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BASED :marseycheers: It appears as if some rascal has left a beautiful artwork on Reddit Canada's offices

10,000 dramacoin to the dramatard brave enough to pay homage. The address is

Reddit Canada Limited

1 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5J 2P1, Canada

It's in the alleyway between the offices and Bardi's steakhouse (yes thats a real place).

Hello I love and missed you all so, so, much.

Oh yea and big thanks to @Dramarama for making the art. Video coming soon if the footage isn't shit.


TLDR :#marseywoah:

An article was published to a medical journal suggesting that there may be a link between the rapid explosion of gender dysphoria and social factors, especially for young girls. Gender activists seethe and call for the resignation of the editor of the journal and retraction of the article. The activists get told they can't remove the article becuase they're mad it disagrees with them. Activists seethe and pressure the journal to remove the paper based on a technicality

Background Infomation

Littman walked so Chuds could run

Before we talk about the current paper being published we have to discuss how this whole event was set up, and that starts with Lisa Littman

Real chuds already know that Littman is a medical doctor that specializes in studying gender dysphoria and specifically those who detransition. She was even the individual that created the term "rapid onset gender dysphoria”. Littmans major controversy was when she published an article to PLos One titled "Rapid-onset gender dysphoria in adolescents and young adults: A study of parental reports". The study surveyed parents of kids who had transitioned and seemed to hypothesize that there could be social contagion, especially among young females, that contribute to gender dysphoria.

While the study itself had several prominent weakness, it was an interesting report that had potential to be expanded on. But backlash from Gender activists led to Littman's university to retracting support for her:

Along with the journal being republished with several corrections to make sure its readers know that the article is VERY limited in it's scope and is a weak study.

Surely, journal publishers would always be this scrutinizing when deciding which research papers to publish.


But nonetheless that brings us up to date so we can discuss the similar issue that occured just recently but this time in [CURRENT YEAR]

The Controversy :marseype#arlclutch:

Current Year Problems

The controversy began in Late March of this year when an article titled "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases" was published to the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior of Springer Nature by Suzanne Diaz and Michael Bailey.

The study explored the same ideas in the Littman study by to a greater extent. The original Littman paper surveyed 256 parents while Diaz and Baileys study surveyed 1655 parents. The paper was able to corroborate several of the findings in the original Littman Paper:

This data bolstered Littman’s findings about the onset of gender dysphoria after puberty, predominantly in girls, in conjunction with preexisting mental-health conditions, heavy social-media usage, and peer influence. They also corroborated Littman’s 2018 finding that an overwhelming majority (90 percent) of concerned parents are politically progressive, undermining the common narrative that criticisms and concerns about gender affirmation originate in conservatism.


As mentioned before, The Bailey and Diaz paper seeked to expand on Littmans original findings. And thats what they did:

Females are more than twice as likely to pursue social transition. However, among those who experienced gender dysphoria for at least one year, males were more likely to undergo hormonal interventions. Moreover, a majority of parents reported feeling coerced by gender specialists to affirm their child’s new identity and endorse his or her transition. Parents who facilitated their child’s social transition reported that the child’s mental health “deteriorated considerably after social transition,” and that their relationship with their child suffered.

The purpose of the paper was to provide evidence against the currently accepted approach of "gender affirmation" suggesting that "hey, maybe we should slow down and actually find more research before experimenting on the young kiddos". Obviously no one should have a problem with this.



One day passes after the article is published, and Bailey and Diaz recieve a list of questions from the executive committee of the International Academy of S*x Research (IASR) about their Institutional Review Board (IRB) ethics-approval process and with the journal raising “significant concerns about the ethical conduct and integrity of the editorial process” .

For those unaware IRB boards are committees that review research studies to ensure that they comply with applicable regulations, meet ethical standards, follow institutional policies, and protect research participants. Basically they make sure you have consent from patients before you go probing their bussys in the name of science.

Keep this all in mind, because we're going to touch on this point again.

Bad Faith

News of the Baileys and Diaz article begins to circulate and a group of hundred plus scientists (on the right side of history) draft a lengthy open letter to Springer Nature and the IASR. The letter was seething about how Diaz and Baileys study was heckin bad faith and could hurt the homo community:

The publication also raises concerns over scientific integrity. Despite mentioning longstanding academic critiques of research around “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria,” it does not seriously engage with these critiques nor integrate insights drawn from those critiques into the study methodology, replicating the severe methodological and interpretive flaws of previous research

Publishing work on LGBTQ+ issues that does not meet the highest standards of academic and ethical rigor has caused a severe deterioration of the reputation of Archives of Sexual Behavior within LGBTQ+ research. By granting scientific legitimacy to articles that do not meet the highest standards of academic and ethical integrity, Archives of Sexual Behavior is not only undermining trust in science but also playing a distorting role in ongoing legislative and judicial debates over gender-affirming care in many countries including the United States. These actions impugn the respective reputations of Springer and IASR as a publisher and sponsoring organization.

NOOOOOOOO, If people don't trust the science we can't continue doing what we want to do


The aforementioned letter additionally demanded for the resignation of Springer Natures editor, Kenneth Zucker, and demanded for his replacement to be a person who understands the importance and has integrity on LGBTQ issues. The scientists threatened to withhold submissions to their journal if the journal didn't give into their pleas.

The severity of our scientific and ethical concerns calls for replacing Dr Kenneth Zucker as editor of Archives of Sexual Behavior. Until an editor who has a demonstrated record of integrity on LGBTQ+ matters and especially trans issues replaces Dr Zucker as editor, we will no longer submit to the journal, act as peer reviewers, or serve in an editorial capacity. We encourage our peers to do the same. If the situation is not remedied in a timely manner, we will consider terminating any involvement with the IASR and with members of Archives of Sexual Behavior’s editorial board.

While this letter makes the scientific community look like a bunch of cucks there was a counter protest to the letter that recieved over 2000 signatures telling the soycucks to shut up:

That same day, FAIR in Medicine, a nonpartisan professional network that advocates “the highest ethical standards in medical practice,” sponsored a counter-letter. This document underscored their support for Dr. Kenneth Zucker and called for an “academically robust and unbiased editorial process” at ASB and the “uninterrupted publication” of Diaz and Bailey’s study. Rather than capitulating to activists’ “censorious demands," FAIR in Medicine urged for an “open debate about the paper.” The counter-letter garnered over 2,000 signatures



We're So Back! :#marseywereback:

Now back Diaz and Bailey.

It was stated earlier that Bailey and Diaz conducted their research with survey response answers from willing volunteers, but even in this case, anything that involves collecting data from study participants requires consent per IRB policy before research ever begins and the IRB can't retrospectively approve already collected data. But due to Diaz not being associated with the University he was able to circumvent these polices and just have Bailey be a coauthor on the paper.

For Nature and Springer their policy on IRB approval porcess states:

a study has not been granted ethics committee approval prior to commencing. . . . The decision on whether to proceed to peer review in such cases is at the Editor’s discretion.

Hence, you can underatand why the scientists before were calling for the resignation of Spingers current editor. But it appeared that the activists attempts to remove the article were futile and that Diaz and Bailey wouldn't have their article retracted

It's over :#marseyitsover:

After a continuous pressure campaign from homo activists, Diaz and Bailey recieve an email from Springer telling them to get fricked and that they should have gotten EXPLICIT consent beforehand and that they have no choice but to remove the paper:

The participants of the survey have not provided written informed consent to participate in scholarly research or to have their responses published in a peer reviewed article. Additionally, they have not provided consent to publish to have their data included in this article.

At this point it's clear that the activists couldn't get the article removed on the basis of heckin wrong think but rather on this technicality.

Bailey and Diaz were going to have their article removed no matter what but they were provided an option to prepare a statement that disagreed or agreed with the decision that would be included with the retraction:

Bailey raised three major objections to Springer’s decision to retract the paper. First, he contested the grounds for retraction as an ever-changing “moving target.” Initially, Springer’s concern hinged on a potential ethics violation arising from the absence of IRB approval brought to its attention by activists. When this challenge proved to be without merit, the focus abruptly shifted to concerns about the informed consent of the study’s participants.

Second was Springer’s assertion that the study’s participants did not provide “written consent to participate in scholarly research or to have their responses published in a peer reviewed article.” As Bailey explained, the parents who took part in the survey were enthusiastic about contributing data related to ROGD, given the scarcity of information on this novel presentation of gender dysphoria. The introduction of the survey, taken by all participating parents, mentions the dearth of data on the topic and the need for parents to “seek out this information on our own” to “help us gain a better understanding” of this new phenomenon. Upon completion of the survey, parents were informed that their “answers will help us gain a better understanding of which children are more vulnerable to Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and what we can do to help them better.” The data, parents were told, would be made public online once a sufficiently large sample size was achieved.

And finally, the funniest point was Bailey pointed out that Springer’s "consent policy" wasn't even applied consistently:

Bailey pointed out Springer’s inconsistent application of their putative consent policy. He cited “a slew of ‘scholarly publications’ [by Springer] based on survey research in which the respondents did not provide explicit permission for ‘scholarly research’ use—and often apparently did not provide consent for any research purpose at all.” Examples included at least six publications using data from a health survey conducted by the American College Health Association that “included intensely personal questions relating [to] substance use, sexual behaviors, and other highly sensitive topics.”


It's never been more over :#marseydeadinside2:

Link to tweet

Tragically, even with Baileys argument, Springer went ahead and retracted the article on the basis of Bailey and Diaz not receiving proper consent. But they did thank Bailey for making them aware of the other articles that didn't recieve proper consent and now they're being investigated was well (lmao)

While it does seem like a common L for the chuds, Bailey and Diaz are planning on submitting their manuscript to another journal that's (hopefuly) less ideologically driven.

In conclusion, never stop trusting the science and Thank you for reading!


Additional Readings

[Anatomy of a Scientific Scandal](

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/u/Merari01 on suicide watch



Thanks for the suggestion @catdog

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HOLY PILGRIMAGE THREAD I’m here and its cute but r-slurred

How are reddit supposed to see this lmao. Nice art though.

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:redlight: ISRAEL IS IN A STATE OF WAR :redlight:


This will be updated as news pours in, just sent me the tweets/articles/whatever. I can't and won't sort through everything myself.


Yesterday precursors:

UN lashes Israel for Huwara settler violence after terror shooting

On battle-scarred Golan, memories of a desperate fight still fresh after 50 years

Bullet fired from West Bank smashes window next to baby in northern Israeli village

Smotrich urges closing Huwara's Palestinian shops until bypass road built for settlers

Netanyahu huddles with top security chiefs after day of terror violence

IDF says structure found on its side of northern border, taken down by Lebanon

Israeli parents, baby escape unscathed as West Bank terrorist opens fire on car

5 officers hurt, including 3 seriously, in West Bank clashes with Palestinian gunmen

4 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in fresh West Bank violence. Clashes erupt in flashpoint town

Palestinians march at youth's funeral procession after settler rampage in flashpoint West Bank town

Breaking News:

Rocket sirens sound in Jerusalem amid massive ongoing rocket barrage

IDF declares ‘state of readiness for war' amid Hamas infiltrations, rocket barrages

Woman killed in rocket attack on southern Israel

IDF says Hamas will ‘pay a very heavy price' for its surprise attack

Israel-Palestine escalation live news: Barrage of rockets fired from Gaza

Islamic Jihad chief denounces normalisation talks with Israel

Thousands of rockets fired into Israel as video shows Palestinian fighters crossing border on paragliders

Militants enter Israel from Gaza after woman killed in rocket barrage

Israeli military says it is striking targets in the Gaza Strip as air raid sirens sound in Jerusalem

Over 5,000 Rockets Fired As 'Operation Al-Aqsa Flood' Begins: Hamas Armed Wing


Xitter Links:

Many Videos Being Posted Here

Tanks already blown up


4 vids

Truck full of soldiers shooting randomly at civilians

Rockets being fired as of a few hours ago ^

Palestinians capture an Israeli jeep

Hamas declares AL-AQSA FLOOD

unprecedented infiltration into southern Israel

Fires started by rocket attacks

Vehicles and soldiers captured by Hamas

NSFL-Israeli civilians are being butchered

Dead IDF soldier being desecrated

Reddit subs to keep an eye on:








Way too many individual threads to link all here.

Send me any especially good threads and I'll include them above.

This may be a third Intifada.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :marseyjannyitsover::marseychartdowntrend2:



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Upvote to make this a Mean Girls fan site

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Í didn't realize Stable Diffusion has a folder where it saves all outputs you generate :marseyraging: :marseyraging: :marseyraging:

So Í've been running SD via the Automatic1111 WebUI on my research institute's HPC cluster. If the state of Texas is going to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on creating a massive system for ML for bioinformatics and computational biology, Í was intending to make good use of it. The lure of 320GB of GPU on an individually dedicated node was too much, and soon enough Í was using it to produce loads of high-quality fetish wank-bait.

That all has come crashing down like the Hindenburg. Í thought Í was smart, saving the outputs that were good to a personal device. What Í neglected to realize was that this program automatically saves all outputs to another folder with my name on it, one that's sitting in my research lab's shared directory. Some busybody noticed that it was taking up a disproportionate amount of the lab's allocated cloud storage.

They opened it up and found around 8TB of high quality and absurdly degenerate smut. In addition, there's numerous Dreamcloud models and Loras just sitting there, each directly named for the porn star they were trained on, as well as ones designed to reinforce learning for the appearance of specific fetishes.

As of this afternoon, Í have been informed that access to all cloud and HPC services have been suspended, and Í need to be watching Outlook for an in-person meetings with PI, department chair, head of IT, and HR that will be scheduled for Monday.

Í'm a great employee otherwise, and have contributed to multiple papers that have been published in the top echelon of journals in the past year. Í have a flawless output record. Most importantly, Í never messed around with SD when working, so it's not like Í committed wage theft or anything.

Anyway, what's the verdict?

trans lives matter

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  • F46 : ruined my day
  • 9 : ted was an rslur that killed a small business owner for no reason
  • Communist_spez : Kulak down, I repeat kulak down
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  • melgibsonsDUI : died after anti-trans legislaton enacted across the US - NOT a coincidence
:marseyunabomber::marseydead: ITS OVER
The day of the mop begins, r/AdviceAnimals is reopened by Chadmins

Potential happening. /u/legweed (head honcho of /r/AdviceAnimals) has had their permissions reduced to modmail and the subreddit has been reopened. The working idea is that a lesser mod was able to get Reddit to reopen the subreddit and coup the head mod.

(Source?) Removed original Blackout post

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  • Impassionata : most impressive
  • whyareyou : being unironically helpful to reddit is dramaphobic
  • Soot : ^ Even DOE it is drama-positive to screw over subreddit powerjannies

This post here convinced them to give me full access :star:

Stay tuned for excitement! I'll wait until they actually get some stuff together to start dumping content en masse. Might just pull the whole server again. We'll see how hysterical they get.

update: I am not able to see some channels but it's okay I still have access to them and am making this known!!!

update: I have created cognitive dissonance by spreading "FUD"?? which google says means "fear, uncertainty, doubt"

update: I am testing the waters in another channel

update: The Jannie Letters are now being discussed

update: My main has now been banned for posting content it did not have access to, like that is going to do something, somehow? Leaks to follow once they get a game plan going. They're currently considering NSFWing all their subs because ads aren't served on NSFW subs which is actually a really good idea. Though they're afraid to do this because they might get demopped by Reddit.

Last words, as seen from yet another account. Fittingly it was a train who banned me.

https://discord . gg/mKudvApxD5 - invite link.

Get in fast, Wuz is going to link this thread there for the craic.

Remove the spaces around the .
They really did not like this thread and so they've revoked the general purpose invite link. New one to follow if they reissue a new one and don't smarten up. They're in a tizzy now combatting leaks that haven't even happened yet instead of doing their union larp.

I have made this thread public to be sporting. Meeting in a few, updates on hold UFN.

Final preview:

Imagine being a webdev and being reached out to by a volunteer internet janitor of some subforum on a gay orange messageboard lol



Multi-page discussion about the scaaaaary fish in one of their secret channels. I was banned and never had access to this but I can still see! Get it together @femilip! :marseyraging:

"rdrama never changes" indeed @demmian :#marseypipe:

And now we discuss rDrama!

There is a 100% chance it will be leaked, @JayRy27. I told you all this when I first joined the server and was given limited access. Femilip decided to yall me instead of accepting generously given, excellent advice. And now we're doing this again. Are you happy?

Yeah, paywalling the API is super gay, but you know what else is super gay? You, @LunarOlympian :na:

Why are you "ramp[ing] up the verification"? You guys were all just talking about how leaks aren't a problem because this is so popular!

Even when they're trying to be mean it just makes you want to take their lunch money and dunk their heads in the toilet even more. Also! Stop using the default Midnight theme here dummies, we have much more beautiful themes once you're logged in. Dramblr is amazing! So is Coffee! And Tron!

And here are their AI-generated "open letters" which they, somehow, couldn't write themselves and are forming committees to discuss how to improve them? N8 only proposed AI generating the letter as a joke but these tards ran with it lol.

The leaks will continue until my main is unbanned and given full access to all channels so that I may be a charitable voice of reason.

Newest as of 13:27 EST


https://discord . gg/34mHx6RZ

Remove the spaces.

minor update

@sir I tried to send you a message but it says I need to be groomcord e-friends with you before we can talk

and you're not accepting my add, so I guess I'll just respond here:

ONE: rDrama actually has an extremely robust slur and profanity filter, which users can toggle on and off. Both are on by default and on for logged out users. Like see here? BIPOC. That is THE N WORD. I typed the N word. But it will appear for you as "BIPOC" - there's a LOT of these, both for actual abusive language and for just cheeky things, like Discord being changed to groomcord and such.

TWO: We actually have native support for multiple communities! You can see this both here and on Here they're called Holes and function much like subreddits, but with way more features. They're user-created and user-run. For example: /h/toomanyxchromosomes (women ☕) and /h/slackernews (tech stuff). On WPD, they function differently and they're just called Flairs and they're used for categorizing content for easy access and/or filtering. WPD's are admin-created and admin-run.

A mostly-comprehensive list of rDrama's features can be found here:

It's very impressive! And completely free and open source! We're banned from GitHub because of course we are, but you can find it all on Gitea here - Feel free to fork! We'll even build new features and stuff for you if you'd like. Maybe even for free. Our only requirement is that you don't remove Marsey, the cat mascot. You can definitely use different Marseys though; we've got over 2500 already and are always adding more user-created ones. But at least one must be present.


Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.

14:04 small update

Arkontas! I have more accounts verified in there than I even remember now! But I have a helpful textfile with a list of credentials for them so it's not really an issue. Please accept my add so we can chat!

update: He has accepted my chat and we are having a nice discussion though I am in another meeting now. Groomcord handle removed at his request.

I don't even need to be signed into any of these at this point. I am getting inundated with screenshots from other people lol

how do you do fellow hatecircle members?

14:15 EST - rDrama isn't a problem but also we need to keep this hidden from rDrama :mars#eygigathonk:

They keep going on endlessly about how it's not a secret and rDrama isn't a problem but they also keep revoking the invite link so no one can see it.

Will post new update link when available.

I already did that dummy! I'll repost here at the current end:

Here is their tentative tl;dr rant:

And here is the autojanny macro for it to annoy people with as it links them to a novel that none of them will read because holy shit

Hello @BuckRowdy! Dedicating several paragraphs pleading with the porn addicts to rally to the cause so they don't have to use the official Reddit app to jerk off (most already do anyway??) is a bold move. Let's see how that goes.


Also old but hi again @BuckRowdy!!!

As requested, you are in the screenshot @I_POGCHAMP_INFANTS. I remember you from the NNN leaks! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Super minor

Not even updating the timestamp in the flair over it, but posting the invite link here and showing them this thread functioned exactly as intended and they are now having to deal with constant requests to generate unique invites (for free!) to bring their jannie friends, since the general purpose invitation concept has been removed:

15:05 EST - They got our boy greg @hoodatninja :marseylibations:

They're also BRIGADING. Moderators! Brigading!!!

@SkorpioSound is the only one with a conscience smdh


15:50 EST - @LunarOlympian is going bigbrain mode :marseybigbrain#:

@TheSpookiestUser who has provided several new sidebar images is getting ready to quit over all the leaks :marseydepressed:


Demoralization sets in :marseygiveup:

16:00 EST - rDrama is now a no-no word :nono:

16:06 EST The abyss stares back

Watching @TheSpookiestUser's slow descent into madness has been a real treat:

Annnnd @LunarOlympian who said he was going to infiltrate rDrama but gave up without making an account is assuring the other jannies that the verification is working just fine :marseymisinformation#:

16:57 They've just been wordswordswords :marseysleep:posting for awhile now but /u/nerdshark is extremely unhappy with something that I'm not reading lol

/u/nerdshark's most recent comment on Reddit is...

and then he jannied the very popular thread, locking AND deleting it lest people stop spending all day on the subreddit for an imaginary disorder :star:

Anyway here's the current level of discussion:

Incredibly boring.

Forbes started covering it this morning though, unrelated to Reddit's volunteer janitors:


u/nerdshark just posted this while I was making this update. What's he got in his closet? Is he a pedophile? Crypto nazi? Did he once call something gay? Let's find out!

Hilariously, digging through your post history would be a million times easier if you got your way and pushshift came back. If you do win this, I am excited to see what we find!

17:07 /u/nerdshark has some weirdly specific fears about porn and children :marseyhmmm:


@Xyreo what's going on big guy?

Infant puncher guy why are you defending pedos? AGAIN??

Sharky appears to have jannie clout that infant rapist guy does not. This is getting ACTUALLY DRAMATIC now.

17:14 The pedo saga concludes with "ummm guys we have a confirmed pedo who sends porn to and hits on kids here but that's not really relevant, can we please stay on topic?"

17:16 lol oops sharky confused "xyreon" with "blocks" who he confused with "cocacola"

and it keeps getting better as /u/MotleyBlondie comes out swinging with :marseyakshually#: the boy was 16 so it's not pedophilia

But let's get back on topic :marseyshrug:

It all falls apart... :#marseydisintegrate:

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EFFORTPOST :marseysailor: Das Tuub | Titanic R-sluration

I just found out about this submarine like an hour ago. I feel really bad for the people trapped inside, especially the kid, but they kinda deserve it for even getting on this thing. Everyone's laughing at the CEO for his dumbass DEI policies, but this is just surface level stuff (lol). No one's actually explained the depths of how r-slurred this guy and his company are, so I thought I'd take some time out of my actual engineering job while I'm sitting in a boring butt zoom meeting to properly call this guy a fricking r-slur, so you can all find this just as funny as I do. I thought you all might appreciate it a little more than just some sporadic tweets about the DEI shit he did. This is going to be like a Challenger-style breakdown and what exactly went wrong so you can appreciate this frick-up.

There's gonna be a lot of naval puns in this so bear with me here. A lot of this is coming from my friend, also an engineer, who's done more research into this than I have.

In the Boatginning

Dramatards, I'd like to introduce you to Stockton Rush. Owner of the the most startup founder-ish name in history, this guy has been making janky submarines his entire life. He got his start in the aerospace industry, as a test engineer on the F-15 with McDonnell-Douglass. Anyone familiar with the industry will note that experience with McDonnell-Douglass is not necessarily a good thing on your resume.

He's made a career out of building submarines that are cheaper and more accessible to the general population, and his company, OceanGate, has had a few successful designs. What's notable about his history, however, is that he's made them cheaper largely by bypassing safety standards. His first submarine that they operated was called Antipodes, was a refit sub built by a different company. Originally intended for research purposes, they used it instead for tourist dives.

The first actual submarine they built was the Cyclops 1, a carbon-fiber (we'll come back to this part) submarine controlled using a PlayStation controller, with an operational depth of 500m. The submarine is deployed/recovered from some weird floating drydock concept, which crucially allows them to not use human rated cranes to recover the submarine.

After seeing some moderate success, he's gone and built the submarine in question, the Titan, which is built from a composite carbon-fiber and titanium. They bought the hull from a company called Spencer Composites, who intended it to be SINGLE USE. The submarine was built to a factor-of-safety (multiple of how much of the expected load you can withstand before it breaks) of 2.25 (which is frick-all, especially for a submarine - should be at least 6, probably more like 10). . A lot of journ*lists who went on board the thing noted that most of the parts on the interior were sourced from local hardware stores, as were the ballast tanks. They were not, as you could imagine, comfortable about being on board once they realized this.

DEI-ing At Sea

This guy's team is a bunch of young, impressionable diversity hires. He's explicitly avoided anyone with experience because they are old and white and men. They're not very inspirational, and so they don't have a place on Rush's team.

Anyone who has worked on an engineering project before knows that any engineer with less than 2 years of practical experience is a massive drain on the project and need to be babysat constantly, ESPECIALLY if they might kill someone. They're usually worth investing in because they'll give you a great return in the long run, but boy are those first couple of years hard.

I didn’t hire experienced people because I’m a racist

oh no my boat sank, how could this have possibly happened


This is going to go a long way to explain why what happened did happen, so buckle up.

Frick-up #1: Carboat-Fiber

Let's talk materials for a second. Carbon-fiber is what's called a composite material, because it's made from a couple of different types of material. You have the carbon fibers themselves, which are really resistant to being stretched in-plane (like pulling apart a sheet of paper), but have very little strength out of plane (like poking a hole in paper) or off-axis (they're woven into almost a cloth, if you pull at a 60 degree angle to that weave, they lose 80% of their strength).

Carbon fibers are usually set in place with solidified plastics, like epoxy. It solves a lot of problems as far as directional strength goes, but you still need to be careful with it. In a specific configuration, it has similar material properties to a common aerospace aluminium alloy (T-6061), while being a fraction of the weight. Great for airplanes and race cars, where mass is a factor.

Steel is the best material, and the only reason you use anything else is either because you don't want it to rust, or because you can't use steel. It's cheap, strong, and (crucially) it can be stressed over and over again without building up stress fractures. If you keep it under a certain limit, it will never break. NO OTHER MATERIAL DOES THIS.

This makes ideal for something that you're going to put under pressure, and then remove it from that pressure, over and over and over again, in a scenario where weight isn't a factor. Like, say, a submarine.

Stockton Rush, however, is way too cool for steel :marseysmug3:. He has instead decided to build his submarine out of the super cool airplane material, without understanding why its there in the first place. Composite materials are generally vulnerable to snapping if they're loaded repeatedly, which is why the company that built this refused to endorse it after finding out it was going to be used like it was.

It's never been used on submarines before, and with really good reason. It's not just not an optimal choice, it's literally the worst one possible. From the Business Insider article:

The Titan sub was never checked to see if it was up to standard because of its "innovation," OceanGate said in 2019. The sub features a carbon fiber hull that had never been used on submersibles before, according to the "Unsung Science" podcast.


Rush managed to bypass safety standards yet again by using completely different materials and then claiming that the standards aren't relevant. They make you sign a massive waiver when you sign up. No one has actually checked if this thing is safe. There's no standard it's being held to, there's no regulation, no third-party review. No matter how good you are, you can always frick up. Their cavalier attitude towards safety has now probably killed the CEO and four other people.

From their blog:

Maintaining high-level operational safety requires constant, committed effort and a focused corporate culture – two things that OceanGate takes very seriously and that are not assessed during classification.

But it's ok, because they have a corporate culture of safety.

Frick-up #2: Electronixed

So this is an interesting note that I found is that the submarine has no onboard navigational system,. Yes, you read that correctly. They operate it by having a different ship monitor its position, and then send it text messages telling it where it is.

Journ*list David Pogue, who rode in Titan to view the Titanic in 2022, noted that Titan was not equipped with an emergency locator beacon; during his expedition, the surface support vessel lost track of the Titan "for about five hours, and adding such a beacon was discussed. They could still send short texts to the sub, but did not know where it was. It was quiet and very tense, and they shut off the ship's internet to keep us from tweeting."


These people are all going to die

That's part of the reason they can't find it, is because the submarine doesn't know where it is, and can't tell anyone even if it did. It even failed before, and they still didn't fix it. That's not just stupid, it's criminally negligent.

The controls of this thing consist of a single button, and is piloted by a PlayStation controller. I'll point out that the idea of using a gamepad as a submarine helm control is not necessarily a bad one, and was actually implemented by USN submariners to great success. It's intuitive to zoomer helmsmen, really easy to teach, and was actually a way better control scheme than what they were using before. That being said, USN submarines are extremely well designed, very redundant, and extremely well-built. This stupid thing has none of that.

Because of the lack of navigation and emergency beacon, these people are very likely going to die, and it's going to be very unpleasant. It's really hard to find submarines even when they want to be found, and there's still no means of even rescuing these people even if they're found. They've got anti-submarine-warfare aircraft searching and everything, but still nothing.

Frick-up #3: Oxy-Constants

I can't think of a good pun for this. There's no real good source on this that I've seen because it's kind of an obscure problem, but they also fricked up the gas lines on the ship.

When maintaining an atmosphere for people to breathe, you have to be pretty careful with the gas composition. You need gas cyclers to remove CO2 buildup, and replace it with oxygen. Nitrogen doesn't need to be replaced because it's not consumed. This is standard on airplanes, submarines, spacecraft, anything sealed. Failure to do this was infamously the cause of the Apollo 1 disaster, where a pure, high-pressure oxygen atmosphere caused a dramatic fire when some nylon started to overheat.

Can you guess what OceanGate have done?


That's right, they've been injecting pure oxygen into the cabin, with untested electronics on board.

Jesus Christ, guys. You get so many startup CEOs bitching about safety standards, and every now and then when they push the limits, we all get a very public reminder of why they're there in the first place. And it usually costs the lives of people who were tricked into getting onto that stupid butt vehicle in the first place.


It's gone :marseyitsover:

But I left a small reminder. Context for the non-terminally online

New Duolingo course dropped
EFFORTPOST From Lawtuber to Loltuber: The decline of Nick Rekieta

Many dramanauts who followed the Daryl Brooks Saga, the Keffals crusade against Kiwifarms, or the Heard v. Depp case may already be familiar with a rather large-nosed legal streamer (Not jewish tho) named Nick Rekieta. He is the host of "Lawsplaining the Interwebz," a long-format, late-night stream where he drinks whiskey and sneeds about legal issues and court cases of our time. Nick Rekieta has seen himself involved in a number of controversies within the last year or so. :marseykink: :marseydrunk: :marseywomanmoment: In this post, I will cover the history of Rekieta, his rise, and his somewhat recent descent into lolcowdom.

>Before we can understand Nick Rekieta, we must understand what came before him.

"A Cuck and a Dick"

If you were a 90's kid on the internet, you may remember "Maddox," who I briefly mentioned in my Lowtax post. Maddox, real name George Ouzounian, was another early internet celebrity who gained a following in the late 90's/early 2000's writing comedy articles shitting on children's drawings, explaining why you should beat your kids, etc. His website was called "The best page in the Universe" and is still up today. He also wrote a book called "The Art of Manliness" which was considered funny back then but is cringe today IMO. He is mostly remembered for having a "persona" of being impossibly stubborn, retardedly overconfident, and "edgy." He was essentially famous for being a troll before there was a word for it.

"Dick Masterson," real name Dax Herrera, is a "comedian" from LA who first emerged in 2007 going on Dr. Phil and pretending to be a giga misogynist instead of just a regular misogynist like the average rDrama user. He appears to have tiny face syndrome like Charlie Kirk. You can actually see a picture of him in the formatting help section of rdrama. He wrote a book called "Men are better than women" and made a website called, which featured articles that explain women are dumb/ fat/ useless, etc. His appearance on Dr. Phil is pretty funny because he's like a proto Andrew Tate.

You may have noticed that both of these retards are cut from a similar cloth, both being known for playing a "character" that's entire existence is to troll people with inflammatory hot takes. On May 20th, of 2014, the two would begin a podcast together, titled, "The Biggest Problem in the Universe." The show's format involved the hosts choosing a current issue or problem in the world, and debating the other as to why their problem was worse. Maddox was liberal, neurotic as fuck, and easy to aggravate. Dick was definitely more libertarian, more laid back, and seemed to have a knack for pushing Maddox's buttons. The show was actually really successful, and had genuine potential to be a long-term thing. In their debates, Maddox would regularly lose to Dick, who would troll him by making him watch a minute of the Titanic whenever he lost. Maddox's mask would often slip as he would react with authentic butthurt to Dick's chuddery. Things would get even more spicy around episode 70(ish), when Dick and Maddox would attend a wedding for one of their friends. Dick would meet and later date one of Maddox's ex-girlfriends who was present at the wedding (Dick is still with this woman to this day). This caused the rift between the two hosts to deepen into a trench, with Maddox ending the show on episode 104. Maddox went scorched Earth with Dick, calling him as a rapist and trying to out him as an unironic misogynist to their gay little LA improv circle, which he was able to do successfully.

Dick and Maddox would start up their own podcasts; "The Dick Show" and "The Best Debate in the Universe," respectively. While Maddox would refuse to talk about his fallout with Dick on his new program, Dick Masterson would spill the tea about working with Maddox, and his show blew up because of it, with his patreon hitting five figures in a matter of days. Maddox's show would go on to be gay and lame. As the tension rose between the two, their fanbases would begin to antagonize eachother.

Maddox did an entire rant back on May of 2016 about the word "cuck" and how much he hated that word, and how angry and upset it made him. Obviously, Dick's fans would run with this, calling Maddox a cuck repeatedly online and even in real life. One of Dick's fans made a parody of Maddox named "MadCucks," which incensed Maddox to the point where he decided to sue Dick, his fans, and everyone else involved for the sum of $400 million, in a court case now infamously referred to as the "lolsuit." His court filing was so poorly worded that it was thrown out by the judge, but not before Dick's fans could weigh in on it and make fun of Maddox even harder. The "lolsuit" deserves it's own sneediumpost, but that will be another time.


One of these "Dick Heads" was an attorney from rural Minnesota by the name of Nicholas Robert Rekieta, also known as "Rackets." Nick, who owned a small law firm called "Rekieta Law," made a half hour video analyzing the lolsuit. Dick would feature Rekieta on the show to discuss the case, and the lawyer would become a fan favorite, with fellow "Dick Heads" encouraging Nick to continue to effortsneed about the case. Nick would begin to stream about the details of the lolsuit to a small but dedicated group of "Dick Heads" who were also legal nerds.

Nick's small following began to grow from his lolsuit coverage, and in late 2017, would begin to make a point to read EVERY SINGLE SUPERCHAT that he received. This is considered standard practice today, but in 2017, superchats were more of a novelty. "Real streamers" were already on Twitch, while Youtube creators preferred releasing vlog/podcast style content. Nick's viewers would stay tuned to hear him read their superchats, and this would facilitate the uncomfortably parasocial dynamic that Nick is known to have with his fans to this day.


As the lolsuit came to a conclusion, Nick would begin to branch out into other legal drama, including Comicsgate and the Russell Greer v. Taylor Swift suit. In 2019, he would begin covering "ANIMEGATE," a controversy in which a famous anime voice actor would sue Funimation for defamation. I will post about animegate at a separate time, but for now here's a crude synopsis:

You see, the American anime dubbing industry had quietly become slowly infested with SJWs for years, and this was becoming evident in the "translations" of some shows that seemed to have a political bend that happened to suit the agenda of the progressive left (such as "gamergate" references in "Prison School" which were not present in the original Japanese dub).

In an industry that was frought with pronoun pins and purple hair, Vic Mignogna stood out. He was a devout Christian man who would hold bible studies for interested fans at anime conventions. He was the voice of Edward Elric, one of the most iconic protagonists in all of anime, and he was known to be a genuinely nice guy. He also had an insane amount of fan girls on his anime weeaboo ballsack. Unfortunately, this would make him a target, and he would be run out of the industry.

On January 16th, a twitter used by the name of HanLeia accused Vic of being "a homophobic rude asshole who has been creepy to underage female fans for over ten years and I've been screaming about this since 2010 but every year nothing changes." The next day, random internet BPD girl "Marzgurl" tweeted at Funimation to "reconsider hiring Vic in the future" based off of HanLeia's tweet, and later began the #kickvic hastag. Then on the 30th, an article would be posted outlining the allegations from the previous tweets, using pictures of Vic posing with female fans at conventions as proof of sexual abuse (tbh the kissing fans on the cheek shit is pretty strange but it's apparently something he does with alot of his fans). Funimation's voice actors then mobilized run Vic out of the company based on essentially false allegations.

The voice actress who played Bulma (Monica Rial) would straight up accuse Vic of raping her, but refused to elaborate or provide any evidence whatsoever. Another actress, Jamie Marchi, would do the same, later tweeting that treating someone as innocent until proven guilty "supports rape culture." Vic would make a public apology at a convention in response to the allegations, to no avail. Vic would then begin to get banned from Anime conventions left and right, and his fans were even told on twitter by the official Pensacon twitter account that they would be arrested if they attended the anime convention and made statements supporting Vic, claiming that they "have eyes everywhere."

Samantha Inoue-Hart, a translator at Funimation who was personally involved in the interal investigation against Vic, posted a picture of her smashed in front door to twitter saying Vic supporters had swatted her home. Internet cybersleuths were able to uncover that this picture was from three years prior when her house was burglarized, and that no police report even existed, making her claim literal defamation on behalf of Funimation She would backtrack on the Anime News Network, but it was obvious what was going on at this point.

Many chud adjacent drama youtubers like Quarterpounder, Yellowflash, and of course, OUR BOY Rackets would begin to cover this controversy. Nick especially got involved with the case, using his platform to raise over a quarter of a million dollars for Vic's legal defense. Things were looking good for Vic, and by extension, Rekieta. However, what should have been a decisive legal victory for Vic was ruined by the fact that Nick would recommend his family probate lawyer, "Ty Beard," to represent Vic in his defamation case. Ty would go on to lose the case literally because he fucked up the paperwork.


Nevertheless, Nick's star continued to rise. By November 2021, Nick was seen as a major player in the "lawtuber" meta, and many copycat channels sprang up, mostly other lawyers who wanted to start a legal career reading case briefs and superchats in their underwear. All these dudes were fighting to be featured on Nick's stream. Some of Nick's regulars included Drexel, a black dude who is all about MGTOW shit and Ty Beard, the lawyer who fucked up the Anime guy's case.

November 1st marked the beginning of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and Nick would stream each day of the trial with a panel of these "lawtubers." While other streams provided a feed of the trial and nothing else, Nick restreamed the trial and his panel reacted with legal commentary, being one of the only prominent legal channels to do so. He would hit RETARDED levels of concurrent views, maxing out at over 100,000 viewers during his trial coverage, much to the chagrin of more established legal news outlets. This man sitting in a guest room wearing an earbud mic and using a webcam was outperforming a major media company like "Law and Crime Network." People came for the trial coverage, but many stayed because Nick came across as a very likeable, down to earth, family man :marseyfamily:. A father of 5 who married his high school sweetheart, he was seen as an exemplar of the conservative way of life for his young chud viewers, and his burgeoning wine mom fanbase liked him for his nerdy charm and wit. He also had a tendency towards shock jock humor that many found endearing. He would listen to the hardships of his viewers and offer his condolences and advice, and he seemed to be an authentic, affable dude.

It is important to note that Nick's streams have almost always been accompanied by alcohol. Specifically, whiskey. While in the beginning of his streaming career, Nick would enjoy a few drinks over the course of the evening, but the drinking would continue to ramp up consistently over time. By 2022, Nick's alcoholism would begin to get out of control.

With his channel swelling with new viewers, Nick would then cover the Amber Heard v. Captain Jack Sparrow suit throughout 2022. During this time, Nick's channel would begin to face a backlash from pro-Amber Heard activists, many of whom were fellow lawtubers that didn't like Nick and wanted a reason to take him down a peg. Media matters also wasn't a big fan of this chud lawyer lawsplaining about Alex Jones. Other people just really didn't like Nick constantly using words like "retard" and "faggot" in his streams. His channel would be targeted by frivolous copyright claims. After writing a nasty, profanity laced letter to Youtube following a bogus copyright takedown notice, Youtube would strike suspend his channel for his conduct in the summer of 2022. After this strike expired, he would receive two more in rapid succession later that year. Nick needed to play it safe with his channel or face losing it all. This would require some restraint and tact, which is not easy to maintain under an increasing drinking habit. In September, an encounter with a level 100 tranny would almost send Nick into the shadow realm forever.

KEFFALS :marseykeffalsdance:

@keffals, a tranny streamer famous for supposedly getting destiny kicked off of twitch, would have a beef with a website known as Kiwifarms, which is like our site but with much less gayness and much more autism. Kiwifarms had a write up on Keffals, which included the following allegations: >Keffals is a commie activist. >Dabbles in fart porn. >"I'm gonna trans your children bitch" >Spent some of dying father's life savings to pay for fronthole surgery in Thailand. >Is addicted to opioids (probably due to fronthole surgery) >Had a discord server that grooms minors called "catboy ranch," where members would be mailed a handmade collar necklace made by Keffals himself. >Friends with someone named "Bobposting" who proudly supplies minors with homemade estrogen. >Is Canadian :!marseyyikes:

In August of 2022, Keffals would try to leverage his newfound clout following his perceived triumph over Destiny to get Kiwifarms kicked off the internet. Considering the nature of Kiwifarms, being a living archive of nearly every embarrassing thing any internet person has done, ever, many people have wanted to see the site shuttered for quite some time now. One of the site's supporters during this time was the Racketman himself, who had featured Joshua Moon, the Farm's admin and OOperator, on his stream multiple times. Many Kiwis would also watch Nick's streams to keep up with other lolcow drama, and he had maintained a positive image on the site up to this point.

On September 2022, Nick Rekieta would get plastered and proceed to read the OP (writeup) for Keffals on Kiwifarms during his stream. When he got to the part about DIY HRT, Nick would comment, "Keffals needs to go up on the fucking wall with all the other MAPS and child molesters." :marseybased:

This comment right chyear would get Rekieta banned from youtube once again, and he would get his second strike, as this statement was deemed as a threat of violence.

In October 2022, the Minnesota Bar Ethics board would open up an investigation into Rekieta after receiving over 50 formal complaints. It was revealed that the complaints against this Bar association were from Keffals tranny supporters and people that just didn't like him for whatever reason. Nick would read these complaints aloud on his stream, along with the name of the complainants ,which are considered public record. Despite this, Youtube would grant Nick his third and final strike, seemingly banning him from Youtube forever for "doxxing" the retards that made frivolous complaints against him.

Nick would get his channel back, but realized that he would be spending the rest of his Youtube career dealing with bullshit, and eventually decided to move over to Rumble, which his chud audience happily moved over to as well.

So to recap, Nick up to this point had developed a reputation as a small town lawyer who became a successful Internet personality for his legal opinions, edgy humor, and the fact that he was a relatable family man who really seemed to care about his viewers. He was well liked and respected by his lawtuber community and Kiwifarms considered him a friend of the site. He was also given a lucrative exclusivity deal on a chud version of Youtube. This is where is all would begin to unravel...

HEDO NICK :marseykink:

In early November on 2022 while still on Youtube, Rekieta had announced that him and his wife were on vacation at a resort in Jamaica, and did a stream from their room. Kiwi cyberautists were quickly able to ascertain based on the room's layout that their streaming location was in fact a Swingers club in Jamaica known as "Hedonism II." I'll allow my boomer coomer friend "Hedo Rick" give you all the rundown on Hedonism II. Kiwis would begin to speculate about Nick's personal life. Specifically, his relationship with his wife, "Lady Rackets." Until recently, she has only been referenced in passing by Nick, but hadn't been featured on the stream until now. It was interesting to see the fabled "Lady Rackets" for the first time. She was dressed like an 18 year old from 2008 and had some godawful tattoos and a boob job. Still, she looked amazing for being the mother of 5 children and seemed to enjoy the attention from her husbands audience. Kiwis discovered that the couple was apparently staying at this swinger resort during "interracial week," and speculation began into whether or not Rackets may be a C U C K. "Woman on the internet syndrome"

Nick had a "Locals" page, which is like a Patreon. He would do exclusive, candid streams and the community would engage with Nick and eachother. As mentioned previously, Nick has a large amount of winemoms in his fanbase, and one of them by the name of "Mandy" would post her boobs to the Locals chat. After seeing the attention Mandy received, the other winemoms started posting lewds in return. Lady Rackets would get in on the action as well:

Some of the members of the Locals chat teased Nick and said Lady Rackets should open up an OF. Other members expressed their dissatisfaction with all the thirst posts, and Nick promptly told them to get fucked and stop being puritanical prudes, and that if they didn't like it, they were the problem. At this point, a lot of casual viewers would begin to tune out, or start hatewatching him instead, and only his weird, parasocial fans would remain.


My favorite piece of Nick lore, and his first descent into legitimate cowdom was with his "Locals exclusive" review of the "Balldo," a device which you place your ballsack into in order to fuck someone with your balls. A unholy device, coomerbrained in it's conception, the Balldo has become a symbol of Nick's transformation from well-liked conservative dad streamer to coomer boomer. In a matter of about 4 weeks, Nick, a guy who would regularly comment on social degeneracy, was outed as probable swinger, with a non-trad lifestyle that many of his chud viewers had previously admired him for. He also fricks his wife, and possibly other women, with his ballsack. Look, if you're into this kind of shit, more power to you, but it's one thing to grandstand about a particular way of life, brag about going to Church every Sunday, and then all of a sudden unapologetically broadcast your degenerate lifestyle to everyone and expect them to accept it. Most people don't care to know about it to be honest, it's not why they watch his content.

In December of 2022, Nick would get sued by Steve "Montagraph" Quest, one of the retards that filed a complaint against the Minnesota Bar association. "Monty" is known for filing bullshit complaints and lawsuits against people he doesn't like, and this would be no different. He would sue Nick for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress, due to Nick reading Monty's complaint on stream. Nick would start a gofundme for his legal defense, seeking about $50,000. It had only reached about $12,259 as of November 9th, while Monty's sits at $13,000 (lol) People didn't really want to donate because: 1. Nick is an attorney himself (granted it's always better to not represent yourself) 2. Nick is a multimillionaire. 3. Nick was (kind of) asking for it commenting that Monty should "be shot in the head."

This legal dispute is still ongoing, but Nick comments on it frequently in his streams, which many people are tired of hearing about. Between this and his coomer shenanigans bring revealed in November, his streams would seem to sidetrack more to the drama in HIS life instead of relevant, current legal drama. New drama would begin to emerge, along with some old friends...


"Rippa," also known as Eric July, is a former contributor for the chud-owned "Blaze Network." He rose to fame by reporting on "Comicsgate" and commenting on culture war nonsense in the American comic book industry. He wrote a comic book series, called "ISOM," a story about a black superhero, and launched a kickstarter for the project. The series was the first in what was planned to be an entirely new universe, a "non-woke" competitor to the current capeshit being shat out in current year. People believed in the "Rippaverse," and his Kickstarter raised over 3.7 million dollars by July of 2022. Eric would invest $300,000 of his own money into the project, and frontloaded the cost of the production, so backers would only have to wait a couple months for the comic to launch. A large portion of the proceeds were to go to charity. The comic would be released in October 2022 to mixed reviews. Fan praised the stunning quality of the illustrations, the story being pretty cohesive, and the pacing being good for a 100-page graphic novel. Critics noted the lack of information surrounding the character's origins, his motivations being almost non-existent, and a lackluster ending. Still, many people would see this as a successful campaign, and a promising start to an alternative comic book company.

Not everyone would be happy for Eric's success, including Dick Masterson and his disgusting cohost Vito.


At this point, Dick's career was more or less a joke, and only really thrived on drama that the show itself would create, like having Ethan Ralph come on and sperg out, or more infamously, Dick making and defending insanely retarded, inflammatory hot takes, like defending Netflix's "Cuties." Dick's entire "persona" is being a contrarian, and decided pedophilia would be his next frontier for some reason. People were becoming less interested in the show as it had devolved into a circus of failed LA comics and lolcows sneeding and cackling at eachother like middle aged hyenas. Dick decided to relaunch "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" with an insufferable, fat tub of shit co-host named Vito, who I will be covering here shortly.

Vito "The Pedo" Gesualdi is a gross, soy /pol/ meme made manifest. A self admitted pedophile, and greasy ball of shit, his entire existence on the show is to make Dick look good by comparison. Vito had been coping and sneeding about Eric July HARD for about a year prior to the release of ISOM, as he as working on his own capeshit comic project called "Superkiller" (which looks like absolute dogshit btw). While Eric July soaked up millions from all of the comicsgate paypigs, and was able to hire industry level illustrators, Vito was struggling to get his gay comic crowdfunded. Vito was also salty that Eric was able to leverage his social capital as a conservative media contributor into appearing on multiple media outlets to promote ISOM. Vito was just a cohost on a niche, dying podcast with a balding manchild comedian, and not even their own fans gave a fuck about his shitty comic.

In the summer of 2023, Dick decided to go after Eric July as well when "ISOM's" second campaign was announced. Dick and Vito claimed:

1. Eric July was scamming the backers, saying the profits would go to charity and then keeping the proceeds (this has never been supported by any evidence, and the charity supported by the comic has put out a statement denying any wrongdoing on Eric's part) 2. The comic book is terrible (Neither Dick or Vito have even read the comic) >Correction, they HAVE read the comic 3. Dick literally says he was going to go after Eric July anyway "because I'm a psychopath"

Dick and Vito would smear Eric July on their podcast (and other shows, including Rekieta's). One "Dick Head" would even go to Eric July's Grandfather's gravesite to pose and take pictures and post it on the /r/biggestproblem subreddit. His Grandfather was named "Isom," the name of the titular character in July's comic.

Needless to say, Eric July wasn't thrilled about this. In addition to dealing with these balding, fat unfunny retards constantly sneeding about his comic, and their fans disrespecting his ancestor's resting place, AND fucking with his business, Eric would be SUED by the "International School of Ministries," or "ISOM," for trademark infringement, claiming his comic book infringed on their organization's namesake.

In September 2023, Eric July would go on to Nick's stream to discuss this lawsuit against him. Rekeita was hoping to milk this situation for new viewers, like he did with the chud anime community during "Animegate," but the discussion would inevitably lead to a "dickscussion" about the recent drama surrounding the Dick boys.

In the beginning of the stream, Eric asked Nick if he thought what Dick and his people were doing was "fucking with [his] business." Nick would dance around the question, argue like a lawyer, and REFUSE to badmouth Dick or even admit that he or his cohort had done anything malicious. Eric was particularly incensed at the fact that Dick had accused him of fraud purely to fuck with his business, and not because he had credible evidence of fraud. Nick would refuse to admit that this was malicious conduct. You see, Nick got started by being featured on Dick's show, so he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that relationship. The two would argue for almost an hour back and forth, and would not see eye to eye.


Another "Dickhead" named "Riley" (who is a producer for the Dick Show) had started a line of clothing called the "Clippaverse," the joke being that Eric July needed "clippers" as he is a particularly hairy man. This is hilarious because you can clearly see Riley is not only quite hairy himself, but a disgusting butter golem neckbeard loser who really doesn't have the authority to judge anyone's appearance. Someone at the "Rippaverse" filed a DMCA takedown request of the "Clippaverse" merch, and the web shop was taken down (tbf I think this would be fair use on Clippaverse's behalf, due to parody). In response, Riley would show up late one late September night to Eric July's comic book warehouse in Texas and put stickers on his windows, along with $41, calling it an "in-person superchat."

(A fun fact about Riley is that he's dating an autistic girl named "Mintsalad" that once called into the Dick show when she was 17 to discuss her parents threatening to kick her out of the house over discovering her drawing furry porn. Dick told her to choose furry porn over her family, which she promptly does, runs away from home at 18, and begins having a relationship with Riley, who is in his thirties. Riley now pimps out the mentally handicapped girl on OF.)

Eric the Rippa would do a stream reacting to this, sneeding in ebonics, and mentioning that Riley is lucky he didn't get shot, because in Texas you can legally shoot someone who is vandalizing your business (:marseybased:). Eric would continue to sneed about Nick and Dick, referring to them as "white bread ass niggas." Eric would close the segment saying he was done with Rekieta.

Nick would react to this stream on his show, losing his shit, and going on a tirade about how he "grew up around poverty" and that he "knows the fucking streets" (which is hilarious because he's wearing a gay pink polo shirt during this rant, and also his grandparents and parents are worth millions of dollars and Nick grew up in a gated community).

Nick would go on to say that Rippa made the great mistake of "feeding into the bullshit and getting butthurt."



By this time (October 2023), Nick's reputation on Kiwifarms had sunk pretty low. Kiwis had embraced their formerly favorite chud lawyer as their newest lolcow for almost a year now. Nick had taken note of the Farm's newfound mockery towards him, and would start livestreaming while absolutely trashed in his hot tub, calling Josh Moon a faggot and hoping he loses his case against Russell Greer (I am NOT getting into this one right now, but it's frivolous).

Nick's sexual deviancy, "Dick"-riding, and grifting had become popular topics of discussion amongst Kiwis, and his cringekino streams would be clipped and featured prominently on the Lolcow podcast "Kino Casino."

This show is pretty retarded, but the hosts have this term that they like to use, "Felted." I like this word. It means losing everything, usually in the context of a poker game, but not always. As in, "Lowtax was FELTED at the end of his life."|

I think Nick will have a pretty fantastic downfall here soon. His drinking is getting out of hand, the dude looks like shit, and he's losing his fans steadily for over a year now. At one point he was just a small town lawyer from Minnesota, now he seems to exist in a perpetual tempest of drama of his own creation.

If you made it this far, bless you. I will provide Nickposts as more significant updates emerge with this guy.


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hi i literally hav no fricking idea how this site works or if this is even a good verification photo (happy to verify anyway i can) but a few ppl sent it to me regarding plsnope/carly stealing my content and using my photos. just wanted to pop in and confirm she is in fact NOT a real person (or me) and has been stalking and stealing my photos for years at this point. she gets caught then goes by a new user every time. sorry to anyone she scammed :/

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  • fine_wesome : I actually did see it on rdrama first
  • Freak-Off : Why didn't he do the Pablo Escobar smirk??? He looks angry :(
you saw it on rdrama first Orange Daddy's mugshot just dropped :marseytrump:

Daddy's not very happy, my little patriot. He's gonna have to give you a good spanking.

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