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changelog megathread :marseynotes:

a lot of days, I make a shitton of changes in successsion, and I don't wanna make the whole frontpage my changelog posts, so I don't post about them

this thread solves that, so from now on instead of making changelog posts, I'll make changelog comments here

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TL;DR - SPAL leaks messages with @R-slur_but_spooky where they discuss their mutual intentions to keep fricking @TED_SIMP after she implies to each party that the other had r*ped her.

DISCLAIMER: I offered both @R-slur_but_spooky and @TED_SIMP to come on the show and share their side of the story, of which they both declined. The offer is still open if they are so inclined. I also made sure to scrub any names that were shared, other than SPAL, who freely uses his name. If I somehow missed something, PLEASE let me know right away and I'll scrub it.

Today, we'll be exploring a cautionary tale of the E-girl and the destruction she leaves in her wake. This will be a story of r*pe allegations, of a love triangle gone awry, of the consequences of simping, and most importantly of a man being banned from a gay cat gossip forum.

Let's start with the catalyst for this situation. R-slur messages SPAL (who I will be calling sirp because I already wrote these as notes for my show lmao) with a hard hitting question - did he r*pe Ted?

sirp responds with proof that they were meeting up again and nootices a discrepancy - Ted had told him she was r*ped in February. Something isn't adding up :marseynooticeglow:

R-slur responds, confirms that they fricked in February, shows the message Ted sent to him about being r*ped in August

Sirp puts on his thinking cap - Ted has alleged that she was r*ped to both of them at different times. Something isn't adding up.

R-slur asks for a timestamp and reveals that there is a 3rd man who warned him that Ted has a habit of r*pe claims. WHO IS THE 3RD MAN???

sirp asks if they were dating, posts him confronting ted about this conversation.

Group chat between the 3 is formed. Ted proceeds to sperg out at them for nooticing she lied to them, vows to cut ties forever (spoiler: she did not).

Ted leaves the conversation, the Sirp and R-slur get down to business. The 3rd man is mentioned again.

They continue on to compare notes, the most pressing matter of which is what Ted's body count is lmao

Sirp talks about how good she is in the sack, R-slur talks about how she always blocks him but he finds a way back in over groomercord. Sirp then says he'd like to continue fricking her despite the light r*pe allegations and that he's happy to share her. Very progressive and polypilled :marseypolyamory:

R-slur agrees and says he keeps in his back pocket for ez kitty. Proceeds to say he never uses condoms, which enrages Sirp, who is extremely worried about contracting STDs. Sirp asks for R-slurs name to level the playing field.

Sirp continues to ask for R-slurs name after getting told no, ted claims that R-slur freaked out last time she fricked another guy

Sirps asks one more time for name, is rejected, asks if R-slur can tell Ted that he's sorry and to please talk to him again. R-slur asks what he said to upset her, Sirp accuses her of having a r*pe fetish. She spergs.

R-slur claims that Ted seeks out getting r*ped as a form of self harm and that Ted thought r-slur would r*pe her when they met up. Explains why he got mad at her, which totally had nothing to do with her fricking other guys.

Sirp worries that if she gets r*ped too much, she will contract an STD that she could then pass to him. Rather than opting not to frick the woman who lies about r*pe, his solution is to use a condom and take PREP. Sirp and R-slur vow to help each get back into Teds good graces, R-slur laments that he's blocked on everything by Ted

They vow to reconvene, R-slur considers not talking to her anymore. Spoiler alert: He continues talking to her. Sirp once again impresses the importance of safe s*x upon R-slur.

R-slur laments that a mid woman is boring to talk to and contributes nothing to their conversations. They both lament that Ted won't be their long term FWB because she's too boring. The 3rd man has also complained to R-slur about this.

Sirp reveals that he knew she wasn't the one when she wouldn't read the substack articles he wrote and sent her. R-slur laments that she was going to move to his area and didn't because he wanted to frick her more.

Sirp states that fricking a bpd e-girl brought back his confidence post-divorce, decides to be happy it happened instead of sad it ended (spoiler alert: it didn't). R-slur talks about Ted having a meltdown after he suggested they don't talk about literally nothing all the time. Conversation ends.


In a now deleted post, @TED_SIMP called Sirp "Creepy", which led to him posting the leaks that got him banned, which included her underwear photos, first name and job. So you might ask yourself, what led to the dissolution of their FWB relationship?

Well, sirp had referred to her alleged molestation at 9 years old as "prior sexual history" when she attempted to use it to skirt his grilling about why she won't come see him. Two manipulators using their tactic of choice to manipulate each other, and as expected, it ends poorly. As far as I know, this led to the dissolution of their relationship and kicked off the drama we have today.


Some notable excerpts from the interview (you'll have to watch it to get it all :marseygrilling2:)

  • I got Sirp to read his entire side of the @R-slur_but_spooky conversation, with some questions thrown in where I deemed necessary. He did not seem ashamed or even cognizant of how cringe his messages were.

  • Sirp alleges that he's not a p-dophile and that it is infact @CARPMASflorist who is a convicted felon and sexual offender. AFAIK this is entirely unsubstantiated - he claims a comment on his most recent substack article backs this up but it leads nowhere for me.

  • Sirp states that his ex-wife was a bugchaser trying to intentionally infect him with HIV and a braphog who was heavier than he is.

  • Sirp states that he is, in fact, still down to hook up with Ted despite everything that has happened. Ball is in your court, Ted!


ESH :#soyreddit:

This is, ultimately, the story of 3 people who are fricked in the head. @TED_SIMP is an attention seeker who consistently tries to garner simp-athy using her history of sexual assault and mental illness, and whether it's real or not, she knows playing the victim will usually work in her favor. @R-slur_but_spooky is deeply in denial about his feelings for Ted. I actually believe that when he was talking to Sirp, he matched the detached energy to not seem stupid for his feelings. Get some self respect buddy, because she's using you as an emotional tampon. You sperging out and getting angry on her behalf is embarassing and I believe you can do better. Sirp is waaaay to old to be acting like this. If some r-slurs on a gay cat gossip website call you a p-dophile, maybe you shouldn't say things that give them ammo and then sperg out on the BPD chick you were fricking. He dropped the underwear pics and name maliciously, without a doubt. He also did this interview knowing that it would embarass the heck out of both other parties, and probably gets off to it. I'm more than aware of that aspect. This is just too much of a shitshow for me to pass up.

As far as people who will say I've gone too far and am a bad person for inserting myself into this, I don't give a frick about the gay butt e-friendship you've forged over groomercord. I use this website for the lulz and if you're playing friend simulator on here, that is beyond pathetic. That's not to say I don't like some of you people - this is my favorite website, and I enjoy the community a lot - but there is a reason that most of the userbase disdains the groomercord strags. Everyone in this story brought it upon themselves by sperging out on this website, which led me to start sniffing around. If they had just kept their pants on and their mouth shut, this would have never happened - but cows can't help themselves.

Let this serve as a cautionary tale - you can't use a mentally ill woman for easy access to free casual s*x and get away clean. You can't use mentally ill men for easy access to free validation and get away clean. One way or another, it'll all come down on you, and there will be no one to blame but yourself.

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Confessions ghost thread :marseyboomarch:

Except me. I'm perfect, I'm here to judge y'all for the nasty weirdos you are.

I want it all. Gimme your gossip, your secrets, etc etc etc


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re: /h/chudrama
  • we're gonna :marseyvenn6: start banning/permachudding ppl who post shit that belongs in /h/chudrama outside :marseygrass: of it - case in point :marseytedsimp3: @lnternetCustodian who only posts rightoid :marseyliberty2: ragebait to farm DC - usually I just moved posts there :marseycheerup: quietly but clearly this isn't enough :marseyitsallsotiresome: at all

  • we really :marseythinkorino2: need /h/chudrama to have a highly-distinctive css, so ppl instinctively know when they're inside :marseyteapot: and outside :marseytouchgrass: it, and hopefully adjust tone accordingly, for that im offering 20k marseybux for the best CSS anyone can make for it, you can test CSS in /h/test

  • kill chuds, behead chuds, roundhouse kick chuds into the concrete, slam dunk a chud baby into the trash :marseyraccoon: can, crucify :marseyjesus2: filthy chuds, defecate into chuds food, launch :marseycruisemissile: chuds into the sun, stir fry chuds in a wok, toss chuds into active volcanoes, urinate into chud's gas tank, Judo throw :marseypuke: chuds into a wood chipper, twist chuds heads off, report chuds to the IRS, karate :marseybowing: chop chuds in half, curb stomp :marseygravedance: pregnant :marseysperm: chuds, trap chuds in quicksand, Crush :marseyironmaiden: chuds in the trash :marseyraccoonhappy: compactor, liquify chuds in a vat of acid, eat chuds, dissect chuds, exterminate chuds in the gas chamber, stomp :marseychudgravedance: chud skulls with steel-toed boots, cremate chuds in the oven, lobotomized chuds, mandatory abortions for chuds, grind chud fetuses in the garbage :marseyoscar: disposal, drown :marseyaquagrunt: chuds in fried :marseykfc: chicken :marseyblackcock: grease, vaporize chuds with a raygun, kick old chuds down the stairs, feed chuds to alligators, slice :marseybestfriends: chuds with a katana, in minecraft.

!jannies !codecels !nonchuds

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full receipts for why @transb-word was banned




btw the "exploit" was pretty nothingburger in the end and was fixed, so don't worry about that

!metashit !codecels !jannies

jesus christ that's a lot of comments Post controversial :marseytroublemaker: :!marseypearlclutch: opinions on games. :marseyantiwork:

Dave the Diver is gook trash. :marseyjewoftheorientglow: Everyone calls it "relaxing", "chill", "play at your own pace". :marseysipping: don't know what the frick game they were playing but it's not the one I played. It's an annoying QTE-filled grindfest that constantly forces you into unwanted unskippable cutscenes :marseywait: and takes you out of the flow of what you wanted, which is probably by design because the core of the game is very sparse. :marseywagie: The restaurant side game is just Root Beer Tapper combined with Farmville :marseysmirk:. The combat controls are janky :sashacrying: as frick, the hitboxes make absolutely no sense and the boss fights are difficult for the sake of being difficult. :marseymad: The minigames are dumb as frick. Oh wow :marseyannoyed: , a memory card game. Neat, a seahorse racing game where you just mash the space bar. :marseyunamused: A rhythm minigame that takes place in an otaku's wet dream about his waifu, so cool. I legitimately do not understand why this is anything above a Mixed rating on Steam, much less "Overwhelmingly Positive". :marsoy: G*mers really are just BIPOCcattle I suppose.


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  • 1378 : poll results are proof rdrama is full of mysogynistic chuds
  • usernaw : democracycels btfo
  • Wuzizname : Based democracy ignorer
  • Soren : more proof aevann is r-slurred and deserves LIFE! :-)
  • C-SPAN : jfc at least invite me to the next drama groomercord.
  • UnpackThisSweaty : Who?
  • rDramaHistorian : I dont agree with moralstrag bans,not readin 400+ gay comments, all of u r strags includn spal&Ted
results are in, user has been banned anyway the fricking poll to end all polls

should @sirpingsalot be permabanned

dont whine about @sirpingsalot again, the fricking choice is fricking in ur hands now


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  • rDramaHistorian : I went from shoulder length hair to buzzcut and my parents won't stop yelling at me
Why can't female users pick a decent male user on here if they must pick from here?

@HardIsLife understand it's slim pickings on here but between ted_simp's picks resulting in r*pe allegations and FrozenChosen's picks resulting in Twitter meltdowns, @HardIsLife just feel like they are scrapping the bottom of the barrels here even on rdrama standards.

I've made friends via dramasphere and @HardIsLife know many decent (looks, personality and mental health) guys. The type of men who wouldn't go on some rdrama podcast or want too share you're nudes on Twitter even if it didn't work out. We are literally operating on like 1000:1 ratio in terms of gender here. @HardIsLife honestly don't understand that how they can't just pick better.

Please someone explain.

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hi, I'm Ted. AMA!

I will not be doing the requested video interview with thegrillcast for hopefully obvious reasons, but you guys can ask me anything about anything here. i'll clear up any misconceptions. mostly because i'm bored rn. but after this, i'll go back to touching grass :3


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I will get a lawyer if I need to. We need to deal with this. You know who you are.

Edit: you guys have no idea how humiliating this is. My sister is married, I'm not. Also, I drank alcohol about a week ago which would have been around implantation. I am taking an rdrama break, but PLEASE FRICKING RESPOND TO MY TEXTS. I don't want to make this difficult.

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:marseyfoidretard: :marseysoypoint: Hello, Im new! I drew a marsey!

I hope this posts, I hope I know how to post, haha :marseysipping: ... I can't wait to make a billion friends here and lose all my money in the casino!

I like all the emojis too!!! Marsey is sooooooo cute.


^And this one is totally me rn ^

Nice to meeet everybody!

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  • rDramaHistorian : Someone please drop the address on the comment section
  • X :*
  • 1378 : tfw banned so i can't metaphorically suck josh's peepee for DC
  • TT___TT : Holy shit that's a lot of :marseylongpost: for something no one cares about
:siren: wake up babe, WaPo's Kiwifarms hit piece just dropped :!marseynullbipolar:

The endless battle to banish the world's most notorious stalker website

The anonymous forum, known as Kiwi Farms, keeps popping back online despite a relentless campaign by transgender activists and a former insider

When he heard that Kiwi Farms had been knocked offline, "Clay," a member of the anonymous online forum, was flooded with relief. "I thought to myself, 'This heck on Earth has finally been vanquished.'"

Founded in 2013, Kiwi Farms has been used to organize vicious harassment and stalking campaigns against targets including Clara Sorrenti, a transgender activist known as Keffals, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), a far-right Republican. It went down exactly one year ago, after Cloudflare, a major tech security firm, stopped providing services, saying contributors to the forum were posting the home addresses of those seen as enemies and calling for them to be shot.

But in the week that followed, Kiwi Farms scrambled to stay alive, jumping from Russian servers to a Ukrainian hosting service to VanwaTech, a Vancouver, Wash.-based hosting and security company infamous for providing refuge to 8chan, a message board notorious for white-supremacist content. As it became increasingly clear that Kiwi Farms would not go down without a fight, "Clay" --- who spoke on the condition that he be identified by a pseudonym to avoid retribution --- joined forces with Liz Fong-Jones, one of Kiwi Farms's fiercest adversaries, and launched a dogged campaign to keep the site offline.

Over the past year, their little group of internet sleuths, trans engineers and activists has methodically chased Kiwi Farms across servers and networks around the globe, successively persuading more than two dozen companies to drop the site. Despite this laborious undertaking --- described exclusively to The Washington Post --- the site has endured, showing up for months at a time, sometimes as a "mirror" of itself on an entirely different URL or as a foreign domain in countries such as Poland.

The group's Sisyphean battle illustrates the lack of mechanisms for reporting online abuse, much less for banishing harmful content. It also raises serious doubts about society's ability to block any site from the global web --- even one that explicitly incites violence.

"Either people think Kiwi Farms is dead forever ... or they think it's up and therefore it's going to remain up forever," said Fong-Jones, a transgender site-reliability engineer who had been targeted by the forum. "Neither of those two narratives are true."

Founded by Joshua Moon, a former 8chan administrator, Kiwi Farms evolved into a popular platform for creating harassment campaigns. Its users often fixated on transgender people, relentlessly stalking and doxing them. At least three of its victims died by suicide.

In response to a request for comment, Moon wrote by email, "Do you still print that rag on paper? If so, please send a physical copy of your smear piece to the PO box listed on the website so I can frame it. Thanks."

The campaign against Kiwi Farms began in earnest last summer. Sorrenti, a Twitch streamer who became famous as a news star for trans youth, had been under attack for months by Kiwi Farms users, who she said doxed her address and "swatted" her home, filing a false crime report that drove police to her door. In August, she fled her native Canada for Europe and launched a social media campaign to pressure internet providers to stop protecting the forum, using the hashtag #DropKiwiFarms.

From her home in Vancouver, Fong-Jones heard about the harassment against Sorrenti and immediately recognized the tactics.

Fong-Jones also had been targeted by Kiwi Farms beginning in 2017, when she donated to a transgender nonprofit. Users published her home address, the names of her biological parents and a redacted copy of her birth certificate in a thread that included racist and transphobic slurs. Members smeared her online in an attempt to ruin her Google search results, then sent her employers the false information.

Though the harassment had died down, Fong-Jones still felt compelled to contribute to the #DropKiwiFarms campaign. She made videos for her YouTube channel explaining Cloudflare's complicity in keeping the site online.

Those videos soon reached Katherine Lorelai, a transgender IT worker in Norman, Okla. Lorelai had never heard of Kiwi Farms and was distraught by what she learned from Fong-Jones's presentations.

Lorelai had been taking gender transition hormones for less than a year and had no connections to activist circles. Beyond wrangling server space, she had never worked on systems that spanned the entire internet. But she volunteered to help, starting as Fong-Jones's assistant, before stepping up to co-lead the team.

"I had no idea I had these skills, to be honest," Lorelai said.

The group began spending dozens of hours each week navigating the byzantine web of network infrastructure, trying to ferret out connections between no-name intermediaries to track down Kiwi Farms's new home. Then they would send carefully worded emails to those companies' employees --- even cold-messaging on LinkedIn --- to persuade them to stop working with the website.

The group operated in cells in case they were doxed but kept track of every internet provider they persuaded to cut ties with Kiwi Farms.

Moon had a few major advantages. After earlier attempts to take down the site, he incorporated as his own internet service provider, acquiring his own physical hardware, network resources and a block of IP addresses, making Kiwi Farms much more difficult to dislodge. It marks the site as a "peer" on the internet, meaning Moon directly receives any abuse reports and is entitled to a presumption of good faith.

When the team alerted FiberHub, a data center in Las Vegas, to alert the company to the bad actor using their facilities, the center said they merely provided the electricity and power cord but had no bearing on the servers that kept the site online. Those belonged to Moon's hosting company, originally incorporated under the name Final Solutions, a Nazi reference. FiberHub did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The group slowly discovered a network of what they called "sh--hosts" --- low-end internet providers who work with disreputable sites that spread malware or offensive content, arguing that they have a right to free speech.

But the group had an asset of their own.

Clay had been a member of Kiwi Farms in his teens. He was bored, seeking community, pressured by his friends and going through a libertarian phase, he said. But following the suicide of one of the site's targets, he began to push back on the forum's creed that its victims weren't human. He withdrew from the site after he saw Kiwi Farms members turn their talents for doxing and harassment on other members.

His goal in joining Fong-Jones and Lorelai's group was to help the forum's users, he told The Post. He pointed to Frederick Brennan, the creator of 8chan who called for that site to be taken offline after it played a role in mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, and El Paso. Brennan, he said, "wanted to free [the] user base of that site from being radicalized, from going down a darker path. And that's what I'm sort of doing here."

Having Clay onboard was a game changer. One of the challenges in persuading companies that Kiwi Farms was a bad actor was the site's opaque language. Outsiders might overlook terms such as "TTD," which in Kiwi Farms's vernacular means "total tr--ny death," using a slur to refer to transgender people.

Clay could translate this language. He also could show how Kiwi Farms users migrated to Groomercord servers, where they were more explicit about planning attacks. He led activists to the threads most rife with racism and calls for violence. And he confirmed the trolls' habit of using the phrase "in Minecraft" to pretend an illegal activity, such as revealing the Social Security numbers of their targets, was just something they did in the online game.

"He was the Kiwi Farms whisperer," Fong-Jones said.

Clay, in turn, was getting an education of his own. Fong-Jones helped him get up to speed on the "backbone" of the internet --- massive networks responsible for publishing or passing along content known as Tier 1 ISPs --- as well as the smaller downstream companies that depend on them for global reach.

Specialists schooled him in navigating the labyrinthine telecommunications industry. They explained Border Gateway Protocol, the automated routing system that picks the best path for traffic. And they explained how to leverage Tier 1 ISP's acceptable use policies, the contracts that typically prohibit clients from using networks for theft, hacking, harassment, and other unwanted or illegal activity.

In October, the group made a breakthrough.

After rotating among web hosts, Moon had settled on Zayo, a company based in Boulder, Colo. Fong-Jones contacted someone at Zayo, a former colleague who was alarmed to learn his company was working with Kiwi Farms and escalated the matter to senior leadership.

Kiwi Farms's services were soon terminated. .In a statement, Zayo said it concluded that the forum had violated its acceptable use policy, "which allows for termination of service."

For Fong-Jones, it was a wake-up call. There are less than 20 Tier 1 ISPs in the world, and they get a ton of complaints: Spam. Malware. Harmful content. By and large, they try to stay out of such disputes, preferring to assume they are doing business with reputable companies. But the Zayo experience showed that --- if Fong-Jones could reach the right people --- top-tier providers were willing to prioritize enforcing their acceptable use policies.

Threats loomed over the group. After her YouTube videos about Cloudflare, Kiwi Farms users posted Fong-Jones's home address, Social Security number and driver's license. Once Zayo dropped the site, she began receiving death threats by phone.

Still, a year after the Cloudflare decision, asking providers to drop Kiwi Farms generates controversy. Last week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published an opinion piece arguing that Tier 1 ISPs should not bow to pressure to drop Kiwi Farms, calling the move "a dangerous step" toward censorship.

"If the site in question were Reddit, or Planned Parenthood, or even EFF, the internet would be up in arms," wrote the foundation, a nonprofit digital rights group based in San Francisco.

Alejandra Caraballo, a clinical instructor at Harvard Law School's Cyberlaw Clinic, called that argument misplaced. "Fundamentally, EFF fails to acknowledge how power dynamics and asymmetrical threats can act as its own form of censorship," Caraballo wrote on X, the site formerly known as Twitter.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has confessed to mixed feelings. While the company has withdrawn security services for the Daily Stormer and 8chan --- both linked to real-world violence, including mass shootings and a deadly riot --- Prince argues that revoking services based on reprehensible content sets a dangerous precedent.

"Deciding what isn't allowed is the job of governments and regulators, not ISPs and network providers," he said via the messaging app Signal. Still, he added, "I don't miss having to worry about [Kiwi Farms] and their often vile content."

Amid that debate, Kiwi Farms remains online. Without Cloudflare or Zayo or any of the two dozen other companies that have dropped the forum since the group started in September, Fong-Jones says it is down to a limited number of lifelines.

Lorelai, who is now committed full-time to trans activism, wants to move on to other causes. Fong-Jones is moving on as well. Clay and another one of the younger members of the group plan on carrying the torch.

Reflecting on the past year, Fong-Jones said it's unreasonable to expect victims of harassment to have to do this work.

It's true Kiwi Farms keeps finding more providers, she said. But, "it's a finite list. And this is why we know we're going to win."

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Give me your 🔥🔥HOT TAKES🔥🔥

I'm bored and I'm procrastinating packing for my trip Saturday.

Drop your spicy takes or your most like warm takes and start debates.



My son has a crush visiting our home for a few days. In typical cringey mom mode, I made an off the cuff remark along the lines of "don't worry--dad and I will make ourselves scarce in case you want to make a move." He looked at me like I had two heads and said: "I would NEVER do that. What if she isn't interested in me? That would put her in a really uncomfortable position." I have never been happier about being called out by my kiddo.

Take heart--there are good men out there. The kids are alright.

EDIT to add: It's really shocking to me the lack of reading comprehension from male presenting redditors. The young woman is STAYING IN OUR HOUSE for 4 days with nowhere to go if she's not interested. Making a move (which really just meant confessing his feelings) would be inconsiderate AF and I really wish more men realized the position they put women in when they make their feelings clear. There is a very real power imbalance when someone is housing you--a move can be interpreted as "payment" or just plain old pressure. Do better buttholes.

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  • whyareyou : Foid nonsense, disregard
  • Aisha : Somebody find a real doctor. God is turning me into an earthworm and I need it to stop.
  • Retard : He's real i asked him
  • Spiderman : Real journ*lism
  • Urboros : It's about Ethics in Gaming Journ*lism
  • Downie : Aisha, I will still love you even though your a worm
  • 0 : Metadrama bs
EFFORTPOST Garry Chess promised to admit fabricating posts within 48 hours if I took down mine exposing he wasn’t a real doctor. He hasn’t. DMs inside.


Basically every doctor is given something called an NPI number by the federal government. Every state also gives out licenses to work there.

Garry said he went to Harvard, worked in New Mexico as a hematologist/oncologist and also said he had a 5 letter last name. I looked up all hematologists/oncologists who have ever been licensed in NM. (The NPI database shows this, you can search by taxonomy) None with a 5 letter last name went to Harvard. (He was challenging people to doxx him)

Like a month ago I asked him about this. First he said he didn’t have to be licensed in NM as he wasn’t practicing as a doctor, just overseeing the clinic. Then he said he changed his last name so it wasn’t actually 5 letters in the NPI system. Today he claims he was only licensed in CA. Btw maiden names are listed in the NPI database, pretty sure.

This is on top of him lying about donating marrow post cancer (not allowed) & some other crazy things like $100 tires for his lambo, pics of which he won’t post. Think there’s more car drama but wasn’t here for it and idc.

He also said he was terminal with Burkitt’s lymphoma and had 5-7 months but now says he’s in treatment and will go back to work soon (??).

When I called him out earlier he said to look up his former boss at some lab who had an NPI starting with the “T15”. NO NPI STARTS WITH T. They literally ALL start with 1.

I always assumed he worked in a lab but wasn’t a doctor since he has tons of pathology posts (diagnosing disease) and not much about treatment. Oncologists DO NOT DIAGNOSE.

Also I have NEVER EVER heard of someone who is both an ER physician and an oncologist (two separate taxonomies). There are oncologists for ICU/intermediate ICU etc who work at hospitals but they are NOT ER doctors.

He also frequently misspells HIPAA as HIPPA which is a privacy law that you literally see every fricking day even if you’re a secretary in healthcare.

Anyways it just never added up so I made the post, and he made a post saying I was jelly of not being the only cancer survivor (fair). Then he sent me a message asking for a truce.

I asked for proof such as his NPI number. He said no. I said I can’t help u unless I can verify someone with your demographics exists (like 7 letters of last name & oncologist in CA, so not even that specific)

Then I said I would take it down (to get him to confess). He then said would make a post where he admits he “fabricated” some stuff but still say he is a doctor. I gave him 48 hours. He’s doubling down. So now I’m posting again.

Original post I deleted:

Garry Chess: Fake Doctor? No hematologist/oncologist with a 5 letter last name has ever been license in NM who went to Harvard

It’s easy to search for yourself.

I asked him about it but it still doesn’t sit right with me, especially after people saying he lies about his cars etc. Garry says his NPI (national provider identifier, every doctor, dentist, PA, etc has one) is under his “old” (?) last name and he’s not licensed as he’s not practicing. The NPPES database includes providers with expired licenses, just FYI, so it’s a very convenient excuse he has changed his last name at some point.

He’s now saying he was licensed in CA and references someone whose NPI allegedly starts with T15. NPIs are 10 digits and start with 1. LITERALLY ALL OF THEM. They do not start with letters.

I think he’s actually a clinical director or similar LARPing as a doctor.

I hesitated to say anything just in case the cancer stuff was real but even that seems to be a changing story….

Idk about the car drama. Someone else can chime in.



Edit 2:

Claims to have had Burkitt’s lymphoma 2x but donated marrow after first time.

Click here to see how strict the donation requirements are

That was first thing that got me really sus

Edit 3:

Okay so idk how many of us have gone through chemo but I did at 27 & otherwise healthy and I would almost fricking collapse in Target and have to sit on the bench in the pharmacy or lean on the cart sometimes with sweat pouring down my face so this is laughable. Sometimes I couldn’t even get my mail. My mom had to do my laundry bc I couldn’t physically carry it to the laundry room in my complex. Idk, maybe he’s a super human who could go hiking during a very intense chemo regimen (worse than the one I went through). Don’t doubt there are people who can but…. I’m sure most people’s bullshit detectors are off the charts rn.

Edit 4:

Just remembered…99% sure maiden names come up in parentheses when you search if someone updated their NPI info.


Frick Oliver Anthony, frick all this country bullshit that keeps going #1, and frick everybody that's putting it there. If I had infinite astroturfing money, I'd find a bunch of Maoist death metal bands and flood the Hot 100 with their songs just out of spite


When will the racist country music epidemic end?


Congratulations to Taylor for another #1!


Sisters and Brothers we lost 😰


It's no coincidence that this song went to number one AT THE SAME TIME that a woman in California was shot and killed over waving a pride flag. EVERYONE STREAM CRUEL SUMMER OR LITERALLY ANY OTHER SONG SO THAT THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN. WE NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF OUR Society


Hope his ugly butt dies


it's so fricking over if this racist butt industry plant can get no. 1



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:marseyking: The Drammy Awards 2023 - Nominations Thread ($130,000 Marseybux up for grabs!) :!marseyking:

Nominations will stay up until 12th January, where the finalists of each category will be decided!

A warm welcome and good to see you all again, catty old gays and younger queers alike! Somehow this lovely shithole has now officially managed to outlast any other serious contenders as a Reddit alternative, and frankly I'm surprised that y'all are still here after my semi-ongoing hiatus due to annoying real life commitments throughout the year. I don't even recognize half of all the latecomers that have joined the party more recently (and I assume the feeling is mutual), but I'm glad to have you here all the same! I'm Marco by the way, and one of my janitorial duties is doing these annual award threads. :marseywave2:

If you weren't here for them last year, here's 2022's award ceremony:

But that aside, whilst throwing this up a couple weeks late, it's time to reflect back on the shenanigans y'all have had all through 2023 - and frankly looking back I found that there was a lot more that went down than I remembered at first. So why not walk down the memory lane of drama with me and reminiscence about r-slurred online slapfights that only us disabled neurodivergent folk would ever care to obsessively document and archive (and often outright cause and/or get heavily involved in), and hand out some fabby virtual badges and prizes along the way for all of your hard work?

So how this works is as follows. This will be split into two parts, a nominations thread (this one!) and a later final vote thread. In the comments of this post, there'll be a stickied root comment for each category where you can nominate a relevant user, post, event etc. for an award (only one nomination per comment or else it won't count!). After 3 days, the top 4 upvoted nominations in each category will qualify for the finals, where the ultimate winners will be decided via a poll. I'll also be providing an initial set of nominations for most categories, for both obvious candidates and also potentially underrated picks that may have been forgotten about in the scattered tide of autism but deserve to be celebrated as a worthy dramapilled contribution nonetheless.

Oh, and make sure you don't nominate someone/something that's been nominated already for that award like an r-slur.

:marseypopcorn: Best Dramatic Happening :!marseypopcorn:

What was the dramatic moment which defined the year for you? Was it the failed mass strike of the army of Reddit janitors, the TERF wizard game vs breadtube and /r/gamingcirclejerk, or something really funny which I completely forgot to include at all? (probably this one tbh)

Regardless, I've included these top 8 most defining moments of the year in my opinion, but if none of these fit your fancy then feel free to throw your own nomination into the ring!

My nominations:

:marseyjannyitsover: The Reddit Jannypocalypse :!marseyjanny:

:marseyrowling: Hogwarts Legacy: Rowling's Revenge :!carpvoldemort:

:marseytrump: Orange Daddy Gets Arrested :marseytrumpmugshot:

:marseynull: Null's Total R-slur War :lizfongjones:

:marseywomanmoment2: The Plsnope Saga :marseyschizoegirlsimp:

:marseysaluteisrael: Sand Wars :!marseyflagpalestine:

:marseygrad: Harvard President outed as Fake and straight :marseyhomosupremacist:

:marseybardlight: The Bud Light Boycott :marseytrans2:

:marseyking: Dramatard of the Year :!marseyking:

$50,000 mbux + Profile Badge

This one operates similarly to TIME's Person of the Year award where you can nominate your fellow dramatards (or yourself!) as the most notable individual contributor to the site, for either good reasons or bad. Any user who isn't currently permabanned/shadowbanned is eligible for this award!

Just like last year, I'm not going to add my own nominations for this one because it's more fun to leave it fully open and let all of you fight amongst yourselves for this particularly prestigious title. Best of luck to everyone! :marseysmug2:

:marseystars: Best rDrama Post :!marseystars:

$20,000 mbux + Profile Badge

Which carefully researched and peer reviewed effortpost particularly stood out for you amongst the sea of slop, metadrama and lazy twitterposting this year? There's a ton of great candidates this time around, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you think deserves to be crowned the sole winner and which avid wordswordswords poster gets to take home the virtual trophy.

My nominations:

:!marseyfurry2: The Full Timeline of the Aimee Challenor Saga, AKA How I Took Down Reddit's Shady Cult of Diaper Loving Furry Powermods :!marseybib:

( @Marco)

:!marseylaugh: I didn't realize Stable Diffusion has a folder where it saves all outputs you generate :!marseyraging:

( @Adolin113355)

:marseysuit: From Lawtuber to Loltuber: The decline of Nick Rekieta :marseydrunk:


:marseyflamewar: The story of Lowtax :marseydead:


:marseymeowth: Drama at the Pokemon World Championship as trainers are expected to actually catch 'em all instead of cheating :!marseypikachu2:


:marseyflagsouthafrica: South African Train Drama :marseytrain:


:marseycarpfisherman: Best rDrama Bait :!marseycarpfisherman:

$20,000 mbux + Profile Badge

While nothing this year quite came close to last year's spectacle that was /r/Justice4Darrell (in my opinion), there was plenty of noteworthy tomfoolery abound, whether it was taking advantage of the Reddit strikes to get journos to unironically recite the janny copypasta or fool the unwashed masses of Twitter into thinking some devout vegan gave their kitty capital punishment for the crime of consuming flesh.

For bait operations where multiple users were involved in their planning and execution, the marseybux reward will be split amongst the most prominent ringleaders and contributors. My nominations:

Fake r/antiwork Propaganda


:marseyjannymini: Baiting Journos by Larping as Reddit Powerjannies :soysnooseethe:

(@Marco, @VEGETA, @NewMoon)

:!marseykyle: Nashville Manifesto Mayhem :!marseynotesglow:

(@tina, @MR_SATAN_________DYNAMITE, @Will_Khitey)

:marseymaid4: Vegan Healer's Marsey Abortion :marseywtf2:


:marseysnappy: AI Art Theft Guide :marseypainter:


:marseyletsgo: Best rDrama Activist :!marseyletsgo:

$20,000 mbux + Profile Badge

Here at, we support our fabby devoted users stepping away from the screen and going out to touch some grass every once in a while. That's why we're introducing this brand new award category for 2023, which separates online baiting from the neurodivergent escapades that required y'all to take that extra step, go out there and represent the rdrama community in real life! :marseyexcited:

As with the previous award, the reward gets split amongst all those primarily involved. My nominations:

Reddit HQ Pilgrimage

(@Amelia, @Dramarama)

Dramafurs against TERFs

(@Marco, @Phoenixgoldfire)

Pharoah Marsey at the Pyramids


:!marseypainter: Best rDrama OC :marseypainter:

$10,000 mbux + Profile Badge

This goes to the creator and/or commissioner of the best rDrama themed original content of 2023. Art, videos, music, fanfics, you name it, it's eligible for this award! As long as it's your own work or came out of your own pocket at least, and you didn't steal my freaking original Sonic character to make it.

My nominations:

P・M・A : Marsey

(@Dramarama, @SpaceMilk)

Marsey Cursor Follower


Oops did I make a mess?


Marsey in the Rain


:marseylove: Marsey of the Year :!marseylove:

$10,000 mbux + Profile Badge

It's Marsey, the beloved iconic mascot of WPD rDrama! Now that this year everything has been neurodivergentally catalogued, any marsey emote from this list is eligible as long as it's been tagged as having been uploaded in 2023.

My nominations:

:marseysurejan: marseysurejan :!marseysurejan:


:marseyslipperyslope: marseyslipperyslope :!marseyslipperyslope:


:marseyoperasmug: marseyoperasmug :!marseyoperasmug:


:marseyfluffyannoyed: marseyfluffyannoyed :!marseyfluffyannoyed:


:marseylibations: marseylibations :!marseylibations:


:marseysmughips: marseysmughips :!marseysmughips:


:marseywould: marseywould :!marseywould:


:marseyreportmaxxer2: marseyreportmaxxer2 :!marseyreportmaxxer2:


:marseylolcow: Lolcow of the Year (rDrama) :!marseylolcow:

To be honest, I haven't followed all the metadrama shenanigans much at all this year so I'm just gonna throw out a bunch of random names I've been constantly hearing. Maybe you guys you will have some better picks.

I know half of you r-slurs could probably qualify, but whom was our biggest and most prominent lolcow this year, generously gracing us with much entertainment and joy at their own expense?

My nominations:

:marseyboomer: Mellokind :!marseypepe2:

:marseypenny: @Penny :!marseyflagsweden:

:marseyschizowall: @PlsNoCoal :marseyobamanope:

:marseyowl: @TED_SIMP :marseytedsimp2:

:marseydoctor: @Garry_Christmas :marseymeds:

:marseycow: Lolcow of the Year (off-site) :!marseycow:

Whoever you think has been the internet's biggest laughing stock this year, not including the users of this site. There's been plenty of celebrities and prominent figures that have been working super hard to achieve this honorary prize, but it's up to you who decides who shall be crowned the one true lolcow of the year! I also copypasted this part from last year because I got tired but don't tell anyone.

My nominations:

:chiobu: Jinxthinker :jinxthinkerhesright:

:marseysmoothbrain: Biden's Suitcase Snatcher :marseymanysuchcases:

:!marseyelonmusk: Elon Musk :chadmusk:

:turtoise: /u/AwkwardTheTurtle :!marseyturtle:

:marseysnoo: /u/Merari01 :marseymerari:

:marseyclintongarrison: Senate S*x Twink :marseyhomofascist:

:marseyjanny2: Janitor of the Year :!marseyjanny2:

Last but not least... even though the choice is brazenly obvious, who is the most beloved, clever, funny and handsome janny of them all?

This award is open to any current rdrama janitor or prominent Reddit janitor.

My nominations:

:marseybloodborne: @Marco :!marseybloodborne:

Nominations will stay up until 12th January, where the finalists of each category will be decided!

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  • Maximus : she wasn't gassy enough :marseysniff:
biofoids: post your icks to instantly kill an incel :marseyplushieswinging:

what made you :marseysick: and lose all interest in a guy? i need your pettiest icks !biofoids !

one time a guy told me he noticed a mudflap was loose on his car so he was taking the day off work to get it fixed. one screw to replace, so helpless he needed a professional to do it for him :marseyglancing:

scrotes can post their :#marseyl:s of icks queens have passed on them for too ig :marseygiggle:

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METASTRAGS IN The entire chatlog between me and SPAL

I truly didn't know much about him. You guys are forgetting I was gone for almost a full year.

Idc how this makes me look but at least he can't lie in his grillcast interview.

I'm starting to realize almost all of you guys are NEETs or mentally ill degenerates.

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mfw basic human decency and not being a total p-do creep is a transaction??

i hate this fricking p-do moid! not everything is purely transactional! but !metashit IN IN IN

edit since i forgot no one on this site can read:

this is not about me having s*x with spal. that was in the past and yes i have made it VERY clear that was a bad choice that i regret.

this post is Very Simply about him not telling random people the icky details, and if you are that stupid that you can't tell the difference, that's on you buddy!

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Apparently the user who dropped users' dox on KF is Krayon (sister toucher).

Probably shouldn't have viewed my profile 17 hours ago from a banned account if you were going to whine about not being able to view my profile from your incognito KF account.

Or been trying to see if any of your other hundreds of accounts were reinstated


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These are Frozen's chats with sirscrotesalot since you guys are asking

I think that Frozen has learned her lesson and would NOT give a dusty the time of the day in the future, but I think this post is a good way to hold her accountable


I love sucking peepee

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actual in-house drama doe666_ verification

hi i literally hav no fricking idea how this site works or if this is even a good verification photo (happy to verify anyway i can) but a few ppl sent it to me regarding plsnope/carly stealing my content and using my photos. just wanted to pop in and confirm she is in fact NOT a real person (or me) and has been stalking and stealing my photos for years at this point. she gets caught then goes by a new user every time. sorry to anyone she scammed :/

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