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The future of BraveShill

You may have seen the updated BraveShill become even more chuddish than before. I wonder why :platythink:.

What will @VivaldiShill & @EdgeShill do about it? Perhaps they can team up with GnomeWebShill, WindowsShill, @TorShill, and other shills to finally take him down. Is it over for bravecels?

It's not LLM despite what one reporter says.

The last time I got into an argument with Redditors then I received glowing feedback from rdrama such as:

I've taken on board this resoundingly positive response and managed to get into another fight, this time on /r/KitchenConfidential, the subreddit for coked-out Taco Bell line cooks who believe that the word Chef is both a formal title and is as respected as being a doctor.

The post itself, Do you think we're idiots? is a rant from a cook who responded to a customer saying "this steak is tough" by stuffing raw steaks in their pockets and going out to the dining floor to start an argument. Sensing the opportunity to rile up some Redditors I say:

It sounds like you have anger issues and are forgetting rule 1 of service jobs [the customer is always right]. Maybe get help for that.

The reaction is strong and visceral. OP immediately responds to prove that they don't have anger issues by writing two comments both containing imaginary situations in which they BTFO unhappy customers:

Anger issues? Let's put this into another view. Guy orders a whiskey and coke. Bartender makes a whiskey coke. Gives it to him and he's insisting that they just made him a vodka cranberry. What do you do!? You fucking put that glass right in front of.his face, show him that it's brown and that these two things make a brown drink

Replying twice with separate unhinged rants isn't really disproving my point, dude.

"Unhinged" Found the local kitchen misogynist!


You must have come here from /r/all or your troll game is on point because you are not acting like you've ever worked in food service or customer service.

and the reportmaxxing opportunity on a ten year account:

Go get shot in a parking lot


Lmao this moron has never worked in a kitchen gtfo

and the infallible Princeton-tier debating skills:

So a first time person walks into your place of business, demands a product that does not exist, then demands compensation for the time to travel to your place of business. Following your skewed logic, you compensate them.

Someone even went through my post history and brought up my /r/HellsKitchen argument from my previous post but I reported them and it's disappeared.

Not everyone disagrees with me though!

yeah but pretty passive agressively lmao. two cuts of beef in her pockets. that's weird behaviour


How grotty and desperate is this chef and restaurant? If the complaint is ridiculous send them on their way. This reaction is absurd and embarrassing. What did the other diners think seeing this?

Reported by:

Always looking out for my queens! :marseyxoxo:

Anyway yuck eww gross. :marseybeansick::marseysick::marseypuke:











Reported by:

The chart has been updated

lol, lmao

The bar has never been lower for female excellence:

So many people complaining but she still pulls more than most Americans, pays taxes, and can put it into a Roth IRA to enjoy retirement. Whether or not anyone likes it this is as much a job as being a reality TV entertainer or an internet personality

Low value scrotes being findommed is literally part of nature:

The amount of men that are truly butt hurt about this cracks me up. It’s called supply and demand yall demand so we supply😂don’t be mad we doin the job when y’all are the ones who created the position💀


The only solution to the moid menace is communism:

to all the whining men in the comments,,, dont be mad at her for profiting off a market that YOU created. the call is coming from within the house baby.


OF identifies as social media so this is transphobic and also makes people sneed hard:

Not a real job

It’s 2022 and you don’t think social media is a real job? Get with the times.

Finally someone with dead-eyed coomface says it. All women are prostitutes:

So many dudes deep in their feelings in these comments🤣🤣🤣 "How dare you make money selling something that I wanted for free?!?!"


Both sides be sneeding:


Heckin' new trailer for Richard and Mortimer Season 6 just dropped :marseysoylentgrin:
Now all of a sudden federal judges need to be protected

Don't look up the judges background though :marseyclueless:

the nordic walk

The gift that keeps on giving, Kyle Rittenhouse is by far the best drama so far this decade. Any predictions on when libs will stop seething?

Kind of feel bad for the kid having a mob of deranged lunatics constantly seething over him, but with a little common sense he can grift rightoids and never have to work a day in his life. So all's well until some twittoids lynch him in a few years.

The Republican Party has Kyle Rittenhouse.

America has Jon Stewart.

Enough said.

I genuinely have no clue what he means by this.


STONETOSS:sciencejak:STONETOSS:soyjakanimeglasses: STONETOSS:tayaaa: STONETOSS:tayvibin: STONETOSS:horny: STONETOSS :soyquack:STONETOSS :trumpjaktalking:STONETOSS

actually this one is kinda witty tbqh

Full of paragraphs of arguing

Technically, it’s lying by omission if it’s 100% certain that she would have stopped paying if she found out you’re gay.

But, damn. I really love the idea of having to make some kind of financial contribution to someone queer if you’re homophobic. Tax the homophobes!

I think you made the right choices overall, and as a queer person, I think we need every advantage we can possibly get in life. The deck of life is stacked against us by default in some ways. The dishonesty here allowed you to get a degree (Congrats on graduating!) but it also allowed your grandma to live out her bullshit heteronormative expectations, and it doesn’t seem like she was hurting for money. In my experience, the older people are, the harder it is for them to shift their worldviews. You probably wouldn’t have had time for grandma to unpack her homophobia and be more progressive with enough time left over to get a degree.

PS - To the people using the phrase “sex life”, as in “your sex life shouldn’t determine whether someone supports you, it’s none of their business”, I agree with the sentiment. However, please be mindful of the asexual community, and maybe change up some wording. There are queer people who don’t necessarily have sex, and defining homosexuality entirely by people you’re sexually attracted or who you have sex with excludes our ace friends at minimum.

What an edit :marseythumbsup:

Of course GRRM would be perplexed by somebody that can spend all day writing.


kudos to Carp for committing to the goomble and losing basically everything

From up a million, to down 180k. This is the way of the goombler.

Even reddit foids are repulsed by the funkocels :marseyfunko: :marseylaugh:
Imgur celebrates Black king for literally not being in jail and getting a job at Wendy's.
Why is this site still up?

LLM was supposed too destroy it with his master hacker. @BraveShill is disappointed.

Trans Lives matter as long as this site is dead.

Marsey says No Fun Allowed on Reddit :marseydisagree:


Dota 3 is out

Witness the thrilling conclusion to the battle for the Dota universe in the third season of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, now streaming on Netflix.

Join in as Davion, Mirana, and Luna combine forces with the Invoker to take on Terrorblade and stop the demon from unmaking reality — in a season filled with old friends, new allies, and unexpected turns brought to life with masterful animation from Studio Mir (The Legend of Korra, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Voltron: Legendary Defender).

For those who haven't started the DOTA: Dragon's Blood journey, catch up now with Season 1 & 2 and see the world of Dota 2 come to life like never before. Experience the story of Davion, a renowned Dragon Knight devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world. Following encounters with a powerful, ancient eldwurm, as well as Princess Mirana and her faithful companion Marci, on a secret mission of their own, Davion becomes embroiled in events much larger than he could have ever imagined.

I thought marci died


Wikipedia hates Jews

A direct quote will be far more damning than my sarcasm

"The Lavon Misunderstanding and other Israeli crimes using Arab Jews as their agents contributed to the expulsion of Arab Jews from their homelands. There are a bunch of bigoted editors who cannot face the truth about Israeli culpability in this history so they censor the information and then delete the NPOV tag"

The rare wikichad appears and calls the article garbage

I'm tied to the Iraq

Edit Wars, or "Disney didn't ruin Star Wars. George Lucas did when he allowed Battle for Endor to be made"

Iran so far away.

Don't have to live like a refugee

Wikipedians know the real problem with Academia is that it's full of Jews, although they don't call them Jews.

Anyone who argues about the definition of antisemitism should be shot, along with all football fans, bipolars, and alcoholics.

What is an anti-zionist and why is it here? Fuck if I know.



This is really boring. Don't click it.



Don't have to.... I used that one already.

What does the Egyptian government want people reading instead of great works of Arabic literature and poetry? The Koran? No. Popular western writers? No. Contemporary Egyptian authors? Nope! The Answer is The Protocols of The Learned Council of the Elders of Zion!



Written by committee and damn near unreadable

Iraq kicked out 500 Jews a day. Lucky Jews.,_and_Ya'akov_Meron

Refugeees have been weaponized since... I'm not going to finish that joke. I have standards. They ain't high but I have them.


More than a Refugee. Remember More than a refugee?

That was depressing.


Idiots arguing about minutae you don't care about

That smug call-out tone really grinds my gears

"The Jews fleeing was a Jewish plot"

It's the same old song

Tel Or was not in Transjordan

"It's not an ethnic cleansing if it happens to the Jews"- Wikipedia

Please use this thread to share your sky king memories. I was still sometimes on 4chan when this happened. I remember basically every board having sky king tribute threads for days. Rest In Power, chad.



Jared Mauch, the Michigan man who built a fiber-to-the-home Internet provider because he couldn't get good broadband service from AT&T or Comcast, is expanding with the help of $2.6 million in government money.

When we wrote about Mauch in January 2021, he was providing service to about 30 rural homes including his own with his ISP, Washtenaw Fiber Properties LLC. Mauch now has about 70 customers and will extend his network to nearly 600 more properties with money from the American Rescue Plan's Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, he told Ars in a phone interview in mid-July.

The US government allocated Washtenaw County $71 million for a variety of infrastructure projects, and the county devoted a portion to broadband. The county conducted a broadband study before the pandemic to identify unserved locations, Mauch said. When the federal government money became available, the county issued a request for proposals (RFP) seeking contractors to wire up addresses "that were known to be unserved or underserved based on the existing survey," he said.

"They had this gap-filling RFP, and in my own wild stupidity or brilliance, I'm not sure which yet, I bid on the whole project [in my area] and managed to win through that competitive bidding process," he said. Mauch's ISP is one of four selected by Washtenaw County to wire up different areas.

Mauch's network currently has about 14 miles of fiber, and he'll build another 38 miles to complete the government-funded project, he said. In this sparsely populated rural area, "I have at least two homes where I have to build a half-mile to get to one house," Mauch said, noting that it will cost "over $30,000 for each of those homes to get served."

$55 a month for 100Mbps with unlimited data

The contract between Mauch and the county was signed in May 2022 and requires him to extend his network to an estimated 417 addresses in Freedom, Lima, Lodi, and Scio townships. Mauch lives in Scio, which is next to Ann Arbor.

Although the contract just requires service to those 417 locations, Mauch explained that his new fiber routes would pass 596 potential customers. "I'm building past some addresses that are covered by other [grant] programs, but I'll very likely be the first mover in building in those areas," he said.

Under the contract terms, Mauch will provide 100Mbps symmetrical Internet with unlimited data for $55 a month and 1Gbps with unlimited data for $79 a month. Mauch said his installation fees are typically $199. Unlike many larger ISPs, Mauch provides simple bills that contain a single line item for Internet service and no extra fees.

Mauch also committed to participate in the Federal Communications Commission's Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides subsidies of $30 a month for households that meet income eligibility requirements.

The contract requires all project expenses to be incurred by the end of 2024, and for the project to be completed by the end of 2026. But Mauch aims for a much quicker timeline, telling Ars that his "goal is to build about half of it by the end of this year and the other half by the end of 2023." The exact funding amount is $2,618,958.03.

Comcast wanted $50K, AT&T offers just 1.5Mbps

Operating an ISP isn't Mauch's primary job, as he is still a network architect at Akamai. He started planning to build his own network about five years ago after being unable to get modern service from any of the major ISPs.

As we wrote last year, AT&T only offers DSL with download speeds up to 1.5Mbps at his home. He said Comcast once told him it would charge $50,000 to extend its cable network to his house---and that he would have gone with Comcast if they only wanted $10,000. Comcast demands those up-front fees for line extensions when customers are outside its network area, even if the rest of the neighborhood already has Comcast service.

Mauch was using a 50Mbps fixed wireless service before switching over to his own fiber network. In addition to his home Internet customers, Mauch told us he provides free 250Mbps service to a church that was previously having trouble with its Comcast service. Mauch said he also provides fiber backhaul to a couple of cell towers for a major mobile carrier.

County touts "historic" broadband investment

Mauch has already hooked up some of the homes on the list of required addresses. Washtenaw County issued a press release after the first home was connected in June, touting a "historic broadband infrastructure investment" to "create a path for every household to access high-speed broadband Internet."

The county said it is investing $15 million in broadband projects by combining the federal funds with money from the county's general fund. Between Washtenaw Fiber Properties and the other three ISPs selected by local government officials, "over 3,000 Washtenaw County households will be connected as a result of this investment in the next few years," the press release said.

One of the areas covered by Mauch's funding is around a lake in Freedom Township, where he plans to begin construction on August 22, he said. "Generally speaking, it's a lower income area as well as an area that has been without service for a very long time, aside from cellular or wireless," he said. "The goal is to close the gap on them very quickly."

As for the other three ISPs, the county was reportedly negotiating with cable giants Comcast and Charter, and Midwest Energy and Communications. Those three companies ended up getting the deals with the county, a contractor working on the overall project confirmed to Ars.

Under state law, "Municipalities in Michigan are not simply able to decide to build and operate their own networks, they must first issue an RFP for a private provider to come in and build," the Institute for Local Self-Reliance's Community Broadband Networks Initiative wrote. "Only if the RFP receives less than three viable offers can a municipality move forward with building and owning the network. There are also additional requirements that municipalities have to follow, such as holding public forums and submitting cost-benefit analysis and feasibility studies."

The county's RFP set 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds as the minimum acceptable tier but stated a strong preference for "at least 100Mbps download speeds, ideally with symmetrical upload speeds, from wireline technology to accommodate present and future bandwidth-hungry applications."

Mauch faces increasing equipment costs

Mauch has made some upgrades to his operation. In our previous story, we described how Mauch was renting an air compressor to blow fiber through his conduits. He recently bought an industrial air compressor at a government liquidation auction, spending under $4,000 for equipment that often costs about $20,000, he said. He had previously spent $8,000 on a directional drill machine that installs cables or conduits under driveways and roads without digging giant holes.

Increasing prices have been a problem. Mauch said he used to buy fiber conduit for 32 cents a foot but that he's paying more than double that now. The handholes that are buried underground at various points throughout Mauch's network used to cost $300 and are now about $700, he said.

While Mauch built the network using his own money, he said one wealthy family last year wrote a nearly six-figure check to fund a network expansion that let "them and all of their neighbors get Internet access."

When we first wrote about Mauch, he was using a contractor to install most of the fiber conduits and installing the actual fiber cable into the conduits himself. He said he's using a few contractors now but he's still doing some fiber-laying work.

One time last year, Mauch was using the rented air compressor to blow out conduits because they accumulate water. On the other end, over a mile away, "people thought it was smoke coming up from the ground and they called the fire department, and the fire department came out on two successive days because there was a water mist in the air," he said. "One day they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The next day I saw them, and I turned around and I talked to them about it."

"I'm saved in people's cell phones as 'fiber cable guy'"

Mauch said network management has been smooth without any major problems over the past 18 months or so. His network generally uses about 500Mbps of traffic, and he can ramp up to 4Gbps as needed, he said.

Mauch said he has people lined up to handle emergencies "so I can go on vacation," and took a trip to Europe in March. During his Europe trip, there was an outage at one of the power substations in his area while he was away. Some of his customers lost Internet service due to that power outage, but Mauch's network kept running because of the generator at his house.

"There was no power for about 24 hours, so my house ran on generator for 24 hours, and I could see which customers were out of service," he said.

Life has changed a bit for Mauch since he became an Internet provider. "I'm definitely a lot more well-known by all my neighbors... I'm saved in people's cell phones as 'fiber cable guy,'" he said. "The world around me has gotten a lot smaller, I've gotten to know a lot more people."