Internet Historian plagiarized the Man in Cave video from Mental Floss article

There's a Hbomberguy (the H stands for hcute twink :marseysjw: ) video that talks about it in detail but it's :marseylongpost: video essay and the guy is insufferable to listen to so I'm not linking it.

Massive smugfest under IH's most recent video (uploaded like an hour ago lol poor timing)

The article in question https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/544782/1925-cave-rescue-that-captivated-the-united-states-floyd-collins

And the offending video:

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The sharty found an irl r*peson :soyjakcobson:
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SPAL banned, poll deleted to hide that no ban was wining by over 3x frick jannies :marseyjannyprotest: and frick simps


Cornell lynches Jew in effigy

Cornell is a shitty school full of awful human beings


Mock trial with money bags and hanging her in effigy


The darned gather and celebrate their wickedness


We are so fricking back :marseyletsfuckinggo2:
holy crap petah in fortnite
Tankies turbo cucked by burger space engineering :marseymars: :marseyastronaut2: :marseyastronaut: :marseynyanlgbt:
Christmas Dashie
Rdrama is still not on the market. December 3: An important update from Jimmy Wales

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there's some "national geographic" nudity watch out

i didn't know the two photos were connected and i don't know how to flag this nsfw :marseybeanangry: edit: figured it out




This is very interesting. So it shows that in just less than a century, people were still walking around and living in unclothedness in present day South East Nigeria. Wow!!

Those in the top row are the Yoruba women of those days. That's exactly the way my loving Iya Agba dresses in those days and we will all be falling over one another to prostrate before her.

Those Yoruba women move with so much charisma and confidence that you dare not misbehave even in their absence. Those women were equally educated and rich!

That dressing of the Yoruba women you see up there costs a fortune o. Pictures of Yoruba women dressed like this over a century ago are now interesting subjects of studies in Yoruba history and culture today. As a proof that the Yoruba culture is ahead of most other Nigerian/African tribes, unclothedness has never been part of Yoruba history and culture.

I learnt that there are still some parts of present day Nigeria who still appear like those other set not wearing clothes as at that 1920.

God is great indeed.

The Yoruba civilised the Igbo yet this is not taught in our history books so that young Igbo can see and value and appreciate what the Yoruba did for the Igbo, we were made to memorise what Mungo Park did instead of teaching us what our Yoruba forebears including these Yoruba women did to help the Igbo tribe attain this present age civilisation. Smh

There's a random we wuzzer going on about egypt and pharos on page 2 but everyone is ignoring him

There's some great arguing over the philosophy of wearing clothing

lots of sources and questioning of sources



and LOTS of racism

How times flies...

I get am before no be property

Even Igbo lives on trees and bamboo in 90's

Today they're the envy of Yoruba race grin

And funny dunce is this ... they more they open thread on thread to mock a past ... the future and presents laughs hard at Yoruba .. talk more of Reno

His father's house has been bought over by bush and timid igbos .. while the 60% of Yoruba people now pay rent to same bush igbos

grin grin grin


Igbos remains Kong's of the entire south

Go and quote this anywhere

Then go back and ask why the jealousy hate and envy is real .. and strong ..

Igbos lord over them all...

They have no choice ... but competite

Now someone remind reason for the hate by Yoruba people and Reno... grin

Always hate what you can't conquer

.... after running tell us where you Dey...

This is 2023

Igbos still trailing behind in everything.

We own the media, we own the economy, you feed in our land, you want to dress like us, we control the music you hear. We educate you, we enlighten you

There are pictures of twitter posts that seem to be subtley racist memes? :marseyconfused:


I figured out how to stop getting distracted.

I have already figured out how to get stronger and smarter.

My next big challenge was how to improve focus.

I have figured out that the solution to improve focus is to have a category named distractions in your head where you sort out anything and everything that comes up in your mind that is not useful and you ignore.

Funnily enough it turns out you have to ignore like a 100+ little pings in your own head to focus on the task in front of you all day every day.

We create a distractions folder in our heads instead of a one big thing we are getting over, because for example, if you are playing too much video games and block that out, you then find yourself watching too much tv, or if you drink too much, you manage to control it, you find yourself doing light drugs instead.

The issue with the human brain is that when you remove something, especially in terms of some method of procrastination, your mind and body will replace it with some other alternative distraction for you.

So instead of wasting time going ignore games, end up watching tv, ignore tv and up reading too many comics, ignore comics, end up playing games again, and getting stuck in a bad cycle, you instead categorize it all as distractions and just keep ignoring as many distractions as you can every single day until you have mastered ignoring distractions of all and any kind all day until even the distractions themselves begin to go down in number.

I would like to thank the commentator whose comment i didn't save and whose name I have forgotten who commented on a comment of mine a few weeks ago, telling me about how he too is trying to deal with improving focus and he keeps finding himself distracted with some other thing once he fixes one thing so you gotta keep fighting up at all times.

After a few weeks of testing it finally clicked in my head how to work around distractions to improve focus. So thank you. I hope you see this article and know you were a great help.

If you liked this article reader, and it helped you, a donation of 100 dc ( dramacoin ) helps me back.

Art Bell archives

Put your headphones on, pull your covers over your head, and get spooked! :marseyghost2:

Doesn't get any easier than Spotify

Downloadable shows from The-Eye

Big 'ol mess of them on Archive

Art Bell's Dreamland

Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert

His rare Area 2000 show from 1993

Torrents of 1200+ classic shows

new internet historian just dropped
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  • 89wc : shut the frick up carp you cannot fool me
  • NoelleHistorian : I turned the thread from straggy meta drama back to enjoyable content. You're welcome
ok i confess

i was sleeping with a guy (sue me) but he creeped me out so i hacked his tv so hed hear voices and shit :marseydarkxd:

The only thread I didn't visit was Aevann's thread of banning SPAL and no, I won't go through 400+ comments.

!r-slurs !schizos any ideas where that little son of a b-word is hidin? I even looked at the upvote icons to see whether in place of a Christmas tree an elf was hiding. This is activating my schizophrenia and pareidolia and I don't like it. :marseyba#ngfast:

A furry passed out at some convention and got r*ped


There's so many of them in this thread :marseydisgust:


be a fricking adult and dont blackout drunk yourself dumbass



Edit: it looks like our Chad "don't drink and you won't get r*ped" furry deleted his account in response to all the shit he was taking. Here's some of the more r-slurred responses he received.





Just realized I maybe the most famous :marseycatbert2: person :marseywall: in my families recorded history :marseyww1german1:

My ancestors are pleased :marseybeanrelieved: by my internet :marseytrogdor: trolling :marseytroublemaker:

rDrama Advent of Code Day 3: Gondola Grid

Here's my awful brute-forced C++ solution. Probably could've been done better but hey it works.



What did you think about today's problem?

I just wanted to come on here and say I've started to reduce my time reading this subreddit because the anti-semetism has started to make me really uncomfortable. I know I am not the only snarker that feels this way because I've seen people say this on multiple posts.

Understandably, there is a war going on in the Middle East which has given some users a platform to speak their opinions. The comments and anti semetic slurs I've seen on here are foul and disgusting. If you truly think what's going on in the Middle East applies to all Jewish people, you are the most small minded, radical hateful human. Reminder! Spreading hateful rhetoric isn't helping anything - you're just a bad person! Have a good day, y'all.


What "slurs" are you referring to? I haven't seen any antisemitic posts on here, unless you're equating that with criticizing Israel which isn't the same thing.

Are you delusional? Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean other people didn't. Stop trying to invalidate the hate.

I think people just want examples??? Which I think is fair if they haven't seen what you've seen?

You people are nuts deadass

You made a claim, people are asking you to substantiate it that does not equal invalidating someone.

I can't just call someone a racist/p3do/criminal without substantiation - that would be wrong. Same goes for you and anyone else.

Criticizing a governments actions is not and can never be anti-semitism. I'm so so so sick of that narrative.

It's not OP's job to educate you. :marseyindignant:

I read this as well and thought this. I haven't seen any slurs.

But even if we downvote someone we're called antisemitic soo

I love all the people on here trying to invalidate Jewish hate. I really do. Anti semetism is alive and well and it's here. It's right here in these comments. You don't see it? You're the one invalidating it.

Babe I'm Jewish and have not seen any of this so called antisemitism. I feel safe on this forum, idk what you're on about.


It's the holier than thou babe for me. 😩😭


So often people use the word Zionist to replace the word Jew. Zionist in itself is not a slur, but so often hateful people use it as a slur. When they use it they're usually referring to Jews, but justify saying it that way to hide their antisemitism.

Zionism simply means believing in Israel's right to exist. It does not mean anything anti-Palestinians nor does it mean agreeing with everything the Israeli government does, but the people using it as a slur like to redefine it otherwise.

It's similar to how misogynists redefine the term feminist to be a slur. There's nothing wrong with being a feminist and being a feminist does not mean you hate men.

:marseyhesright: but there's still plenty of goysplainers in the replies. :brookscringe:

As an Anti-Zionist religious and practicing Jew, this post is missing a LOT of context and information.

You ain't Jewish :darkbide#nblast:

As a millennial it's been very interesting for me - from a purely sociological perspective - to see how this issue has become so …. Popular with the younger generation (I presume I'm older than most people on this sub).

They're on the school of TikTok

Hey OP, I have another link for you: is not TikTok, the young generation has more compassion

Hey Jennifer. You should probably not link your personal TT to this thread when you work for the Real Real and you've made lots of comments about “the Jews” which I've swiftly screenshotted just in case you plan to delete this account.

When OP gets in contact with the ADL Jennifer's life is fricking OVER. :marseyjam:

So many antisemitic roaches on here, it's very sad. Oh well. It is a forum where people spend time hating others so this was the natural progression of things.

At least spending time on Reddit keeps them from going to Grand Central and smashing windows as they :marseywinemom: are prone to doing.

Yikes cool it with the Islamophobia :marseyturkroach:

Can we delete the posts that are going to keep these types of arguments going? Starting with this one

I'm not really sure what this sub is about since I found the post through /r/all/controversial, but for a sub with "snark" in the name I would have thought they'd be more dramaphilic. :marseysigh:

Also this post is meant to start drama (:marseybased:)

They love sitting on their pedestal

Careful saying “they” you'll be accused of anti-Zionist tendencies


There's plenty more dramatic tidbits in the thread but I'm feeling :marseyantiwork2:

Advent of Code day 3: you guys had ONE JOB edition

I get out of my certification exam and there's only one thread and they put the wrong day so the admins couldn't find it.

This is why we can't have anything nice. I'll just copy yesterday's OP

Summary for those just joining us:

Advent of Code is an annual Christmas themed coding challenge that runs from December 1st until christmas. Each day the coding problems get progressively harder. We have a leaderboard and pretty good turnout, so feel free to hop in at any time and show your stuff!

Whether you have a single line monstrosity or a beautiful phone book sized stack of OOP code, you can export it in a nice little image for sharing at https://carbon.vercel.app

What did you think about today's problem?


Our Code is 2416137-393b284c (No need to share your profile, you have the option to join anonymously if you don't want us to see your github)

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:marseyobey: Janny cabal tries to silence friends of sirpingsalot :marseyobey:

The most vocal supporters of @sirpingsalot are currently being targeted by the simp jannies for vocalizing the opinion of a large majority of the website.

The first attempt to silence @GabrielMartinelli without causing a stink didn't work.


Despite rendering his rants unreadable, the silent majority just clicked view source and saw the reason of his message and continued to upvote him (without even needing to pin all his posts :anticarp: )



@SS_GruetoniusFLEX @JohnnyBOO !teaparty start creating alts or pay jeets on fiver for touching grass pics, the campaign of suppression has started.

@jannies: You know what sirpings always said about people who try to censor other reasonable people? If he ever becomes president, he'll threaten to glass egypt unless aevann demotes y'all and hands over your accounts to him as sockpuckets.

:marseyxd: :marseypearlclutch: :marseyflamewar: :marseywitch3:

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