them, insisting they could come only if they wore a dress. At this point I stopped bothering to read. OP is either delusional a troll, and I'm leaning towards troll because who the heck keeps up proof of being such an awful person?!! (4)

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

I don't usually comment on posts anymore, but wow what you wrote was disgusting. Is it ok not to invite someone to your wedding? Yes. But is it ok to not invite someone mainly because of their mental illness? Heck no. You are actively contributing to the stigma people with BPD face every day, and that's honestly disgusting. Your lack of empathy for people struggling with mental illnesses is also disgusting. Your cousin did not sabotage your wedding, you did through your own ignorance and actions. My boyfriend and I both have BPD, and trust me, we're not โ€œunstableโ€ or โ€œunpredictable.โ€ People with BPD are real human beings struggling with a brutal mental illness. Most of the time, the symptoms aren't even noticeable. Only severe, untreated BPD would come close to that description, and even then I really wouldn't ever say that about a person. No wonder your cousin and family reacted the way they did. Your cousin has every right to be upset. I don't mean to invalidate your feelings, but... (2)

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

I'd like to take a moment, for my part in this conversation mentioning BPD, to clarify something very important that may have made you feel hurt by my words. When mentioning BPD I was quoting OP directly, and never intended to imply that everyone who suffers from BPD causes scenes and acts out with no concern for their actions or anything. I also wasn't supporting her treatment even if her cousin having BPD were the case, only saying that I could understand a hesitation to invite a family member who might be prone to frequent episodes to something as big as one's wedding if you thought they wouldn't make an effort to not do something. I know it wasn't the case, so doesn't really matter, but I wanted to clarify that I was quoting OP on the BPD and my comment around episodes was meant on a case by case basement, not meant as a generalization. (5) (4)

Biggest Lolcow: /u/Obv_Probv

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