Another Google codecel jumped off a building and killed himself (well, actually it was a CloudSec-cel)

I know a lot of you don't have Blind, so here is a post for what happened. Haven't seen this in the news so I guess jumping codecels is a normal thing now.

Here is where Blind argues over his race lol

How yall drama neighbors being outdone by bong Linkedin shenanigans tho.




atleast Null has the iota of shame to atleast admit, unlike other farmers whom he cultivates...


Indie Comic Artist Ed Piskor Kills Himself Over Twitter Drama :marseykangtheconqueror: :marseyropeyourselfmirror:

Ed Piskor is an indie comic artist famous for his series Hip Hop Family Tree and his horror series Red Room comics. He also did an X-men Book for Marvel called X-men Grand design which kicked off the grand design series (books where an indie artist would be given the creative freedom to retell the entire history of a character in their style).

He and another indie artist, Jim Rugg, run a channel called cartoonist keyfabe which uploaded daily videos flipping through all types of comics (DC/Marvel, manga, indie,classics, new stuff)

Ed Piskor has been confirmed to have killed himself after multiple women accused him of sexting them as minors (17 years old :marseyemojirofl:) while he was 38. On March 30th Jim Rugg cut ties with Ed

He also did a Maus parody cover which made people pissed because he was mocking the holcaust or something

Maybe there is worse accusations buried in here but rn it just looks like it was with doe eyed innocent 17 year olds in pittsburg where the age of consent is 16. Creepy probably but hard core child predator :marseyhmm: im not seeing it

Sucks he killed himself, sympathy ends there for a man trying to frick a 17 year old.

Luckily we have a former teenager on the case

As a former teenager who was preyed on by a man in his 30s, I appreciate your saying this. It's sad how this ended but how many women had their lives changed forever by men who don't even think about their impact? Depressing how many comments blame #MeToo

!comicshitters this one is for you

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  • melgibsonsDUI : being muslim is kinda embarrassing for Iran if you think about it

Jews vs. Arabs, who you got?

Update, IDF confirms it

Benny Boy is pissed, they're going to make Gaza look like a peaceful protest.

Biden is on the case!

Commercial Air Cucks take another L

We're getting the band back together!

Weird thing to announce but okay.

Notice anything? Where are the BIPOC? Where are the women? Israel needs BBC.

:marseytrain: uses WW3 to shill for Trump

I'm broke because of goombling, please consider donating :( !goomblers

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Apparently the user who dropped users' dox on KF is Krayon (sister toucher).

Probably shouldn't have viewed my profile 17 hours ago from a banned account if you were going to whine about not being able to view my profile from your incognito KF account.

Or been trying to see if any of your other hundreds of accounts were reinstated


EFFORTPOST Fallout TV show season 1 has dropped, it sucks. Unmarked spoilers inside.

So the show has released, and as expected by anyone with a brain, it sucks. However it seems to have sucked more than anyone could have predicted. This might legitimately darn Bethesda lmao.

First, here is a comment from this thread explaining how they absolutely butchered world building (this show is canon btw):

:marseyannoyed: So, in summary, if I understand correctly, these are the major changes:

- Shady Sands got cratered in 2277

- NCR vertibird downed on the strip

- The Strip barricades are gone

- Vault Tec seemed to have caused the Great War

- The Boneyard is no longer a thing

- Shady Sands is in place of the Boneyard

- NCR Rangers are gone

- Aradesh is no longer the founder of Shady Sands (more speculatory)

- Somehow the Brotherhood seemed to have overran the NCR in 2277

What I can't believe is that they actually retconned the original two Fallout games and that nobody won New Vegas. Even more egregious is the lore change with the BoS-NCR war, which retcons THE ENTIRETY OF F:NV. This has to be a new timeline at this point.

TL:DR is they literally retconned the 3 games they didn't make, and then replaced the factions from those games with very special factions they made from the 2 games they developed themselves. This is like a bad fanfiction lol.

People predicably, are mad. Some seethe:

:marseydeadinside: Jesus. I genuinely can't believe I was actually letting myself be excited for the future of this franchise before this release. Completely retconning the original games is genuinely fricking so sad man.

:marseyconfused: When is it said aradesh is no longer the founder of shady sands?

Also when do we see the ncr vertibird crashed on the strip?

:marseyannoyed: It's never said by Moldaver, but it seems to be implied that she founded Shady Sands in addition to being the remaining NCR leader. This is speculation, and it probably shouldn't be listed as an actual change.


:marseyconfused: So even though it's been established that Shady Sands is in an entirely different state of the new california Republic from the boneyard, they just slapped it right into los angeles, and then they nuked it, why???

:marseysmug2: What even is a Shady Sands? Has anyone else wondered why they named the first game Fallout 3 by the way? Wacky Bethesda xD

:marseysad2: That's not a nuke crater, that's a "Borg scooped up the settlement" crater. This is dumb.

:purerage: I knee it.

I just knew it.

I prayed it wasnt the case but at any opportunity they had, Bethesda tried to retcon New Vegas and now their efforts... went nuclear.

Hate it. HATE IT. HATE IT.

New Vegas is the Canon version of events. Not some Amazon show.

:angry: I fricking knew Todd would frick it over to create their version of Fallout artificially. I fricking hate it. I was fine with a scenario where the NCR loses in Vegas, but to just extensively rewrite the lore of Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas to jerk off the BoS even more? Fricking dead to me.

:marseyseethe: Says you, but Bethesda owns the franchise and this is the direction they took. They entirely retconned the fallout games they did not make, and they've succeeded. Next season they'll go and show New Vegas as a dead husk bereft of anything that made it special. Enjoy!

Also, they do not care anymore. They are owned by Microsoft now and exist to make xbox and live games.

:purerage: Look, I am very good at that. My Canon Star Wars are the old Comic books with sea dragons and Jaxxon the green rabbit. I literally ignored anything that came after that.

So I will need to ignore Bethesda to keep the correct Canon? Boo f#โ‚ช#^ hoo. They didnt get even a passable game out in the last 12 years!

I walked the Divide for the NCR, I can ignore Bethesda for them as well.

:!marseysad: Haven't watched the show yet as I sail the high seas but this ending sounds very, very annoying. Seems like the show starts off well though but if what I'm seeing here is the case I'll be pretty fricking ticked that they essentially made the West the same as the East in terms of development and that they made NV mean nothing.

:marseyseethe: NV was entirely retconned. The casinos are literally husks and the city is dead. NCR died when Shady Sands (located in the wrong place) was blown up by one guy.

:!marseysad: Christ alive ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ. They should've atleast had some obsidian writers and lorekeepers there to keep things consistent. This is just laziness. I'm not one of those people who thinks Bethesda despises obsidian but like cmon.

:marseyitsover: It's not laziness. It was a deliberate choice.

:marseysad2: Resetting to a status quo of โ€œmuh wastelandโ€ absolutely is laziness

:marseygigaretard: Its funny because there is a meme that Bethesda is spite driven because obsidian made a better fallout game than bethesda and the metacritic score 83, 85 thing FNV being retconned is funny knowing the meme

:marseyseethe: I hate it all.

The NCR was written out as a society entirely. The writers I guess just learned about shady sands and went 'oh its the capital so if we blow it up then the NCR will collapse.'

The NCR was such a good faction, it was the only one that actually grew, that had a familiar functioning postwar society. And what did they do? They nuked them out of existence to show off the brotherhood and a dead, empty New Vegas.

Why, why would they do this.. they could have made it right after the nuking not decades after. They pissed all over the legacy of my favourite game.

:marseysmugretard: I blame Lonesome Road and Chris Avellone.

:marseysad2: I can't hold him responsible for this, he had enough sense to know how big the NCR was and how the game world worked. That's why Ulysses wanted to destroy the Long 15 and block them from reaching the Mojave.

:marseydepressed: To me, Fallout stood apart for being a post-post-apocalyptic story. Just nuking the NCR not only strips away one of the most interesting aspects of the setting but does it, to my eyes, entirely unnecessarily. If you wanted to tell a wasteland story, you could have:

  • Set it between Fallout 1 and 2, or even before Fallout 1
  • Set it in one of the vast regions of America that are untouched by the games thus far

But no. Fricking why?

:marseysmug2: I knew this would happen the moment I've heard the name Todd Howard.

:marseyseethe: It really feels like they asked BETHESDA for the lore, and they said 'oh well you got the Brotherhood of Steel who have this big airship and vertibirds and huge machine guns that can only be wielded in power armor.'

then went 'oh there's this group called the NCR, I think they're from shady sands or something, you can blow them up for shock value it'll be fine. There's also this big place called New Vegas you can turn into a dump too who cares lmao.'

:marseydevil: "heh heh heh that'll teach 'em to like obsidian's game more than ours*

:marseysad2: Honestly I am becoming one of those people more and more by the minute, especially if their plans for New Vegas next season are what they seem to be.

:marseypalpatine: somehow palpatine returned

:marseynerd2: So what did house predict then if it was vault tec who dropped the bombs. So Mr house knew the nukes where coming and still couldn't shoot them down or get the plat chip

:marseynerd2: Also it says shady shands fell in 2277 but new vegas is set in 2281 ?

:marseyseethe: I guess NV is just entirely retconned in the show? NV is dead, empty. The only places that exist are a half dozen towns outside of the city itself. The casinos are gutted entirely aside from the Lucky 38 which I guess House lives in still? He would be waking up just as the NCR was probing into NV, Caesar's Legion would be on it's way as well. Big MT is still abducting people.. The Brotherhod wouldn't have lost at Helios One but also now have infinite energy so why would they even care?

The entirity of FNV was fought over a dam, water and power.. Now the BOS has infinite clean and renewable fusion.. the NCR doesn't exist either.

So they're using the facade of 1, 2 and NV as a backdrop for more BoS shenanigans from Bethesda's mainline games.

:marseyrain: Maaaaan

This is what I was afraid of. A good show based in world building that I think is fundamentally uninteresting.

I'm probably just gonna separate it out as its own thing in my head, no matter how canon Todd says it is.

:marseybigbrain: This is what everyone paying attention was afraid of, but they got shot down as alarmist for daring to suggest the brilliant creative minds behind Starfield might provide a shite backdrop for worldbuilding.

:marseyseethe: He was in a meeting to know exactly when it would happen and was wrong.. somehow.

Did he not read the memo?

:marseynerd2: Fallout new vegas mr house :marseygigachad:: I was able to almost accurately predict a nuclear war and I have set the pieces for my rise to power after I come back online

Tv show Mr House :yakub:: Shieeeeeeeet I ain't reading all that I'm just gonna pretend I read this

:marseycope: To everyone saying the NCR is totally collapsed.

I highly doubt it. It seems after Shady Sands was nuked the NCR was a bit scrappy but pulling itself together to keep everything afloat, with the BOS destroying the HQ and the view of the NCR leader using the Cold Fusion to power the entire city at once, it shows the civilians of the NCR are still existing at least throughout the entire ruins in some way.

I imagine next season, we're gonna see the BoS biting way more than it can Chew, and something with New Vegas as well, and with the father constantly mentioning something about "Meeting your Creators." How much you wanna bet Mr House is technically still alive? Just New Vegas went into dormancy??

Im excited to see potentially the NCR Regrouping or like Scrappy NCR rebels, and Desert Rangers in the Mojave. I highly doubt the NCR is done and over with from what we saw.

:marseytears: Whatever your opinions on it, retconning NV out of the timeline (which is exactly what they've done) frickin sucks.

:marseycope: Yeah.. But at least it isn't like a straight full on they don't even exist kind of retcon. Seems more like a soft reboot

:marseywave2: Hello fellow spoiler fiends who went straight to the end and saw the New Vegas tease. Also, from what I gathered skipping around, the MC's father was a Vault Tec guy who nuked Shady Sands because her mother went there and was having a great time (missed a bunch of dialogue skipping through so that might not be right). The Brotherhood has cold fusion now and the guy in charge seems like a peepee so presumably they will butt up against whoever is now in charge of House's technology.

:marseyconfused2: Dude wtf happened to the NCR? Didn't they say they had most of California pretty much colonized? I'm only on episode 4 but complete radio silence while it takes place near the boneyard and dayglow??

:marseydeadinside2: Episode 8 covers it.

It's not pretty.

About 5 years after New Vegas, Lucy's Mom left vault 33 to see if life was back on the surface, taking Lucy and her brother with her, and made her way to Shady Sands, which teleported to LA at some point. Her dad, who was a Vault-Tec executive came after them, stole the kids back, and use Vault-Tec's secret supply of nuclear weapons (The ones they launched to start the great war) to destroy the NCR, as they were a competitor to Vault-Tec.

Also, the ending credits show a destroyed New Vegas, with empty streets full of shattered Secuiritrons and a destroyed NCR Vertibird.

I also wanted to mention this specific comment, because I found it funny:

:hmm: They also technically retconned FO4 since Kellogg mentions the NCR election.

Note that I'm not cherry picking comments here, basically everyone hates this garbage. Of course the critics love it, but the actual Fallout fans think it's terrible.

As one of the comments already mentioned, they really shouldn't have set this in the West Coast. They should have set it somewhere new for numerous reasons:

  • New factions and threats to add a sense of tension and mystery as the viewer wouldn't know anything more than the main character

  • Avoid having to retcon or step on the toes of the games

  • Keep it in a region that is less advanced so you can have your apocalypse fantasy

  • Set the show up as a prequel for Fallout 5, building hype for it even if it's years away.

Expect this thread to be updated as more seethe is posted, this is developing drama. In a few hours we will probably see the hitpieces from journ*lists calling the haters bigots, so keep an eye out for that.

Edit: here are more threads with tons of seethe in them:

:marseycope: dear god this one is maximum cope:

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Brief lore recap. A man has been going around NYC sucker punching women in the face.

The NYC councilwoman decries the lack of men stepping up to defend the victims.

Many people start to notice something in her repliesโ€ฆ

The man in the photos is Daniel Penny, who last year put a repeat criminal in a choke hold after the guy started threatening to kill people on the subway. In the process the man, who had been arrested multiple times prior, including for assaulting two elderly people and a minor died.

Instead of giving the guy a medal for helping his fellow citizens out New York decided to arrest and prosecute him for murder.

Now, you might make the mistake of thinking this will be a wake up call for coastal libs and progressives, but as someone who lives in Los Angeles I can assure you will never find a bigger group of absolutely r-slurred cucked people then those that live in Deep Blue cities. They will do nothing. Because you have to remember, yea it sucks to get sucker punched by a repeat violent criminal that the city keeps letting back out on the streets, but have you thought about the bigger more important problem in America? Orange Man.:#marseytrump:

Remember always vote blue no matter who!


donno if this counts as drama


A :marseytrain:? You mean a transmission? I had it fixed last year. No problems yet.

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  • BWC : Not just Timmy's VA, Tara Strong is the Mel Blanc of foid VAs
  • forgor : :marseycwctalking:
Timmy Turner's voice actor exposed for having an incest fetish

Yeah this is common knowledge. she even in a now deleted post used Ben 10 incest prn to ship them

Girl, these fetishes are supposed to be a moid thing :marseydisagree:

I hope she's recovered from whichever moid victimized her :marseysigh:

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For context, here is the dean bragging about dabbing on rice-cel and mayocel students

:#marseychingchonggenocide: :marseymayogenocide#:

LMAO - another tweet with some more context

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OJ confessed on his deathbed
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  • 1378 : not an effortpost

So given the obsession this site has with tranners, I don't think I have to explain who ContraPoints is. In short, she's a lefty content creator and makes video essays about stuff. What may be less known is that she also like to tweet absolute bangers and delete them shortly after. Here is an account tracking these posts, most of them are edgy jokes or ones at the expense of online trans culture. But today, she dropped this: :marseyt#honk:

Now first things first, the premise of the post relies on the meme/common occurance that a significant amount of the men intereted in trans women are secretly trans themselves, the attraction being based on living vicariously through the trans woman:


But that's not why Contra's tweet is spicy, it's about the later part, the vagueposting about another creator seemingly copying her entire YouTube career. People were quick to notice that this sounds a lot like it would fit perfectly into an ancient /lgbt/ schizo conspiracy about her and PhilosophyTube. PT or "toob", as they are commonly called on /lgbt/, is another trans creator making video essays with similar style and topics to ContraPoints. This combined with various hints ranging from the curious to the utterly deranged, the infamous "toob is a skinwalker obsessed with contra and also probably r*ped her" theory was born: :marseysc#hizowall:

And then we were off to the races :marseyletsfuckinggo2:

wake up babe the most deleted contrapoints tweet of all fricking time just dropped


what did contrapoints mean by this


did contrapoints just confirm the philosophytube 4chan conspiracy theory??

WE'RE CONNECTING THE DOTS :marseynoooticer:

Even the chuds are getting in on it, here's the old fart Sargon of Akkad with a whole butt thread. :chudjakdancing:

Real and based:

Here is the as of right now still active, 300+ post /lgbt/ thread about it. Much jubilations about another seemingly confirmed schizo theory. Some select posts and images:

The contrapoints subreddit removed the post about this, nuked the comments, and restricted submissions.

Contrapoints is almost certainly being bulled behind the scenes to back down because "what if you hurt trans people in Britain!"

Frick that. Philosophy tube is fricking garbage. Her videos all fricking suck, she's clearly at least 30 IQ points below Contra, and she does the bare fricking minimum amount of research for her shitty fricking videos.



im not seeing how this means contra was r*ped? i think it just means they were together and toob did a chaser to :marseytrain: moment? you people make up dots to connect out of the smallest shit

Look at this buzzkill, smh. :marseyindignant:

I am not contrapoints. I am a Contrapoints fan.

Contrapoints clearly actually understands the material she engages with. She is able to see viewpoints that are very different from her own and empathize with them, even if she winds up strongly condemning them in the end. While she has had some bad moments (like, girl, if the audio of your masked character sucks that hard, fricking over-dub it in post! frick!) but her videos generally demonstrate that she's actually a serious person. Even the funny costumes ultimately have some aesthetic points, IE, she's dressed in that ridiculous outfit in the "Men" video to really emphasize the "I'm literally a fricking woman!" point, which is ultimately the thesis of the video.

More than that, her videos have a fricking point. Almost all of them have some insight or idea that you could apply to your daily life.

PhilTube, on the other hand, is so fricking awful I cannot stand it. She made a video on AI that literally ended with "there is no ethical computation under capitalism." That's it! Just upend the entire fricking world economic system, that's the solution to the ethical issues of AI! That's the solution to everything, actually! Look at the pretty outfits! Look at the pretty lights! Watch all five hundred fricking hours of this shit video with no content! Pretty lights! You liked when Contra did pretty lights, right? And the costumes! Ignore that the video sucks, you like the aesthetic, right?


Frick that. Thank you for fricking posting this, Contrapoints. Frick Philtube, and frick anybody who says "BUTBUTBUT DON'T HURT OTHER TRANS CREATORS!!"

Frick that, she sucks! She stole from you! Frick her!

HOLY :marseylongpost:

Another hater, SAD! :marseysigh:

This is very recent drama, so look out for further developments. :marseyoperasmug:

Edit: As I was writing this, it appears toob has started blocking people talking about it:

Girl bullies an neurodivergent kid and twitter starts literally calling for her brutal murder

I found a statement from the little boy's mom. He didn't almost die. He had some bruises and he was upset (and also a little bit of a kitty imo I guess there's a more video where she's pretty rough with him).

Somehow this story has morphed into multiple broken bones, a broken spine, and near death.

People are of course handling it well

Very normal behavior here

:marseyragingtyping: :marseyragingtyping: :marseyragingtyping:

Okay that one's true

Not satisfied with prison for the girl and her mom, this morally righteous crusader wants her in jail and crippled. The girl is 14 btw

"People said"




People have been doxxing her and her family, of course

I've barely touched the surface of just how absolutely apeshit people are going over this

More threads I've tracked down

All the videos of the bullying:

Did I mention this girl is 14? Grown dudes fantasizing about curb stomping little girls lmao wtf

That picture had her home address, family member's names, name of her school, and parents cars including license plate numbers


Tell me how this makes any sense? I am not a teacher but I am a school staff member. I confiscated a prohibited item from a student (not a phone) in the morning before class started. Told them that they could pick it up at the end of the day in the front office, before going home. Student gets angry and when trying to negotiate with me uses profanity, including referring to me as "neighbor".

I correct them on what my name actually is and told them "had they tried to speak to me more respectfully, I might have been more open to listening to what they had to say. Go get a pass and go to class."

I'm later approached by another staff member who asks me about this property and what had happened. I retell the story to them stating word for word what the student said to me. It was decided that the item would stay in the front office for them to pick up later before going home.

That staff member then goes to HR and filed a report against me for saying the word "neighbor". Says quote "I seemed to familiar with saying the word out loud and it made her uncomfortable". I am now to receive discipline on Monday for using a racial slur...

Edited to add

I was pulled from my location and moved to another school. I was pulled into a meeting by an HR investigator last week and told what the accusation was. After explaining the story she asked me if I was "comfortable" with using this word? I told her no, but I am comfortable addressing its use towards adult staff by students, because this is a regular occurrence. It's not appropriate for a learning environment.

I'm a school resource officer. Confiscating and reporting things students say verbatim is part of my job... We're told in training not to alter statements because of legal reasons at student disciplinary hearings.


Shockingly the resource officer is also a foid :marseypoggers:

Foid on foid attack :marseypearlclutch:

That post was hers

Well it happened. We had a shooting 200 feet off of school property.

So maybe the foid reportmaxxer was black? :chudglassesglow: :marseyextinction: either way.


Same thing happened to one of my colleagues. Student threatened him using the n-word, assistant principal asked what the student said, colleague expressed discomfort at using the exact word, AP said he needed to use the exact word, boom, administrative leave. It's fricking crazy.

They told him he had to use the word??!

Yes! And he was union!

OP: I hate feeling like it was an intentional set up.. but it feels like an intentional set up. There is a group at this particular school that doesn't want officers in the building. Due to the number of neighborhood shootings and gang activity in the area, we have continued to be placed there.

It probably was, I hate to say that. I was on a state legislative committee that worked on specifically lobbying for policy change. I mentioned in one meeting that we needed to push for resource officers at the elementary level and I had committee members screaming at me that they didn't โ€œback the blue!!!!โ€. It was ridiculous.

OP: It's a big topic in meetings at the BOE right now. This specific school I was at had 3 shootings 100 yards off property in a 2 month period. Two 15 yearly olds were hospitalized in one of them. ๐Ÿ˜ข It hurts seeing kids get hurt. I think as much as I love them and love my job.. I may have to walk away from it and find other work. It's been on my mind a lot lately.

Yeah, they took SROs out of our high schools because of the anti-police people, and now the schools are way out of control.

Our school board did this as well, without consulting staff, students, or parents. I'm as anti cop as most but the extreme, but our SRO was awesome. She loved the kids, had a really good bond with them, and was there for safety, not to make arrests for shit smoking pot. The mostly white board kicked her out, and the mostly black parents were not happy over all. Every now and then I hear my mostly black students complain that we don't have a cop in the building if there is a shooter or something.

:#marseyemojirofl: :#marseysowsmug: :#marseydicklet:

Her fate will be decided soon

The investigator at the BOE had a meeting with me and I explained the whole situation to them. Assuming that it would clear up any misunderstanding.... It didn't. They told me I'm in violation of policy and at the meeting on Monday I'll receive discipline and that it can be as little as a formal letter in my employee file for the use of racial slurs, up to and including demotion.

The race of the reportmaxxer is unknown :marseyeyeroll:

See that sneed at the bottom from /u/drunkyogainstructor_

She made a seperate post soying out because too many in the sub didn't condemn the yt woman for using the n word.

what the heck is wrong with this subreddit???

She's active in MasksForAll, ZeroCovidCommunity and ADHD btw. I was about to say this post she made 2 months ago deserves it's own post here

Absolutely deranged holy shit :marseylaughpoundfist:

But we already covered it

:#marseyclapping: It's impressive when spergs pop up again naturally. Sneeding so hard she gets the attention of multiple dramautists months apart :marseykneel:


Started with some incel posting this to a class discussion board or something lmao

Prof gives some advice

Foids mad

Department chair informed

Prof bends the knee

Prof revealed as passport bro


The comic in question makes the same uninspired complaints you've all heard before: long wait times, not enough doctors, not actually free. Spicier then her usual "look at me I'm a quirky girl" comics, but still long and unfunny.

The reactions, however, are hilarious.

What kind of right-wing talking point nonsense is this? Pizzacake is a secret conservative? First time I've ever been disappointed in their comics.


Fricking stupid comic. Honestly.... Who rails against free healthcare. What kind of self loathing ignorant propaganda Muppet rails against free healthcare. Into the cesspit with you and your I'll



As an American, this is an awful comic. The privilege you have living in Canada with your healthcare system. My god, you even suck as a person.

:marsey#maid: < privilege

This is a pretty egregious comic. First of all, the only thing you're accomplishing with this is sending the message that single payer healthcare is bad. I get that's not what you meant, but it's what you did, and it's dumb as heck. It's also just not true. Yes, the Canadian healthcare system is understaffed...(this goes on and on)


Pizzacake being a US right-wing adjacent talking-point slinger doesn't surprise me for some reason...


This one's gonna be used by conservatives as "proof" that the American healthcare system is somehow better.

:marseyleftoidschizo#: (this Marsey is so useful)

My favorite comments are the ones accusing her of being American.

USA trying its hardest to justify its fricked up system

She's Canadian, not American

I know, I read her responses, my meme still aplies tho


All in all, quite a bit of seetheposting from poor amerifats that can't afford insurance. Probably her best comic ever. !pinknames

Twitter commies get really mad when I tell them being a paycheck away from homelessness is a skill issue

My favorite is this guy that keeps asking about people without legs lol

Then there's this angry freak


"SHUT UP I HATE YOU GO AWAY (from the argument I started and am now losing)"

:#marseyxd: :#marseyxd: :#marseyxd:

Lmao got em

All of a sudden the Redditors are ok with non-consensual s*x.

Reddit link.

Cbf effortposting this.


Of course this also brings out the cuckposters too:

And gross Redditors that have s*x:

Screenshots and alt-links inside I baited a 33k follower account by telling her homos are going to put her in breeding camps

:marseyxd: :marseyxd: :marseyxd:

She deleted but here's some more threads

This guy is totally not seething you guys

Screenshot of original post

Right after this exchange is when she deleted and blocked me lmao

Total homo victory


!macacos !soyteens

Tried my best to doodle their pinkie! Any criticisms is welcome to this doodle and I don't mind updating it

woa this might be even worse

"she looks ugly" and it just looks like a regular person youd see in real life

i want a detailed description of whats supposedly ugly ab this design w out them being colorist! never seen anyone like this in my life lololol

have you considered talking to real people instead of playing royal high all day

31.5k posts telling ppl to go outside insane projection



edtwt stays online and inside too much looking at pinterest girls they forgot what other people also look like

Is this the female equivalent of accusing people of being a porn addict?

Do you live in Chernobyl?

It looks like a racist Wojack dude what are you talking about

Incomprehensible woahjacks from Bahia, Brazil :marseyskull:

bro living in ohio

Normalise having average looking characters

normalise not looking like a runway model

girl looks so freaking happy and that's one of the many things that makes a person pretty, imo

The issue is that artists make inclusive POC and LGBT characters ugly as frick while the generic cis white straight characters are pinnacles of beauty.

This literally feels borderline racist like... No, that's not an average person look. That looks like some sort of wojack or minstrel cartoon โ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธ

literally. she IS pretty. i saw people jumping thru hoops in the replies trying to make this problematic which is really funny

She looks like a racist wojack made by some neonazi on 4chan

This design looks cute @RobotinTheVoid

^^ Twitter needs to stfu and stop bullying a child

the mlp fandom when artists ' human versions of magical rainbow ponies look like a regular human and not a supermodel ( the whole point of the show is friendship and accepting people for who they are )

Darn apparently every character ever needs to follow strict societal beauty standards rooted in white supremacyโ€ฆ.

she's so pretty, i have a friend who looks like her

hope your friend doesn't know you think they look like this.

God forbid a black girl have braces ig??? seriously what is their issue

Babe its theโ€ฆ faceโ€ฆ.

nah learning that the artist is white made this whole discussion flip for me

Ok but that specifically looks like satire...

as a black girl, it's really aggravating when people draw us in these..unsightly ways and then try to gaslight us into thinking this is what every other black woman looks like. "this is what an average person looks like" average person here, no the frick its not!

like its just smth abt making the poc headcanons god awful ugly that doesnt sit well with me like lets think inwards on why yall wanna make the poc headcanons fat and ugly

the drawing is literally bordering on racist wojack and they're like "she's pretty!!!!"

imagine if the person who drew these was a very very VERY white person LOL

sources are saying theyre white


Why do they always make these exaggerated drawings ugly as sin. Black people are beautiful... this feels like racist insults every single time.๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

If I was told this was a right wing meme made specifically to make fun of :!marseytrain:s I would believe you

I've seen actual racist caricatures of black people that looked better than this.

"She's pretty wym"

my good friend spoke about this before

Hear me out...

I look like this

Reported by:
"There is nothing wrong :marseyhyperthonk: with being a "passport bro" if you live in a western :marseycowboy: country." 23 upvotes 125 comments in less than 2 hours.

The entire thread :marseystitch: is filled with angry :marseylaptoppizzashill: people. If you have a reddit :marseysnoohug: account it's basically open season.

They call you nasty :marseywall: shit cause you sound :marseyhearnoevil: gross.

We need to be less judgemental :marseywouldnt: in general, I think. All of us. We need to learn :marseyreading: to accept :marseyokay: one another.

I'm definitely going :marseysal2: to judge :marseyaisha: a person :marseywall: like OP. They're disgusting.

So much anger :marseyrage: just because a jacked dude like myself :marseycyanide: doesn't want to date fatties smdh.

It's not hard to find a fit girl. The problem is finding one that can tolerate the obnoxious concept of calling yourself :marseycyanide: a passport bro.

That rules :marseypeterson: out 90% of educated women :marseyblops2chadcel: right :marseyhesklennyyouknow: there.

When 70 plus percent :marseymutt: of the country :marseycatgirl5: is overweight or obese :marseyscooter: it objectively is. Open your eyes dude.

One user /u/rayarefferalpls appears to be a very angry :marseylaptopkrayon2: european :marseyangelamerkel: woman. She has commented all over the thread :marseystitch: about how eastern :marseyrussianmutt: euro women :marseyblops2chadcel: don't want western :marseycowboy: men.

Well at least they claim to be an eastern :marseyrussianmutt: European :marseyangelamerkelwave: women. In reality it is probably @WeihnachtenSalvador on an alt.

An angry :marseykilldozer: man puts words :marseylongpost2: in my mouth.

They blame my personality when my personality is perfect :marseychefkiss: for some reason.


Jannies. Please :marseyinshallah: pin this. I manifested this drama :marseydramabardfinn: from nothing using only my mind. I deserve the rewards of my hard work. The fruits of my labor.

!ghosts !verifiedhot

edit 1:

Also !jannies where :marseydrama: is my effort :marseysisyphus: post point. I literally :marseyme: started this whole thread :marseystitch: and generated :marseyamber: all that seethe :marseycope: all on my own. Why am I not being rewarded for generating drama?


My soon to be ex-husband

From my soon to be ex-husband. We wants to โ€œwork it outโ€ but is constantly talking about my body. His reasoning is if we have seggs more often then everything will work out (?)

So done with this. Never ever leaves me alone.

Reading her comments in this thread actually makes me kind of sad. Apparently he only started acting like this after they got married and had a kid, which seems pretty typical for degenerate moids. He also apparently used to be a methhead but got clean, so maybe he's on drugs again, or maybe he's just Indian :marseytunaktunak:


Is English a second language? ๐Ÿ˜†

Nope lol it's his first

Seriously โ€ฆ so he just talks like that???

Even worse. Yesterday we were in the middle of a conversation about his behavior โ€”because he was mad at me the night before about something (I don't even know) and started yelling that I was a whoreโ€” and right in the middle of it when I was trying to redirect our 7 year old he goes โ€œtittiesโ€.

Just talking about my body. Right in front of my kids. He also says things like โ€œI lick youโ€, โ€œI want to frick youโ€, โ€œjust let me make love to youโ€, etc.

All unprovoked, unwanted, and rebuffed. He never changes. And it's always out of nowhere.

Bro is straight up r-slurred

I frick yiu? Even without the typo this is majorly cringe. Is English his 2nd language? Or does he think this is cute?

I think he thinks it's cute.

*Midway through argument with wife* ME ME NEED MILKY NOW

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