Someone points out that reading Harry Potter books in your 30s is weird. Redditors mad!


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  • Sphereserf3232 : I don't get it :marseysad: also why is the โ€œIslamist rebelsโ€ territory just ISIS?
Modern civil wars be like:
For the law nerds: Nick Rekieta full complaint (Google drive PDF link, excerpts inside)



chiobu doxx
This kills the vampire


introducing !!!

I'm sure there :marseycheerup: will be nothing but biofoids inside :marseyteapot: that subreddit.



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  • 0 : Atheists don't need rounding up :!marseychonker2:
If Trump :marseytrump: becomes wins he's gonna round up all the athiests! :soyjakhipster:
Anon finds the strength to continue
Some shots of the house I'm working on.

I forgot three things. The first is how tedious it is editing photos when they're not perfect straight from the camera. The second is that lived-in houses have a lot of wear, tear, and messes that you don't have to deal with when shooting new builds. The third is how much Lightroom sucks for keeping things organized.

Anyways, check out my website that I never completed and have sent out to fifty different architecture firms in the past two days hoping to get some work.

:marseysoylentgrin: In your opinion, why has Trump/MAGA been so normalized? - r/neoliberal :!marseysoylentgrin:

Reasonable response sitting at -3 at time of reporting.

With a reply of it's a good thing, chud.

I will pay 2000DC, cash on the barrelhead, for gigacute twink /u/Independent-Low-2398 's permaban.



Context: the Swedish man proclaims to be fit, handsome and polite but doesn't understand why the Italian women date and flock around his apparent non-good looking Irish co-worker who he says is a good guy and funny (clue), but he can't comprehend how beautiful Italian women are attracted enough to date him due to his inferior looks and their beauty.

I'm sorry women from Italy don't treat you as the total Chad you deserve to be treated as and they're failing to meet the standard you're used from women all over the world. The fact that they dare to like some Irish dude, which you're totally not jealous of, makes the whole thing even worse.

Oh, women! Can't you see the Authentic Swedish Beauty when you're facing it? Too much pizza and pasta made you blind or something? I suggest you complain to the local embassy.

And another user replies to the above with

Embassy of Italy Dublin:

The Italian women then proceed to rip apart Scandinavian looks in the comments.

As an Italian I personally find the tall, blonde, blue eyes profile very boring. I would 10 times prefer a dark man, likely shorter and potentially less handsome but with a great sense of humour.

Sometimes handsome tall and probably fair blond is not associated to masculinity in the Mediterranean (ps I am Italian I consider regular handsome fair men too feminine). It is a personal point of view.

Italian women don't like Swedish their facial structure and blonde is turn off

Empirically speaking, I'd say Italian men have Swedish women as a type way more than Italian women have Swedish men.

Evidently his humour resonates better with them, because looks, fitness and being polite gets you only this far.

And final blow by a fellow Scandinavian/Norwegian

''he is funny I guess, not humour I would really understand due to being Swedish''

That'll be it.

Greetings from Norway ๐Ÿ˜˜

bideo games are overpriced, capitalism has failed

no drama

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