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Finished Takagi-san, I liked it a lot and it got a proper ending. Its a very chill show, the setting in the small town is also kinda relaxing, and it doesnt have any drama for the sake of drama. Also the side characters are good. I think there is a spinoff manga where they are adults, Id watch that too if they ever adapted it.

After that I didnt really know what to watch, I started rewatching 'The World God Only Knows' which I watched properly a few years back, but it didnt really fit the mood, I also started 'My Clueless First Friend', but I dont think Ill keep watching, seems a bit too childish.

Then I started 'Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai', I only watched the first episode and am not sure if Ill keep watching. The concept of the show is that the male lead is a 'background character' in life and mostly invisible to his peers, which doesnt sound too bad, but for some reason the show takes this literally at times, like the dude is literally invisible to people standing in front of him. I dont know if I can bear to watch the whole show if they keep that dumb shit up.

I honestly dont get why the japs are so in love with stupid gimmick shows in the last few years, it feels like every second romance/romcom show has a character with a stupid gimmick, and the gimmick is always tired out after three episodes but they keep going with it for the whole show.

Anyway, after that I decided to give 'Kaguya-sama: Love Is War' another try after not liking it back when the first season came out. I was surprised that I liked it. I dont even remember what exactly put me off the first time I tried it, but I think it was mostly the narrator dude being annoying. And he still is annoying, but not that bad. The show is pretty good, though it also has the aforementioned gimmick problem, albeit to a much lesser degree. It is also enhanced by its side characters, and has a satisfying ending, even though I think the movie was a bit overdramatic out of nowhere. I have seen people online talk about a potential fourth season, but I think it is fine how it ended. Maybe another season where it focuses more on current side characters (eg Ishigami) would be nice, where it would sideline Shinomiya and Shirogane a bit, but if nothing else comes it would be fine too.

Unfortunately, now that Ive finished kaguya, I have again reached a point where I dont really know what to watch :marseydepressed:


@Aevann pin pls


Including, but not limited to: attacking the dirty pole via Twitter, trying to doxx him, demanding him to be fired, making him lock his account and apologize, generalizations against an ethnic group, which some even legit, but in any other case this behavior would be called out as 'phobic' by GCJ...and my favourite - comments promoting mass murder of slavs made by a mayo german and supported by a Genzedong posting Lebron James fan, nationality of which I will not guess and leave it to you.

I have 30+ links and a write up before each one.

Please wait until I add those. Making this post via touchscreen

'lol kitty locked his account' ( totally not a comment I would expect to see in a chud subreddit)

'he apologized, but frick him, it's all dog whistles' ( again, totally not a comment found when KiA imbeciles attacks someone on Twitter)

'Pure racism'

Comments I like to call 'yes Poland and Slavic countries are racist and homophobic, but all of them? What if I make similar comments about idk Ghazans?' probs get banned

'I've seen more poles against it than Japanese'

Reportmaxxing opportunity - mayo german and tankie Lebron James fan ( they actually are, have his face as account pic)

Call for mass genocide of wholesome alcoholic slav plumbers, claims that euros had no culture l until arabs made them wash their asses

An pole teach GCJ about current social and political situation of the country and we get history lesson about left leaning organizations in Poland before and after WWII, critisicm towards Stalins 'militant totally communism' gets downvoted

'post twitter threads - this might be just a big misunderstanding and the dev might not be a chud? Nah, frick him anyway'

'I really hope CDPR fires him' nah it's shit hole Poland, they are all chuds and nothing will happen'

'no actual japanese people care about this. And all of your links are just mayos using chat gpt'

'This is all just right wing christian dog whistle'

'He might as well used the nword'


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Isn't the whole game alternate history? Why do you have such a big problem with this? (16)

Because I'm sick of people like Krayt and Gamingcirclejerk acting like every criticism of a black character is automatically racist. Most people are not these vapid cartoon characters who go "MOST UNORTHODOX!!!!!" every time a black character is on screen. (-4)

Basedness: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜

Assassin's Creed was always historical fantasy to begin with, who fricking cares if it's not 100% realistic? It never has been.That's why it feels like the people losing their minds over Yasuke might have ulterior motives. (5)

Basedness: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜๐Ÿ”˜

Why is Krayt so obsessed with politics? This has nothing to do with Star Wars (0)

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That's because you're not focusing on the actually important complaints. The devs have said over and over that they would not have a historical figure as a main character out of respect. It is not a coincidence that the character to buck this trend is the one black man on the entire archipelago. (10)

I'll agree that Yasuke being a main playable character strikes me as pandering, but he's also a very interesting historical character to base your narrative around and it allows the player to play as a stranger in a strange land, and it's ultimately not doing any harm to any groups, so why is everyone so mad about seeing a minority lead character in a AAA game. There's a lot of other games about white characters in out of place lands that no one has cried out over, so why is there so much butthurt when it's a black guy in a foreign land? I'm not saying explicitly that y'all are racist, but it's mighty suspicious that mfers are so mad (3)

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Good lord. You people need to get over yourselves and get some therapy. Yasuke existed, he was a black samurai, AC wants to make a story about him. Another thing, AC is "alternate" history, with fricking time travel, a magic apple, and George Washington being a tyrannical dictator for fricks sake. Stop being so butthurt about a non-white person being a protagonist.If you don't like it, don't play it. So tired of all this stupid petty bullshit from you people. Just shut up, no one wants to hear your idiocy (2)

Angriness: ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ”˜

Get. The frick. Over it.You've got a Japanese protagonist in the game. Play her. Were you this pissed off about William in Nioh? Or any of the horseshit in resident evil? (1)

Both terrible counter examples, lolEdit: I saw your reply, and then you deleted it.William Adam's (Niohs protag) by EVERY historical account was an official samurai with 20+ years in Japan. He died and was buried in Japan. Yasuke does not have even a tenth of the documentation Adam's has about him. Also, Adam lived there for 7 times the duration Yasuke did.Resident Evil? I do not understand your point. Do you mean the Spanish Village in 4 or Africa in 5? Because with both examples, you mainly play as someone who has literally no connection to the area. No one is claiming Leon is a Spanish warrior or Chris an African one. In the case of 5, you can play as a local in Sheva.Both of these titles are goofy butt games with monsters in them, not historically adjacent epics, lol.Lots of this outrage is cry baby nonsense, but these counter examples are bad. (2)

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:marseyhappening: SHOOT OUT AT PROM! :marseydeterminedgun: I REPEAT SHOOTOUT AT PROM! :marseymini:

At 0:48 I feel like that guy with curly hair whipped out a gun super fast and it kinda looks like a gun in his hand also the motion he makes

Edit: and its the same guy shooting at the end of the video. streamer says its fireworks but thats not true lol

You are correct. The first shots sounded so far, I have no idea what he is shooting at, there must be dozens of people between them.

If you see any other video of shootouts like these you see mfs just start blind shooting in a general direction Frick whatever is southwest of me :soyjihadi:

Bro, what is going on with America :marseyclueless:

A shooting at a prom is already insane, but then the next guy next to the camera pulls out another gun that he just CASUALLY takes to prom... What the heck! If you are caught with a knife here you are basically already done for

what kid of prom is outside in what looks like a massive parking lot? such a strange situation, hopefully no one got hurt.

Absolutely crazy how in one single clip you can see underage drinking, nicotine vapes, and literal teenagers with straps and switches. At least the silver lining is that Dabo and his gf are in a safe location, but it's safe to say that white shirt kid has no future prospects after this ends up in the newsโ€ฆ !boozers misia

From a little dive i just did on his channel that girl is some girl with 1M ig followers who flew in for his prom

who is this kid, he's a 2k andy, he must be big on tiktok

edit: she's friends with ice spice tf

edit2: she's a minor

edit3: drake's dad follows her

Lmao Drakes Dad following a minor is right on brand.

It's wild how these kids got guns, that kid just straight up pulls out a gun and peepees it.

Now Some drama

Schools and public places will always be open pvp until politicians stop valuing lobbyists' money over innocent lives getting caught up in these shootings. Hope they're okay.

in the US* I went to school in the UK and fricking south africa and never once felt like my life was in danger. (

Most American school students never experience or feel their life is in danger due to a gun or shooter at school. Try again. (-10 already)

I wouldn't call it far fetched to say that the vast majority have definitely been paranoid about it at least once though. It's quite a significant issue, especially when you compare the rate at which it happens in the states versus any other developed nation in the world.

It is far-fetched because the majority haven't felt their life in school was in danger due to gun violence. Ghetto schools aren't the majority, yet. Its really not that significant or prevalent of an issue it only seems like it is because of media. Like Covid for example. Blown out of proportion. Also no shit America has more guns than most any other country in the world. We already know this.

It's disingenuous to say that it's not significant or a prevalent issue when the US ranks higher than any other high income country when it comes to gun violence, 3x more than the next closest country . When you're such an outlier on such a preventable cause of death; yes, the media is bound to report on little kids being murdered; which yes, will cause student populations to at times feel uneasy about their safety in a school environment. It's such a significant issue in fact, that gun violence is the leading cause of death for American children and teens: .


!chuds this will clearly help pass the anti-gun laws. good lucK!!


3 charged with murder in Fort Worth prom after-party shooting

IN THE COMMENTS: Act like zoomers

nahhhhhhhhh blud is really on /r/drama instead of rDrama ๐Ÿ’€


Does Chick-fil-A not have the same anti-LGBTQ reputation anymore? Anecdotally, young people (Gen Z) keep casually announcing that they eat there and it's jarring to my aging millennial ears.

Chick-fil-A was THE culture war issue at a time when the term โ€œculture warโ€ was employed a lot less frequently (or at least I heard it less). Hard to believe the stigma is gone among presumably pro-LGBTQIA+ young people. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Some 20-something at work just asked me where to find a Chick-fil-A (I didn't know, but others have asked me the same question). That's what inspired thisโ€ฆ

There is no ethical consumption, but when a corporation becomes publicly associated with bigotry, mistreating workers, other social/environmental ills, I'll boycott in solidarity + to send a message. But seems like, eventually, people forget.

Boycotts can be an effective tool, but it seems like there is more awareness now than ever that systemic, radical change is necessary to address root causes of corporate greed/abuses (including capitalism itself). Consumer choices only go so far.

what does woke mean?

Woke's over, younger Gen Zs and Gen Alpha dgaf about this stuff

Not sure how you personally define โ€œwokeness,โ€ but Gen Z is extremely concerned about LGBTQ+ rights according to available data (regardless of whether they connect it with a specific chicken place).

Wokeness = radical liberalism and performative politics. There's a polarisation - some Gen Zs (those older and closer to millennials) are woke, but overwhelmingly the younger section do not seek institutional approval (couldn't get it anyway) and so aren't led by the radical liberalism of the PMC (as millennials were). Plus, now every other school / guidance counsellor / social worker / university is promoting woke radlib ideology it's not viewed as โ€˜cool' (every generation rebels in their youth, as Nick Cave said if he were 16 today he'd go to church [to be counter-cultural]) and that's partly why we see a resurgence of trad. Many polls indicate Gen-Alpha (turning 14) are the most right-wing / conservative in generations. But there is a huge split amongst the sexes (young men are much more likely to be rightwing / conservative than young women).

except that's not what woke means. yall should stop talking about things you have no idea about [black woman speaking]

Now I'm starting to understand better why some people think being โ€˜woke' is a bad thing smh

it's conservatives taking words ( aave) they don't know the meaning of and basically turning them into a slur. so now the entire country thinks woke is something it's not [black woman speaking]

We don't get no rewards for not eating there

Not funding organizations that hate you?!?!

I think this is a fair point. But at the end of the day, no ethical consumption in capitalism. I fund governments that hate me every single day, baby. May as well get some Polynesian with it.

โ€œThere's no ethical consumption under capitalism โ€œ doesn't mean I should spend and vote with my dollars recklessly

I don't vote recklessly. But you're a great example why I eat the chicken. This shit turns you off to regular people who have a lot in common with you. What am I really helping by freaking out over chicken and telling them about themselves? Cutting them off? Over some nuggets.

not the chick fil a cup :marseypridepearlclutch:

Just shows the addictiveness of fried MSG

Highly incorrect. MSG is not addictive just awhole lot of racially charged history behind it. Many things have MSG both naturally and added. The addictiveness comes from fats and salts. Chick fil a is just more of brand type to show off similar to iPhones and other hyped things. :marseyakshually:

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Someone posted this gay teachoid tiktok making fun of blacc student attire/behaviour

this caused a spergfite between lards and poors, as well as olds and children:

it's because of the morning, it's because they can only afford 1 piece of clothing, it's because of the s-xhavers

:marseyakshually: europeepee don't understand what it's like to attend school for 6 hours a day:

let people enjoy pajamas, only pajamas are comfortable

they're wearing pajamas because they're so focused on learning, and maybe they took a shower then put their pajamas back on

idk why they can't just say it's a teenage fashion choice and move on instead of making up a billion r-slurred reasons to justify it, but it's kind of funny

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:marseyboomer: :boomer: :marseyknowthatfeelbro:

colorGODS retvrn

!soyteens !schizos !schizomaxxxers


Fellow females, always cut off their peepees first so you can go on the social media apology tour instead.



Wally is a famous "emotional support alligator" owned by Joie Henney, A Pennsylvania man who made the news when he and his pet were denied entrance to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League Baseball in September 2023. He was also used as a visual reference for the alligator in the tv series Loki,

Links of the alligator in action.

A few weeks back it went missing.

From the post on /r/marvelstudios.

>Hi everyone! I hope this post is allowed, I apologize if not - we are just desperate for help!!!

As a lot of you may know, the visual reference for Alligator Loki was Wally The Emotional Support Alligator! He is a very beloved companion to his owner, and has had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many!!

Unfortunately, Wally was kidnapped from his enclosure while on vacation with his person in Georgia. It is believed that an individual broke into his enclosure, kidnapped Wally, and placed him on another persons front yard. That person then called to report an alligator and a tracker was dispatched to remove it. The tracker stated he released Wally into a swamp with over 20 other alligators and said there was โ€œlittle to no hope of finding Wallyโ€. This is devastating and obviously extremely worrisome as Wally is domesticated and often enjoys Cheetos as part of his meals.

The tracker has been reluctant to provide additional information and seemingly has changed their story a few times. This is all really devastating for his owner and lifelong companion, Joie. It also is certainly traumatizing for Wally, who is now has had everything he's ever known ripped away from him. Both Wally and Joie deserve to be reunited!!!

I am posting here in hopes of bringing more attention to Wally's plight. The hope is that Wally's story will gain traction and put pressure on this involved to come forward and tell the truth!!!

For more information, please check out Wally's Facebook page or his TikTok account!!! There have been some outlets covering the story, but nothing that has driven the perpetrator, tracker, or Georgia DNR to be responsive or helpful in this dire search. If you are willing, please take a moment to spread the word or head over to Wally's Facebook page to help get involved! Thank you so much!!!!

According to this comment, Wally is Dead and the culprit is most likely the tracker himself.

Thread on 4chan.

!fellas !kino

:marseypearlclutch: complains about highrises being built in NYC


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Turn sound on :marseycrying:

Dr Who: Identity Politics Farce With Crashing Ratings :marseybeansick: :marseybeansick: :marseybeansick:
new rockthrow in glass building comic - rdrama edition
I think this is the most triggered I've ever made someone on Twitter

After this exchange, he replied to me 30 times, posting my memes in response to my tweets going back a full month

Each screenshot below is a unique post. These are no duplicates lmao

Lmao update:

Dasha throwing :marseystoning: shade
Momo is cuddley today :marseywholesome:
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