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Reported by:
EFFORTPOST :marseyflagsouthafrica: R*PEX and R*pe Culture within South Africa :marseyflagsouthafrica:

In South Africa, chastity devices don't work as well as in medieval Bongland, because we are the R*PE capital of the work.*pe-capital-of-the-world-20140821

Back in 2014, especially during the reign of the Jacob Zuma administration, where our president had the worst controversy of him being a known male feminist following him, South Africa had developed the reputation of r*pe being endemic to its society, because our dysfunctional Police forces (SAPD) and justice system did not catch criminals, and especially did not catch or punish male feminists and sexual assaulters.

10 years ago, even beyond India (which itself had started to develop a strong negative reputation for countrywide r*pe being rampant), South Africa was being regarded as one of the worst places to be a woman in. While South African violent crime was not as bad as other 3rd world countries, such as Mexico's and South America's cartel and gang murder crimes - it would be smaller crimes like petty theft which had become the norm for its international reputation.

As a tourist you were very unlikely to be murdered, but you were exceedingly likely to be a victim of petty theft, and having you electronics like cellphones and laptops stolen right out of your backpacks in the airport, or your rental car highjacked. Still you were very seldom violently hurt unless resisting. This was because criminal activity for the past 2 decades was simply not punished, not in any meaningful sense. The police had become corrupt, complacent, lazy and incompetent on a nationwide scale, and the prison system was woefully inept, small and inadequate. The justice and court system had been packed with ANC loyalists and BEE hires, and had become intensely corrupt, where only the wealthy could afford lawyers.

Petty crime was simply not punished. But alongside the reality of the daily threat if theft, the uglier side of RSA would also surface - especially mass unopposed r*pe. And especially unpunished r*pe within the homelands of south africans.

Now it is very likely that other underdeveloped african nations, or places like India, or even places in South East Asia have much greater degrees of systemic r*pe on their societies, but South Africa has an unusually above average community of journ*lists who punch above their weight in reporting. South Africa also has a very large degree of Freedom of Information, we are not censored like autocratic nations like China, and most of all we are highly self-critical and honest with all of our shortcoming. :marseyjourno: :marseyjourno: :marseyjourno:

Compared to other nations, we basically record every single misstep and corruption. Just like Burgerland's extreme levels of self criticism, it is likely that places like Ireland, England, Western Europe also have comparative levels of societywide sexual abuse, but are not as excessively self critical as Burgerland and RSA, and have such a potent media presence as us. :marseyreportercnn: :marseyreporterfox:*pe-is-endemic-in-south-africa-why-the-anc-government-keeps-missing-the-mark-188235

The ANC women's league wanted to enforce chemical castration of male feminists in 2022, but many people criticized this endeavor, as they felt this type of punishment did not address the underlying motives for why r*pe is so consistently rampant.

R*PE SURGE DURING COVID LOCKDOWNS:*pe-south-africa-still-being-shared-online

Back in 2020, r*pes would surge in terms of statistics, and into the national conversation again during COVID19 Lockdowns. This was because of so many people forced into the confines of their homes for many many months, and domestic disputes would be aggravated by cabin-fever on a national scale.

The r*pe rates were of such a magnitude that one publication claimed that 40% of Safrican women would be r*ped within their lifetimes. And these were not Tumbler-kin definitions of spastic autismo womyn claiming they would be r*ped when some dude catcalled her, or violated her with his eyeball-pressure on the train with a skeevy glance, but these were full on penetration hardcore sexual violence and sometimes brutal gangrapes being reported.

"A widely shared tweet posted in July 2023 reads: “In what is known as the r*pe capital of the world, it is estimated that over 40% of South African women will be r*ped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 9 r*pes are reported. It is also estimated that 14% of perpetrators of r*pe are convicted in South Africa.”

This controversial claim would be disputed by many NGOs who would investigate along with Interpol and United Nations women's organizations, and they would find the claim of 40% of RSA women being r*ped being so excessive that they would be forced to check the statistics to see if there was any truth to this alarming horror statisitc. This would not be easy tasks, as r*pe statistics are notoriously unreliable and chaotic, just as the nature of the act of r*pe itself. And approximate reports by RSA police stations were often less reliable than publications of private journ*list organizations.

Unsurprisingly they found the methodology of the 40% flawed, yet ironically the new remodeled statistics STILL would be an atrocious and alarming figure!

"It quoted a 2013 World Health Organization report which used data from the 2010 Global Burden of Disease study to estimate that Southern Africa had a 17.41% prevalence of r*pe. In other words, around 17.41% of women in that region would be r*ped in their lifetime." :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe: :marseycringe:

Again these are not minor westoid white women definitions of r*pe - but full on unsolicited penetrative s*x and gangrapings! :marseydeadinside2: :marseydeadinside2: :marseydeadinside3: :marseydeadinside3: :marseycoal: :marseycoal:

INCONVENIENT TRUTHS: :marseywtf: :marseywtf: :marseyhelp: :marseyhelp:

So errr....the thing about South African r*pes is that they are not equally distributed by demographic and ethnic groups in RSA. This subject has been avoided due to the maelstrom of race-politics in South Africa for obvious reasons. The main takeaway is that whites, coloureds, Indians and Chinese Safricans just do not commit r*pes to the same magnitudes of their black countrymen.

But what is even more, is that r*pes are not per capita proportional amongst all of black south africans, and between the various ethnicities. Comparing Sotho and Lesotho peeps, as well as the descendants of Khoisan coloured peeps, and even Venda peeps, they commit the least proportional amount of r*pes. Instead r*pes are disproportionally distributed amongst the most conservative members of Safrican black society, ESPECIALLY Zulus, Xhosas and Pedi.

Any broaching of such a sensitive subject is like stepping upon nuclear minefield, as you can well imagine. Much of the reason for these r*pe rates are consequent of the parallel societies of South African Homelands

Now during apartheid, the NP regime would forcefully remove many black peeps according to their ethnicities, to live in their allocated historic Homelands, as in where their specific ethnicity lived before the dutch and Bongs arrived on the scene

What made this move atrocious and cruel, was that over time many people of various ethnicities spread all over the country post-1900, and mixed and went to work in the big cities built by europeans for work. The forced relocation to their historic Homelands, basically forced black peeps to life where they did not want to, and where there were no economic development or work, forcing many black peeps into lives of impoverishment.

If a black women of Zulu descent had been living in Gauteng for 20 years, and considered it her home, then poof, suddenly the Apartheid police would force her to take her shit and make her live within KwaZulu Homeland, the residence of Zulus - but she had no modern attachment to that province, and would be deprived of her fiends and home.

Additionally in the modern era of post 1900, much of South Africa's wildernis had been devastated and culled. The wildebeest and antelopes of SA had been severely depopulated, and the amount of game available for hunting and subsistence living was no longer possible by 1950 as it had been in 1850, further aggravating the poverty within which SA black peeps had been forced to live in within these Homelands system.

When democratization occurred within the Mandela Administration in 1994, there was a shocking development in that many tribes like the Zulus and Xhosa had indoenas and chieftans who wanted to KEEP some parts of the Homelands system, and did not want to adknowlegde the white European system of modern South Africa's government, and wanted to keep their tribal system, as they would lose their power of Customary land rule.

Indoenas and chieftans had a lot of sway within their fiefdoms, and did not want to lose their influence. The Mandela Admin did not want to alienate this critical voterbase, and would promise to supplement his overhaul of the white government, with additional Acts in parliament which would respect the cultural rule of Indoenas there.

These acts are flowery but the summary is that a lot of autonomy would be given to modern homelands, for example like the KwaZulu region as ruled by the modern Zulu king, and acted as both a reserve and unofficial province within South Africa. It basically ended up as a sort of ghost province and parallel society, which proved to be an extremely complicated arrangement in terms of enforcing law and determining where the municipal/provincial government reach began, and the Zulu-indoena authority ended!

This would perpetually be controversial within South Africa, as the ANC promised equal rights between all south african demographics, yet here was the Mandela administration allowing a semi-feudal state system within the confines of the country! Yet the very culturally conservative Xhosas and Zulus, WANTED this. So the ANC allowed it, as any Xhosa or Zulu person was free to leave and enter the modern Homelands as they wished if they did not want to live beneath the rule of their tribal leader or Indoena, so they were never trapped there.

Yet just like the Mormons in Burgerland, leaving your entire family to exit the stifling rule of a conservative douchebag chieftan wasn't as easy as packing your bags and going, you might cut off your entire friend circle, family and support. This would be criticized by feminist Zulu women.


=====(from qz article)[my commentary]

By Norma Young PublishedMarch 19, 2021

The Zulu dynasty has almost been felled numerous times by trials, trysts and tragedies, but has stood steady through the centuries. The largest ethnic group and nation in South Africa today, counting in excess of 10 million people, the Zulus have a family tree with roots stretching as far back as the migration of the Bantu people from their origins in West Africa throughout the continent several hundred years ago.

They now face a challenge that threatens their growth and relevance. The late King Goodwill Zwelithini, who was laid to rest this week after serving for almost 50 years, leaves a legacy that is admirable, but not replicable. :marseydead:

With South Africa's next national elections set for 2024, the new Zulu king will maneuver through tricky political terrain quite early in his reign. This is particularly significant in the kingdom's home province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), which has seen decades of simmering tensions between the ANC and IFP political parties, who both have deep roots in the province, and therefore compete for votes.

King Zwelithini was reminded of this in 2012. At an event commemorating the Battle of Isandlawana, he sparked controversy with a statement that same-s*x relations :capychud: :capychud: :capychud: are “wrong,” “rotten,” and not part of Zulu tradition. (South Africa legalized same s*x marriage in 2006.) Following condemnation from then President Jacob Zuma, the South African Human Rights Commission, and LGBT rights groups, the Zulu Royal Household walked back his comments.


This article was just to showcase how vague and murky the influence of tribal leaders and the king of KwaZulu rivals that of the ANC within the province, and how defining power of the government is not absolute, when competing for the support of people in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

====(from article) [my commentary]

Following the death of AmaZulu King Goodwill Zwelithini on 12 March 2021 in South Africa, the royal family convened on 24 March 2021 and appointed Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu as regent. Although the king's third wife, she was his great wife – a royal consort who, by Zulu law, births the king's successor. The king had five other wives. :marseypolyamory: :marseypolyamory: :marseypolyamory:

Before her regency was gazetted by the premier of the KwaZulu-Natal province, as required by South African statutory law, the queen died on 29 April 2021. On 14 May 2021, the royal family unanimously nominated her firstborn son, Prince Misuzulu, as the successor to the Zulu throne.

[And oh yeah, to showcase just how much was at stake in this rulership, there would be infighting within the Zulu royal family :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: :slapfight: the Zulu king had tremendous influence upon South African politics and power, especially within the KwaZulu-Natal province!]

Later that month, various members of the royal family, notably Queen Sibongile Dlamini, the late king's first wife, challenged his will, and the validity of Prince Misuzulu's nomination as his successor. On 2 March 2022, the High Court in Pietermaritzburg found that Prince Misuzulu was appropriately identified and nominated as the undisputed successor to the Zulu throne. By dismissing objections to his nomination, the court paved the way for his coronation as the king.

There are 10,7 million isiZulu speakers in South Africa, about 22% of the population, according to the 2012 census. [Yes 1 out of every 5 peeps in RSA is a Zulu person; they are the most populous ethnic group within the country, and thus hold tremendous sway over the running of the country, which is why I always harp upon them in particular] :marseymanysuchcases: :marseymanysuchcases: :marseymanysuchcases:

Why was this dispute adjudicated with “the white man's law”, thereby questioning the authority of the AmaZulu Royal Council, whose dispute resolution mechanisms ought to be respected by all Zulus? What is the significance of the ruling for matrimonial property rights under customary law?

[Now this ascension was incredibly controversial within Zulu society because the current king basically used the RSA court system to validate his claim, instead of relying upon the Zulu custom law! AKA they used the mayo system] :marseymayo: :blacksoyjak:

Firstly, the royal family's resort to the courts confirms an uncomfortable truth: African customs and traditions are subject to state courts. Importantly, these courts – both procedurally and content-wise – are replicas of the colonial justice system bequeathed by the Dutch and the British.

Lest we forget, although European colonialists allowed Africans to continue observing their indigenous customs, they smartly subjected the validity of these customs to European standards and procedures. Moreover, colonial schools, churches, and work systems were configured to reflect European culture. So, in essence, African elites, especially judges, are philosophical clones of Europeans because they carried on from where their colonial masters left off.

[Basically the author is hardcore sneeding :marseysneed: :marseysneed: :marseysneed: :chadsneedcapy: about RSA constitutional and court law being based upon previous dutch and Bong judicial systems, and that the Zulu king had abused the white man's system to solidify his authority]

The Sithole declaration is radical because indigenous African laws lacked binary notions of equality in marital property division. Due to the agrarian nature of precolonial societies, income was generated by the family as a group through farming, hunting, and artwork. Individual rights were muted, while group welfare was paramount.

Thus, women's property rights were confined to items of adornment. In rare cases of divorce, they were reabsorbed into the welfare system of their parents. Thus, their matrimonial property rights were unproblematic.

[HAHAHAHAH, this cultural wingcuck :marseywingcuck: :marseywingcuck: :marseywingcuck: is trying to process the contrast of how his beloved Zulu cultural laws have been turbo cucked by the national constitutional laws, and is trying to Doublethink himself in that Zulu women being relegated as 2ndary citizens in past and modern Zulu cultural law was totally a good thing! :soyjakfat: :soymad: :soyjakhipster: :blacksoyjak:]

=========(end qz article)

I highlight this article to showcase the bullshit of Zulus who defend their cultural law within their modern Homelands, aNd how they basically are very resistant to national South African constitutional justice-systems to "meddle" within their affairs. The Zulus are not the only ones to resist enforcement of national law upon their custom laws, Xhosas and Pedis are also mega conservative and many wish to preserve their parallel feudal societies within South Africa, usually against the principles of equality which is the constitutional declaration.

This is important to the r*pe epidemic story.

Some comments beneath the QZ article :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3: :marseysmug3:

And guess what? The reason why there is a Zulu-Kingdom independence movement, similar to the Western Cape Independence movement, is because many Zulus are so turbo nationalistic and conservative, that they believe the ANC meddling in their affairs, AKA trying to implement gender equality, and put a stop to gender violence in the province, is seen as an affront.

YES, in this case the ANC are the good guys!

"This article appears to be in support of a ethno-traditional nationalist paradigm, arguing for traditional law to trump constitutional law." Yeah uh that's exactly what it's doing lol


Why is sexual violence in RSA specifically so hard to combat? Because of culture, and political forces to actively preserve ultra conservative customs within factions in South Africa, specifically the ethnic group ultra-nationalists such as Zulus and Xhosas.

The desire to create parallel societies, governed by customaty and cultural law have created murky legal grey zones, where police are not always permitted to patrol or hold station. Where internal customary law is dependent upon the whims of the local Indoena and chieftan, and if that individual doesn't consider r*pe a punishable offense, then it will not be punished - thus creating a culture where r*pe is normalized, in a society where women are 2ndary citizens, in spite of what the actual constitutional laws are within the country of RSA.

And the women of these ultra conservative societies, especially Zulu women, actively participate and enable it. They grow up within these conservative customary tribal homelands, and believe it to be the normalized experience, and don't report it to the police, creating a chain-reaction where more and more peeps within these Homelands, especially men consider s*x to be their right to take whenever. :marseydeadinside3: :marseyitneverbegan: :marseycoal: :doomer: :carpdeadinside: :marseydoomer: :marseydespair: :marseydepressed: :marseydeadinside2:

=====(FROM ARICLE) [my comments]

government legislation which is meant to protect women's rights, arguing that the legislation itself is progressive but that the implementation of these rights is significantly hindered for numerous reasons.

Firstly, the example of Zulu culture and the r*pe trial of President Zuma (2005/2006) will be used to show the justification and acceptance of sexual violence, particularly with the re-traditionalisation of South African culture. [ANC Women's League would attack feminists during the famous Zuma R*pe Trial, in support of Zuma, showcasing how even amongst women, r*pe was acceptable if done by their preferred leaders]

Generally speaking, the constitution and laws of South Africa are very liberal, yet the reality is that “beneath the heroic façade of the constitution”¦a vicious cocktail of violence, sexism and hatred brewed” (Hassim 2009, 57).

he realisation of the rights promised in the constitution is limited for several reasons, such as lack of political will and cultural beliefs. There have been attempts to combat sexual violence by legal means but the issue appears to be deeply embedded into South African culture which is a difficult obstacle to overcome. The realisation of these rights are hindered by certain barriers.

The first example used will be the importance of traditional cultures present in South African society and the patriarchal systems which they establish. This has been made particularly relevant in contemporary South Africa due to the 2005/2006 r*pe trial of (then, Vice-) President Jacob Zuma.

Prior to colonisation, South Africa was made up of many tribal cultures such as Swazi and Zulu. However, it appears contemporary South Africa is made up of a ‘patchwork of patriarchies'- women being subordinate in the majority of Southern African societies, subject to their chiefs or heads of the family (Bozzoli 1983, 149).

Whilst many cultures have helped to make up contemporary South African society, this section will focus specifically on Zulu culture due to the 2005/2006 Zuma r*pe trial in which he used his Zulu culture as a significant part of his defence. Moreover, Zulu cultural traditions still hold influence, particularly in isolated rural areas, such in the KwaZulu-Natal province where government services are less effective than in urban areas. [Very Importante :marseyhesfluffyyouknow:]

Whilst many cultures have a patriarchal structure, Wright highlights that Zulu society incorporates ideological controls which “served to socialise females into accepting a position of inferiority” (Bozzoli 1983, 150), limiting them to the traditional roles of mother, wife, daughter, accepting themselves as ‘second class citizens'. This idea of women as second class citizens has been carried through into contemporary society; in general, society conditions women to believe themselves at the disposal of men. :marseypenny: :marseypenny: :marseypenny:

However, during colonisation in the late 19th century, Christian missionaries attempted to stop ‘backward' practises, in particular, as many colonists found sexual subjects' offensive to discuss. Therefore, throughout colonisation and into contemporary society, many traditional Zulu practises lost their popularity, such as polygamy. However, the patriarchal structure remained throughout society.

Zuma was accused of the :rape: r*pe of the daughter of a family friend. He argued that earlier in the evening the complainant had been wearing a Kanga; a traditional African cloth which usually symbolises modesty and respectability. Throughout the trial this was“sexualised and transformed into an object of seduction” (Robins 2008, 415). Importantly, the use of the Kanga within the trial can be used to “entrench stereotypes and the r*pe mythology that dress is a key marker in the potential for r*pe”

Importantly, Zuma especially, has made an attempt of ‘re-traditionalisation' within South African society. As Harrison indicates the “re-legitimisation of cultural pride has fostered belief that returning to past traditions can resolve contemporary problems” (Harrison 2008, 177). These traditions, such as polygamy or ‘virginity testing'[1], are symbols of an unbroken connection with the past.

The r*pe trial revealed many within the country openly sided with Zuma. On the opening day of trial, Zuma supporters were more than 1000 strong. His support was mostly organised by the ANC Youth League. (Kapp 2006, 718) This highlights the attitudes of those within South Africa, especially the youth who, generally speaking, tend to be the ones to push through liberal reforms and fight for change. Their support highlighted that many viewed “the accused [Zuma] to be considered a ‘victim' and the complainant to be viewed as an ‘accused'” (Reddy and Potgieter 2006, 520). The complainant was heavily scrutinised and following the trial, she was forced to leave the country. Zuma was acquitted of the charges against him. These attitudes against r*pe victims highlight key difficulties in overcoming sexual violence. :marseydoomer: :marseydoomer: :marseydoomer: :marseydespair: :marseydespair: :marseydespair: :marseyitneverbegan:

Moreover, general police incompetency further implants the reasons why women do not rely on the justice system. On the surface, the police are ineffective due to budgeting problems, resource issues and failure to properly train personnel but there is general lack of will by the services to address sexual violence. It is estimated only 14% of perpetrators of sexual violence are sentenced.

Moreover, the police do not just fail over women's rights but, also, 80% of murders and robberies go unsolved (Anderson 2000, 792). This is a shocking figure, showing that structural issues are also problematic in the general fight for justice. Sadly, the police are seen as “more likely to engage in crime as to solve it” (Anderson 2000, 820). :marseycop: :marseycop: :marseycop:

After consideration, it can be viewed that South Africa is a society of profound contradictions, particularly between the promises of the constitution and the realities of contemporary society. :thinkingstatue:

It is essential to combat the violent legacy of apartheid but the encouragement by Zuma of re-traditionalisation only further entrenches the patriarchal system of governance.

====(End Article)


The r*pe epidemic had become so extreme, that in 2010, some Safrican white woman had the ultimate white woman moment :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2: :marseywomanmoment: and prototyped a device called R*pex.

"This is R*pex, an anti-raping device for women. The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to r*pe the woman impales himself on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the R*pex removed."

====(from article)

Ehlers said she sold her house and car to launch the project, and she planned to distribute 30,000 free devices under supervision during the World Cup period.

"I consulted engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help in the design and make sure it was safe," she said. After the trial period, they'll be available for about $2 a piece. She hopes the women will report back to her.

"The ideal situation would be for a woman to wear this when she's going out on some kind of blind date ... or to an area she's not comfortable with," she said. :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2: :marseywomanmoment: :marseywomanmoment2:

The mother of two daughters said she visited prisons and talked to convicted male feminists to find out whether such a device would have made them rethink their actions. :marseyfacepalm: Some said it would have, Ehlers said.

Critics say the female condom is not a long-term solution and makes women vulnerable to more violence from men trapped by the device.

"It not only presents the victim with a false sense of security, but psychological trauma," she added. "It also does not help with the psychological problems that manifest after assaults."

However, its one advantage is it allows justice to be served, she said. :marseyfoidretard:

Various rights organizations that work in South Africa declined to comment, including Human Rights Watch and Care International.

Critics have accused her of developing a medieval device to fight r*pe. :marseysouthernbelle4:

"Yes, my device may be a medieval, but it's for a medieval deed that has been around for decades," she said. "I believe something's got to be done ... and this will make some men rethink before they assault a woman."

=====(end article)

As critics pointed out this device was both impractical and dangerous, as it would most likely turn a r*pe into murder. Also women who prototyped the thing gave feedback that the R*pex device was pretty uncomfortable....

It was only a prototype and the government had refused to fund it. The media also mocked it.*pe-condoms-picture-will-jagged-teeth-deter-world-cup-s*x-assaults-r*pe-axe-hopes-so/

Anyways I don't have anything else of substance to say. Basically please don't r*pe anyone, GOOD NIGHT :marseywave2:


I found this via trusty ol' Reddit_Lies on Twitter, his tweet & discussion here:

I naturally went to see if this was the top story on /r/trans and it's there. The Twitter thread was great. Lucas "Keffals" Roberts pops up immediately:

and from the Reddit thread:

but y'all find this good stuff in the secret !trans subs and other drama GO GO GO


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tiktok has better shitposting than this website (1/6)


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Silly peasant! You're thinking of what's good for society rather than what's good for the haves! (100)

Stop joking. This is serious. (-13)

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What could possibly be more valuable than educating the next generation? No, that value doesn't make itself known within a quarter, but having an educated populace pays dividends. Unless of course the ruling elite actually want a bunch of dumb slaves, which it certainly seems like they do. (440)

Teacher salaries are determined locally. Only 17 states have state-wide pay schedules for teachers, and those only specify minimums.Blaming a "ruling elite" when this is a local issue just makes you look unserious. (-14)

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They were still teaching from home.  Pivoting to online learning was a learning process for everyone.  The teachers didn't frick over anyone.  Our frickin society did by not prioritizing good ventilation in buildings and universal healthcare and providing paid leave and leaving parents having to try to manage their remote learning students at the same time as full time jobs.  If you think online learning was bad wait for the impact of a spike of disabled people due to long COVID.   (13)

The teachers unions refused to work in 2021.  The online learning was bullshit and it negativity impacted poor kids who didn't have rich WFH parents to baby sit then.  My 3rd grader had online classes. Ridiculous (-13)

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The teachers unions refused to work in 2021.  The online learning was bullshit and it negativity impacted poor kids who didn't have rich WFH parents to baby sit then.  My 3rd grader had online classes. Ridiculous (-13)

While I agree that online learning isn't ideal for most age groups, neither is asking people to risk their lives and health because people send their sick kids to school because there is no mandated paid sick leave in the US. It would have been easier to return to in person learning if schools had upgraded their ventilation systems and installed air filtration, and legislation was passed to mandated that people are paid to stay home when they are sick or have sick children to care for (working from home if possible) Spreading disease does not increase productivity, and no one does a good job when they are hopped up on OTC drugs to keep themselves standing upright. This whole situation was a disaster of our own making, because people need money to pay bills, their employers do not pay them and they put their jobs at risk if they call out sick, and people who have children with no stay at home parent or nearby retired family or friends who are OK with watching sick kids (which pre c... (2)

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I know money doesn't grow on trees, but i made this same argument for police officers.If all of a sudden we said police officers in major cities will make, idk, 250k a year (for shits & gigs argument sake)... well heck, i bet all of a sudden we wouldn't have such a shortage. You'd create a ton of competition. Only the best of the best would graduate the academy, and you could hand pick the top candidates. You could weed out the pigs, the ones that shoot at acorns, or the tiny female that resorts to tazer'ing some big burly dude bc she knows she couldn't physically thwart potentially dangerous advances if it came to that. All of a sudden people aren't leaving an extremely dangerous job bc the money is good, so you can then train the next crop much better on dealing/interacting with all sorts of situations.But alas, once again, the money has to come from somewhere, even if it is for the people teaching our youth or the people will call for help. (5)

Police officer is less dangerous than pizza delivery. Cops are already very highly paid and well-protected for little education or skill. The butthole that murdered Daniel Shaver gets paid for the rest of his life because of the 'stress' he got... from murdering an unarmed kid lying on his stomach.I'm all for increasing pay, decreasing their responsibilities, as long as we also drastically reduce the size of departments and outsourcing the shit that doesn't require a dude with a badge and a gun to social workers and qualified individuals. Cops end up doing tons of shit that really doesn't need to fall on them. And mandatory bodycams, they reduce complaints two-fold, both false complaints, and real violations, because everyone knows it's being recorded. (11)

Angriness: 😡😡😡😡😡

What a fricking brain dead take! Teachers absolutely need to be paid more.It's not glorified babysitting. It's not liberal indoctrination.It's trying to get students to do the bare minimum needed to be a successful individual in this society. When parents don't help, when administrators always side with these same parents, and when society at large treats your job like a fricking joke. That's where the shitty brain dead takes come from.We need to be paid our fricking worth, BEFORE getting a masters degree! A fricking cashier at a Buc-ee's will be making more than a first and second year teacher before they earn their masters. A FRICKING CASHIER. Higher salaries will not cause inflation, where is the logic there anyway?! Pay teachers for their time, effort, compassion, and patience with dealing with the children Y'ALL failed to parent properly. It is not a teachers job to raise a kid, babysit them or even do more than just educate them! This take can only be made by someone who sees teach... (1)

Biggest Lolcow: /u/NotGalenNorAnsel

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Part 1.


Frick the middle east

There's too many problems

They just get in the way

We sure could live without them

They hijack our planes

They raise our oil prices

We'll kill them all and have a ball

And end their frickin' crisis

Beirut, Lebanon-won't exist once we're done

Libya, Iran-we'll flush the bastards down the can

Syrians and shiites-crush their faces with our might

Then Israel and Egypt can live in peace without these peepees!

!accelerationists !chuds !metalheads !jidf

airplane lady that went crazy posts bikini photo and comes out as rightoid grifter. rightoids simp and sneed, leftoids poke fun

Feet slightly hidden

yes i posted this for our resident !coomers

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette or a Cambodian genocide
I finally found one good Twitter poster, @brigham_hung "I am a transsexual jewish mormonboo from russia" (someone invite her here)

(love that reddit has become a generic trademark for unfunny)

(TIL souls in the two lower heavens in Mormonism lose their genitals)

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Marsey the Catgirl SillyTavern AI card release! Full emotion card included

To interact with Marsey you will need to follow the sillytavern setup instructions, you can either use a local model or hook her up to GPT api or something. I don't want to share my IP address but maybe some dramanaut might be able to open a session up for people using this.

!coomers !codecels

Example chats.

edit: I am heavily in negative coins now, money pls


Here's what they're talking about:

It's not even "body type" anymore, you're just a weird enby blob no matter what you do

I'm trans and these new avatars are literally what I look like IRL 😭 I wanna escape reality with this game, not be faced with the hard truth that my body is a deformed mess 😔


i honestly feel this exact same way, i loved my character actually looking fem, not a weird mad body with a chest 😭😭😭


Non-binary transmasc and I'm not even having a good time with it, my poor avatar is all lumpy, squat, and chesty now, idk how to make him like before :(


Also not cis, transmasc. I don't know what it is but the fact that I can't make it look like “me” is REALLY bothering me. None of the clothes look the way I want them too, and I feel like half the outfits just make it… obvious that I'm female? If that makes sense??? It's hard to explain. It literally drags all my insecurities front and center


this fr. they took everything I enjoyed presenting femininely, along with forcing awful proportions. managing to go from affirming to disturbing is something else.


Will this finally make devs stop uglifying your avatar options? Will the boob slider come back? :marseyhope: !g*mers !chuds


Very strange out of left-field update to make everyone suddenly a blob for no reason.

The @PokemonGoApp removed gender from all Pokemon Go! players yesterday

Thank God, finally we can just pick style, like it's written in the bible :marseypraying: Can anyone confirm? I don't really trust Mark Kern for an even handed take, but…


:marseylaugh: :marseyemojirofl:

The main GO subreddit is angry. Of all places, I expected reddit to be happy everyone is trans.

Please roll back this atrocious update.

Luckily, someone discovered the reason for this update:

So what was the reasoning for this update?


Looks like they made people fat, too, which is something I saw people saying on /v/, but who knows. All that matters is they need you to see a theyfab crotch.

Pro tip: leaving small pokemon to defend gyms while wearing a skirt allows you to show off your crack

It's Beaver Time

Is this NSFW? Who knows, all that matters is it gives you vicarious gender euphoria :transheart:

The entire GO subreddit is pooping on or making fun of the game, there's too much to post it all. From people posting how they're suddenly big chungus to becoming transwomen. You can even be Tyler1.

There is a largish thread on the main Pokemon sub, but most of them don't care and would rather post about making something with legos or whatever.

I feel like they made male models, and then said, well if we add boobs this will work for women too.


It's awful. There are no masculine faces in the game. And the “buff” physiques just give you boobs

What soy protein does to a MF.

God forbid a woman has shape […]

(OP)This!! I'm fine with adding more body types but don't take away this one!

Yes, I'm taking this out of context to mislead because it's funnier that way.

Let's take a look at the game's twitter

Had to vote to see the tallies, so I stayed sigma centrist and said “mid.”

The replies with people posting their abominations are great.

There's even more replies to their first announcement, so enjoy.

NEW TAYLOR ALBUM LEAKED!! (/r/Fauxmoi seethes at Swifties) :taytea:

They're complaining about her dating a racist and cheating on a guy with depression :tayshrug:


Can we get a !nothingeverhappens ping group?

Israel is a dramanaut
None :#marseybruh2:

In case you hate the shitty AI voice here's the summary

  • In 2018 when he was 12 he discovered reddit. He eventually finds out that there's a karma leaderboard.

  • By 2019 he has 3,000 karma. He cringes now looking back at his comments.

  • His "breakthrough" happened in March 2019 when a meme he posted got upvoted. It was even reviewed in one of Pewdiepies videos.

  • He makes it into /r/EternityClub realizes they're cringe and leaves.

  • Still he wants to make it into /r/CenturyClub. Gets banned for 3 days for telling a furry to kill himself :marseybased: Continues grinding and finally gets 100k and makes it into /r/CenturyClub. Realizes they're cringe 30+ year old Americans obsessed with politics and leaves.

  • In 2020 he turns his focus to minecraft. Gets bored with that and goes back to reddit.

  • He had much more time now because of the pandemic which kept him at home for almost 2 years.

  • Now he wanted 1 million karma. He messages Gallowboob for advice. Now he is locked in.

  • It took almost a year to reach 100k karma. Another 6 months to 200k. But now it only took 6 days to get to 300k.

  • He got every reddit award now. Some guy gave $175 worth of awards :marseyxd:

  • In September 2020 he reaches 1 million points after only 47 days of grinding. It was quite fast.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger even replied to one of his posts, but he didn't really know who Arnold was :marseyzoomer:

  • Now the American election is coming up. He's an Italian kid so he knows nothing about it, but he realizes reddit hates Trump so he starts posting anti Trump memes. They do well. He learns about more American politicians and which ones reddit hates so he can get more karma :marseydicklet:

  • By the end of 2020 he was over 2 million karma.

  • He joined a groomercord some Indian guy made called Redditors United where top karma accounts could share advice. He considered them idols, but later realized they were mostly "16 year old Indians with way too much free time. Just like me." :marseyemojirofl:

  • He still wanted to grind to 10 million karma. He now posted 100 times per day at regular intervals.

  • Time was not a problem since he had online school and could keep Google meet open while posting to reddit.

  • He made a google spreadsheet to track his progress and aimed for 30k points a day or 1 million a month.

  • By his 14th birthday he reached 5 million. He basically just spammed posts now and at one point was averaging 90k points per day. By May 2021 he reached 10 million karma after "5 months of grinding with no breaks."

  • But this was starting to negatively affect his school work so he had to take time off reddit to focus on algebra :marseylaughpoundfist:

  • He came back to reddit. Now he wanted to be number 1. The target was 38 million "set by /u/CheetahSperm18, a porn addicted American man who posted naked anime girls everyday." :marseydarkxd:

  • Someone gets suspicious and sees that this zoomer posted at almost the same times everyday. They assume he's a bot so he gets banned from the /r/BotDefense system. This banned him from 3k subs.

  • Undeterred he carried on eventually reaching 25 million karma.

  • Now he was back at in person school so he would run home when it finished and spam reddit with more posts. During this time he got banned twice. But appealed them successfully.

  • The start of 2022 was great because Putin invaded Russia so now he could spam Zelensky.

  • But he notices his karma started slowing. He was banned from too many subs. Had to focus on school. So he took 3 months off.

  • He claims now is when he learned python and made a bot to automate his posts. Posting 360 times a day.

  • People got mad. Someone reports him and reddit permanently bans him for content manipulation. Other big accounts got banned as well.

Now he was free to touch grass and just posts to his youtube.

Proving that reportmaxxing works!

I saw this here

I didn't plan to watch it all due to the annoying voice, but the autism of it drew me in. Where were this kids parents. Absolutely r-slurred. At least he got away from it eventually.

Until python has @nothrow and @nogc it will never be as good as D

I was writing a python script today to scrap reddit and generate a list of transexuals and hamas simps for me to block and it was nothing but pain.

Why you ask?

Because python does nothing to warn you what error your code can throw or even if it can throw an error. In D (the far superior langue) you can tag your code @nothrow and if your code can throw any error you've not handled the compiler will throw an error. This allows for good, safe, trustworthy code the likes of which you will never get from gaython

No instead you'll write a try except for every case you can think of just to have it throw one you didn't, give up and use pokemon exception like a jr!

The case for @nogc is even simpler, my code is short lived enough that it simply doesn't need garbage collect. Instead I the almighty dev should be allowed to manually managed the memory thus ensuring I get the maximum amount of perforce.

I can't tell you how useful nogc is in D.

!codecels embrace the D, it's the future

PS: rust and go are gay.

Boycott the world's '77th largest exporter of potty paper'!!!

I'm skeptical. Do Palestinians even have trees?

Also, Palestine is nowhere to be found on the world bank potty paper exports page.,205%2C006.45K%20%2C%20103%2C653%2C000%20Kg).

Reported by:
  • Alan : /h/personal
EFFORTPOST Catharine Mackinnon on Pornography

Admittedly, she is one my favourite feminists and scholars so I do have a soft spot for her even I don't agree with all her arguments. Catharine is a feminist law professor whose work has focused on civil rights. Her most influential work has been in the field of sexual harassment and has had a considerable impact on laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and in education. Consequently, her book titled Sexual Harassment of Working Women: A Case of S*x Discrimination, published in 1978, is one of the most academically cited American legal texts.

Before we begin, I should provide a few definitions beforehand. Erotica is a broad term that covers a host of erotic art including nude photography, erotic literature and many other mediums each with their own conventions and degrees of explicitness. MacKinnon defines pornography as a subcategory of erotica which serves to subordinate women. To explain it more clearly, here is MacKinnon speaking for herself.

For her, pornography is an enactment of male sexual dominance over women. What should be noted about her definition, as Encyclopaedia Britannica points out, is that “The distinction between pornography (illicit and condemned material) and erotica (which is broadly tolerated) is largely subjective and reflects changing community standards”

Typically, anti-pornography stances are based on religious objections and moral disgust at sexual behaviour individuals find personally offensive. However, MacKinnon takes a much different route, one I consider worthy of consideration even if I don't entirely agree with it. One of the biggest influences of MacKinnon's views has to do with her experiences she's had legally representing women who have been harmed while working in the porn industry. One of the most famous examples of this is Susan Boreman who in 1972, starred in the pornographic film Deep Throat under the pseudonym Linda Lovelace. The film became one of the highest grossing x-rated films at the time. However, years later Susan Boreman came forward with allegations that the director, Chuck Traynor, has abused her during filming. Furthermore, she claimed that she was forced to do several scenes against her will, with Chuck standing with an M16 rifle pointed at her just off camera. Furthermore, she claims that in the film, bruises from her abuse could be seen. Such cases have caused MacKinnon to state that pornography differs from other sources of media in that what is depicted may be fantasy, but it requires actual women to be subjected to the acts being seen. In other words, porn is done to women. As MacKinnon writes: “with pornography, men masturbate to women being exposed, humiliated, violated, degraded, mutilated, dismembered, bound, gagged, tortured, and killed. In the visual materials, they experience this being done by watching it being done.” She continues by writing “As an initial matter, it should be observed that it is the pornography industry, not the ideas in the materials, that forces, threatens, blackmails, pressures, tricks, and cajoles women into s*x for pictures. In pornography, women are gang r*ped so they can be filmed. They are not gang r*ped by the idea of a gang r*pe. It is for pornography, and not by the ideas in it, that women are hurt and penetrated, tied and gagged, undressed and genitally spread and sprayed with lacquer and water so s*x pictures can be made.” MacKinnon also makes that claim, without providing a source, that “all pornography is made under conditions of inequality based on s*x, overwhelmingly by poor, desperate, homeless, pimped women who were sexually abused as children”.

Although pornography is a subcategory of prostitution, the kind of widespread research Farley provides from prostitution isn't available for pornography. Thus, we cannot be sure that MacKinnon is talking about token cases, or whether she is describing what the majority of what the industry does. Consequently, one can find numerous cases of women within the industry speaking both positively and negatively about pornography. For the sake of fair representation, I shall display two camps from within the industry talking about their industry.

On the negative side, a porn actress has recently accused a popular porn production company of sexual assault and abuse during one of her shoots. She claims she was choked, slapped and thrown against a wall until she bled. In 2015, several porn actresses came forth with numerous claims that James Deen had r*ped and sexually assaulted them during filming. There are also testimonials from ex pornstars who document several cases of humiliation and abuse on porn sets. However, for every negative story, there are several positive cases of women who claim they feel empowered by porn and find it to be a fun occupation. It is for these reasons that I hesitate to agree with MacKinnon summaries of the entire industry. There simply needs to be more research. If one is interested in the topic, I would strongly suggest the documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted' produced by Rashida Jones which offers a relatively objective and neutral look into the porn industry.

So, what I do wish to focus on with regards to her anti-porn arguments lie with her discussions of pornography as free-speech. According to MacKinnon, pornography, at least in the United States is protected as free speech. Because of this, there is a belief that all free speech should be protected lest we fall victim to tyranny. She sums up the argument as such:

“The evil to be avoided is government restricting ideas because it disagrees with the content of their political point of view. The terrain of struggle is the mind; the dynamic at work is intellectual persuasion; the risk is that marginal, powerless, and relatively voiceless dissenters, with ideas we will never hear, will be crushed by governmental power. This has become the "speech you hate" test: the more you disagree with content, the more important it becomes to protect it. You can tell you are being principled by the degree to which you abhor what you allow. The worse the speech protected, the more principled the result. There is a faith that truth will prevail if left alone, often expressed in an openly competitive laissez-faire model taken from bourgeois economics and applied to the expressive marketplace: the "marketplace of ideas" metaphor. The marketplace becomes the battlefield when we are assured that truth will prevail”

MacKinnon problematizes this by arguing that although free speech exists, not everyone has equal amounts of free speech. Furthermore, the privileged have louder free speech or ‘more' free speech. Thus, in the case of pornography, subordinated women's bodies become the free-speech of porn producers (almost always male of course). Secondly, she questions why some forms of speech are banned when they target marginalized groups yet pornography does the same thing. In other words, hanging a noose in front of black person's lawn or burning a cross are all forms of free speech which conveys ideas. So is sticking a ‘whites only' sign in front of a store. However, these are regarded as prohibited forms of speech using a kind of rationale that isn't extended to pornography. MacKinnon argues that the free speech of pornography sends the message that women are to be subordinated. She writes “at stake in constructing pornography as "speech" is gaining constitutional protection for doing what pornography does: subordinating women through s*x.” MacKinnon argues that pornography, if it is speech, is a kind of speech (much like racism) that is harmful to society. She writes “Social inequality is substantially created and enforced-that is, done-through words and images.” Thus, by displaying women in subordinated positions, pornography conveys the message in society that women are second-class citizens that exist for the sexual pleasure of men. Now, for this claim, MacKinnon may in fact have evidence on her side. A study by Maree Crabbe which looked at the most popular porn found that 88% of it depicted physical aggression. Of this 88%, 94% of physical aggression was directed towards women. So what message does such ‘free speech' convey? According to MacKinnon, “the message of these materials, and there is one, as there is to all conscious activity, is ‘get her,'”.

The second aspect of MacKinnon's arguments which I wish to discuss concern the effects of pornography on society. MacKinnon claims “Pornography makes the world a pornographic place through its making and use, establishing what women are said to exist as, are seen as, are treated as, constructing the social reality of what a woman is and can be in terms of what can be done to her, and what a man is in terms of doing it.”

Now, there is an interesting phenomenon I want to discuss. When the influences of media on society are brought up, there is often a pushback. The argument is typically as such: ‘I know how to separate fantasy from reality, thus it is ridiculous to claim that media makes people do things'. On the surface, the argument is true. In most cases, adults can distinguish fiction from real life and it is also true that one cannot hold media accountable for the actions that they commit. However, within this there is an often overlooked fact that media doesn't outright control so much as it surreptitiously influences and, furthermore, individuals who believe that they are immune to this are often most at risk. It is often claimed that video games, movies etc don't contribute to violence. However, when one does even the most cursory research, we find that the complete opposite is true. There is in fact an almost unanimous agreement among experts that what we consume affects our beliefs and actions. If this were not the case, a multi-billion dollar advertising industry would not exist and propaganda would not be the dangerous weapon it is. In an article by Craig Anderson et al we learn that:

“Research on violent television and films, video games, and music reveals unequivocal evidence that media violence increases the likelihood of aggressive and violent behaviour in both immediate and long-term contexts

This isn't limited to violence. Another study by Todd Heatherton et al found that:

  • Compared to adolescents with low exposure to smoking in movies, those with high exposure are about three times as likely to try smoking or become smokers.

Yet many laymen still believe that media doesn't influence people. To explain this phenomenon in the face of an unquestionable scientific consensus, Brad Bushman et al posits that

  • One reason is people think the media have a much stronger effect on others than on themselves—called the third person effect (Davison, 1983)

In other words, everyone thinks that they are the exception. More than just media having an impact on society, there is evidence that pornography itself has permeated society. According to Maree Crabbe, among “13–16 year olds in Australian schools, 93 per cent of males and 62 per cent of females had seen pornography online”. For many of these young children, porn will serve as one of the only sources of s*x-ed, which is a frightening thought. Maree writes, “porn has become a central mediator of young people's sexual understandings and experiences. Young people are exposed to porn at unprecedented rates. Many young people discover porn before they've encountered s*x. They are seeing it more frequently, through more media, and what they are seeing is harder and more aggressive. Young people are living in an era of new sexual expectations, acceptance and practices […] There is evidence that many young people are enacting porn scripts.”. Part of the issue is that porn catalogues women according to their race and body parts – in other words, this is peak objectification where women are merely the sum of their parts. This is problematic because, as MacKinnon points out “Sexual objectification is the primary process of the subjection of women”. She also adds that this objectification is far from different to the worker alienation described within Marxist theory.

Now if porn does create a misogynistic society, an opposition to pornography becomes a little more of a reasonable idea. For instance, oppositions to confederate statues in USA are often based on the grounds that the existence of these statues contribute to creating a society where African Americans are degraded every time they are forced to walk past them. In fact, similar arguments are made in South Africa regarding colonial statues. In other words, what these statues say is conducive to a white supremacist society. Could those same arguments be transferred to pornography? Does the proliferation of pornography create a male supremacist society? This is a very difficult question and, of the four horsewomen, I'd argue that MacKinnon poses some of the most troublesome ideas to wrap our heads around.

One criticism of MacKinnon and her theory is that it falsely categorizes r*pe as s*x. In other words, porn depicts s*x and thus could have nothing to do with r*pe. This is a rehashing of the “r*pe is about power” mantra. MacKinnon outlines these criticisms by writing that “some feminists have encouraged and participated in this type of analysis by conceiving r*pe as violence not s*x”. The problem with this, as MacKinnon points out, is that it fails to account for the fact that for some men, the force and violence in r*pe is arousing and sexually satisfying. Sexual sadists do exist. A huge deal of criticism towards MacKinnon has also come from Judith Butler. Summing up MacKinnon's views, in Excitable Speech, Butler writes: “In Only Words (1993) pornography ought to be construed as a kind of ‘wound' according to MacKinnon, because it proclaims and effects the subordinated status of women.” Butler's problem with this is that by insisting that pornography is subordinating, it limits the ability to rearticulate the hate speech as something that isn't subordinating. As Moya Lloyd summarises, “Dworkin, MacKinnon and Helms are, for Butler, actively and somewhat ironically engaged in rearticulating and reinvigorating the very discourses they seek to repudiate” (114-5). Thus, Butler argues that “keeping such terms unsaid and unsayable can also work to lock them in place, preserving their power to injure”. If one is familiar with Butler's work, it becomes clear that Butler very much favours rearticulation, that is, disrupting the relationship between signifiers and signifieds. Now, broadly speaking, I agree with Butler's theory. However, I feel as though examples of successful rearticulation of hate speech are few and far between. Language and symbols change over time, but hate speech seems to be very resistant to change. Hate speech such as BIPOC and queer are said to be rearticulated and have been used in different contexts, yet it's plainly obvious that after all these years they still carry their injurious power. In terms of pornography, there have been attempts to rearticulate it. Some feminists have championed feminist pornography which features female directors, sets to depict genuine female sexual pleasure and seeks to subverts the harmful tropes of traditional pornography. Furthermore, with the proliferation of webcams, amateur pornography which is not dependent on large corporations has been allowed to flourish, enabling a variety of pornography which strays from heteronormative and subordinating depictions of women.

So, in closing, I'd like to ask the rest of you: In light of everything I've said, considering the fact that 84% of pornography depicts physical aggression (the vast majority of it directed towards women) does pornography create a pornified society? Is pornography, as it exists today, the proliferation of hate speech? Can pornography be rehabilitated to promote a healthier kind of sexuality?

For further reading, I would suggest MacKinnon's text Only Words as well as her excellent article titled “Feminism, Marxism, Method and the State” which, for me at least, has offered one of the most definitive outlinings of the purpose of feminism and what its methodology for action should be. It also brings up my discomfort regarding the relationship between capitalism and feminism.

Men continue to be weird about their c*m

I've come to the conclusion that your semen is your soul.

When you're drained of it, your personality shrinks, you have nothing interesting to contribute, you have no passion for anything, you have no direction, you're waiting for days to pass.

When you're full of it, you're creative, interesting, excited, witty, and ready to conquer the world.

It is obvious to me now that we are bodies with souls trapped inside. Our semen is the life of that soul. When we procreate, we pass part of our soul on into the future. When we retain, the strength of our soul grows.

Who else is sleepin on a roof tonight??

AwWwOOoOo frick its hot out!!! 🥵


It's a nothingburger :chudglassesglow:
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